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Webcomic / Rebuild of Pocket Monsters: The Animation

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All of the major characters of the Generation I saga, bar one particular father figure. note 

Rebuild of Pocket Monsters: The Animation is a fan comic that acts as a revamp of the Pokémon anime. The comic is in Japanese, but the artist does have an English-language Tumblr.

The idea of the comic is to make the series closer to Takeshi Shudō's vision: a family-aimed (rather than kid-aimed) work that grows with its audience. The comic also adds a lot of elements from the games.

The rewrite adds a second childhood friend for Ash and Gary named "Sayako". Sayako is based on the original design for a female playable character in Red and Green, which was later used as the basis for both Leaf and Green.


This comic provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • Leaf's counterpart is given the name "Sayako" because she didn't have a confirmed name at the time.
    • Daisy uses her The Electric Tale of Pikachu name Satsuki instead of her game canon name of "Nanami".
  • Age Lift: Professor Oak is 50 instead of the 47 that he is in the games.
  • Arranged Marriage: According to the artist, both Professor Oak and his son were in arranged marriages. However, arranged marriages aren't common in Ash's time.
  • Childhood Friends: Ash, Gary, and Sayako have been friends since childhood.
  • Patchwork Fic: The comic adds elements from the games, such as Ash wearing Red's clothes and a cut female playable character being a major character. It also has elements of The Electric Tale of Pikachu, such as the name of Gary's sister, and Pocket Monsters: The Animation, such as the Age of Majority being 10.