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  • It's impossible to hate the Sith and General Grievous in the Prequel Trilogy and in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, given that they're the definitions of Evil Is Cool and extremely hammy. The Separatist Council, however, are a group of corrupt corporate executives who make a profit off of selling the Separatists weapons and droids to fight the war with, thus being responsible for massive amounts of casualties and violence throughout the war. They are fully aware of it, but don't care because it makes them rich. However, they finally receive their comeuppance in Revenge of the Sith.
  • A New Hope has the imposing and cool-looking Darth Vader, who speaks in a Badass Baritone and force chokes his underlings if they get mouthy, which make all the more cool and badass. Grand Moff Tarkin, on the other hand, is the one who has Vader torture Leia, and later on, he threatens to destroy Alderaan, a peaceful planet populated by billions that have done nothing wrong, if Leia doesn't reveal the location of the Rebel Base. But even when Leia seemingly reveals to him where the base is located, he still has the Death Star go through with destroying Alderaan, just for the sake of spiting Leia and inciting fear across the galaxy. He gets his just deserts when the Death Star is destroyed at the end, while he is on it.
    • If you think that Tarkin was unlikable in A New Hope, then wait until you see him in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because in the former film, at least Peter Cushing managed to make Tarkin coldly charming despite his evil actions. But here, he lacks Cushing's charm and he doesn't have any direct contenders; instead, he's portrayed as a Jerkass belittling the Jedi who are rescuing him and eventually turns into a Ungrateful Bastard who tries to Kangaroo Court Ahsoka (at this point a Breakout Character) just to push his own agenda, despite Ahsoka rescuing his life earlier.
  • And then immediately before A New Hope in Rogue One, Tarkin has to share the stage with Orson Callan Krennic, the man behind the construction of the Death Star. Krennic is an egotistical sociopath who believes he deserves respect from Tarkin, Vader, and Palpatine, just because he oversaw the Death Star's construction. Never mind that it was never his idea in the first place. He also causes trouble for Jyn throughout the movie, first by kidnapping her father and killing her mother when she was just a little girl, then destroys the main city on Jedha (he originally wanted to destroy the whole planet) for the sake of a test, and kills all of the scientists Galen Erso was working with when searching for who leaked the Death Star plans, and still goes through with the execution even after Galen reveals that he did it himself. Needless to say, his fate is as equally satisfying as it is ironic: he gets directly hit by the Death Star's superlaser when it is fired on Scarif, courtesy of Tarkin himself. It also doesn't hurt watching Vader intimidate him and force choke his when Krennic isn't, ahem, being too careful about choking on his aspirations.
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  • The Last Jedi: For all his mystery and gravitas, it slowly but surely becomes clear that Supreme Leader Snoke is little more than a vile Smug Snake who emotionally manipulates and abuses Kylo Ren for his own selfish gain. Later on, he arrogantly toys and tortures Rey, making her watch the destruction of Resistance fleet, before forcing Kylo Ren to kill her to complete his training. His sudden Undignified Death at the hands of Kylo Ren all but cements him as a Big Bad Wannabe who has all of Emperor Palpatine's cruelty but with none of the charm or intelligence that the Sith Lord was best known for.
  • The Sequel Trilogy also has Phasma of the First Order Stormtrooper Corps. Her actions before The Last Jedi make her far more evil than a what typical Stormtrooper captain would be, and somebody even the First Order wouldn't take too kindly to if they knew the whole truth about her. She is directly responsible for the death of her parents and brother, as well multiple First Order operatives (including her superior, Brendol Hux) in order to further her ambitions and to cover her tracks. She has no loyalty to anyone but herself, as shown when she immediately lowered the Starkiller Base's shields when held at gunpoint, selling out the First Order to save herself. Furthermore, she also acts as a Bad Boss to her soldiers, showing them nothing but cruelty and disregard for their lives so long as she lives, as the aforementioned incident showed. Dark and Troubled Past aside, Phasma is far from the ideal First Order Stormtrooper she likes to present herself as, lacking the kind of character the soldiers she trained possess.


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