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Authorized and high-ranking personnel only

Is an article being desecrated repeatedly at an alarming rate? Is it the subject of heavy debate and constant changes? In either case, if these become too much of a problem, then you've probably got a page that needs to be locked by an administrator or moderator until such unproductive tendencies are resolved (which, sadly, almost never happens). This can be a depressing sight on any wiki when a page is in need of Wiki Magic (or attention from grammaticians) — the best option is to try keeping things productive so administrators have to do this as little as possible.

Moderators (listed here) have locking authority on this wiki, and can also edit them to fix problems. To get their attention, post your request on the forum, in the sticky topic about edits and unlocking to locked pages.

There used to be an autolocking system which locked all cut pages to prevent people recreating them. Certain pages that the community has decided upon as not coming back in a million years are put in the Permanent Red Link Club.


Note: If you were directed here when you clicked the "edit" button on an article (even though it had a lock icon instead, you crazy dedicated troper, you), it means the article is locked. Look below for the reason. If you don't see the article in question here, or on Permanent Red Link Club for blank locked articles, ask Ask The Tropers or the sticky topic linked above to add it.

At the moment, the following pages are locked:

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These pages are meant to guide tropers on how to go about editing on the wiki. As such, the pages themselves have no need of examples or definition-tweaking. Some pages must be locked to prevent either from happening. If the pages were locked for different reasons, it will be specifically noted below.

    Comic Book 
    Conspiracy Theories 
Being cleaned - and likely cut - up over Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement violations. The page on COVID-19 theories was also sent to the Permanent Red Link Club for this reason.
    Curb Stomp Battle 
    Darth Wiki 
    Die For Our Ship 
  • DieForOurShip.Inuyasha: Apparently houses one of the most rabid and militant shipping wars of all time. Locking pending cut.
    Fanfic Recs 
    Fan Works 
    Five Man Band 
    Growling Gut 
Due to users constantly undoing Zero-Context Example markup without adding context, the following example subpages for Growling Gut are locked:
    Harsher In Hindsight 
    Idiot Plot 
    Image Links 
    Just For Fun 
  • JustForFun.Chekovs Gun: Lock was carried over from Chekov's Gun, which was locked because people who don't get the joke try to "correct" it.
  • JustForFun.Television Is Trying To Kill Us: Even after being moved to Just For Fun, the page kept attracting diatribes and complaining, culminating into politico-social soapboxing.
  • JustForFun.The Archive Of Bellicose Lexicon Entities: It was a series of articles listing tropers accordingly to their visions on trope naming, images, example lists and the like. Since it was determined that these articles, rather than serving their purpose as fun places for like-minded tropers to associate, were inspiring antagonism and factionalism among our user base, they have been discontinued and all of them now redirect back to that index, which now remains as a means of defining the acronyms only, and is locked to prevent tropers from listing themselves on one of those categories, which they can simply do through their userpages anyway.
    Light Novel 
    Magnificent Bastard 
Pages related to Magnificent Bastard are getting cleaned and locked to prevent further natter, edit wars, and shoehorning. Clean-up thread is in progress.
  • Manga.Lychee Light Club: Was formerly cut and thus autolocked, then restored by 5P which kept the lock under the name Litchi Hikari Club.
The subpages of Complete Monster get cleaned and locked to prevent further natter, edit wars, and shoehorning; unless specified otherwise, if a subpage is locked, it's for that reason.
    Never Live It Down 
    Nightmare Fuel 
  • NightmareFuel.Gen Lock: New show, but already serious misuse of the trope and potential Edit Warring over changes made by the cleanup thread.
  • NightmareFuel.RWBY: Attracted rampant misuse, to the point where most "examples" were simply descriptions of scenes without any detail on why anything in it was actually scary, and any attempt to clean up the page repeatedly resulted in the edits being reverted. Locked to give the cleanup thread a break.
  • NightmareFuel.Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Per request of the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread due to persistent shoehorning.
    Sandbox 3 
    Sugar Wiki 
    Tabletop Game 
  • TabletopGame.FATAL: Trimmed down and locked under content policy. Pervasive objectionable content and confusing math.
Namespace was retired long ago, all leftover pages are supposed to be archives.
    Tear Jerker 
    That One Boss 
Some pages in the Tropers/ namespace are locked because while the namespace is automatically locked, the "locked page" icon automatically links to the edit requests forum thread through this page.
    Useful Notes 
    Video Game 
    Visual Novel 
  • Webcomic.Asperchu: As a satire of the life of Sonichu's author, it had the same problems as the comic i.e it kept attracting bile. Page now has a cleaned-up description and trope list, but was left locked until further notice in 2010.
  • Webcomic.Sonichu: Got way too focused on its creator to a personal, hostile level, to the exclusion of the comic itself. The examples have been edited to just focus on the comic.
  • Webcomic.The Easy Breather: Locked to stop an edit war between the webcomic's author, fans and haters, and because of pervasive nudity in the strip itself.
    Web Video 
    Western Animation 
    What An Idiot 
    Wiki Sandbox 
    You Know That Show 


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