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Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • The Stalking Zuko Series has Hahn (spelled "Han" in the fic), Yue's fiance. He came off as a jerk in canon, but it's expanded upon here, with him being quite sexist and even racist, such as when he flippantly tells Bato, who's in a relationship with a Fire Nation Original Character, that he doesn't have to think of his relationship as a long-term deal, and can "fuck her and leave her." Katara accepts Hahn's invitation to sit next to him so she can talk to the tribes about how they treat women, but Hahn joking about the Joo Dees' being physically and sexually abused causes her to hit him with a snack tray, and thus lose her spot. Quite tellingly, Arnook, despite being a Horrible Judge of Character, is forced to rethink making Hahn his heir. On a meta level, while the author really doesn't like Kataang, when Katara's told that the two best choices for her are to marry the most influential young man in the Northern Water Tribe or the Avatarnote , Aang looks like the better choice.

The Avengers (2012)

  • Agent Levine from In Which the Council Makes a Truly Stupid Ass Decision. He treats the team as disposable, ignores their obvious psychological issues and generally acts like an ass. The ending of Chapter 14 seems to imply that Fury is attempting to invoke this on purpose.

Code Geass

  • Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion: Tetsuya is a resistance fighter for the Yamato Alliance. Even among a group filled with the worst of the former Japanese society, he stands out as a scumbag par excellence.

Code Lyoko

  • The Games of Moriarty: Moriarty is the main antagonist of the series. Beneath his polite, charming behavior, Moriarty tries to Take Over the World to get back at the world for the suffering it gave him. While he has a strong Freudian Excuse and is a complex character, his acts goes way beyond sympathy, such as forcing the Lyoko-warriors to make several Sadistic Choices threatening their friends, themselves or other people, mind-raping several people, including Odd through a "treatment" even though Odd was already under his control, spreading a deadly flu in the entire city and killing 40 people, or taunting the heroes about their personal issues. Moriarty is also fond of fear-mongering, creating the nationalistic "Order", while committing several terrorist attacks and framing the French Muslim population for his attacks. Moriarty is also a complete tool to ally and enemy alike, revealing to Jérémie that Aélita "cheated on him" with Odd so that he could enjoy seeing him suffer, or mistreating his own creations and subordinates, often threatening to kill them.


Danny Phantom


Doki Doki Literature Club!

  • Doki Doki Exit Music: Monika, originally a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, is depicted as a self-important Jerkass who angrily chastises Sayori and Natsuki — making the former burst into tears — and blackmails Yuri, threatening to reveal to the other club members about her habit of cutting herself if she dared to question her position as club president.

The Fairly OddParents!

  • Never Had A Friend Like Me: Amanda's parents serve this role. Since one of the main protagonists of the story was originally a villain on the show and the other antagonists of the story (Anti-Cosmo, Head Pixie, Bob the boil) don't show up for a while, her parent's treatment of the child gives readers the perfect excuse to utterly loathe them.

Girls und Panzer

  • Girls und Panzer - International War Games: Edo. After accidentally bumping into Suzuki from Leopon Team, he calls her a "stupid whore" who he says doesn't know what real combat is, and when she fires back with a brief "The Reason You Suck" Speech, he punches her in the face, leading to a fistfight. After he gets kicked off the team for that incident, along with his poor performance, he retaliates against Kenji, his commander, by maliciously revealing that Kenji is responsible for accidentally killing his younger sister. In the original version of the chapter, Edo even went so far as to call Kenji's dead sister a "whore". As a rude, sexist, violent and not even very useful member of the hohei-do team, Edo's existence is more or less a wake-up call for his team to clean house and get along better with the girls of Oarai.
  • Of Blood And Steel has no real antagonist- only rival teams that are portrayed fairly sympathetically. While Jackie Lambert may be less of a jerk than the author intended, and even Erika is significantly nicer than in canon, Jacob Austin is a bully who enjoys pushing others around, taking advantage of his status as the superintendent's son, and no one can stand him.
  • Panzer und uni has Isla Sato, who's the commander of the tankery team at the time Miho and Nicholas arrive. She's an arrogant and ill-tempered commander who takes an almost instant dislike to Nicholas (particularly after his group defeats hers in a practice match), plays favorites and is blatantly hypocritical at times (kicking Mako off the team for low blood pressure while Sato herself stays on despite missing drug screenings). The final straw is when Sato orders her crew to fire on Darjeeling's flag tank while Darjeeling herself is in the process of saving Hana's boyfriend Alex (who's on the protagonists' side), endangering both their lives. This earns Sato a punch in the face from the usually calm and even-tempered Hana, and gets Sato kicked off the team, expelled and disowned in rapid succession. Even Sato's younger sister, Megan, calls her sister's action "unforgivable", even if she still cares for her as a sister.

Harry Potter

  • Unless you are on the Light or a really nice traditionalist Witch, Sabbat members in Firebird's Son and its sequels are not meant to be liked, and spent most of their time on screen being so unpleasant that their attempted murders of their own children are on the lower end of the 'hate me' spectrum. It says a lot where Voldemort manages to pull off an Eviler Than Thou on them, even after pulling off a lot more moments of Kick the Dog, and it comes off quite clearly with him being the (far) more likable one.

Jurassic World

The Land Before Time

  • The Seven Hunters: Calin has absolutely no compassion for anyone, even his 'friends'. His only considerations are for his own benefit and most of the dinosaurs he encounters realize this.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Wisdom and Courage, the second story of the Bound Destinies Trilogy, has one in the Big Bad Veran, who, unlike the antagonists of the other two stories, has no redeeming qualities at all; she's just an Ax-Crazy, power-hungry sadist who goes above and beyond to Kick the Dog and cause as much death and destruction whenever and wherever possible simply because she thinks it's hilarious. Her list of hate-worthy atrocities includes such gems as placing Link under an enslavement curse that's also slowly killing him, planting a "Take That!" Kiss on Link right in front of Zelda purely to spite the latter, and beating Zelda within an inch of her life during the climax while making Link watch.

The Loud House

  • Luan's Problem: Ms. Bitterns is a very nasty elementary teacher who enjoys humiliating and verbally abusing her students. It got to the point that Luan nearly worked herself to death.
  • Cruel Summer: This fic's portrayal of Chandler is of a vicious bully and wannabe ladies man who thinks himself above other men and from such has an Irrational Hatred of Lincoln for being "weak" and nerdy. Wanting to take away Lincoln's girlfriend Nikki on that principle alone, he tries spreading rumors about Lincoln being a pervert to woo her over. Failing that, Chandler lets his hate for the happy couple get the better of him and plans to lure them into the woods and kill them; during the attempt, he tortures Lincoln with a swarm of bees and tries to force himself on Nikki while trying to kill her.
  • Obsession: In this Teacher/Student Romance story, Maya's ex-husband Norman Derringer is a cruel abuser and sexual deviant who enjoyed humiliating and controlling Maya, even causing her to lose their baby because he thought it wasn't his. His inner thoughts show him to be a raving racist, narcissist, misogynist, and homophobe, who makes it a point to silently dehumanize everyone around him, even killing his previous partner on the police force - a Hispanic who shown more authority than him. On top of that, Norman is a Serial Killer and Serial Rapist dubbed "The LA Ripper" who targets and brutalizes prostitutes who remotely remind him of Maya. Later he decides to track Maya down; stalks her sister Elena before torturing her for Maya's location, and attempts to execute a teenage Lincoln when he finds out about Maya's secret relationship with him.
  • Regrets: Nick Lambert is the primary source of Leni's problems in this story. A popular student and trusted friend of Lori's, Nick sexually assaulted Leni at a party on camera, forcing her to give a "consenting statement" on camera by threatening to harm Lori, to edit a "sex tape" and hold it over Leni's head. Leni never revealed the truth to anyone, with seemingly no one to turn to and the incident left Leni with a Pregnancy Scare, which led to her initial attempt at suicide. When Carol saves Leni and tries to repair her wounds in their relationship, Nick continuously stalks and harasses Leni, simply because he hates seeing her happy and loves seeing her miserable. Nick's thought process elaborates this further; he thinks of himself as some sort of twisted author and wanted to write a tragedy out of Leni's life, and wanted her suicide to be a tragic end. Simply put, Nick is a human representation of how some wounds of depression refuse to heal, constantly haunting Leni as she tries to get her life back together.
  • What is a Person Worth?: In a story where a constant theme is that people aren't perfect and make mistakes, but that doesn't make them bad people, Chandler, the essential antagonist of the fic, is the only main character to be an exception. Portrayed as a smug and cruel bully, Chandler initially just picked on Lincoln over his situation, but later crosses a line when he physically attacks Lincoln's six-year-old sister Lana by throwing her into a pond. After this and Chandler's subsequent beatdown goes viral, rather than learn his lesson, Chandler's ego is so wounded he plans to ruin Lincoln's reputation and relationships by framing him for cheating on Ronnie Anne. Failing that, he simply hires out a group of jocks to beat up Lincoln out of spite; he also hires them to attack his former partner Connor to tie up loose ends.

Love Hina

  • For His Own Sake: In this Deconstruction Fic about female-on-male abuse, most of Keitaro Urashima's abusers become sympathetic by the end. These four, however, remain unlikeable and unrepentant:
    • Naru Narusegawa is depicted here as Keitaro's abusive ex-girlfriend. The primary antagonist, Naru is slowly shown to be the ultimate instigator of Keitaro's Domestic Abuse, often accusing him of being a pervert and violently beating him regardless of his protests, and encouraging the other girls to follow suit. When Keitaro finally leaves to escape the abuse, Naru manipulates Granny Hina into trying to rope him back in. When Shinobu calls her out on everything she has done and Motoko slaps her in response, Naru prepares to beat Shinobu senseless. When her actions cause the girls to be evicted from the Hinata Inn and work at another inn, she overhears a conversation between a married couple, assumes the man is trying to sexually coerce the woman, and punches him- only to learn that she misinterpreted the situation and attacked a professor who was going to coach her. Expressing hatred towards her loving family and accusing Keitaro of setting her up, Naru manipulates Mutsumi into helping her kidnap Keitaro, then viciously beats him before telling Mutsumi that she has no intention of making up with him. A narcissistic, misandrist abuser, Naru blames everyone but herself for her misfortune.
    • Chisato Ichimura shows herself to be a loathsome Manipulative Bitch. In the backstory, she attempted to steal a book from her teacher's desk and use it to cheat on the upcoming tests. When confronted by Yoshinari Urashima about it, she convinces Keitaro that he is harassing her. After getting back the book, she sends her thugs to beat up and hospitalize Yoshinari. Eventually, she meets up with Kagura Hajime and Naru, teaming up with them to get further revenge on Yoshinari. Falsely befriending Mutsumi, she uses her to set up a trap for Yoshinari; when he arrives with Nagisa, Chisato orders her thugs to slaughter them, then decides to throw Mutsumi in to die as well.
    • The aforementioned Kagura Hajime is Chisato's equally deplorable Rich Bitch friend. Taking in Takeru Aoyama as his slave, she proceeds to abuse him. When Akemi Kuga falsely accuses him of sexually harassing her, she kills him in response, and uses her father's money to buy off lawyers who get it declared an accident. She convinces Takeru's sister Mayako of this lie, and also taunts Nagisa Aoyama, who loved Takeru, whenever they meet. Seeking to destroy Nagisa, Kagura teams up with Chisato and Naru to kidnap Keitaro, Nagisa's boyfriend, and lure her into a trap. She sexually harasses Keitaro while he is tied up, telling him of her plan to make Nagisa jealous when she walks in on them. When the plot fails and police arrive, Kagura abandons her co-conspirators, then, when caught by Mayako, tries to pin the blame for Takeru's murder on Akemi, showing her complete Lack of Empathy.
    • The aforementioned Akemi Kuga is the one who made the False Rape Accusation against Takeru that cost him his life. Though only physically appearing in one scene, she proves herself to be just as horrible as the others. When Mayako traps her and Kagura in a car intending to drive it off a cliff and kill them all, Akemi attempts to put all the blame on Kagura to save herself, and when Kagura yells at her for lying about Takeru, she tries to pass it off as a joke.

Mega Man

  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Dr. Wily is written like this on purpose, as the author likes having villains that readers root against. Several other villains also qualify, such as Metal Man and the Conduit, but the biggest example aside from Wily is anti-robot racist William Cochran.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Ask a Pony: Vicegerent Zathir is racist, cruel, and subjects Twilight to And I Must Scream. It got so bad that people began asking when he was going to get smacked by karma.
  • Dr. Jacqueline Dionna Reitman from The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. While Queen Celestia and the Solar Empire ponies are definitely not slouches when it comes to committing as many war crimes and Moral Event Horizon grade acts as possible, it's made clear that they have all been brainwashed to some extent by an Artifact of Doom with a huge grudge against humanity. Reitman, on the other hand, is a Smug Snake and a Misanthrope Supreme who remorselessly sold her species out for her own selfish reasons, and founded the PER (Ponification for Earth's Rebirth), an Anti-Human Alliance filled with Evil Luddites that are absolutely convinced that ponification will solve all of humanity's problems regardless of any trade-offs.
  • Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship: This role is shared between Grand Ruler Celesto and Rhymey. For the former, you will at first hate him for the lengths he goes to undermine his own allies despite them winning his battles just because they aren't his privileged people and aren't fully under his control... and then be utterly disgusted by how deep his Control Freak issues go, and how much he relies on outright brainwashing for everyone, including his closest soldiers. For the latter, the author initially tried to make him sympathetic, as had been done with the rest of Lightning's team, but genuinely couldn't, and found pushing him in the other direction worked better, and he's since been revealed as an unlikable, entitled sociopath who literally has no second thoughts about hurting anyone in order to get what he wants. Turns out it's a family trait. Ironically, Dark Conquest wants to be this in-story since he feeds on hate and grows stronger from it, but since he has much more style and charisma, and is not nearly as much of a hypocrite, he's more entertaining to watch.
  • In the "Pandemic" stories What You are Meant to Be and Picking Up the Pieces Swift Strike is possessive and abusive, never showing any of the charms that abusive spouses also use. Then again, becoming a night pony may have affected him mentally, by removing the fear that made him want to use a charm offensive. Then he raped Phobia.
  • One recurring element of the My Little Pony fanfics by RealityCheck is the appearance of a small-time bad guy (often a haughty aristocrat with a disdain for the "lower classes") who acts in the most obnoxious and unsympathetic way possible, makes the heroes' life miserable, then is thoroughly punished via a Humiliation Conga within a chapter or two. For example, The Great Alicorn Hunt includes some spoiled noble kids who bully the Cutie Mark Crusaders and are punished by being forced to work at Applejack's farm. Another example from the same story is Windy City's incompetent, corrupt Obstructive Bureaucrat of a mayor.
  • Loved And Lost: While Prince Jewelius' role is to make sure that Twilight's friends, brother and mentor are punished more severly for abandoning her at the wedding rehearsal and inadvertently letting the Changelings attack Canterlot than they do in canon, he is written to be as cruel, sadistic, petty, and remorseless as possible so that the reader can still sympathize with/root for the heroes who are wracked with guilt and determined to atone for their mistakes. His murderous hatred for his aunt Celestia and cousin Cadence stems entirely from petty jealousy born from being overshadowed by them. In one example, he has his lieutenants kill all of the injured guards for being loyal to the Princesses.


  • Echoes:
    • Behind his status as a Konoha jounin, a philanthropist and the founder of an orphanage, Kenta Ayatsuri experiments on children, turns them into Tyke-Bombs or into prostitutes to fund his activities. Raising Kakashi after his father's death, he turned him into a child soldier, and out of spite towards Minato when the latter took Kakashi away from him, sold information to Iwa and orchestrated Obito's death. Kidnapping a pregnant Rin in the Wave-Verse after she married Kakashi, he killed the baby and tortured Rin to death. In the Alive!Yondaime verse, Kenta is introduced sending his dogs to maul a young Kin to death because she cried when he gave her to a brothel. Kidnapping Alternate!Rin, he blamed her for taking Kakashi away from "his rightful owner" and tried to kill her. He later revealed that he committed all of this to turn Kakashi into his "masterpiece", and so that he will be remembered. When Kakashi replies that he will do everything to forget him, a spiteful Kenta attempts to kill him and Rin. AM hypocrite, he claimed that bonds with others were useless, while constantly using others to fulfill his ambitions.
    • In Kitsune's world, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha have none of their canon counterpart's qualities. Forced in a political marriage despite hating each other, they grew jealous of Minato and Kushina's happy marriage, (especially Mikoto, because Kushina rejected her advances) and revealed their location to Amaterasu (Kitsune's World!Madara Uchiha), during Kushina's pregnancy, leading to the Kyuubi attack, resulting in Minato and Kushina's sacrifice and countless deaths in Konoha. They later plot a coup against Konoha, supposedly for the good of the Uchiha clan, but Fugaku in truth doesn't care about the clan, not even telling them of his role in Konoha's attack, and just wants power for himself, not caring about who lives and who dies in their coup attempt. While Fugaku was uneasy about handing over a Jinchuuriki, Mikoto happily promised to give Kitsune to Amaterasu as a weapon out of spite towards Kushina. Even Amaterasu, one of the main villains, is disgusted by their actions, and call them out on it, to no avail. Fugaku and Mikoto end up being so despicable they're responsible for everything bad in Kitsune's world.
    • In the "Ame-Verse", Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, also lacks his canon counterpart's redeeming qualities, leaving only a murderous Social Darwinist. Willingly starting the canon graduation program in Kiri's Ninja Academy consisting of students killing each other (to weed out the weak in favor of the strong), Yagura sent his "Blood Police" kill any "weak" civilian, shinobi and clansman, and also plans a genocide against anyone who's unlucky enough to have a bloodline. Allying with Ame's Hanzo, he chose to kill Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan, not due to his alliance with Hanzo, but because he hated them, stating that he would have killed them even if he wasn't allied with Hanzo. After killing Yahiko, he laughed while Konan cried, and mocked Hanzo when the latter also regretted having to send Yahiko to his death. When challenged alongside Hanzo to a fight by Kazama and Tsukiyomi, he accepted and later came close to killing part of the audience during one of his attacks, and released the Sanbi out of spite when Kazama defeated him.
    • In the "Road to Ninja" verse, Obito Uchiha discards his canon counterpart's likable traits. Winning against the Shinobi alliance, Obito launched the Infinite Izanagi technique, killing everyone in his world, and creating a new world in his image, where he creates people. While claiming that he respected Naruto and regretted to kill him, it is only Moral Myopia as he is an emotionally Abusive Parent to Menma Uzumaki, Naruto's alternate counterpart, and he can't even bother to care about the people he personally knew and ruined, much less for the people he murdered who he did not know personally, failed to replace them in his new world, citing them as unneeded or unimportant. His entire fighting style is bullying, and to gain a small psychological advantage against Kazama, he wipes out his own world's Konoha, not caring for his own creations. When it's pointed out his wife, Rin, was there, Obito replies that he doesn't care, as he can always recreate her. His pettiness is upped to eleven as he plans to spread the Infinite Izanagi in the multiverse, despite already having a personal paradise.
  • True Potential: Karitokiri, after losing his family and friends in the destruction of his home village by a bloodline clan, entered Kiri's ranks to become a shinobi, and eventually became the "Bloodline Hunter", gleefully joining Yagura in his Final Solution plans against every single bloodline wielder. A merciless executioner, he loves to torture his subjects. Introduced taking advantage of a civilian village's toxic hatred of people with Bloodline Limits, he plans to execute 5 bloodline wielders, one of them being a child, whom he taunts about her parents' death and the destruction of her clan. When Shikamaru, Honoka, Kiri (a character, not the village) and Haku attempts to crash the execution and rescue the 5 persons, Karitoriki (after being freed from Honoka's chains by Guren), having placed explosives inside the 5 bloodline wielders' hearts just in case, spitefully blow them up, killing them all and only regretting that he was unable to torture them. Despite his tragic past, no one is sympathetic, with Suigetsu pointing out Karitoriki made him go through a similar tragedy when executing his brother.


  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Joshua from the Summer Camp Oneshot, who establishes himself early on as an unrepentant jerkass and goes on from there. By the end of the story, it's clear he's also an unrepentant cheater.
    • Dario. While his actions in the main story are off-screen, the Big P Pokémon Race one-shot makes it quite clear he's just as unrepentant a cheater as in canon who not only puts his fellow racers in serious danger but when he loses he has the gall to accuse Ash of cheating. Needless to say when Sabrina gets her hands on him and snaps his neck, his fate is well deserved.
    • Ash's father. It's made quite clear in the narrative that he is not a good guy in the narrative for a variety of reasons. Delia refuses to acknowledge him as Ash's father, Gary, deep in his jerk phase, would give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech over his actions, and not only is it hinted he's a criminal whose fellow brothers/criminals have shown themselves to be incredibly violent and unstable, but it's implied that he has hundreds of illegitimate children like Ash who he never cared for everywhere.
    • Damian was pretty much a Jerkass in canon, but the Charmander Gaiden one-shot shows the full extent of how he treats his Pokémon when they don't live up to his expectations. Even Team Rocket was appalled by this behavior.

Power Rangers


Scream 4

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Our Blades Are Sharp: Ramsay Snow proves to be just as vile and depraved as both his canon counterparts. A Serial Killer and Serial Rapist, he roams the lands under the Dreadfort’s jurisdiction for two years, raping and murdering anyone he and his gang the Bastard’s Boys come across, then either flaying them or giving their corpses to be raped by his necrophiliac henchman Reek. Ramsay’s goal is to murder his legitimate half-brother Domeric and succeed their father Lord Roose Bolton as Lord of the Dreadfort. To that end, he murders his mother and burns down his home to fake his death, a crime so deplorable that Lord Bolton had him neutralized as a threat and tortured for the rest of his days. Inspiring fear and hatred in all that knew of him, Ramsay ensured none would mourn his demise.
  • Robb Returns:
    • Ser Willem Bootle is a Riverlands knight known across three kingdoms as a ne’er-do-well who alienated all his neighbors. Looking to pay back a debt, Bootle travels to his cousin Lord Torgen Surestone’s keep, whereupon he poisons Lord Surestone and declares himself lord on account of his gender, then proceeds to seize the estate and evict Surestone’s daughter Dacey, the rightful heir. It’s revealed later that Bootle ordered an innkeeper named Edwyn Dickon to keep her at his inn and turn her into a prostitute to keep her from contesting his title. Upon his capture, Bootle declares that he should have been heir because Dacey is a bookish girl and remains defiant up until he attempts to swear his innocence on the Fist of Winter, which judges him guilty and strikes him down; his lies literally killed him.
    • The aforementioned Edwyn Dickon is an innkeeper who is incapable of dealing honestly with anyone. Ordered by Ser Willem Bootle to turn Dacey into a prostitute, Dickon drives up unreasonable prices for board and medicine, insinuating that there are “other ways” to pay back her debt. Dickon makes the mistake of trying to cheat a wealthy merchant and making advances on his wife; the wife punches him and he falls into a full bucket of slops and drowns, And There Was Much Rejoicing. After his death, it’s revealed that he stole something from everyone at the inn. In general, Edwyn Dickon was A Dick in Name and deed.
  • The Saddest Love Story In Westeros: Aegon Targaryen, later King Aegon IV "The Unworthy", was a man ruled only by his insatiable appetites. Marrying his sister Naerys on their father Viserys' orders, Aegon attempted to force their brother Aemon, who loved Naerys, to participate in the bedding ceremony; Naerys' cries nearly prompted Aemon to draw his sword on Aegon in his anger before being talked down by their uncle King Aegon III. Many would agree that Aegon's actions were a very low blow. Throughout their marriage, Aegon routinely humiliated Naerys by parading his mistresses in front of her and raped her almost every night despite her protestations and ill health. After Aegon became King many years later, he hired a man named Ser Morgil Hastwyck to spread rumors that Naerys and Aemon were having an affair, leaving Ser Morgil to die when Aemon challenged and killed him. Aemon is killed by two men trying to avenge their brother's death at King Aegon's hands, but Aegon showed no respect for his brother's loss and only agreed to a funeral because of public outcry; this is when the epitaph "the Unworthy" is attached to Aegon. Naerys' friend Lyssa showed up at the capital to pay her respects, only to leave when Aegon showed sexual interest in her barely pubescent daughter. Naerys reveals that the night after Aemon won a tournament and honored Naerys, Aegon raped her that night just to make her feel bad.

South Park

Steven Universe


  • Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach: The titular Flowey lacks the sympathetic qualities of his canon counterpart. Having grown bored in one of his latest runs, Flowey decides to psychologically torment Papyrus, who sees him as a friend, under the guise of training. He challenges Papyrus to fight for his life, killing him and resetting whenever he fails and punishing him by slowly breaking his body parts if he refuses. Flowey tells Papyrus to keep the training a secret, threatening his loved ones if he does not comply. Flowey spends the story slowly breaking down Papyurs and turning him into a shadow of his former self, causing Papyrus to lash out at his loved ones and become distant from them. When Sans is falsely accused of abusing Papyrus by Undyne and imprisoned, Flowey laughs before taking the opportunity to give Papyrus his final challenge- to kill an innocent monster. When Papyrus warns the snowdrake instead and refuses to kill the Moldsmal, Flowey offs the latter himself. Finally, when Sans shows up to recuse Papyrus, Flowey makes a final attempt to kill them both, and when Papyrus slays him, he congratulates the latter for finally killing someone. A bloodthirsty sociopath who torments his so-called 'best friend' for fun, Flowey completely abandons the kindness he had as Asriel.


  • Across the Years: Beckett "Beck" Oliver is the emotionally abusive husband of Victoria, who lacks his canon counterpart's good qualities. He cheated on her repeatedly and made her isolate herself from the ones she loved. He's also a manchild, who stole from his father and killed a man who tried to testify against him. A petty and misogynistic man who is strongly hinted at being Jack the Ripper, Beck is a pathetic domestic abuser.


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