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  • A Cinderella Story: Shelby is a cruel, unlikable Alpha Bitch who enjoys harassing Sam for being "uncool". The moment she loses any sympathy is when she has the entire school ruthlessly chant "Diner-Girl" at Sam, and even continues to harass her as she's in tears in the hallway.
  • The Afflicted:
    • After killing her husband for trying to leave her, Maggie descends into religious mania and starts abusing her children. Aside from beating them in random rages, Maggie forces her son into manual labour and her eldest daughter into prostitution while Force Feeding her middle daughter in an attempt to make her fat. When said middle daughter resusts, Maggie shoots her in the shoulder before fatally poisoning her in an attempt to remove the bullet. After the eldest daughter escapes, Maggie makes her two remaining children beat her bloody before locking her in a closet to starve and pimping out her remaining girl.
    • Randy is a Dirty Old Man and the only customer we see Maggie procure in her chuld prostitution ring. He regularly rapes the daughter, being especially happy that she's a minor. After said daughter dies, Randy gladly goes to the youngest daughter, roughing her up some before raping her. When he finishes, he tells Maggie to beat her for resisting him.
  • After School Massacre:
    • Mr. Wheatley, the school principal, fires Anderson from his job for being pressured into accepting a student's friend request, then mentions being sexually attracted to the same student anyways. Luckily, he's Anderson's first victim.
    • Luke Dalton spends his entire screentime sexually harassing his girlfriend's minor sister and her friends, and almost hooks up with two of them behind her back.
  • The entire army of the Teutonic Knights in Alexander Nevsky since they slaughter innocent civilians and throw crying toddlers into bonfire. Grand Master in particular since he is their leader is this.
    • The Bishop counts too. He might not directly ordered the crimes, but he gave his blessings to them.
    • Finally, Tverdillo qualifies big time. He betrayed the Russian people and helped the German Teutonic knights in their crimes. It was very satisfying to see him being torn by the mob.
  • Aliens: Paul Reiser's company guy, Carter Burke. The aliens are already scary, so the filmmakers are hedging their bets by offering Burke as the weaselly company guy that only cares about money and fame. He knows about the aliens ahead of time and sends the colonists to investigate. He disagrees with nuking the site from orbit. He tries to impregnate Newt and Ripley with alien embryos with a plan to sabotage and kill the other heroes. Finally he cravenly retreats behind a door locking the other heroes out, where he is deliciously killed by an alien. Clearly, it worked: Paul Reiser said his own mother, who sat next to him at the premiere, cheered at his on-screen death!
  • Alligator: Mr. Slade, a Corrupt Corporate Executive, has his researchers experiment on puppies to get the hormone, and has them pay a pet store owner to dognap puppies when they run out of their legal supply. These experiments lead to an alligator who lives in the sewers becoming giant and getting a ravenous appetite. This was an accident, so it can't be held against him. However, he has the mayor hinder the investigation in order to keep his company going. During the climax, the alligator attacks his daughter's wedding. He makes a beeline for his car, locks it, and tries to drive away and leave everybody else to die. The alligator gets him anyways.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Donald Menken is a corrupt employee of Oscorp who seeks to usurp Harry Osborn as CEO after his father's death. Menken has Max Dillon, A.K.A. Electro committed to Ravencroft, where he uses footage of Max to frame Harry for the accident that turned him into Electro. Menken kicks Harry out of Oscorp, but not before spitefully telling him that he's going to die a horrible death and no one will care.
  • American History X: Despite the movie's message that hate is baggage, Cameron Alexander comes across as a completely despicable individual without a single redeeming quality. He is responsible for the corruption of Derek and others, feeding into their latent bigotry and inciting hate crimes. While he acts the part of A Father to His Men, in the past, he has been more than willing to throw his men under the bus when it benefits him. When Derek returns from prison reformed, he makes a mockery of his rape in prison. In a deleted scene, he appears to display compassion towards a homeless veteran, but only with the intent of spreading his racist beliefs. Shortly after, he menaces an interracial couple and drives them out of the diner.
  • American Justice: Sheriff Payden is a racist thug who treats his police department like a protection racket, forcing the local drug dealers to give him a cut under pain of death and browbeating the mayor by threatening his dog. When his men kill one of the dealers, and he personally guns down one for complaining about the corpse not having money, Payden decodes to frame Jack Justice, a black cop passing through tpwn, for the crime and then kill him for "escaping." When he captures Jack, he explains all this to him while also spputing off racist jokes. After Jack escapes, Payden tries to coax him back by threatening to have his men gang rape a woman he befriended before trying to shoot him In the Back.
  • American Mary: Dr. Grant and Dr. Walsh are the two main Asshole Victims of the movie. At first they seem harmless despite them being pricks; Grant would belittle Mary in class; Walsh had Mary falsely tell a patients family that their father just died to teach a lesson. Midway through the film, we discover Grant and Walsh are a duo of serial rapists, who frequently host parities where the female guests are all drugged and raped on film. Mary ends up at one of these parties and is raped by Grant. For these, Grant is punished constant torture by Mary, after and during being put through a horrific body modification surgery; Walsh is later beaten to death by Billy for his involvement.
  • Paul Sarone in Anaconda. You can't hate the anaconda, but you can hate him. He is willing to sacrifice the protagonists in order to capture the anaconda.
  • Angst: The unnamed killer has no sympathetic qualities worth mentioning, and overall, he is just a disgusting, repulsive and loathsome animal who kills innocent people to satisfy his own twisted bloodlust.
  • Another Cinderella Story gives us Dominique. She's an Abusive Parent toward poor Mary and is a complete Jerkass. Believe it or not, no one actually calls her out for her terrible treatment, and she never gets any redeeming qualities at all. Sure, she breaks her legs at the end of the movie and Mary gets to escape her horrible treatment, but she still leaves quite a terrible impression.
  • Antebellum: "Him", real name Senator Blake Denton, is a slaver who runs a plantation where black people are forced to pick cotton that he'll never actually sell and where anyone who tries to escape will be tortured or killed. He also deliberately kidnapped Veronica for himself from her family to rape, and personally sticks an ax in Eli's chest when he tries to fight back.
  • Army of Frankensteins: Alan Jones' life before he's sent back in time absolutely sucks, and these two are significant reasons why:
    • Mrs. Henderson, Alan's landlady, sexually harasses him when trying to collect the rent. After seeing the ring Alan intends to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley, with, she demands the ring on the threat of eviction. She's also a brazen hypocrite, Slut-Shaming Ashley not five minutes after trying to sleep with a taken man.
    • Eugene, Ashley's boss, regularly hits on her even though she rejects him every time. Eventually, he starts to force kisses on her. One of the kisses happens at just the wrong time for Alan to walk in and think she's into it.
  • The ABCs of Death:
    • "D is for Dogfight": The unnamed trainer runs an organization where he kidnaps dogs. When their humans come looking for them, he has them kidnapped too. He subjects both human and dog to Training from Hell before forcing them to fight to the death.
    • "H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion": As a parody of WWII British propaganda films, this short has a loathsome Nazi in the form of Frau Scheisse. After seducing Ace Pilot Bertie the Bulldog, Scheisse has a small robot punch him in the groin to capture him. She then proceeds to subject Bertie to Electric Torture while slowly lowering him into electrified water to shock him to death.
    • "V is for Vagitus (The Cry of a Newborn Baby)": Stoker is an agent of a dystopian government in a Bad Future where procreation without a permit is banned and psychics are subjected to genocide. When two of his agents capture a psychic family, Stoker has all of them killed with the intent to resurrect the baby for experimentation, flat admitting that he doesn't consider them to be people. When the baby reanimates and starts massacring his goons, Stoker orders the guy holding its head gunned down in a desperate attempt to wipe out the child. Cold and ruthless, Stoker exists to put a hatable face on a nightmarish regime.
    • "Y us for Youngbuck": The unnamed Villain Protagonist is a school janitor and secret pedophile. After he pervs on some boys playing basketball, he licks the sweat from the bleachers with disgusting glee. Eventually convincing one of the boys to go hunting with him, the janitor rapes the kid after he kills a deer.


  • Babe:
  • The Bagman: Randy Joyner is a vicious bully who led other kids in attacking Jack Marshall for his deformities. He eventually bears Jack to seeming death and makes his cronies agree to cover it up. A decade later, a Sackhead Slasher shows up to kill everybody involved with the attack, and Randy uses his job as a police officer to destroy all the evidence of his involvement. When Sue Cresswell confronts him about his crime, he only helps her solve it to save his own skin. Near the end, Randy reveals that he is Jack's half-brother, and initially set the fire that disfigured the boy to kill their father and his mistress for abandoning him.
  • The Banana Splits:
    • Stevie is the token human of the Banana Splits television series. A mean-spirited alcoholic, Stevie torments the animatronics with the knowledge that their show was to be cancelled before becoming the first to fall victim to their killing spree when a lollipop prop is lodged down his throat.
    • Andy is the studio executive of Taft Studios who was indirectly responsible for the Splits' spree by cancelling the show for no other reason than considering it boring. He gets the worst death at the hands of the animatronics when he won the "banana split".
    • Mitch is the husband of Beth Williams and the father of Austin and Harley. Irritated that his wife was giving his sons more attention, he has an affair with a coworker before attempting to apologize to his wife after getting ran over by Snorky's Banana Buggy.
  • Batman Begins: Ra's al Ghul is the main antagonist of the movie, but he's ultimately too noble and tragic to hate. His Dragon the Scarecrow is also too cool to hate. The same can't be said for Carmine Falcone, a Smug Snake who taunts Bruce over his father's death, or Arnold Flass, who steals from and abuses civilians.
  • Beauty and the Beast (2017): The unnamed King of the French kingdom where the story takes place. Unlike his dear wife and son (the Queen and the Prince), the King was known for ruling his kingdom with a cruel iron fist and raising the young Prince to be selfish and arrogant; even forbidding the servants to ever question or object to his ways of raising the Prince. He also showed no concern over the loss of the Queen, which was seen when he leads his son away from his wife's deathbed without any emotion. This treatment is what drove the Prince to rebuff Agathe the Enchantress, who then casted a curse on his castle in retaliation, transforming the Prince into the Beast and the servants into enchanted objects. Ever since then, the Beast showed nothing but shame for his actions and hated his cruel father for raising him to be a tyrant; even tearing up a family portrait of himself and the King out of anger. Even the servants themselves are in full regret of their reluctance to speak out against the King, implying that they truly despised him for his cruel nature.
  • Bernie: Marjorie "Marge" Nugent is universally despised in the town of Carthage for her Jerkass behavior. Though she becomes fond of Bernie for comforting her when her husband recently passed, she soon becomes extremely abusive and possessive of him demeaning him every day, chewing every bite 25 just to unease him, making him do errands and chores for her, quit his job, forcing him to kill an armadillo, and trapping him in her property when he tries to leave. Bernie would eventually snap from Marjorie's horrid treatment and shoot her four times In the Back killing her, to when the town found out nine months later they were more concern that Bernie would go to prison rather than Marjorie was killed.
  • Better Watch Out: Luke is one of the most odious child villains ever put to screen. He stages a home invasion, then murders Ashley's boyfriend and ex-boyfriend in cold blood, and later Garrett, his own friend and accomplice for trying to save her when he sees the error of his ways, all in a twisted ploy to seduce Ashley, who he later tries to kill when he realizes she won't come around to him. As much as he might initially appear to be intelligent and a good planner, his petulance reveals itself whenever his plans go out the window.
  • Birdman: Tabitha is a mean-spirited Straw Critic who openly brags about how she's planning to give Riggan's theatre performance a scathing review — when she hasn't even seen yet — purely because she hates the idea of film actors being on stage. When Riggan confronts her, he paints the entire profession of critics in a negative light by pointing out that she gets paid to write negative drivel about the labours of others — whose income is reliant on good publicity — while she faces no risk or consequence.
  • Black Butler: Shinpei Kujo is a pharmaceutical executive hired by Lady Hanae Wakatsuki to make an immortality serum. To do so, he buys women from Human Traffickers and experiments on them until their bodies give out. After discovering a drug called Necrosis, which mummifies people within minutes, Kujo tests it on various people. This eventually culminates in him poisoning a nightclub full of people and watching them tear each other apart for the antidote.
  • Black Christmas (2006): Constance Lenz is Billy's mother, who locks him in the attic after he witnesses her kill his father. She leaves him there for years while living a seemingly-idyllic life with her new lover. After learning that said lover is infertile, she rapes Billy to produce a daughter. These years of abuse lead Billy to snap and murder her, making her indirectly responsible for the film's carnage.
  • The Bleeding: Johnny the Perv, a scumbag who helps lure people to Cain's vampire nightclub, and takes the opportunity to sexually harass random women.
  • Blood of Beasts: Sven, Freya's fiance, acts like a warrior of great valor, but is secretly a scumbag out to become chief at any cost. After leaving the chief to die at the hands of the monstrous Agnar, Sven consolidates his power by threatening his best friend's life and declaring that Freya will marry him whether she likes it or not. Freya then rescues her father, whom Sven decides to kill to keep his power going. However, he is distracted by leading the trie to rescue Freya so he doesn't look a coward, an accusation he threatens to kill anybody who makes.
  • BrainDead:
    • Ever since her husband died, Vera Cosgrove has bullied her son Lionel into spending all his time with her. When he actually gets a date, she stalks the two and manipulates him into leaving her after getting bitten by an animal. The infection eventually turns Vera into a zombie, who turns several of the neighbors. As Lionel tries to deal with the zombie attack, he learns that Vera drowned her own husband along with his mistress. Soon after, she mutates into a giant monster and tries to force Lionel into her womb to be with him forever.
    • Uncle Les manages to be an even worse person than Vera. He blackmails Lionel into giving him the house and his half of Vera's fortune, attempts to rape Paquita, then leaves her and Lionel to die at the hands of the zombies. He proves himself to be a competent zombie killer, but enjoys the slaughter way more than he should, torturing the zombified Father McGruder by pulling his teeth and boasting about how he's going to dismember an infected woman. In the end, it's quite satisfying to watch Paquita smash his head to bits against the counter.
  • Breakdown: Since most of the film revolves around Jeff Taylor desperately clawing his way through for his missing wife, Amy, it's very obvious that the supposedly helpful trucker who calls himself "Red Barr" when his name is actually "Warren" is meant to be rooted against as he turns out to be a cruel, cold-blooded, and sociopathic serial killer who lures his unwary victims into a trap and has them killed by his thugs in disguise for both a living and for his own greed. Red fulfills his schemes by means of lying, making Jeff paranoid and distraught by playing mind games, refusing to listen to reason, and deliberately breaking promises to let Amy go. Even though Red has a beloved wife and son, this was obviously meant to be inexcusable since he has lied to them entirely as well. Since all of this is evident in the third act, the audience can tell how much Jeff hates that guy, and Amy's abundant fear of him also counts.
  • Bronx Warriors series:
    • 1990: The Bronx Warriors: Hammer the Exterminator is a mercenary who left the crime-ridden Bronx to make a name for himself. When the daughter of a recently-deceased Mega-Corp president flees to the Bronx so the Vice President can't use her as a puppet, Hammer is sent in to capture or eliminate her. When the girl is defended by a criminal named Trash, Hammer kills some of his gang and pays others to betray them. When this doesn't work, he starts a Mob War with a rival group so he can kill the two and escape undetected. Trash manages to end the war, so Hammer gives up and has sone thugs burn both gangs alive.
    • Escape 2000:
      • Floyd Wengler is a mercenary hired to clear out the Bronx so it can be gentrified. Being Only in It for the Money unlike his well-intentioned bosses, Wengler immediately starts massacring the borough. Trash survives one of these attacks and starts a rebellion, so Wengler has various rebels' relatives kidnapped and forced to suicide bomb their base. When his boss President Clark is kidnapped, Wengler takes the opportunity to betray him so his replacement can pay him more, forcing his goons to kill themselves in booby traps while he hunts them down. The people of the Bronx start to openly revolt against Wengler, so he simply abandons his men to their fates, killing anybody who hinders his escape.
      • Vice President Hoffman is one of the people managing the gentrification project, and easily the most loathsome of the bosses. Happily signing off on Wengler's genocidal plans, Hoffman secretly plots to usurp the company from Clark. He seizes an opportunity to do so when Clark is kidnapped, offering Wengler a raise if he kills him. After the assassination succeeds, Hoffman has his chauffeur drive him away from the ensuing battle between his men and the Bronx's residents in cowardice.
  • In Bruiser, Miles Styles is completely devoid of any redeeming characteristics. He is obnoxious, demanding, patronising, sexist, racist, miserly, unfaithful...the list goes on. He elevates being an Asshole Victim to the next level.
  • In a departure from how its parent film franchise portrays its human antagonists, Bumblebee has Jack Burns portrayed quite sympathetically, being caring of his subordinates, wanting to destroy Bumblebee only to protect the planet and eventually realizing Bumblebee is a hero at the end. However, the movie gives every reason for us to hate Charlie's Alpha Bitch classmate Tina. Aside from being petty towards the former, including humiliating her at work, she decides to take things too far by making fun of Charlie's dead father. Thus, no sympathy is given to her when Bumblebee takes a prank involving egging her car one step further by jumping on it, thus turning it into scrap metal. He, Charlie, and Memo are clearly enjoying it, and the audience likely is too.


  • Casino: Ginger is a shrill, greedy, and self-destructive character who has no genuinely human moments. The story makes it clear that you are not supposed to sympathize with her.
  • Castle Freak (1995): Duchess D'Orsino, a noblewoman who responds to her husband abandoning her by torturing their son for forty years, down to castrating him. This drives the son to utter madness, therefore indirectly creating the film's plot by making him the Big Bad.
  • Central Intelligence: As a teenager, Trevor cruelly humiliated Bob by tossing him naked into the gym during the pep-rally. When Bob meets up with him 20 years later, he seems to be apologetic... only to continue verbally humiliating Bob to lower his self-esteem. After trying to belittle Bob again at the high school reunion, he earns himself a well-deserved decking from Bob himself.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has Violet's absolutely horrendous mother. While a major point in the book and both films is that the brats' parents made them the way they are, this overbearing Stage Mom in particular gets a lot of emphasis. And it's clear she's groomed her daughter to be an overachiever for herself and only herself.
  • Charlie's Angels trilogy:
    • 2000 film: Vivian Wood is Eric Knox's girlfriend and helps assist him in his plans to kill Charles "Charlie" Townsend to avenge his father. Though loyal to him, she comes off as way more smug and unlikable, displaying a taunting demeanor as she goes along. Angel Dylan Sanders ends up captured because of Vivian and she destroys Angel Natalie Cook's phone during a fight too for no real good reason.
    • Full Throttle: Seamus O'Grady is an Irish mobster who dated and was put away by Dylan who ended up in Witness Protection because of it. Released early from prison, he taunts and fights Dylan and threatens to kill her friends Natalie and Angel Alex Munday just to hurt her even more. During the climax, O'Grady kills the Thin Man by stabbing him in the back with his own blade.
    • 2019 film:
      • Hodak is the cruel assassin hired by John Bosley to help the latter achieve the energy saver turned weapon Callisto. Hodak targets and tries to kill future Angel Elena Houghlin and kills Angel Jane Kano's mentor Edgar "Bosley" Dessange instead. Unlike the Thin Man who is very suave and mostly composed, Hodak, while also chilling calm, is nothing but a sadistic and cold blunt instrument.
      • Peter Flemming is Elena's greedy and sexist supervisor who intends to sell Callisto to Bosley despite hearing how dangerous it is and shuts Elena down on warning about how dangerous it is given the flaw that makes it a biological weapon. Flemming also goes along with Hodak targeting Elena to get her out of the way. By the end of the day, Flemming has no idea how to work the device and ends up killed as nothing but a useless pawn.
  • Circle had the Pragmatist faction conflict with the Idealist faction over whether the group should favor a pregnant woman and little girl, or adopt an "every man for himself" attitude. The Rich Man, in particular, is The Social Darwinist who'll stop at nothing to be the last person standing. At the end, Eric becomes one as he was a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing the entire time.
  • City Warriors: The secondary villains of the picture are a prostitution ring who tricks young, desperate woman in need of financial support to join them, and sell their services to wealthy clients who are usually abusive and have no qualms physically and sexually abusing helpless hookers. Any prostitutes who tries to make a getaway are quickly recaptured and delivered a thrashing, and those who knows the true nature of their businesses are summarily hunted down and executed, like the prostitute discovered in a sack early in the film.
    • The transvestite sister is a Transgender enforcer, an effeminate creep with violent tendencies who takes delight in beating up prostitutes personally, licking a scared prostitute too afraid to defend herself in her cheek, and orders an abused hooker that attempts a getaway to be tied upon a chair and tortured by having a plastic bag filled with cockroaches wrapped around her face. When not creeping out the audience by flirting with other men, he's (yes, he) also in charge of stalking and murdering prostitutes who tried to leave, and clearly takes delight in gutting hookers slowly and painfully just For the Evulz. If audiences doesn't hate him for being violent and ruthless, they can sure hate him for being creepy and revolting.
    • Senator Chor is a Corrupt Politician secretly running the prostitution ring while keeping their shady activities hidden using his power. When Lok Han's sister, forced into prostitution by her husband, escapes the ring, he personally orders his enforcer and The Dragon, Sai-kit to hunt her down, killing several police officers and witnesses. With nobody to testify against him, he then smugly rubs his position of power before the presses saying how he's an honest politician that cares for the people, with rivals who spread false lies about him to tarnish his good reputation.
  • Clockstoppers: Henry Gates is the head of the government funded QT Labs who oversees the creation of the HyperTime watch. He threatens and forces scientist Earl Doppler to continue to work on it and in it and Doppler ages quickly as a result. Gates then forces the same on Dr. George Gibbs later on and threatens Dr. Gibbs's son Zak and his girlfriend Francesca to help further his possession of the technology with the intention of betraying the NSA with it.
  • Con Air: Johnny 23, real name Johnny Baca, is the worst prisoner onboard the titular plane. An unpleasant misogynist, Johnny 23 was convicted of 23 counts of rape (hence the nickname), though he boasts that the number is closer to 600. Because of his crimes, every other ruthless and dangerous criminal is disgusted by him, with criminal mastermind Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom threatening to kill him if he tries to rape the lone female guard onboard. As such, none of the convicts bat an eye when, after Johnny tries to rape said female guard, he is brutally beaten, chained up, and gruesomely killed when the plane crashes.
  • Dr. Gerhard Klopfer in Conspiracy (2001), who stands out as the most detestable character in a film filled with Nazis. He and his colleagues are all genocidal imperialists, but most of them are at least pragmatic, coldly efficient, or not completely unsympathetic (Kritzinger and Lange). Klopfer tops them all by being morbidly obese, gluttonous, ugly, rude, an open pervert, even more simple-mindedly racist than the others, and cowardly (he makes jokes about Heydrich's possible Jewish ancestry behind his back but dares not to say it to his face when dared to do so by Mueller).
  • In Contagion, you can't really hate a nonsentient virus. You can hate Alan Krumwiede, a fame-hungry conspiracy theorist that's more than willing to lie to and defraud thousands of people, possibly resulting in their deaths.
  • The Craft: Chris Hooker is an arrogant and misogynistic student despite seemingly befriending Sarah. After wooing her on an innocent date, Chris begins to spread rumors about Sarah putting out to brag about "scoring" with her and getting Sarah shammed. It's evident that he did the same to Nancy, and is implied to have even given her an STD. It's also implied he does the same with other girls in his school. As punishment, Chris is subjected to a spell that turns him a lovesick lapdog for Sarah, but it ultimately backfires when he becomes an obsessed stalker and ultimately tries to rape her.
  • Crime Story: Detective Hung initially appears to be Eddie’s (Jackie Chan) Pointy-Haired Boss, but he’s secretly a triad informant and The Mole who abuses his power constantly. His Establishing Character Moment depicts him as a Fat Bastard and pervert who forces his fat, oversized gut into a bar-girl he hired, sexually humiliate her while forcing her against a corner in an elevator, and slaps her for crying when they get out. He pretends to be on the same side as Eddie, but actually double-crosses everyone (such as the Taiwanese triad boss he’s supposedly an informer for) if it means things will go in his favour. While Hung and Eddie both gets arrested, Hung uses his triad connections to snake his way out while allowing Eddie to take a beating from the Taiwanese police. When Eddie finds out Hung is a traitor, Hung tries to get Eddie killed by trapping him in the lower hull of a ship filling with water. When all hell breaks loose in the finale, Hung ditches his mooks and tries making a run for it, and further takes advantage of Eddie (when Eddie had to momentarily stop to save a child trapped in the fire) by closing the nearest possible exit after he got through, trying to have Eddie and a child killed in the inferno.
  • Curly Sue: Walker McCormick is an outright snobby businessman with zero redeeming qualities. He jealously looks down upon the homeless Bill Dancer and Bill's surrogate daughter Curly Sue for being cared for by his fiancé Grey Ellison and ends up getting Bill arrested and Curly Sue sent into welfare to try to get rid of them. Both the loathing and remorseless traits Walker exudes only seals how detestable he is and makes Bill and Curly Sue all the more likable.
  • Cursed: A contrast to the more entertaining Joanie, despite starting out as a loving boyfriend, Jake Taylor loses such qualities upon being revealed to be the Alpha Werewolf who bit Ellie and Jimmy. This may also imply he might have killed his ex girlfriend Becky, and possibly Jenny. Jake is a womanizer seeking for the perfect girl to be his life mate, and upon revealing his true colors, becomes possessive towards Ellie and trying to kill her brother. Throughout this, he belittles Ellie for being "weak", mocks her over her failures in life and her parents death.


  • D.E.B.S.:
    • Ms. Petrie, the supposed Big Good and head of the titular D.E.B.S program, turns out to be an arrogant elitist, who cares more about her program's reputation and image than actually stopping threats. When Lucy and Amy's relationship is discovered, she threatens to have Amy exiled, before agreeing to force Amy to claim she was a brainwashed captive and publicly denounce her relationship with Lucy.
    • Bobby Matthews is Amy's clingy, pushy and controlling ex-boyfriend, who not only refuses to accept their breakup, but take offence over her and Lucy's relationship — with exception that her being a lesbian is "hot". As Amy is being forced to denounce Lucy, Bobby resumes dating Amy against her actual will, and soon tries to kill Lucy, spitefully after Amy publicly declared her love for her.
  • Death Machine: The movie makes it clear from the get-go that the Greater-Scope Villain is Mega-Corp CHAANK Industries, a cabal of corrupt executives perfectly willing and able to do horrible things to children, soldiers (and anybody unlucky enough to get in the effective lethal radius of their weapons projects) to get a dime. This company's mentality is represented by Carpenter (a Fat Bastard Corrupt Corporate Executive), who himself is grossed out by Brad Dourif's Jack Dante (the Psychopathic Manchild Mad Scientist that heads some of CHAANK's most brutal projects, including Hardman and "Warbeast", the titular Mechanical Abomination).
  • Simon Canton in Deep Rising. The monsters are predators that live to consume, and most of the mercenaries are too cool and entertaining to reallly loathe. Canton, however, is only selfish, cowardly, and greedy. He's not so bad at first (having clearly established with Finnegan that he had planned for everyone aboard the boat to be safely evacuated), but he eventually tries to leave the other survivors for dead, then tries to kill Trillian, shrugs off all of the passengers' deaths because he can still scam the insurance agency if the ship sinks, and tries to steal Finnegan's boat. He meets a deliciously Karmic Death.
  • Detention: Sander Sanderson is introduced making unwanted advances towards Riley Jones, a process he repeats on a regular basis. Having murdered popular students Taylor Fisher and Billy Nolan, as well as Principal Karl Verge and Exchange Student Gord, Sander goes back in time, and, after being rejected by Riley one too many times, tries to convince a young Karl Verge to detonate Grizzly Lake with his assistance. When Riley and Clapton Davis interfere with his plan, Sander attempts to set off the bomb himself, only succeeding at killing himself. In the altered timeline, Sander attacks Riley and Clapton, breaks Riley's leg, then expresses his frustration with Riley's refusal to have sex with him, as well as his hatred for Grizzly Lake, killing fellow classmate Alexis when she walks in on him and Riley. Overall, Sander reveals himself as a petty douche who would murder a large number of people for immature reasons.
  • Les Diaboliques has the cruel and abusive headmaster of a boarding school Michel, so cruel that his wife, Christine, to protect the schoolboys, as well as herself, from his violent streak, conspires with his Mistress Nicole to kill him. However, in one of the biggest twists in film history, it's revealed it was all a hoax, and Michel is alive, which he lets Christine know in a such a terrifying way, it causes the physically frail woman to have a heart-attack, which he intended all along so that he and Nicole could be together.
  • Die Hard:
    • Harry Ellis is Holly's creepy coworker who makes unwanted advances towards her while disparaging her estranged husband John McClane. During the Nakatomi Plaza invasion led by Hans Gruber, he proves to be an incompetent coward by despicably trying to sell John out to Hans before being shot in cold blood by Hans out of annoyance.
    • Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson is a high ranking LAPD officer who is dismissive of Sgt. Al Powell's suggestions with regards to the course of action the police must take. Rather than investigate the body of a dead gunman, Robinson dismisses the body as a suicide victim, ignoring the bullet holes on Powell's car. When John McClane tries to warn Robinson about a trap laid by the gunmen, Robinson ignores the former's warning, then complains about his men being covered in glass when John neutralizes two gunmen using explosives. How much of a Hate Sink he is? Roger Ebert gave the film a bad review and declared that he hated the movie just because of him!
    • Special Agent "Big" Johnson and Agent "Little" Johnsonnote  are arrogant FBI Agents who talk down to Powell and the aforementioned Robinson. Against Robinson's protests, the agents unwittingly play into the robbers' hands by cutting the power. Upon estimating a 20-25% loss of hostages if they take out Hans Gruber and his crew, the agents decide to attack regardless of civilian casualties. After mistaking John McClane for a gunman, both agents end up getting killed when Hans blows up the roof and their helicopter is caught in the blast.
    • Richard "Dick" Thornburg is the amoral reporter that ends up exposing Holly McClane's identity by threatening the McClanes' housekeeper with deportation and terrorizing their kids, all for the sake of a story. When Dick attempts to interview John and Holly, he receives a well-deserved punch in the face, courtesy of the latter. In Die Hard 2, Dick is mentioned to have made a scathing article about airlines and stewardesses, and to whit treats the stewardesses with disrespect. When Dick broadcasts on international TV that the airport has been hijacked, thereby causing a panic that the authorities were desperately trying to avoid, he is tased by Holly to shut him up.
  • Django Unchained: Calvin Candie is a slavemaster who owns the infamous plantation Candieland in Mississippi, where the titular protagonist's wife Broomhilda was sold. Initially presented as a charming, intelligent Francophile, Candie ultimately subverts Evil Is Cool as the film progresses. With his bigotry, arrogance and borderline sadism, Candie is a representation of much of the negative stereotypes involving people from the Deep South. Viewing his slaves (and other people of African origin) as nothing more than property and participates in a gruesome blood sport called Mandingo fighting, where male slaves were forced to fight to the death for a small amount of money. When one slave attempted to escape to avoid being part of the brawl, Candie orders him to be eaten alive by a pack of dogs. His cultured facade is nothing more than a sham, as shown by his violent reaction after Schultz called him "Mister" rather than "Monsieur", and is implied to be nothing short of envious that Schultz actually displays more culture than he does. In addition, Candie's seemingly profound interest of France is proven to be a skin-deep farce, as he barely has as much knowledge as he presents of the country (he didn't know that his favourite author Alexandre Dumas was black), let alone speak French.
  • Don't Kill It: Pastor Erikson is a priest in a small Mississippi town. When a young Evelyn Pierce is saved from certain death by her mother's angelic blood, Erikson accuses them if being in league with the Devil and leads a campaign to drive them out of town. Twenty years later, a body-jumping demon is terrorizing the town and Pierce returns as an FBI agent to solve the case. Erikson accuses her of helping the fiend, even trying to exorcise demon hunter Jebediah Woodley. When Woodley and Pierce manage to capture the demon, Erikson leads an Angry Mob to rescue it thinking it's an innocent townsperson, trying to personally murder Pierce when she gets in his way.
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold: Alejandro Gutierrez is the true Big Bad of the film. A greedy (and apparently murderous) treasure hunter, Alejandro has the teenaged Dora Márquez, her cousin Diego and their classmates abducted and eventually abducts Dora's parents to use them all to find the lost city of gold Parapata and then plans to kill them all when he is done. Alejandro's greed eventually leads him to ruin though as he is captured and imprisoned in the city forever.
  • Double Impact: The corrupt Nigel Griffith and his partner, crime-lord Raymond Zhang, conspire to kill off Griffith's business partner Paul Wagnar for profit, even ordering the deaths of his family, including his young twin sons, Alex and Chad. Hunted down by the twins decades later, the cowardly duo hide behind their goons, attempt more crimes and when finally confronted, both run for their lives, loathsome entirely.
  • Downfall: While Adolf Hitler himself is portrayed as a pitiful shell of a man, Reich Minister of Propaganda Jospeh Goebbels embodies all of Hitler's evil with none of his delusional madness. A fanatical Nazi loyalist, Goebbels encourages Hitler's worst impulses and attacks anyone who dares question their Führer. He knowingly sends civilians to die in a futile attempt to stop the Soviets, and then admits he doesn't care because he blames them for losing the war (by following the Nazis in the first place). And rather than accept surrender, Goebbels and his wife Magda murder their children before killing themselves in one of the darkest scenes of the film.


  • Elf is a feel-good holiday comedy about reconciliation between father and son Walter and Buddy Hobbs, and as such lacks a true villain, but it does have Fulton Greenway, the blowhard publisher of the book company Walter works for, and the reason why the latter is such a Christmas-hating workaholic. Greenway is the only character not to learn the True Meaning of Christmas in the film, and Walter's big redemption moment comes during a meeting with Greenway, held at night on Christmas Eve, where he realizes that his son is more important and tells Greenway where to stick it, leaving the latter ranting and raving in the boardroom. He's played by the same actor as Godzilla's Mayor Ebert, below.
  • Enemy Mine: Stubbs is an illegal miner who takes advantage of the human-Drac war to enslave the latter, trapping them in hellish conditions where they're worked and starved to death. Stubbs even does this to children, leading a stranded soldier named Davidge to go after him when he kidnaps his adopted Drac kid. When Davidge shows up to rescue the boy, Stubbs tries to kill him for an advantage in the fight.


  • Fanny and Alexander: Edvard Vergérus is a deeply corrupt bishop and becomes the step-father to the titular children. Everything changes as he turns the kids and their mom Emelie's lives into a living hell with his fanatical and horrendously abusive parenting. It even goes to the point when the children are forced to escape his house. Not only this, but he is shown to be very manipulative as he tries to have the kids back by blackmailing Emelie and her brothers. Oh, and he is openly anti-Semitic too. Ingmar Bergman and Jan Malmsjö did a great job at making you hate this man as much as possible.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Mary Lou Barebone is an odious Bible-thumping wizard-hater who beats her foster children and spreads slanderous anti-wizard propaganda around New York, all the while hiding behind an infuriatingly preening mask of arrogant righteousness. If that wasn't bad enough, she's also directly responsible for getting Tina Goldstein fired when she used magic to try to defend Credence from Mary's violent abuse. She's such a horrible mother and so fanatically anti-magic that she makes the Dursleys look positively sanctified in comparison. It is impossible to feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for her when Credence lashes out with his powers and she dies wearing an expression of obviously horrific agony.
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Corvus Lestrange IV lusted after Laurena, the wife of Mustafa Kama and put her under the Imperius Curse, attacking her son Yusef when he tried to stop him. Corvus raped Laurena for months before she died giving birth to a girl, who Corvus showed no love for as she could not continue his line. Corvus brushed off Laurena’s death and subsequently took another wife who bore him a son. Knowing that Yusef would target his son, Corvus sent both his children to America despite knowing the person he sent them to would be abusive. In short, Corvus Lestrange committed a particularly heinous crime for the Wizarding World and managed to avoid the consequences.
  • Fantasy Island (2020): Melanie Cole is a young woman who is a "Psycho Stalker Chick" having stalked Sloane Maddison in high school and gotten pranked by her for it. Seeking revenge, Melanie follows the lives of Sloane and the other future guests of the island closely to plan to bring them there and have them all tortured and killed. Melanie also obsessed over a man named Nick Taylor whom she only had one date with and sought to "avenge" him when he is accidentally killed in a fire the other guests are vaguely around during. Melanie has Mr. Roarke abduct Sloane for her and while pretending not to know, Melanie tortures her behind a glass wall through means of electrocution, dousing her with toilet water and exposing her affair to her husband. Melanie has nightmarish versions of the others' supposed fantasies unleashed on them as zombie-like individuals, resulting in the deaths of J.D. Weaver (temporarily) and investigator Damon and a rescue plane being blown up. Melanie then finally tries to kill them all with a live grenade and Patrick Sullivan sacrifices himself to save the others.
  • Faster: In contrast to the moral complexity of the other characters, Old Guy is presented as a loathsome old weasel who gets his rocks off from other people's suffering and begs for undeserved mercy when the cards are stacked against him. Furthermore, due to his involvement in snuff filmmaking, his murder is seen by the police as a public service.
  • Fear: David McCall is an Ax-Crazy sociopath who believes himself deserving of total ownership of Nicole. He starts out engaging in relatively minor rebellious behaviors but escalates when he beats up Gary for hugging Nicole and hits her in the process. Once he wins her back over, he proves himself to be just as detestable as ever, stealing Margo away from her boyfriend to rape her and threatening her when he suspects she told Nicole. Later, he murders Gary, and he and his gang break into Nicole's house with the intention of killing her entire family and Margo, then taking Nicole with him.
  • Feast Of The Seven Fishes: Beth's mother (and her boyfriend) just serve to pressure her into something that she doesn't want.
  • Firewall:
    • Pim is the most ill-tempered of Bill Cox's men. Aside from almost constantly screaming and yelling at Beth Stansfield and the kids, he grabs Andy and holds him down on the ground, grabs Sarah by her throat to threaten her and when Andy nearly suffocates from the tape around his mouth, he is willing to let him continue to struggle to breath. Pim is easily the most despicable and irritating of Cox's men without question.
    • Liam is probably the coldest of Cox's men. Liam has no trouble threatening Vel at gun point when he is shocked by Cox killing Willy, he at times hits Jack for either lying about his gun or causing problems for them, flat out tells Sarah: "I just don't care about you" when she ask why he is so hateful toward them and then threatens Beth at gun point in order to help sell Cox's lie about her and Harry Romano. Liam is then unceremoniously the first after Willy to be killed not long after.
  • Footloose, being a film with a very sympathetic main villain in Rev. Shaw Moore, has two of these.
    • Principal Roger Dunbar is of the weaselly but ultimately ineffectual variety; Bomont's Smug Snake head educator, he is a fundamentalist Christian to a degree that creeps out out even Reverend Moore. Dunbar shares all his scenes with Moore and his role in the film consists entirely of making Moore look better by comparison. Dunbar's role in ultimately brief, but Moore's witnessing how far he's willing to go is the push he needs for his own Heel–Face Turn.
    • Chuck Cranston, meanwhile, is a threat in his own right. Ariel Moore's trucker boyfriend, he bashes women both verbally and physically, looks down on college students, manipulates Ariel's emotions following her brother's death to get in her pants, spreads rumors about Ren McCormack after Ariel becomes interested in him, and is involved in the drug trade. He ultimately suffers a one-two karmic punch of having his prized truck trashed by Ariel, and then being beaten up himself by Ren later on.
  • Ford v Ferrari: Leo Beebe is an Obstructive Bureaucrat who personifies the bloated upper management of the Ford Motor Company that plagues Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles' efforts to build a world-class race car and beat Ferrari. A smug Control Freak with a personal grudge against Miles, Beebe does everything in his power to deny Miles to chance to race the 24 Hours of Le Mans and later sabotage the team for resisting his authority, even if it means that Ford loses to Ferrari once again.
  • Freeway:
    • Ramona and Larry, Vanessa's parents, are white trash junkies who neglected their daughter so badly that she's barely literate. Ramona is introduced emotionally abusing Vanessa, and Larry regularly sexually abuses her.
    • Bob Wolverton, a psychiatrist who moonlights as a necrophiliac Serial Killer of teenage girls. When Vanessa cripples him to stop his crimes, he plays the innocent victim and tries to get her thrown in prison for life before trying to kill her himself. He's also revealed to have a shed full of child porn.
  • Friday the 13th:
    • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood has the biggest one in the series in Dr. Crews, Tina's not so well intentioned doctor. He brings Tina back the place where her father died under the guise of helping her but is really trying to invoke stress in her so he can record and document her powers to get famous. To further invoke her powers he verbally abuses her, bringing up that she caused the accident that killed her father and calling her crazy and dangerous. When Tina is trying to warn everyone about a murder on the loose (i.e. Jason), he steals the evidence to try to further convince Tina she is crazy. When Tina's Mom finally realizes what he's doing, he threatens to use his doctors privilege to have Tina taken away from her and committed to an asylum to be in his "care" full time. Finally, when he and Tina's Mom encounter Jason, Crews pushes her on Jason to give himself time to run away. All of this makes it very satisfying when Jason kills him with a weed whacker to the stomach.
    • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan has Principal Charles Mc Culloch, the chaperone to the kids and Rennie uncle. He spends the entirety of the movie criticizing others and reins in on the teens' fun. The thing that really pushes him over the edge is when it's reveal that, when Rennie was young, he told her a story about Jason drowning because he didn't know how to swim before he pushes Rennie into Crystal Lake to force her to learn how to swim. Jason repays him for that when he drowns him in a barrel of sewage.
      • Also the two thugs who drug and try to rape Rennie.
  • Full Metal Jacket:
    • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman was specifically played by ex-drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey as a bully who sucks at his job. Hartman spends his time berating his recruits more than instructing them, eventually latching onto one who's clearly out of his element. Nicknaming him after a dimwit from a popular TV show, Hartman proceeds to encourage the rest of his trainees to mistreat the poor guy in an attempt to break his mind.
    • The door gunner is a sociopathic sadist who enjoys warfare far more than he should. While transporting Joker to his destination, he picks off every Vietnamese person he sees, soldier or civilian, with a smile on his face. claiming they're all the enemy whether it's true or not. His last line is him jokingly asking "Ain't war hell?," despite clearly loving it.



  • The Galaxy Invader: Joe Montague is a drunken redneck who is introduced slapping his adult daughter for dating a man he dislikes. When she slaps him back, he blasts at her with a shotgun, only barely missing. When an alien crashlands near his house, Joe obsessively hunts it down for the money, not caring who gets killed in the process. Soon after the alien kills his supposed best friend, Joe tries to rape her and then shoots her In the Back. His family eventually has enough and tries to leave, so Joe tries to kill them all.
  • Onodera in Gamera vs. Barugon is a gargantuan asshole whose pursuit of wealth is carried out with neither empathy nor honour. It's hard not to cheer when he gets eaten.
  • The General's Daughter: General Joseph Campbell is responsible for his daughters downward spiral, and ultimately her death. He is shown care more about his ambitions than justice for his daughter Elizabeth — as well as West Points image of integrity over its actual integrity. Years prior, Elizabeth was gang-raped by a group of soldiers, and Campbell agreed to help cover it up in exchange for a promotion. When Elizabeth tried to recreate her rape to get him to redeem himself, he refuses and abandons her. As this is exposed, he tries to maintain the cover up to the bitter end. When Campbell is court-martialed in disgrace, Warrant officer Brenner cites that it was his betrayal that broke Elizabeth worse than her rape.
  • Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning: James is an arrogant, thuggish and racist Sargent of Fort Bailey, who regularly bullies everyone around him. Over the course of the film, he leaves one of his soldiers to be ripped apart by werewolves; attempts to rape Brigitte; throws a mixed race boy out of Fort Bailey to die after his father's death; and tries to batter Ginger herself when she shows up to rescue Brigitte.
  • Ghostbusters
    • Ghostbusters (1984): Walter Peck is made especially obnoxious and slimy so that his entirely reasonable request to check the Ghostbusters' equipment quickly escalates into him rashly shutting down their containment grid and unleashing a literal hell on earth. Granted, Peck is absolutely right about the inadequacy of the containment procedures, but he proves it by breaking them. The fact that his first reaction to a disaster, which he is clearly responsible for bringing about in front of multiple witnesses, is to have the Ghostbusters arrested while totally ignoring his own culpability with such Smug Snake self-righteousness seals the deal securing the audience's hate for him. Presumably being drenched in marshmallow wasn't karma enough for him in the producers' opinion, because he gets possessed by Ivo Shandor in the video game/unofficial third "movie".
    • Ghostbusters II: Jack Hardemeyer makes Peck look NICE by comparison, due to having the 'Busters committed to the psych ward just as Vigo made his big play. He would have gotten himself pulled into the Museum's slime-shell, but this has yet to actually be seen and his comeuppance in the film proper is getting fired from the Mayor's cabinet.
  • The Girl Next Door (2004): Kelly is Danielle's ex-boyfriend and manager from the porn industry. At first he seems charming, but after Danielle leaves the industry for good because of Matt, Kelly retaliates by twice assaulting him, and tries to ruin his life by setting him up as the fall guy for theft, as well as stealing all the money Matthew raised for a charity, and finally a bungled attempt to ruin his image by showing his family a "porn video" Matthew and his friends made which turns out to be a sex education tape.
  • The Godfather's main villains are either Bitches in Sheep's Clothing whose villainy isn't discovered until late in the movie (Barzini), have little screen time (Tattaglia), or are Affably Evil and hard to hate (Solozzo). However, the same cannot be said of these characters:
    • Carlo Rizzi. He's a Jerkass who abuses Connie verbally and physically, plays a key role in setting up Sonny's murder and turns out to be working for Barzini. He receives two immensely satisfying retributions: a No Holds Barred Beat Down from Sonny, and a gruesome strangulation death courtesy of Clemenza on Michael's orders.
    • Captain McClusky, a boorish Dirty Cop who's introduced calling Michael a guinea and breaking his nose, precipitating his Protagonist Journey to Villain. It's extremely satisfying when Michael blows his brains out.
    • Don Fracesco Ciccio from Part II is a sociopathic mob boss who killed Vito's entire family when he was a child. When Vito's mother goes to beg him to spare his son's life, he flatly refuses, kills Vito's mother in front of him and chases him all over Sicily to kill him too. Immoral, ruthless and tyrannical, Don Ciccio stands out among the few characters in the trilogy with absolutely zero humanizing and redeemable traits.
    • Don Fanucci is a Slimeball whose main job is to terrorize and extort small business from Little Italy in the 1910s. In many ways, he's more of a small-time bully than a true mobster.
  • Many Godzilla films have one of these. After all, you can't hate Kaiju, but you can hate objectively terrible people.
    • Mothra vs. Godzilla has Torahata, and, to a lesser extent, Kumayama.
    • The original Showa era King Ghidorah was never meant to be rooted by anybody especially since he's a galactic destroyer that kills for his own entertainment, his psychotic cruelty makes it clear that we want Godzilla to put him in his place.
  • Golden Swallow is a wuxia whose characters exists somewhere between Grey-and-Gray Morality, but it does give the audience someone to hate with the Chao Brothers, a pair of corrupt, wealthy landlords who takes delight in stomping on peasants and treating the poor like dirt. Their Establishing Character Moment had them framing a farmer's son for stealing an expensive goose, and using that as an excuse to confiscate the farmer's homeland. When the farmer's young son kills himself to prove his innocence, the Chao Brothers doesn't even bat an eye and have the farmer executed for trying to defend himself, causing the farmer's wife and Sole Survivor of the family massacre to go insane overnight. Nobody will feel sad when the Chao Brothers ends up getting killed, one after the other, by the swordsman Silver Roc the next day.
  • Good Burger: Kurt Bozwell is the greedy, strict and ill-tempered manager and owner of Mondo Burger who demands a cultish devotion from employees that insists nothing else matter to them at all except Mondo Burger and fires and berates Dexter Reed for not taking any of it seriously. Kurt nearly succeeds in running Good Burger out of business while using a potentially harmful and illegal chemical to expand the size of his own burgers and attempts to poach or trick Ed for his special sauce when it proves too difficult to compete against. When those things fail, Kurt gets Ed, Dexter and the elderly Otis committed to an asylum and then attempts to poison the sauce so that customers will either get extremely sick or die and blame Good Burger for it.
  • GoodFellas: An infamous example, as this film was well-known for portraying The Mafia in a very unsympathetic light. The movie actually manages to portray the monstrosity of most of the mobsters, but Tommy DeVito is the most blatant example. The man is a confrontational mobster who disturbingly teases or antagonizes with people for very pathetic reasons. He's really a kind of fear even to his own partners (as given to notice in the "funny guy" scene), because they know that any phrase or word misunderstood by Tommy can easily lead a senseless murder. He certainly crosses this territory with the cruel treatment to Spider (a 19-ish year old boy), shooting him in the foot with a sadistic glee. Then he ruthlessly kills him.
  • Good Morning, Vietnam: We have Sgt. Maj. Dickerson, who is a Gung Holier Than Thou Jerkass that hates Adrian Cronauer's guts just because he wishes to bring humor to the troops on the front line and does everything in his power (including accepting Cronauer's request to interview some troops on the field and then sending him into an area with strong VC opposition and mined roads without telling him in hopes of getting him killed) to get rid of him. At the end of the film, he's able to get Cronauer kicked out of the Air Force because he had unwittingly made friends with a VC guerrilla, but General Taylor (their commanding officer) finally sees Dickerson for the overly petty and psychotically vindictive asshole that he is and has him reassigned to Guam while pointing out that everything Dickerson did was just to maintain control over a radio station.
  • Gutterballs: Steve is a rival bowling team leader who leads his men in committing a hate crime on a transgender member of the team after they kick his ass. After the protagonists kick his ass, he leads his team in raping their team leader, threatening the one member who tries to resist. Aside from his evil deeds, he also verbally abuses everybody else throughout the whole film.


  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: John Strode gets this for not only being an abusive father, but for disowning his daughter because she got pregnant premaritally. Needless to say, people were cheering for Michael when he electrocutes him.
  • Melissa, Stu's ex-girlfriend from The Hangover. She is shown to be emotionally abusive towards Stu by being unaffectionate towards him, controlling his life and cheating on him. It is even mentioned that she had beat him up on several occasions. None of the other characters unsurprisingly like her, and they (as well as the audience) are overjoyed when Stu calls out Melissa for her cruelty towards him and breaks up with her for good.
  • Happy Death Day: Lori Spengler is Tree Gelbman's roommate and is the one wearing the Bayview Baby mask killing her in every loop of Tree's regular timeline. Lori constantly kills anyone in the loops too who happens to be in her way and gets others killed by releasing serial killer John Toombs as a cover as well. Her motivation is nothing but petty and harsh as she is jealous of Tree's affair with Dr. Gregory Butler (who at one point is another of Lori's victims too).
  • In Hart's War the Nazi officers running the POW camp are mostly flat characters, except for Colonel Visser, who is exceptionally likable for a Nazi commanding officer due to his Evil Virtues and genuinely polite, open demeanour; Colonel McNamara initially comes off as a flawed individual willing to throw a fellow soldier under a bus for the sake of his mission, but eventually he lets himself be killed for the sake of his men. The falsely accused Lieutenant Scott, his attourney Lieutenant Hart (the titular character) and the prosecutor are all honour-bound men only interested in seeing the truth come to light. Who's to hate? Sergeant Bedford, whose death drives the plot of the movie. Initially shown as a screaming racist, it is eventually revealed that he traded information about his fellow soldiers' assignment for a petty grudge against a fellow prisoner because he was black (like Scott, incidentally) whom he framed and got killed, and was willing to give them a lot more in exchange for the means to escape and save his own hide. Scott says that even though he didn't kill Bedford, he sure wanted to; he was just beaten to the punch. Even the prosecutor says that while he hates Bedford's guts, the law is still the law and it can't be broken.
  • Heat: With Neil McCauley having Evil Is Cool on his side, Waingro is easily the most hateful, vile, depraved and despicable character in the entire film. He lacks any kind of Evil Virtues or sympathetic qualities, being a petty, sadistic jerkass who is not particularly smart. And for bonus, he's also a Dirty Coward.
  • Hellbenders: Clint LaPierre starts off as a stuffy Straight Man who doesn't understand the Hellbound Saints' unusual ways of Demon Slaying, but eventually evolves into an obnoxious Obstructive Bureaucrat who tries to shut the Order down in the middle of their fight against the Apocalypse because he refuses to believe in the forces of Hell. It takes Clint's nose getting ripped off by Surtr for him to accept the existence of demons.
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer: The killers serving as the Big Bad Duumvirate are both awful in their own ways:
    • The titular Henry displays absolutely no genuine empathy for those around him, simply sitting back and watching a man being murdered in the park. He kills several people before meeting Otis and teams up with him to kill several more, including a whole family, snapping the young son's neck on camera. In the end, although he seems to show a redeeming quality by killing Otis to save Becky from being raped by him, he subverts this by killing Becky — who was being shaped up as a Morality Pet to him — and leaving her dismembered remains on the side of the road.
    • The aforementioned Otis, while not on the same level of depravity as Henry, proves to be plenty contemptible in his own right. He is Henry's former cellmate who's letting him stay with him as he passes through the town. Implied to have been in prison for rape, Otis is introduced perving on his own sister Becky while helping her escape her abusive husband. After witnessing Henry murder a couple of prostitutes, Otis joins him in the killing, though Henry has to regularly stop him from raping women. However, he pushes the envelope as far as he can without crossing the line, including molesting the mother of a family the two massacres. Eventually, Otis gives in to his urges and rapes Becky, only to be stabbed to death by her and Henry, who has gotten sick of his perversion getting in the way.
  • Hercules (2014): Eurystheus is the King of Athens, who grew jealous of Hercules after saving his city. He drugged Hercules and set wolves on his family, using his delirium to frame him for killing them himself. Years later, Eurystheus has united with the ruthless tyrant Cotys to divide Greece between them. After Hercules arrives to stop them and uncovers his betrayal, Eurystheus immediately breaks down sobbing for his life.
  • Master Leung Chun-yu in Hex is a Domestic Abuser, Rich Jerk and absolutely humungous Jerkass whose first scene have him whipping a maid for spilling his red bean soup. When his long-suffering, abused wife, Lady Chan — who had contracted chronic tuberculosis — tries stopping him, Chun-yu beats her for getting in his way. A later scene reveals that Chun-yu had caused at least nine maids, all of them from poor farming families only trying to make a living, to run away because of his repeated abuse, which Chun-yu shows no remorse over. It gets even worse when the film later reveals that Chun-yu is a Gold Digger who wanted to torment his wife and make her die a slow, painful death from tuberculosis, so that he can claim her massive inheritance, a collection of jade antiques worth millions, which he achieved by faking his own death and pretending to return and haunt his wife until she ends up dying slowly and agonizingly. Later when a distant friend of Lady Chan comes to visit, Chun-yu beats the innocent man to death because He Knows Too Much.
  • Alfrid Lickspittle in The Hobbit Trilogy (especially The Battle Of The Five Armies), a Suspiciously Similar Substitute of Gríma Wormtongue without any redeemable qualities. He's a greedy opportunist who immediately kisses Bard's ass after the death of the former chief, yet before that he was supporting the latter against him. He treats the civilians like crap, especially the women. When orcs invade the refugees' camp, he flees all battles, and goes as far as disguising himself as an old woman so he doesn't have to fight. Needless to say, the audience would beg an Orc to kill him. Unfortunately, the theatrical cut has him pull a Karma Houdini, so audiences had to wait a year until the extended edition for his much-applauded Karmic Death.
  • In the live-action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, the title character is still The Heavy causing the story's conflict, but receives a sympathetic backstory thanks to Adaptation Expansion, and even if he hadn't is pretty lovable all the same. A more directly loathsome character is original creation Augustus Maywho, Whoville's greedy mayor who thinks Christmas is all about the commercialism. He even turns out to have been one of the Grinch's boyhood bullies and to have stolen his adolescent flame Martha Whovier from him, thus playing a part in his Start of Darkness.
  • Talbot in the 2003 Hulk seems purpose-made to make the audience loathe him. The real threat of the film is Bruce's evil, obsessed father David who is the root cause of the entire Hulk problem, and General Ross is a man trying to do what's right to stop a genuine menace, even if he goes out of his way to persecute Bruce out of prejudice. Talbot is just a smug corporate bastard who only wants fame and glory, endangers everyone by going over Ross's head to unleash the Hulk, bullies Bruce whenever he can and being a dickish romantic foil, and contributes little to the story besides repeatedly getting Bruce into Hulk-mode.


  • I Come in Peace: Victor Manning is the leader of the White Boys, a gang of drug dealers who hide their crimes behind kitschy attempts at glamour. Before the start of the film, Manning killed Jack Caine's partner when he tried to bring him down, a fact he regularly taunts Caine with. Manning opens the story by bombing an FBI office to steal some drugs they seized, killing several officers in the process. Despite Caine's attempts to track him down, Manning flees to another country, last seen in a postcard he sent his nemesis.
  • I'll Be Home for Christmas: Eddie Taffet is Jake Wilkinson's rival for Allie Henderson's affections. Wanting to get Jake out of the way so he can have Allie for himself, Eddie sabotages Jake's attempt to help Eddie's own friends cheat on their midterms while also for the second time snagging and imprisoning Jake's friend Ian in his own locker, this time over Christmas break. Eddie then has his friends help him strand Jake in the desert with no means of getting out easily and convinces Allie to ride with him, while later preventing Jake from getting to them at a rest stop at one point too. He later seems willing to help Jake ride home after Allie leaves them both, only to abandon Jake again when Eddie shows jealousy and decides it's not in his character to do so.
  • In the Line of Fire: Chief of Staff Harry Sargent is pompous and condescending unlike Secret Service Agent Bill Watts, who while tough on Frank Horrigan, is very professional. Sargent refuses to cancel any of the President's upcoming campaign events due to wanting to push for him to be in full public eye and not ever taking Mitch Leary's threats seriously or wanting security that would make the President come off as scared. Even when there's a false alarm at one particular rally, Sargent runs and hides in fear. When Frank has managed to stop Leary's actual attempted assassination, Sargent attempts to get credit for being involved only to quickly be denied it by Frank.
  • The Invisible Man (2020): Both of the Griffin brothers are downright scumbags.
    • Adrian is Cecilia's sociopathic ex-boyfriend who controlled every aspect of her life. Creating an invisibility suit, Adrian ruthlessly gaslights Cecilia, murdering her sister to incriminate her of the crime. He also thinks nothing of striking Sydney, and attempts to have her killed.
    • Tom is Adrian's weak-willed brother who assists his brother in destroying Cecilia's life to force her to come back to him. While not as vile as his brother, Tom nevertheless remorselessly tries to kill Sydney and James showing, as Cecilia attested to, his utter lack of a backbone.
  • The Irishman: As hilarious as his lines can be, the film makes it very clear that "Tony Pro" Provenzano is easily the most despicable and unpleasant character in the story, with practically zero redeemable traits. Despite the fact that he has good publicity, he had one guy murdered and mutilated for coming up big in the union. It doesn't help the fact that he's despised by anyone who knows his psychopathic personality, even by other mobsters.
  • It's a Wonderful Life: Mr. Henry F. Potter is the richest and meanest man in the town of Bedford Falls. Throughout the film, Mr. Potter strives to bring the town under his heel through buying everything out, with only George Bailey keeping him at bay. On Christmas Eve 1945, Potter finds a check misplaced by George’s Uncle Billy. Potter pockets the money and when George comes to him for a loan when Billy’s mistake is discovered, Potter gloats about the fact that George is ruined and sends out a warrant for his arrest out of spite, nearly causing George to commit suicide. When George wishes he was never born, he is transported to a reality where Potter has taken over the town of Bedford Falls and renamed it Pottersville, a Wretched Hive with rampant crime, alcoholism and unhappiness. Mr. Potter stands out as one of film history’s most infamous misers.


  • James Bond series:
    • Thunderball: SPECTRE Number 11 steals from his organization's drug-running scheme, smugly thinks he won't be noticed, and lets a fellow colleage take the heat on their scheme's less-than-expected profits. Blofeld proves him spectacularly wrong. While the crime he commits is toned down in the film vs. the original book (raping a hostage his organization took in for ransom), Number 11 still gets a High-Voltage Karmic Death during the SPECTRE board meeting. Despite being an amoral crime lord, Blofeld doesn't like it when his henchmen try to betray him.
    • The World Is Not Enough: Sir Robert King is an amoral oil baron, Elektra King's lousy excuse of a father, and the man who made his daughter's life miserable. He used his British citizenship to con his immigrant wife out of her rightful inheritance, bulldozed centuries-old landmarks to make room for oil pipelines (which triggered widespread riots in Armenia), and abandoned his daughter to be kidnapped and raped as a teen rather than pay a ransom. Elektra assassinates him with a booby-trapped briefcase full of money, meaning he dies showered in the only thing he ever cared about.
    • Die Another Day: Ex-MI6 agent Miranda Frost is this once Bond realizes she's the one responsible for his 14-month imprisonment in North Korea. And the ridiculous reason why she did this? She came in second at the Olympics for fencing, but was awarded gold after the previous winner OD'ed on steroids which was planted by Gustav Graves's people, thus effectively buying her loyalty. Thus the Second Place Is for Losers trope comes into play in that she'd sell her country out for money and power rather than accept second place. She totally had her Karmic Death coming when Jinx stabbed her at the end of their sword duel.
    • Quantum of Solace: General Medrano comes off as one, as he has no qualms having the criminal organization Quantum engineering a drought in his own country so he'll be the next dictator of it, and even thinks of himself as Dominic Greene's equal partner, but grudgingly backs down when Greene threatens to have him killed. It's no reason why Bond Girl Camille is after him, having raped her mother and sister before killing them, and attempts to rape a hotel waitress in the climax. He even tries to do the same thing to Camille, but she puts a bullet to his head.
    • Spectre: Max Denbigh/C is a Corrupt Politician who poses a threat to MI6's operations, compounds it by acting like a Smug Snake to Bond and M, and advocates the replacement of human spies with Attack Drones and mass surveillance. Later on, he's revealed to be a SPECTRE flunky who plans to turn control of the new surveillance system he's designing over to Ernst Stavro Blofeld née Franz Oberhauser. At the end of the film, he gets a well-deserved Karmic Death when he plunges to the bottom of the headquarters of the merged MI5 and MI6, which he had paid for with SPECTRE's blood money.
  • As exemplified by Burke from Aliens and Cal in Titanic, James Cameron has a history of these:
    • In the first two Terminator films, the titular machines are far too cool and scary to really hate (not to mention the fact that as machines, they're just doing what they're programmed without the capacity to contemplate their own morality). But you can hate the brusque, cowardly Dr. Silberman, who wasn't that bad in the first movie but has gotten much worse in T2, who's rude and dismissive to Sarah and is largely responsible for her being locked up in an insane asylum for just trying to warn everyone about Skynet, even though he was there when the Terminator attacked the police station. And you can definitely hate the slimy, obnoxious orderly Douglas who not only beats her violently when she tries to resist but also licks her face when she's lying comatose. You'll find it difficult not to cheer when she takes Silberman hostage and then beats the shit out of Douglas with a broken broom.
    • In Avatar, while Colonel Quaritch is the real Big Bad and the one calling all the shots in the RDA's mining operation, and displays a nasty combination of Fantastic Racism and aimless cruelty, he's also tremendously entertaining, charismatic and badass, so it's kind of hard to completely hate him. But you can definitely hate Parker Selfridge, the very definition of a slimy corporate boss who's just as racist as Quaritch but without any of his redeeming qualities. Selfridge mocks the Na'vi as "fleabitten savages" and "blue monkeys" but won't lift a finger to respond to them himself and clearly cares about nothing except the corporate bottom line. His total lack of respect for human life is made evident in a scene where he almost runs over Jake Sully's avatar with a massive mining truck just to prove a point, and unlike Quaritch, who's at least good to his men, Selfridge is nothing but rude and condescending to Grace Augustine and the science team in the most galling of ways. Even his one redeeming quality, when he's visibly horrified by the destruction of Hometree only serves to make him more hateable when it's shown that he strongly disapproves of Quaritch's tactics but is either too greedy or too spineless to do anything about it, despite the fact that he's supposed to be in charge.
  • Subverted with Mayor Vaughn in Jaws. Since the shark is just an animal, you can't really blame it for following its nature. You can blame the mayor however for ignoring the danger the shark poses, keeping the beach open, and outright lying to people about the danger. Early on, he seems much more dislikable than the shark. However, later on, we see that he does have a heart when he comforts Chief Brody, telling him he shouldn't blame himself for what happened to Alex. He has a Heel Realization moment when he sees the shark attack in a pond, and the second film implies that he's learned his lesson.
  • Jennifer, also known as "Carrie...WITH SNAKES!" gives us two: Alpha Bitch Sandra Tremayne and the principal, Ms. Calley. Sandra is a sociopathic monster who tries to frame Jennifer for cheating on a test, then decides to ruin her life for exposing her as a liar. She goes as far as attempted murder and brutally kills Jennifer's beloved cat just to spite her. Ms. Calley is much less proactive, but always takes Sandra's side, despises Jennifer for her poor background, and even tries to fire the one teacher who does stand up for her. Both actresses are clearly aware this trope is in effect and pitch their performances accordingly.
  • Jennifer's Body: Nikolai Wolf, lead singer of Low Shoulder, is the only character with no redeeming qualities. At first he appears to be a standard Jerkass rock star, making misogynistic comments and seemingly creeping on Jennifer, who's a minor. Then, it's revealed that he's a Satanist plotting to sacrifice her for fame. After it's strongly implied he supernaturally started a fire that kills dozens, he gleefully kills Jennifer. Moreso, he exploits the aforementioned fire to make his band look good, falsely claiming to have saved people from the flames.
  • Jigsaw: Anna seems like an empathetic Final Girl figure throughout the movie, trying to help others caught in one of Jigsaw's games, but is soon to be revealed one of his most deserving victims. It's revealed she was neighbors with John Kramer, who witnessed how she smothered her baby to death because the crying annoyed her, and framed and gaslighted her husband into thinking he did it. This causes her husband to be institutionalized and commit suicide out of guilt. The reason Jigsaw picked her for his game was to force penance on her. What makes her worse is not only does she not feel remorse, but she believes she did nothing wrong as well and doesn't deserve what's happening to her. She also selfishly tries to kill the last survivor, thinking it'll ensure her survival.
  • Johnny Handsome: Rafe Garrett and Sunny Boyd are a pair of robbers (whom had a former relationship) who aid the protagonist John Sedley and his friends in a robbery. But then they end up killing his friends and leaving John for dead while taking the goods for themselves. And before then, they making insulting comments about John's deformities. And they're also insulting towards each other. Later on, John resurfaces under a new identity after reconstructive surgery, planning revenge and earns their trust by staging a robbery. They go through with it, with Sunny trying to ditch Rafe for Johnny, but he told them he would meet them later on at the cemetary. And before the meeting, Rafe and Sunny go to John's place and discover the truth about him and kidnap his Love Interest and when they finally do meet, Rafe taunts him about who he really was and takes sadistic glee cutting and punching John's face. And despite the film having a Downer Ending where John ends up dead, it's still satisfying to see him take them down before he dies.
  • John Wick:
  • Joker (2019): The three businessmen working for Thomas Wayne bully a helpless Arthur simply because his laughter brought their attention. They almost beat him to death, but Arthur fortunately manages to kill two of them with his gun in self-defense before pursuing and gunning down Ryan, killing him as well. Their presence serve as one of the contributions to Arthur Jumping Off the Slippery Slope.
  • Judy: Jack is a target in Judy's crusade against Abusive Parents. He openly neglects his ex-wife and son, laughs at his son's bullying and hospitalization even though it nearly killed him. On top of that, he openly sexually abusing his stepdaughter, Jamie. When Judy tortures him for his abuse, he's completely unrepentant, cowardly trying to justify himself and arrogantly acting like he's untouchable.


  • Kick-Ass 2: While both this and the first film have antagonists that are either too funny or too cool to hate, the same cannot be said about the absolutely vile Alpha Bitch Brooke, whose only purpose in the film is to bully and mock Mindy, even going so far as to pull a horrible prank on her. When Mindy finally gets her revenge, no tears are cried for her.
  • Kill Bill: Buck fills much the same role as Zed and Maynard in the same director's Pulp Fiction. Beatrix Kiddo does horrific things to people but has enough justification to maintain audience sympathy. Bill and the Deadly Viper Assassination squad — even including the psychopathic Elle Driver — have personal codes of honor, albeit ones that conflict with both each other and the audience. One-off opponents like Gogo Yubari are too fun to really hate. Buck, though, is in the habit of raping coma patients just because he can. So when he and his nameless john find that one of them can kill them when she's just woken up and barely mobile, they garner no sympathy.
  • Kindergarten Cop: Mr. Sullivan is the father of a kindergartener named Zach, whom he regularly beats along with his wife. When Detective John Kimble goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to find the son of a crime boss, he suspects Zach is the kid because of just how emotionally distraught the abuse makes him. Eventually, Kimble discovers the truth and beats Sullivan into a pulp, only stopping because his class starts watching. Even the school's principal, who was unable to do anything about the abuse, congratulates Kimble for taking him down.
  • Kingdom of Heaven:
    • Raynald de Chatillon fanatically hates the Muslims and seeks any excuse to slaughter them. He also believes that since he is a noble, he can do as he likes. When he gets punished and imprisoned for it, he merely tries to find a way out of it, and when he does ultimately get freed (due to a new king pardoning him) Raynald slaughters yet another caravan including Saladin's sister. In the end, when he gets captured by Saladin, he shows no remorse for his actions.
    • His boss, Guy de Lusignan could arguably be considered even worse. He participates in all of Raynald's actions and asks Raynald to take a blame for all of them. While Raynald does it out of fanatism, Guy uses Raynald's fanaticism as a way to gain power. At one point, when a Muslim messenger comes and offers peace, Guy murders him as a declaration of war. It is very satysfying to see the humaliation that Guy later goes through.
  • Kingsman:
  • Knives Out: Hugh Ransom Drysdale is Harlan Thrombey's grandson who attempts to trick Harlan's caretaker Marta Cabrera into giving him a fatal overdose and this results in tricking Harlan into slitting his own throat. Ransom also murders the housekeeper Fran when she tries to blackmail him and then when caught and exposed by Marta and Benoit Blanc, attempts to kill Marta with a knife he thinks is real. Smug, utterly arrogant and as it turns out, murderous, Ransom rubs pretty much everyone around him the wrong way.



  • Ladyhawke: The Big Bad, the Bishop of Aquila, is very, very hateable. He casts a curse on two lovers so they will never be able to love each other — Navarre also says that while hawks and wolves mate for life, the Bishop did not even leave them that option, just because he wants the lady of the pair, Isabeau, for himself. He also instructs the hunter Cezar to trap wolves, hoping to actually kill Navarre during the night when he is in his wolf form. Plus his ways to rule over the region.
  • The Last House on the Left: Krug Stillo is a prisoner on the run, having been freed by his son, whom he deliberately got addicted to drugs to control him. After he encounters two girls, he leads some fellow escapees in raping and torturing them before murdering one of them. When he learns that the parents of one of his victims are coming for revenge and his son helped them out of guilt, he orders the kid to kill himself.
  • Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: Count Olaf is the evil count and actor seeking to steal the fortune of the Baudelaire children. Setting their house on fire and murdering their parents, Olaf takes them in, abuses them, attempts to kill them, then stalks and murders their other guardians before forcing Violet to marry him so he can get the fortune. Unlike his book and TV counterparts, this Olaf lacks both their redeeming qualities and Freudian Excuse here and never faces the consequences for any of it.
  • Legend of the Red Reaper:
    • Ganesh raped a Reaper, stole their daughter, framed her as having given the child up willingly, horribly abuses her for years and sends an army to massacre the Reapers after she's freed.
    • Sigurd betrays the Reapers to the demons, berates his son for the slightest mistake, and forces him to drink Reaper blood against his will.
  • Let the Right One In and Let Me In: Jonny (or Kenny as he's called in Let Me In) and his older brother Jimmy lack their redeeming qualities from the original novel. Jonny/Kenny relentlessly bullies Oskar/Owen in violently humiliating ways, before threatening to drown him in a frozen pond. Jimmy is an even bigger sadist than his brother, and seen bullying him too. When Oskar/Owen stands up for himself, they later gang up on him in retaliation. Jimmy makes a "bet" with him about holding his breath underwater for three minutes, and either getting his cheek cut open, or his eye cut out.
  • Lincoln, being a historical drama about the passage of the 13th amendment, has no real villain to speak of except for "racism", and even the Confederates are portrayed somewhat sympathetically, wherein it's clear that the Civil War has become so destructive and brutal that all involved are simply desperate to see it end. So who's the audience supposed to hate in this movie? Well, that's where lead Democratic orator Fernando Wood comes in, played by Lee Pace to sneering perfection. As the chief advocate against passage of the Amendment, he's such a slimy, obnoxious, holier-than-thou yuppie that you'd hate him even if he wasn't an avowed white supremacist (as are most of his colleagues, but Wood still stands out as easily the most unpleasant one by far.) Even without the whole "freeing the slaves" thing, the audience would still be invested just to see Wood lose, and his arrogant grandstanding gives Thaddeus Stevens the chance to hurl awesome speeches in Wood's face.
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Despite the situation that Seymour got himself into, we understand that he's doing this out of his love for Audrey, who is the sweetest character in the story. You can't hate the sassy Man-Eating Plant Audrey II because even though it eats blood, it also sings a few interesting songs. However, you can hate Orin Scrivello D.D.S., who abuses Audrey and takes glee in tormenting his patients.
  • George A. Romero's Living Dead Series of Zombie Apocalypse movies always include at least one of these; they usually have a big share of the blame in making things go From Bad to Worse.
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie: Lizzie's Romantic False Lead Paolo Valisari is a pop singer who befriends and woos Lizzie during her trip to Italy. He uses Lizzie's resemblance to his ex girlfriend and singing partner Isabella, to have Lizzie sing in her place at an law adds show. It turns out he was actually planning to frame Isabella for lip synching and embarrass Lizzie in front of an international, just to get back at Isabella and avoid being sued for contract breech.


  • Ma: Ben and Mercedes bullied Sue Ann back in high school by making her perform a blowjob on a total stranger. Unrepentant even years later, Ben threatens Sue Ann and additionally reminds her that she was a loser. As such, both receive little sympathy when Sue Ann murders them.
  • Mad Dog Morgan: Superintendant Cobham, a Corrupt Politician who is introduced commending a judge for deliberately imposing harsh sentences to exploit their labour, strangles a guy who knew nothing of Morgan's whereabouts, and orders Morgan's corpse mutilated at the end of the film.
  • Mad Max:
    • Mad Max: The Toecutter is the leader of a murderous biker gang. When one of his men is killed in a car chase with Max, he leads said gang on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. As they hunt Max down, they rape and murder various people who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. After they find Max, they run down his wife and young son.
    • Mad Max: Fury Road:
      • Immortan Joe is a post-apocalyptic cult leader who hoards water at the expense of his people. He brainwashes the men in his thrall to fight and die for him while keeping the women as sex slaves. When several of these women escape his clutches, Joe leads a war party to hunt them down. He eventually manages to catch his prey but has grown so frustrated with the hunt that he decides to kill them all.
      • You can't hate the War Boys (except maybe Slit) or the Bullet Farmer because they're so very entertaining to watch. But you can definitely hate the People Eater, who's nothing but a disgusting fat slob who's so morbidly obese he can't get into his own War Rig without assistance, doesn't even drive his own War Rig but leaves it up to one of his random mooks to chaffeur him around, and swerves to run over the Valkyrie when she wasn't even attacking him, laughing all the while. It's very satisfying to watch when Max hijacks his War Rig, effortlessly knocks him out with a single weak punch and then uses him as a bullet sponge size XXL.
  • Mandy (2018): Far from the "righteous man whose heart was full of love" he proclaims himself to be, Jeremiah Sand is a megalomaniac who believes that God granted him the right to take whatever he thinks he's entitled to. He treats his own followers like dirt, being willing to dispose of them when he sees the need and using the women for sexual gratification whether they're fully compliant or not. He hides behind the Black Skulls gang to do his dirty work for him and is more than happy to torment Red by having Mandy killed in front of him before leaving him to die.
  • The Martian has a subversion in the form of NASA Director Teddy Sanders. He's exactly the sort of jaded, cynical administrator figure one commonly finds in this role, seems to care more about NASA's budget and reputation than returning Watley to Earth at times, and the film's most catastrophic mistake, the rushing of the supply pod through inspection, leading to its disintegration on takeoff, is on him. Ultimately, however, Sanders never acts with malice toward anyone and wants Watley back on Earth just as much as his more idealistic subordinates do (the reason he did said pushing was because even on a best-case scenario Watney had a very limited amount of time for the supplies to reach him before he starved to death and even with all the rushing they were gonna cut it pretty close), and accordingly gets a happy ending.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • General Thunderbolt Ross is an Obstructive Bureaucrat who takes joy in punishing and harassing the Avengers during his appearances in The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: Civil War. In Avengers: Infinity War, he intends to have the Avengers prosecuted while fully knowing that the entire universe is at stake with Thanos' forces. In-universe, none of the Avengers have anything positive to say about him with even those who sign the accords changed their mind no thanks to his incompetence.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: Much of the setting is filled with jerkasses and criminals, but you can't really hate them. Those, like the main characters, have tragic pasts, and others, such as Yondu, have a nobler side to them in spite of their selfishness. The one being with no likable traits is Ronan the Accuser. He is a genocidal fanatic Kree who has a deep hatred towards the Xandarians, brutally smashed a captive's skull, bathed in the blood of the other captives he has killed, slaughtered Drax's family and massacred an entire prison. As a result, his acts come off as too disgusting to fall under Evil Is Cool. He surprisingly even manages to outmatch Thanos, as seen in Infinity War, in terms of despicableness. It's really saying something if the Mad Titan hates the Kree ex-accuser. Captain Marvel (2019) shows him being horrid in his treatment towards his Kree soldiers especially when they fail, and they hold him in contempt for indiscriminately nuking planets, which is what he's been doing to other alien races that the Kree deems inferior, such as the Skrulls. That being said, he was willing to allowed his fellow Kree perished on his way while blowing up an entire civilization to take out the innocent Skrulls.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 presented Ego, Peter Quill's father who turns out to be a selfish god like alien that desires to have all life turn into copies of himself. He even killed Quill's mother by putting a brain tumor into her so he could avoid falling in love with her. Plus he's revealed to have fathered thousands of children so he could turn them into accomplices for his plan with each one of them being killed in the process and he tried to do even worse to Quill.
  • Magadheera: Ranadeev Billa is the evil cousin of Princess Devi and an usurping, double-crossing, cheating scumbag who rightfully earns the hate of the entire kingdom. Wanting the throne for and the princess for himself, Ranadeev forces Princess Devi to accept him at knifepoint, and then attempts to have the heroic warrior Kala Bhairava killed in a chariot race after Bhairava caught Ranadeev red-handed. After being expelled by the king, Ranadeev defects to the neighbouring Shere Khan empire and leads an army of invaders to massacre the palace and personally kill King Vikram before trying to have Princess Devi and Kala Bhairava killed as well. Even Ranadeev's new boss, the Shere Khan Emperor, thinks he's a piece of filth for dishonoring the promise they established that they will rightfully retreat if Kala Bhairava proves himself to be a worthy hero.
  • Mary Poppins Returns: William Weatherall Wilkins is the Chairman of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank who takes advantage of London's slump to repossess at least 19 homes and now sets his sights on doing so for the Banks home too. Wilkins has no compulsion about doing so despite likely putting multiple families out on the street purely for profit. He's extremely unrepentant about it to the point that his own uncle fires him at the end of the movie.
  • Masked Avengers: Lin Yung Chi originally seems like a mere rich Jerkass who refuses to help the heroes out of laziness. As it turns out he's secretly the leader of the Masked Gang, whom he sends to kill people For the Evulz. He soon after starts picking off the heroes in incredibly painful ways, slaughtering the majority in his Booby Trap-filled lair. Lin even disgusts his former Number Two, who left the organization after he ordered a woman gang-raped.
  • Mean Girls: Coach Carr is the only character without any redeeming qualities. At first he seems to be a clueless gym coach, who spends the entire sex education presentation spouting nonsensical myths to scare everybody out of having sex at all. However, it is later revealed that he's been sleeping with several of his underage students, making him an irredeemable scumbag.
  • Men in Black: Edgar, the guy the Bug kills and starts impersonating will, suffice it to say, not be missed. In his possible <60 seconds of screen time he establishes himself as a capricious, abusive jackass with strong misogynistic traits. Good riddance.
  • Mercenaries from Hong Kong: Madam He Ying is introduced as the wealthy heiress and only child of a recently-deceased tycoon, who hired the titular mercenary team to investigate her father's death. But she is later revealed to have organized her father's assassination herself, and is using the mercenaries to kill off her potential competitors before betraying them and having them killed one at a time. She manipulates Sing, The Lancer, into turning on his Fire-Forged Friends and orders her henchmen to kill off everyone who knows the truth behind her real identity, including the Ill Girl daughter of Sergeant Lei, proving herself to be as ruthless and as cruel as she is manipulative. Protagonist Luo Li outright called her "the sickest bitch he ever laid eyes upon" before giving He Ying her well-deserved Karmic Death, via rocket launcher fired at her getaway vehicle.
  • Mexican Werewolf In Texas: Anna's parents Brad and Carol are real pieces of work. Part of the founding family of Furlough, they're more concerned about their status, and their disdain of Hispanics in their town, than they are about the chupacabra attacks in their town. Carol is constantly heckling Brad about their lack of wealth, despite them being well off all things considered; Brad takes advantage of the chupacabra attacks for his plan to kill Anna's boyfriend Miguel, simply because he's Mexican-American. They two also half-ass their empathy towards Brad's traumatized uncle when his son is killed by the chupacabra, with Carol making it a matter of inheritance. This makes Brad getting shot by Miguel (at Anna's encouragement no less) and being mauled by the chupacabra all the more amusing to watch.
  • Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life: Principal Kenneth "Ken" Dwight falls into this trope hard. He takes great joy in destroying students personal property and creating a bunch of dumb rules that don't even matter in regular schools. Like the dress code, respecting the principal, no form of creativity whatsoever. Plus he's proven several times to be a selfish jerk who cares about his school more than the students, and framed an innocent class for the vandals in the school, and suspended them even after Rafe confessed what he did. Plus he rigged the B.L.A.A.R. quiz just so his school could be #1. One has to wonder how this man qualified to become principal in the first place.
  • Midsommar: Christian Hughes is the emotionally distant boyfriend of Dani Ardor who is convinced by his friends Mark and Josh to end the relationship before attending a festival in Sweden. Christian continually pushes Dani to the side from forgetting her birthday to ultimately cheating on her with one of the Harga women, and he even steals Josh's thesis intending on making it his own. Mark is a misogynistic, xenophobic manchild who establishes his unlikability by urinating on an ancestral tree and dismissing it as being insensitive to the Harga culture. Josh is warned to refrain from taking pictures of the Harga's sacred texts but does so anyway in response to Christian stealing the aforementioned thesis. All three men deeply influenced Dani's mental health and life and are given little sympathy when they are sacrificed in the grand festival held every 90 years.
  • Monster Trucks (2016): Reece Tenneson and Burke are an oil baron and aggressive mercenary respectively. Tenneson puts lives in danger when the oil rig breaks down in the land that he is drilling in and ignores advice from Jim Dowd about Creech and his family being sentient and plans to poison their water instead to keep drilling. Burke constantly threatens teenager Trip Coley on Tenneson's behalf too and then Burke also harshly forces Trip and Creech off a cliff to possible doom.
  • mother!:
    • Him is a self-absorbed poet who allows humanity to trash His house, making him indirectly responsible for all of the atrocities they commit in the film, and inadvertently causes the death of His son when the hordes accidentally kill and eat him. Even when He saves mother from being beaten, He tries to convince her to forgive the crowd and later rips her heart out to start the cycle anew.
    • In an overly environmental film, humanity proves once again capable of committing horrible acts. Upon becoming fans of Him, they vandalize the house, wage wars over interpretations of his work, massacre crowds, distribute slaves through trading, and grisly eat mother's baby son in an ultimate act of depravity after accidentally killing him.
  • While the title character in Mothra causes plenty of destruction befitting a kaiju, it's in the name of retrieving the Shobijin. The true villain is Clark Nelson, a greedy, smug, and unpleasant businessman who kidnaps the Shobijin from Infant Island, first gunning down several of the natives who try to stop him and then profiting off of the girls by forcing them to sing in concerts (and for good measure, he and his henchmen tie up a kid who tries to help the Shobijin). When Mothra tears through Tokyo and Nelson's ordered to release the girls, he instead flees incognito back to Rolisica, but soon finds himself evading a nation-wide manhunt as well as Mothra in her imago form. When he finally suffers a Villainous Breakdown when surrounded by an angry mob with nowhere to run as Mothra demolishes New Kirk City, Nelson gets gunned down in a shootout with the police. The original ending even had Mothra dealing with Nelson personally, sending him off a cliff to his doom as she swoops in to rescue the Shobijin. Any way you slice it, Mothra's rampage and the ensuing death and destruction were the ultimate result of Nelson's selfish, greedy actions, and his demise is richly-deserved.
  • The Muppets: Tex Richman is an evil oil Barron with no redeeming qualities who buys the abandoned Muppet Studios with the intention of tearing it down and drilling for the oil underneath it. Richman also intends to take the rights of everything Muppets-related and pass them on to the ill-natured Moppets too. While giving them little time to raise the money, Richman also attempts on two different occasions to sabotage those attempts and when the Muppets aren’t able to raise the money, he rubs it in their faces. While a greedy jerk, Richman also just ultimately likes being mean for the sake of being mean.
  • Mystery Men: Captain Amazing, real name Lance Hunt, is the superhero of Champion City. Unlike the genuinely heroic Mystery Men, however, Amazing is only in it for the fame and the money and has no respect for his fans or other superheroes. Amazing crosses the line when, in an attempt to keep his sponsors from pulling their endorsements due to his fights being boring without supervillains, he tricks the insane asylum staff in releasing is nemesis Casanova Frankenstein, counting on Casanova to reek havoc. After Casanova blows up the asylum, Amazing arrives to apprehend him (showing no concern for all the inmates, guards, and asylum staff who are all dead because of him), but is captured by Casanova instead, and fails to convince Casanova to release him despite promising to help with the evil plan. Considering he spends his final moments yelling at and insulting the Mystery Men, you will probably cheer at his accidental death by psycho-fraculation.


  • Ned Kelly (1970): Fitzpatrick, an Irishman who joined the English police despite's their mistreatment of his people, forcibly kisses Ned's sister-in-law, and frames Ma Kelly for an injury he got by accident.
  • Night of the Demons: The unnamed old man despises both kids and teenagers, actively disparages people who help him, and plants razorblades in the apples he hands out.
  • Nightbreed: Captain Eigerman is a racist, fascist, homophobic, Rabid Cop. He orders an assault on Midian — including the children — verbally abuses and threatens Reverend Ashberry for calling him out on his genocide, beats up Boone in his cell, and even starts trying to shoot at the "sons of the free" as they try to flee.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): Prior to the Villain Decay he underwent in the sequels, Wes Craven intended Fred Krueger to be a dreadful, irredeemable monster of the lowest order. Implied to have been a child rapist in addition to a murderer, he claimed over 20 young victims in life. To further make him stand out from other iconic slasher villains, he revels in bullying his victims in whatever way he can, tormenting them with the images of their dead friends.
  • No Strings Attached: Vanessa is Adam Franklin’s ex girlfriend, whom leaves him for his own father, Alvin, straining the relationship of the latter two. Vanessa tries to ingratiate herself with Alvin by planning to have a child with him, an action which provokes Emma Kurtzman into calling her out for her past and current treatment of Adam. When Alvin overdoses on cough syrup, an action for which Vanessa is responsible, albeit unintentionally, she leaves Adam with her dog while she ditches Alvin to go to a party, refusing to take responsibility for her actions. Hedonistic, materialistic and self centred, Vanessa proves herself to be a thoroughly terrible person, despite being a relatively tame character in a relatively tame film.


  • Office Space: Bill Lumbergh is the vice president of Initech and the obnoxious Mean Boss of Peter Gibbons. Not only is Lumbergh utterly incompetent at keeping his employees motivated, but he is also a passive-aggressive bully who makes a habit of routinely abusing Milton Waddams without even bothering to inform him that he was fired years ago. He's also not above petty acts of cruelty, like parking in the handicapped space when Peter takes his reserved parking spot. The constant mistreatment of his employees makes it satisfying to watch him get his comeuppance time and again. Hated by just about all his employees, Bill Lumbergh is the representation of the office bureaucracy that keeps the employees unhappy with their jobs.
  • Once Upon a Time in the West: Frank. An utterly despicable Child Hater who has no redeemable or likable traits whatsoever. Years ago, he killed off Harmonica's brother in probably the most sadistic way possible, and now he goes and kills off a farming family, including their youngest son. Then he advances on the widow. He is clearly meant to garner much of the viewers' hatred and revulsion as possible.


  • Pan's Labyrinth has Captain Vidal, who is far scarier and eviler than any of the monsters in the Labyrinth. Unusually for the Big Bad of a fantasy movie, his evil acts are deliberately kept too terrifyingly realistic to qualify for Evil Is Cool. Vidal first shows his nastiness when two poachers, a father and son, are brought to him in the dead of night, his men suspecting them of being rebels against the regime. He beats the younger man's face in with a bottle simply for defending his father against Vidal's accusations before shooting them both with a vague air of boredom and pleasure. When the men are proven not to be rebels, Vidal is regretful, but only because it means his men wasted his time and weren't careful enough. Vidal is married to the young heroine's mother solely so she'll bear him an heir, and shows no concern over the possible death of his wife in childbirth. When the doctor attending her gives the aforementioned stuttering torture victim a mercy kill, Vidal coldly guns him down. At the film's end, Vidal's stepdaughter Ofelia tries to rescue her baby brother, but Vidal catches her and promptly shoots her fatally.
  • Paparazzi reads like some Hollywood actor's revenge fantasy, where the main character basically spends the latter half of the film committing numerous acts of vigilante murder against the paparazzi who crippled his wife and put his son in a coma in an accident. The only reason this is even remotely acceptable is because the film depicts all paparazzo as cackling supervillains who take perverse joy in ruining people's lives, to the point that even the police are secretly rooting for the killer.
  • Perfect Assassins: Dr. Samuel Greely is a Psycho Psychologist who seeks to perfect the conditioning of humans. To achieve this, he kidnaps children and locks them in a cage where they have to shock themselves to get food. The only human interaction allowed to Training from Hell that involves vicious beatings by grown men, which Greely laughs at as he watches. He then sends the kids on assassination missions where they kill themselves if they succeed. If they fail, he sticks them back in their box to stew in their trauma.
  • The Phantom of the Opera (1962):
    • Lord Ambrose D'Arcy is a totally despicable Jerkass who is nasty to everyone around him. He's also a letch, only intending to give Christine the leading role in "his" opera if she agrees to sleep with him, and dismissing her when she refuses to do so. Finding out that the aforementioned opera D'Arcy's getting all the glory for supposedly writing was in fact stolen from a struggling unknown composer (the future Phantom) just makes him all the more worthy of the audience's hatred.
    • There's also the dwarf, whose sole purpose for being written into this particular adaptation of the story was to perform all the murders so the Phantom's own hands would be clean, and thus the latter would be seen as more sympathetic than his counterparts in other versions.
  • Phenomena: The headmistress, a cruel taskmaster who allows Jennifer to be bullied by the other girls and eventually tries to lock her in a mental institution when she tries to talk about her bug communication powers.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Lord Cutler Beckett, the Big Bad of the original trilogy. In a series starring pirates as Villain Protagonists, where the leads constantly backstab each other to further their conflicting agendas, and even initially heroic people like Will, Elizabeth and Norrington become more morally gray over time, Beckett still manages to stick out as one of the most despicable individuals in the franchise. Not only does he lack any of the cool, redeeming, supernatural or sympathetic qualities that make characters like Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones fun to watch, Beckett is portrayed as nothing more than a smug, sociopathic aristocrat, even as he pursues an ostensibly admirable goal: the elimination of piracy. Yet, unlike Captain Salazar who's a genuine Knight Templar, Beckett doesn't discriminate in murdering thousands of people—whether guilty or innocent—and it's all done for the banal goal of keeping his business profitable.
    • Blackbeard, the Big Bad of fourth film, who went as far as attempting to sacrifice his own daughter to save his skin.
  • Pitch Perfect: Fat Amy's corrupt father Fergus from the third film is the only antagonist in the series with no redeeming qualities, or anything to make up for his scummyness. He is a crime boss who Amy separated herself from before the joined the Bellas and tracks her down claiming to want to reconnect with her. It's soon discovered he's after a trust fund of hers worth millions, and aggressive with her when she finally cuts him out of her life. Fergus then goes on to kidnap the Bellas and threatens to have them killed unless Amy turns over her money. The fact he's an otherwise serious character, connected to a comic relief character like Amy, makes for a rather jarring contrast.
  • Harvey Baylor in Planet of the Dinosaurs. The protagonists have all crash-landed on a far flung planet inhabited by prehistoric creatures, with no way to contact Earth and little hope of being rescued. Harvey proceeds to whine indiscriminately about how he's the Vice President of Spaceways Incorporated (and therefore their boss) and he can get them all fired, complains about having to do so much walking with no clear endpoint, and repeatedly sexually harasses his secretary. You can't hate the dinosaurs because they're dinosaurs (and barely put in any appearances in the movie anyway), and you can't hate the planet because it's a planet. But BOY can you hate Harvey Baylor! Thankfully he dies about halfway through the movie by being fatally gored by a Centrosaur and tossed off a cliff.
  • Prom Night (1980): Lou is the resident bully at Alexander Hamilton High School, who repulses everyone he comes into contact with. Having a Villainous Crush on Kim Hammond, Lou tries to forcibly kiss her during lunch, prompting a fight with her brother Alex and causing him to be suspended indefinitely, with the principal calling him a disgrace to the school and community. Teaming up with Wendy Richards to ruin the prom, Lou proves to be more ruthless than Wendy, beating up Kim's date Nick and taking his place backstage as Prom King, which proves to be a fatal mistake when a Serial Killer mistakes Lou for Nick and decapitates him.
  • Pulp Fiction: Pawn shop owners Maynard and Zed are presented as one-note sociopathic rapists who delight in the misery of others, especially compared to the layered main characters.
  • Puppet Master: Neil Gallagher is a seemingly-deceased psychic researcher who has some of his colleagues contacted to attend his funeral. Their reactions reveal that none of them liked him, compounded by the fact that one of them gets visions of him raping a woman. As it turns out, he had himself resurrected in an immortality scheme, and has set killer puppets on his supposed friends.
  • Pursuit: Based on a chapter of The Water Margin, the designated sink is Gao Ye-nei, son of Senator Gao, who is a pervert and Spoiled Brat who believes he’s entitled to have everything. Lusting after the hero Lin-chung’s beautiful wife, he attempts to rape her, and when Lin-chung caught him in the act and demands him to leave, Ya-nei then lies to his father about Lin-chung being disrespectful to the magistrate, causing Lin to be arrested and framed for theft. While Lin-chung suffers multiple rounds of torture from the corrupt officials, Gao Ya-nei continuously tries to force Lin’s wife to accept him, ultimately kidnapping her when she refuses. When Lin-chung finally escapes prison, Gao decide to simply send assassins after him, and attempts to rape Lin’s wife once again until she is Driven to Suicide.


  • Jimmy from Q: The Winged Serpent. A money-grubbing, obnoxious coward who doesn't care that innocent people are dying.


  • The Rage: Carrie 2: Mark Bing and Eric Stark are a pair of jocks leading in a game that involves sleeping around and using girls in their school. When Rachel's friend Lisa commits suicide after Eric uses her in the game, his only concern is that he'd get in trouble for it, and later brags about it; after Lisa's suicide and the cases of statutory rape are brought up to the school, Eric and his friends are are effectively protected with claims that the controversy would ruin their lives. Mark starts a harassment campaign against Rachel to keep her quiet; this culminates in recording Rachel and Jesse trip to his families cabin, as well as Their First Time, which he later plays at a party to humiliate her.
  • The Rake (2018): Andrew, Nichole's husband, is shown bit by bit to be an curt prick, with a growing annoyance and disdain for her cousin Ashley and her mental health issues. He snaps at Ashley for not being happy during Nicole's pregnancy announcement, venting all his resentment and frustrations at her, and yet rants in annoyance about how he's the one considered the asshole; upon hearing Ashley's story about a traumatic abortion she's had, Andrew tells her to her face that she's pathetic. Towards the ending, he is all to eager to cause physical harm to Ashley when he thinks he hears her in the basement.
  • Rambo:
    • First Blood: Art Galt is a small-town deputy with a fondness for Police Brutality. When John Rambo is arrested for vagrancy, Galt decides to rough him up for fun. This culminates in him blasting Rambo with a hose and trying to forcibly dry-shave him. This triggers Rambo's PTSD, and he kicks Galt across a room. Galt vows to kill him for this, even ignoring his boss's orders to take Rambo alive. Even his death, which was accidental, highlights how detestable he is, as it only makes the manhunt against Rambo more extreme.
    • Rambo IV has Major Tint. Every single action he does onscreen is a massive Kick the Dog moment, and he even spends most of the climax being a Dirty Coward. That's enough to give the audience an excuse to hate him.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife: Kim Coates plays the annoying Bennett, a movie producer trapped in an L.A. prison with a few other survivors. His character is the classic hatesink — utterly one dimensional and can be lifted right out of the story. He is rude, selfish, and disagrees with every other main character on decisions. When things start to go wrong he shoots a fellow survivor and then escapes in a small plane leaving the rest behind. Then in the climax he does the bidding of the main evil character so that he is saved. But he gets his just deserts when the heroes kill the main villain and leave him to be eaten by some unseen horror.
  • Robot and Frank centers around a Villain Protagonist who uses a robot caretaker to help him in his burglary schemes, so to help preserve audience sympathy, his main victim isn't presented in the best light. Said victim is Jake, who's sponsoring the public library in Frank's neighborhood, but is haphazardly disposing of the books in favor of more modern formats and putting Jennifer, Frank's love interest, out of a job. He's also generally irritating and full of himself, and is quite well-off, to the point where we don't feel too bad when Robot and Frank eventually steal some jewelry he keeps in a safe.
  • The Rock: James Womack, the FBI director, is the obnoxious Obstructive Bureaucrat who imprisoned John Mason for 30 years over stolen microfilms containing state secrets. When General Francis X. Hummel threatens to send a missile towards San Francisco, Womack recruits Mason to intercept Hummel's plans, planning to deny Mason his freedom regardless, and tearing a signed document to that effect. Later admitting his reasons for imprisoning Mason when confronted by Agent Paxton, in the aftermath of the missile crisis being averted, Womack attempts to pry Mason's whereabouts from Dr. Stanley Goodspeed. When Goodspeed claims that Mason is deceased, Womack tries to pry the location of Mason's body out of Goodspeed, only for Goodspeed to claim Mason was vaporized by the missile. And long before they commit a coup and take over Hummel's role as the Big Bad when Hummel finally reveals that he was only bluffing about the missiles (because there was no way in hell he was going to kill civilians to get what he wanted), Captains Darrow and Frye prove themselves to be Sociopathic Soldiers willing to annihilate a bunch of Navy SEALs to satisfy their bloodlust and keep telling Hummel to launch the damn things.
  • Roland Emmerich gets a lot of mileage out of this trope due to his films typically having nature or non-speaking monsters as their antagonists.
  • The Room: Lisa is supposed to be this, cheating on Johnny and then falsely accusing him of hitting her just as an excuse to break up with him. The problem is that she doesn't really come off much worse than any of the other main characters, apart from not having the prerequisite genitals to get away with being a dick to everyone in this universe.
  • Rosemary's Baby: Guy Woodhouse conspires with the Castevets, selling his soul to the Devil and setting Rosemary up to be raped by Satan himself and gaslighted over the period of months... all to get a role in a play. No one is sorry to see Rosemary spit in his face at the end of the movie.


  • Savaged: Trey is a redneck from a long line of anti-Native American serial killers. First introduced running his latest victim down with a truck, he abducts a deaf woman who witnessed the crime. After binding her with barbed wire, Trey rapes her before killing her to prevent police attention. After Zoe comes back with the help of an Apache ghost, Trey forces his friends to help him fight her on pain of death.
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019):
    • Tommy Milner is the Bastard Boyfriend of Ruth Steinberg who tried to get revenge on Stella, Chuck, and Auggie over a prank and locks them and his own girlfriend in a secret room at the Bellows estate. He calls Ramon a "wetback" before vandalizing his car and abuses the scarecrow Harold whom he often vents his rage out on.
    • The elite Bellows family were the owners of several paper mills in the town. Amassing their wealth over the deaths of the town's children when mercury seeped into the water supply, they make the abused Sarah their scapegoat with her brother Ephraim gaslighting her into believing that she was responsible and torturing her whenever she didn't comply.
  • Schindler's List: Amon Goeth is a Real Life example of this trope. He’s a one-man cipher for the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust. As commander of the Plaszow concentration camp, he enslaves the Jewish prisoners until he can get no more labor from them, after which they're sent to the gas chambers. Many don't even make it that far, being either killed as an example or for Goeth's own amusement. Despite genuinely believing that Jews are not human, Goeth develops a lust for his maid Helen Hirsch, nearly raping her until he decides such a victim would be beneath him. Instead, he beats her senseless. Oskar Schindler initially pretends to be a sycophant to flatter Goeth into not looking into his anti-Nazi activities, but eventually feels compelled to speak up and try to convince the man to be more merciful. Goeth does attempt this, initially allowing a boy he enslaved to live despite an error, but ultimately decides that kindness is boring and kills the boy. (It is also worth nothing that the real Goeth was a lot worse than what the film depicts him to be.)
  • On one hand, Patty, Ned's girlfriend from School of Rock has a point about Ned letting his friend Dewey mooch off of him. On the other hand, she acts like an utter bitch who constantly henpecks Ned and takes delight in Dewey's misery. This eventually culminates in Ned leaving to go see Dewey and his band of students perform at Battle of the Bands, slamming the door in Patty's face while she ironically yells at him to stand up for himself for once.
  • Scream: Each of the Ghostfaces, once their identity is revealed, are revealed to be detestable creatures with little to no redeeming qualities.
    • Scream (1996): Upon being revealed to be one of the killers, Billy is shown to be a deranged teenager who talks Stu into being his accomplice in terrorizing and murdering their friends. He also turns out to be a manipulative creep of a boyfriend as he gets Sidney to sleep with him, shortly before revealing he and Stu are the ones who murdered her mother. Not even Billy's issues with his mother and his family breaking apart granted him sympathy, as he's seen by the survivors, with nothing but disdain. Ironically the only one who still cares for him is his mother, as the second movie shows.
    • Scream 2: Billy Loomis' mother turns out to be this, revealed to be the killer in this film. She tries to play for sympathy in avenging her sons death with a new killing spree, but quickly looses it when with her myopic view of things; she seems to be under the impression she and Billy are the real victims, with no sympathy or remorse over the people he killed, and refuses to own up to her own failures as a mother, or even to how Billy turned out to be. She was also the one who kills Randy.
    • Scream 3:
      • Sidney's half brother Roman Bridger, the killer of this film, is ultimately shown to be a self entitled Psychotic Manchild who directly or indirectly orchestrated the killing sprees of the first three movies. His reasoning to do so is because Maureen rejected him for being a Child by Rape, and a reminder of her trauma. After Sidney survives two killing sprees, at the expense of nearly having her life ruined by them, Roman goes on a final one in a bid, because he thinks he is owed Sidney's fame and life.
      • At face value, John Milton appears to be a representation of Horrible Hollywood. Then it's revealed that he participated in Maureen Roberts' gang-rape, traumatizing her into promiscuous behavior. The gang-rape also resulted in Roman Bridger, making Milton indirectly responsible for all the events in the series. This marks him as one of the few Asshole Victims in the films.
    • Scream 4: Jill Roberts is Sidney's sociopathic cousin who murders all her friends in a killing spree simply so she could gain 15 Minutes of Fame as a Sole Survivor. She even sadistically murders her own mother for good measure. Once Jill realizes that Sidney is recovering in the intensive care unit (after Jill mutilates herself to play victim), she tries to murder her herself so her secret won't be revealed.
  • A Serbian Film: Vukmir Vukmir is a Mad Artist who specializes in horrifying pornography. Believing that he's a transgressive genius, he corrupts a former porn star into making snuff films, all the while showing him previous work that involved children, animals and at least one infant. Eventually, he forces his latest victim to rape his own son on camera, ultimately driving him to murder-suicide his entire family.
  • A Serious Shock! Yes Madam!: May is the jealous False Friend to protagonist Yang and a Stalker with a Crush, trying to repeatedly screw over the wedding life between Yang and Wilson, despite Yang being kind enough to have May as her bridesmaid during her wedding. Hiding her jealousy towards her friend, May pretends to be smiling and cheerful in Yang’s presence, but is actually a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing plotting on how to screw Yang over the worst ways possible. She uses a sparring exercise as an excuse to cripple her alleged best friend, and repeatedly beats Yang in front of two dozen police trainees to humiliate her. On the false pretense of making up for her misbehavior in training, May decides to have a friendly visit to Yang and Wilson during dinner, only to ambush the couple and murder Wilson after subduing Yang, and subsequently frame Yang for Wilson’s death. When Yang finds a new friend in Coco, which May discovers later, she deliberately kidnaps Coco’s son and threatens to blow up the child to force Yang out of hiding.
  • Set It Up:
    • Rick Otis is a high ranking New York executive who regularly mistreats his subordinates, and is introduced having Charlie Young scramble to get him dinner. Throughout the film, Rick has Charlie do other menial tasks, such as working on a science project for the former's son, and saving seats at the aforementioned son's play. When an intern brings an item into Rick's office relating to his ex wife, Kiki, Rick fires the intern, calling him a "pencil dick" for good measure. After being manipulated into a relationship with fellow executive Kirsten Stevens, courtesy of the latter's assistant Harper Moore, as well as Rick's own assistant Charlie, Rick blames Kirsten for a bad date after eating raw beef at a Korean restaurant. Eventually, once his relationship with Kirsten resumes, Rick lets slip to Charlie that he is cheating on Kirsten with Kiki.
    • Suze is Charlie's vapid, self-absorbed Supermodel girlfriend who is obsessed with prestige and status. When Charlie invites her to the school play where Rick's son is performing, Suze complains about Charlie not being higher up in his career. In a later scene, Suze is seen flirting with other men, prompting Charlie to join Harper at her best friend's engagement party when the latter's date does not make contact. When Suze and Charlie eat dinner at an expensive restaurant, Suze makes a big deal about said restaurant being the venue for Kanye West's half birthday. Suze responds to Charlie breaking up with her at the restaurant by whining that Charlie is supposed to be her "backup".
  • Unlike the Flat Character Bandit Chief in Seven Samurai and the Affably Evil Calvera from The Magnificent Seven (1960) who has an Alas, Poor Villain moment, Bartholomew Bogue from The Magnificent Seven (2016) gives the audience every opportunity to hate him. For example: he slaughters several townsfolk when they speak up against him (and orders the sheriff to let the corpses stay where they fell for a few days so everybody will know that Bogue should not be defied), murders one of his own men for bringing him a message he doesn't like, has several of his own men mowed down when he has the town shot up with a Gatling gun, and participated in the rape and murder of Chisolm's mother and sisters several years before.
  • The Shape of Water: Two of them:
    • Richard Strickland. Even though he is a Standard '50s Father with a wife and two kids who he treats well at home, he is still a bigoted and sadistic government agent who is very cruel to The Asset, torturing him relentlessly with a cattle prod and deems him inferior to humans because of his appearance. Sure, Strickland did get two of his fingers bitten off by The Asset but its heavily implied that he had been torturing the asset long before this incident happen. He is also shown to be unfaithful to his wife by sexually harassing the women in the government area he works in, doing such harassment towards the mute protagonist, Eliza.
    • The Pie Guy whom Giles forms an unrequited crush on him, but then is revealed to be a racist and a homophobe after Giles pushed his Berserk Button after affectionately touching his hand that prompted him to reacted offended and outraged following by kicking him out and banning him from the diner he works at after just kicking out an African-American couple where he mockingly says the diner's business chain catchphrase "Y'all come back now," Giles is so disgusted at this revelation that he wipes his tongue in defiance before leaving.
  • David from Shaun of the Dead. He is condescending to Shaun, acts like The Load, is a terrible boyfriend to Dianne, has a complete Lack of Empathy towards Shaun's mother being Mercy Killed, tries to shoot Shaun in the face, and just lacks any redeeming qualities. Audience members were in fact glad when he gets disemboweled and dismembered by a horde of zombies.
  • She Shoots Straight gives us Superintendent Lau, the lieutenant and supervisor overseeing the Huang sisters in the police precinct, and is a sexist bigot who refuse to promote or commend them for their efforts because of believing in gender rules. Whenever the Huang sisters are assigned on missions, he repeatedly assigns them on embarrassing duties such as going undercover as call girls and prostitutes, just for the sake of being a dick. He’s repeatedly rude to the Huang matriarch, herself a retired police lieutenant and his superior, and also borderline racist to Mina because of her Eurasian heritage. After Huang Tsung-po, his best officer and the Huang sister's only brother, dies horribly partway through the film, Lau actually tries to cover up Tsung-po's demise as his own fault, and threatens to have Tsung-po's wife Mina and youngest sister Ling suspended for trying to avenge their husband/brother. When Mina and Ling finally had the Big Bad arrested by way of vigilante, Superintendent Lau's true nature as a Glory Hound quickly kicks in as he tries to get himself credit for the operation.
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night:
    • The unnamed Santa robber executes a store clerk for fighting back against him, gets pissed when he learns he only got 30 dollars, kills Billy's parents, and tries to rape his mother. He's also indirectly responsible for the entire plot, being why Billy has a fear of Santa Claus.
    • The Mother Superior of the orphanage the Chapmans live in is an abusive fanatic who refuses to try and help Billy's PTSD, believing punishment will make it resolve itself. Her stringent nature is why Billy gets the urge to punish the naughty. Played with at the end, where she does her best to protect the children in her care from an adult Billy.
    • Andy, Billy's supervisor, is a belligerent asshole who does nothing but berate Billy for any lapse in his work, and attempts to rape his girlfriend when she refuses his advances.
  • Sin City: Ethan Roark, Jr., is a sadistic paedophile who only gets away with his atrocities because his father is a senator. He is completely impotent unless he hears a preteen girl screaming, and has had hundreds of victims. Eight years after he's beaten to near-death and castrated by hero cop John Hartigan, he comes back to finish the job on the girl he saved, planning to torture her to death.
  • Slashers: At first Michael appears to be a nerdy guy who gets a little too much enjoyment from the carnage. Then he starts making increasingly selfish decisions for his own survival. Then he tries to rape Megan. Soon after doing that, he reveals that he's a Serial Killer in his normal life, and joined so he can get credit for his murders without being arrested. He's so loathsome that the show's apathetic cameraman sacrifices his job to help Megan out.
  • Sledgehammer (1983): The killer's mother spends most of her screentime berating her son for "ruining" previous attempts to cheat on her husband and locks him in a closet to get him out of the way.
  • Smiley: As it turns out, "Smiley" who was seeming to stalk Ashley, was a fringe group of Anonymous consisting of strangers and students Ashley befriended trying to spread the urban legend of Smiley. To this end, they fake numerous murders, stalk and gaslight Ashley culminating in her jumping out a window to her seeming death. When this prank is revealed, the pranksters openly celebrate her suicide, the success and brag how their legend will go down in infamy.
  • Being a killer-animal story, Snakes on a Plane has Paul, a businessman who is obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious and only exists so the audience can cheer when he dies. In contrast, the guy who put the snakes on the plane simply disappears from the narrative entirely because there's no believable way to put him on the plane after take-off, and extending the action beyond what the audience came for would have probably induced Ending Fatigue.
  • Finn from Snow White and the Huntsman is one of the most repulsive villains in any version of Snow White. He first appears when he helps his sister Queen Ravenna invade Snow White's father's castle and he develops an incredibly creepy obsession with Snow White, despite her only being 7 years old. 10 years later he attempts to rape her and cut her heart out for Ravenna. He spends most of the film pursuing Snow White and gleefully torches a village that was protecting her. He truly cements his monster status when he boasts to Eric, the title huntsman, about how his wife stands out from all the women he raped and killed over the years. His Karmic Death is the most satisfying moment in the film.
    • Ravenna herself crosses over into this trope herself in the sequel when we discover she burned her sister's baby daughter to death.
  • Sean Parker from The Social Network. In a story full of Gray-and-Gray Morality, he's the closest character portrayed as an outright villain due to how much of a Jerkass he is.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020): Rachel, the hellish sister-in-law of Sheriff Tom Wachowski, hates him for no explained reason and spends her whole screen time being a Sassy Black Woman that tells her sister (Tom's wife) to divorce the poor guy in almost every other line. It says a lot that she gets tied to a chair and left behind in the Wachowskis' home in the second act and it's not until late in the third, almost a whole day later, that anybody shows any concern about leaving her like that (not even Jojo, Rachel's daughter, cares). While Robotnik is the villain, he at least has an amusing charm about him and is played by Jim Carrey in all his glory, whereas there's virtually nothing appealing about Rachel.
  • In St Helens, this role is split between Whittaker, the logging baron and Dr. Wagner, Jackson's boss at the geological survey. You can't hate a volcano for erupting, but you can hate people who ignore the protagonist's warnings and suggestions to evacuate. Whittaker is made less-likable by profiting off the media attention the volcanic activity brings the town, being rude to the protagonist's love interest, while Wagner verbally disparages the hero and hates him personally.
  • A Star Is Born (2018): Rez Gavron is Ally Campano's manager who arranges for her to take on a more flashy image and more poppy songs. He demands that her husband Jackson "Jack" Maine not accompany her on her tour later after Jack gets out of rehab, which results in Ally wanting to cancel the tour. Rez berates Jack, who thought Rez was corrupting Ally's image, to his face for threatening to tank her career just with his presence and this results in Jack being Driven to Suicide. On top of that, Rez is not shown after to feel guilt for what has happened or face any consequences either.
  • In Star Trek Beyond, one of Krall's two Dragons is Kalara, his former science officer, Jessica Wolff, whose role in his scheme is to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing running a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to lure well-meaning spacers into the nebula to be torn apart by his swarm and the survivors enslaved and then systematically killed to fuel the Big Bad Trio's life-extension technology. Their most recent victims of this plot are the crew of the Enterprise. It's extremely satisfying to see Captain Kirk outwit her and finish her off by flipping the remains of the destroyed saucer on top of her, smashing her into the terrain like a particularly insignificant bug.
  • Stephen King movie adaptations:
    • The Mist: Mrs. Carmody is a shrill religious fanatic who looks down her nose at anyone who isn't as "righteous" as she is. Eventually, Carmody whips an angry mob into a religious frenzy that almost results in the murder of the protagonist's young son.
    • The Green Mile: Percy Wetmore uses the fact that he's the nephew of the governor's wife to duck authority at every turn, even after deliberately sabotaging the execution of a convict he particularly hates, having him fry alive in the chair, right after telling him his fantasy of a place for his mouse was a lie.
    • The Shawshank Redemption:
      • Warden Norton is a maddeningly self-assured corrupt hypocrite, who maintains a veil of friendliness but won't hesitate to abuse and exploit the inmates of Shawshank for his own personal gain, going so far as to have Andy thrown into solitary for a month just for calling Norton "obtuse", all the while Hiding Behind Religion as a justification for his immoral actions. Norton goes as far as to have an inmate who knows Dufresne is innocent killed.
      • Captain Hadley is a vicious bully who has the nerve to complain about the taxes he'll pay on $35,000 he's inheriting (a fortune in 1940s money, especially for a prison guard) and makes his true nature known early on by violently beating a prisoner to death for crying too loudly. Hadley is additionally directly complicit in the murder of an inmate who knows about Andy Dufresne's innocence.
      • Bogs Diamond is a vicious rapist who makes Andy's first two years in prison a living hell and takes perverse joy in his victim's suffering. A sniveling coward when he doesn't have the numbers advantage on his side, Bogs clearly thinks of himself as the prison kingpin but has no authority beyond inflicting pain on others.
    • It (2017):
      • Bill Skarsgård's take on Pennywise the Dancing Clown outdoes the original version in sheer depravity. Along with IT's crimes from the novel, IT taunts the possibility of Georgie being alive just to send Bill on a fruitless hunt that puts his friends in danger in the process. 27 years later, IT also pretends to save a gay man from drowning only to devour his heart in front of his boyfriend. IT kills a young girl after promising to remove her embarrassing birthmark, and — to further taunt Bill over his inability to save Georgie — makes him relive it by killing another boy in front of him.
      • Alvin Marsh is Beverly's abusive father. Strongly implied to be attracted to his own daughter because of her resemblance to her late mother, Alvin attempts to rape Beverly, only for Beverly to severely injure him in self defense.
    • The Shining:
      • Jack Torrance, unlike his literary counterpart, is reimagined as a self-centered, abusive father and husband. He views his wife as only being good enough to have his child, and he was also dismissive towards his son Danny. When the hotel starts to corrupt him, Jack destroys the radio to strand his family in the hotel before trying to kill them.
      • The Overlook Hotel drives its inhabitants to murderous insanity ending with the deaths of the caretakers and their families. In the first film, it compels Jack Torrance into attempting to kill Danny and Wendy and in the sequel, possesses a grownup Danny to force him into going after Abra. When Danny regains control of his body, the Overlook feebly attempts to save itself from destruction by getting Danny to turn off the boiler.
    • Doctor Sleep: The True Knot as a whole are a clan of sadistic quasi-immortal beings responsible for several homicides. Of the species, two stand out as especially deplorable.
      • Barry the Chunk lures a young boy named Bradley by offering him a ride only to sadistically mock him when he and the other True Knot torture him to death for his steam.
      • Snakebite Andi, a "pusher," joins the True Knot of her own volition after making a habit out of leaving markings on those she compels with her voice. Despite despising people who harm children, she joins understanding it entails torturing children to consume their steam. Before succumbing to her wounds, she forces Billy into killing himself out of spite. This act nearly drives Danny into drinking again.
  • The Strange Thing About the Johnsons: Isaiah Johnson is a violent abuser who sexually abused his father for 14 years and later tried to kill his mother after deflecting the blame of his father's death from him.
  • Fang Shih-hsuing from The Sword of Swords starts off as the Big Brother Bully to his younger protege, Lin Jen-hsiau, and spends most of the film being a disrespectful Jerkass to his superiors and bullying Lin for the most insignificant of reasons. But much later in the film Fang is revealed to be a greedy, power-hungry scumbag who wants to steal the titular sword for his own selfish reasons. He betrays his former school, leading to the death of his master, and then targets Lin, who had a wife and newborn baby at this point, stopping at nothing trying to have Lin's entire family killed off. He further blinds Lin by throwing darts into his eyes and leaves Lin and his baby to die in the middle of the wilderness, and after finding out from his underlings that Lin is still alive, orders his mooks to kidnap numerous civilains, including a little girl Lin had befriended, and tricks the blind Lin into killing those innocent villagers while Fang gleefully watches without any remorse.


  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three: Mr. Grey, real name Giuseppe Benvenuto, is one of four men who hijack a subway train for ransom. Throughout the film, Grey antagonizes the hostages, sexually harassing a woman, beating a black man for mouthing off (and calling him the N-word), and trying to shoot cops after a ceasefire. He also guns down a transit supervisor and chuckles about it afterwards, saying he "got [the hijackers] on the scoreboard". The hijackers' leader Mr. Blue frequently has to step in and stop him from going too far, and makes clear that he does not trust Grey because he was thrown out of the Mafia for being too violent. When the hijackers attempt to escape, Grey delays them by refusing to give up his gun; Blue, who has had enough of him, just shoots him dead.
  • Tammy and the T-Rex: Billy is Tammy's psychotic ex-boyfriend. Even so, Billy has no problem sleeping with another girl despite his claims that Tammy belongs to him. When she gets a new boyfriend Michael Brock, Billy responds by kidnapping Michael, beating him with the help of his gang, then driving him to the zoo and dumping him into an enclosure to be mauled by lions. As a consequence of Billy's attack, a now-comatose Michael is taken by a Mad Scientist and his brain removed to power a T-Rex robot, making Billy responsible for almost all of Tammy's problems in the film. So we feel absolutely no sympathy for Billy when the T-Rex robot shows up at a party and tears his head off.
  • Teeth: Brad is abusive to his girlfriend and has openly lusted after his stepsister, Dawn, since childhood. When Dawn's mother is dying a slow and painful death, he leaves her to die to have sex with his girlfriend. When his father finally tries to throw him out, he turns the tables on him with a gun and sics a dog on him. When his father asks if he's upset about his mother, he says he doesn't even remember her and just wants to have sex with Dawn.
  • 13 Assassins: Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira is a sadist who uses his position as the Shogun's half-brother to rape and murder his way across Japan. His atrocities are so severe that various lords are plotting a rebellion just to take him out. When cooler heads set some assassins on Naritsugu to prevent this, Naritsugu is enamored by the carnage and decides to become Shogun and plunge the country into civil war for his won amusement.
  • Like Tim Burton above, John Hughes really loves this trope.
    • The parents we see in The Breakfast Club are all abusive, self-absorbed assholes that exist to make the kids look much better by comparison.
  • Up the wazoo in Tim Burton's films:
    • Beetlejuice. The villain of the title is funny, creative, stylish, and highly susceptible to Draco in Leather Pants — and anyway, he's really just a "bio-exorcist" taking on a job. And we certainly can't hate the heroes of the story: Barbara and Adam Maitland and Lydia Deetz. Even Lydia's self-absorbed stepmother, Delia, is understandable to a certain extent and has undergone a Heel–Face Turn by the end. But we're certainly welcome to hate the snooty New York yuppies Delia wants so desperately to impress, and Betelgeuse gives them exactly what they deserve.
    • Both Batman films.
      • Let's face it, The Joker is quite simply one of the most lovable supervillains in movie history. And Batman himself, while he has quite a few flaws, is ultimately an honorable person and a true hero. But it's okay to hate Carl Grissom for being a Smug Snake and a coward. It's okay to hate Tony Rotelli for being a smartass who's still not smart enough to keep his mouth shut. And it's certainly okay to hate Lieutenant Eckhart because he's a Fat Bastard and an all-around traitor. The two muggers of the film's opening who hit a man over the head and threaten to shoot his son are also particularly loathsome.
      • In Batman Returns, The Penguin and almost all of the other villains are just too funny and cool to hate — yes, even the hypocritical and cowardly Corrupt Corporate Executive who is the film's true baddie. But go right ahead and hate that rapist whom Catwoman righteously kills. Josh, the smarmy image consultant whose nose Penguin nearly bites off, is also a good candidate.
    • Edward Scissorhands:
      • Jim is Kim Boggs' boyfriend, who gets violently possessive when the childlike Edward is brought home by her mom. He decides to manipulate him into picking a lock for his gang to rob a place, leaving him to be arrested when a burglar alarm goes off. When Kim dumps him over this, he drives around in a drunken rage and almost runs over her kid brother. He then blames Edward for a scratch the kid got from being rescued and leads an Angry Mob to kill him, eventually slapping Kim when she tries to stop him.
      • Joyce is a bored housewife whose interest is piqued when Edward arrives. She offers to help him use his scissor hands to open a salon, but this is a front to seduce him. When he resists, not understanding what's happening, she tries to force herself on him. Edward successfully escapes the assault, but Joyce uses a scratch she got in the process to claim he tried to rape her.
    • Mars Attacks!: The Martians are indisputably the bad guys here, with their constant and unprovoked attacks against humans who just want to be their friends. Problem is, the Martians are so goofy in their evil that it's a lot easier to laugh at them than to hate them. And, truth be told, it's hard not to root for them when their opponents are a seemingly endless stream of pathetic douchebags that include James Dale, the gladhanding and thoroughly insincere President of the United States (though he becomes a better man all too late); Art Land, the sleazy businessman who cares only about making money and completely ignores his wife's drinking problem; Donald Kessler, the pompous and delusional scientist; Jerry Ross, the lecherous and Too Dumb to Live White House press secretary; Nathalie Lake, the extremely superficial TV talk-show hostess; General Decker, a trigger-happy nut par excellence, and General Casey, who considers advancing his career more important than guaranteeing national security... and we can even hate the Norris family, even though they never do anything worse than confining the grandmother of the family to a nursing home and are actually quite sympathetic because they are mourning the death of their eldest son, because they're fat, lazy, right-wing trailer-trash rednecks who make America look bad.
    • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: If you don't hate Judge Turpin for sending the main character away to Australia and raping his wife, or you don't hate him for ordering a beating a young man for looking at his hostage, you will certainly hate him for sentencing a crying little boy to death without even knowing if he was guilty by his own admission.
  • Titanic:
    • Cal Hockley is the scumbag fiancée of Rose. He disparages the Picasso paintings, he verbally and physically abuses Rose, he tries to have Jack killed, is exposed to care more about money than Rose and finally cons his way onto a lifeboat using a small child to save his pathetic hide. But the karma gods are not mocked: in the aftermath of the disaster, Cal loses the Heart of the Ocean diamond, loses Rose, loses his fortune, and (as mentioned by Rose herself) eventually takes his own life.
    • Rose's mother Ruth can be easily disliked for trying to break up Rose and Jack's relationship, but because she wants what she believes what is best for her daughter by monetary purposes, her role is minor compared to Cal's. The same can go for the other antagonists (Spicer Lovejoy, the officers, Bruce Ismay, the more uptight first class passengers, some members of Titanic's crew and the stewards holding back the third class passengers).
  • Tokyo Gore Police: The unnamed chief of police is the true antagonist of the film. In order to privatize the Tokyo police department, he has an esteemed officer assassinated, killing the hitman when he's done. This ends up causing the assassin's son to become a Mad Scientist called the Key Man and create a horde of rampaging mutants known as Engineers to terrorize the city. The chief orders his police, including his deceased rival's daughter Ruka, to kill any Engineers they find, despite many of them not working for the Key Man. When one of his officers is infected, the chief has the rest start massacring anybody who could possibly be an Engineer, sexually abusing a woman he keeps as a pet all the while. Ruka arrives to stop the carnage and avenge her father, so the chief proves his hypocrisy by injecting himself with the Engineer serum to fight her. A Dirty Cop to the extreme, the Chief of Police proved to be far worse than Key Man.
  • The Toxic Avenger: Bozo is a bully who leads a bunch of his friends in tormenting Melvin, eventually terrorizing him and inadvertently causing the accident that makes him into the Toxic Avenger. When they're not tormenting mentally disabled janitors, he and his gang go around and run people over with their cars for fun, with special points granted for killing the elderly and children.
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction has Attinger, an amoral, self-righteous hypocrite who instigated The Purge on the Autobots and commissioned an army of artificial drones made from the corpses of Autobots and Decepticons. He also has no problem in killing his fellow humans to keep his operations a secret, and sides with Lockdown in capturing Optimus, so he can get a cybertron Seed to create more transformium for his plans.
  • Trash Fire: Violet is Owen and Pearl's abusive religious fanatic of a grandmother who made their lives miserable for years, continuing to mistreat the disfigured Pearl to the present day. Intending on murdering the rest of her family, Violet sabotages Owen's epilepsy medication when the latter is not looking. Revealing to her Pastor that she killed her own daughter and son-in-law, and attempted to drive her own grandchild to suicide, Violet reveals her intention to finish killing the rest of her family, Blackmailing the Pastor into compliance so that he does not interfere. Upon returning home, Violet puts a rattlesnake in the toilet in order to make an attempt on Isabel's life, then attempts to set Owen on fire. Later on, Violet attempts to shoot an incapacitated Owen, as well as Isabel, only to be shot by Pearl. Overall, Violet is a textbook example of a self-righteous abuser, and a sociopath.
  • Tricky People: Reginald Charming is a dark and serious villain, standing in jarring contrast to the colorful and zany protagonist in Yellow Dyno. A popular record producer and "upstanding citizen", Charming is a serial pedophile and child porn artist who uses his position of trust and charisma to lure kids in for photoshoots and picking out a girl he especially likes. One of his previous victims was Carmen, who photos Charming holds against her and threatens her with. He later tries to take "private photos" of Carmen's friend, Lyric, and implicitly tries to force himself onto her before Yellow Dyno saves her. A surprisingly realistic and menacing depiction of a child predator, the emotional trauma he puts Carmen through is highlighted when she laments her lost innocence and her fear of telling anyone about Charming.
  • Trilogy of Terror: Chad Morgan is a college student introduced degrading his female co-eds as "dogs.' After meeting his English professor Julie Eldridge, Chad constantly asks her out until she agrees to go on a date with him. During the date, he drugs her to take compromising photographs and blackmail her into a relationship. Right before Julie kills him, Chad flat-out admits that what she wants means nothing to him.
  • Troy: Agamemnon, Menelaus' brother and the leader of the Greek army. Firstly, he lacks redeeming features (like Paris' Adaptational Heroism or Menelaus' Villainous Valour), except a brief Even Evil Has Loved Ones moment when his brother is killed. The rest of the time, he's portrayed as an arrogant and self-serving ambitious monarch, as well as a cowardly backstabbing armchair general who is sitting behind his troops in the midst of battle. The film even takes it a step further by showing that he caused the Greeks to lose the early engagements of the Trojan War with his arrogance (specifically in the first attempt to besiege Troy) and never portray him clashing in melee with the Trojans. And let's not forget about the time he "gave" Briseis to the men...
  • True Lies: Juno Skinner is an antiques dealer who helps Salim Abu Aziz's terrorist cell Crimson Dawn smuggle four nuclear weapons into America so they can threaten to detonate them. Her only motivation for doing so is so she can profit off of it greatly. Juno also helps prepare Harry Tasker for violent torture and taints and tries to kill his wife Helen out of spite later. She ultimately has little charm and fully deserves the fate that befalls her at the end of the film.
  • 12 Angry Men: Jurors #3, #7 and #10 share this role. The film's action is confined to the deliberation room, so it relies on their insistence that the defendant is guilty (which they share with the otherwise reasonable Juror #4) and their respective pronounced character flaws to provide a lot of the drama. All three of them have different reasons for qualifying, though, and gradually fall out of this role as the movie/play goes on.
    • Juror #3 is a loudmouth with a Hair-Trigger Temper who's way too emotionally invested in the trial and the verdict despite his claims otherwise. As Juror #8 points out, he's only pushing so hard for a Guilty verdict because he personally wants to send the defendant to Death Row, and he starts yelling at and insulting the other jurors with little, if any, provocation. It's foreshadowed, and eventually confirmed, that he's acting out of resentment and self-loathing over his ruined relationship with his own son, whom the young defendant reminds him of; at the end he's given a tragic moment where he rips up his Precious Photo of him and his son in happier days, quietly weeps at this and ultimately changes his vote to Not Guilty, which prompts Juror #8 to comfort him.
    • Juror #7 is a passive-aggressive Jerkass who has no interest in the deliberation process because he just wants to leave as quickly as possible so he can go watch a baseball game. (In the stage version, he wants to attend a Broadway show.) He shows minor but noticable acts of douchery as well, such as making fun of Juror #5 for being a fan of then-unsuccessful baseball team the Baltimore Orioles, or choosing to change his vote to Not Guilty when the vote is 6 apiece just to break the stalemate. Eventually, though, he just stops actively antagonizing the other jurors and settles into the background.
    • Juror #10 is a Grumpy Old Man who firmly believes the defendant must have done what he's accused of purely because of his appearance and background. He acts more and more like he's Surrounded by Idiots as the ballot gradually swings in favour of Not Guilty, culminating in a long-winded rant against people like the defendant that makes all the other jurors, including #7, leave the deliberation table and stop listening to him. When he realises they're doing this, he loses his energy and pomp and starts begging them to listen to him; upon being told to "Sit down and don't open your mouth again" by Juror #4, he ends up sitting by himself at a small table and staring blankly into the distance, not becoming involved again until he's asked for his vote and shakes his head to indicate Not Guilty.
  • 22 Bullets: Pascal Vassetto, the assassin who tried to kill Charly, is characterized entirely by his sadism. Aside from nearly killing him and actually killing his dog, Pascal cuts an informant's finger off and then feeds him to vicious dogs. He's then hired to kill Charly's young son, and kills a goon who refuses to help.
  • Twister: Cary Elwes plays the corporate-backed scientist Jonas. You can't rage at the tornadoes, right? They're a force of nature, and they inspire awe in the heroes and give them purpose. But this guy "sold out" and got corporate funding, making him a puppet of The Man (and why would a scientist ever want funding?). His team travel in sleek and sinisterly identical black vans compared to our Ragtag Bunch of Misfits' ragtag assortment of vehicles, and he's a hack that doesn't know the true science and just copies the heroes or relies too much on the instruments rather than the clairvoyant way that Bill Paxton just stares at the storm and knows which way it will go. (Maybe this movie isn’t very well written.) Ultimately, he and his driver get sucked into the storm when he arrogantly ignores the heroes' warnings.


  • Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact: Being an installment set in the Cosmos-verse, where kaijus are usually benevolent in nature or simply some kind of Tragic Monster, we can't hate most of the featured kaijus. However, we can despise Commander Shigemura, an Obstructive Bureaucrat and General Ripper who strictly believes Violence Is the Only Option and repeatedly interferes with the Science Research Center's (SRC) attempts to peacefully subdue harmless monsters, such as ordering drones to attack the peaceful, hibernating Don Dragon causing the monster to go on a rampage, behaving like a dick towards his underlings, believing himself to be superior due to his position in authority, and confiscating the sacred blue stone bestowed by Ultraman Cosmos to eight-year-old Musashi as a gift for his own selfish reasons. When Psycho Baltan, an alien from a destroyed planet arrives on earth, the SRC successfully deduced that a peaceful method of communication between humans and Baltanians is possible, where they managed to put Baltan to sleep using their music, only for Shigemura to interfere in the last minute and order a missile strike, instigating Baltan into retaliating, at which point Shigemura turns tail like a Dirty Coward and took cover in one of his military vehicles while Ultraman Cosmos is forced to fight Baltan to save the city. Shigemura eventually earns himself the Platinum Hate-Sink Award for being the most despicable human in any installment of the Ultra Series by attempting to launch a nuke on Ultraman Cosmos, after Cosmos killed Baltan and saved the city, while muttering "aliens should all be destroyed"... in a Taking You with Me last-ditch attempt, ignoring the fact that Cosmos is in the middle of the heavily populated city. None of the characters in the movie have any good opinions towards Shigemura, which can also be said for the audience.
  • Ultraman Saga: This incarnation Alien Bat in particular sticks out for being the most sinister and devious incarnation yet, earning nothing but contempt from humans, Ultras, and kaijus alike. He seeks to conquer Earth by abducting most of the adult population and leaving just the children behind, in order to instill fear among the remaining Earthlings. He abducts and resurrects souls of Kaijus which are already resting in peace in the Monster Graveyard, only to treat them as slaves and executing them for failing him. He gloats about his powers before the Ultra warriors, yet spends most of the movie hiding behind the safety of his own spaceship or Hyper-Zetton. In the end, watching Ultraman Saga - a fusion Ultra warrior with the combined strength of 3 Ultramen - squash him with a Megaton Punch is insanely satisfying.
  • Universal Soldier: The Return: S.E.T.H.'s Dragon Romeo. Whereas SETH is actually a charismatic and cunning villain, Romeo is a brutish oaf and Implacable Man who is also smug, spouting grating one-liners, and is even implied to have been a rapist in his past life. During S.E.T.H.'s hostile takeover of the Uni Sol building, Romeo killed several guards and a technician before being assigned by S.E.T.H. in tracking down Luc's daughter Hilary so that S.E.T.H. could use her as bait against Luc. Romeo catches up to Hilary's current location at a hospital after tracking a phone message at Luc's house from Luc's partner Maggie, whom he tried to rape earlier before. Informing S.E.T.H. of Hilary's location, Romeo heads over to the hospital, where he murdered Maggie, several orderlies and a security guard while S.E.T.H. kidnaps Hilary and takes her to the Uni Sol building. Romeo also took Maggie's body back to the Uni Sol building to revive her as a Uni Sol to serve S.E.T.H., a fate that she finds to be unbearable to live with. Even when an angry Luc finally managed to destroy S.E.T.H. and a majority of Uni Sols in retaliation while letting Hilary escape, Romeo brutally defeated Luc in combat, intending to murder him and lead the remaining Uni Sols into war out of complete spite against him.
  • The Untold Story: Wong Chi-hang is a fugitive working at a pork bun restaurant while in hiding. When his boss catches him cheating a mahjong, Wong massacres his entire family and takes the restaurant for himself, disposing of the bodies by making them into pork buns. When one of his employees considers telling him what happened, he rapes her to death with chopsticks. After being arrested, he tries to weasel his way out of trouble by crying police brutality to the press.


  • Valentine is full of deplorable characters that the audience will cheer for their deaths when a Serial Killer comes to take their lives. There's Paige Prescott, who shows no remorse about participating in a Frame-Up, completely blows off death threats when it becomes apparent the boy she framed is gunning for her head, and pours hot wax on her date's crotch when he proves not to her liking, Campbell Morris who is a Gold Digger only interested in his girlfriend's money, Detective Vaughn who sexually harasses Paige, and Gary, Kate's Stalker with a Crush who steals her clothes and winds up beaten to death out of the killer possibly being concerned for Kate's safety.
  • Van Wilder: Richard Bagg is an arrogant med student caring only about his own dreams and status as President of student government, seeing that as a license to talk down to and walk all over other students, even physically toying with his pledges. He is also Gwen's condescending boyfriend, who sees her as his "bitch" and when he sees Van and Gwen getting close, gets into a rivalry with Van. When Gwen, rejects his marriage proposal, he frames Van for serving alcohol to kids to get him arrested and expelled and later cheats on Gwen. This serves to make the humiliation and revenge pranks he's subjected to a joy to watch.
  • The Virgin Spring: The two shepherds stumble upon an innocent girl in the woods, and decide to rape and murder her for the hell of it. They unwittingly seek shelter in her parents' house that night, and decide to try and sell her clothes for a quick buck. This backfires immensely, as the girl's father brutally murders them both.


  • In the movie Waiting..., the primary antagonist is the restaurant staff's soul-crushingly dull and miserable existence. Which is why we have the "biatch" who ordered the steak. She's only in one scene, but that was more than enough. Every single line of her dialogue is a condescending insult (including being angry her food was delivered too fast,) delivered with an infuriating sneer. When she drags out the "How hard is your job?!" line, that's when they've had enough. Even after watching them subject her food to the most disgusting act of revenge you could imagine, you'll still feel like she was let off too easy.
  • Scowler from the Walking with Dinosaurs movie has proved himself to be unlikable due to being a Big Brother Bully to Patchi and picking on him for no reason. Then his hatedom increases when he thrashes Patchi in a battle and then kicks him out of the herd, leaves him to die, and doesn't let Juniper help him. Just because Patchi leads the herd off the icy lake, which Scowler led them onto in the first place. It makes it satisfying when Gorgon and his pack maul him to near death near the end of the film.
  • When Good Ghouls Go Bad: Coach Michael Kankel is pretty much the source of all the problems in the movie. He uses fear mongering and bullying tactics to keep Walker Falls from celebrating Halloween for twenty years, which in turn took a toll on the town’s economy. He did so by spreading an Urban Legend of the curse of Curtis Danko, convincing everyone that Curtis was pure evil and making himself into a new pillar of the community. It's soon revealed that as a kid, he was the one who inadvertently killed Curtis by locking him in a kiln as a prank; when he discovers Curtis's death, not only did he not feel any remorse, he uses said death to fabricate the urban legend in the first place. The reason why he did this was because he was jealous that Curtis' statue was gonna win an art contest and so that he could play hero. He claims that he is doing this to honour his father's legacy, but even Kankel's own father is disgusted at his son's actions when he finds out.
  • Wicked Little Things:
    • Edmond Carlton was a mine owner in the 1800s who extensively employed child labor. When an accident causes a cave-in, Edmond orders a bunch of these kids left to die because it would cost too much money to save them. Managing to buy his way out of any legal trouble, Edmond skipped town and vanished into obscurity, leaving the vengeful zombies the children became to terrorize the town. Despite never appearing beyond a photograph, Edmond is responsible for all the horrors that unfold in the film proper.
    • William Carlton is a descendant of the above mentioned Edmond and is no better than him. A greedy and arrogant businessman, he is buying out the town and forcing people out of their homes in order to renovate its land. Upon meeting Karen, he immediately tells her to vacate her families house on the grounds that he owns the town.
  • Wild Things series:
    • Wild Things: Sergeant Ray Duquette, despite initially seeming to be the Hero Antagonist uncovering the Villain Protagonists scheme, is later revealed to be a vicious Dirty Cop who would frequent and beat prostitutes. Prior to the film, he murdered Suzie's friend and had Suzie herself sent to juvie on bogus charges. Joining Sam on the scheme, he murders Kelly in cold blood when they try to frame her for Suzie's alleged murder. It's also revealed that a large portion of Suzie's scheme was to get revenge on Duquette.
    • Wild Things 2: Niles Dunlap is Brittney's wealthy and emotionally abusive stepfather, the reason why her mother supposedly committed suicide, and nearly screwed over his family with gambling debts with the Cartels. While seemingly in on a scheme with his stepdaughter to fake his death, it's soon revealed his wife also faked his death, and he is the target of Brittney and her mothers revenge scheme.
    • Wild Things: Diamond In The Rough: Jay Clifton is Marie's greedy stepfather who screwed her out of her inheritance. While he seems to be innocent in the rape accusation Elena throws at him, he is still implied to be a ephebophile and predator either way. It's later revealed that he was the anonymous rapist of Detetive Kristen Richards, who he taunted by saying she will not remember nor forget what happened; Elena turns out to be Richards daughter and part of their scheme was to get revenge on him.
  • Willow has Burglekutt, the prefect of Willow's village whose Establishing Character Moment involves his making it quite clear that he wants the hero's farmland. A minor Running Gag involves his head and/or face getting shit on by passing birds.
  • Willy's Wonderland: Sheriff Eloise Lund is a self-righteous Corrupt Hick who lures various people inside the titular abandoned restaurant, convincing them that they need someone to fix the place when in actuality is having them become unwilling human sacrifices to the killer animatronics. After the Janitor — the last person who was sent to fix the place — actually takes care of the situation by destroying the animatronics, Lund handcuffs him and tries to feed him to Willy herself while using the other teens deaths as an excuse to do so. Needless to say, the audience won't feel bad for her when she gets sliced in half by Willy himself.
  • The Woman: Chris Cleek is a corrupt country lawyer who kidnaps the eponymous feral woman, claiming that he wants to civilize her when he actually rapes and tortures her for his own pleasure. Cleek is also a toxic misogynist, striking his wife for crossing him and repeatedly raping his daughter until she became pregnant. He then feeds her teacher to her dogs and his eyeless daughter whom he kept locked away in the barn.


  • X-Men Film Series:
    • Logan: Dr. Zander Rice is presented as a cruel, heartless Mad Scientist who experiments on young mutant children to grow up to be Child Soldiers, while constantly viewing them as objects (which mercilessly lead to some of the children committing suicide); being held responsible for the deaths of each of their birth mothers. He then demands each of the children to be euthanized and proceeds to make the X-24 mutant as a mindless killing machine which goes on to slaughter an entire innocent family. It was totally worth seeing him get shot by Logan after revealing he killed off the entirety of the mutantkind.
    • Deadpool (2016): Ajax is a high ranking member of the Weapon X program and the one responsible for Deadpool's creation. Under the guise of making those that come under his care "superheroes," he subjects them to weeks of torture to awaken their mutant gene before selling them off to the highest bidder. Kidnapping Vanessa and locking her in an oxygen chamber, he laughs maliciously, revealing that there was no cure for Deadpool's transformation.
    • Deadpool 2 features the Orphanage Headmaster who sadistically tortures young mutants under his care due him considering them to be "abominations". He is especially cruel towards Russell, which eventually results in the latter's Start of Darkness that contributes to Cable's Bad Future. He is also proven to be a Dirty Coward once Russell hunts him down; even being an Ungrateful Bastard once Deadpool and his gang manage to spare him from Russell's wrath. He eventually gets killed by Dopinder's taxi in the most cathartic way possible.


  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Ehtar and his unnamed sister, AKA Professor Rathe and nurse Mrs. Dribb respectively, target the scholars, who accidentally caused the deaths of their fanatic parents, by the means of Dribb shooting them with hallucinogen thorns that induce panic and result in being Driven to Suicide. They also sacrifice four innocent girls in a ritual. Ehtar (who becomes "Moriarty" later on) and his sister prove to be nothing but vicious radicals whose sadistic methods and actions only ultimately satisfy them.


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