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Celebrity Cameo

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A brief appearance by a well-known star or other famous person in a role that would otherwise be an extra or walk-on. This may include a reference to another work they've worked on, and today is most often used as a surprise or punchline of sorts.

Subtrope of The Cameo. May be a One-Scene Wonder and/or a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. See also Special Guest, Stunt Casting, and Tuckerization. If the celebrity has a more prominent role but is still portrayed in the film as their own likeness, that's As Himself. When a movie or show only appears to have a cameo after some years have passed, that's Retroactive Recognition. Cameo appearances may often go uncredited.


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Neil Gaiman

None of the guys recognize Neil Gaiman when he talks to them, dismissing him as some random guy.

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