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Wendy Ward: Adam, do you know what a two-fingered Mexican oil job is?
Adam Rafkin: No.
Wendy Ward: I do. Do you know what a double-knobbed rubber-bottom sex-basket is?
Adam Rafkin: No.
Wendy Ward: I own one, Adam. Adam, have you ever had a Dominican face-hat?
Adam Rafkin: No.
Wendy Ward: Of course you haven't. Cause I'm one of only six people in the world who knows how to do it, and Adam, when you get to page 80 I will do it to you. I'm even gonna throw in the incredibly difficult reverse ceiling squad, which normally requires a permission slip from a cardiologist.

Someone with a lot of sexual experience knows a lot of maneuvers, but doesn't want to go into detail about them, for various reasons, so they refer to them by some name that isn't even remotely descriptive, and often has the name of a place in it, for some reason. Any innocent viewer will remain blissfully ignorant of the meaning of the phrase until someone tells them. Then they tend to wish they hadn't asked. One variation is where an unseen work describes or depicts a particularly bizarre, but nameless act. Another is where an act isn't named, only implied. Whatever the variation, it most likely involves one or two Noodle Implements and the lack of any real detail makes it funnier.

Related to Attack Pattern Alpha. Compare Head-Tiltingly Kinky, a similar way to stimulate (and amuse) the viewer by suggesting something unspeakably erotic but leaving most of the details to their imagination.

And by the way, the punny page namer is the Kama Sutra, not Karma.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In episode 9.5 of DearS, Miu heads over to Takeya's house to check in on Ren, only to find her "Watching porn to study Takeya's preferences in the earthling ways of sex."
    Ren: Holy cow, that looks pretty complicated...
  • In one episode of Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, the girls get their hands on and watch some of Yamato's porn. One girl mentions a move in the movie called the "Sailboat Tea-Grinding Mill", which gets most of the others hot and bothered at the thought of doing this with Yamato.

    Comic Books 
  • Edward Gorey's The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Tale by Ogdred Weary is a Noodle Incident porno, so to speak. "That evening in the library Scylla, one of the guests who had certain anatomical peculiarities, demonstrated the Lithuanian Typewriter." If her anatomical peculiarities are anything like those of her mythological namesake, that would be quite a thing to see...or not. Don't try it at home, unless you have those peculiarities too.
  • Two of Dori Seda's works feature a foursome which looks... difficult.
  • A variation in Gold Digger: In during a dogfight, the appropriately named Ace pulls off an "Inverted Full-Throttle Power Plunge", causing his girlfriend to blush intensely. The Author's Note explains that while said move is actually her favorite maneuver of his, this is the first time she's seen him pull it off in an aircraft.
  • The Incredible Hercules: The "Elvish Tickler". The mere mention of it brings a smirk even to Thor's face.
  • Spider-Man: During the Dave Micheline/Todd McFarlane run on The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), Peter once carried MJ to bed, promising "The Venus Butterfly", a reference to the L.A. Law episode mentioned below.

    Comic Strips 
  • In one of the banned Beetle Bailey strips, Miss Buxley's laying in her bed naked wondering what she would be doing if the man of her dreams was in bed with her at that very moment, falls asleep and wakes up when a sex act that she thinks is too kinky enters her mind a little bit later on:
    Miss Buxley: If the man of my dreams was here right now, what would I do? I wouldn't do THAT!
  • One Star Trek-themed issue of Twisted Toyfare Theatre had Kirk end up in the TNG era and meet Counselor Troi. Whatever was going through his head was enough to piss her off. And she comes from a culture that practices nude weddings.
    Kirk: Sense thoughts, eh? So what am I thinking...?
    Troi: That's — that's disgusting! And impossible!
    Kirk: Not if you use a sawhorse.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm has a Noodle Incident wherein Steve Rogers, still trying to get the hang of laptop computers, accidentally stumbles onto a porn site (he's using one that belongs to Tony Stark, after all). Unable to figure out how to turn it off, he resorts to punching the screen. While complaining that girls should not do such things with cups.
  • In dC/dt≠0 (in Meeting the Town part 4), Prince Morpheus, while reassuring journalists about his relationship with Princess Twilight, mentions that the changelings have detailed knowledge of sex; Princess Celestia messages the latter to ask if they still number their sex positions and to "suggest position number eighty-seven".
  • In "Farce Contact", a Star Trek: Enterprise Parody Fic, while giving doing Vulcan neuropressure on Trip Tucker, Vulcan hottie T'Pol makes reference to the kummthukme posture, the fans'jercoth technique, and the Vulcan Cleavage Meld.
  • In the Massively Multiplayer Crossover Lemon Hotel Fantasia, a Running Gag involves a never-described "78 Position".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • At the start of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin is gung-ho to try out every single position in the Kama Sutra with Vanessa. (One of those positions is actually real, but we shall leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide which one.)
    Austin: Don't you wanna try the "Wheel Barrow", or the "Praying Donkey", or "The Chinese Shag Swing"?
  • Although forgettable in every other way, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo knew what it was and really went to town with this trope, giving us such intrigues as the Mud Pretzel, Turkish Snow Cone, Irish Facial, Filthy Lopez, and Cambodian Creamsicle. The Portuguese Breakfast even became a Running Gag, climaxing with some Comic Sutra almost being demonstrated on-screen!
  • In Easy A, when Brandon asks Olive to pretend that the two of them had sex, he goes through a list of these:
    Brandon: It doesn't have a bonk; it can be anything. It can be an imaginary butterbean, lemonsqueeze, cowbell—
    Olive: I don't know what any of that means.
    Brandon: Well, that's because you're a virgin.
  • Eating Raoul: Mary is reviewing the flood of incoming letters for their fledgling sex-fantasy business. She asks, "What's a Basket Job?" Returns as a Brick Joke later, as one of the swingers at the big party complains vaguely while recounting a half-heard story, "Some Basket Job!"
  • Erotique (1994). In the short film Wonton Soup by director Clara Law, the protagonist is worried that his girlfriend is going to leave him, so consults a Chinese version of the Karma Sutra with such positions as "Man Facing The Tiger". Despite trying them all out on his girlfriend (causing her to break down giggling at one point) she breaks up with him anyway.
  • In Outsourced, a fictional position from the Kama Sutra is featured called "Monkey Pulls The Turnip" which is promptly dubbed impossible by the female lead.
  • In Shanghai Surprise, when Sean Penn visits a famous courtesan, a servant offers him a plate of candies that will "assist him." When Sean argues that he needs no assistance, the servant girl sails into a hilarious rundown of the courtesan's expert maneuvers — immediately upon which Sean starts wolfing down the candies.
    Servant Girl: My mistress is well-schooled in such ceremonial acts as the West Wind, the Wounded Tiger, the Willow Path, the Chair, the Obedient Wife. She has also mastered the Six Long Breath Stimulants, the Eight Shallow Penetrations, the Nine Minor and Eleven Major Positions, as well as the Technique of Passive Acceptance, Forceful Dominance, Contortion, and Mobile Union.

  • Invented on the spot by the dojo master chiding his pupil in Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway: "Is that O-soto-gari? No! It is not! It is a yak making love with a tractor!"
  • In Bridge of Birds, Number Ten Ox describes a sexual encounter in very abstract terms by explaining that the best way for two young people to "become acquainted" is through activities such as Fluttering Butterflies, Hounds by the Ninth Day of Autumn, and Six Doves Beneath the Eaves on a Rainy Day. Partially subverted; the last game mentioned is Phoenix Sporting in the Cinnabar Crevice, which is perfectly evocative of what they are doing if you think about it.
  • In A Brother's Price, Jerin and Cullen look at some erotic pictures that are not described. At one point, Cullen asks "Why would anyone want to put his mouth there?" Jerin is trained in the "Paths of Pleasure" and knows a lot more about such things than Cullen. (As the setting averts STD Immunity, men are required to be chaste until marriage, but Jerin apparently got a very detailed talk from his father and grandfather.) It does lead to a moment when one of his younger wives (as in, child; a man marries every in a family, even if they're not born yet) mentions him doing a magic trick, and a different wife gets a bit worried about which specific "magic" he demonstrated...
  • In Dead Witch Walking, Ivy gives Rachel a copy of a vampire dating guide so she won't accidentally set off Ivy's bloodlust. Rachel makes the mistake of reading it on the bus and being asked about various acts by other bus riders.
    "Oh—my—God. Ivy's book was illustrated. ... Was there a third person in there? And what the hell was that bolted to the wall? ... There were two people. Three if you count the one with the...whatever it was."
  • Discworld:
    • Pyramids, the sweet-natured and possibly even virginal handmaiden Ptraci manages to embarrass hardened pirates with her theoretical knowledge:
      Ptraci defused the situation by grabbing Alfonz's arm as he was serving the pheasant.
      "The Congress of the Friendly Dog and the Two Small Biscuits!" she exclaimed, examining the intricate tattoo. "You hardly ever see that these days. Isn't it well done? You can even make out the yoghurt."
    • Maskerade has a side joke about Nanny Ogg finding King Verence's book on "marital arts" and doodling mustaches on the instructional diagrams, which leads to Verence discreetly asking about where to get false mustaches for himself and Queen Magrat. Also, the details of Nanny Ogg's cookbook The Joye of Snackes are tactfully avoided, although we know that the Bananana Soup Surprise causes men to look thoughtfully at rulers and Strawberry Wobbler "Always gets a laugh" except from Granny Weatherwax.
  • In Dragon Bones, the heroes look at the wall paintings in an ancient temple. Some of them are erotic, and the heroes speculate whether that's even anatomically possible. And "I don't want to be that man when she loses her balance".
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas features a scene in a diner where the 325-pound Samoan lawyer "Dr. Gonzo" writes something on a napkin and surreptitiously hands it to a waitress at a diner. Upon seeing that it says "Backdoor Beauty?", the waitress (apparently a former prostitute) throws a fit.
  • Fortune's Stroke, in the Belisarius series has an un-named book whose contents are never described. Various people, upon glancing at the contents, make remarks along the lines of "maybe you're flexible enough to do that, but me? Not a chance."
  • From Russia with Love. James Bond has a female Soviet agent pinned up against the wall with a chair (to stay out of arm's length of the poisoned needle she's wielding). A French agent enters the room and feigns patriotic outrage that an Englishman has invented "the 70th position".
  • The Iron Dragon's Daughter: Jane gets a man to give her his true name in order to perform a technique that's better than "that thing with the scarf." She actually uses the name to turn him into fuel for Melanthon. And ends up shoving his clothes into a cabinet full of men's clothing, suggesting she's killed many men this way.
  • Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal includes a sequence in India where, while Joshua is learning things like yoga from Melchior the Magi, Biff learns a number of bizarre sexual positions from a prostitute. It's obviously a take on the Kama Sutra, but seeing as the real Kama Sutra doesn't have positions like "The Rhinoceros Balancing a Jelly Donut on its Horn"...
  • Robert Rankin uses these in running gags, a notable example being "taking tea with the parson".
  • The Shadow of the Lion has a position called the "twin Camellias", which involves a footstool and a number of cushions, and "could very well give a man a permanent back injury".
  • A Song of Ice and Fire. Sex Slaves from Yunkai are trained in the way of "the seven sighs and the sixteen seats of pleasure," presumably referring to techniques and positions (or perhaps obscure erogenous zones?) respectively.
  • Polit thriller "Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen" note  by Johannes Mario Simmel. A courtesan of the Upper Ten-Thousand Who Rule The World names a few positions, but when the hero wants to know details, she shrugs it off with "Just the usual complicated perversions".
  • In The Wise Man's Fear, the fae lust spirit Felurian teaches Kvoth such acts as Thousand Hands, Playing Ivy, and Waves Upon Lillies.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Action: Featured in the page quote is former prostitute Wendy asking Adam about a variety of interestingly-named sex terms he's unfamiliar with. Later in the episode, she admits to another character that she made them up.
  • 'Allo 'Allo!: "Ooooh! Shall I bring ze wet celery?"
  • On American Housewife, Katie (who is from Florida) uses the term "third base" instead of "home run" to refer to sexual intercourse because a Florida home run is something else entirely. We never learn what that something is, other than that at least one of the participants has to lean forward at one point.
  • Of the "not named" variety, in Bones: discussing a sex scene in her latest novel, people talk about "page 186", Apparently Hodgins invented it (but even he apparently has no name for it; instead, he simply refers to it as "that thing I do"), did it to Angela, and Angela "suggested" to Brennan that the latter put it in her book. It's apparently quite alluring given how enthused Booth is at Bones' suggestion they try it for themselves and quite satisfying given Daisy's delighted tone as she describes how performing it with Sweets made the neighbors complain.
    • Booth once gave Zach an abriged copy of the Kama Sutra, so he'd stop asking him for advice.
  • "Mexican Halloween" on an episode of Community isn't just a nickname for the Day of the Dead; Chang, Troy, and Jeff all seem to know what it is, while Abed and Annie don't.
  • On one of the first episodes of Conan, Conan asks TBS' Standards and Practices which terms for sex he can use on the air. Among them were the "Tokyo Sandblaster" and "taking grandma to Applebee's."
  • Cowboy Bebop (2021). In "Dog Star Swing", a dominatrix prostitute gripes to Spike and Jet that the bounty they're searching for is too cheap to pay for the "Alabama Anaconda".
  • The Daily Show likes to make references to these (the "Dirty Sanchez", which exists, being a particular favorite).
  • In Dark Matter, the crew find Wendy, a sexbot who offers some unusual sex acts:
    Wendy: Excellent. Would you like me to join? I'm adept at a wide variety of contemporary erotic techniques: quasaring, the infinite moebius, dunking the cosmic donut...
  • Farscape. In "Won't Get Fooled Again", our hero John Crichton is undergoing a Mind Probe, leading to all kinds of bizarre events in his head. At one point John is Strapped to an Operating Table, whereupon the three main female characters appear and offer to fulfill his sexual fantasies.
    Zhann: [dressed as a Dominatrix] I can wear a Freudian slip.
    Aeryn: [dressed in a Naughty Nurse Outfit] I'll find new places to take your temperature.
    Chiana: [dressed as a Sexy Schoolwoman] I can teach you... the left-handed Latvian Rodeo Torture!
  • Frasier: When Sam stops by for a visit he offers Niles some tips on how to wow Maris in bed. He whispers the explanation so the audience only hears Niles' reaction.
    Niles: Exactly where am I supposed to find whipped cream and a car battery at this time of night?
    Sam: You got neighbors, don't ya?
  • In Friends, Monica gives Chandler tips on how to get his girlfriend Kathy (Joey's ex-girlfriend) to "agree" with him. She draws a diagram of a body and gives every erotic zone a number. The diagram is unseen, but the dialogue makes it obvious what some of the numbers are.
    Chandler: Oh, you what, I was looking at it upside-down.
    Rachel: You know, sometimes that helps.
  • Game of Thrones
  • The hedonistic Julian from Ghosts (UK) regularly baffles his fellow ghosts with descriptions of sexual positions such as the "Himalayan Campsite" and the "Norwegian Picnic".
  • In an episode of The Golden Girls, Blanche visits her boyfriend in the hospital. Merely mentioning something called a "Savannah Twister" nearly caused him to flatline.
    • An earlier season episode featured Sophia accidentally renting a porno and playing it on their new VCR. When Dorothy accidentally hits reverse, Blanche looks at the screen and comments on having done something for someone's birthday.
    • When the girls have a nurse living with them to help Sophia recover from a surgery, Blanche comments on how she burst into Blanche's room at 2 in the morning while she was with someone.
      Blanche: I could've lost my balance and chipped a tooth.
      Rose: You think that's annoying? She came into my room last night when I was reenacting the gangplank scene from Peter Pan!
      Dorothy: ...What the hell goes ON at night in this house?!
  • An episode of How I Met Your Mother had this, but since Robin was the center of the discussion, all the names were based around Canada. Read about it at (a service of the Ministry of Health & Wellness).
  • The Jeffersons: Louise and Helen find themselves in an extremely rough bar, and start reading the graffiti on their table:
    Louise: "Roses are red, violets are blue, take off your clothes and I'll..." —Isn't that impossible?
    Helen: Not according to that diagram.
  • The infamous "Venus Butterfly" reference from L.A. Law, which although largely forgotten now, is pretty much the Trope Codifier.
  • Lucifer (2016): In "Stewardess Interruptus" all of Lucifer's former lovers are brought in for questioning after two of them turn up dead. While being interviewed they give abstract descriptions involing several Noodle Implements that Lucifer made creative use of during what each lover describes as "the best night of my life".
    Woman: He even did this thing with a pan flute and a butternut squash.
    Lucifer: (in the viewing room) I was improvising, I didn't have any zucchinis.
    Woman 2: He did this thing with my Tibetan singing pot and artisan honey.
    Lucifer: It's a game I play called "Do I make you horny, honey?"
    Man: ...with some Vaseline and a car battery.
    Lucifer: That was a move I call, "Gentlemen, start your engines." It's bloody brilliant.
  • The Venus Butterfly showed up in My Own Worst Enemy.
  • In the opening scene of one episode of NCIS Bishop looks over the shoulder of her male coworkers and casually states that she had once performed one of the positions depicted in the magazine they're looking at. DiNozzo immediately asks if she's double-jointed.
  • On New Girl, Schmidt suggests to Jess that she do "The Captain" with Nick as part of a revenge plan to break them up. The details are drowned out by Schmidt making a smoothie, but Jess is clearly horrified by what she hears. When she tries it out, she and (especially) Nick are traumatized by the experience.
  • Not an act, but in the first episode of QI Stephen Fry told a story about having to explain to then-Prince Charles what a Prince Albert is.
    Danny Baker: Did you tell him?!
    Stephen: Well I didn't tell him it was a cock ring.
    Danny: Well, what words did you use, then?
    Stephen: I said, "It's a piece of jewelry worn in an intimate area..."
    Danny: And he said, "Oh, a cock ring!"
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Marooned", Lister asks if he can burn Lolita, and Rimmer tells him to "save page 61". Lister looks at it and says, "That's disgusting." — Then he rips it out, puts it in his coat pocket, and chucks the rest of the book in the fire. Though Lolita is a real book, so anyone can read it and find out what's so disgusting (except you'd have to know which edition he had to find the specific page).
  • Russell from Rules of Engagement seems to have an extensive list of these. And Adam, to his horror, discovers that Jen knows what several of these are. And, according to her, Russell is doing the Cincinnati Hat Trick wrong.
  • In Brazilian sitcom Sai de Baixo, Caco and Magda's favorite sex position is the "Legless Kangaroo".
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • An episode featured The Rock as an undercover cop who was dressed up as a drag queen and was promptly picked up by an astonishingly ignorant Leon Phelps, the "Ladies Man". "Helen Franklin" explains why he didn't arrest Leon even after his incessant offers of bizarre sexual acts.
      "Helen": We have a list down at the precinct we go by, and, frankly, the kind of stuff you kept asking me to do, I just hadn't even heard of! I mean, what is an "Alabama Crab Dangler," anyway?!
      Ladies Man: Yeah. Well, it's something that I invented. It's never really been done in practice — right now it's just, you know, theoretical.
    • SNL also has Grady Wilson, who sells homemade instructional tapes demonstrating sexual techniques that are exactly as Fetish Retardant as their ridiculous names imply.
  • Elliot of Scrubs at one point gained a reputation for trampitude. When asked her 10 favorite positions, after the two she knew, she just started naming insects. Apparently "the stinkbug" is quite popular.
  • One of the Smack the Pony dating video sketches features a couple who claim to be familiar with sex acts such as "Upstairs Downstairs", the "Half-Eaten Samosa" and "making the puffin fly".
  • Jerri Blank on Strangers with Candy, in keeping with her "stupid junkie whore" background.
  • 30 Rock does this in passing when the TGS with Tracy Jordan writing team is drafted by Jack to come up with a new name for his mini-microwave:
    Jack: Every one of the names we came up with was offensive in some language, including English, Frank.
    Frank: They knew what a "Hot Richard" was?
  • Torchwood's Jack and Ianto do it with a stopwatch. Naturally, in and out of Slash Fic, the fans have puzzled over how that one works. To measure how long they can last without cumming. Not unheard of, in Britain at least.
  • On the sitcom Two and a Half Men, "Japanese Rain Goggles" is mentioned.
  • On one skit on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Colin Mochrie mimes doing a slide-show (presumably) depicting sexual positions; the first example is something called "Pruning the Hibiscus."

    Tabletop Games 
  • Stormbringer supplement Demon Magic, adventure "The Velvet Circle." The Serpent's Coils (a brothel in Ilmar) has prostitutes who know a Dharijorian love technique called "The Slithering Serpent."
  • Warhammer 40,000 is fond of describing artwork influenced by Slaanesh as portraying people, beasts, and daemons in "blasphemous and improbable" positions.
    Penlan: I don't believe that's possible.
    Ciaphas Cain: It's not, and even if it was it would be against regulations.

  • Thanks to the mists of time, the details of what in Lysistrata is referred to as "crouching like the lioness on the cheese grater" have been lost, but a surviving menu from a Greek brothel shows that it was the most expensive item that could be purchased from a prostitute.

    Urban Legend 
  • There's this story of a guy who gets asked by a buddy whether he knows about the "orange position". Not wanting to admit he doesn't, he says yes. Now he has to find out what the hell it is about. When he asks a co-worker, she slaps him and complains to the boss. When he tells the boss what he asked her, he gets fired. When he asks his SO whether she knows about it, she also slaps him and leaves him. When he goes to a brothel he once frequented, he also gets slapped and banned for life. Then he goes on asking several whores on the street, getting slapped several times. Finally, he finds an older, washed-up prostitute who tells him she knows about the position but doesn't practice it since it's illegal and an affront to human dignity. Completely desperate, he offers her all the money he owns. This makes her change her mind, and she tells him to come up to her room. The staircase leading there is pretty dark, and so she stumbles, falls, and breaks her neck. And now we'll never learn how the orange position works.
  • A similar schoolyard joke did the rounds in the early '70s, only instead of the orange position, the McGuffin was something called "Purple Passion". The gimmick/plot was very much the same: guy wants to know what Purple Passion is (more out of curiosity than anything else), asks several people and gets beaten up by them for daring to sully their ears with the idea, eventually finding someone who is prepared to tell him... but he gets run over by a car while crossing the road in front of her flat. End of story.

    Video Games 
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: The player character can somehow use a few of these in an early Optional Sexual Encounter with the undead scholar Fane, who, lacking flesh or a sense of touch, is mostly just bewildered.
    Fane: It's just-... that thing you did with your tongue. It was... quite unexpected.
    Player Character: *Ah, the Yuthul Gor split. It's one of your more inventive tricks...*
  • In Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, Sigrun, a female dwarf warrior, examines the books in a bookshelf:
    "This one is a Nevarran romance—pretty spicy, too, from the looks of it. What's an Antivan milk sandwich? Oh. Oh, I see. I'll just... put that back."
  • Just short of stated outright in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Haelga, a somewhat...enthusiastic supporter of Dibella, a Love Goddess. She has a letter from a mysterious lover complimenting her on her flexibility while wearing Daedric boots and suggesting that next time the note-writer should bring the trout. Her bedroom tells much the same story—a bed with handcuffs, leather strips, flowers, a horker tusk, a giant jar of honey, a shelf full of stamina potions, both volumes of The Lusty Argonian Maid, and Falmer blood elixir, and a bottle of pure snake oil sold by Brynjolf that supposedly encourages amorousness and improves stamina in bed.
  • In God of War, Brok the dwarf mentions that he's a Persona Non Grata in Alfheim due to a Noodle Incident involving "swearin', and stealin' and fuckin'." In God of War Ragnarök, Brok's brother Sindri elaborates slightly to Kratos and the now-teenage Atreus, specifying that Brok was banned because thanks to him, the elves now know what a "Juicy Nokken" is.
    Atreus: Uh... what's a Juicy-
    Kratos: NO.
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, during an encounter with a sleazy ghost in Dreadsylvania, your adventurer might stumble upon an abandoned bordello advertising a "Dreadsylvania Apricot Twist". The ghost explains "that's like the Apricot Surprise, only the twist is..." before the PC interrupts.
  • Monster Prom has the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson, a legendary sex move which is the subject of one of Polly's secret routes. The route revolves around gathering various Noodle Implementsnote  necessary for the Wilkinson, in order to impress Polly.
  • During the Ho-ing diversions in Saints Row 2, you're given one of these for each segment of each level. They're randomly generated from lists that aren't terribly long.
  • In Saints Row IV one of the audio logs of the Posthumous Character Big Bad Cyrus Temple has him telling the story of his first encounter with Kia. He told about an unforgettable movement called "The Helicopter"

    Web Animation 
  • The first Prostitute Mickey short has Mickey Mouse offer to do a "Fantasia" or a "Steamboat Willie" to his client Joe.
  • In Zone's Skullgirls flash, one of The Announcer's comments (NSFW) is quipping that there isn't a name for the position Filia and Samson are performing and he suggests The Mississippi Mudslide.

  • In It's Walky!, Joyce's parents, being devout Christians, have a copy of the Good Book. And, being the sort of people to have a half-dozen children, also have a copy of the Really Good Book.note 
  • Ménage à 3 approaches this, although there's little attempt to disguise the general nature of what's being discussed or offered. The chief example is the "Swirly-Go-Round", a kissing technique taught to Gary by his gay friend, Dillon, that Gary accidentally discovers translates into spectacularly orgasmic cunnilingus. (Gary's unique mastery of said technique has turned him into a Sex God.) Also, ex-porn star Amber offers Gary the "Amberlux Vacuum", a fellatio technique "never used on camera".
  • Oglaf has Ivan's adventure in the magical all-virgin city of Vanorva. Due to his history of "having sex things done to me" which has left him a Technical Virgin, the people of Vanorva declare him a "slut" and order his arrest. His wanted poster states that he is capable of "combat ejaculation", "self-saucing (7 flavors!)" and "flang". The first print volume included, as a bonus, "Ivan and Navaan's 'Doesn't Count' Kama Sutra".
  • Out There:
  • Questionable Content #3462: Pintsize attempts to claim that Canadian Tire (in reality a Canadian auto-parts and sundries retail chain) is a sex move involving snow chains.
  • In Sabrina Online, when Sabrina and ZigZag (her porn-star boss) are out on a bar together, and a drunk dude starts hassling Sabrina, ZigZag pulls him aside and basically goes "Hey, why don't you and I slip away and *whisper whisper whisper* " resulting in the guy turning beet-red in the head, and escaping in a cloud of embarrassment. When Sabrina (foolishly) asks ZigZag what she was saying to the guy, she merely replies that she suggested some things that were illegal in 37 states and several entire nations.
  • Some of Richard and Anne's bedroom antics in S.S.D.D., as some things their descendant Tessa and her robot boyfriend are into. Though they really don't leave much to the imagination.
  • This strip from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal refers to "reverse triple-sodomy" and "electro-sporking". If the name is anything to go by, it's presumably the latter of those that requires two condoms, a certified induction coil, and a three-inch-thick layer of styrofoam insulation. This strip mostly implies it, though in such copious amounts the practitioners have Seen It All and grown weary of anything approaching normal, but the red button's joke offers an actual example.
    Professor: Honey, I'm feeling amorous.
    Wife: I'll get the waffle iron.
  • xkcd:

    Web Original 
  • The Octopus, as mentioned in Gaijin Smash. Azrael won't describe the act itself, but his ex-girlfriend injured his penis while performing it on him.
  • A fun (albeit NSFW) game to play on Urban Dictionary is to combine any two seemingly innocuous words and see what comes up. 90% of the time, it's someone coming up with a disgusting sex act that, as often as not, involves either bodily fluids/waste, humiliation of the woman, or both. Jezebel calls it "the trusted online compendium for all of those gross terms and phrases you don't know in Cards Against Humanity".

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!:
    • An episode has an off-hand reference to the "Tennessee Logjam", which apparently requires three men, one woman, and a ladder.
    • A sex act called the "Chuck Berry" has been referred to a few times, though they haven't said what it involves.
    • Steve berates Hayley by mentioning her once giving a "Rod Carew" in a parking lot.
    • Principal Lewis apparently invented a sex act called "A Warm Welcome", and started to tell a classroom full of students about how it was performed before stopping his explanation mid-sentence with a claim that none of the kids were "long enough" for it.
  • Blue Eye Samurai. Mention is made of "the Twelve and Twenty Positions" of lovemaking. Akemi's father tells her that a good Japanese wife should know the twelve ways while the twenty is meant for professionals, but she might want to study them all as she's marrying into the shogunate.
  • Bob's Burgers: At a speed-dating session, moderator Linda asks everyone to name their favorite food and favorite sexual angle — Mike the mailman says "Fried green tomatoes" to both; Mort says "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!"
  • In one episode of Family Guy, the family is driving along when they see Peter standing on the curb whoring himself out (literally, as he's dressed as a female prostitute). Lois goes to chew him out, but Peter acts like she's a client, rattling off a list of sex acts he's willing to perform. The one that confuses Lois is "Cleveland Steamer", which Brian starts to helpfully explain, but Peter interrupts because he sees a policeman and pretends to be giving them directions. This one's actually a subversion because the Cleveland Steamer is a real sex act (DO NOT look it up), but in the DVD's audio commentary, the writers assume that the censors thought it was made-up (or had something to do with Cleveland) because they can't imagine how they got away with it otherwise.
  • In The Simpsons episode "O Brother, Where Bart Thou", Bart wants a baby brother, so Milhouse gives him his parents' Kama Sutra instructional DVD to plant in the DVD player in Homer and Marge's room. Their attempt at "Congress of the Crow" results in them screaming loud enough for all the icicles on 742 Evergreen Terrace to fall off, with Homer's arm in a sling and Marge wearing a neck brace the morning after.
    Homer: Your ankle goes there.
    Marge: Uh-huh. Now hand me your neck.
    Homer: And turn that upside-down.
    Marge: Mm-hmm. Swivel that until you hear a grinding noise.
    Homer: Don't look at that!
    Marge: A few more minor adjustments, and...
    Both: (scream)
  • In the South Park episode "Proper Condom Use", the school has decided to teach Sex Ed at all grade levels, and Mr. Garrison is tasked with teaching it in Kindergarten. He goes around the room asking for names of bizarre sexual positions and writing them down on the chalkboard, to ensure that the kindergarteners are all paying attention.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • In the pilot, the Venture boys meet a prostitute in her bedroom. She rattles off a list of services to them before they freak out and run for the hills. Word of God says they were going to be real acts until Moral Guardians told them to change 'em.
    • In the fourth season finale, nearly every character has an idea for what exactly a "Rusty Venture" is, offering a variety of conflicting descriptions, each longer and more detailed than the last, but no consensus is reached as to what it really is. Brock Samson says it's just when you fap so hard your hands turn red, which not only takes care of the Rusty part but also references how long it's been since Rusty's had -ahem- relations.

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