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Even amidst Sword Art Online's massively Broken Base, one thing that nearly everyone can agree on is that the music is absolutely phenomenal.

  • The first OP theme "Crossing Field" (performed by LiSA), and the first ED "Yume Sekai" (performed by Asuna's voice actress, Haruka Tomatsu).
  • The second OP "INNOCENCE" (performed by Eir Aoi) and the second ED "Overfly" (performed by Luna Haruna) might just top the first OP and ED in terms of awesomeness.
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  • In the actual OST, "Swordland", which sounds in the most climactic action moments. It became the most iconic theme of the series, by far. Season 2 features a glorious, faster-paced electric guitar remixed for Gun Gale Online, appropriately named Gunland.
  • Among the many Swordland and Gunland remixes:
    • "Survive the Swordland" is a slow-paced remix, which gives the feeling of Heroic Spirit and the need to persevere.
    • "Aerial Fight", a majestic remix which gives the sense of soaring through the skies.
    • "In Another Land" a very adventurous remix used for the Caliber arc. It's used for all the SAO II episode trailers for post-Phantom Bullet.
    • "Drive Your Way", which is a catchy guitar riff version of Gunland called which plays when Kirito and Sinon drive down a highway on a buggy.
  • "Luminous sword", Asuna's combat theme. This is a classic Kajiura-style theme that fits the main female lead to a T. Mother's Rosario in S2 brings a remix in "Light Your Sword", used for the duel between Asuna and Yuuki.
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  • "Fight!" gives a fast-paced theme used for certain battles. It's not too edgy or urgent, but still thrilling nonetheless.
  • "We Have To Defeat It", a truly impressive climactic piece used during boss battles before the tides are turned in the hero's favor.
  • "False king". Yeah, yeah, make all the "EPIC RAPE MUSIC!" jokes you want. That doesn't make this theme any less awesome! Plus, the theme has its chance to shine, free from the Squick factor, during the scene where Kirito beats Sugou in real life.
  • The second season of Sword Art Online brings us some new music to the table, starting with the first OP "IGNITE" (performed by Eir Aoi) and the first ED, "Startear" (performed by Luna Haruna).
  • The OPs keep being awesome with Season 2's second opening: "Courage", performed once again by Haruka Tomatsu. Same for the ending, Shirushi, again by LiSA.
  • Several of the image songs for the characters:
    • Kirito's image song, "Sword & Soul", illustrates his undying love and dedication to Asuna, as well as the endless challenges he faces but never giving up no matter how hard it is.
    • Asuna's image song, "My Independent Destiny", depicts her internal struggles in the virtual world and her love for Kirito that helps her get through this.
  • She Has to Overcome Her Fear. A fast-paced song with techno-beats, an electric guitar, and a female choir, this song plays first during the moment when Sinon solidifies herself as one of the most badass snipers in existence.
  • You Are Not Alone is the perfect sorrow-filled song that captures the sadness of what is considered to be the biggest Tear Jerker in the series with the death of Yuuki Konno.
  • We can also add "Windia", the opening theme to Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, also performed by Luna Haruna.
  • Ordinal Scale has the main theme "Catch the Moment" performed by LiSA. Also, five songs performed by Sayaka Kanda as Yuna:
  • "The Place We Should Have Reached" is an epic remix of "We Have To Defeat It", fitting as its the Floor 100 Boss of SAO and the toughest boss battle of all.
  • "Let's Join Swords" features one of the most impressive Swordland remixes yet, having the instrumentals and tune of the original Swordland, but the faster pace of Gunland. Fitting as it's a Moment of Awesome for the film with all of the swordsmen and gunmen joining forces to take down the Final Boss.
  • "Thrill, Risk, Heartless", the OP for Fatal Bullet, perfectly captures the futuristic world of guns.
  • "Blazing Bullet" is a duet between Kirito and Sinon and it is simply glorious to the ears. The synchronicity and unity between their VAs while singing is nothing short of amazing.
  • Alicization hasn't missed a beat in the awesome music department:
    • The first opening theme for Alicization ("ADAMAS") is absolutely amazing.
    • Alicazation's second OP, ("RESISTER"), by SAO first-timer ASCA, can give even LiSA a run for her money with its fast paced beat that works perfectly well with the intro's fight sequences.
    • "Iris" by Eir Aoi, the first ending theme for Alicization, a complete opposite to the empowering tone of the opening "ADAMAS", reflecting a sense of melancholy, despair, and a possible hope further empowered by Eir Aoi's orotund voice.
    • War of Underworld's first ending theme, "unlasting" by LiSA, a haunting ballad focused on Alice and the uncertain future she faces. Not to mention that the ED sequence for it looks spectacular, to the point that people who aren't fans of SAO (or even really keep up with the franchise in general) were completely blown away by it. One common praise for it is that it seems to be directed not as a typical anime ending credits sequence, but is far more reminiscent of an experimental music video.
    • The first opening, "Resolution", certainly keeps up with its predecessors. And since it's sung by Haruka Tomatsu, it perfectly captures the feeling of Asuna venturing into Underworld to rescue the love of her life at any cost.
    • Alicization's version of Swordland, dubbed Sacred Swords, more than lives up to its predecessors. Throwing in an ancient fantasy sounding theme with the violin being accompanied by guitars and trumpets. It also brings back a singer chanting which hasn't been done since the original Swordland.
    • "Beginning the Destiny", Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice's Image Song. A beautiful song featuring the trio together that encapsulates the beginning of their journey.
    • "Niji no Kanata Ni", used firstly when Eugeo is brainwashed by Quinella, the second time when he dies. Probably the saddest track on the OST.
  • "Selfrontier" shows that ASCA continues to knock it out of the park with this violin, bass and drum ditty. Bear in mind this is for Rising Steel, a mobile game.

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