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Recap / Batman Beyond S 2 E 19 Sneak Peek

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Gossip-show host Ian Peek has a remarkable knack for digging up sensational secrets. His secret is a device that lets him walk through walls, enabling him to sneak into supposedly secure areas. After Batman stops someone from killing Peek for exposing him as a witness against the Tongs, Peek takes the opportunity to plant a camera in the Batmobile, which nets him one of the most sensational secrets of all—Bruce and Terry's identities as the past and present Batman.



  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Subverted. Ian Peek found out about Tanaka's experimental device, stole it, and killed the inventor. His career then skyrockets. When Batman accuses Peek to be the Intangible Man who broke into City Hall, the latter says he'd be a very wealthy reporter if that were true. Batman points out that he is a very wealthy reporter.
  • Death by Secret Identity: Peek plants a surveillance camera on the Batmobile and records footage of Bruce and Terry in the Batcave. Surprise surprise, by the end of the episode he's in no position to tell anyone.
  • Entitled Bastard: Peek begs Bruce for help when his powers start going out of control, and only thinks of offering to give up the footage of Bruce and Terry in the Batcave after Bruce brushes him off and he's getting desperate.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Peek. Best shown when Terry approaches him, trying to convince him to leave Bruce out of the exposure.
    Terry: I don't care what you do to me. But he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to wind up in the middle of a media circus.
    Peek: He means a lot to you, doesn't he?
    Terry: Yeah, he does.
    Peek: I believe you. I really do. That's the trouble with this business. You meet so many liars you forget what sincerity sounds like. Want to say it all again while I've got the camera running?
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  • Fate Worse than Death: Implied. Bruce speculates that with his permanent intangibility, Peek will fall all the way to the center of the Earth. And, presumably, still be alive.
    Terry: What's gonna happen to him?
    Bruce: My guess, he'll keep right on falling until he reaches the center of the Earth. It's about as inside as you can get.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The only clues as to how far Paxton Powers and the swimsuit-clad woman go are Terry's belief that Matt is too young to watch and Ian's decision to feature it as the headline story.
  • Hypocritical Humor: At the beginning of the episode, Terry's mom disapprovingly turns off Ian Peek's show. Later, she's eagerly awaiting the show's announced expose of Batman's secret identity. Terry even calls her on it.
  • I Regret Nothing: Faced with the possibility of his identity being outed, Bruce is pretty subdued about it, confessing to Terry that he suspected that sooner or later, his identity would be exposed. His only real complaint is that it's at the hands of a sleazy tabloid reporter like Ian Peek.
    Bruce: I always assumed I'd be found out sooner or later. It's just galling that a piece of garbage like Peek had to be the one.
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  • Ignored Confession: Just before Peek's expose is scheduled to air, Terry tries to tell his family that he's Batman rather than let them hear it from a sleazy gossipmonger. They laugh at him.
  • Intangibility: Peek stole an experimental device that gives him this ability.
  • Irony:
    • Terry watches "The Inside Peek" with apparent interest until his mother forbids him, saying that he wouldn't like it if he were on the receiving end of his "journalism". Sure enough, Peek finds out Terry's (and Bruce's) Secret Identity and planned on airing it to the world, with his family watching in great anticipation.
    • Bruce points out to Terry after he tells him that Ian Peek is the mysterious Intangible Man, that they can't do anything to him, as Peek can claim he's just an Intrepid Reporter doing his job and hasn't committed any crimes. This is before he all but hears from Peek's own mouth that the device used for his exposés was stolen from an inventor in Bruce's payroll, who was killed — possibly murdered.
  • It's All About Me: Peek only cares about himself and boosting his career. Displayed perfectly when he explains to Bruce why he stole the belt from Taka and set his lab on fire:
    Peek: I had to have it. To him, it was just an experiment, but to me, it was power. A chance to kick my career in high-gear.
  • Karmic Death: It turns out that Peek's sins go far beyond sleazy sensationalism; he admits to stealing the device and setting a fire (which killed the device's inventor) to cover his tracks.
  • Millionaire Playboy: A segment on Paxton Powers shows him at the pool using a towel to grab a swimsuit-clad woman; Peek's narration suggests that he's more interested in partying than in running Wayne-Powers.
  • Not So Above It All: After initially being deadset against Terry and Matt watching "The Inside Peek", once a commercial airs revealing that Ian Peek has the Secret Identity of Batman, Mary McGinnis is swayed and joins Matt in waiting of the event. She also laughs at Terry when he admits to being Batman, and appears to be annoyed that the episode wouldn't be airing.
    Terry: Weren't you the one who said that I wouldn't like it if I was on the receiving end?
    Mary: Yeah, well, what do I know? (walks to the living room as she eats popcorn)
  • Oh, Crap!: A boxing manager has this reaction when Peek exposes his affair with a client's wife.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Bruce abandons Ian to his fate after learning Peek murdered the inventor of the belt and stole his research for profit.
  • Paparazzi: Ian Peek is a particularly noxious example. With no concern whatsoever about putting people in danger, he blows the cover of a police witness, and would have exposed Bruce and Terry if his Power Incontinence hadn't done him in.
  • Power Incontinence: Starting with his stomach, Peek's body starts becoming intangible even when he isn't using the device. The effect finally causes him to fall through the floor.
  • Pun:
    Peek: I know your secret! I know who you used to be! (head turns intangible)
    Bruce: (dryly) You're losing your head.
  • Save the Villain: Terry tries, but Peek can't stay solid long enough. Bruce, by contrast, shows no interest whatsoever in saving him.
  • Smug Snake: Ian Peek.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Bruce's moral code seems to have weakened somewhat from his past. In the past, he would Save the Villain whenever possible, even Ax-Crazy psychopaths like the Joker. But when he finds out that Peek stole the belt from Dr. Taka and set the fire that killed him, he blatantly refuses to help him and walks away.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Peek has one when he starts to fade even without the belt
  • Villains Want Mercy: When he loses control of the belt, Peek calls in Bruce, begging for medical aid in exchange for the only unedited video footage of Bruce and Terry's secret. However, when Bruce discovers that Peek stole the belt from Dr. Taka, who was one of his associates at Wayne-Powers, and started the fire that killed him, he just walks away, fully prepared to leave Peek to his fate.
    Peek: You can't leave! You've gotta help me!
    Bruce: Give me one. Good. Reason.


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