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From left to right; Bo, Lila, and Ruth

Fast Color is a 2018 drama about Ruth, a young woman whose seizures trigger earthquakes. It is the future in the midwestern US, and rain has not fallen for many years. Ruth is a wanderer, but finally on her way home. One of her seizures draws notice by the police after her seizures cause an earthquake while in a motel. Ruth is desperate to escape attention from them. While on her journey, Ruth runs into a man at a diner, Bill. He offers her a ride and Ruth accepts, but he turns out to be a scientist trying to study her. When he forcibly attempts to draw blood samples from Ruth, she wounds him and escapes, running away in the direction of her old home. There she gets reunited with her mother Bo and daughter Lila, whom Ruth left years ago. Meanwhile, the local sheriff becomes aware that she's back due to Bill getting medical aid, and closes in...


The film was later announced to be continued with a TV series from Amazon.


  • Adult Fear: Ruth's uncontrolled abilities nearly resulted in her baby drowning when they inadvertently flooded the house. It was this that prompted her to leave again.
  • And the Adventure Continues: At the end, Ruth and Lila escape in their truck, on the way to Rome where they'll connect with other hidden women who have superpowers.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Ruth ran away from home due to her uncontrolled abilities, was hooked on drugs and then got pregnant (without knowing who the father is). Then she came home with her daughter Lila, but left again when her powers endangered the baby, becoming a wanderer for years before finally returning.
  • Disappeared Dad: Ruth admits to Lila that because of her drug-addicted youth she's got no clue who Lila's father is. Ellis also appears to have been semi-absent from Ruth's life.
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  • Forbidden Love: Bo's mother tried to stop her from being with Ellis, but by then Bo was pregnant.
  • Mind over Matter: This is the main ability of Bo, Ruth and Lila, along with other women in their family. Bo and Lila both demonstrate an ability to mentally "unmake" objects then put them back together. Ruth can't control hers at all to begin with. At one point, Bo reduces the guns of some government agents to dust.
  • Missing Mom: Ruth left Lila with her mother Bo, feeling unable to care for her as a result of her unstable abilities and drug addiction, the former of which nearly killed Lila. Lila doesn't remember Ruth at all, since this was when she had been an infant.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Ruth, who's the child of a black mother (Bo) and white father (Ellis).
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: The word "superhero" is only said once, when Ruth chides Lila for suggesting they use their powers openly.
    Ruth: We're not superheroes.
  • Redemption in the Rain: Ruth, when she gains control of her powers. Made all the more stronger since she's causing the rain.
  • Take Me Instead: Bo offers herself in place of Ruth and Lila to the government men near the end.
  • They Would Cut You Up: Ruth, Bo and their female ancestors have kept their powers hidden due to fearing that they'd be held captive by the government to experiment on. Other women with abilities are also revealed to live hidden from the world, in Rome and probably elsewhere.

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