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  • An Arm and a Leg: The author made a gijinka picture of Mandazawa in which his adult self has suffered a variation in the form of a lost eye.
  • Deleted Scene: The author posted one from her notes as a New Year's gift, detailing one of Jonah's alternate death scenes before his canon death in the story.
  • Disease Bleach: Played With. The author imagined when designing Monster X's Gijinka that if it were humanoid, it would have white hair due to the stress of the first Metamorphosis which formed it.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • One fan-given nickname for Monster X, which the author herself used in the Chapter 9 author notes, is Grahamdorah. Another popular nickname, analogously based on one of Ghidorah's Red Barons, is the Two Who Are One.
    • Though it isn't used In-Universe, San's alternate movie-canon name Kevin is used by the author and some reviewers at times.
    • Speaking of San, the Alternate Self who's been regenerated alongside Ichi and Ni as Ghidorah re-forms From a Single Cell has earned the nickname San-2 since reviewer SyfyGuy2 first used it, to distinguish him from Vivienne's brother.
    • The infant Manda has earned the nickname Baby Noodle.
  • Meaningful Echo: A meta case occurs in Chapter 15, where Susan Graham's words wondering what the last thing they said to Vivienne before the events in Antarctica were. In a deleted scene, Vivienne wondered the exact same thing about Serizawa while mourning his death.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • There are a lot of references to canon All There in the Manual information including Outpost 32's history, Vivienne's Backstory, the King of the Monsters movie novelization's extra material, and the events of the Godzilla: Aftershock comic; in addition to some of the movie end credits' Easter Eggs.
    • The author drew inspiration from the Shin incarnation of Godzilla for Monster X, and it comes across. Driving it further home is that she's named each of Monster X's Metamorphosis Monster forms after Shin Godzilla's respective forms. Even Vivienne's fate forming half of Monster X seems like a reference to the Shin Godzilla theories that the disappeared and presumed-dead scientist has actually been fused into the monster.
    • Chapter 2 features a reference to a Deleted Scene from the 2014 film which was in the novelization.
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    • Ghidorah's influence indirectly making people turn into fanatics devoted to aiding its Omnicidal Maniac quest and being its pawns also happened to the Exif in the AniGoji continuity. What makes it more appropriate is that Jonah and his paramilitary in King of the Monsters were themselves an Adaptational Mundanity rehash of the Xiliens and other Human Aliens in old Toho movies whom the Exif were themselves an adaptation of.
    • In Chapter 5, Tejada mispronounces Ghidorah's name as "Ghidra" before being corrected, referencing real-life long-standing debate about the correct pronunciation of the name.
    • The name of one of Ilene's daughters references the Chen twins' actress, Zhang Ziyi.
    • The human crew of a secluded base who are studying a monster begin acting increasingly erratic due to an alien intelligence's mental influence, and a military team come to investigate. Hmmm... Of course, true to Ghidorah's Adaptational Badassery, it's Ghidorah (or at least its leftover head) causing this.
    • "Mosura ya, Mosura..."
    • There's a recurring Gag towards Godzilla vs. Biollante as of Chapter 8.
    • Mothra in her larval form at one point has to break up a fight between two Hot-Blooded and good-aligned Titans using her silk attack, just like in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.
    • Though it's not ruled out in Godzilla: King of the Monsters that Ghidorah might be a serial Planet Destroyer like in earlier incarnations (as in, if it won and destroyed the Earth it would've then abandoned the planet and flown into space, to find another inhabited world and repeat the apocalypse there), Ghidorah's Mysterious Past in the film creates enough ambiguity that the film's incarnation could be incapable of interstellar travel and technically stranded on Earth for all anyone knows. As of Chapter 10 in this fic, that ambiguity is explicitly put to rest for the fic's continuity.
    • Chapter 10 contains a Mythology Gag towards Ghidorah's role in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, with a bit of reinvention.
    • No prizes for guessing where the Gag with a certain Intrepid Reporter is...
    • Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! also explored the idea of The Assimilator as an undead antagonist made up of tortured formerly-human consciousnesses, although the Many are more Eldritch Abomination than ghostly.
    • Chapter 12 has a Gag to Mechagodzilla's role in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. Creepily enough, that chapter was released five months before the January Godzilla vs. Kong new trailer caused Mechagodzilla theories about the film to skyrocket.
    • A couple Red Barons in this story that weren't mentioned in MonsterVerse canon reference Godzilla: The Planet Eater.
    • There are several references to Atragon in relation to Manda, in Chapter 13.
    • Godzilla is not a stranger to featuring a Ridiculously Cute Baby Kaiju, nor to it being raised by a human (or rather a former-human in Vivienne's case).
    • There's at one point a notable reference to events which were depicted in another MonsterVerse fanfiction by the author; Cocytus. Assuming that a certain specter in Cocytus was indeed Mundane rather than Magic, it might take place in the same continuity as Abraxasthe author herself has entertained this.
  • Production Nickname: The author has nicknamed the Many "Ghidorah-Flood" and has nicknamed their reanimated Manda Mind Hive "Zombie Noodle". Meanwhile, the original Manda's son has yet to be referred to In-Universe as Mandazawa as the author's Tumblr has called him.
  • Thematic Theme Tune: The author has described the music of Heilung as being in-tune with the story's theme, in particular 'Krigsgaldr'.
  • Throw It In!: Thor was an idea that came while the author was in the middle of writing his debut chapter.
  • What Could Have Been: The author revealed she had several, here and in the Archive Of Our Own comments section.
    • The author originally envisioned Monster X's first form as resembling Ghidorah with more western dragon influence, as she explained here.
    • Originally, San and Vivi would've metamorphosed into their second form due to their Heroic RRoD inducing a near-death experience.
    • Vivienne was originally going to attempt suicide in Chapter 5, which San would stop and then get upset due to not understanding why she'd do it.
    • Before throwing in Thor, the author had three ideas for how to kill off Jonah.
    • The author had two ideas for Ghidorah's origin story. The final backstory mainly uses the first idea, though certain elements of the second idea linger.
  • What If?: Not as an actual story, but the author has a couple times discussed what kinds of ripple effects it could create if certain events of the story happened differently, here, here and here.
  • Word of God: The author has a lot of bits under certain tags (not all of them fall under the same tag) on her Tumblr account, plus more in the Archive Of Our Own comments section.
    • Ghidorah identifies as male, but in the sense that it understands the concept of gender and it doesn't really care about it. This appears to be Flip-Flop of God, as Monster X's DNA has male and female chromosomes in Chapter 7, and San emphasizes the gender difference between brothers and sisters in Chapter 10 as if his species are dioecious.
    • Though Thor states in Chapter 13 that his son didn't have a name amongst ancient humans like Thor himself, the author suggested Thor's son's death might have inspired the myths of Magni, and Jörmungandr killing Thor.

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