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The thing that makes this a "Wiki", as opposed to just a collection of editable pages, is the ability to create "links" between pages.

In the "classic" formatting, a link is created by using a "WikiWord" by placing two or more initially capitalised words together, CamelCase-style (e.g., HomePage). If the page exists, you'll see a link to it; if it doesn't exist yet, you'll see the name in red (like this), which you can then click to create the page. You can get the same effect by putting the WikiWord-to-be between {{curly brackets}}; and if the WikiWord is just a single word, curly brackets are the only way to do it. It is recommended to use CamelCase when possible, and curly brackets only for single-word WikiWords.

WikiWords partially match the URL (page address in browser) of the page they link to. For example, for, "NamespaceGoesHere" is the Namespace, "TitleGoesHere" is the page's name, and "NamespaceGoesHere/TitleGoesHere" make up the WikiWord for Title Goes Here. Placing "Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack" on a page will turn it into The Empire Strikes Back, while for Futurama, curly brackets must be used to make the correct link: either "{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}" or "WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}". Using a period instead of a slash in the wikiword will make the namespace visible: "NamespaceGoesHere.TitleGoesHere" shows up as NamespaceGoesHere.Title Goes Here.

WikiWords without a namespace default to the Main/ namespace, which is where the Tropes are. They don't require being specified in the WikiWord, so "Main/" should be omitted unless absolutely necessary. "BigBad" will link to Big Bad and "{{Filler}}" will link to Filler.

Note that the capitalization is sort of ignored on the linked page: Home Page and Ho Mepage link to the same place. This does not make the latter any less wrong, and has a risk of creating a page with a capitalization error in the URL.

In addition, punctuation doesn't work with WikiWords. It appears automatically if the page has a title with punctuation set up by a mod. See How to Make a Custom Title to request punctuation and nonstandard characters for a title.

See also Text-Formatting Rules for specific details about the format and other ways of linking. Also check "Escape Sequence" there for what to do if you need to use CamelCase without creating a link.