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Jimmy Savile (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was an English media personality whose career began as a deejay at dance halls in his native Leeds.

He joined The BBC in 1964, regularly presenting shows from the 1970s until the 1990s, through which he became known for his eccentricities. The shows also acted as a forum for philanthropic work for various hospitals that led to him receiving many honours, most of which have since been posthumously rescinded.

His death on 29th October 2011 led to a two-hour tribute programme that aired on the BBC.

A year later, ITV broadcast a documentary about Savile that triggered a police investigation into the biggest sexual abuse scandal in British history. As a consequence, almost all of his TV work was edited or withdrawn.

The 2022 documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story looks back at Savile's life and how he used his fame to mask his actions. The 2023 series The Reckoning dramatises Savile's life, with Steve Coogan playing Savile.

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