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  • The 2012 April Fools joke, The YouTube Collection
  • Any time you use the auto-captions on a video, especially older ones, you get a Gag Sub of epic proportions. It can get to the point where whatever the audio is, it can change the entire meaning of a series of videos into something completely in the Twilight Zone, such as the cutscenes of a video-game turning into an increasingly melodramatic story about poisonous dinosaur meat giving someone a terminal illness while also buying Christmas decorations.
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  • The custom 500 Internal Server error message, which reads:
    Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. If you see them, show them this information: (some alphanumeric gibberish)
  • Welcome to YouTube!
  • What do you get when you take solid parenting, put it in a mask and give it Christian Bale's voice? BatDad!
  • Me At the Zoo may seem unimpressive at first, but then you realize what the joke was, and it becomes even funnier when you realize that the first ever YouTube video was an overglorified dick joke. Let that sink in.
  • After going years without one, 2019 saw a new April Fools' Day joke. What exactly was it? Announcing controversial updates on Creator Insider. A lot of Corpsing is involved as well.


  • You can find some comedic gems in the comments, much of which are either people who are masquerading as the characters whenever it involves fictional characters, in-character responses, or something that questions sense.
    • Or under a video of an actor being interviewed about one character they played, somebody addressing them as another character they played.
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  • In this video clip of the transformation sequence from The Emperor's New Groove, one commenter responded to Kuzco having a human face with llama ears and neck.
    Forest Spirit? Is that you?
  • This sneak preview clip from Partysaurus Rex in response to a familiar-looking toilet seat cover.
    R.I.P. Sulley, 2001-2012. May he forever warm our butts.
  • This is a video/slideshow about a HUGE snake eating a crocodile. And then there's this completely out-of-place comment, which refers to League of Legends.
    Report Renekton for feeding Cassiopeia..
    He should ward the river.. xD
  • Originally, Vevo used to change the background of YouTube videos to match a promotion of a music video by an artist. This comment refers to a wild Pitbull appearing on a Beastie Boys video.
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  • On a Feast of Fiction recipe for Lembas Bread from The Lord of the Rings:
    It there a way to make this without nuts for those who are allergic?
  • On an upload of a Childish Gambino song:
    donald i love you, but your nose has a camel toe
  • On a video depicting a bong-user blowing smoke rings:
    Those are the souls of the Cheerios he ate this morning.
  • This video is a serious warning about the deadly river of Bolton Strid, a small, placid river which hides an unknown, lethal depth. Of course, for every serious topic, someone will make jokes about it:
    I think you should drop a camera in there, and show the footage live. You know, stream it.
    Make sure you get a camera that doesn't draw a lot of . . . current.
    Ohhhhhhh! 😄 Record at night with a flood light!
    There's just a river of puns here...
    You can bank on it! 😅
    If I miss the live stream, can I download it as a torrent?
    I have a fear of puns. These make me so nervous, I'm DRIPPING in sweat
    You could say, the rate that these puns are coming in is....RAPID
    Aren't those puns a bit washed out by now?
    Well this has rather put us up a creek
    And the puns just keep flowing in


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