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Trollied is a Brit Com about the employees of a (fictional) supermarket, Valco. The series is set in Warrington, Cheshire. The first season aired on Sky 1 in August and September 2011. A second series aired August to November 2012 with a Christmas Episode airing that December. Series 3 started late August 2013 and will run for 13 episodes. The fourth series started on 3 November 2014 and concluded on 22 December 2014. A fifth series began airing on 2 November 2015 and ended on 14 December 2015. A Christmas special aired on 23 December 2015. A sixth series began airing on 7 November 2016, ending with a Christmas special on 19 December 2016.The employees that the show mainly focuses on are:


  • Gavin (formerly Store Manager, now Area Manager)
  • Julie (formerly Acting Deputy Manager, now permanent Deputy Manager)
  • Andy (Head Butcher)
  • Kieran (Butcher)
  • Sue (Customer Service)
  • Linda (Customer Service)
  • Katie (Checkout operator)
  • Lisa (Checkout operator)
  • Margaret (Store assistant)
  • Leighton (Store assistant)
  • Colin (Store assistant)
  • Neville (formerly Kiosk Assistant, then Checkout Operator, now Butcher)
  • Lorraine (Store Manager)
  • Sharon (Head Baker)
  • Vic (Customer)
  • Richard (Director of Strategy)
  • Dave (Fishmonger)
  • Ray (Fishmonger)
  • Harry (Checkout Operator)
  • Brian (Pharmacist)
  • Anna (Checkout Operator)
  • Rose (Checkout Operator)
  • Daniel (Assistant Store Manager)
  • Charlie (Store Assistant)
  • Cheryl (formerly Lauda Store Manager, now Area Manager)
  • Heather (Store Assistant)
  • Duncan (Pleasure Foods Sales Rep.)
  • Shai (Store Assistant)
  • Holly (Daniel's partner)

This show has examples of:

  • Ambiguously Gay: Andy. But only with a gun to his head of course.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Julie.
  • British Brevity: The first season consists of eight episodes. According to Word of God, the forthcoming second and third seasons will contain thirteen episodes each.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Julie towards Gavin, who is apparently oblivious to her feelings for him, and Kieran and Katie towards each other.
    • Julie finally breaks in the 2013 Christmas Episode when she mistakes Gavin encouraging her to take a new job as asking her out, and they kiss. She later tells everyone at their Christmas Dinner, and runs off crying.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Margaret.
  • Cringe Comedy: Fairly often. Julie's work interview is by far the best example.
  • The Ditz: Leighton.
  • Jerkass: Colin, who is so lazy, rude and unhelpful to customers it's a wonder he managed to get employed at Valco. Julie also falls into this territory on a regular basis.
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  • Offscreen Breakup: Keiran begins Series 3 living with his parents after his divorce with Emma
  • Put on a Bus: Andy and Kieran in Series 3
  • The Pollyanna: Leighton.
  • Too Much Information: Lisa loves this trope.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Kieran and Katie, in spades. The only thing stopping them from getting together is the fact that Kieran already has a girlfriend (and later fiancée), who is incredibly controlling of him.
  • Unsatisfiable Customer: Surprisingly rare considering the setting, but this does pop up occasionally.


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