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The Omnicall symbol.

Arkn: Legacy is a continuation of the web-based Arkn Mythos franchise. It launched in the spring of 2017 after the initial cancellation of the Arknthology storyline, with the (now defunct) vlog series Malachi X, and functions as both a sequel and a stand-alone franchise.

Set in Universe X, Legacy revolves around the eternal conflict between the angelic-looking, magic-wielding Arkn and the demon-esque, psychic Dekn. However, the storytelling is a major departure from the rest of the franchise: humankind now lives in a series of universal orbs known as "Seeds"; the Arkn and Dekn are something akin to a secret society, living amongst humans in disguise — and running their own versions of The Mafia, the Yakuza, and multi-dimensional corporations (alongside humans who are "in the know").

In August 2018, Legacy underwent a soft reboot; the lore was retooled to make it more accessible for an audience that might be unfamiliar with The Arknverse. On November 28th that same year, the lore was altered yet again as a new creative team took over, and it was announced that many of Legacy's original creators would be departing to helm an independent franchise, with Penthepoet (one of the co-creators) being the one remaining member from the original team that stayed behind to continue the franchise.


In 2020, Legacy received another minor retooling, as the backstory behind Universe X was scrapped in favor of that laid out in Arkn Unity.

Arkn Legacy provides examples of:

  • Alternate Appearance Aura: Any Arkn or Dekn who enters Ersis (the realm containing the Seeds) must take on a human appearance via a Transmogrification sigil, in order to blend in.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Ryael identifies as non-binary, and presents as both male and female at various times. (Their blog eventually reveals that they're biologically male, and that their birth name was Ryan.)
    • The half-Dekn Bobbie Harper (of the vlog AilingDaydream) is male, but looks and sounds female and is often mistaken for one.
  • Amusement Park of Doom: The setting of the deleted short story Midway King was strongly hinted to be one.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Ethri. It was responsible for evolving the Arkn, it's the source of all magic, and it powers most of U.M.E.E.C.'s technology.
  • Apocalyptic Log: Scenes from the Diary of Ollistra Andelyn seems to be this until she's rescued by Moirah Averil's agency.
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  • The Artifact: The staff known as Gavreel’s Thorn. Formerly owned by Gav’reel Irinith (the ruler of the Arkn monarchy Avantas'Tol), it is said to contain tremendous power, and was rumored to have been carved from the wood of the First Tree (of Universe A). It vanished after Gavreel's murder, and eventually fell into the hands of Franz Faust, his youngest living ancestor.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Ryael's full Arkn name: Eld'strixa Ryael'ayre Sorin Callokure.
    • Franz Faust.
  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: In The Siren's Saga, Andras As'phyxiar serves this function, as the story kicks off with him taunting Shanna about her past encounter with him through Franz Faust's blog. However, Marchosias Aversen is quickly revealed as the true Big Bad of the Siren's Saga.
    • If the Dekn_court01 audio file is anything to go by, it seems that this situation is repeating itself in Staff of the Scholar as well.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: When Faust is captured by Mir'rin, Ryael proves themself to be this. Due to the implications of how murderous they were in their past lives (and the reveal of what exactly Ryael goes through every month when they regain the memories of said lives), they seem to embody this perfectly.
    • If nothing else, Ryael revealing their life as an Eelekti and how murderous they were as the "Hunter of Glass" definitely qualifies them as this trope.
  • Blood Sport: Blood Flags, a game founded by the Dekn Mafia (in collaboration with the Ythen) for the purpose of preventing Arkn/Dekn warfare on Ersis. Arkn, Dekn and half-breeds fight for control over Flags (locations in Ersis), with Rethyc crystals (crystals that can be charged with ethri) awarded for winning. Blood Duels can involve weaponry, and only outright kills are prohibited (though fatal wounds are still permitted). It's very fortunate that the rules are strictly enforced by the Ythen.
  • Blood Magic: Played with: the blood of Arkn contains ethri (and may in fact be a form of liquid Ethri itself),
  • Book Worm: Faust. His title ("The Archivist") says it all: he has a comprehensive knowledge of Arkn and Dekn literature, and is able to point out mistranslations of Arkn literature.
  • Break the Cutie: Many of the characters associated with the Purple Rose arc have this sort of plot. Laurien Adaire begins her plot as a Naïve Everygirl student of magic who sees the best in everyone, but becomes increasingly mentally unstable and physically sick as she gets drawn further into Marchosias's web. Penperin "Mod Hybrid-Tea" Ilsenthe Used to Be a Sweet Kid but is now a hypersexual, obsessive Yandere due to the ways in which her mind has been altered and reconditioned.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": The Earthly realm(s) are called “Ersis” by non-humans. (Faust occasionally struggles to remember to call the realm by its human name on his blog.)
  • Continuity Nod: While Legacy is (currently) designed to be stand-alone, there are still some references to Universe A (now known as “The Old World”) sprinkled throughout:
    • The Hethe "pantheon" is composed entirely of beings who crossed over (or evacuated) from the previous universe: Ced’ric (formerly Cedric Kharon), El'lepagi (Ellpagg Xeth’i’stral), De’ebolus (De’ebo), and Fab’rasi (Fab’ras).
    • Gavreel was killed by Dragonier, Ellpagg’s Dragon Cane sword (which was thereafter known as the “Reignbreaker”).
    • The Arkn and Dekn of Legacy are said to have been deliberately evolved by Fab'rasi and De'ebolus (respectively) in such as way as to recreate the races of those same names from Universe A.
  • Cool Sword: In their Arkn life, Ryael possessed “Reignbreaker”, the legendary sword that killed Gavreel Irinith. It was said to have been capable of changing form based on the preference of the wielder, and to drive men to murder for the longing of it. It was previously Ellpagg's sword, Dragon’ier.
  • Creepy Souvenir: When Faust escapes from Andras's torture, Faust takes Andas's hand and one of his eyes in return. He gives the eye to For'ende as an Inkaal'sen proposal gift.
  • Creepy Child: Many fullblood Risen children are this. They possess unknown supernatural abilities, which they tend to tap into inadvertently — often to disastrous effect.
  • Dark World: The Silulis, a tangible “ghost data” superealm underlying the physical realms. It began forming when .Mainframe created the universe, and has continued expanding ever since, mirroring whatever is created in the physical world. While the Ersian Silulis is a bizarre mashup of Ersian biomes (full of equally bizarre Mix-and-Match Critters), the Lathrym portion of the Silulis is a classic Dark World: a dark, foggy, ghostly “inversion” of the Lathrym, home to all manner of strange lifeforms — including the Silulic Horror. (It’s also the source of the Dekn Psychic Powers: they manipulate inanimate objects in the physical world by moving their “ghost” duplicates in the Silulis.)
  • Death World: The Silulis, again. If a living being stumbles into either portion of it (by going off the edge of a realm or sub-realm), they have only a brief window of time to escape before they fade away into intangible ghost data themselves and become trapped there.
    • The realm isn't much better for native beings. Both parts are occupied by strange, fearful beasts and plant life; the biomes, flora, and fauna of the Ersian Silulis are all bizarre, impossible amalgamations of the ones found on Earth, such that even the cutest animals are likely to kill you. And yet, some Elekti not only manage to live an impressively long lifespan there, but thrive.
  • Decadent Court: The Dekn Court fits this to a tee.
  • Desert Punk: The region of Destrus in the Empyrium provides hints of this: the region was (largely) reduced to a burned-out wasteland by Dekn raids.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Downplayed. All the beings that might be considered Eldritch are basically harmless (and even helpful, at times). The Hethe, rather than the cruel omnipotent beings of Universe A, are lazy, boring hermits with virtually no power. The Silulic Horror and Tatsunga, meanwhile, do nothing aside from granting the Dekn and Arkn their powers.
  • Elective Mute: Ryael. Apparently, sensory overload from autism plays a part.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Several major players in the mythos, including Andras, Marchosias, Vepar, and Nathali, were classmates in college, and quite a few of them were members of the same study group.
  • Eye Scream: When Faust escapes from Andras, he gouges out one of Andras's eyes and takes it with him as a souvenir (which he presents to For'ende as a symbol of their bond of friendship).
  • Foe Romance Subtext: Andras and Marchosias. Full stop. IV Sparrow and Penthepoet confirms that this was the intention, and that Andras is one of three people that Marchosias cares about in a way that goes beyond "What can this person do for me?"
  • Friendship Trinket: In a rather morbid example, Andras's eye acts as a Friendship Trinket for For'ende and Faust.
  • Goo-Goo-Godlike: All final-stage, pure-blood Risen are born "slightly glowing" as a sign of their innate supernatural power.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: While not quite commonplace, half-Arkn and half-Dekn hybrids are not unheard-of. They have the appearance of ordinary humans, and possess supernatural abilities (though said powers aren't as strong as those of full-bloods).
  • Healing Magic Is the Hardest: Subverted; healing magic is considered one of the lesser forms of magic in Universe X (such that even half-breed Arkn can easily harness it).
  • Heterosexual Life-Partner: Faust and 4boy/For'ende Elext. When Faust falls under Andras's Morit'sengr Invokare, it's For'ende that takes care of Faust; For'ende has also stated on several occasions that he "wouldn't know what to do without Faust" and that Faust "means so much to [him]." Their bond is cemented when Faust returns from his two weeks of torture and asks For'ende to be his Inkaal'sen, implying that For'ende is the one that Faust trusts the most.
  • Inside a Computer System: Averted; while Universe X was created by a computer system (similar to that of .Reality from Universe A) and continues to be monitored by it, the known world is a physical one. The only "data realm" now is the Silulis, which exists to "back up" the physical universe.
  • Ki Manipulation: Magic essentially functions like this in ''Legacy'. Arkn charge the ethri (the Life Energy of Tatsuonga) in their blood in order to generate an aura, which they can use to create winglike manifestations, move objects, and produce an energy blast. Half-breed Arkn, while they lack ethri-infused blood, can still channel raw ethri from an external source (normally ethric crystals).
  • Leit Motif: Several examples:
    • Disco music features prominently in Faust’s story. (Namely, disco/funk or disco/funk-inspired songs are reblogged on Faust's blog when a major plot development is happening or a major revelation is coming). One example was that when Faust came back from being tortured by Andras for two weeks and finally returned to posting on the blog, one of the first posts he made on the blog was a reblog of "Redbone." . This was actually Averted when Faust was undergoing the later stages of Morit'sengr Invokare, as Penthepoet stated that they felt it wouldn't fit with Faust's mental state at the time.
    • Similarly, indie folk music is associated with Shanna's character, with her frequently referencing and quoting artists such as Conor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens.
    • Specifically the song "Acolyte" by Slaughter Beach, Dog is associated strongly with Shanna's kidnapping and subsequent brainwashing by Marchosias Aversen.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: All of the animals of the Ersian Silulis. Lamprey-mouthed squirrels, anyone?
  • Morph Weapon: According to legend, Reignbreaker (the sword that killed Gav’reel Irinith) is said to have be capable of changing its form based on the needs of the wielder. The legends are true: it was formerly Ellpagg’s cane sword.
  • Music Magic: The music of Ryael's violin, Ashling Telma, can hypnotize and even kill mortal creatures.
    • Shanna Averil has the power of hypnotic speech; however, her ability is more effective when channeled through a song, especially one of those she writes herself.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: Two of Andras and Marchosias's classmates at the College of Cailedagh'salle are confirmed to be loosely based on Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron.
  • Our Angels Are Different / Our Demons Are Different: In Universe X, the Arkn and Dekn are beings who evolved from the humans of one Seed, via exposure to Ethric energy. As with their Universe A counterparts, however, the similarities to the creatures they resemble — angels and demons, respectively — are merely superficial.
  • Outside Man, Inside Man: Timothée is the Outside Man to Malistrade's Inside Man after leaving the Society of the Purple Rose.
  • Past-Life Memories: Final stage Risen are born with the memories and abilities of all of their previous lives...which they acquire in gradual bursts, accompanied by debilitating headaches (described as "metaphysical seizures") and even spates of Split-Personality Takeover.
  • Patchwork Map: The entirety of the Ersian Silulis. All the biomes are mashups of those on Earth, with the terrain and weather conditions mixed and matched in impossible ways. There are frozen jungles, hurricane-prone deserts, and oceans full of molten lava (just to name a few). And that's not even getting into the animals...
  • Place of Power: The Heart of Ethri. It's a rebooted (emptied out) .Reality core that was taken over by the Hethe Fab’rasi; he expended his energy there, creating Tatsuonga: a living consciousness that gives off an energy known as Ethri, which full-blood Arkn and Dekn (and half-breed Dekn) tap into in order to practice magic.
  • Power Crystal: Super-heated Ethric fluid (see below) leaves behind a crystallized residue known as Ethryc Crystals, which contain Ethric energy. They appear in three forms: Natural Ethric Crystals are pre-charged with (finite) Ethric energy; Rethryc Crystals are empty, and can be charged and re-charged like batteries (but will shatter with extended use); Nullithic Crystals are (true to their name) null, and cannot hold an Ethric charge.
  • Pure Energy: Ethri. It's essentially the Life Energy of Tatsuonga, and can appear in liquid, solid (crystallized) and gaseous (steam) forms.
    • It's heavily implied that Arkn blood itself is a liquid form of ethri.
  • Reincarnate in Another World: Humans will (for reasons that are still uncertain) sometimes reincarnate in the Lathrym as either an Arkn or a Dekn. If they can successfully navigate that lifetime — and then another successful lifetime in the Lathrym as the opposite race — they will be reborn in the Seeds once more. This time as a full-blown Risen (i.e. a human who possesses the memories, skills, powers, and abilities of all their previous lives).
    • Occasionally, a human is accidentally eradicated during a .Mainframe scan; when this happens, their data is instantly downloaded into the Ersian Silulis, in Eelekti form. If they manage to survive there for 100 years (the amount of time it takes for the re-uploading process to be completed), they will rematerialize back in Ersis in one of the Seeds, as either a recreation of their former self or a new human being (and likely be marked as a Risen).
  • Reincarnation: As mentioned above, humans who possess certain characteristics have the chance to become "Risen". They will be reincarnated into lives as an Arkn and a Dekn, then reborn one final time back into the Seeds as a full-blown Risen: a human with the powers of both an Arkn and a Dekn, and the memories, skills and abilities of all of their lives. Currently, there are five known Risen characters: Ryael Morrow, Miriam Magdal, Ancarra Juniper Azure, and Emmanuel Vonn.
  • Revenge by Proxy: The reasoning that Andras gives Shanna before putting Faust under Morit'sengr Invokare, Shanna having been made immune to Morit'sengr Invokare by Marchosias just a few weeks prior.
  • Sentient Cosmic Force: Ethric magic (known as "ethrial manipulation") is practiced by making mental contact with Tatsuonga — an “entity” of sorts formed out of the essence of Fab’ras — and tapping into its energy to charge sigils. However, only full-blooded Arkn (who are born with ethric energy in their blood, which they can "charge" at will) are capable of accessing this power directly; all others must use Rethryc crystals as an ethric "battery" of sorts.
  • Shout-Out: Many, many of these to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in both Staff of the Scholar and The Siren's Saga.
    • And to Dune' Interestingly enough, Marchosias being referred to as a God-Emperor is NOT a Dune shout-out. However, any mention of how he's "too goddamn vain to turn himself into a giant worm" (or variations thereupon) absolutely is.
  • Snake People: The Senas'kare (or Nagiani, as they're commonly known) are a race of intelligent, nomadic snake people.
  • Soft Reboot: After being made closed source in early 2018 (to allow for the lore to be “fixed”, as it was incomplete), Legacy underwent a soft reboot in August of that year. All of the previously released content was been removed or unlisted, allowing for multiple aspects of the lore to be retooled or cut completely. Among the many changes:
    • De'ebolus is now responsible for the creation (evolution) of the Dekn, while Fab'rasi is responsible for the creation of the Arkn.
    • El'lepagi, rather than De'ebolus, is responsible for the existence of Risen. Risen now have four standard lifetimes (with the Eelekti and second human lifetimes being optional), and they're reborn as both Arkn and Dekn (rather than one or the other). The selection process is also far more random: while many individuals marked have achieved amazing feats or exhibit certain qualities (such as extreme bravery or intelligence) in their first life, others are seemingly chosen for no reason at all.
    • Humans are now capable of breathing Aeri (the atmosphere of the Lathrym),
    • Lumeric has been renamed U.M.E.E.C. (Universal Mortal Exploration, Extraction, and Control).