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Jessica "Jessie" Cave (born 5 May 1987 in London, England) is an English actor who played Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. Before then, she was largely unknown, but got the role of Lavender thanks to her audition, in which she made out with Rupert Grint on a couch. She looked at the script, which wrote Lavender as a ditz, and then played this to the hilt, hamming it up for all to see. The result is an adorably despicable take on Lavender, and fame for Jessie Cave.

Jessie is the creator of a website called Pindippy, which contains art and comedy sketches, some of which feature other former Harry Potter actors. She has also appeared in films and series such as Great Expectations, Wizards vs. Aliens, and Call the Midwife. As of 2016, she is also designing greeting cards, performing stand-up comedy, and raising her four children with her boyfriend, fellow stand-up comedian Alfie Brown. Despite sharing her last name with him, Jessie is not related to Nick Cave.



  • Death by Adaptation: Now you feel bad for laughing at her, don't you?
  • Large Ham
    • She took one look at the script for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, knew exactly what needed to be done, then rolled up her sleeves and charged in with all the ham she could bring and then some. The results, particularly the scene where she visits Ron in the hospital wing after he's been poisoned, are glorious to behold. She owns that scene.
    • Her "dream wedding" monologue.