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Some Death Battles end up more one-sided than others. Even in some fights where the combatants seem to be evenly matched in the fight animation, the post-battle analysis sometimes shows that the gap between the combatants is actually a lot bigger.

Warning: Fans of the winner of any given fight are heavily prone to exaggerating the results, making the battle seem more unbalanced than it actually was. Be cautious when editing and take everything you read here with a grain of salt. Also bear in mind that these results are all based on Death Battle's interpretation of how the battle would go and should only reflect just that.


As this page deals with the results of the fights, spoilers will obviously be unmarked.

Death Battle

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  • In general, most battles that have a "fight" against mooks before the actual battle will have the mooks on the receiving end of one, not even landing a single hit on the combatant. This is to make sure that the combatant is in top condition for the fight, without any injuries or noticeable ammo/energy loss. Examples are Battlecat in He-Man vs. Lion-O, Shao Kahn's men in Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison, the Stark Industries guards in Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor, a Gekko in Wolverine vs. Raiden, Slippy in Fox vs. Bucky, Sparx in Crash vs. Spyro, Bane's henchmen in Venom vs. Bane, five Foot Clan ninjas in The Shredder vs. Silver Samurai, Vile, Volt Kraken, and Ultron's drones in Ultron vs. Sigma, Deadpool in Thanos vs. Darkseid, and a white-haired client and a pigeon in Black Widow vs. Widowmaker.
  • Likewise, if mooks that do not fight for either combatant appear in the battle itself, they tend to go down very quickly. Again, this is also a Justified Trope since it would otherwise count as external factors that could influence the fight:
    • The guard in Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu. Ryu and Strider slice through him before the fight begins.
    • The army sent to attack Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Gamera. True to pretty much every Godzilla film, the King of the Monsters quickly walks through them.
    • The Tyrannosaurus rex in Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom. Doom throws Vader towards it to finish him off, and Vader easily slices its head in two with his lightsaber.
    • The zoo animals in Black Panther vs. Batman. While the lions did get a few non-meaningful hits in, they were quickly dispatched by both fighters. The rhinoceros had it even worse, not even landing a proper hit before being grabbed and thrown into the air by T'Challa and unceremoniously punched away.
    • The zombie horde in Leon Kennedy vs. Frank West didn't stand much of a chance at all against both zombie-slayers, and don't even damage either of the two combatants.
    • Dream Land's inhabitants in Kirby vs. Majin Buu. All of them are turned into food and/or eaten (when Kirby does it, he copies their abilities).
     Season 1 
  • The show's very first episode, Samus vs Boba Fett (including the Remastered episode), has Samus come out comfortably on top. Boba Fett might have Strength and Durability, but it's really nothing Samus hadn't dealt with before. Samus clearly had the Speed advantage, and her arsenal was far more diverse and the tech behind her led to stealthy and more powerful damage. Boba Fett's best chance was to use his cunning style as he did with numerous others, but since Samus has had a history of secrecy, Boba Fett would only have his arsenal to back him up, which were simply outclassed by all of Samus advantages.
  • Akuma vs Shang Tsung wasn't much of a fight seeing that Shang Tsung only had his Soul Transformation as his only advantage, while Akuma certainly held all other advantages in the bag really. The only reason Shang lasted as long as he did was because Akuma's honor as a fighter was worth seeing Shang's disguise as worth the trouble.
  • Rogue vs Wonder Woman zig-zags this. Wonder Woman simply outclassed Rogue in all the categories that mattered, except she would have no way of knowing of Rogue's ability of stealing powers from someone else simply by touching her skin, and with Wonder Woman's outfit being very revealing with a lot of open skin, Rogue would undoubtedly be able to touch Wonder Woman at any point, or wait for her to punch her in the face. Once Rogue absorbed enough, it was only a matter of time before she over powered Wonder Woman with her own power, literally.
  • During the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, Leonardo attacks Michelangelo and kills him in seconds. It was noted in the aftermath that Leo went after Mikey because he was the easiest target.
  • Zitz vs. Leonardo was this for Leonardo in the first half of the fight and for Zitz the last half of the fight. In a straight brawl early in the match, Zitz completely overpowered Leo and only took a couple hits. In Leo's home sewer toward the end, Leo completely outmaneuvered Zitz and didn't take a hit.
  • Kratos vs. Spawn was this according to the post-match analysis. Only one of Kratos' many weapons, the Blade of Olympus, could actually harm Spawn (and in the hands of Kratos, boy could it ever hurt Spawn), but with Kratos' mere presence fueling Leetha and Spawn's powers and regeneration, even that became moot. And that's without even counting Spawn's veritable Superpower Lottery that Kratos is not immune to.
  • In Bomberman vs Dig Dug, Dig Dug had complete control of the entire battle given that he could easily just dig through the ground, plus Bomberman's own weapons were just dangerous to him as it is to Dig Dug.
  • In Vegeta vs. Shadow, it becomes clear immediately that Shadow is no match for Vegeta outside his super form, and even while in it, the best his attacks could do was anger Vegeta.
  • While the combatants' respective power-ups were deemed to counter each other out, once they were gone, Mario vs. Sonic (2011) ends up being a stomp. Mario's strength and athleticism were no match for Sonic's insane mobility.
  • Averting this trope is the reason why Harry Potter fought Luke Skywalker (the hosts originally planned on pitting him against Aang, but they decided against it; stating Harry stood no chance).
  • Starscream Vs. Rainbow Dash. Poor Starscream never had a chance. While Starscream's missiles and gatling cannon could have potentially killed Rainbow Dash, his ineptitude combined with Rainbow Dash's speed meant he was never going to hit her. The one weapon that did hit her, his Null Ray, is largely ineffective because not only is it only truly useful against electronics and not living creatures, Rainbow Dash works as a weather manager and deals with lightning strikes on a regular basis, and as such was little more than a pillowslap to her.
  • In Eggman vs. Wily, Metal Sonic is a match for every other robot on the field combined. A Power-Up or two is all he needs to kill most of Wily's forces, but when Wily uses his Roboenza virus, which turns robots into violent traitorous killing machines, to try to turn him to his side, Metal Sonic goes rogue and destroys and absorbs Eggman's entire Egg Fleet, transforms into Metal Overlord, and kills everybody left on the field — Bass, Eggman, Wily; everyone — before turning his attention to what remains of the city that the fight took place in. There's a good reason that he earns himself a Dark Horse Victory and is considered the winner of this fight.
    • In terms of the animation, Eggman's Badniks stood little chance against Wily's more specialized ground forces. In the initial skirmish, Eggman's forces fail to scrap even a single one of Wily's bots while suffering heavy casualties, largely owing to the energy blast negating hard-hats and shields of Wily's Mets and Sniper Joes. It isn't until Eggman calls in his more powerful units that he manages to gain an advantage — and even then, with the exception of Metal Sonic, they're dispatched in short order once Wily's Robot Masters get involved.
    • Even during the duel of the characters that the hosts treated as a joke, Eggman's forces come up short, as Sheep Man has no trouble against Scratch and Grounder, though he's quickly killed off seconds later by Silver Sonic... who is then promptly destroyed in turn by Bass.
  • The Death Battle T-shirt sets a record for fastest kill in Death Battle history against every T-shirt in the world, leaving nothing but a barren wasteland in its wake.
  • Thor VS Raiden is considered by the showrunner to be the absolute worst stomp in Death Battle history, and for good reason. Raiden is unable to land a meaningful blow through the entire course of the battle. Thor only takes as long as he does to kill him because he's not taking it seriously; the moment he gets tired of the situation, he snaps Raiden in half (literally) and flings him into the sun. Lampshaded afterward by Boomstick, and even lampshaded several seasons later when Boomstick questions why they even put Thor up against Raiden the first time.
  • Batman vs Spider-Man ends with Spider-Man stomping Batman. Spider-Man was faster, stronger, and more agile than Batman, but because this situation is no different than what Batman faces on a regular basis, it's not why Spider-Man comes out on top. Rather, it's the Spider-Sense that really does Batman in, since it negates all of Batman's attempts at stealth, countering one of Batman's biggest trump cards. Finally, it's noted that while Batman was not given time to prepare or prior knowledge despite his infamy of always being Crazy-Prepared, as per the rules of Death Battle, they would have had to give Spider-Man the same prep time and knowledge if they did, effectively rendering the point moot.
  • Pikachu vs Blanka ended with Pikachu not standing a chance. Many of Pikachu's attacks wouldn't work on Blanka since he can create his own electricity, plus Pikachu is more used to fighting when Ash is giving him orders to do so, and let's be honest, Blanka survived in the wilderness for years hunting down small animals to survive, Pikachu was no different.
  • During the post-match analysis of Goku vs. Superman, Goku and Superman's limits are calculated. Goku never stood a chance. And this was in a fight that even counted filler and GT. Supes would've — non-fatally — had this in the bag if they didn't count the telekinesis from DBZ filler used to eat the senzu bean after Superman paralyzed Goku early in the fight. To elaborate- Superman outclasses Goku toughness, strength and speed by several orders of magnitude; he can survive multiple supernovas; he can move 6.6 quintillion tons (his maximum potential strength from absorbing solar energy is actually limitless- cut to a scene where he lifts 200 quintillion tons); and he can fly at 17 billion km an hour. Goku can "only" survive up to a 34.7 sextillion megaton explosion (roughly equivalent to an exploding superstar- ie. one large supernova could kill him), "only" lift 160,000 tons; and can "only" fly 2 1/2 billion km an hour. Although Goku could feasibly win with knowledge (eg. teleport Supes to a red sun, or otherwise try and kill Supes when he was weak) that would require Goku both acting dishonourably (ie. out-of-character) and would require giving Superman knowledge of Goku to make it fair (meaning Supes would know to take Goku out early- bare in mind that the Genius Bruiser Supes also greatly outclasses the Idiot Hero Goku in brains). The only thing Goku is better than Supes at is fighting ability, and even then Superman is a trained and experienced fighter in his own right so the gap is not huge. It should be noted that despite all of that Goku is nonetheless one of the most powerful characters in the entire series thus far by a significant margin. This isn't to underplay Goku's strength- he's ridiculously powerful and rivals or surpasses pretty much every other fighter; with a handful of exceptions, he could defeat them all easily and at the same time, Superman is just that much better. If you made Goku a thousand times stronger (literally), Superman would still be better. Superman is the strongest character in the series at time of writing, and Goku gave him a lengthy battle. In summation...
    Wizard: We can compare feats and throw equations around, but in the end, numbers cannot measure what Goku and Superman are capable of. They are both ultimate heroes, solutions to daunting problems, and achievers of the impossible. The difference is at the core of their character. Goku has never been invincible; he has very clear limits and must overcome those limits to solve the problems at hand. That's the whole point. On the other hand, Superman's story is not about the fight to become the best, but of an immigrant facing the challenge of home versus heritage. After accepting his alien side, Superman has reached his full potential, which under the endless power of the sun is essentially limitless. In short, Superman is as strong as he needs to be. So what happens when you pit a man with the power to break any limits against another who has no limits in the first place? Well, only one has limits to give at all.
     Season 2 
  • In He-Man vs. Lion-O, He-Man curb-stomped Lion-O so hard, the animation had him kill Lion-O by accident, despite the fact that he was consciously avoiding killing his opponent and toying around with him a lot more than he should have. You know you've got a mismatch when one of the rules is suspended for a combatant's benefit and he still loses.
  • The post-match analysis of Shao Khan vs. M. Bison shows how much things were in Shao Kahn's favor. Having consumed what the hosts presume (incorrectly - they presume a constant population despite all populations increasing exponentially as time passes) to be over 60 billion souls, literally millenia of experience, and enough usage of brainwashing to become resistant to it are enough for Kahn to overwhelm Bison and his Psycho Power; not to mention that they add that a soul-based fighting style is really inefficient against someone who devours them all the time. The match itself showed just how utterly one-sided it was. There's no point in the match where Kahn felt truly overwhelmed by Bison's attacks. Even after eating a combo into Nightmare Booster and facing Final Bison, which probably would have destroyed any other combatant, Kahn just gets right back up and pummels Bison to death. Heck, when he quips, "Is that your best?", you can hear the disappointment in his voice at how Bison isn't a worthy opponent.
  • While Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare comes down to the wire in a land fight, the same can't be said in the air. The Righteous Indignation is outclassed in every category by the Arwing.
  • Robocop vs. Terminator, as mentioned in the post-fight analysis, is ridiculously stacked in favour of Robocop. The T-800's speed advantage on foot was literally the only category where the Terminator had an edge; everything else went to Robocop. Robocop has a point-for-point counterexample of effortlessly surviving every scenario that the T-800 had been destroyed in. If their weaponry loadouts had been identical, Robocop still would have likely outlasted the T-800, but when the majority of Robocop's weapons are even stronger than the T-800's (with the exception of the plasma rifle, and even then Robocop has canonically endured plasma shots so he could conceivable last long enough to deprive the Terminator of it), there was only one way for the battle to end. Thankfully, a heavy dose of Curb-Stomp Cushion had the fight scene itself look much closer than it was.
  • Luigi vs. Tails ends on the same note as the previous season's Mario vs. Sonic. Luigi only stands a slightly better chance than his brother did in his fight — and he still lost, partly because Tails was somehow a lot stronger and more of a Gadgeteer Genius.
  • In the post-battle rundown of the Pokemon Battle Royale, it's revealed that Venusaur was severely outmatched by its competitors, largely in part to the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors of the Pokemon universe being particularly unkind to him, thanks to Charizard's Fire/Flying typing (both of which are strong against Venusaur's Grass typing, whereas Charizard was only weak to Blastoise's Water and Blastoise was only weak to Venusaur's Grass). When all of the possible outcomes were calculated using Pokemon's mechanics, he only managed a meager 17% chance of victory, just under half of second place's 35%, and just over a third of the eventual winner's 48%. To a lesser extent, Venusaur getting curbstomped by Charizard is ultimately why Charizard also got curbstomped, in turn, by Blastoise, as Venusaur just couldn't survive long enough to do any serious damage to Blastoise, leaving Charizard with an uphill battle against a foe that could tank everything Charizard could throw at him, let alone one with a type advantage.
  • Fulgore vs. Sektor was also one of the shorter battles with Fulgore dominating Sektor in mere seconds once his nuclear reactor was fully charged. Even discounting the reactor's effects on Fulgore's combat ability, however, Fulgore held the advantage in physical strength, durability, and ranged weaponry, leaving Sektor with only superior agility.
  • Godzilla vs. Gamera, after more than half a century of debate, ultimately ended up as a stomp. Godzilla's known as King of the Monsters for a reason, and dwarfs Gamera in size, strength, and durability, leaving superior mobility and strategy as Gamera's only advantages. Gamera couldn't absorb Godzilla's breath attack, as it's made of radiation, not fire, and while Gamera's defeated plenty of Kaiju over his lengthy career, his usual combat strategy of retreating after the initial encounter in order to plan a more effective attack strategy was no use against an opponent who could destroy him from a distance during his escape.
  • Tigerzord vs Gundam Epyon had a clear cut winner. While Tommy and the Tigerzord had the Super Reflexes to keep pace with Epyon's pure speed, Zechs was a trained pilot and with far more experience to Tommy, who was basically drafted into being the pilot of the Tigerzord. The Epyon was also far more stronger and more durable, as with a single swing of it's sword, it destroyed Barge, which was the size 26 thousand foot long space fortress, and survived being in the heart of another exploding space fortress. The Tigerzord was overwhelmed by Rito, a far less powerful being compared to the Epyon, leaving no question that the Epyon could overpower the Tigerzord, and even the Mega Tigerzord has never shown a durability feat of that magnitude. Lastly, the Epyon has tech that allows it to see in the future of nearly everything the Tigerzord can throw at it, rendering the reflex edge null, and given it's impressive strength and weaponry compared to the bulky Tigerzord, Zechs and the Gundam Epyon simply outclassed Tommy and the Tigerzord. The only thing the hosts posit could legitimately threaten Epyon was the Mega Tigerzord's Phoenix Strike, but once again, the future-seeing tech would likely alert Zech's ahead of time and let him avoid and counterattack.
  • The outcome of Ryu vs. Scorpion was effectively a Foregone Conclusion. Ryu's raw power is devastating, to be sure, but ultimately only one move in his arsenal could actually kill Scorpion, his Raging Demon, which he has very little experience with, and even then Scorpion could simply teleport out the way, being a ninja. By contrast, Scorpion could kill Ryu whenever he wanted by dragging him down to the Netherrealm, where Scorpion could get more and more powerful, and from which Ryu had no way to escape. There was also nothing stopping Scorpion from simply teleporting Ryu into some Netherrealm lava and killing him instantly.
  • Deadpool vs. Deathstroke was another fight that ended up essentially being a Foregone Conclusion. While Deathstroke is an incredibly deadly and nearly impossible to kill mercenary in his own right, he simply didn't have the means to put Deadpool down for good. Deadpool's Carbonadium sword, which could disable Healing Factors, up to and including that of Wolverine, was the only weapon in either fighters' arsenals that could land a fatal hit, so while Deathstroke is the more skilled fighter and packed better armour, it was only a matter of time before the wildly unpredictable Deadpool (whose healing factor surpassed Deathstroke's own, rendering his inferior armour moot) emerged victorious.
  • Defied during Kirby vs. Majin Buu. Most fans, even the Kirby ones, expected the little puffball to get vaporized by Buu within the first minute or so, but come the actual fight, he holds his own quite well and even manages to take the win. Oddly enough, this rolls right back around into being played straight. The hosts show in the post-fight analysis that Kirby could easily put a stop to everything Majin Buu could've possibly thrown at him that could've done him serious harm, and has the advantage when it comes to strength, speed and durability, and pretty sizably so. This battle was a Curb-Stomp Battle, alright... Kirby stomped Majin Buu.
  • Guts vs Nightmare zigzags this. While the fight ends with Guts winning, it wasn't a Curb-Stomp Battle in his favor; if anything, Nightmare held the advantages in most categories. However, this is exactly the type of scenario that Guts faces every single day while always coming out on top, which meant that the outcome of this fight would likely not be any different— especially since Guts' Dragonslayer, having bathed in enough demonic blood over the course of Guts' long and bloody career, can destroy enemies in the physical and astral planes of existence, making it exactly the type of weapon necessary to kill Inferno.
  • Ragna vs. Sol Badguy turns out to be a stomp in Sol's favour. Ragna is an impressive fighter, but Sol had him beat in every category, having had centuries more experience, better examples of shrugging off major wounds, a durability feat which proved that he could withstand the soul-draining abilities of Ragna's Azure Grimoire and Bloodscythe, and a strength feat that obliterated a GEAR that was tougher than the Black Beast while only using a fraction of his latent GEAR power. While the fight animation starts out pretty even, the power gap becomes apparent after they both turn on their Superpowered Evil Sides. Ragna becomes the Black Beast and Sol counters by using an even stronger portion (but still nowhere near his maximum potential) of Dragon Install. Sol then one shots the Black Beast with a Gunflame (his weakest attack). Not once during the entire match did Sol ever use any of his Overdrives or Instant Kill attacks against Ragna, though to be fair the same can be said for Ragna not using any of his Distortion Drives or Astral Heat finishers.
  • Gaara vs. Toph ends up on the same token as the above. Although the two start off evenly matched in the fight animation, once Toph starts utilizing her ability to condense sand into stone, Gaara is absolutely destroyed, as while he can reverse the process, it takes him much longer than it does Toph. Toph's ability to sense Gaara's location (due to his Sand Armour), and attacks (Toph can bend sand) didn't hurt matters, giving her plenty of ways to hoist Gaara with his own petard.
  • Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor starts with Lex No Selling everything Iron Man has, but the tides turn slowly as Tony summons new suits to fight in, eventually devastating the Warsuit through the Endo-Sym armor's energy absorption abilities. In other words, the Warsuit completely outclasses Tony's Modular Armor, but is undone similarly by the Endo-Sym's powers, losing the match for Luthor.
  • Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom starts with Vader curb-stomping a Doombot, that much should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows who Doctor Doom is. Less obvious, but just as curb-stompy, is the actual fight between Vader and Doom: the tables swiftly turn on Vader, who finds his Force powers rendered almost useless before Doom. The only reason he was able to land his one good hit was due to Doom's ego getting the best of him and not noticing the lightsaber from behind. Vader has great knowledge and skill with the Force, but Doom has studied more mystical arts than Vader and for longer than Vader's been alive. Also, Doom's armor has stood up to gods while Vader's had several deliberate flaws put into it by his master, Darth Sidious, so as to keep his apprentice from thinking about trying to overthrow him.
  • Zig-zagged with Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher. On paper, it looked like Sam Fisher would have stomped Solid Snake as he seemed to have better overall stealth gear. Sam has more firepower with his modular assault rifle (Snake only carries a pistol), more protective armor (Snake doesn't have bulletproof armor), and EMP grenades (to disable any gear running on electricity like Snake's OctoCamo) while his Multi-Vision Goggles and sticky cameras made it difficult for Snake to hide. However, Snake's Solid Eye, nanomachines (both of which aren't affected by EMP), and physical abilities keeps Sam from getting the drop on Snake, making the fight very evenly matched. What ultimately decides the battle are the close-combat skills of both fighters, which is where Snake has an advantage.
  • The second Goku vs Superman match-up emphasizes again, this time even in the battle itself, rather than just the analysis, how one-sided a fight it really is. Superman takes a couple of hits from SSGSS Goku, even commenting that he felt a couple of them... and then walks through a full-power Super-Saiyan God Super-Saiyan Kamehameha without flinching, grabs Goku and kills him instantly with heat vision to the brain to end the fight.
  • Donkey Kong vs. Knuckles turned out this way. Comparing their feats, Knuckles has the edge in speed and agility, but his strategy for attack is simply to rush in, arms swinging, which plays in DK's favor by keeping in close range. Donkey Kong's strength and durability far outclass Knuckles, leaving Knuckles' speed as his only advantage, an advantage that only goes far when he's that badly outclassed in every other way.
  • Wolverine vs Raiden might seem like a close fight on paper, but in reality, Raiden held almost every important edge in the fight. He displayed greater feats of strength and his blinding speed meant that Wolverine would have to be lucky to even landing a meaningful blow. Wolverine could only have hoped to last long enough for Raiden to run out of fuel, but since he had nothing to combat his strength and speed, not even his notorious healing factor could save him, as Raiden's Murasama happened to be the exact same type of weapon needed to bypass the Adamantium, Wolverine just wasn't capable of doing so.
  • Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki turned out to be rather one-sided in Hercule's favor. While both are meant to be Joke Characters, Hercule has performed legitimate feats of strength and speed that, while inferior to the Z Fighters, is superior to the average fighter like Dan. While Hercule has a fear of Ki Attacks, Dan's Gadouken is incredibly weak and does nothing to hinder Hercule. In addition, Hercule has actually won plenty of fights completely legitimately against other martial artists (such as giving a Curbstomp Battle to Spopovich), whereas Dan's only canonical victory was because his opponent threw the fight. Coupled with Hercule's extremely good luck and Dan's lack of it, it became clear who was going to win.
  • Yang vs. Tifa starts with the fighters on equal footing. Emphasis being on "starts". The longer the fight drags on, the stronger Yang gets thanks to her Semblance, causing the difference in power between her and Tifa to slowly grow over time. While Tifa can comfortably hold her own against Yang at her base-level strength, she's no match for Yang at her strongest— especially after her Limit Breaks, her best chance of bypassing Yang's absurdly powerful defensive Aura and killing her, reset her Premium Heart's own slowly rising strength, all the while giving Yang's Semblance even more of a jump start.
  • Mega Man vs. Astro Boy turned out this way, where Mega Man's variable weapons system and the plethora of weapons it provides was his only real advantage. Astro Boy is a Superman-level Flying Brick, having lifted objects far above Mega Man's established limits and survived being hurled into the sun. Mega Man simply doesn't compare.
  • The long argued Pokemon vs. Digimon turned out to be a really ugly stomp. While Charizard was able to wipe the floor with Agumon and his Mega Evolution could hold his own against Greymon, all of Greymon's later Digievolutions took Charizard to the cleaners because of the ridiculous power gap between all his stages of evolution (Digievolution affects Digimon on an exponential level, rather than the incremental boost Pokemon evolution provides), as well as his stronger relationship with Tai, which is more equal than Charizard and Red's. WarGreymon's anti-dragon weaponry was simply the icing on the cake, and while MegaCharizard X could trade blows with Greymon, the hosts note that MetalGreymon alone would have been enough to crush him.
     Season 3 
  • Dante vs Bayonetta turned out this way; the only edge Bayonetta had against Dante was pure strength, as Dante either equaled or outright overshadowed her in every other way. Dante's weapon cache is twice the size of Bayonetta's, and his Quicksilver technique completely cancelled out Bayonetta's Witch Time, her primary mechanic for turning fights around. While Bayonetta's reaction speed is impressive, Dante's raindrop open space feat proves he'd have no trouble hitting her, plus he accomplished that feat without any of his abilities or styles, while Bayonetta needed her witchtime for hers. Not only that, but Dante is literally Nigh Invulnerable, having survived way more damage than Bayonetta has ever had to, plus the only big finishers Bayonetta had available to her were her Wicked Weaves such as Gomorrah and Madama Butterfly, who although powerful, in the end are just big demons and nothing Dante hasn't been able to kill before without breaking a sweat. At the end of the fight, Dante is no worse for wear— well, he has Bayonetta's katana in his chest, but impalement is nothing new to Dante.
  • Bowser vs. Ganon is an ugly stomp, to the point where Ganon's victory is a Foregone Conclusion. Bowser's power and durability are impressive, but ultimately proved futile, as Ganon can only be killed by specific holy weaponry, which Bowser simply does not possess. While Bowser has survived some incredibly dangerous situations over the course of his career, he had been Killed Off for Real by comparatively mundane means in his home canon, and as such it was only a matter of time before the effectively immortal Ganon and his superior magical arsenal landed a fatal blow.
  • While the fight starts out fairly even, Ratchet & Clank vs. Jak & Daxter ends up strongly in favour of the former duo. Ratchet outclassed his opponent in defensive and healing options, Clank dominated Daxter in terms of usefulness, and their combined arsenal totally eclipsed everything Jak and Daxter had, excluding Jak's super forms, which have very strict time limits. While Jak still has eco, he can keep up with anything the spacefaring commandos can throw at him, but once he runs dry...
  • Flash vs Quicksilver is among the most brutal stomps in the show's history. Both heroes are fast, but the Flash eclipses Quicksilver in almost every way by massive margins. Flash's top speed has been clocked at over 10 times that of Quicksilver, but more importantly, while Quicksilver can think 500,000 times faster than that of an average man, Flash utterly demolishes him by thinking in the TRILLIONS of times faster, giving him the ability to predict and react to any action Quicksilver could take much sooner than Quicksilver could even consider it, rendering his formal training, which is the only thing he has over Flash, completely moot. Flash's ability to drag his opponent into the Speed Force and fight them there to gain a home-field advantage only adds to the utter domination. The Infinite Mass Punch wasn't even needed for this one.
  • Joker vs Sweet Tooth zig-zags this. Joker was definitely outclassed in terms of power, and the Jokermobile is completely dwarfed by the Sweet Tooth, but ultimately his Joker Venom, which has taken out the entire Justice League (including the aforementioned Superman) turned this fight into a no-contest. It was a reliable way to kill Needles instantly, and Joker's enough of a Manipulative Bastard to give himself the chance to do it, especially with Needles' history of being manipulated.
  • Mewtwo VS Shadow might very well be the worst Curb-Stomp Battle in the series. Mewtwo spent the majority of the battle stonewalling and/or deflecting almost every single attack Shadow threw at him, and wipes him out with very little visible effort on his part. Even Shadow's nearly invulnerable Super Mode proved useless in this fight, as Mewtwo proves able to wipe his memories and simply wait out the clock. If that weren't painful enough, the entire battle doesn't even last two minutes (Though, to be fair, this wasn't exactly the reason why). Making things worse, or better depending on how you look at it, is the analysis at the end stating Shadow did have the advantage in pure speed and power. In an ordinary fight, he probably would have won. Mewtwo's psychic abilities just gave him that much of an advantage since Shadow, even while Super, has basically zero protection against mind control, which Mewtwo could have used at any moment.
  • Cammy vs Sonya ends decisively in Sonya's favour. Cammy had the superior speed and has tanked punches that have killed elephants, but Sonya eclipsed her in tactics and experience, packed a much more powerful offensive arsenal, and was strong enough to shatter steel anvils with her bare hands, a feat that rendered Cammy's defensive strength meaningless. Cammy's agility, while impressive, just couldn't hold up to Sonya's ability to attack from virtually any angle, and from multiple angles at once. To add insult to injury, Sonya has defeated opponents much more powerful than Cammy, and even done so back-to-back.
  • Continuing the trend, Tracer vs. Scout is yet another one-sided affair. It's true that Scout can run 17 miles per hour for an extended period, but this isn't too impressive considering that a fairly fit human could manage 15 MPH; Tracer on the other hand can react to a bullet being fired at her from 30 metres away, a feat which would require her to react 25 times faster than the average human. This would make hitting Tracer next to impossible, and worse, her Recall ability would allow her to mend any hit she did take and nullify his element of surprise in the process. In the fight animation itself, the only time Scout could even land a blow on Tracer was when her Chronal Accelerator overheated, which meant Scout could only keep up when Tracer was at her most vulnerable.
  • The hosts don't mince any words when explaining why Ken vs. Terry ended the way it did. Terry won because he was simply packing more power than Ken could handle. This is evidenced by their respective records: Ken's greatest solo victories came from fighting incredibly strong pro wrestlers and experienced assassins, but Terry took on Mars, the Roman God of War, and came out on top. Not much more elaboration is needed. Another, more understated reflection of this can be found in the characters' feats. Ken has knocked out a bull in one hit, sent a full-sized man flying 15 feet with a single punch while badly injured, and managed to survive a 100-foot fall. Terry, however, has managed to smash steel I-beams with his fists, one-shot a building while standing on top of it and badly injured, and even survive/walk away from the inevitable multi-story fall to the ground after said building collapsed. The difference between the former and the latter doesn't need to be measured.
  • Amy Rose Vs. Ramona Flowers ended up being almost a Foregone Conclusion. Despite possessing greater intelligence and level headedness and a potential trump-card in her subspace bag, Ramona was absurdly outclassed by Amy in every other area. Best seen when Ramona pulls Amy into her bag, giving herself a potentially crushing advantage. She sends all her emotional clones against Amy and begins walking away...only for Amy to one shot all the clones at once before attacking Ramona and smashing her bag, ending any chance Ramona had of winning. You know you're in trouble when your opponent can curb-stomp you in your own mind.
  • Hulk vs Doomsday zig-zags this. While this looks like one of the closest fights in Death Battle history on paper, and a true battle between an unstoppable force and an immovable object, a closer look shows this fight ends up technically as a Foregone Conclusion. While Hulk is a virtually unstoppable force of nature, Doomsday's raw durability meant that Bruce could only delay the inevitable. Doomsday has not only tanked hits from the likes of Superman, but the nature of his resurrective adaptability meant that he could not be killed by any of the methods that the Hulk had reliable access to. Meanwhile, Bruce has taken hits from opponents that are equal to or weaker than Doomsday that have rendered him unable to maintain his Hulk form, which also negates his Healing Factor. This meant that Doomsday would inevitably outlast the Hulk, eventually burn out his healing factor, and kill him.
  • Ultimately Zoro vs Erza turned out like this in a manner similar to Mega Man vs. Astro Boy. Erza's simply out of her depth: Zoro's multiple times faster than she can react to, packing more power by an order of magnitude (and packing a feat that places his offensive abilities several thousand times greater than Erza's defensive capabilities), and far tougher. Erza's advantages in ranged combat and the unpredictable nature of her magic aren't nearly enough to close the massive gap between them.
     Season 4 
  • Despite being an even fight from a glance Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake turned out to be fairly one-sided in Lara's favor. While they have both performed impressive feats of strength, agility, and endurance, upon close analysis, Lara outclassed Nate in every category but jumping distance. Best shown when comparing two different injuries; Lara not only survived falling into a rebar from around twenty feet, but cauterized the wound with a red hot arrowhead and still managed to survive on an island where everything was trying to kill her for days, before she had any formal training and experience. Meanwhile, Nate took a bullet to the same area while in the Himalayas and although he lasted for longer than most would have, he eventually passed out and would have died if not for the fact that some nearby monks nursed him back to health. Also, while they're both experienced combatants with natural skill in both hand-to-hand combat and wielding firearms, Lara had extensive formal training in both, while Nathan was mostly self-taught with a little help from his mentor, and largely survived due to sheer luck. To Nate's credit, most of the categories he lost in were, for the most part, by moderately slim margins, especially compared to most examples on this page— but unfortunately for him, the sum of all those little losses added up to a decisive victory for his opponent.

  • Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight turned out to be a horrific stomp. Shovel Knight just didn't stand a chance against an opponent who eclipsed him in terms of strength, speed, durability, and weaponry several times over. While Shovel Knight's no slouch in any of these departments, Scrooge has managed to tear apart a steamboat with his bare hands (while chained up), row a boat at a speed of over 14000 rows per minute, survived getting dragged through a minefield, and to top it all off, he possesses a pair of laser guns that rewrite the very laws of physics on their unfortunate victims. Interestingly, the fight animation depicts a Curbstomp Battle in favor of the opposite side up until the very end. Shovel Knight consistently holds the Advantage Ball from the moment the fight starts, to the point that he doesn't seem to even need his Relics. The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown continues until Scrooge brings out his ray guns, swiftly turning the tables on Shovel Knight.
  • Venom vs. Bane is an ugly one. Venom had the advantage in almost every way, and by massive margins. His strength in a weakened state eclipses Bane at his strongest nearly seven times over (and the hosts note that's a very conservative estimate), and while they both had tanked hits from Superman-tier opponents (Venom from the Hulk, Bane from Batman after he had absorbed Superman's power), Venom's healing factor gave him an edge here too. Combined with Venom being capable of reaching double the speed of sound and Bane lacking a way to exploit the symbiote's weaknesses, there's only one way this could end. Venom spends most of the fight laughing at Bane.
  • After years of debate, Power Rangers vs. Voltron ended up as a pretty brutal stomp. Though it still put up a fight worthy of song, the Megazord was utterly outclassed by Voltron in almost every way. While the Megazord had the edge in close-combat due to the Rangers' martial arts training, Voltron was over five times stronger and packed a much deadlier arsenal, especially at a distance, and the massive speed advantage that it held gave it no shortage of chances to take advantage of it. Combined with being able to survive a gravitational pull that could tear planets apart, which even the Thunder-Megazord, a more powerful version of the Megazord, couldn't remotely survive, Voltron held the advantage in almost every category that mattered. Even the Megazord's Power Sword, usually their ace-in-the-hole, could only at best let them maintain a stalemate with Voltron.
  • Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel ended up being pretty decisive. Captain Marvel is fast, strong and tough, but Android 18 is in a whole different weight class in almost every regard. 18 is almost 1.7x faster than her opponent, almost ten times stronger, and while the good Captain could absorb her energy attacks to get stronger, so could she, with the difference being that her superior physical strength at base power meant she didn't need to resort to attacks that would supercharge Captain Marvel. Even if 18 didn't catch on to Captain Marvel's power absorption abilities before she had absorbed enough power to reach Binary form, her raw endurance greatly eclipsed that of her adversary, meaning that the Captain could only delay the inevitable. Ben would later release an official correction to address a handful of oversights that the research team had made in the original video— but rather than making the fight closer, or changing the outcome, the correction actually made the outcome even more of a stomp than originally depicted. Android 18 might not have been canonically able to absorb Captain Marvel's energy attacks after all, but she's also faster than Death Battle originally gave her credit for by an order of magnitude, meaning that 18 was not only even more capable of ending the fight before Binary became a factor, but even if it came into play, she'd be even more physically suited to take her adversary down before the Captain wore down her superior endurance.
  • Metal Sonic vs. Zero wasn't remotely close. Zero was simply out of Metal Sonic's league. While Metal is capable of keeping up with Sonic, he's still eight times slower than Mega Man is capable of reacting to, and Zero was designed to surpass Mega Man in literally every way. His inferior copy of Shadow's Chaos Control, which would have been his best chance to even the odds, paled in comparison to Zero's myriad time stopping powers. Most damning of all, however, is Zero's ridiculous durability, as he once survived an explosion comparable to the meteor impact that is believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs, which outclasses not only Metal's own impressive durability by a country mile, but his greatest offensive feats too. When one side is outclassed in literally every way, to the point where whether the losing party's ability to even KILL his opponent in a best case scenario is brought into question, you know you have a mismatch on your hands.
  • Shredder vs Silver Samurai starts out as an evenly-matched battle until Oroku brings out the Mutagen to transform into Super Shredder. After that, the battle quickly turns in Shredder's favour, knocking around Harada like a ragdoll before eventually chopping off the Samurai's arm and impaling him through the head with his own sword. The hosts even noted that Shredder held the crucial speed advantage, and while Silver Samurai had better armor and strength feats than normal Shredder, said armor had easily exploitable weak points and Harada's strength and armor were no match for Super Shredder's ability to casually toss oil tankers around.
  • Smokey Bear vs. McGruff the Crime Dog may be one of the goofiest battles of the series, but the fight ends with a surprisingly one-sided result. McGruff's only advantages were being faster and harder to hit. Smokey, being a bear, held the rest of the physical advantages, and his powers were far more potent than McGruff's tools and abilities. The Circle of Respect, a monster truck, and a time stop that prevents you from interacting with the frozen world can't hold a candle to a time stop that doesn't stop you from manipulating your surroundings and the ability to enlarge yourself to the size of a mountain. Small wonder that the fight ends with Smokey squashing McGruff - and his monster truck - like a bug while spending the fight treating the bloodhound like little more than an inconvenience.
  • Thor vs. Wonder Woman was a fight between two godly beings, but when the dust settled, one combatant was proven to considerably dwarf the other. Wonder Woman had Thor licked in almost every category, being nearly 8000 times stronger and significantly faster. While their experience was about even, and their equipment was similar in power, Wonder Woman's Sword of Athena was a better fit for fighting Thor than Mjollnir was for fighting her, as the atom-cutting power of her blade was more than enough to bypass Thor's superior durability, whereas Mjollnir, a blunt weapon, couldn't take advantage of Diana's weakness to piercing weapons. This is showcased in the fight itself; once Wonder Woman saw fit to remove her Bracelets of Submission and fight at her full potential, she was capable of killing the God of Thunder in a single blow.
  • Naruto vs Ichigo, despite being one of the most requested match-ups that Death Battle had received, turned out to be one of the series' ugliest stomps to date. While both of them had the determination to win, Ichigo literally only held speed as his advantage, and was outclassed by Naruto in every other way. His durability was superior to anything Ichigo could put out, he held superior destructive capabilities and was far more versatile. Combine that with the fact that Ichigo's primary trump card, Mugetsu, was not enough to bring Naruto down and was very much a Death-or-Glory Attack (What with losing his powers after use) and it just became abundantly clear that Ichigo had no hope of winning. The hosts even went so far as to give Ichigo the benefit of the doubt and granting him the full multiplier all his powered-up forms could possibly give him, and even compounded the multipliers together to calculate the fullest potential of his abilities (with the hosts acknowledging that, for reasons that were revealed moments later, they were greatly overestimating him); and yet, even that was not enough for him to pull together a win— and the hosts even note that these calculations were in comparison against base-form Naruto, before any of his super forms were factored in. In other words, Ichigo at his strongest couldn't even surpass Naruto's baseline strengths.
    • Ichigo's other opponent was going to be Yusuke Urameshi, but if Sasuke vs Hiei shows us anything, Yusuke would have thoroughly defeated Ichigo due to Hiei, his equal, defeating Sasuke, who was Naruto's equal.
     Season 5 
  • Black Panther vs. Batman was, effectively, a Foregone Conclusion thanks to the disparity in equipment. While Batman has defeated opponents stronger, faster, and physically tougher than Black Panther, the Vibranium-based Panther Habit was too insurmountable of an obstacle for even the Caped Crusader to overcome. Try as the research team might, they couldn't find anything in Batman's arsenal that stood a chance of bypassing or overloading the Habit, and without any weak points to exploit, Batman just couldn't land a fatal hit, meaning that it was only a matter of time before T'Challa and his nearly unstoppable Antarctic Vibranium claws landed a fatal blow. T'Challa's equipment was that much of an advantage to the point where what would have otherwise been a relatively even match became a total curbstomp.
  • Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle seemed like a close match on paper, but closer analysis proved otherwise. While both combatants had a roughly equal number of skills and techniques that could end the fight instantly, when the fight came down to the fighters' physical stats, Twilight never stood a chance. Raven's greatest defensive feats were ludicrously higher than Twilight's (Twilight could survive 8 million Newtons of force when bolstered by the magic of three other Alicorns in addition to her own, while Raven's proven more durable than someone who clocked in at 290 sextillion Newtons— for reference, the difference between millions and sextillions is 16 digits), and her Soul-Self was capable of ramming with enough force that nearly doubled Twilight's defensive capabilities. Combined with the Soul-Self's ability to continue fighting even if Raven was non-lethally incapacitated and its max speed of Mach 36 far eclipsing what Twilight was capable of, and that the nature of Twilight's positive emotions meant that Raven didn't suffer pain from prolonged exposure, it's little wonder that the match literally ended in a squash. In the Death Battle podcast for the episode, it's stated that Scarlet Witch and Phoenix were the other two most requested opponents for Raven; in addition to not having as many connections in comparison, this trope was stated to be the reason why the cast went with Twilight, as the matches would've been stomps in their favor.
  • In Jotaro vs Kenshiro, Jotaro was simply outclassed on his own against Kenshiro and only due to Star Platinum was he able to last as long as he did, since its speed, time powers, raw strength and invincibility (due to Kenshiro not being a Stand User) could keep pace with the martial artist. However, Star Platinum could only stalemate Kenshiro due to lacking the raw power necessary to finish him off, and once Kenshiro got past the Stand and landed his one blow on Jotaro, it was over.
  • Crash vs. Spyro zig-zags this. Spyro had several more advantages over Crash than the bandicoot had over him, but because both Crash and Spyro had durability feats that outdid their opponent's greatest strength feats, and these durability feats were roughly identical, these advantages didn't really matter, nearly forcing a stalemate. Indeed, the hosts noted that "this wasn't nearly as one-sided as it looked on paper". However, between both combatants, only one attack was deemed strong enough to kill the other combatant, specifically Spyro's Aether Breath, which could tear Crash apart at the atomic level. In other words, the Aether Breath turned the outcome into what was technically a Foregone Conclusion despite the fight being a dead heat otherwise, despite the fight appearing to be a complete stomp at first glance.
  • Sora vs. Pit ends with a clear-cut victory for Sora. While Pit had flight on his side and was a more experienced fighter, Sora had a massive advantage in terms of the fundamentals— he was significantly stronger, tougher, and faster than Pit. Sora's greatest reaction speed feat pegs him as a little less than 2.5x faster than Pit, and laser attacks from his Keyblade have been clocked in at 1.28 times the speed of light, far beyond what Pit could possibly dodge. While Pit's best strength feat was equivalent to more than half a tonne of TNT, Sora's was equivalent to 78 tonnes. Pit's greatest shortcoming, however, came in endurance: while he can comfortably tank 30 tonnes of force, Sora survived hits from an opponent who could throw creatures at a force of 24 megatonnes. With Sora's magical arsenal being equal or better to Pit's massive assortment of weapons even before the sheer power of the Keyblade was factored in, Pit just didn't have a prayer.
  • Leon Kennedy vs. Frank West ends with one zombie killer stomping the other into the dirt. While Frank's arsenal is ridiculous, it's the only field that he held an advantage in. Not only is Leon just as durable, but he's 1.5x stronger than Frank in his Exo Suit, nearly 3x faster, and significantly more experienced.
  • Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate is a downplayed example. While Doctor Fate wins the fight, and holds a massive advantage in terms of physical attributes and experience, the hosts acknowledge that Strange also had no shortage of ways to win the fight and reiterate that Death Battle attempts to depict the most likely outcome. In other words, while Fate held the advantage in almost every category, calling it a stomp wouldn't be entirely accurate.
  • The long awaited Ryu vs Jin ends with Ryu trouncing Jin in almost every way. Jin had the speed advantage, but Ryu was simply packing more behind his punches and could take nearly everything Jin could possibly throw at him. Granted both fighters had to be scaled to their strongest counterparts from their stories, Jin with his father Kazuya and Ryu from Akuma, but since both pairs were fairly similar and had common traits and abilities (not to mention that Jin and Ryu had defeated Kazuya and Akuma), it was fair to say what they could, so could them. Kazuya was able to tank a laser blast that destroyed a building and blasted a blow to a volcano that caused it to erupt which was 100 Megatons of force in his Devil Form. Ryu survived being on the island that Akuma destroyed with a single blow that was about 415 Megatons of force in his base form and defeated Akuma as well. Durability and Strength advantage was very clear cut. Even if the Gunjack Robot feat of destroying a meteor was given the benefit of the doubt for Jin, Akuma has shown to have destroyed a larger meteor as well. Ryu was simply too strong and too durable for Jin to overcome.
  • Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai, one of Death Battle's highest-requested fights, ends with Jack outclassing Afro in every category. Strength feat goes to Jack for being able to train with a 30+ ton boulder strapped to his back, while Afro never shown anything close to that. For Speed, Afro managed to block a laser beam at 21% of the speed of light, which is impressive, but not even close to Jack managing to dodge the beam from the sun at 70%. Durability is also clear cut as well, Afro surviving a blast from an RPG blast of 72 tons simply pales in comparison to Jack's fall from space which measured at 19 Megatons. And for the final nail in the coffin, while Afro was willing to pull any dirty trick in the book to win, Jack's decades of experience in fighting opponents with similar mindsets meant there was little Afro could pull out to surprise him. Jack was simply the better trained Samurai in this fight.
  • Carnage vs Lucy ended up like this. Carnage held the endurance advantage, but Lucy surpassed him in every other way. While Carnage could shrug off most of her attacks by reforming himself, Lucy's island destruction feat gave her the raw explosive power necessary to put him down permanently (it doesn't hurt that fire is one of the Symbiotes' natural weaknesses, and the power of the explosions Lucy can cause by punching with her Vectors is potentially 18 times hotter than the surface of the Sun, more than enough to vapourize Carnage instantaneously). Because of this, and that Carnage could definitely kill Lucy if he could get past her Vectors, the fight ultimately came down to which combatant could get past the other's defenses first, and since Lucy's reaction speed was nearly twice as fast as Carnage, and her Vectors have reached speeds roughly 250x faster than anything Carnage has shown while also having a reach nearly 1250 times farther than that of his Symbiote when pushed to her limit, it was all but certain that she would land the killing blow long before Carnage could get around her Vectors. This is also showcased in the fight animation itself in a rare aversion of Curb Stomp Cushion compared to several previous Season 5 battles: Lucy is in complete control for almost the entire fight, barely even needing to move for most of it, and Carnage only ever lands a few glancing hits while Lucy tears him apart repeatedly before finally deciding to go all-out, which obliterates Carnage on her first attempt.
  • The highly-requested Optimus Prime vs. Gundam turned out to be one the most horrific stomps in Death Battle history. In practically every category, Optimus holds a massive advantage over Amuro and his RX-78-2 Gundam. Optimus has millions of years of combat experience, where Amuro only has fourteen. Optimus is six times faster, and nine-thousand times stronger than the Gundam. Though Amuro's newtype powers and the Gundam's weaponry meant he could keep up with Optimus's strength and speed, the Gundam's weapons only have a limited amount of ammunition so it wasn't going to last, not to mention that it couldn't match up to Optimus's durability and weapons. The Gundam survived a blast equal to 150,858 kilotons of TNT, but Optimus survived a blast on Cybertron that was visible from space, which is far greater than anything the Gundam has survived or outputted. Optimus's Ion Cannon can also shoot targets in orbit from ground level, which makes the weapon's speed far greater than the Gundam's. And just to further that nail in the coffin, the Matrix that Optimus has was capable of destroying Unicron, which measured up to 40 Yottatons. There was nothing Amuro and the RX-78-2 had that could match, let alone surpass Optimus Prime.
  • Mario vs. Sonic (2018) downplays this. The hosts note that Sonic could have won, but Mario held most of the advantages and would win in more scenarios than not. Sonic still holds the speed advantage with his relativistic running speeds, but Mario's own reactionary speed feats were actually roughly on par with Sonic, giving him the means to counter Sonic's incredible speed. Even assuming Sonic's stalagmite feat with Metal Sonic was done with entirely his own strength, Mario has shown strength over 17 times stronger, and he's survived an explosion 12 times stronger than anything Sonic has ever outputted in base form, putting Sonic's ability to actually kill Mario once their power-ups had been depleted into question. Even if Sonic is capable of using the Time Stop powers of Chaos Controlnote , Mario's Stopwatch power-up serves the exact same purpose, making the point moot. While most of Mario and Sonic's power-ups still countered each other, just like in the original episode from 2011, Mario's adventures in the interim gave him access to enough new power-ups that he now held a much wider and more versatile arsenal than Sonic (in addition, many of his new power-ups were ones that Sonic could not reliably counter, like the Gold Flower), and because of his Bottomless Gloves and ability to store power-ups for later use, he was able to hold more of them and use them more reliably than Sonic could. With Mario's superior strength, durability, and more varied arsenal, and both combatants' roughly even reaction time, there was little Sonic could do to win the fight even with his superior speed. Amusingly, however, the hosts note in the podcast that if they had included Archie Sonic as a Composite Characternote , Sonic would have actually curbstomped Mario due to possessing ridiculous feats of speed and power (such as causing and surviving the destruction of a dimension as well as blowing up a black hole by running circles around it, and surviving being sent flying several thousand light years away by the resulting explosion and surviving crashing onto a planet with no ill effects aside from falling unconscious for a short period of time).
  • Ultron vs. Sigma was a pretty ugly stomp. Sigma was ridiculously outclassed in every physical category; while Sigma could scale to the General (who was able to block a laser capable of destroying Earth) and outpace Zero (who dodged lightspeed attacks), Ultron could tank hits from Mjolnir and fly across the galaxy in a matter of months, making him 10,000 times more durable and over 1,000 times faster. That said, the true deciding factor was whether the Ultron A.I. or the Sigma Virus would assimilate the other first... and it turns out Ultron was way out of Sigma's league in that category as well. The Ultron A.I. was advanced enough to take over an entire techno-organic race who were no strangers to assimilating other races themselves and use them to conquer a galaxy-spanning empire, which is way beyond anything the Sigma Virus was capable of, not to mention he did it in a few hours. In addition, while Ultron has been defeated by a virus before, the virus in question had to be tailor-made to get past his defenses, which the Sigma Virus was not. Even if the Sigma Virus was assumed to be capable of breaching said defenses and taking over the Ultron A.I. with enough time and effort, it would certainly take much longer than the other way around. Sigma simply wasn't a match for Ultron on any conceivable level.
  • Roshi vs Jiraiya is ultimately this. Jiraiya holds no advantage over Roshi in any category (with the possible exception of reaction speed— while Roshi hasn't personally shown speeds as fast as Jiraiya, Goku was capable of doing so while Roshi was training him in Kame Style as a child, meaning that Roshi could feasibly scale to him in order to match Jiraiya's speed) and is outclassed in all but two of them, with the Kamehameha alone vastly eclipsing his strongest attack roughly 35 billion times over and being so far beyond his reaction time (being roughly 260x faster than Jiraiya's lightning feat) that there was no way he could dodge it for long. Even Jiraiya's ace in the hole, his numerous creative ninja moves, was countered by Roshi's own smarts and Roshi having hundreds more years of experience than himself. Last but by no means least, Roshi has dealt with equally as tricky foes in the past, and while Jiraiya has techniques that could win the fight instantly, they're too situational or poorly defined to make a solid case in his favour when Roshi had him completely outclassed almost everywhere else.
  • Thanos vs. Darkseid is likely the largest stomp of Season 5, and quite possibly the entire history of the show. Simply put, Thanos could barely hold a candle to anything Darkseid was capable of. Darkseid could react and move 28 octillion times faster, survive the destruction of the universe in comparison to a measly black hole which at most could only come out to a galaxy-buster, and could destroy all of existence beyond multiverses just by existing in his true form, on top of having more than 240,000 years more experience at bare minimum. And this was all compared to Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, which Darkseid could easily take out of the equation by transporting them both to another universe with his Boom Tubes, as the Infinity Gems canonically only work in the universe they're originally from. Since Darkseid's true form would destroy Thanos' home universe simply by appearing there, this meant that Thanos could literally never have access to the Gauntlet's power when fighting against Darkseid at his strongest, essentially turning the outcome into a Foregone Conclusion. Unlike most fights with a Curb Stomp Cushion, the fight makes it clear how little Thanos can truly faze Darkseid's avatars, let alone the New God himself; the first few minutes consist of Darkseid barely moving as Thanos keeps trying to throw anything he has at him, having to destroy the sun and grow to the size of a star just to get Darkseid to fight him seriously. And even then, it's heavily implied that Darkseid was simply toying with Thanos at the end, constantly taunting him with avatars and ending his life with a simple firing of his Omega Beams.
    • On the other hand, Darkseid's avatars didn't stand a chance against the Infinity Gauntlet, as Thanos could snap them away at any point. Even then, Darkseid can always make a new one just as easy.
     Season 6 
  • Aquaman vs. Namor is a downplayed example. Both combatants had such similar powers and skill sets that either one could've pulled off a win. Whereas Namor naturally possessed Flight, Aquaman's trident could allow him to do the same thing. However, Aquaman displayed more potential for a win. Namor could be scaled to Savage Hulk who held up a 150 billion ton mountain but Aquaman scaled to an attack that equated to 155 trillion tons of TNT. Namor may have been able to keep up with the Human Torch who has been found to travel at thousands of times the speed of sound but Aquaman can keep up with Wonder Woman who consistently moves thousands of times faster than light. Both possessed Telepathy but only Aquaman has shown capable of causing seizures proving that he was the stronger telepath, even if Namor could resist those types of mental attacks. To top it all off while both could control sea life, Aquaman has shown capable of empowering his allies while Namor was stuck controlling "plain, old everyday fish".
  • The Mega Man Battle Royale had five highly powerful iterations of the Blue Bomber enter, but the gaps in power between each Mega Man were so massive that every single one merits mentioning here:
    • The worst off was poor Mega Man Volnutt, who was outclassed by the contemporaries of his own timeline in every single way, and he comes from an era millennia past the Classic or X eras. Throughout the entire fight, he's treated as a nuisance at best, with the other Mega Men barely paying him any mind. The only legitimate advantage he had was that his weapons were manual and not digital, so he was immune to the overriding attacks that .EXE and Star Force could use. This didn't help him when they all surpass him in strength, speed, durability, and variety thousands of times over.
    • It was a Foregone Conclusion that Classic Mega Man was thoroughly outclassed by Mega Man X, who could not only counter his time stop abilities with ease and had the advantage of not needing to worry about ammo consumption with his Ultimate Armor, but was quite literally designed to surpass him in every way. Even Classic's attempt at Taking You with Me by pulling him into the black hole ultimately failed as X survived up to the .EXE vs. Geo Stelar battle.
    • X was utterly outclassed by both .EXE and Geo Stelar's abilities and their immunity to the overriding nature of the Mother Elf anti-virus. To top it off, Geo Stelar's Noise manipulation allowed him to corrupt and easily counteract the Mother Elf when X tried using it in the fight. In the end, he's eliminated by Geo Stelar using him as a robot puppet until .EXE finishes him off.
    • MegaMan.EXE proved to be the most powerful Mega Man overall, and by what is the largest gap of the bunch. While Geo Stelar held back in his canonical fight against .EXE, so did .EXE, and the fight also proved that .EXE could hurt him despite his EM physiologynote . In addition, .EXE had a downright ludicrous speed advantage, as while Geo Stelar could reach speeds three million times the speed of light, .EXE had a theoretical top speed of three novemdecillion note  times faster than light speed, as well as a wider arsenal of Battle Chips (including more reliable override attacks) than Geo Stelar had Battle Cards, and his destruction of Cyberworld pegs his destructive output as over 200 quintillion times stronger than Geo Stelar's black hole durability feat. In the end, after Geo takes over X and tries to use him against .EXE, .EXE not only tanks Geo and X's combined final attack, but then proceeds to overpower it and destroy both of them with his own finishing move.
    • It's perhaps best showcased with how each Mega Man deals with the massive Unrealistic Black Hole they end up creating. Volnutt is destroyed without a prayer of saving himself. Classic Mega Man is able to resist for a time before being pulled in and destroyed. X is destroyed, but able to regenerate from his core. Geo survives, but it clearly did a number on him and he's missing his left arm while noticeably trying to recover and use a recovery Battle Card. .EXE just shrugs it off like a normal attack and keeps fighting unimpeded once he catches his breath and uses a recovery Battle Chip.
  • Black Widow vs Widowmaker ended up as this. While Widowmaker was a dangerous assassin in her own right, Black Widow had her beat in nearly every important category. Black Widow's strength and speed feats were far more impressive than anything Widowmaker has ever done, and her decades of experience and martial arts training only made it worse for Widowmaker, whose own close-combat skills simply didn't compare. Widowmaker's endurance was theoretically on par or greater than Natasha's, with her surviving a punch from Doomfist's Gauntlet potentially outclassing Black Widow taking a grenade to the face, but since the punch was thrown by a skinny teenage boy and not Doomfist (who has been shown punching down a prison wall with his bare hands, drawing into question how much of its supposed destructive force is actually from the gauntlet itself), it was almost certainly considerably weaker than the skyscraper-destroying force that the gauntlet allegedly hasnote . Widowmaker's sole definite advantage was that her gadgets gave her superior long-range combat prowess, but while that would give Black Widow trouble, she has trained with and fought against Hawkeye, who almost certainly has better long-range sniping skills than Widowmaker. Overall, it was incredibly likely that Black Widow would be able to survive long enough to force a close-quarters confrontation, where her victory is all but assured.
  • Captain Marvel vs. Shazam is an ugly stomp for Carol. Though she's certainly strong, fast, and tough in her own right, Shazam is just leagues above her. She can destroy a planet, but Shazam can punch a black-hole into existence. That feat is measured at 97 foe, and just 1 foe is the equivalent of a supernova. As Binary, Carol can move faster than the speed of light and possesses Hyper-Awareness on top of it, but Shazam can move 133 quadrillion times faster than that. Even Carol's signature energy absorption didn't help her much, as she has limits on how much magic she can absorb, and with the Wisdom of Solomon, it's entirely possible that Billy would know to rely on physical attacks to prevent her from feeding off his energy. Even Carol attempting to absorb Billy's transforming lightning bolt or absorb enough magic to revert him back to his teenager self would avail her little, as Billy can simply call upon his powers whenever he wants. Comparing the fight to previous Death Battle results makes it clear how hopelessly outmatched Carol was: Shazam is said to be about as powerful as Superman, Superman has curb-stomped Goku twice, Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball and therefore stronger than Android 18, who has already curb-stomped Captain Marvel in a previous episode.
  • Wario vs King Dedede has King Dedede taking the win. While their top speed feat lacked evidence to prove who would hold the advantage (King Dedede most likely given he can scale to Meta Knight) and their power ups countered each other, the fight ultimately came down to Strength and Durability. While Wario survived an explosion that was 95 sextillion tons of TNT, Dedede survived a Black Hole worth 85 Octillion tons of TNT, and that was giving the Bare minimum. With King Dedede's constant battles with Kirby makes it justifiable to scale his strength to his (Which is Planet Busting at Least), Wario simply lacked the Strength or Toughness to overcome the King.
  • Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern is this. Almost all of Ben's alien forms were completely useless against Hal, and the one form that COULD feasibly fight Hal, Alien X, actually pales in comparison to Hal, as Hal or other, weaker Green Lanterns who he can undoubtedly scale to have shown either feats surpassing Alien X, or resistance to one of Alien X's many forms of hax, while Alien X has shown no resistance to those same forms of hax, which Hal can replicate. Despite being considered one of the most powerful combatants ever seen on Death Battle, even Alien X was not enough to let Ben take the win. It's worth noting however with Alien X that the fight is still close due to previous opponents like him giving Hal plenty of trouble and has defeated him before, but due to Hal's experience it's not yet enough to guarantee a victory making it more of a downplayed example.
    • Originally, Ben was going to be matched up with either Beast Boy or Danny Phantom, but this trope was the main reason those match-ups didn't happen. Considering how immensely powerful some of Ben's transformations are, the hosts felt the fight would be too one-sided in Ben's favor and consequently, incredibly boring.
    • Amusingly, they did this match up believing that Ben would win, only to find out he doesn't after researching Green Lantern. So this was always supposed to be a curbstomp, but not the way they intended.
  • Weiss vs. Mitsuru had Mitsuru come out on top. While they were a match in speed, Weiss really wasn't a match for Mitsuru in any other category. Mitsuru's persona, Artemisia, has shown to be capable of defeating personas that can move at mach 7, meaning its speed would scale to that, something Weiss isn't too comfortable fighting. Mitsuru has survived an explosion that would equal to around 22 tons of TNT, far outclassing anything Weiss or her summons have ever displayed. Weiss' dust elements could have proven useful, but she isn't very experienced using elements other than Ice, which proved useless as Mitsuru cancels any and all Ice attacks, nullifying the bread-and-butter of Weiss' fighting style. Weiss' greatest feat with her ice is also at least 130 times weaker than even a conservative estimate of Mitsuru's own best. Not even her time dilation ability could prove enough to net her an advantage, as even if Weiss did land a good hit, Mitsuru could use Diarahan to instantly restore her HP back to full, undoing all of the damage Weiss had inflicted during the fight; in comparison, Weiss' Aura takes a long time to recharge. Mitsuru proved too big of an obstacle for Weiss to overcome.
    • Within the battle itself was another curb-stomp between Weiss' summons and Artemisia. Neither of Weiss' summons manage to land a hit on Mitsuru or Artemisia, while Artemisia dispatches both of them with great ease.
    • It's noted that in the results, Wiz and Boomstick mentioned that Weiss' time abilities could give her the win, but in most cases Mitsuru still wins.
  • Johnny Cage vs Captain Falcon has Captain Falcon coming out in first place. Cage had the superior martial arts training, and was surprisingly capable of matching Falcon’s mach speed capability, however, Captain Falcon was simply tougher and stronger in this fight. Captain Falcon’s greatest feat, the Falcon Punch on Black Shadow, was the equivalent of dropping 12 Elephants onto Shadow, 3000 times stronger than Cage's crushing diamond feat. Captain Falcon survived a rocket launcher point blank and can reasonably survive more given how he can scale to Zoda, who has survived an explosion worth 100 tons of TNT, and this was before Zoda turned muscular; given how Captain Falcon can defeat Black Shadow while Black Shadow is capable of No Selling a punch to the face from Zoda's muscular form, it's fair to assume that Captain Falcon is similar to Zoda in terms of durability if not superior. Johnny Cage's trump card, his war cult power, is implied to only work against divine foes, meaning it wouldn’t be as effective against a mortal being like Falcon. Cage’s own durability is impressive given his track record, but he can still be taken down by a common bullet, and has canonically been killed in an alternate timeline by a weaker opponent. His defeat of Shinnok meant he could theoretically scale to Raiden's destruction of a temple, which is high-balled at 270 tons of TNT, but the Blue Falcon outclasses that with the Reactor Might, which can dish out well over 6 Megatons of TNT, and Captain Falcon can summon the Blue Falcon and any given time. In the end, Captain Falcon had the strength, durability and the options necessary to win.
  • Aang vs Edward Elric has the Avatar take it. Aang has more options in his arsenal than Edward does at any given moment. While Edward's greatest strength feat measures around 30 Kilotons of TNT, Aang is about 5 times stronger. This strength difference meant that Aang could easily destroy Edward's Automail Arm, preventing his use of Combat Alchemy (which requires him to clap his hands). The speed difference was also clear-cut, as Edward's bullet-dodging feat is nothing compared to Aang being able to react to lightning, and while Ed has potentially lightning-level reaction feats as well, Aang's seismic sense on top of his reflexes further puts the advantage in his corner. Theoretically, Edward does possess the option to equal Aang's power output, but that is a big theoretical. It would require him to sacrifice his life force like a Philosopher's Stone and even then, the duration is far too short (since he's using his own singular soul rather than a massive collection) and the risk is far more dangerous compared to Aang's Avatar state, which has no such trade-offs whatsoever. Aang just had too much power, speed, and versatility for Edward to compete with. In the fight animation, we see Aang either dodging or blocking every attack Ed throws at him, while he's able to keep landing blows.
  • Ghost Rider vs Lobo ends up being a Foregone Conclusion. Both fighters were virtually unkillable, but while Lobo held a significant edge in most physical categories over the Spirit of Vengeance in his base form, once Zarathos' full power was unleashed Lobo was completely outclassed. The Penance Stare and the Rider's hellfire were capable of bypassing Lobo's physical defenses and damaging his soul directly, and while Lobo might be banned from the afterlife, it doesn't mean his soul's untouchable. As a result, there was nothing stopping Ghost Rider from obliterating his soul outright or, if Johnny Blaze surrendered control of his body to Zarathos, eating it whole. The final nail in Lobo's coffin was his lack of holy weaponry, the only thing that could truly kill Ghost Rider. While Lobo could likely deduce this weakness, he wouldn't have a chance to escape long enough to obtain a weapon suitable for the task at hand as Ghost Rider's motorcycle has kept pace with Mjollnir, which was capable of speeds 100 billion times faster than light, which meant that he could easily keep up with Lobo and his Space Hog. All things considered, it was only a matter of time before Ghost Rider destroyed Lobo's soul and ended the fight.
  • Dragonzord vs. Mechagodzilla ultimately ended with one giant robot dwarfing the other. While Tommy Oliver was the more experienced combatant, especially in regards to mecha battling, experience wasn't nearly enough to overcome the sheer difference in power between the two machines. Mechagodzilla was roughly 2.5x stronger in terms of physical strength, significantly heavier, and its vast arsenal of lasers and missiles gave it a huge advantage in long-range combat as well, especially considering that, between the two One-Hit Kill weapons, the Drill Tail and the Absolute Zero Cannon, only Kiryu's weapon was effective at a distance. In addition, the Absolute Zero Cannon's power far eclipsed the destructive might of the Drill Tail, with an energy output 49,000 times stronger, and additionally, Mechagodzilla had survived being in its blast radius, giving it the defensive edge in addition to being far tougher than anything the Dragonzord could throw at it. Finally, while not mentioned in the post-fight analysis, comparing both robots' speed feats, Mechagodzilla was roughly 1.5x faster, being capable of reaching speeds just below Mach 46 while the Dragonzord clocked in at around Mach 30. The Dragonzord may have gone undefeated in Fighting Mode in its home series, but even it could barely hold a candle to Kiryu's might.
  • Sasuke vs. Hiei is a downplayed case. The hosts note that Sasuke had several advantages that he could have used to win the fight; namely superior speed, skill and a wider and more varied arsenal. However, Hiei had abilities that perfectly countered many of Sasuke's abilities. For example, Hiei's elemental resistence and immunity to fire made Sasuke's Chidori and Amaterasu into nothing more than speed bumps. Sasuke's Sharingan and Rinnegan were devestating, but Hiei's Jagan protected him from any mind attacks like genjutsus, even if Sasuke managed to rip out Hiei's soul, Hiei can fight as a ghost, rendering all those options a moot point. It was also unlikely that the speed gap was so large that Hiei wouldn't be able to keep up considering the difference between Demon Classes is far larger than a simple 100 or 200% so as an S-Class Demon, he would likely be far faster than he was at C-Class, who could outpace lightning. However, the true clincher for this fight was the sheer power gap between the two combatants. At an absolute minimum, Hiei was still roughly 5,000 times greater than Sasuke. Despite all of Sasuke's advantages, he would have had an incredibly hard time landing a fatal blow against that kind of power. So while technically, Sasuke had more advantages, the sheer power gap as well as Hiei's abilities simply made it clear cut.
  • Ganondorf vs. Dracula seemed like an even match at first glance, given their nearly-identical speed feats and similar magical arsenals, but upon closer inspection it proved to be anything but. Not only did Dracula have a few tricks that Ganon didn't have (such as soul stealing, which given Ganon's history of being sealed away would likely be quite effective against him), his strength and durability far eclipse the Gerudo Warlock. And while both have weaknesses to holy weapons, Dracula's Demonic Megiddo is deemed FAR more likely to win the battle than Ganondorf's Sword of the Six Sages (though the hosts do note that Ganondorf could maybe score a win a few times out of a hundred), owing to Dracula's superb healing factor and the obvious advantages that a nuke-like blast of holy fire has compared to a sword, even a holy one. Lastly, between the Chaotic Realm and the Triforce of Power, the former is considered a far superior power source; while the Triforce of Power's exact limits are unknown, the goddess Din, who created it, has never shown anything above planetary-level strength given her role in Hyrule's Creation Myth (and it's noted that the entire Triforce, of which Ganon only has access to a third of, was needed to maintain the world of Lorule, suggesting that the Triforce of Power is significantly weaker than Din), which pales in comparison to the universe-level Chaotic Realm that Dracula draws his power from. All of these factors left Ganondorf without much of a chance of victory. In the animation proper, while the two land a fairly even amount of blows, Dracula is absolutely unfazed by just about everything Ganondorf throws at him, either shaking hits off with minimal effort or outright laughing at Ganondorf as he does so, as if the whole time, Dracula was just entertained by Ganondorf more than anything.
  • Mob vs. Tatsumaki was another fight that looked close at firstnote , but closer inspection proved that Mob came up short in almost every way. Tatsumaki had a clear experience advantage, having received formal training for longer than Mob had been alive, and she was roughly six times faster. In terms of psychic power, Tatsumaki utterly eclipsed Mob, with her offensive output proving nearly sixteen times stronger and being several thousands of times stronger than Mob's best defensive feat, a feat that canonically pushed his absorption powers to their limit. In addition, unlike Mob's emotion-based power limiters, Tatsumaki could always fight at full strength. Mob's only real advantage was that, unlike Tatsumaki, he could attack and defend at the same time, but not only did Tatsumaki's aforementioned speed advantage give her the time to adapt to anything Mob could do, her psychic power was so far beyond Mob's defenses that she could overwhelm him whenever she wanted. Finally, Tatsumaki had no shortage of options to shut Mob down by bypassing his absorption entirely with projectiles, controlling his chi, or simply brute-forcing him, ensuring her victory.
  • Deadpool vs. Mask was intentionally chosen by Wiz and Boomstick to be one of the most lopsided matchups in the show's history, if not the most. Deadpool had the experience and skill advantage, but was utterly outclassed in all other categories, with his opponent practically being a Physical God. The Mask was was hundreds of times stronger and faster, and more than two trillion times more durable: his collision with Lobo was equivalent to about 322 Teratons of TNT, while Deadpool's greatest durability feat (unassisted by his immortality curse, which was recently removed in comics canon) was a measly 130 tons, and that's before taking The Mask's superior Healing Factor into account. Deadpool was more sane compared to The Mask (somehow), and could potentially have tricked him into removing the Mask itself, but with the difference in power that massive, Deadpool never would have had the chance to try. Not even the hosts giving Deadpool the Continuity Stone could turn the tide, as The Mask has repeatedly shown via Toon Physics he can give reality the middle finger and just ignore any changes he doesn't like. In the end, Wiz and Boomstick both knew for a fact they had sent Deadpool to a guaranteed death out of spite- and were ashamed of themselves for doing so.
  • Zig-Zagged in All Might vs. Might Guy. In their base states, All Might (in his prime) would stomp Guy, as he's simply put much stronger, in spite of Guy's superior training and speed. However, once Guy started opening the Eight Gates, the power gap would quickly close... and then open in the other way, with the Eighth Gate in particular being far too much for All Might to handle. All Might's greatest display of Power, multiplied by 60 to get his peak, as per All Might's own statement, was equivalent to 1426.8 Gigatons of TNT. In comparison, Guy with the 8th Gate open is deemed superior to Naruto's base form (Through comparison to their performance against Madara), whose Chakra created an explosion worth 480 Petatons. (For reference, a Petaton is 1,000,000 Gigatons), making the Night Guy approximately 333,000 times more powerful than All Might's best- and FAR more than All Might would ever be capable of surviving. This, combined with Guy's speed advantage, meant that All Might really had no way of surviving the Night Guy. And while Guy would undoubtedly die after opening the Eighth Gate, as long as he killed his opponent before that happens (such as in this case), it would count as a victory.


  • The Link vs. Meta Knight fight turns out to be one of these, with Link failing to even land a single blow on Meta, gets all his attacks blocked or countered, including his attempt to hookshot the dropped Master Sword back to him, and is finally decapitated after a huge beatdown. It's even more of a curbstomp than Meta Knight's fight against Zero in 1 Minute Melee except Meta is on the giving end now.
  • The Thor vs. 100 Pikachu episode is an absolute slaughter. Thor completely obliterates the army of Pikachu with virtually no resistance, and the few attacks that the Pokemon manage to pull off backfire spectacularly. Thor's Pokemon-style health bar is still completely full at the end of the fight. The Pikachu were never able to hit him even once.
  • Much like the aforementioned Thor vs. 100 Pikachu, the Wolverine vs. 100 Baraka DBX is a massacre. While, unlike Thor, Wolverine takes a few hits, the fight is effectively an exercise in showing all of the ways that he could tear Baraka apart if given the chance.
  • In Venom vs Spawn, Spawn was in complete control of the entire fight. Venom was constantly backed into a corner as Spawn just kept coming at him, and the latter was effortlessly blocked nearly all of his offense.


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