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As you can tell, the author really likes making references.

Alice Allusions

Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail

  • The way Chloe wishes for a world of her own mirrors the scene in Disney's 1951 adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice talks to Dinah about the type of world she wants to make.
  • Upon waking up in Corginia, Chloe mutters, "Curiouser and curiouser..."
  • When Atticus states that he wishes to talk of many things, Chloe replies "of ships and sails and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings" from The Walrus and the Carpenter poem in the second book, Through the Looking-Glass.
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  • During Atticus's story about his adventure with Tulip, he brings up how The Chrome Car is also a portal to the mirror world. This makes Chloe think about what would happen if she went "through the looking glass".
  • Chloe renames her newly gifted steel pipe/donut holer "Cheshire" after the Cheshire Cat (or Purrloin, in her case).
  • When trying to describe her feelings of inadequacy to Titus, Chloe mentally likens it to the feeling of having "drunk something that made her shrink until she was the size of a thimble" before actually responding.
  • Chloe bashfully admits that she thought the riddle Titus was building up to asking her in Chapter 4 was going to be "why a Murkrow is like a writing desk?" Chapter 5 follows it up by having a raven plushie present on the writing desk that she uses to start crafting her story.
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  • A more subtle one, but one of the denizens of Wonderland that Alice first encountered was a dog. Likewise, Chloe's partner is a corgi named Atticus.
  • Titus decides to put lots and lots of pepper into the soup Chloe made, causing the books to sneeze. Chapters later, * Walter is described as putting an excessive amount of pepper to whatever he cooks..
  • Chloe's "Eureka!" Moment in Chapter 5 is described as she "suddenly felt like she grew twenty feet tall" while giving a Cheshire Cat Grin. Moreover, the song she uses for motivation is Taylor Swift's "Wonderland".
  • After Chloe tearfully tells Lexi why she wishes to be normal, she starts crying. The narration notes that she's glad that she won't flood the library with her tears.
  • Chapter 6 celebrates Chloe's Unbirthday, starting with her wearing an Alice dress with black ribbons, and she partakes in activities like a Caucus Race and croquet. The foods they have at lunch are references to the food in the book (Lobster salad, oyster stew, etc.), Titus wears a top hat to invoke the Mad Hatter and Lexi is a gryphon. Chloe sings and dances to the Lobster Quadrille with Lexi too.
    • The white and brown bread for the sandwiches comes from "The Lion and the Unicorn" poem from Through the Looking Glass. They're also laid out on a plate to look "like a chessboard"; the second book had a Chess Motif.
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    • The foods that Lexi makes for Chloe — with obvious signs that read "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" — are pineapple juice and a roast turkey sandwich on hot buttered toast. Pineapple, roast turkey and hot buttered toast were three of the foods that Alice tasted when she drank the "Drink Me" potion.
  • A very subtle one is that Lexi was inspired by Chloe's story of a boy who was the son of the White Knight Eligos. The denizen of Mirrorland who was the nicest to Alice in Through the Looking Glass was the White Knight.
  • In Chapter 9, Chloe's witch outfit includes white roses, some of them having drips of red paint on them. This reflects the scene of the Card soldiers hastily painting the white roses red before the Queen of Hearts has their heads.
  • In Chapter 11, Lexi notes that Chloe isn't eating jam with bread to which Chloe replies that it's "Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today". In the same chapter, she paraphrases Humpty Dumpty's quote about how a "name must mean something".
  • In Chapter 13, Chloe recites a line of "The Jabberwocky" when Zack beheads Gadreel with his scythe.
  • In her farewell text to Goh, Chloe says that she "can't go back to yesterday because she was a different person then".
  • When Leon explains to Ash that he has not received an email or text from his brother in weeks, Ash asks "Nothing whatsover?" and Leon replies with the same.
  • When Lexi notes how most girls wish to become princesses or queens, Chloe quotes, "I wouldn't mind being a Pawn, if only I might join—though of course I should like to be a Queen, best."
  • A heartbroken Parker plans to brainwash Ash and Trip into the Mad Hatter and the March Bunnelby respectively. Serena gets off as a duchess.
  • Before Chloe ends their conversation in Chapter 19, she tells Ash that if he believes in her, she'll believe in him.
  • Amelia is reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when the Red Lotus Triio meet her in Azada.
  • In the nightmare Zeno shows Parker, Raboot is transformed and dressed into the White Rabbit when he goes for help.
  • When Chloe dresses up as Fran Bow in Chapter 23, Lexi initially confuses Chloe as dressing up as Alice. Chloe admits that there is a film adaptation where Alice wears yellow.

Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily

  • Gladion wishes to be like the White Knight from Through the Looking Glass
  • The 400 Rabbits Car is a smorgesboard of references.

Other References

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    Recurring References 
  • 35MM: A Musical Exhibition
    • The girls in Chloe's class get their names from the song "The Ballad of Sara Berry". There's Sara (blond with pigtails), Julie (chubby girl with black hair) and Patricia (brown bowlcut with pink barrette).
    • Goh's nightmare is based on the song "Crazytown" although the author had to omit "Choking orgy" line.
  • Ars Goetia: (Yes, you're reading this right. A Pokémon story referencing demons.)
    • In the story she tells in Chapter 6, Chloe mentions the White Knight Eligos, one of the many demons chronicled in the work. A hint to this was from the kingdom being named "Arsgoeti".
    • In Chapter 7's Flashback to The Midnight Car, Lexi forms a lance with his papers and even transforms to a skeletal horse, in reference to Eligos' usual depictions riding a skeletal horse and wielding a lance.
    • In Chapter 8, Chloe hints that her next story involves Vine, another demon in the work. The next chapter also brings out Zagar and Ose.
    • In Chapter 9, Chloe's newly made scabbard for Cheshire has the seal of Marchosias. Parker brings up a story Chloe wrote of an angel who could tame snakes that rode on a Zweilous, which describes Valac.
    • In Chapter 11, Chloe surmises that she could've transformed into Andras as to how she was covered in red paint and the fury she beat Sara with the paint can.
    • In Chapter 23, Chloe uses her winged mark from The Charioteer to summon Amdusias.
  • The Avengers (2012)
    • Chloe emails Parker asking if he ever tried shawarma and has now gotten obsessed with it.
    • During the fight in CarnEvil, Amelia states that she dislikes "Shakespeare in the park" and recites "Doth mother know you weareth her drapes".
  • The Beatles
    • Professor Cerise tells Parker that Chloe is "getting by with the little of her friends" in Chapter 13.
    • In Chapter 23, Chloe shouts both "GOO GOO G'JOOB!" and "I have blisters on my fingers!" when dealing with enemies in CarnEvil.
  • Cookie Run:
    • Amongst the numerous cars Trip ventured into, one of them was about gingerbread cookies who participated in marathons.
    • The Author notes state that the Sorbet Sharks from the Plush Penguin Car is named after Sorbet Shark Cookie.
  • Creature Feature
    • In Chapter 9, Chloe recites the lyrics to both "The Art of Poisoning" and "A Gorey Demise"
    • In Chapter 10, the opening of "Buried Alive" is being played out while Lexi designs Chloe's pajamas.
    • In Chapter 23, The Organ Man plays the introduction to "The Greatest Show Unearthed".
  • Deadly Premonition
    • In Chapter 6, Lexi decides to make food for Chloe. He admitted that for the turkey sandwich, he wanted to add strawberry jam and cereal as toppings.
    • In Chapter 11's flashback, after Sara dumped red paint all over Chloe (who is currently wearing a yellow raincoat to cover how her witch outfit is also in red paint), the bully mockingly calls her the "Raincoat Killer".
  • The Electric Piper
    • In Chapter 7, Chloe is reminded of watching a movie of a Pied Piper who played an electric guitar.
    • In Chapter 10, Chloe sings "A Brand New Me" to Lexi and Atticus.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • In Chapter 6, one of Lexi's pages depicted a spiky haired boy in a car filled with keys.
    • When Nico learns of the possibility that his best friend, Cara, might've been killed by the Apex, he sadly questions "Who will I have ice cream with?"
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • In Chapter 10, Morpho mentions that the last Chloe to visit demanded bee-themed décor for her room, and was incredibly impolite. The author's notes say that it's also a reference to a Miraculous Ladybug/Infinity Train crossover on AO3.
    • In Chapter 16, Parker notes that taking the high route was not going so well for a "Ledyba hero", a Take That! to how Marinette's unwillingness to stand up for herself in Season 3 against Lila was heavily bashed by the fandom.
    • In Chapter 17, UnChloe and Parker brainwash Ash, Pikachu, Trip, and Serena using black butterflies.
  • Over the Garden Wall:
    • In Chapter 4, the background music in Azada is the song "Into the Unknown", the main theme of OTGW.
    • In Chapter 6, the songs playing in the parlor are "Adelaide Parade" and "The Highwayman's Song".
    • In Chapter 7, when Professor Cerise is in disbelief of his daughter being in the unknown, Trip quips that if Chloe was in the Unknown then she'd "meet up with some pumpkin people, talking horses, and having tea with Auntie Whispers".
    • In Chapter 9, Parker notes that his sister wanted to see what happened if The Beast fought The Birch and how Wirt would've fainted at seeing her more than he learned of the secret of Pottsfield.
  • The Owl House:
    • In Chapter 3, Chloe thinks about a show she had gotten into prior to getting stuck on the train called The Noctowl House. More specifically she's thinking of the second episode when Luz learned that there was no such thing as The Chosen One and she had to learn to make her own destiny.
    • In Chapter 6, Chloe references how the main character of the show had an art project of a Pidove-headed gryphon with Spinarak breath.
    • In Chapter 7, has her quote a line from that same episode, in order to distract an opponent from noticing Lexi about to perform the aforementioned Spinarak breath.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • Chloe's lunchmate at school is named Akemi, a young girl with black hair in braided pigtails and red glasses, with a fondness of running.
    • One of Parker's friends is a girl named Charlotte with a Caterpie who loves cheese and cheesecake.
  • Ray Bradbury
    • Chloe's English teacher is named after the titular author.
    • In the Crayon Car, Lexi designs a set of pajamas for Chloe based off The Halloween Tree. Chloe then goes on to explain its story to Atticus while highlighting the difference between the movie and book.
  • Silent Hill
    • Through Word of God, Arcs 2 and 3 are essentially based off of the Silent Hill games.
    • The titles of chapters starting with Chapter 14 are named after a song from the franchise with an additional subtitle from Alex's Theme.
    • Hop is given chocolate milk and butter cake in Chapter 16; in Silent Hill 4, Henry's refrigerator only has a sole chocolate milk inside, while butter cake can be seen throughout games 2 to 4.
    • Paul's prison has "There's a hole here, it's gone now" on the wall and he hears someone whisper "I'm always watching you. I'm ALWAYS watching you. I'm always WATCHING you")
    • Before Hop got sucked into the Infinity Train, his room was Room 302.
    • Alain quotes Vincent's infamous "Monsters...they look like monsters to you?" line to Henry.
  • Spec Ops: The Line:
    • "The Reason You Suck" Speech UnChloe gives Sara is reminiscent of the one Konrad gives Walker at the end of the game.
    • Chloe apparently fought a man named Walker who was screaming something about fighting "Konrad".
  • When They Cry:
    • The passenger and denizen who enter Azada as Chloe leaves are a young girl with a black crown on her head and a boy with cat ears and a red muffler. The girl shouts "Uu~!" and the boy goes "Uryu!"
    • On route to the Crayon Car, Chloe suggests that she should be called "Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating" which is the title of Featherine Augustus Aurora. Lexi in return states that she's a Witch of Creation and was able to create a "1 from 0" which is what Beatrice used to explain Maria Ushiromiya's power as a Creator.
    • During their stay at Hotel Crayola, Chloe spends some time telling Atticus and Lexi about a manga she read, When Wingulls Weep, where the Golden Witch summoned demons as her servants.
    • Before he goes off to train Chloe, Zack warns Satou and Shio that the malasadas better not have "needles or hot sauce" in them, referencing how Keichi assumed Mion and Rena were trying to kill him via needle in some food they delivered (when in reality it was hot sauce).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • The secondary title for Chapter 1, "Curry Worries" comes from an episode of the same name.
    • When Chloe enters a car at the end of Chapter 3, she has a brief conversation with a boy in a red jacket named Jaden, whose partner is a brown furball with wings.
    • The story Jaden left in the library that Chloe reads in Chapter 4 is implied to be a retelling of Yu-Gi-Oh GX's events, with it heavily describing the backstory of the Supreme King of Darkness.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS:
    • Chloe dresses Lexi up as a specter. Or rather, just Specter.
    • The children offered up to the trees in Chloe's story are known as the "Lost" children. Specter was abandoned at a tree and saw the tree as his true mother.
    • Aside from the "Specter", the names of the children that were also given up are nicknamed Playmaker, Revolver and Soulburner. Playmaker also makes a list of "three reasons" like in the anime.
    • The warrior that wished to enter the forest was George Gore and his sword is known as Thunder Ogre, one of the cards in the Gouki archetype. George's rival is "The Sledgehammer" from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
    • The story Lexi wants to read Chloe is "Blue Angel", a favorite book of both Aoi/Skye Zaisen and Specter.
    • In Hotel Crayola, Lexi wants to give Holly Blue the nickname "Holly Angel", which is the signature Trickstar monster used by Blue Angel (Aoi/Skye Zaisen).

Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail

    Singular Shout-Outs 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

  • The hotel in the Crayon Car is called 'Hotel Crayola'.
  • Lexi chooses to mimic the style of Reiniger's shadow puppetry. The images on the walls are actually the covers from two The Birthday Massacre albums: Walking with Strangers and Violet. Two songs from them are playing in the chapter: "Nothing and Nowhere" and "The Dream".
  • Chloe mentions how her mother wanted to watch The Adventures of Mark Twain and freaked out over The Mysterious Stranger scene. Bonus points, The Mysterious Stranger is what inspired Infinity Train's aesthetic.
  • Professor Cerise notes that finding more about his daughter is like that film of a father going through his daughter's social media.
  • The song with Spanish lyrics is Hijo de la luna, which is about a woman asking the moon to help he win the heart of a man, in exchange for her firstborn child.
    • In the story that is based off the song, the village is named Khonshu, after the Egyptian God of the moon.
  • Chloe notes that one of Parker's friends (Charlotte) is hoping to try out Wensleydale cheese.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Prelude to Part 2

Chapter 14

  • The Car is a loving tribute to Legends of the Hidden Temple so there are plenty of references to the show.
    • On a boat to the Temple, there are silver snakes, green monkeys and an orange iguana named 'Kirk' (Kirk Fogg) ferries the Red Lotus Trio. There is also red jaguars with purple parrot wings.
    • There's a hallway that has numerous artifacts that were retrieved and they're shown to be lit in different colors reflecting the teams who retrieved it. For example, the Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus has orange light (Orange Iguanas) while the Mussel Shell Armor has green light (Green Monkeys). Atticus states that the ones who found the Mussel Shell Armor was a girl with her alligator partner, referencing the Green Monkeys team Amanda and Gator.
    • Chloe finds a scroll that lists numerous relics that were not yet found (aka were not successfully taken out of the temple in time).
    • Lexi mentions how one passenger had to solo the Temple to retrieve a milk bucket, referencing Tarrah of the Purple Parrots who performed a Solo Run to retrieve the Milk Bucket of Freydis.
    • Many of the rooms mentioned or seen in the Temple actually are from the show itself.
    • Grace and Simon once searched for a relic...said relic was The Mask of Shaka Zulu, which has the shortest run time ever due to a production error.Explanation 
  • Sevral are also made to Red vs. Blue.
  • When Chloe finds the Royal Toque of Boedica, she starts singing a song about her while fighting Lexi.
    Chloe: Gonna cause a stink? Won't be the first to blink? I'm not who you think, don't mess with me! I'm Boudica!!!

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

  • Chloe rallies the Denizens (who dubbed themselves Infinifixers) against the Apex in the same matter as Cassandra in Tangled: The Series using the song "Ready as I'll Ever Be".
  • Amelia sees a video of a Japanese man folding origami, in particular those of sheep, who goes by the name of Shadowsan.
  • Toby notes that Amelia is just "standing there...menacingly!"

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Infinity Train Melancholy Afterlife

  • The donut holer "as long as a softball" is called the Onett Special.

Infinity Train Cherry Bloodlines

Both Reset and Blossoming Trail are fill of them, so it is to be expected a ton of them exist.

Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily

Infinity Train: Court of Cyclamen

  • In the Frogs with Hats Car, one of the frogs wears an upturned tea kettle for a hat.
  • The concession stand that The Curious got his giant Choc Nut bar from is called Trese and is manned by two bartenders wearing diamond masks.
  • In the Orange Car, there's a sloth denizen named Cassidy.

Infinity Train: Voyage of Wisteria

  • The unofficial rules of the children's storytelling night in the Cyan Desert Car is "no stories wholly true, no stories wholly false, and no repeats."
  • When Chloe hugs Ash's Dragonite, she asks if hugs from him always feel this warm.
  • Upon seeing their statues, Amelia states hers makes her look like a man, like how Mai described herself in Sokka's victory portrait. Hazel even shouts that the statues "look perfect" like Toph did.
  • The fact that there was a poetry slam in the Baking Soda Volcanoes Car is a reference to Phineas and Ferb where Dr. Doofenschmirtz apparently lost a poetry slam to one of these volcanoes.
  • The first line of the poem Lexi recites is actually from The Mortal Instruments when Clary and Simon see one of Simon's friends on stage doing poetry.
    Lexi: "Come my faux ziggurat! My nefarious loins! Torture me with arid zeal!"
  • The cyclops and skeleton monsters in the Clay Car are from the Gravity Falls episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors", more specifically the Clay Day short.
  • To the Redwall books and the Captain Claw video game.

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