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Flame War detected! Fire the chainsaw!

Not all examples are welcome on this wiki. Some are too contentious; causing arguments whenever they appear in a work's page or whenever there's too many in one place. Some are so ubiquitous, they don't even seem like tropes (but are). Some are Not Safe for Work; banned to keep our sponsors happy (and making our site Family Friendly).

In these cases, an Example Sectionectomy is conducted. It's also known as a No Examples Please page when all but the definition are removed from the page.

Works are handled by The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit, and therefore won't be listed here. Please review that page and 5P if you think that a work's examples should not be allowed on this wiki.


Types of Example Sectionectomy:

  • No Straight Examples, Please: These trope pages restrict certain categories of examples from appearing in the example list. These tropes may be linked anywhere on the wiki, subject to normal Trivia and YMMV banner rulesTrivia and YMMV . Examples in work (sub)pages are subject to the same restrictions given on the trope page. note 
  • Flame Bait: These pages may include a list of examples from works unless the page is also indexed on Definition-Only Pages. These "tropes" may be linked to on indexes and trope descriptions. Do not link to them in any example lists. Do not link to them in any work descriptions. note 
  • No On-Page Examples: These pages may not contain lists of examples from works. These tropes may be linked anywhere on the wiki, including descriptions and example lists. YMMV  Trivia 
  • Definition-Only Pages: These pages may not contain lists of examples from works. These tropes may be used in trope/work descriptions, and may be linked to give context to examples (unless YMMV ), but are not to be listed on work (sub)pages. note 

As an additional point, severely problematic pages may be asked to join Locked Pages or the Permanent Red Link Club.

Non-TV Tropes examples:

  • Wikipedia's "in popular culture" sections were heavily cracked down on at one point as a reaction against "Fancruft" and rampant Entry Pimping, of the kind satirised in this xkcd comicstrip. A lengthy Edit War about how much attention the depiction of Madame de Pompadour in a Doctor Who episode should have received on her page may have contributed.

Alternative Title(s): Example Removal, Example Sectionotomy, No Examples Please


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