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Wight in a Wedding Dress

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Till death do us part!

"Brides walk the land cloaked in sorrow, searching for love - the only thing they ever wanted during their lives. Or maybe they're zombies who think they look good in wedding dresses. Either way, BE AFRAID."
— Tour Book description of the Bride, Brütal Legend

A staple of Gothic Horror, ghosts in wedding dresses are common sighting both in fiction and Real Life accounts. Often they are the ghosts of women who have died on their wedding day, forever haunting wherever they died without the satisfaction of saying her vows and consummating the union.

The idea is not just applied to disembodied spirits. Zombies and vampires are also likely to wear them, often stained with gore to emphasize the blasphemy of such unholy abominations wearing clothes meant for a sacred occasion.

Sub-Trope of Incongruously Dressed Zombie, Jacob Marley Apparel and Ethereal White Dress. May be the result of being Widowed at the Wedding. There is some overlap with Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress, though not as much as one might think. If purposefully invoked for real weddings, see Themed Wedding. See also Cute Ghost Girl and Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl.



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    Comic Books 
  • In one issue of Alpha Flight, the team was up against a mutant with the power to raise the dead. But unlike most mutants, her power awakened not only as an adult, but after she herself unexpectedly died, which happened right before her wedding. She was buried in her wedding dress, only to rise from her grave and command a legion of zombies to kidnap her groom and others to finally have her wedding. Alpha Flight rescued the man and the other hostages, but Aurora had a hunch that the only way to get the bride to let go of the mortal coil would be to just let her have her wedding. The groom agrees to it, and she dies for good after finishing her vows.

    Films — Animation 
  • Emily is the titular character of Corpse Bride, having been murdered by the man she tried to elope with. Now a zombie woman dwelling in the Land of the Dead, she awaited the day when she would finally be married. This is eventually fulfilled by the main protagonist Victor, who placed a ring on her skeletal hand confusing it for a branch as he practiced his wedding vows, kicking the plot off.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Day of the Dead (1985), an Incongruously Dressed Zombie that is seen is wearing a wedding dress.
  • During the climax of Beetlejuice, Barbara Maitland is summoned into her wedding dress thanks to Otho's seance-turned-exorcism.
  • Lucy in Bram Stoker's Dracula, after she comes back to life as a vampire is found wearing the white dress she was buried in. Word of God claims that it was deliberately designed to evoke the design of a wedding dress, her subsequent death and vampirization occurs at the same time as when Mina and Jonathan marry in Transylvania. While Mina's wedding dress was designed to fit the Victorian standard to emphasize Mina's modesty, Lucy's costume was meant to emphasize her new lack of humanity, the lace and frills comparable to that of a clown or a lizard.
  • In Insidious, it is revealed that Josh Lambert possesses the same ability to enter The Further, a dark netherworld home to various restless spirits and demons, that his son Dalton has. It is explained that as a child, he was the target of a sinister apparition that took the form of an elderly woman wearing a pitch-black wedding dress simply known as The Bride in Black, who intended on taking over his body. By the end of the first film, in Josh's efforts to bring Dalton back to the real world, his body winds up being possessed by the bride. In the sequel Insidious: Chapter 2, her backstory is expanded upon, revealing him to be a Creepy Crossdresser serial killer who was driven to madness by his abusive mother, his intent to possess the young Josh born from a desire to live a normal childhood.

  • The Epilogue to the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids novel The Time of the Toymaker mentions that classical Victorian ghost Horatio Topper's wife is an equally-classic Lady in White.
  • One of the cases Encyclopedia Brown is called upon to solve is that of a man who bursts into the Brown home late at night, convinced he he has just seen the ghost of Jennifer MacIntosh while camping on the beach. A local legend has it that Jennifer's fiance was lost at sea the night before their wedding 100 years ago, and Jennifer still walks Idaville's beaches in her wedding gown, searching for his body.
  • In Twilight: after becoming a vampire, Rosalie kills her ex-fiance and rapist while wearing a wedding dress. She deliberately invokes this trope to scare him.

    Live-Action TV 

  • Mary Zimmerman's 2007 Metropolitan Opera production of Lucia Di Lammermoor has two examples of this trope. The first is in Act II, when Lucia sings of seeing the ghost of a young woman beckoning her: in this staging, the audience actually sees the apparition, who wears a white dress. Later, in the final scene, the ghost of Lucia herself appears in the same white dress and a wedding veil, beckoning her lover Edgardo, and finally guiding his hand as he stabs himself so they can be Together in Death.

    Theme Parks 
  • One of the most iconic characters from The Haunted Mansion is the Bride. Initially a nameless haunting figure who might have been a Black Widow in the earliest days, she lost the story once her partner, the Hatbox Ghost was removed, and became a lonely, mournful figure. Later on, she was replaced with Constance Hatchaway, who brought back the black widow story in full force. Constance was a beautiful woman who sought to obtain wealth and luxury. She accomplished this by marrying several rich men, including bankers, businessmen, farmers, and barons. However, each was murdered after the wedding by the deadly bride, decapitated with a hatchet so that she could claim their inheritance. Despite her crimes, she was never punished (likely due to lack of evidence), though the public did dub her "The Black Widow Bride". The Paris version of the ride, Phantom Manor, instead features a more developed version of the "lonely bride" story, telling how Melanie Ravenswood lost her suitors and died unmarried. All three versions of the Bride wear their wedding garb when seen in the rides, emphasizing the ways marriage went wrong with each.

    Video Games 
  • Invoked in Bloodborne by Queen Yharnam's attire, which looks like a Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress, symbolizing her backstory as the metaphorical "wife" of an Old One and the failed mother of its child, the stillborn god Mergo. Given how this happened thousands of years before the game, it is also pretty clear that she is not alive anymore in the conventional sense — not that it makes any difference in this universe.
  • Brides in Brütal Legend are a type of support infantry unit of the Drowning Doom faction. They are dressed in wedding gowns and carry around a parasol with a perpetual raincloud that debuffs enemies. While she prefers avoiding fights, she will attack with lightning bolts if provoked.
  • In The Curse of Monkey Island, Guybrush encounters a ghost bride named Minnie in the Goodsoup Crypt on Blood Island. She was left to die of a broken heart by her "schnoobums" LeChuck, who only wanted the diamond from her engagement ring. To help her (and get the engagement band), Guybrush tracks down the corpse of another man who could've convinced Minnie to marriage, Charles DeGoulash. He catapults it over to the crypt, where the lovers reunite and ghost-marry each other.
  • Epic Seven has the Banshee Queen Rubellite (and higher-strength Palette Swap versions in the later Banshee Hunt stages.) With some variants, her outfit more closely resembles a bridal gown, but the overarching design motif is present in all variants. To an extent, the same goes for her (playable) Banshee underlings.
  • Koudelka: A monster called "Mummy Bride" is fought as a boss early in the game. She's most likely the "mad woman" mentioned in the Guard's Diary. She was a merchant's daughter whose hand had been promised to the heir of a wealthy family, but the groom-to-be had a change of heart and abandoned her. She was subsequently locked in the monastery to keep her out of the public eye. The guards cruelly forced to wear her wedding dress until the day she died.
  • Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing has your party move through an outdoor wedding that was interrupted by the Zombie Apocalypse. There's a Witch in a wedding gown sobbing on the altar, but she won't attack if you keep your distance and don't do anything to disturb her... like, say, hitting the switch to start playing the wedding march on a speaker system. There is, naturally, an achievement for doing just that.
  • In Terraria, the Blood Moon brings out armies of the undead to terrorize your town. Survive long enough through a Blood Moon and eventually, you might encounter the Bride and Groom, a pair of zombies in wedding attire. Defeating them allows you to take their clothes for yourself.
  • Eliza from Twisted Wonderland is the ghost of a princess of a fallen kingdom. Her dream of marrying her ideal prince was never fulfilled in life, so every year she and her ghost servants arrive at Night Raven College to search for a suitable living man to be her groom; fittingly, she wears a tattered white bridal gown and a rose crown veil on her head. For bonus points, she's based on the Ghost Bride from The Haunted Mansion, an iconic version of this trope.

    Web Animation 

    Real Life 
  • The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada is a hotel that plays host to various alleged hauntings, one of which is the Bride, the spirit of a young woman who had died on her wedding night and now haunts the halls in her wedding dress.


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