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Seymour: Every household in America? Thousands of you eating... that's what you had in mind all along, isn't it?
Audrey II: No shit, Sherlock.
Seymour: We're not talking about one hungry plant here, we're talking about world conquest.
Audrey II: And I want to thank you.
Seymour realizing Audrey II's master plan, Little Shop of Horrors

Though embodied through a variety of different mediums, these magnificent masterminds are no less captivating than those expressed by specific forms.


All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Individual works:

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Let's Play

  • Crusader Kings II After-Action Reports:
    • Anscarid d'Ivrea, the Free Count of France: Guy d'Ivrea shows how far intelligence, charisma and patience can take somebody. Starting as the ambitious Count of Mâcon, he works to gain power and prestige in an increasingly divided and turbulent France. Becoming House de Bourgogne's chancellor at an early age due to his silver tongue, Guy increases his demesne through private wars and establishes cadet branches for House d'Ivrea. During a long and brutal Civil War, Guy becomes a duke and gains widespread respect among the French. When King Renaud unexpectedly demands Mâcon from Guy and brands him a traitor when he refuses, Guy quickly turns the situation in his favor, defeating him in war and taking the French throne. Now King, Guy works towards France's benefit, expanding its territory and taking steps to safeguard his successors' power. By the time he passes on, Guy has set a good example for his heirs to follow and returned the Anscarid dynasty to its former glory.
    • Red Crescent: Sultan Yahya the Bold is the ruler of the Idrisid Sultanate who seeks both territorial expansion and the return to greatness of the Shia religion. Seizing large swathes of territory, he also successfully revives the Shia Caliphate with himself as Caliph. Though a general by inclination, Yahya proves just as adept in court as he is on the battlefield, keeping the magnates of his realm in line and promoting his domestic agenda with a skillful combination of diplomacy and intrigue. Balancing his expansionism and underhandedness with generosity and tolerance, Yahya the Bold sets the stage for a great Shia revival.
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto Let's Play "Michael’s Heist": Michael himself organizes the heist so that only he and Gavin will survive, doing so by having his other teammates killed off. Pairing Ray and Ryan together to provide backup for when the cops arrive so that they can die in the shootout, Michael does whatever he can to protect the normally clumsy Gavin from getting killed. Even when Geoff and Kerry aren't killed by their exploding escape boat, Michael is still able to quickly murder them himself before they can make an escape. With everyone else dead, Michael splits his earnings with Gavin and his wife Lindsay, securing the first victory in the "Heist" subseries.
  • Medieval II: Total War Let's Play A Scotsman in Egypt: Aodh Canmore, the devoutly religious younger brother of King Domnall, proves to be one of the king's greatest assets. Starting out inexperienced and unsure of himself, he quickly grows into his own, repeatedly using underhanded means to solve problems he faces and advance what he considers the interests of the Scottish Empire. Through diplomacy, intrigue and military force, he plays a major role in defeating multiple nations in Europe and the Middle East, manipulates his older brother in order to keep him as an object of fear, puts the Catholic Church under the permanent control of the Scottish monarchy, and wipes out a Timurid invasion by luring it into a trap. As one final gambit, he manipulates his cousin Kirk and some of Kirk's friends into discovering new lands for Scotland to conquer. Supremely intelligent and very persuasive, Aodh Canmore plays a key role in cementing Scottish domination over much of the world.


  • Akan-Ashanti folklore: Anansi the spider, desiring all stories, is given a price by the sky god. Using his wits and advice from his wife Aso, Anansi captures the great python Onini by tricking him into measuring himself on a branch before tying him there. He then tricks the Mmoboro hornets into a gourd by making them think it's raining, traps the leopard Osebo in a cleverly dug pit and finally traps the spirit Mmoatia with the use of a sticky, 'disrespectful' doll and yams, offering them all up to the Sky God Nyame to claim the stories for himself.
  • Aztec Mythology: In one version of the myth Tezcatlipoca is a Trickster God and the brother of Quetzalcoatl. Conspiring with Huitzilopochtli and Tlacahuepan to overthrow his brother to usher in a new era for the gods overshadowed by his reign to be venerated, Tezcatlipoca infiltrates the ailing Quetzalcoatl's palace and tricks him into drinking a "medicine" that rejuvenates him until he continues to force him to drink the rest, after which Quetzalcoatl goes on a drunken spree of self-humiliation, exiling and then killing himself to be reborn. Successfully supplanting his brother's peaceful reign, he introduced the Aztec people to war and human sacrifice, granting them his boon in exchange, protecting slaves from abuse by striking down anyone who dared to hurt them. Finally, he set aside his rivalry with his brother to dismember the monster Tlaltcuhtli, creating the Fifth Sun from her remains.
  • Egyptian Mythology: The goddess Isis, in one story, desires the true name of Ra to gain power over him and enhance her authority. Knowing only Ra's essence can harm him, she slowly collects his sweat and mixes it with a snake she creates, arranging for it to bite Ra and nearly kill him. Isis then tries to heal Ra, tricking him into giving his true name so she may heal him entirely, allowing her to hold ultimate authority over the other gods.
  • Arthurian Legend: Morgan(a) La Fey serves as the most persistent and well-known adversary to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Once depicted as a benevolent healer in the court, later portrayals turn her into the cunning, manipulative, and dangerous person well-known in popular culture. Always scheming to find some way to ruin the two, one of Morgan's more famous plans involved using the feud of two brothers, sending out a fake damsel to convince Arthur to duel as one of their champions, and planting fake scabbard to give her lover the best chance at slaying Arthur. She's not above using her spells or lying to escape certain capture either. Oftentimes, she approached victory only to have unforeseen circumstances thwart her such as Nimue removing the poison from a token of "atonement" or Iseult spilling the drinking horn that should have exposed Guinevere's infidelity instead. Eventually reconciling with Arthur and being there when he's taken to Avalon, Morgan La Fey nonetheless imprinted herself as one of the most famous examples of an Evil Sorceress in medieval literature.
  • Pacific Mythology: Trickster demigod Maui of Polynesian and Hawaiian myth is a famed hero and rascal known for his cleverness and daring. Extinguishing all fires to lure the goddess of fire into showing him how to create it, Maui delivered the secrets unto mankind, as well as tricking the sun itself so he could lasso it and force it to creep across the sky and lengthen the day. Using his own cleverness to entrap great fish, Maui carved them apart to create the great islands of the sea, later defeating a mighty eel after his mother Hina with his wits and power. Maui is even said to meet his end attempting to grant the secrets of immortality to mankind.


  • Ruby Quest: The creepy, perpetually-grinning fox named Red is one of the few survivors in the Metal Glen when Ruby and Tom awake and an eccentric ally to them before he's later found dead. As logs show, Red was actually the chief diagnostician of the Metal Glen who offered the "cure" for blindness to begin with — before realizing before anyone else it had horrible, mutative effects on the subjects and even the staff. With all his attempts to escape the cure failing and realizing the entire Metal Glen has fallen victim to the whims of a hideous pagan god, Red, even driven to insanity, retains enough cleverness that he orchestrates a way to kill himself without the cure bringing him back, utterly destroying his body and cheating the eldritch god out of his body — all while Ruby and Tom never suspect a thing.

Scripts and Screenplays

  • Justice League: Mortal (George Miller's unproduced script): Maxwell Lord is a billionaire industrialist with aims of world domination. Born Jonah Wilkes, Maxwell was the Sole Survivor of the OMAC Project that gave him psychic powers as a child. Feeling the superhero community turned a blind-eye to his years of torment, Maxwell took it upon himself to help usher humanity into the next stage of evolution. With the help of Talia al Ghul, he hacked into Batman's satellite Brother Eye and stole the contingency plans he had made against Earth's superheroes. Maxwell went to work using nanomachines to gradually incapacitate Earth's heroes: ranging from blinding Green Lantern to giving Aquaman a chronic fear of water. When confronted, Maxwell mind controls Superman into attacking Wonder Woman by making him think she killed Lois Lane. Although eventually killed by Batman, Maxwell had transferred his consciousness to Brother Eye and turned millions of people into OMACs. He had been using his chain of fast-food restaurants to infect his customers with nanobots, which allowed him to take Barry Allen as his new host. Relying mostly on his wits to take out the world's greatest heroes, Maxwell Lord proved to be more than match for the Justice League.
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  • Watchmen (Sam Hamm's unproduced screenplay): Adrian Veidt is the World's Smartest Man and was once the technical genius behind the Watchmen. After the government outlawed all superheroes, Veidt left to pursue more humanitarian efforts and used his vast knowledge to create Veidt Industries. When he began to fear that the presence of Dr. Manhattan was hastening the onset of World War III, Veidt decided to save the future by any means necessary. He secretly recruited former military scientists to create a tachyon-chamber that allowed him to look into the past and planned to assassinate Jon before he ever became Dr. Manhattan. Veidt infected Jon's loved ones with cancer to force him to abandon the Earth and murdered the Comedian when he uncovered his plans. He distracted his former teammates by framing Rorschach for the murder of his informant Moloch, and fended off him and Nite Owl when they broke into his Antarctic base. While Veidt was eventually killed by Dr. Manhattan, he realized that Veidt was right and changed the timeline by preventing himself from gaining superpowers in the first place.


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka, as per usual, is the wonderfully eccentric, world-famous chocolateer seeking to leave his factory to someone who believes in his craft the way he does. Having faith that Charlie Bucket would make a fine heir, Wonka sets things up to ensure that Charlie obtains a Golden Ticket, while feigning annoyance with him once they properly meet to hide his intentions. Throughout the classic trek through the factory, Wonka happily showcases his numerous inventions and creations, while being comically disinterested in the safety of his guests, with no less than three of the bratty kids having their lives put in danger. In the show's finale, Wonka secretly tests Charlie by first scamming him out of a lifetime's supply of candy to see his humility, then by leaving him alone in his precious Imagining Room to witness his creative character. With Charlie having proven himself the perfect successor, Wonka congratulates him and assures him he'll do wonders before leaving for the real world to bring forth new creations.
  • Death Note: The Musical: L Lawliet, despite having less resources and allies than the source material, is no less of a Worthy Opponent for Light Yagami. Introduced when he tricks Kira into revealing his location by using a body double, L proclaims that he will find and capture Kira no matter the cost. After quickly realizing that Light and Kira are one and the same, L introduces himself to his enemy to mentally shake him, manipulating him at every opportunity he has to gain more evidence of his guilt, evidence that eventually convinces even Light's own father. When Light attempts to use Misa to learn his name, L reveals that he had already deduced her identity as the second Kira and has her arrested, carting her away to a dark cell to isolate her and prevent her from aiding Light. Although he's ultimately beaten by Light and Rem, L remains calm, boldly telling Light that he still hasn't won before he dies.
  • Hadestown: Hades is the Lord of the Underworld whose rocky marriage with Persephone drives him to keep her underground longer and make his shades toil endlessly on projects designed to please her, including The Great Wall. When Persephone rejects his gifts, Hades entices Eurydice to sign her soul over and become one of his factory workers, leading Orpheus to appeal for her rescue. When his workers fail to stop Orpheus and are inspired by his singing to incite a revolt, Hades offers Orpheus the chance to sing for him before his demise. Orpheus' song of love moves Hades' heart and leads him to offer Orpheus and Eurydice a chance at freedom. While they fail, Hades vows to become a better husband to Persephone and allows her to bring springtime when the story ends, putting the seasons back in order.
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: J. Pierrepont Finch, a window washer in New York City, decides to make a name for himself in the world of business through illegitimate means. Beginning by pretending to know the president of the company, Mr. Biggley, to get a job in the mailroom, Finch later turns down an offer to head the department, making his supervisors promote him to a junior executive for his "selflessness". After discovering that his new secretary is Mr. Biggley's mistress, he tricks her into flirting with his supervisor, getting him fired and taking his job. Forging a fake connection with Mr. Biggley by pretending to share his alma mater, Finch outs the Vice President of Advertising as an alumnus of a rival school and takes his job, later conning Mr. Biggley by stealing a coworkers idea and passing it off as his own. When the idea falls apart, Finch saves his own job by outing his coworker Bud Frump as Mr. Biggley's nephew to the Chairman of the Board, who then fires Frump and, upon his retirement, has Filch take his former position.
  • Little Shop of Horrors: The evil Audrey II is a carnivorous plant with aspirations of world conquest. Arriving to Earth during a solar eclipse, Audrey II preys on the insecurities of Seymour Krelborn, falsely promising him fame and fortune in return for fresh meat. Audrey II takes advantage of Seymour's love for the real Audrey by suggesting to make her boyfriend "disappear" and shortly thereafter tempts Seymour into luring his boss into its maws when the threat of being exposed arises. A sassy, smooth-talking manipulator even when its true nature is on full display, Audrey II successfully brought about the end of mankind and stands as the prime example of the dangers of falling into temptation.
  • The Music Man: "Professor" Harold Hill is a Con Man who convinces towns into buying instruments and uniforms with the promise to form a boy's marching band before leaving with the money. When arriving in River City, Iowa, he starts his con by convincing the town that the recent pool table in the billiards parlor will corrupt the youth and the only way to save them is by forming the marching band. When Mayor Shinn or the school board try and ask for his credentials, Hill manages to distract them by leading them in barbershop quartets. He also manages to win good will of the librarian Marian Paroo after the band helps her brother Winthrop overcome his self-consciousness. The interactions in River City, as well as his relationship with Marian, start to convince Hill to abandon his life of crime and go legit. At the end of the musical, the good will the band brought convinces the townsfolk to overturn his arrest, and Hill manages to find his conscience because of the band.
  • The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom, born Erik, spent his childhood as a freak in the circus on account of his disfigured face. Helped by Madame Giry to escape, the Phantom sets up residence beneath the Paris Opera House, styling himself as a ghost to "haunt" the venue and have it perform to his expectations. A genius singer, composer and illusionist, the Phantom took Christine Diae and taught her how to sing so that she would glorify him on the world stage and eventually fell in love with her. When the Opera House's new owners attempt to defy the Phantom, he sabotages and murders to get his way, boldly presenting himself at the Masquerade and forcing the House to perform his masterpiece, Don Juan Triumphant. An attempt is made to catch him, but fails, the Phantom absconding with Christine, only releasing her when her compassion makes him realise his cruelty, letting her go so she can be happy. In the sequel the Phantom lures Christine back to him to give her a chance at a comeback, wins her back from Raoul and almost has a completely happy ending if Christine hadn't tragically died. Phantom still manages to end the story reconciling with his son, giving hope for the future. A tragic artist, the Phantom has seduced audiences for decades with his dark charisma and romantic Music of the Night.
  • William Shakespeare plays, by alphabetical order:
    • Antony and Cleopatra: The cunning Octavius Caesar aims to seize control of Rome and rebuild it as an Imperium with himself at the head. Manipulating Antony and Cleopatra both, Octavius acts to remove the pirate Sextus Pompey without Antony's assent and seizes his lands, also removing their fellow Triumvir Lepidus from power. Octavius also proceeds with marrying his sister Octavia to Antony, knowing Antony will be unable to resist Cleopatra, allowing Octavius to lay another charge against Antony in making war on him. Finally Octavius wins the war with Egypt, resulting with Antony and Cleopatra's deaths, admitting sympathy for them despite everything and ordering them to be given an honorable funeral before going on to reign as Rome's first true emperor.
    • Hamlet: King Claudius, in many productions, is depicted as a more respectable figure than the stereotypical overambitious royal. Taking advantage of his skill at murdering in ways that give him Plausible Deniability, he kills his brother by poisoning him and making it look like a snakebite, then subsequently marries his brother's widow Queen Gertrude and claims the Danish throne. A charming conversationalist with considerable language skills, he manages to secure the support of nearly the entire court. Spying on his nephew Prince Hamlet, he determines he's planning something and arranges for him to be sent to England on a diplomatic assignment, later plotting to have him killed after he determines he's too dangerous to live. When Laertes returns from France and tries to overthrow him, Claudius manages to get him on his side and rope him into another attempt on Hamlet's life. Only being exposed and killed due to Laertes seeking forgiveness before he dies, and still managing to end Hamlet's life, Claudius demonstrates why he's one of Shakespeare's most iconic and enduring villains.
    • Julius Caesar: Mark Antony is a loyal man of the titular Julius Caesar's who participates in his schemes to help rise to the top of Rome. After Caesar is assassinated, Antony pretends to align with the conspirators before giving a rousing eulogy where he provokes the crowd into fury at Caesar's death. Making them love Caesar and then revealing Caesar had promised every citizen money in his will, Antony is later able to defeat them on the field as well, ending the play ruling Rome as one of the new Triumvirate.
    • King Lear: Edmund of Gloucester, the literal bastard son of the Duke of Gloucester, executes a plan to consolidate power and play even his own family as pawns while vowing to make the gods themselves "stand up for bastards." A ruthless but deeply charismatic schemer who plays everyone for his own benefit, Edmund frames his brother for treason and convinces him to flee into exile while manipulating his father into granting him Edgar's legitimate birthright, before exposing Gloucester's sympathy for King Lear and handing him off to the Duke of Cornwall. As the Duke of Gloucester, Edmund schemes for the throne of Britain itself and seduces Lear's own ambitious daughters to further his own power. Even on his deathbed, Edmund finally finds the grace to defy his own bastardly nature and rescinds the order he had previously given to execute Lear and Cordelia—a sentiment which, tragically, is too late.
    • Macbeth: In many productions, including the 1971 film, the three witches, the "Weird Sisters", go from soothsayers to actively manipulating events of the work. Informing Macbeth of his destiny to succeed the throne of Scotland, the witches inspire him to murder King Duncan and his own friend Banquo, becoming a tyrant. Lulling Macbeth into a false sense of security, via prophecies that rely on Exact Words, the witches inspire the war between Macbeth and Prince Malcolm for the throne, ending victorious with their prophecies fulfilled.
    • The Tempest: Prospero is the exiled Duke of Milan and a skilled sorcerer who spots his usurping brother Antonio. Conjuring a storm to shipwreck them, Prospero uses his enslaved spirit Ariel to torment Antonio and his allies, thwarting schemes by the drunk Trinculo, Stefano and the wicked Caliban to take control of his island. Prospero also manipulates his daughter and the King of Naples' son into falling in love, all while ensuring Antonio succumbs to remorse before forgiving him and reassuming control of his own Dukedom.
  • Something Rotten!: William Shakespeare is a famous English playwright who learns that his rivals, The Bottom Brothers, have used a Soothsayer to copy a play he would write in the future. Shakespeare would infiltrate the Bottom Brothers' acting troupe and encourage the brothers to continue making "Omelette", while convincing Nigel Bottom to give him Nigel's written work. After exposing the Bottom Brothers of using a Soothsayer to steal his work, Shakespeare will have their sentence reduced from execution to banishment to the Americas and Shakespeare would use Nigel's work to create the universally acclaimed "Hamlet".
  • Swan Lake: Von Rothbart is an Evil Sorcerer who curses Odette and other maidens to become swans, with the spell becoming permanent if he's killed before it's undone. When Prince Siegfried falls in love with Odette and swears to love her, which can break the spell if they wed, von Rothbart separates the lovers and disguises his daughter, Odile, as Odette to seduce the prince and trick him into declaring his love for her. Siegfried confronts von Rothbart at the climax, which can end in several ways, including endings where he triumphs over the prince and claims Odette as his or holds him to his promise to his daughter. Even in endings where he's beaten, Von Rothbart refuses to give Odette up without a fight, and in some productions doubles as an advisor to the prince and queen, pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • Tanz Der Vampire: The charismatic and soulful Count von Krolock introduces himself to Sarah as the angel she has been waiting for. Seducing her with his charm, von Krolock invites her to his Midnight Ball while ensuring heroes Alfred and Professor Abronsius find their way to provide a snack for his vampire court. Von Krolock entraps them within his castle, preparing a trap at the ball after he bites Sarah to show them as the only living souls there, with some productions even showing him and Sarah becoming a happy undead couple by the end.
  • The Visit: Claire Zachanassian is a billionaire and former resident of Güllen who seeks revenge against a shopkeeper named Alfred III for forcing her into prostitution and taking away her child after a paternity suit years ago. She begins her quest by buying out Güllen's industry, causing the town to go into a depression. Arriving in Güllen, she promises that she'll grant one billion francs to the poor populace should they kill Alfred, making it clear she won't leave until they do. Knowing full well that the townsfolk will do anything to get money, her actions force the town to go against their morals and face the reality of what Alfred has done. After they kill Alfred, Claire upholds her end of the bargain, delivers the check, and gets away with Alfred's murder while bringing Güllen out of their economic starvation.
  • Wicked: The Wizard in the musical adaptation serves as a figurehead and icon for the people of Oz. Being a genuinely paternal figure to Oz, he tries to unite them by presenting them with an enemy. He begins robbing the sentient animals of Oz of their voices and their sentience. When his to-be protege, the magical Elphaba, challenges him on what he does, he declares her an enemy of the state, and when she returns, nearly convinces her to join him again, explaining that his lies are for the good of his people. Using his charisma and resources, he convinces Dorothy and her party to kill Elphaba. With Elphaba driven out and forced to fake her own death, The Wizard finds himself successful, only to leave Oz upon realizing that, in fact, Elphaba was his own daughter.


    • Axonn is a powerful warrior of the Order of Mata Nui who once conquered a vast swathe of the Matoran universe with his own two hands and brilliant mind before joining the Order out of a desire for higher purpose. Working with his close friend Brutaka in quelling villainous uprisings over the years, Axonn works against Brutaka when the latter betrays him, with Axonn uniting a group of Matoran into a resistance force against Brutaka and the Piraka. Successfully causing havoc throughout the Piraka ranks before beating Brutaka himself with quick thinking, Axonn later teams with Brutaka once more to unite entire islands of warlords with the Order to combat the rising threat of the Makuta and overcomes a mental trap and illusion set by Teridax himself, always showing himself to be an honorable, yet unflappable, force of power and will.
    • Brutaka was once a member of the Order of Mata Nui before growing disillusioned and striking out his own, manipulating the treacherous Piraka into hunting down the Mask of Life for him while plotting to betray them. Though taken down a peg when the Piraka betray him first and he is beaten by Axonn, Brutaka comes back better than ever, escaping the underwater prison of the Pit and taking time to foil one of Makuta Teridax's schemes out of sheer disgust at the latter's evil. Reenlisting with the Order, Brutaka forms the "Federation of Fear" by recruiting a bevy of villains to his side that he uses to pull off a daring mission while keeping them all in line and using their unique capabilities to succeed. After assisting Axonn in recruiting dangerous warlords to the side of the Order, Brutaka uses his connection to energised Protodermis to thwart an attempt to kill Teridax and doom the Matoran universe, instead helping partners in utilizing a less destructive method that ultimately plays a key role in undoing Teridax and saving the universe.
    • Toa Helryx was the very first Toa and the founder of the Order of Mata Nui, having grown ruthless and jaded towards the evils of the Matoran universe and seeking to create a secretive society expressly designed for dishing out extreme forms of justice to those undeserving of mercy. Via the Order and her own personal interference, Helryx has been behind a near-insurmountable number of events, from training and inspiring fellow Toa to creating the legendary prison "the Pit", all while striking key blows against growing villains to keep many at bay. Upon deciding to step out of the shadows, Helryx recruits evil beings galore to her cause yet keeps many under her thumb, turns Vezon into a stooge and sends him on a suicide mission, and decimates several Makuta strongholds with very little unforeseen circumstances. Though as shocked as the rest of the universe when Teridax attains godhood, Helryx takes advantage of imprisonment inside Teridax's mind to form a plan to kill the mad god even if it dooms the Matoran universe, and nearly succeeds in her plan before outside interference, proving once and for all that Helryx will do what she always has: "Whatever is necessary."
    • The Matoran Velika spends much of the story as apparently nothing but a notably clever bystander to the greater powers of the Makuta and Toa, however, upon Teridax's defeat, reveals himself to in fact be a power hungry Great Spirit in disguise. Having played several minor events to his will, Velika decides to make his move on the reformed Spherus Magna, striking out and killing several of the most powerful beings in the universe in brutal ways so he can instill fear in the populace from an unseen threat, then swoop in as their savior and attain power above all. Plotting to even play the Toa to his tune before ridding himself of them, Velika takes advantage of a large gathering of beings on his hit list to forego any greater plans and simply bomb their location in the hopes to wipe them all out in one fell swoop, promising to then move on and complete his domination while no one ever suspects himself as the true culprit.

Web Animation

  • Animator vs. Animation: Alan Becker, aka "the Animator", is the owner of the two computers where the series takes place. For a challenge, the Animator creates stick figures with the sole purpose of killing them in a fight. Growing a particular rivalry with his strongest creation, The Chosen One, he first enslaves him and then creates the Dark Lord with the sole intention of killing his previous creation, that plan backfiring when they team up due to his Lack of Empathy. Now on his second computer, the Animator accidentally creates another stick figure and ultimately has a change of heart after seeing that his creation could teach him to be a better artist, letting him and his friends have fun on the computer. Despite all what they've done to each other, when the Chosen One reveals himself to be alive, the Animator decides to team up with him to take down the Dark Lord, who's become focused on destroying computers. When battling his creations, the Animator is just as likely to decimate the competition as he is to get decimated by them, both in a purely awesome matter and bouncing back every time.
  • gen:LOCK: Dr. Rufus Weller is a brilliant scientist within the Polity's Experimental Science Unit and creator of the titular gen:LOCK project which he presents to them as a way to combat The Union. The project involves having Weller's pilots minds control Holons, with Julius Chase being the first successful project where Weller reveals that he copied Chase's conscience prior to The Union stealing Chase's original mind, a secret that Weller kept from Chase. Having recruited five others to gen:LOCK with one of them being a spy and who demands that Weller uploads him onto a Holon, Weller seemingly complies to his demands only for him to fry his brain and kill him, which Weller uses as a lesson on what happens to those who aren't gen:LOCK compatible. When The Union led by Nemesis attacks the Anvil, Weller sacrifices his life so that everyone can escape, taking several Union soldiers with him, while downloading his knowledge of gen:LOCK onto Caliban so Weller can still help them fight, allowing them to defeat the Union and destroy Nemesis.
  • Madness Heist: "Red" is a Consummate Professional working for the mob. Tasked by his boss to rob a bank to get a hold over his rival David Evans, when at the job he realizes it's a trap and manages to survive the ensuing ambush but his crew doesn't. Seemingly being arrested by cops, Red deduces they are with Evans and manages to kill them all while escaping with the money he got from the heist. He then comes to David Evans with the money claiming he wants a truce. Evans, not trusting him, has him executed outside, exactly as Red planned since he planted bombs in the money. He then ends the short shooting his would-be executioner claiming "It's just business."
  • OnyxKing67's Mario Bloopers: Broken Computer Arc and Zelus Arc: Zelus was meant to be OnyxKing67's Original Character from Splatoon, but he abandoned her when SMG4 made the same thing. Obsessed with revenge, she breaks SMG4's computer and forces Waluigi to frame OnyxKing67 for it, thereby forcing them to fight each other. When Ashley makes them stop fighting, Zelus is waiting for Mario and travels to the real world with him. Later, she forces Wario to sell Mario Bros. tickets in her mansion, where she disguised herself as "Scary" and promised to give them spaghetti, only to reveal herself and kidnap Luigi. She also forces Wario to kidnap Inklings, and subsequently she creates evil clones of them. Then, she goes to a party in the castle, where she disguises herself as Anime-Waifu and turns most of the party-goers into trophies, takes over the Mushroom Kingdom and gives everything to EM64. When the Memesistance defeats EM64, she teleports him and reveals her plan to them, using a bomb to try to kill them. After losing, she shows the Memesistance their worst nightmares, excluding Grasshopper whose face is protected. When Zelus understands it, she defeats Grasshopper in battle and almost kills her, but is stopped by "Jotaro Mario". Before being killed by him, she almost kills OnyxKing67, but changes her mind.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Doctor Leonard Church served as the Director of Project Freelancer, who mourned the loss of his beloved wife. Founding his military program to test out the use of equipment with AI implantation in soldiers, the Director reverse engineered Split Personality in the one AI he had, the Alpha, to create fragments. The Director emotionally manipulated his soldiers to test out which AI matched which soldier and examined certain effects. The Director used turned one of his AI into Agent Texas, who would carry out dirty work for him. The Director also used his agents to steal equipment to perform more experiments. After the implosion of Freelancer and the apparent death of his daughter, Agent Carolina, the Director regrouped Freelancer, successfully hiding away the Alpha to keep him safe. When Washington rebelled and activated the EMP, the Director tried to use the Meta to stop him. Investigated by Chairman Hargrove, the Director argued that his actions were for the good of humanity, but submitted to possible arrest. In the end after a meeting with his alive daughter, the Director killed himself realizing that he could never bring back his beloved Allison.
    • Aiden Price was the Counselor of Project Freelancer. The Counselor emotionally manipulated the agents to serve the Director needs, and as such knew many things about them. After the implosion, the Counselor helped coordinate both the Alpha's hiding and Florida's disappearance. Serving as head of Recovery, the Counselor used his agents to track down the Meta at any cost, and ultimately brought the Reds and Blues in for help. After his imprisonment, the Counselor joined the Chorus genocide campaign with Charon mercenaries, manipulating a former Charon employee to act as an enforcer without giving away his former occupation. The Counselor was the only one who realized that the people of Chorus could win and doom the operation, but was unable to get his allies to flee before being killed.
    • Agent Wyoming, real name Reginald, and his AI partner Gamma, representing the Alpha's deceit, are the primary operators of Omega's plan. Hired by Omega to assassinate Tucker, Wyoming allowed a bomb to go off that knocked the Reds and Blues unconscious. Gamma manipulated an alien race into a believing prophecy, leading one alien to impregnate Tucker before being killed by Wyoming. After Wyoming sent Omega back to Blood Gulch to find a new host, he confronted and killed Agent York, and managed to escape Texas. Wyoming and Gamma reunited and headed to Blood Gulch to retrieve Tucker's alien son for Omega to possess and control the Covenant. Wyoming used his time distortion unit to cheat in battle, and when seemingly killed unleashed time copies to continue to fight. Wyoming's final push before his death was to reveal the full extent of his plan to get Tex on his side.
    • Sigma was split from the Alpha's creativity and ambition. Sigma became very interest in becoming human, and controlled Agent Maine for his full ambitions. Sigma also manipulated Agent Carolina into getting two AI, just to see the results, and ultimately almost offed Carolina to get both of those AI. As the Meta, Sigma hunted down agents for their AI, but also recognized more pragmatic choices to leave them behind, such as to get more equipment or recharge power. Upon realizing that Wash and the Blue Team were on his tail, the Meta remixed a transmission to trick the Red Team into distracting them while he stole Delta. The Meta secretly tagged along to the Freelancer Command Center, and tracked down and almost killed Wash to take the Alpha.
    • Phase, real name Danielle, is a member of Viper and Agent West's daughter, resenting him after he gave her up to be experimented on to save her life. Saved by Zero, Phase created a holo-echo, East, as a clone to join Shatter Squad, while she helped Zero with collecting the artifacts to unlock the Ultimate Power, killing many and torturing Wash to gain coordinates. Recalling East into herself to steal Tucker's Great Key, Phase eventually confronted her father and beat him unconscious before deciding to help Shatter Squad like her holo-echo used to.


  • 5 Elementos: King Alphonse Hangul was born the Prince of Leona and heir to the unique Void Element. Becoming Belenus Llamaviva's pupil, Alphonse earned Belenus' adoptive brother's trust by telling him the truth about his rebel parents. As one of the titular Five Elements, Alphonse became known as Aither Kilin and crossed the ocean with his companions to discover the mystic World Tree Aya. Returning to Leona, Alphonse decides to use the power of Aya to accelerate the society's progression and murders his father, causing the Day Zero during which he kills the weakened Belenus and exiles his other teammates to the New World. Unifying the nations in his continent, Alphonse demonizes the Five Elements and militarizes his own country. Waiting for an Alcaist elemental to be born and naturally open the path to Aya, Alphonse launches an invasion of the New World and fights and kills the Giant King, whom he remains respectful towards even in combat. Fighting his former teammates, Alphonse defeats them in the name of his end goal to use Aya to become immortal and become a "Perfect King", only stopped by nature itself going against him to halt his ambitions. Having learned to evolve from the overconfident man he once was, Alphonse is both a respectful enemy and ruthless conqueror.
  • Cucumber Quest: The second and fourth Disaster Masters prove themselves a cut above their siblings:
    • Noisemaster is a diminutive, one-eyed machine whose DJ persona does well to hide the ruthless and dangerous schemer he truly is. Making a colorful entrance by joyfully hijacking Princess Piano's concert, he reveals his intent to use his Noise Blaster satellite cannon to reduce the Melody Kingdom to ruin. Working together with his pal Mutemaster, Noisemaster stealthily kidnaps Piano and uses her persistent screaming to power up the Blaster. When she catches on to his plans and calms herself down, Noisemaster simply waits for the heroes to arrive, manipulating Cucumber and Almond during the ensuing encounter so that he can isolate and strike Princess Nautilus, pushing the Blaster up to 100% charge with Piano's resultant yelp of horror, nearly winning with ease were it not for the last-second intervention of the Nightmare Knight.
    • Rosemaster is an elegant and theatrical plant-woman out to seize victory in the Nightmare Knight's name, no matter how many attempts it takes. Using her powers of memory manipulation, Rosemaster concocts an elaborate scheme to trick the heroes into delivering her the power-boosting Hocus Crocus, via erasing all traces of the Flower Kingdom's royal family, setting up a fake contest to obtain the Crocus, and kidnapping anybody her powers don't work on so that they don't interfere with her script. Unfailingly loyal to the Nightmare Knight, when Glitchmaster reveals that he's been sabotaging the Disaster Masters for centuries, Rosemaster feigns anger to string her along, setting fire to Glitchmaster's plot to kill him so she may save the Knight from her wrath. While ultimately victorious and in a position to wipe out the heroes in one swoop, Rosemaster's personal conscience and faith in the Nightmare Knight cause her to throw the fight, praising Sir Carrot for his performance as she disappears.
  • Danger Zone One: Here are some of the craftiest criminals PCPD officers Reena Saffron and "Maniac" Madison Wynter have tackled.
    • "The All Hallows' Thieves": "Mr. Jack", real name Symon Ghast, is a costumed criminal who plots to expose Mayor Neville's corruption to the people of Pallad City. Previously trapped in the Skyline Industries warehouse after Neville had it set on fire for the insurance money, Jack sought revenge after the pumpkin mask he was wearing fused with his flesh and ruined his life. Taking Neville, Madison, and Reena hostage, Jack has the city's skyscraper pumpkin mascot armed with explosives that will kill everybody celebrating the Halloween parade unless he receives $500 million. Though caught, Jack was still able to expose Neville's crimes to the PCPD.
    • "Nightmare Island": The cybernetic ninja Kijo is hired by Daedin Alacore to take out Dr. Beverly Hastings and her Subject 37 monster. Rightfully confident in her abilities, Kijo easily defeats the seemingly invulnerable Subject 37 and rescues Madison. Fighting off the mutated Dr. Hastings, Kijo allows Madison and Reena to freeze Hastings in place, only for Kijo to shatter her to pieces before they could arrest her. Her assignment complete, Kijo makes a simple getaway through a cloud of smoke before Madison or Reena could take her in.
  • Ghost Teller: "A Story from Afar": Runia is an ambitious girl who dreams of stardom. Taking advantage of a fight that occurs between her friends Taejun and Shinhoo which leaves Taejun dead and Shinhoo gravely injured, Runia helps cover for Shinhoo by putting the blame completely on Taejun. Figuring she can use this to become famous, Runia leaks footage of Taejun and Shinhoo fighting to the press and gets them interested in her, with her playing the part of charismatic victim to lure in an audience to allow her dreams of fame to come true. Runia even thanks her friend Shinhoo as he's dying in the hospital for giving her an opportunity, and promises to keep his secrets to the end.
  • Homestuck: The Draconian Dignitary is an agent of Derse and Jack Noir's main underling. Once Jack seizes control of Derse from the Black Queen, the Dignitary takes steps to ensure his rule is kept, including arranging the attempted theft of the White Queen's Ring. The Dignitary is led by Vriska to Rose's journal, which he uses the genetic code kept in it to create Becquerel, the First Guardian of Earth. This eventually leads to Jack gaining the powers of a First Guardian and rising to partial omnipotence. From then on, the Dignitary takes on the role of administrating Derse in Jack's stead, ordering the assassination of Jade Harley when his superior can't do it himself.
  • Sweet Home: Hyuk Lee is the pragmatic leader of the survivors. After discovering the monsters' weakness to fire, Hyuk leads a rescue mission for Hyun, intending to utilize Hyun's half-monster status to use him as bait. Telling Hyun to consider the children expendable if it means rescuing Dusik, he reveals that it was actually a test to see how ruthless he is, a test that Hyun passes. When Joon Shin and his criminals arrive, Hyuk plays dumb until the best possible moment, escaping his imprisonment and knocking Joon out despite his monster infection. When the monsters break into the lobby, he unleashes his master plan to get everyone out of the building, and when Hyun finally gives into his infection and transforms, Hyuk transforms as well, imprisoning him with his monster form so that he can't kill anyone else.
  • Test (by Midnight Radio Comics): The Auditor is an alien who visits civilizations before they gain space travel technology to test them if they are worthy to live amongst the intergalactic community. Arriving on Earth disguised as an old man, the Auditor is mistreated and imprisoned by humans. Developing a misanthropic view of them, the Auditor kills the several police officers stationed to guard him before performing a test on an officer thrown into his cell by his own corrupt coworkers. Talking with the betrayed cop, the Auditor tests him by threatening to destroy humanity unless the officer kills himself. Offering to make the cop another Auditor, the officer nearly kills himself to save the world before the Auditor reveals he has passed his 'test', congratulating him for his courage and departing.

Web Original

  • Alba Salix: Royal Physician: Aten-Aben is a bombastic, malevolent, demon who proves to be a far more dangerous threat than anything Alba has faced before. Summoned by Queen Parabel to turn her unborn son into a girl, he instead offers to turn the child into a powerful mage so that, "the land of his birth shall never fall to its enemies," before also enchanting a nearby Magnus. Aten-Aben then crashes a party Parabel is attending and reveals his true plan. The enchantment on Magnus causes the entire building to be pulled between Planes to his hell kingdom where he'll raise the child and conquer all of Hell with his magic, pointing out that he never specified that Farloria would be the land of his birth. When Alba tries to stop him, he reveals that the baby's magic was drained from the rest of his family, leaving Alba powerless to stop him, taking King Gunther hostage to ensure Parabel and Alba’s compliance. When Alba manages to defeat him and throw him into the Planar Convergence, he reveals that even without him, the building will maintain its course and the child will still be born in Hell.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Assassin, hosted by Neal "Koibu" Erickson: The eponymous Assassin, as played by Robert Barrera, is the most skilled agent in the Cult of Malkis, dedicated to spreading chaos to prevent societal corruption and stagnation. A skilled actor and musician, the Assassin disguises himself as a traveling bard to avoid suspicion and uses his trained charisma and countless guises to gather all the information he needs to perform his hits. His brilliance is shown through such hits as getting thrown in jail as a drunk to murder his currently arrested target, tricking local guards to kill his target after framing them for murder, and disgracing and drowning a cleric and making it look like a suicide. Even when tasked with "sending a message", he does his job well by massacring an ambassador's caravan and framing another nation or burning down an inn with a paladin inside after publicly shaming her. Despite his often cruel methods and willingness to kill innocents during his missions, the Assassin is still shown to have humanity through his interactions with children and his pet cat.
    • Critical Role:
      • Anna Ripley served as a scientist for the Briarwoods, creating an acidic compound to distil Whitestone ore into residuum. When Percy de Rolo attempted to kill her, she took interest in his gun, a weapon never seen until Percy made it, and recreated one of her own. After being imprisoned for attempting to leave the Briarwoods, Ripley manages to convince Vox Machina to free her in exchange for her assisting them, successfully escaping the party the first chance she gets. Vox Machina later finds out that Ripley was using the gun they confiscated from her to spy on them, hiring a crew and obtaining two of the Vestiges of Divergence from under Vox Machina’s nose. She also manipulates Kynan into working for her by taking advantage of his resentment for Vox Machina when they rejected him. When Vox Machina chases after Ripley, she lures them into an explosive trap, badly injuring the majority of the party, before ambushing the party, resulting in her successfully killing Percy. Brilliant and manipulative, Ripley proved to be one of Vox Machina’s most dangerous enemies.
      • Arkhan the Cruel is a Paladin and Highlord of Tiamat the Scaled Tyrant. Embracing the doctrines of Tiamat, Arkhan finds himself allying with Vox Machina where he forms a cheerful alliance to bring down the wicked god Vecna before he can dominate all Exandria. Showing himself a skilled and tactical fighter, Arkhan reveals his intentions are less than benevolent after Vecna's defeat when he pretends to try to destroy Vecna's remaining hand. Instead, Arkhan severs his own and attaches Vecna's to the wrist, escaping under the noses of a dumbfounded Vox Machina before intending to use the hand to unleash Tiamat to bring order to the universe, even if she must destroy it first.
    • Dice Funk
      • "Lorelei": Jem is a Half-Orc who believes that "sometimes you have to do bad to do good". Disgusted with how the upper class of Mykonos have abandoned the lower class and the Orc army her father serves in to die in the rising waters, Jem starts murdering the rich and powerful. Using her werewyvern powers to keep herself under suspicion, Jem successfully evades capture for months. Upon meeting the crew of the Violet One, Jem falls in love with Lavinia and through her quick thinking and use of her powers, helps everyone escape from the rioting townsfolk and steal a powerful scroll. Upon learning that the Orcs were killed by the Blackhearts, Jem travels to the mountains they were stationed at, recruiting the female relatives of the dead Orcs, and traps the Blackhearts in a cave. When Drop admits to causing the massacre of the Orcs, Jem challenges him to single combat, utilizing several clever strategies to battle the powerful monk. Upon losing, Jem accepts defeat and forgives them after Lavinia removes her lycanthropy.
      • "Ilium" Veltari began life as a street urchin but through her own skill became the personal assassin for Count Danto, killing the leaders of the Order of the Merciful Sword to expand his power. Arriving in Ilium, Veltari joins the Avant Guards. Befriending the troll Wulf, Veltari uses him to gain information and molds him into an ally that idolizes her while also boosting his self confidence. Forming a relationship with Carrie, the two plan to use a gem to cast Planar Binding on Warden Light to force him to destroy the Barrier around Ilium. Veltari helps form a plan to kill the powerful Lady Nim while using her death as a distraction to steal the gem from Penny. Eventually coming to regret her actions, Veltari admits her guilt to Wulf and Penny, with her sincerity causing them to forgive her. Veltari then leaves with Rolen to stop Danto, pretending to still work for him in order to lead him into an ambush and kill him. When Theodora attacks Ilium, Veltari uses Planar Binding to force her and the evil God Ghaunadaur to kill each other, ending the threat to the town.
  • Good Doctor Locklear: Patient 399/Doctor Locklear was a doctor who became a Serial Killer of criminals and "sinners" who got off scot-free thanks to the system's incompetence so he could collect and use their organs to save innocent people who couldn't afford treatment. After being locked up, Locklear engineers a scheme to escape, putting on a "good boy" act to earn the trust of the staff there as he worked toward his goal. Locklear ends the story escaping the Asylum planning to continue his "good work."
  • His Night Begins:
    • Virat Nariman is a highly skilled, crafty hitman who seeks vengeance on The Syndicate for the rape and murder of his daughter. Throughout his quest to take out everyone in the Syndicate, Virat deceives those attempting to lure him into deadly traps, and gets the upper hand on those sent to stop him, while torturing and murdering anybody who stands in his way, even getting his drug addicted son back into top shape. Later going up against Ahman Gotwani, the head of the Syndicate, Virat crafts a plan that takes advantage of Gotwani's lack of honor, whereupon he easily annihilates his army, karmically kills him, and destroys his entire country-wide operation. As he lays dying upon defeating his rival, the Nishajal, Virat manages to instill hope and affection in his son with his final breath, encouraging him to find love and start his own organization to hunt down Human Traffickers.
    • Season 3: The Nishajal is a rival from Virat's past who seeks to surpass him as India's best assassin. A savage animal who grew jealous of his mentor Aadia for preferring Virat over him, the Nishajal tirelessly worked to improve his skills in the way of combat and stealth, and when given the task to kill Virat by Gotwani, decides to take the job in order to get even with Virat. A charismatic man regardless of his brutality who holds a sense of honor for those he finds less fortunate, during his quest to track down Virat, he's threatened by two machete-wielding delinquents, casually inviting the more reluctant of the two to a simple game of soccer by decapitating his sociopathic partner and using his head as the ball. The Nishajal also lies to Virat about killing Aadia as a way to crush his spirit. Upon finally tracking down Virat, the Nishajal initiates a brutal battle with him, dying mortally wounding his rival.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP 2137: The ghost of Tupac Shakur, fights corruption from beyond the grave, using music to communicate with the living. He got the Foundations attention when he urged one of his listeners to commit the vigilante slaying against a corrupt official and Serial Killer, who would have gotten away with it, providing evidence to exonerate his listener. He has the Foundation use their resources in his pursuit of justice, resulting in thousands of cold cases being solved, escaped killers being arrested or killed, and even the recovery of dangerous SCP's. When the Foundation decided he had too much power over his containment, they try to suppress him; Tupac's response was to release an album to the public, exposing the Foundation, their dirty secrets, and the location of a dangerous SCP, causing the Foundation to scramble to control the damage, following Tupac's demands. A researcher would uncover a obscured interview where Tupac implies he's actually an otherworldly being "on vacation", and that he even is pursuing the Scarlet King himself, outright calling him a "bitch who knows his days are numbered".
    • Murphy Law is a crafty Reality Warper who invades written narratives and turns them into Film Noir scripts, something he uses to his advantage. In his first appearance, Murphy invades the article for SCP-3043, stopping the malevolent Typewriter from rewriting reality by swiftly derailing its story and killing it afterwards. When the foundation tries to contain him later on by deconstructing his character, rendering him powerless, Murphy manages to will his powers back and escape by deconstructing the Foundation itself, revealing to his researcher that they too are fictional, leaving the Foundation hesitant to act against it for the time being.
    • The scholar with a head resembling that of a rabbit is one of the faeries residing within "Taboo"/SCP-4000. Desiring to return to the outside world, the scholar befriends Dr. Eugene Japers with his knowledge and gentlemanly demeanor, only to trick him into letting him steal his identity, allowing the scholar to happily leave the forest without fear of Foundation interference.
    • The Meaning Of Fear: The seemingly harmless SCP-2006 is revealed to be far more intelligent than initially anticipated. A shape-shifting being that thrives off of fear, it plays along with the Foundations assumption that it thinks people are scared by B-Movies, enjoying the foundation's fears that it'll one day discover what true fear is. While conversing with a researcher, he subtly reveals his deceptions to her, correctly anticipating that she'll catch on and be horrified by the realization before politely allowing her to leave, getting in one genuine scare on the way.
  • Reddit's Biggie Smalls song converted into Short Story form by college kid, tribute to the Notorious B.I.G: In this short internet story based on the late rapper's song, the Notorious B.I.G. a.k.a. Frank White and his childhood friend Arizona Ron are gangsters planning to steal from other criminals Frank was supposed to make a deal with. Hoping to escape crime with the stolen money and take care of his two daughters in Frank's case, the duo reacch the motel where the former is supposed to meet the other criminals. Coming to the criminals' room, Frank and Ron set aflame kerosene, forcing the criminals to get out of the room, and killing them the second they flee, in order to make sure there wasn't a trap inside the room. Taking all the money inside the room, Frank and Ron took advantage of the activated smoke alarms to hide amongst the panicked crowd, unnoticed by the criminals' reinforcements. Successfully escaping the motel in their car, Frank and Ron got away in their car with little comeuppance for their deeds.
  • The Amelia Project: Tara and Lily are a pair of friendly thieves who commit burglaries in accordance with "The Looter's Law" which entails them only doing impossibly difficult and unique crimes in order to avoid being cliche criminals. Having pulled off various miraculous robberies in the past, their masterpiece was the Washington Zürich Heist where they stole millions from a bank in America and another in Switzerland, and then broke back into both banks and placed the money from the other bank inside their vaults. After this, the pair broke into Buckingham Palace to steal The Queen's toothbrush but were photographed on the way out. They were then captured by MI5 and agreed to gather information on the Amelia Project in exchange for their freedom, and successfully posed as clients of Amelia and broke into a safe right under the Interviewer's nose and successfully traded its contents for their freedom.
  • A Voice From Darkness: Dr. Malcolm Ryder is a parapsychologist well known for his radio show wherein he assists people with supernatural problems. Underneath this is a man with little compunction at manipulating others for the greater good even as he tries to assist them. Malcolm will frequently spin events in dangerous ways, enlisting the aide of some to spy upon the fiendish Traveling Salesman, placing them in danger, or figuring ways to solve supernatural problems that can be potentially fatal to those he tries to help. In the case of a man hunted by humanoid leeches, Malcolm gives him a terrarium of spiders that end up poisoning, paralyzing and using him as bait, with Malcolm merely noting that by his calculations the victim has an over 93 percent chance of survival.
  • Zero Hours: "Those Familiar Spirits": Fayth Alden is a young woman working as a maid at the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Natural Sciences in Boston. Desiring a better life, she discovers that Liberty Howlett, a priest in contact with one of the Society's members, has possession of the scroll of Saint Eustace. Hatching a plan to steal the valuable artefact, Fayth works out the date a comet will be visible in the sky, and travels to Howlett's parish for that night. Presenting herself as a witch with information on the impending apocalypse, Fayth uses the absurdity of her claims and her sharp tongue to keep Howlett off balance until the comet appears in the sky. She convinces Howlett the comet is the start of the apocalypse, and that the scroll contains important information to stop it. When Howlett undergoes a crisis of faith, Fayth convinces Howlett to tie himself to the altar as penance, reveals her deception, and leaves with the scroll to start a new life, but not before telling Howlett that even if he's not a good preacher, he's a good man.

Web Video

  • The Box Assassin, by Jeremy Schaeffer: The titular Box Assassin is a suave, skillful killer who uses his honed ability to hide inside any sort of box with grace and lethal capability. Be it mailboxes, delivery boxes, or birthday boxes, the Box Assassin can and will use them all to get close to his unsuspecting targets and take them out. For one of his targets, the Box Assassin calls in a pizza to the target's location, hides in the pizza box, then springs into action when the delivery boy arrives and wipes out the target and his minions, even politely tipping the delivery boy for his unsuspecting part in the assassination.
  • Carmilla the Series: Matska "Mattie" Belmonde is Carmilla's catty but loving adoptive sister and a representative of the Corvae Corporation, and intial chairman of the Silas Board. Taking over Silas in the wake of her mother's death, she does what she can to suppress Laura's coverage of events or put a positive spin on them. It was soon discovered she plans on setting off an explosion to bury Loppiformes as a pragmatic solution to her mother's operations. When Vordenberg becomes too much of a threat, Mattie drinks Lopphi's blood to become more powerful against him. Despite her initial failures and death, her spirit returns as a servant of Ereshkigal, and helps aid the downfall of her mother. Correctly guessing how her mother's plans would fail, she appears again to taunt her over her failure, and a final time to grant Laura her life back if Carmilla could answer a riddle; one Mattie makes easy to guess out of compassion.
  • The Jester Trilogy (by MakeDo Entertainment): The titular Jester is an enigmatic entity who has a burning passion for Halloween. In 'The Jester', he comes across a man who is unappreciative of his magic and gets the man into a compromising position before either killing or teleporting him away. In 'The Jester: Chapter 2', he comes across a couple where the boyfriend Nate, who while costumed is clearly unenthusiastic about talking to him before even giving him a chance. The Jester manipulates the girlfriend Steph into almost killing Nate. In 'The Jester: Chapter 3', the Jester strikes up a friendship with a little girl and protects her from a bully and then later easily outsmarts and defeats a man who was attacking him. Managing to be incredibly charming without saying a single word, the Jester proves himself to be an expert trickster.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Shang Tsung is a representative of Outworld. Entirely devoid of his canon counterpart's sadism and cruelty, Shang Tsung proves to be a brilliant and perpetually polite businessman who prides himself on professional courtesy. Introduced attempting to recruit failing movie star Johnny Cage, Shang Tsung adjusts his goals and looks higher upon failure. Conversing with Earthrealm's former savior Liu Kang, who previously defeated and decapitated him, Shang Tsung never once lets his civil demeanor slip. Shang Tsung manages to use Liu Kang's grief over his girlfriend's death and his increasingly ruthless nature to turn Liu Kang to the side of Outworld. Liu Kang proceeds to intervene in the tournament and provide Outworld a massive advantage, all thanks to Shang Tsung's manipulations.
  • Payday 2: The Web Series: Bain is once again the host of Crime.Net, and is as brilliant, if more ruthless, as ever. Organizing a successful heist on the First World Bank, he then pulls strings to deal with the resulting publicity from it, hiring assassins and contracts to kill anyone who could threaten his operation. When one cop tries to bust Crime.Net, he has a mole infiltrate the police department to keep her in check, discovering that she has a GPS tracker for Vlad and warning him of her in advance, resulting in him threatening her into dropping her investigation. Having the right connections for the job, Bain ends the series victorious, having gotten away with his crimes and seeking to continue them.
  • So Pretty and So Dark: Sean is a charismatic vampire with a conscience who isn't above being vicious towards those who truly deserve it. Killing a pedophile, Sean lets himself get arrested in order to lure in FBI agent Wilburn in order to confirm the immoral actions she has committed against his kind. Exploiting a woman's desire for vampirism to overcome her drug addiction into freeing him, Sean forcibly vampirizes Wilburn after she kills the woman, and leaves her out in the sun to burn, finally avenging his fallen kin.


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