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Webcomic / In Which Guzma Is Frustrated

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In Whch Guzma Is Frustrated is the English title of a Japanese Pokémon fan-comic by 29minato on Pixiv. The story tells of Guzma's life prior to Team Skull. It also acts as an origin story for Team Skull.

The story starts with a younger Guzma crying on the beach after someone else gets crowned Mele'Mele's trial captain. He meets Lusamine with her infant son Gladion. She gives him the inspiration to keep on trying to become a captain.


Diet Of Worms on Tumblr has links to an English translation of the comic on their Tumblr.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Lusamine praises Guzma and gives him a pat on the head, making him blush.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Meeting Lusamine had a huge impression on Guzma, but Lusamine herself doesn't remember him when they meet again years later. Lusamine only has a faint recollection of meeting Guzma as a boy.
  • Dye Hard:
    • invoked Guzma's hair is dyed black and white. His natural color is just black.
    • Plumeria's hair is dyed pink.
  • Hairstyle Inertia: Gladion has had the same general hair since he was a baby.
  • Older Than They Look: Lampshaded when Guzma questions Lusamine on why it looks like she hasn't aged since they last met.

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