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  • Aladdin: Prince Achmed not only insults the impoverished Aladdin, but also brandishes a horsewhip on two peasant children. Thankfully, Aladdin intervenes and Achmed is not in the movie for long. His next scene has him storming out of the Sultan's palace, humiliated, after Princess Jasmine's Cool Pet Rajah the Tiger bites his rear end, exposing his boxers.
  • An American Tail had those three mean orphans near the end of the film who needlessly bully Fievel, convince him to give up looking for his family, make him lose hope, push him into a mud puddle and throw straw at him so he can make a bed. And worst of all, they don't get punished for it. This makes them easy to hate with a fiery passion.
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  • Steele from Balto. The conflict revolves a diphtheria outbreak, and you can't hate a disease. Steele takes up the slack as a bigoted, spiteful, egotistical, vicious bastard of an Alaskan malamute who willingly makes Balto and the other sled dogs lost, dooming all of the sick children without even a shred of remorse.
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood: The Joker. His counterpart from Batman: The Animated Series was a monster to be sure, but his despicableness was counterbalanced by a bombastic sense of showmanship and comic relief. Conversely, this Joker is less cartoonish and much more thuggish, despicable and realistically monstrous than usual.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: The DCAU Joker was always a monster, but most of his appearances are counterbalanced by making him a Laughably Evil Large Ham. This film goes out of its way to make him as despicable as possible. To elaborate, he kidnapped then-Robin Tim Drake, tortured, mutilated and Mind Raped him for three weeks to re-create him as Joker Jr., and invited Batman over to see his work in detail. He also reveals that he's learned Batman's Secret Identity, mocks him for it, and knifes him before he tosses Joker Jr. a spear gun to finish him off. The Joker was so awful in this film that, despite having voiced him for nearly a decade, Mark Hamill actually felt uncomfortable doing the role this time.
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  • Bolt features Penny's horribly obnoxious agent, who is always doing what he thinks is best for himself, with no regard for the feelings or well being of the child he's supposed to be looking out for or her mother.
  • Chick Hicks in Cars is a self-absorbed racecar who is obsessed with earning fame from racing and nothing else, eventually leading him to grievously injure one of his opponents just to win a race, which actually causes him to be loathed by even his former fanbase. He exists primarily to show what would happen if Lightning McQueen continued the path he was on.
  • In Cinderella, there is, of course, the requisite Wicked Stepmother, Lady Tremaine. She is emotionally and verbally abusive towards her stepdaughter Cinderella, for no apparent reason. She also is shown emotionally manipulating her own daughters just to bump her own status.
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  • The first Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs film does not have a true villain, as Flint's machine is the thing that causes the conflict in the movie, so the corrupt Mayor Shelbourne is made to be as detestable as possible. When Flint discovers his machine is suffering from over-indulging the townspeople's orders, the mayor bullies him into carrying on. Then, as soon as Flint's machine becomes dangerous, he flees the island, leaving everyone to die and blaming Flint for what happened.
  • Ernesto De La Cruz from Coco is exposed as a cowardly, glory-hungry sociopath who not only murders his best friend, Héctor, in order to steal his songs and pass them off as his own, but knowingly deprives Héctor of the opportunity to see his daughter to insure that he will disappear forever in the Land of the Dead. Then he remorselessly throws Miguel, a 12-year old child, off a building to prevent him from revealing his crimes back in the Land of the Living. And to top it all off, he has spent almost 100 years in comfort and luxury because nobody ever found out what he did. This makes his ultimate comeuppance during the film's climax all the more satisfying.
  • Despicable Me is a movie filled with unpleasant characters, but then we have the loathsome Miss Hattie, who spends most of her screentime being cruel to the children at her care by insulting their faces, running her Orphanage of Fear like a sweatshop by forcing them to sell cookies so that she could make a profit and sending them to her "Box of Shame" if they fail to make her enough money. It is indeed frustrating that she avoids any consequences for her actions.
  • Even though he's not a villain, Lord Arnold from the Dragon Hunters movie is an old, angry and abusive uncle that doesn't want his niece Zoe to be a hunter.
  • The Duke of Weselton from Frozen is a greedy jerk who readily accuses the queen of being a monster and whose obnoxious traits make other characters in-universe find him unbearable. At the end of the movie, as a result of his attempted murder of the queen, Arendelle decides to cut all ties with Weselton and he gets forcefully deported from the kingdom for his crimes but not before one of the servants purposely address him as Weasel Town, much to the latter's anger.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Judge Claude Frollo murders Quasimodo's mother before trying to drown him as a baby when he is stopped by the archdeacon. After emotionally and psychologically abusing him, Frollo lusts after Esmeralda, later burning sections of Paris in an effort to find her. He attempts to burn her alive for rejecting his advances and reveals the truth about Quasimodo's mother to his adoptive son before declaring that he was going to do what he should've done twenty years ago.
  • The Incredibles: Gilbert Huph, Bob's boss at Insuricare, is a cold, heartless executive who actively discourages his workers from granting their clients' insurance claims, and serves as an easy target for the audience's hate. He aggravates Bob's ongoing dissatisfaction with life as a civilian and longing for the Glory Days which leads to a crucial part of his Character Development. Eventually, Huph's complete Lack of Empathy towards a mugging in progress drives Bob past his Rage Breaking Point and he throws Huph through several walls. However, Reality Ensues and Bob is promptly fired.
  • In The Iron Giant, we have Kent Mansley, the obnoxious, smarmy, arrogant and cowardly government agent who instigates almost everything that goes wrong in the story. He definitely loses any audience sympathy when he threatens to have Hogarth separated from his mother and when his desire to destroy the Giant nearly gets the entire town of Rockwell killed as a result.
  • The Lorax:
    • The Once-ler's family serve as this in the Once-ler's backstory, being the one's responsible for him Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and destroying the forest. They are emotionally abusive of him at the beginning, and only start respecting him when the Once-ler's Thneed product starts to show promise. Greedy and lazy, they manipulate the Once-ler into breaking his promise with the Lorax to not cut another Trufulla Tree down, causing him to endlessly cut down trees to make his business a success and turning him into a arrogant and greedy Corrupt Corporate Executive. Once the last tree is cut down, shutting down Thneed production, they quickly disown the Once-ler and abandon him, all the while blaming him and ignoring their involvement.
    • Aloynius O'Hare is the corrupt and greedy mayor of Thneedville and founder of O'Hare Air, a company that sells bottled air. He walled up the city to hide the fact that breathable air is free elsewhere, ensuring that the people will remain dependent on the air his company sells. When he discovers Ted wandering outside the city walls, he has no problems threatening him, and when he discovers he has a truffula tree seed, he does everything he can to prevent it from being planted, from trying to seize the seed, to manipulating the citizens into trying to destroy it. Even after the citizens see the world outside and agree the seed must be planted, he is the only one who does not change his mind, still trying to convince the city to let the seed die, turning the citizens and his men against him.
  • Buxton the Blue Cat from The Magic Roundabout movie Dougal And The Blue Cat is a wicked, cruel and tyrannical cat that threatens to have the entire world Blue and he has no regret for putting Florence and the gang in prison.
  • DOR-15 from Meet the Robinsons. Despite his best efforts, Bowler Hat Guy is little more than a harmless buffoon, while it's immediately clear that Doris is not only the real brains behind the operation but has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. First appearing to be little more than a robotic bowler hat, Doris is eventually revealed to be a vengeful and murderous psychopath who spent years emotionally manipulating Bowler Hat Guy /Mike Yagoobian into enacting a decades-long plan to ruin Lewis's life, while also preparing to dispose of BHG the moment he's no longer convenient. Wanting nothing more than to destroy the utopian future and enslave mankind to rebuild it in her own image, Doris doesn't hesitate to try to murder Lewis when he publicly reveals her plans.
  • Megamind: Hal Stewart starts off as Roxanne Ritchi's creepy and stalkerish cameraman, and only gets worse from there. After being accidentally given powers by Megamind, the latter disguises himself as his "Space Dad" and trains him to become the superhero known as Titan/Tighten. More interested in getting the girl than actually being a hero, Tighten uses his new powers to try to impress Roxanne. She rejects his advances, causing him to storm off and begin a life of crime. When he finds out that Megamind was his "Space Dad" and got Roxanne to go out with him, Tighten attempts to murder him in a fiery rage. Following Megamind's retreat, Tighten subjugates Metro City as his own, and when Roxanne attempts to talk sense into him, Tighten declares that there is no good in him, and kidnaps and tries to kill her for not loving him.
  • Ms. Grunion from Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a cruel and mean-spirited social worker who becomes involved when Sherman bites a girl at school. Ms. Grunion makes it clear that she believes a dog can't raise a child properly and takes great pleasure in using her authority to remove Sherman from Mr. Peabody's care. When she painfully drags Sherman away by force, it awakens Mr. Peabody's Papa Wolf instincts and he bites her. She then makes sure he is turned over to animal control to be put down.
  • Chi-Fu from Mulan is a misogynistic, obnoxious, snooty Obstructive Bureaucrat who constantly irritates the other characters with his arrogance. He is even told to his face by the emperor that he can easily be replaced by the heroine. The reason for his presence is that Mulan, as a war movie, has a villainous faction that is difficult to personalize, even once the Hun army is stripped down to a Five-Man Band, and Shan Yu, the movie's resident Big Bad, is a Lightning Bruiser who regards Mulan as a Worthy Opponent, as well as one of the few people in the movie who never cares about her gender.
  • Osmosis Jones has Mayor Phlegmming, the cell currently in charge of Frank Detorre's body. His incompetence as Mayor is the reason for Frank's poor physical health (thereby straining the latter's relationship with his daughter Shane), and his dismissal of Ozzy's warnings about Thrax and abolishing him from the police force nearly lead to the death of Frank and every cell in his body.
  • ParaNorman: Whereas the Puritans carried out their execution of Aggie, an 11-year-old girl, out of fear and desiring to protect the town, they were shown deeply regretting it and trying to make amends for their actions ever since. However, the current citizens of Blithe Hollow were quite cruel to what they thought was a mentally ill boy for no good reason and couldn't even claim they were truly lead by fear. In fact, when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse arrives, most of it involves the zombies (plus Norman and his friends) running in terror from the mindless, bloodthirsty horde of living townspeople.
  • The Coachman from Pinocchio, a ruthless and terrifying child kidnapper who lures children to his Amusement Park of Doom, Pleasure Island, where they transform into donkeys. And the worst part is that he never gets punished for his actions.
  • Pocahontas: There's nothing remotely sympathetic about Governor Ratcliffe who exists primarily to make everyone else look better by comparison. He's a fat, effeminate bigot with no motivation beyond greed and racism. Despite intentionally convincing the residents of Jamestown to wage war on the native "savages", the only consequences he faces are having his plans foiled and being returned to England to supposedly face punishment.
  • The Princess and the Frog: The Fenner Brothers are willing to sell a property Tiana has bought to a gentlemen who outbid her. They suggest that a woman of "her background" would have difficulty running a restaurant when she argues back. At the end, Louis, a normally Gentle Giant of an alligator, intimidates them into keeping their word.
  • Rex Pester from The Rugrats Movie is introduced as a nosy, selfish news reporter that doesn't even bother getting the babies' names right and blows situations out of proportion, as well as generally being uncaring of the situation the babies are in. At the end of the movie, the circus monkeys steal his toupee and he ends up crashing his helicopter for his trouble.
  • Lord Farquaad from Shrek is a malicious, oppressive Lord who persecutes innocent Fairy Tale creatures and he has killed one of the 3 bears (Mama Bear) offscreen to turn her into a skin rug. Not to mention his prejudice towards Shrek and (once she is revealed to be an ogre herself) Fiona; eventually threatening to kill the former and enslave the latter. It was pretty satisfying to see him get eaten by Dragon in the end.
  • Toy Story 3 has Lotso, a tyrannical, sadistic and sociopathic teddy bear who rules the daycare center as a prison and allows toys to be abused in the Caterpillar Room by a group of reckless toddlers. He is also abusive towards his right-hand man, Big Baby. Even worse is when he callously leaves the toys to their deaths in the incinerator, even though Woody and Buzz had risked their lives to save him earlier. As he valued his "strawberry smell", seeing him tied to the grille of a garbage truck and having to suffer being pelted by dirt and bugs for the rest of his life was certainly a fitting punishment for him.


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