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Administrivia / How to Make a Custom Title

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It seems you need to add some kind of special coding to a title. Fortunately, we no longer need to use the ptitle system, and you can now customize a title to display the title properly. Use this any time you need to change the way a page title looks, such as adding punctuation or altering spacing.

NOTE: The custom title system is only to be used for the following:

  • Adding punctuation (e.g. "Airplane" to "Airplane!")
  • Adding parenthetical disambiguation (e.g. "WorkNameYear" to "Work Name (Year)")
  • Changing spacing (e.g. "Camel Case" to "CamelCase")
  • Changing capitalization (e.g. "Title Of Page" to "Title of Page") note 
  • Adding diacritics (e.g. "Pokemon" to "Pokémon")
  • Changing text to numerals (e.g., "TwoThousandOne" to "2001") note 
  • Removing a "1" or equivalent from a work's retronym, to disambiguate the work page from its medium franchise page (e.g. "WorkName1" to "Work Name", if a page for the Work Name franchise exists)

Never use the custom title system to rename an article to something completely different. We have a separate procedure for that.

First, go to the banner at the top of the page and click "More," then select "WikiWord". You can access and use this menu from any trope or work page on the wiki.

After clicking the "WikiWord" button, you should see the following window. There's a "How this works" button there too, which can help you out.

As you can see, the tool shows you how the wikiword currently appears, any customizations that are already in use, and any that are in the queue to be approved. Now, just enter the custom title you want to use in the Custom Display field. In this case, the title just needs to have a colon placed between "IV" and "Open Season".

Hit "Submit", and you're done! Don't worry about subpages—the custom title will automatically be applied to all pages with the same base title, regardless of namespace.

The new custom title will now show up in a queue for the moderators to approve or decline. If you're not sure whether it's gone through or think they have declined it unexpectedly, wait a while, and then send them a message through the "Report page" function in the Page Info section of the sidebar.

Alternative Title(s): Custom Titler, Custom Title, Adding Punctuation To A Name, Adding Punctuation To Titles, The Custom Title System, How To Create A Custom Title, How To Use Custom Titles