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The Banana Guy himself.

"El Bananero soy ioo."note 
El Bananero every time someone/thing asks about him.

El Bananero (lit. The Banana Guy) is a Uruguayan comedian that is famous in Latin America, making videos for his own website since 2005. He comes from Uruguay, but actually lives in Miami, Florida, where he makes his videos.

Although he had made various other videos in the past, El Bananero became famous for a mock-infomercial for his best-known product: Muñeca Systemnote , an inflatable sex doll that even provides complete home cleaning for you. This video was so successful that it became (and still is) a major referent for Latin American youtubers and comedians. The primary themes in his videos are Sex Comedy (which made YouTube censor his videos and shut down several of his channels), Toilet Humor, and Affectionate Parody of other media, especially in his Trailerazo series, which are Gag Dub Trailer Spoofs of famous movies and franchises.


His official website is here, but most of his content is in Spanish. However, a lot of his fans have made English subtitles for his videos, which can be found by searching YouTube. Though he still has YouTube channels, these are obviously censored versions of his videos — the uncensored ones are available on his website (or, in some cases, have been reuploaded to YouTube by fans).

Known video series by El Bananero

  • Infomercials: One of the first big hits he had and what made him successful, creating fictional products like Muñeca System, Kit MacGyver, Sofanático and Gaytorade.
  • El Bananero vs.: Here El Bananero appears as himself in movies and has to struggle with characters like Batman, Tony Montana, Samara/Sadako and even Santa Claus himself.
  • Trailerazos (lit. "Big Trailers"): Gag Dub parodies of famous movie series like Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga and even some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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  • Noticiero Bananero (lit. "Bananero News"): A News Parody starring Sergio Vergara Telechea, Bananero's blonde alter ego that reports on world news and does interviews with famous celebrities (all with Gag Dub, of course).
  • Putoriales: A Punny portmanteau name using "tutorial" and "puto"note , in which El Bananero teaches you how to use diverse PC programs, all of them downloadable for you to follow his instructions by yourself... you fool.
  • Paul Vazo's Sex Ed Classes: Another alter ego, a bearded professor that teaches sex ed to students. Hilarity Ensues.
  • And apart from these videos he makes a lot of Music Videos, most of them are original songs and others are parodies of existing ones.

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