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"AN: This fanfic is a commission for a few friends of mine that asked me to write this, based on their own intellectual ideas, on Tumblr. They’re MRA, so they’ve asked me to write a fanfic that does the MRA movement justice, and that stars one of their OCs, Rebecca Christiana Jasmina Xaila Rodrigues Diogo Velazquez. Even though I don’t share the same ideological beliefs, I respect them, so I’ve followed every instruction they gave me and wrote this. I hope they enjoy, for I worked very hard to do this :)"

The MRA Trilogy is a, well, trilogy of fanfics written by Carliro/Eogrus. Supposedly a series of commissions written for his MRA friends on Tumblr, it is notorious for its over the top offensive content. In a latter update, the author admits that this in fact a Trollfic.

The "plot" that links these three fanfics together are the adventures of Rebecca Christiana Jasmina Xaila Rodrigues Diogo Velazquez (known as "Bekie" for short, though curiously almost never used after the first fanfic), an Original Character that was apparently conceived by said commissioners. In the classic nature of this type of fanfic, she's the mouthpiece of said commissioners' views, being an internally sexist, religiously intolerant, homophobic, genocidal young woman who fights for the MRA, wishing for all women to be enslaved and raped by men, and to kill everything that is "femnazi" (which apparently ranges from gay men to horses). Fighting on her side are Vladimir Putin, the occasionally Self-Insert of one of the supposed commissioners, and, of course, several severely Out of Character protagonists from numerous series.


In particular, a plot thread connecting the fanfics is a background war between the MRA and Moana, which never goes anywhere and in fact apparently is won by the "antagonist", rendering the whole trilogy moot.

The three stories are:


These fics provide examples of:

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  • Body Horror: The hygiene standards of this universe must be very low, since everyone seems to suffer from horrific flesh deformities, parasites and diseases.
  • Category Traitor: Homosexuals, transsexuals, any male that isn't a sociopath, et cetera.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Surprisingly happens mostly to the MRA agents, the supposed protagonists, though several "antagonists" also die horribly.
  • Cute and Psycho: Bekie is supposedly this, according to her allies. She's described in a very unflattering manner, to put it mildly.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Always happens to the Final Boss, though interestingly not to most villains.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Bekie has "darkness powers" (which are extremely vaguely defined, other than being granted by God and Jesus) and is the protagonist. However, she's pretty much psychotic and, by pretty much all standards of morality except the one expressed in this series, evil, so she pretty much comes across as Dark Is Evil.
  • Depraved Homosexual: Along with Depraved Bisexual. Pretty much any non-closeted Lgbts in the story are "evil", because they're on the side of feminists, according to Bekie. A few MRA characters are bisexual, but they're noted to "righteously" repressed their same-sex urges lest they be killed by the other MRAs, except Bekie herself, who makes out with other women in order to titillate men. Kaidan Alenko and Male Shepard unsurprisingly turn out to be moles for the feminists.
  • Demonization: Not only of feminists, but pretty much any life form that isn't a straight white male.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Murder, rape, genocide, all are valid responses for a feminist to even being in front of you. Also done against their own agents, such as Bekie herself, like raping and beating her just for being a woman, and killing any LGBT members that don't repress their feelings.
  • Double Standard: Nearly all accusations of the feminists being murderous, immoral and/or sexually depraved ring very hollow when the MRA's first method of response is violence, they're viciously hateful and sociopathic and rape women.
  • Easy Evangelism: Apparently converting female MRA agents to feminism is very easy (gee, I wonder why!), so Bekie is always accompanied by male agents.
  • Female Misogynist: Up to eleven with Beckie who lets herself get raped and beaten.
  • For the Evulz: The main motivation of the "femnazis", or so we're told. Meanwhile, the MRAs deliberately go out of their way to do petty things.
  • The Fundamentalist: A rather large extremist conservative christian undertone runs throught all of the trilogy, with the MRA's explicitly working with God and Jesus against the "satanic pagan gods", though it's largely contained to the first installment.
  • Guilt-Free Extermination War: Genocide is pretty much the de facto answer to all MRA problems, and they seem very happy to do it.
  • Happiness in Slavery: What women should aspire to according to Bekie. She herself is pretty much the ambulatory fleshlight of her fellow MRAs, and enjoys it a lot.
  • Hate Fic: The first installment seems to be one of Frozen, since all heroic characters in the movie are turned into "femnazis" (and Hans gets a Draco in Leather Pants treatment) and Arendelle is turned into pretty much the MRA's analogue of Mordor. The other fanfics are more ambiguous; "MRA Effect" features the protagonists of the series as the ostensible good guys and the Reapers remain the villains, though the Asari are depicted as working with the latter and Joker, Shepard and Kaidan Alenko turn out to be traitors, while "The Land Before MRA" portrays the characters from The Land Before Time as all being in the wrong, but clearly far less evil than the other antagonists (though not to Bekie's eyes), and ultimately it's the MRA and Bekie who lose.
  • Heteronormative Crusader: The MRA are pretty much against every form of sexuality except that expressed by white straight males. Which is violent and rapist in nature, making them come across as massive hypocrites as a result.
  • Hypocrite: Pretty much everything Bekie and the MRA do never matches what they preach, particularly in regards of their accusations towards feminism. The most blatant example is Bekie constantly whining about how "slutty" or "whory" the feminists look or act, while she pretty much is a disease-ridden sex toy for all the MRAs by her own initiative (and takes pleasure in doing so!), to the point that she describes herself as a slut. She also goes back and forth whereas women are dressing to skimpily or not, which is rendered moot since she wears clothes even porn stars would never wear.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Pretty much every thought process used by Bekie or the other MRAs doesn't make any sense unless you're some sort of Lovecraftian horror.
  • Kill the God: Attempted towards Isis in the first installment and the other pagan deities in the second one. It doesn't quite go anywhere, though Isis is apparently enslaved and raped by Jesus.
  • Knight Templar: The MRAs accuse the feminists of being this, while they themselves react to anything they deem "immoral" with the most extreme reactions possible, such as murder and rape.
  • Kudzu Plot: Many plot threads are brought up, like the war against Moana or the two attempts to kill deities. They don't get resolved or are so in an anticlimactic manner.
  • Madonna–Whore Complex: One of the most bizarre ones in fiction. Feminists are accused of being "sluts" and "whores", regardless of whereas they're sexually active or not (in fact, at least some appear to be chaste), while the women on the MRA side are pretty much the men's sexual objects. Perhaps it's less "pure" vs "unclean" and more "sexual positive/free" vs "sex slave".
  • Mind Screw: If you're not thoroughly disgusted by the fanfic, you will be certainly confused. The sheer amount of Insane Troll Logic and surrealness can only go so far.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Either that or rape.
  • Offstage Villainy: Anything evil or immoral that the feminists did was surely offscreen, since even the worse things they do onscreen have been in retaliation against the MR As. Even Moana seemingly only waged war after the MRAs declared it against her.
  • Out of Character: For starters the protagonists of Adventure Time and Gravity Falls are violently misogynistic MRAs who don't hesitate to rape and kill women, including their own ally, while Anna is a goth and Saren is a bear stereotype who is apparently jealous of Garrus being Bekie's boyfriend, and it goes very downhill from here.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Bekie and the MR As. They are ridiculously misogynistic, racist, homophobic, religiously intolerant, and cruel to animals, and respond to everything with rape or murder.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: Everything Bekie does or is aligned with is "good" and everything she dislikes is "evil", got it?
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Averted at large, but there are a few probably very intended typos, like misspelling "Olaf" as "Oglaf".
  • Straw Feminist: Aside from the whole "feminism is evil" shtick, most of the feminist antagonists are hilariously over the top stereotypes, like the man-hating, cisscum-spouting Elsa or the Psycho Lesbian Benezia (both of which wearing tuxedos with massive strap ons attached).
  • Stay in the Kitchen: The fate women should have according to Bekie, if they're not busy being raped.
  • Tautological Templar: The MRAs as a whole. It's not exactly clear why they think gender equality or indeed any human rights for everyone else is a bad thing, other than they find it utterly immoral.
  • Tom Swifty: Occurs throughout the series. Some of them include "devilfully", "whorily", "canadianly", and "lesboly".
  • With Us or Against Us: If you're not an MRA, you're a feminist and deserve to die. Even if you're an MRA who does something other MRA hate (like, being an open homosexual), you're still a feminist and deserve to die.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Bekie doesn't seem to have any moral qualms about brutally killing children.

    The Most Men's Rights Activist Fanfic Ever Made 

    MRA Effect 
  • Informed Attribute: Bekie claims that Garrus is her "boyfriend", but A) we never see them interact with each other any differently than with their other teammates, B) they only spent a few hours together, and C) Bekie leaves him to die, and doesn't seem the least bit sad about it.
  • Manly Gay: Soren, who is pretty much a pastiche of every bear stereotype.
  • The Mole: Kaidan Alenko, Shepard and Joker worked for the feminists all along, because the former two are bisexual men and as such never wanted to work with the extremely homophobic MRA in the first place.
  • Psycho Lesbian: Benezia, the whole point of the story being in fact to seduce her. However, she does rape Vega with her strap on, though this could be simply to torture him.

    The Land Before MRA 


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