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Hate Sink / Jurassic Park

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Throughout the series, we've got to see quite a few jackasses, making it oh so satisfying when they finally get hit by Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Jurassic Park:
    • Donald Gennaro, the lawyer. Specifically because of how different his character is in the book from the movie. In the book he is actually fairly competent and brave, not the useless, spineless character in the movie, illustrating the screenplay writers needed someone the audience to focus some hate on because you can't hate the heroes or the dinosaurs right? He's the only person to not see any problem with cloning dinosaurs, shows his stupidity on the tour by asking if the live people are autoerotic (confusing the word with "animatronic"), and then abandons the children during the scene with the T-Rex. His comeuppance of getting eaten on the toilet is masterful. The movie version of Gennaro seems to be a Composite Character of Ed Regis from the book, who also abandoned the children during the T-Rex attack and ended up eaten.
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    • Dennis Nedry, a snarky, arrogant slob who sabotages the Park's security fences so he can steal a bunch of embryos, knowing full well that he's placing children and many of his co-workers in danger by doing so. He mouths off even to his own co-conspirators, secures his PC with an obnoxious self-portrait (that grating "A-ah-ah!" is what does it), and is such a bad liar that only the fact he's a known social incompetent let him get away with his rambling excuse. Plenty of laughs when he becomes Dilophosaurus munchies, and at the jaws of a critter he'd insulted to its face, no less.
    • Ironically, the book version of John Hammond fills the role very nicely; he's an arrogant rich bastard used to getting his own way and whose refusal to listen to criticism ends up getting numerous people killed. His comeuppance is falling prey to the dinosaurs himself at the very end, after it seems as though they're safe. In the movie he's upgraded to a kindly old man whose only faults are naïveté, overconfidence, and sexism in survival situations.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    • Dieter Stark, Roland's second-in-command. Of the antagonists, the InGen employees are just doing their jobs, Roland and Ajay are noble, honorable people, and Ludlow, despite being sometimes insensitive, has several good points and does little that is particularly villainous, even having a Pet the Dog moment with Roland late in the film. Stark, on the other hand, is a sadistic prick who enjoys torturing animals (even if they haven't done anything to him, like the Compy he uses his cattle prod on early in the movie) and is disliked by his employer Roland for this very reason. It's therefore quite satisfying when he meets a violent end by some of the dinosaurs he'd tormented.
    • In a Deleted Scene, Roland hears a drunk man sexually harassing a waitress. Roland berates the man by telling him he’s not a gentleman, picks a fight with him, ties one of his own hands behind his back, and proceeds to kick the drunken man’s ass, which included breaking his nose with two fingers. The whole purpose of this man was as an opponent to show how honorable and skilled Roland is and the scene was cut because it made Roland look too cool.
  • Jurassic World: Vic Hoskins is an arrogant, manipulative, war-loving braggart who wants to steal the dinosaur embryos for military use, and dies pathetically begging for his life to a Velociraptor. Like many monster movies before it, this is essentially the creators hedging their bets. The Indominus rex is a terrifying unstoppable killing machine, but was designed for exactly that reason. Hoskins on the other hand is genuinely loathsome on a human level.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom:

  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Tiffany is revealed to be a selfish, sadistic, child-hating psychopath lacking any sort of redeeming qualities, abandoning her husband Mitch when he's about to get eaten by Rexy. Many viewers were, therefore, more than satisfied when Chaos and Limbo had their way with her as revenge for Tiffany's needless murder of Grimnote .


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