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Sometimes having a single Cameo by a star or other famous person just isn't enough, so creators will have multiple stars make cameos. After all, if one cameo is good, a bunch of them should be even better!

Often, they will be heavily advertised to attract as many audience members as possible. Conversely, they may be kept secret to surprise the audience and generate buzz after. When done well, it can be awesome to see so many stars popping up in a favorite work. Done poorly, however, they can overshadow it.

Tropes Are Flexible, but a good rule to follow is that the work in question should have at least three cameos in the same segment or episode to qualify.

Sub-trope of The Cameo and may cross over with any of the other sub-tropes there. Compare Special Guest and Celebrity Star which may also apply. Similar to, but not to be confused with Continuity Cavalcade, which is instead a series of Continuity Nods in quick succession. Compare Crossover.

Naturally, this trope is ubiquitous in Fan Works, particularly Crossovers. Since these (typically) don't involve the real person/character (or their voice, or an official representation of them), they should not be listed here.


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    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 

    Music Videos 
  • The official animated music video for the Corpse Husband song "fuk u lol" is absolutely loaded with shoutouts and references, mostly to his friends, fellow YouTubers, and past works. Virtually every shot in the video has multiple shout-outs and/or references to, or cameos by animated versions of Corpse's friends.

    Video Games 
  • In Doki Doki Takeover!, In addition to the girls, the title screen will occasionally show characters from other mods interacting with them, such as Natsuki and Sunday singing together or Yuri admiring Tabi's knife.
  • In Friday Night Funkin': B-Side Remixes, in addition to a handful of cameos originating from the vanilla game, multiple creators and characters from the modded universe make their appearance in the Classic Week 5 second floor. Including, but not limited to: Tricky, Hex, Carol, and Whitty.
  • In HoloFunk, like the vanilla version, Week 5 features a large cast of characters watching over the holiday-themed rap battle with Takamori. The upper level includes Pico, A-Chan, YAGOO, ENMa-Chan, Oga, Arurandeisu, Blantad, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Camellia, Koefficient, Cr1TiKaL, Destiny, Nyanners, Towa, Roboco, Risu, Haachama in disguise and Pikamee. The Holo-members watching on the same floor include Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, IRyS, Houshou Marine, Minato Aqua and Hoshimachi Suisei.
  • In the good ending of Hydorah, a series of monuments to heroes of classic shoot'em up games such as Gradius, R-Type, Darius, and XEXEX are shown. In Super Hydorah, they're replaced with characters from Locomalito's other games they've made since then.

    Web Videos 
  • Ironmouse is one of the longest-running (if not THE longest running) English-speaking VTubers and has inspired countless people to go into VTubing themselves. It's only fitting then that her lore video is filled to the brim with cameos not only from fellow VShojo members Nyanners and Amemiya Nazuna, but also Nina Kosaka and Vox Akuma from Nijisanji EN (at the 2:40 mark) and Hololive's very own Calliope Mori (at the 9:16 mark). Even Corpse Husband makes an appearance during The Stinger.

    Western Animation 


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