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ShadyMissionary is a Fanfiction writer whose work includes fanfiction written for Pokémon, Ben 10, Infinity Train, Miraculous Ladybug, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He also has a DeviantArt account here.

Fanfics with their own pages:

Other stories:

  • The 10 in Ben, an original Ben 10 fanfiction. A week after Ben's mother is attacked, Gwen notices that Ben is and isn't acting like himself. At first she thinks that Ben is just having trouble dealing with what happened, but the truth is even stranger than she could imagine. Complete
  • Traverse Town Tales, an in-progress compilation based on the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As the war between darkness and light rages, more and more people find themselves in the strange sanctuary of Traverse Town. These are their stories.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Animal Kinship, an in-progress story. Kairi has been spinning her wheels in training, so Master Aqua takes her into the field...and stumbles into an unprecedented crisis.

Tropes used by this author include: