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Letters To An Absent Father is a series of short comics by Maré Odomo loosely based off of the Pokémon anime. Each strip consists of Ash writing a short letter to his father about his life and adventures. Each strip begins with "Dear Dad," and the first few strips end in "Love, Ash", before switching to "-Ash" as time goes on.

The comic has a sentimental, childish tone to it, fitting Ash's ten year old mind. Ash may or may not be actually sending his letters to his father, which on adds to the somber nature of the series.


Letters To An Absent Father provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: In the anime, neither Ash or his mother seem concerned with where his father is. Letters To An Absent Father is themed around Ash's mixed feelings towards his dad. He thinks highly of him but misses him.
  • Composite Character: The main character is mainly Ash from the anime, yet one of the strips treats him as Red from Pokémon Red and Blue. Ash never went through Victory Road, beat the Elite 4 (plus Gary), became champion, and secluded himself in Mt. Moon. Ash's also not as solitary as the Ash in this comic (aside from in the later I Choose You alternate universe films).
  • Disappeared Dad: The comic is themed around Ash sending letters to his father, who left on a Pokémon journey and hasn't been seen since.
  • Parent with New Paramour: One strip has Ash's mother Delia telling her she wants to date again. Ash gets upset at this.
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  • Puppy Love: One strip has Ash writing to his dad asking how you can tell if a girl (referring to Misty) likes you.

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