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Yeah, she's the franchise's Mascot. And this is the less cuter version of her.
The Japanese have Hello Kitty, the Americans My Little Pony, The Koreans Pucca, and the Brazilians have Monica's Gang. What kind of cute franchise do the Mexicans have?

Enter Distroller!note 

Distoller is a toy, multimedia and product franchise created by the Mexican designer Amparo Serrano (aka Amparin). Trying to describe the whole franchise is somewhat complicated: Let's say Distroller is what you get when you mix Sesame Street with South Park (without most of the Toilet Humor), a PG rated version of Daria (without the mature subjects) and VeggieTales (without going too preachy for Mexican viewers) with LOTS of inspiration from Mexican culture and traditions. Besides, how many toy franchises has as their main mascot The Virgin Mary herself?

Besides the religious undertones, there's many lines of the franchise:

  • Chamoy Y Sus Amiguis: (Chamoy and her Friendies), who tells the adventures of the titular Chamoy and her friends Tinga and Mole, who attends the Catholic school named La Vela Encendida (The Ingnited Candle).
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  • Chiki Hadas: (Lil' Fairies): A line about a quartet of four cute fairies, Basically The Powerpuff Girls AS FAIRIES!
  • Distroller Bar: A Darker and Edgier line geared towards teens and adults, starring Sindi and Armando, a couple of emo teens with lots of serious self-steem problems.

Also, they produced many web-based animated and live-action shorts, one of these is a modern take of the story of the Native Mexican and Catholic saint Juan Diego when the Virgin Mary appeared before him.

You can see those shorts (In Spanish) in their YouTube page here. The franchise's page can be visited here. (Also in Spanish)


This franchise provides examples of:

  • Anachronism Stew: It will be easy to say in the Una Historia Guadalupanisima web short about Juan Diego which things are not out to place for the time period. This is even lampshaded in the short.
  • Darker and Edgier: An almost literal example happens with the Distroller Bar line: Unlike other lines focused towards younger audiences, the Distroller Bar line is geared to mature audiences only. The characters are designed quite different, with darker colors, edgier lines and with a more darker atmosphere. Unlike the other lines for children, Toilet Humor are used more often and it also deals with mature situations like bulimia, unemployment, alcoholism, etc.
  • Edible Theme Naming: All the characters from Chamoy Y sus Amiguis are named after traditional Mexican food.
  • Ms. Imagination: In her own words, Amparin is this and it shows.
  • Gratuitous English: Of the Spanglish variety: Basically almost everyone (even the Virgin Mary) will use more Spanglish than Date Masamune speaking Japanese with bad English. Justified, as the creator is married to an American.
  • Merchandise-Driven: A weird take on this trope. Unlike other multimedia franchises who plays this trope straight, most of the times the whole point is trying to promote a message or a concept, rather than a product. Sometimes they even outright parody this, while selling the product at the same time.
  • Puni Plush: Everyone, including the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and even God!
  • Religious Edutainment: Half of the franchise is based on this, albeit not too exagerated and only in concept.

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