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Flame War detected! Fire the chainsaw!

Sometimes, the example section of a page gets bloated. The reasons why vary, but we typically deal with it in one of these ways:

  • Prune the examples: Editors review the example list looking for ones that are poorly written (or off-topic) which can be removed from the page, leaving behind the good examples.
  • Kill it with fire: Delete the entire article as having poor focus. If it's determined that we don't want the page to ever come back in any form either, it joins the Permanent Red Link Club.
  • Create a set of subpages for it: Useful if the page is sufficiently popular, and also sufficiently objective, that deletion is undesirable. (The results may possibly be put under Sugar Wiki or Darth Wiki if not objective, and sufficiently popular and straightforward (e.g., Moment of Awesome, So Bad, It's Horrible).)
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  • Leave the trope where it is, but make the example section a separate page, sometimes on the Sugar Wiki or Darth Wiki.
  • Rename a trope. Sometimes it's the title which can cause the whole mess. See Everything You Wanted to Know About Changing Names for more detail on that front.
  • Cut and prohibit all examples from the page: The course of action for which this page is named — what's left is a readable definition and some scar tissue saying "No examples please. This only defines the term." Everything else goes in the wastebasket.note 
  • Move examples to another wiki entirely. This measure is rarely taken, but it has happened, usually for content that gets too family-unfriendly for our tastes. Examples include Fetish Fuel.

For more detailed reasons behind cutting examples, have this format:

  • Page X: Reason (Additional Notes) — also Permalocked (if it is locked)

Examples of articles deleted entirely:

Examples of articles split into multiple pages:

  • Any page that was on Multipage Tropes back when we listed those.
  • Fridge Logic → now largely located in the Headscratchers namespace → Now combined with other Fridge thoughts in its own section.

Examples of articles cutting and prohibiting examples:

Too Contentious to List Examples (In other words: If we had these, we'd have Internet Backdraft, Edit Wars and Flame Bait — and in many cases, we speak from experience):

Cases of Mary Sue (Its very hotly debated nature on the Internet and This Very Wiki, along with a vague definition makes it excellent kindling for accusations of this. Falls under Too Contentious, above, but constitutes a category of its own as well.):

Content Issues (NSFW tropes and others related):

Too Common To List (Listing these would bloat the entire selection, even with subpages. It will also inevitably result in Signal To Noise Trainwreck regardless of anything):

Too Speculative (Similarly with the Too Common section, these tropes rely too heavily on audience situations, and listing them would result in unwieldy sections):

Fan Speak terms (These tropes define terminology that the audience commonly uses to define attributes or incidents, and this wiki already has its own equivalents to them):

Index Preservation (These pages are only meant to be an index, meaning that indexes will become this by default (unless it allows examples):


Examples of segregated examples:

Examples of Renamed Tropes:

Examples of dumping the examples list on another wiki:

Mixed examples:

  • Mary Sue received somewhat of a 2/4 hybrid, with the article being (almost?) completely re-written and losing all the examples. Though now it seems the new page is a stitched-up combo of the two versions a la Frankenstein's monster... We're not sure what to call it.
  • Logical Fallacies (under its former name You Fail Logic Forever) initially had a spin-off page (Insane Troll Logic) for listing non-specific examples as the page had become rather bloated, and a release valve for non-specific examples was thought desirable (type 5). And then the original page was reorganized so that all the fallacies contained therein were spun off into their own pages (type 3), while the original spin-off had developed through a sort of reverse Trope Decay into a full trope in its own right note .
  • Everything listed in No Real Life Examples, Please! counts as an example of a partial Example Sectionectomy; the scar tissue differs in that it contains "No real life examples, please!" rather than "No examples, please. This only defines the term.", as Real Life is the example subsection most prone to need pruning, for various subtly obvious reasons.
  • Nightmare Fuel was originally High Octane Nightmare Fuel, with Accidental Nightmare Fuel originally being Nightmare Fuel. Needless to say, the change was a little confusing for in-wiki links, but necessary due to people using the trope to describe anything they personally found scary. Even with the name changes, Nightmare Fuel pages for individual works still tended to get bloated with poor examples that just happened to coincide with a single person's fears (it's supposed to be things that are frightening to the entire general population), so the examples were tentatively removed — this sparked a rather large backdraft. Currently, the Nightmare Fuel pages for works operate under what we're calling "Example Lobotomy" rules — examples are allowed, but hyperbole, Purple Prose, and other forms of flowery page-bloating cruft are kept to a strict minimum.

Non-TV Tropes examples:

  • Wikipedia's "in popular culture" sections were heavily cracked down on at one point as a reaction against "Fancruft" and rampant Entry Pimping, of the kind satirised in this xkcd cartoon. A lengthy Edit War about how much attention the depiction of Madame de Pompadour in a Doctor Who episode should have received on her page may have contributed.

Alternative Title(s): Example Removal, Example Sectionotomy, No Examples Please