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  • What an Idiot!: In the Schick intuition commercial (2003) A woman is in her bathroom, shaving her legs on her sink. She's also trying to talk to her friend or boyfriend on the phone.

  • You'd expect: For this woman not to talk on the phone while shaving. Since she's shaving her legs on the sink. She should just focus on shaving her legs and talk on the phone when she's done.

  • Or at least: Sit down on the toilet to shave her legs. That way, she can talk to her friend or boyfriend on the phone. Without having to worry about keeping her balance.

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  • Instead: She shaves her leg on the sink anyways. Yapping on the phone, laughing what her friend or boyfriend said. Obviously showing she isn't concentrating.

  • Later in the commercial, The woman begins to wobble.

  • You'd expect: For the woman to put down the phone immediately and grab the edge of the sink to save herself from falling. She can clearly see she's having trouble keeping her balance and her phone talking is just making it worse.

  • Instead: She for some idiotic reason, decides to put the razor in her mouth and hold it with her teeth. She still continues to talk on the phone, despite her predicament.

  • You'd then expect: To try and put her foot down. She could still stop herself from falling if she'd just place her foot on the floor.

  • Instead: She stupidly dosen't do this. The woman just tries to regain her balance. She AGAIN, still talks on the phone. Despite the fact her foot is wobbling and is struggling to not fall.

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  • The result: The woman ends up losing her balance, as her foot slips and she ends up falling to the floor hard. Maybe next time, she'll learn not to talk on the phone while shaving her legs on the sink.

  • In the utterly butterly ad, A woman is talking to a customer on the phone. while talking, she notices a biscuit covered in butter.

  • You'd expect: For her to simply ignore it. It's not hers and she's suppose to be helping the customer. Not eating on the job.

  • Instead: The woman reaches for the biscuit anyways. eating it and ignoring the customer she's suppose to be helping.

  • You'd then expect: For the woman to get back to helping out the customer. She got to eat her biscuit. So she should focus on that. Not to mention, it's a bit too far to reach for another.

  • Instead: She tries to reach for another, despite it being out of her reach.

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  • The result: The woman falls off her chair and hits the floor hard. Knocking herself out and costing her and the company she works for a customer.

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