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"I could have taken anything I wanted. But I faced the ultimate high-tech challenge and defeated it, Player. That's what's important."

The animated medium has always been about entertaining not just children but also the entire family. These masterminds have managed to be fun incarnate thanks to their charm, wit, and magnificence in a way that's had plenty staying tuned—even if some have you question What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?


All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Individual works:

     A - I 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius:
    • "Send in the Clones" & "The Trouble with Clones": Evil Jimmy is a clone of Jimmy Neutron that revels in his own delightfully diabolical nature. Starting out by merely pranking the citizens of Retroville in clever and "classic" ways, Evil Jimmy evades capture alongside the rest of Jimmy's clones and continues to terrorize the Earth in his petty, humorous methods. When caught by Jimmy in an attempt to forcibly reform him, Evil Jimmy distracts Jimmy and tampers with the de-evil machine, faking redemption so he can escape Jimmy's sight and continue his prankster rampage. Soon enough using Jimmy's own tech to create an evil copy of the entire Earth, Evil Jimmy refuses to be captured again and uses a dark matter chip to drag his evil Earth into the dark dimension, where he resides in safety while promising to one day get the ultimate revenge on Jimmy.
    • "One of Us" & "The League of Villains": Grandma Taters is a kindly old lady who, though an alien conqueror seeking the subjugation of Earth, is completely genuine in her sweet nature. Using the Happy Show Show to slowly brainwash all of Retroville into perpetually happy zombies who convince more and more people to watch the show, Taters hopes to hypnotize the whole planet into becoming happy forever. Beaten even after capturing Jimmy and whipping out nunchuks to duel Cindy, Taters later returns as a member of the League of Villains, using her cleverness to take down Goddard while scaring even her fellow villains with how dangerous she is, despite her friendly nature.
  • Adventure Time's "City Of Thieves": Penny is a thief and resident of the titular city. Taking advantage of Finn's heroic nature, Penny plays the part of a helpless little girl, tricking him into stealing the King of Thieves' treasure chest for her under the claim that it contained her stolen flower basket. After escaping with the treasure, Finn and Jake soon find Penny and scrub her down in an attempt to purify her. Penny then seemingly goes through a Heel–Face Turn, only to run off with Finn's clothes and continue her thieving lifestyle.
  • Arcane: Silco is a ruthless, complex crime lord and revolutionary, hellbent on securing the future of Zaun no matter the cost. Betrayed and scarred by his old partner Vander long ago when Silco's attempted uprising against Piltover grew violent, Silco bided his time for years as he secured himself a position in Zaun's criminal underworld, mass producing the drug Shimmer and swaying the chembarons under his banner. Ascending to further power as the unofficial leader of Zaun after he eliminates Vander, Silco keeps the ambitious chembarons under his thumb, earns the loyalty of his right-hand Sevika, and sows unrest through Piltover. Having adopted young Powder and molded her into Jinx as his surrogate daughter, Silco keeps the unhinged girl under his control despite her growing psychosis, and even when he has all bargaining power to cow Piltover to his demands, Silco gives it all up to secure Jinx's safety, maintaining his love for her as his child even when she unintentionally kills him. Charismatic, dangerously savvy, and possessing far more humanity and vulnerability than expected, Silco was defined by his love for Zaun and Jinx, determined to ensure empowerment of them both no matter the cost.
  • Archer:
    • "Tragical History": George Spelvin is a computer programmer who manipulates Cyril Figgis into uploading a computer virus onto ISIS's network on the pretense that he will make Cyril a hero in front of his colleges, also bribing Cyril to unsure his loyalty. After Cyril uploads the virus, Spelvin reveals that he has no intention to help Cyril and his true plan was to use the virus to download the identities of all of ISIS's secret agents onto his servers, then sell them for $50 million to anyone willing to buy. With Spelvin's plans nearing completion, Cyril and Sterling Archer attempt to stop him only for Spelvin to effortlessly defeat Sterling with the help of his two bodyguards, and is only stopped by Cyril shooting at his servers before making his escape.
    • "Movie Star": Rona Thorne is a KGB spy under the guise of a famous movie actress who is assigned to assassinate the Soviet Premier. When she learns that ISIS agent Lana Kane was task with protecting the premier, Rona convinces ISIS's director, Mallory Archer, to allow Rona to tag-along with Lana on her mission, under the pretense that it will help Rona for her upcoming spy movie. Rona also exploits Sterling's jealousy of Lana to have him hinder her mission before injecting them both with tetrodotoxin and would successfully assassinating the premier before escaping.
    • "Helping Hands": Hands is a brilliant inventor who created an exo-suit that not gives the user Super Strength and giving people with disabilities free mobility. Planning on selling her exo-suit to the highest bidder, Hands laces her villa with lethal traps should anyone try to steal it, as shown with the ISIS agents. When Sterling Archer escapes Hands' traps and meets her, the two hang out before Hands attempts to convince Sterling to abandon his allies when they get into a shoot-out with their rivals, JUNO. When Sterling decides to help his allies defeat the JUNO agents before attempting to steal the exo-suit, Hand activates a failsafe on the suit that immobilizes Sterling before re-activating it to deal with the last JUNO agent standing.
    • "Robot Factory" & "Best Friends": Aleister is an assassin hired to kill the ISIS agent Cyril Figgis. To get close to his target, Aleister exploits a job opening to be Sterling Archer's valet, using his skills and charms to win over everyone in ISIS and get hired. Aleister discreetly plants traps for Cyril and later tries shooting Cyril while he's at the haberdashery before subduing and binding Sterling to bait Cyril. Successfully luring Cyril to his trap, Aleister only fails to kill Cyril due to battling with Sterling, where Sterling declares Aleister to be the best valet he ever had before killing him.
  • The Backyardigans:
    • "International Super Spy": The Lady in Pink is a brilliant criminal mastermind out to obtain the three canisters as her "recipe for disaster." Spying on Agent Secret and using him to lead her to the canisters, the Lady and her Henchman Tyrone routinely give Secret hefty duels over the canisters, from ski battles to dance-offs. Revealed to have concocted a backup plan if Secret got the canisters first, the Lady kidnaps Secret's boss Miss T and threatens Tickle Torture to force Secret into handing the canisters over, at which point the Lady catches him, as well. Astute enough to see through Austin's disguise and thwart his attempted rescue of Secret, the Lady ultimately is redeemed and becomes a super spy alongside Secret, working with him to use the canisters in creating glasses of chocolate milk for everyone.
    • "Le Master of Disguise": The titular antagonist, Le Master of Disguise, is a scheming trickster able to change his appearance with masterful skill. On the run from Paris police Inspector Austin, Le Master disguises himself as the Orient Express's conductor to escape the Inspector before changing his persona to that of a waiter. Further fooling Austin and playing him against the train's passengers, Le Master rounds out the story by pulling off his most ingenious plan yet, disguising himself as Austin and nearly tricking bystanders long enough for him to make his escape in Istanbul.
    • "Robot Rampage": Professor Bug is a self-proclaimed Evil Genius who seeks to take control of every last robot in Mega City. Stealthily infecting various robots with his "bugs" to distract local robot repairman Austin, Bug uses the opportunity to infect all Mega City robots with his bugs and bend them to his will. Cheerfully singing about his newfound power while still avoiding giving Austin any clues to his villainy, Bug—refusing to let even one robot possibly thwart him—focuses all his attention on tracking down uninfected robot Rosco, and sics the powerful Rex Robot onto Austin and his friends when he infiltrates Bug's lair. Even when beaten, Bug simply prompts to assist the heroes in repairing all the corrupting robots, noting that he now has plenty of free time on his hands since his scheme was foiled.
    • "Flower Power": The Gloom Meister is Flower Girl's Arch-Enemy, a cackling, well-dressed supervillain with a hatred for all things pretty and flowery thanks to a fear of them. Causing chaos throughout Garden City to gain Flower Girl's attention, the Meister lures her into a trap that leaves her powerless, with the heroine only escaping thanks to a split-second window of opportunity. The Meister plans to use his Gloomsday machine to plunge Garden City into perpetual gloom, yet quickly turns the machine into a weapon to help him overpower and fight off Flower Girl. After his plan is thwarted, the Gloom Meister overcomes his fear of flowers with Flower Girl's help and rechristens himself the Bloom Meister, becoming a new hero to Garden City in the process to atone for his mistakes.
  • Blake and Mortimer: The animated incarnation of Professor Miloch Georgevitch, faking his death after the events of "Heavy Weather", returns as the main antagonist of "The Infernal Machine". Leaving his time machine to Blake and Mortimer as inheritance, Miloch rigs it in order to leave them stranded in the past forever. He first attempt to lock Mortimer in several eras ranging from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. When Blake arrives late and manages to send Mortimer back to the present, Miloch takes advantage of Blake checking on the unconscious Mortimer and Princess Agnès to trap Blake in the machine as well before sending them to the future. When Mortimer figures out how to come back to the present, Miloch activates the machine's self-destruct sequence, nearly killing Blake and Mortimer. Surviving the events of this work, Miloch proved to be just as cunning as—if not more than—his late comic self.
  • The Boondocks:
    • Reverend Rollo Goodlove is a straw liberal activist whose motivations behind his multiple causes are money and publicity. First appearing in "The S-Word", Rollo convinces the Freemans to sue Mr. Petto for using a "racial slur" on Riley, and prolonging the issue by collaborating with Ann Colter in orchestrating a political debate. In "The Hunger Strike" he convinces Huey to continue his hunger strike in the kid's efforts to boycott BET, only to abandon his cause once the network gives Rollo his own TV sitcom. Helping the Freemans once again in "The New Black", he manages to convince the public that Riley is a special needs child using the word "gay" to describe things he doesn't like, switching their ire to those who sued Riley for saying the slur. While the beliefs in his causes might not be genuine, his charisma and master planning are, making Rollo one of the most likable masterminds on the show.
    • "Riley Wuz Here": The "Art Teacher" is a former Shell-Shocked Veteran turned crook who moonlights as an educator. Upon overseeing Riley spray painting a house, he immediately takes a liking to him and takes him under his wing. Teaching Riley basic drawing before moving out a bigger canvas, he has Riley paint several beautiful murals on various homes. Proposing on the last night to paint someone who isn't in the picture anymore, he has Riley paint a mural of his deceased parents. When the police show up, the art teacher shoots their tires and takes off. Despite only appearing in one episode, the art teacher stood out as one of the most soft spoken antagonists and provided one of the most touching scenes in the show.
  • The Boys: Diabolical's "I'm Your Pusher": Taking place in the comic's universe, William "Billy" Butcher is the same charmingly devilish schemer. Looking to kill the depraved supes Ironcast and Great Wide Wonder, Butcher tracks down their drug dealer O.D. and blackmails him into giving information on Wonder's drug of choice, having him spike said drug in order to make Wonder become too high to think clearly. Butcher watches from afar as the drugged-out Wonder flies right through Ironcast, killing both supes in one fell swoop, to Butcher's pleasure.
  • Central Park's "The Shadow": Hank Zevansky was a cop investigating a string of jewelry thefts in The Brandenham hotel committing by the The Shadow. Witnessing a young Bitsy Brandenham steal, Hank becomes suspicious of Bitsy and orchestrates his own jewelry theft years later, copying The Shadow's MO. Eventually tricking Bitsy into confessing that she was the thief, Hank leaves her alone out of respect for Bitsy's skills, while Bitsy appreciates Hank for being among the first to recognize her.
  • Class of the Titans: Cronus, Lord of Time and King of the Titans, is the ruthless villain who plots his own escape from Tartarus and promptly asks the Oracle of Delphi for what can stop him. Upon learning of the young would-be heroes, Cronus repeatedly showcases new plans that put him close to completely dominating the world with the young heroes struggling to match him. Cronus takes hostages to lure others into traps, including gods and even fakes his own defeat to take over the underworld. Rarely at a loss, Cronus always rebounds from his defeats and even ends the series defeated but alive and powerful as ever, plotting to weaponize the now unknown future to complete all his plans and dominate the world.
  • Clone High's "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts": The Pusher, in actuality Larry Hardcore, is a rockstar drug dealer who sells raisins as drugs to teenagers. A loyal fan of the California Raisins who was hired by the raisin council to come up with a plan to sell more raisins to teens, the Pusher takes advantage of the average teenager's rebellious attitude to sell them raisins under the guise of hallucinogenic drugs, having done so to several high schools before doing the same to Clone High. Growing more powerful with each raisin buyer, the Pusher allows Principal Scudworth to create a divide between the students and their parents just to sell the teens more raisins.
  • Close Enough's "Joint Break": Barb leads a crew of elderly women on a series of successful bank robberies to pay off their medical bills, using their guise as elderly folks to avoid suspicion from the police. Befriending Pearle Watson, Barb tricks her into becoming her get away driver and persuades her to join her crew for a job involving stealing an armored truck filled with money. Aware of Pearle's past as a cop, Barb took all the bullets from Pearle's gun when she tries to stop them. Stopped by Pearle's friends on the force, Barb convinces Pearle to let her take one more water aerobics exercise in the ocean, letting the waves kill her and going out on her own terms.
  • Clue Club:
    • "The Real Gone Gondola": Tom Coldwell schemes to kidnap his paraplegic aunt Clara and fake her death so he can inherit her ski resort and sell it for a million dollars. He is well-liked by everyone and seems to have no desire to genuinely harm his aunt. After kidnapping Clara, Tom dresses a balloon in Clara's clothes and wheels it onto a gondola. He pops the balloon and takes it with him while making an excuse to leave the gondola, then pulling a lever to send it heading up the slope, as if Clara started it herself. Tom also sends a letter from a supposed Mad Scientist extortionist threatening to disintegrate Clara and their other guests to cover his crime. Tom then works to scare everyone away from the shack Clara is imprisoned in until he can sell the resort. He uses gimmicks like a remote-controlled snowmobile and a living snowman disguise. When Clara is rescued seconds before Tom can sell the resort, he does a good job of acting happy at her return, before giving up and going away quietly once the case against him is laid out.
    • "The Green Thumb Caper": Melinda Carter and Joseph Wilkins are a pair of jewel thieves who pose as a gardener who provides floral arrangements and a butler. At several charity fundraisers they are hired to work at they turn off the lights, then rob the guests while using an ultraviolet flashlight, the beams of which can only be seen with ultraviolet goggles. The duo cover the stolen valuables in gray and feed them to Carter's beloved Venus flytraps to smuggle them out amidst the police searches. When the Clue Club uncovers evidence of their crimes, a disguised Wilkins tries to steal it back before Dotty can analyze it. After discarding his disguise, he acts like a source of helpful information while subtly making Larry suspicious of the Impoverished Patrician hosting the charity parties. When the two are exposed, Carter does an impressive job of acting innocent and accusing Wilkins of using her and her poor innocent Venus flytraps before being taken in.
    • "The Disappearing Airport Caper": Eddie is a mechanic who plots to steal a valuable experimental jet. Eddie jams the pilot's radio and sonar, then sets up fake landing lights to make the jet land at nearby farm on a foggy night. Eddie disguises a Quonset hut as the airport's hanger. Obscuring his face, he sends the tired pilot to a shack to get some sleep. He wears his own name tag and distinctive baseball cap after reporting it stolen to make it seem like someone is trying to frame him. Eddie then removes the lights and Quonset hut and hides the jet beneath a haystack. The pilot wakes up surround by cows and hay, with no trace of the plane or the airport. Eddie acts helpful and cordial throughout the episode, inviting the heroes to watch him demonstrate a remote-controlled plane. Even when the plane is recovered, it is unclear if the heroes have enough evidence to have Eddie arrested for the crime.
    • "The Walking House Caper": Mr. Benchley is a rural general store owner who—according to Larry—schemes to steal a valuable steel formula to sell it for the money to buy back land that once belonged to his family before an amusement park company can purchase it. The formula is being kept in a safe made of the new steel process and will take days, weeks, or even months to break into. Benchley uses sleeping gas to knock out the Clue Club as they guard the formula, then takes them to a nearby house that looks exactly the same inside and outside, while making an empty impression in the floor where the safe is in the original house. When the kids investigate, Benchley acts like an interested, innocent man and a source of useful local lore. Benchley gracefully apologizes and gives Woofer and Wimper dog biscuits when his guard lobster bites their tails. It is also implied that he has an accomplice and that they take turns scaring people away in a monster costume so that Benchley will have an alibi.
    • "The Dissolving Statue Caper": Dave Crane steals a fifteen-ton statue meant to benefit a failing theme park. Crane makes a copy of the statue out of cotton candy and uses his helicopter to fly it to a fair as he has been contracted to while hiding the original nearby. Crane then trains his pet monkey Sheena to spray the cotton candy statue with a hose, melting it after the fair employees cover it in a tarp. This causes the statue to vanish from under the nose of hundreds of people while Crane is miles away. Crane alternately chases DD and Pepper in a clown outfit and speaks to Larry without the costume to try and establish an alibi. When he's exposed, Crane gracefully confesses and asks an acquaintance to give Sheena a good home while he's in prison.
    • "One of Our Elephants Is Missing": Chris Carloff is an exotic animal supplier for zoos who decides to rob one of his clients to supply the others while also making the zoo he robs come to him for replacement animals. Carloff and an accomplice abduct several zoo animals in the middle of the night. Carloff then dresses up as a gorilla that they stole and remains behind. He uses his gorilla disguise to spy on the investigation, plan a second string of kidnappings, and divert the detectives by acting like a wild and angry animal. He puts a stuffed gorilla in his cage while he sneaks out and meet with the zoo director, establishing an alibi for himself for when he plans to reveal the gorilla was a human imposter. Upon being confronted with the evidence against him, Carloff responds bitterly, but also recognizes that it's futile to deny the truth, and confirms Larry's hypothesis is right.
  • Code Lyoko: Aélita Schaeffer's xanafied self combines her good self's intelligence with XANA's ruthlessness. Pretending to be her good self in her first appearance, she manipulates Jérémie Belpois into sending her to Lyoko, talking Yumi Ishiyama into going with them when Jérémie expresses reluctance in Aélita going on Lyoko alone. On Lyoko, XANA-Aélita stays ahead of her fellow Lyoko Warriors through clever uses of her Creativity powers, leading to her all but completing her mission. Returning as a recurring villain, XANA-Aélita works well in tandem with XANA and its monsters, successfully destroying three of the four main sectors and setting up XANA's victory in that season. In her final appearance, XANA-Aélita cleverly reacts to Ulrich Stern's attack, stealing one of his swords and defeating him with only a limited use of her powers, nearly completing her mission. Always thinking on the fly and showing how truly dangerous Aélita's powers could be, her xanafied self proved to be one of the Lyoko Warriors' most dangerous threats.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Stickybeard is a boisterous, candy-stealing pirate who nonetheless possesses honor and guile. A frequent foe of the Kids Next Door who often outdoes them with his candy-themed weapons, Stickybeard has swiped all of the candy of their members more than once, using clever tactics to leave them robbed blind. Having a genuine admiration towards and kinship with Numbuh 5, Stickybeard regularly offers her a place by his side on his crew, teams up with her to outsmart take down the evil Black John Licorice, and saves her and her friends from the Asparagus Sea out of respect for their status as enemies.
    • Jimmy Nixon McGarfield is a corrupt school politician, who uses his power to oppress KND and find true love. Introduced as a beloved class president liked by all students including Sector V, Jimmy manipulates Sector V into being his allies long enough to transport him to City Hall, where he then reveals he has teamed up with Father to increase restrictions on local schools and make KND's missions harder. Later, Jimmy uses a vast arsenal of weaponry and tactics to wage war on KND, trying to brainwash Numbuh One's girlfriend into falling for the villain instead, and even when his plans are foiled solely by the trickery of his own aide, Jimmy happily looks forward to prison with her, hoping they can kindle a relationship.
    • "Operation: Z.E.R.O.": Grandfather is the greatest threat the Kids Next Door's entire organization has ever faced in history. An ancient evil who once reigned supreme over the world, Grandfather was supplanted only when one of his own sons betrayed him and stole his powers and memories. Years later restored to his former glory, Grandfather immediately turns the most useful supervillains into his Senior Citizombies, using their talents to spread the infection as fast as possible until nearly all life on Earth is reshaped to Grandfather's whims. Planning to destroy the Book of KND so no hope can survive amidst children, Grandfather is so fierce that he terrifies his villainous son Father, defeats his other boy Monty in combat, and survives the KND space headquarters crashing into him, even facing defeat with just a snark to Monty that he's no longer in the will.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Shirley the Medium is a Fortune Teller who wields magical abilities that she uses to make money, as well as put gypsy curses on those who cross her, yet always leaves a loophole for her victims to get put of it or will undo the curse herself when she feels they have learned the error of their ways. Among the main characters, Eustace is her primary target putting a curse on him in several episodes such as having a rainstorm follow him wherever he goes until he finds the generosity in his heart and in another episode she sets him up against his wife until he learns to be more empathetic towards her. Becoming a helpful ally to Courage, the two manipulate Muriel into speaking by unleashing a spirit of destruction in the form of a starfish monster on their farm.
  • Cyberchase's "Sensible Flats": The seemingly friendly Ledge reveals himself as the mastermind behind the outbreak. Devising a machine that transforms its victims into replicas of the Hacker in three minutes, Ledge deceives the Cybersquad into exhausting themselves, nearly succeeding at disposing them. In his next appearance, Ledge decides to outdo his former idol as a villain. Tricking the Hacker into wearing a clown suit, Ledge snaps a picture at his expense and publishes it worldwide. Upon learning of the Blue Bird of Zappiness, Ledge bugs the Hacker and effortlessly manipulates Buzz & Delete to his side, having backup plans in store if they proved to be problematic. Despite his few appearances, Ledge earns the ire of both the Cybersquad and the Hacker and stands as the most competent and dangerous of the series' antagonists for a reason.
  • Dan Vs.: The Imposter is the most friendly antagonist in the show, as well as the most crafty. While the Imposter's MO is stealing people's identities and taking over their lives, he generally goes after people who are isolated from society, winning over the town under their name. Despite being outsmarted by Dan in his first appearance, the Imposter evens the score and then some in his second when he accurately predicts Dan's every move, luring him and Chris into a trapped apartment, before implanting a transmitter into Dan's molar. The Imposter then orchestrates Dan's arrest by Playing the Victim Card in front of an officer.
  • Dogs in Space: Kira is a dog who developed an intense resentment towards mankind after she ended up stranded on a hostile alien planet while sent on a mission. After getting found and recruited by the Pluto crew, she proves to be a valuable ally and aids the team in several missions. After some time, Kira convinces hero Garbage to abandon M-BARK's mission and instead find a planet just for dogs. Kira then steals a device that can turn the dogs non-sapient; intending to use it to force the M-BARK's denizens to go along with her plan. When Garbage opposes this, Kira launches him, alongside Happy and Jerry, to a nearby planet. Even when the Pluto crew discovers her plans, Kira is able to evade and outsmart them before using the device to take over the space station. She's only stopped when Garbage proves that her owner still loved her, leading her to realize that she was wrong about humans and surrender herself.
  • DOTA: Dragon's Blood: The Elf known as the Invoker was once a brilliant scholar who gained the affection of the goddess Selemene with whom he had a daughter. When his daughter died as a result of Selemene's pride and ego, the Invoker forms a pact with the demon Terrorblade, manipulating all events of the series and the theft of Selemene's sacred lotuses to initiate a war between Selemene's order and the rest of the region to weaken faith in Selemene. Ending in Selemene's defeat at Terrorblade's hands, the Invoker ends the first season imperiously gazing down at the defeated form of his former lover, his revenge complete at last.
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk:
    • Riders & Defenders of Berk: Alvin the Treacherous is the boisterous, arrogant leader of Outcast Island who seeks to claim Berk as his own. Hiding an intelligent mind beneath his gruff exterior, Alvin devises various schemes to steal the Book of Dragons and, failing at that, Hiccup's knowledge about the creatures. In his master stroke, Alvin uses Mildew as a double agent, pretending to betray the man just so Hiccup will trust and train Mildew how to handle dragons, at which point Mildew imparts the knowledge to Alvin. Though betrayed by Dagur the Deranged, Alvin ends up allying with the Riders of Berk, saving their lives several times, then helping them take down Dagur and proclaim a truce between Outcast Island and Berk forever, Alvin even reigniting his lost friendship with Stoick the Vast.
    • Race to the Edge: Viggo Grimborn is a genius tactician who served as Hiccup's greatest intellectual nemesis. A scheming mastermind who regularly and utterly outwits Hiccup and the Riders to pull off various victories, Viggo rarely suffers a loss for the first large chunk of his appearances, often gaining something even when he seems to lose. Viggo robs Berk of its fortunes, keeps a tight leash on the unstable Dagur to use him as a weapon, and stays one step ahead of the Riders consistently, reacting to his brother Ryker's treachery by using the Riders to eliminate him as a rival. Later showcasing his more honorable traits while allied with Krogan and Johann, Viggo ultimately teams up with Hiccup one last time to tamper with the formers' schemes, Viggo gaining a new appreciation and respect for both Hiccup and dragons, to such a point that when Viggo sacrifices himself to save the day, a vicious Skrill elects to go down with him out of mutual admiration.
  • Dragon Tales' "Do Not Pass Gnome": Simon Says is a friendly, mystical elf who tells Emmy he'll fix the yo-yo her younger brother Max broke if they play a game of "Simon Says". After Simon tricks Max onto the board and reveals he can only get off if he wins the game eventually, the others then agree to play too. Playing a very congratulatory and happy host, Simon trips up several of the players throughout the game with levels like a Twister-like one, an upward path one and a Limbo one. When the players reach the very end, Simon nearly tricks them all into failing before Max catches on and Simon then proudly declares they've won the game and Emmy's yo-yo is fixed.
  • The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: The Splotch is an alien robe who, after his first defeat, becomes a boisterously affable schemer aiming for world domination. Managing to posses school janitor Mr. Ree, he uses his secret lair to create fabric softener that, when used, allows him to control robes and anyone that wears it, planning to use it at the Robe-O-Con to create an army. Recognizing Captain Underpants as a threat, he successfully frames him for a robbing spree in order to incapacitate him. Upon being found out by George and Harold, a prepared Splotch utilizes his powers to battle the Captain, matching him in skills while using his new robe army to gain an upper hand, only being completely stopped by outside help.
  • The Fairly OddParents' "The Crimson Chin Meets Mega Mom and Dyno Dad!" & "The Big Superhero Wish!": The Nega Chin is the Crimson Chin's archenemy from an alternate Chinniverse who can match his powers alongside his "devastating good looks and amazing sense of fashion". Accidentally brought outside of the comic book, the Nega Chin takes advantage of the immediate situation by, after mistakenly being magically-empowered by Timmy Turner, wishes his entourage into Dimmsdale as well as nigh-immunity from further magic. Kowtowed by a beatdown of collective Crimson Chins, the Nega Chin plants Short Fuse in Dimmsdale before being sucked into his comic book world to scout out a wish favorable for his return. After Cleft—really Timmy—wishes for a world of superheroes and villains, the Nega Chin disguises himself as the real Crimson Chin and clandestinely teleports Timmy's enemies to his lair. He then constructs a trap where he exploits the mechanics behind wishing to create a world of only supervillains and cleans up his bases by putting Ace and Clefto—Cosmo and Wanda—in an anti-magic bubble. Ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of normal people, the Nega Chin seeks to defy his role as a supervillain by breaking out into the real world to "convince" his writer to pen him a victory.
  • F is for Family: Nguyen-Nguyen Stevenson is the wife of the Murphy family's neighbor Chet. A Vietnamese immigrant who lost her family during the war, Nguyen-Nguyen prides herself on being "a survivor". Though she suffers through an abusive marriage to Chet, Nguyen-Nguyen remains passive throughout all of it, refusing outside help and assuring others that she has the situation under control. Nguyen-Nguyen systematically poisons Chet to death by lacing his food with drain cleaner, playing up her status as a foreigner and feigning ignorance of the English language to frame the deed as an honest mistake. After she is arrested, Nguyen-Nguyen ends up having other inmates catering to her every whim, having established herself as a dominant figure in the prison hierarchy.
  • Futurama:
    • Robot Santa, the terrifying monster of Xmas, sees almost everyone on the Naughty List and conducts a terrifying yearly raid that leaves many dead or maimed. Upon judging Fry and friends naughty—save Dr. Zoidberg, who gets a pogo stick)—Santa is driven back but vows to return the next Xmas. Seemingly bested in favor of Bender, Santa frees Bender and ropes him in for the rampage before revealing a threat to Bender to never play Santa ever again. Even after being dethroned, Santa is able to launch a plot of revenge after enjoying a rap with the Hanukkah Zombie and Kwanzaa Bot.
    • "Less Than Hero": The Zookeeper is a supervillain who commits crimes with a pack of highly trained animals. Planning to steal the Quantum Gemerald, he causes chaos in the Museum of Natural History by having animals attack the patrons, distracting the New Justice Team long enough for him to grab the Gemerald. When the heroes corner him, he drops the Gemerald off of a balcony which distracts them and allows him to escape. Learning that Leela is Clobberella, the Zookeeper kidnaps her parents and holds them hostage so the New Justice Team will steal the Gemerald for him, and ultimately escapes with the Gemerald.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: While the Puffy gang often encounter smug Jerkasses, these three are the exception.
    • "Bad Manager": Slick Shady, the "biggest weasel in rock", is a manager who's also an expert rock-paper-scissors player. Coercing the reluctant Kaz into betting his prize money in a game of rock-paper-scissors, Shady easily wins, and gets him to bet Ami and Yumi, whom he also wins. With the duo now his, Shady lavishes them in an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, all while Kaz degrades into a washed up flea circus manager. After Ami and Yumi challenge Shady to a game of rock-paper-scissors for their release, he ups the ante by forcing Kaz to leave the music business should they lose. A man of his word, Shady allows Ami and Yumi to return to Kaz after they beat him, while also leaving his mark as the best manager the duo have ever had.
    • "Phantom of Rock": The titular Phantom of Rock, Johnny Ghost, is a legendary rocker who can get the best out of any band. Working with Kaz to get Ami and Yumi out of their creative stagnation, the Phantom fakes kidnapping Kaz and has the duo go through his deadly haunted castle. At the end of the trail, the Phantom reveals that he had sampled Ami and Yumi's screams and grunts to be used in an enjoyable single, ending the episode willing to collaborate with the Puffy gang again after having so much fun messing with them.
    • "Legend of Mei Pie": The eponymous Master Mei Pie is the greatest guitar maker in the world, and the one Yumi goes to for a new guitar. Mei Pie gives the rocker a list of items that require her to travel around the globe, uncaring that Yumi goes through pain to retrieve them. Once all the items are brought to him, Mei Pie, rather than giving Yumi a new guitar, instead returns her old one to her, stating that the entire thing had been a test to see how much effort she would put into accomplishing her goals, with Yumi playing far better now than she was before thanks to his methods.
  • Inside Job (2021):
    • Bear-o is the unassuming, overly friendly hugging robot created by Rand Ridley for his daughter Reagan. Spending the series as a background character mostly used for humor, Bear-o is revealed to be The Mole inside Cognito, Inc., stealing secret files and playing the entire organization against itself to dismantle it from the inside. Bear-o intends to annihilate Cognito and all of Reagan's toxic friends, accurately having deduced that without them or her stressful job, she will no doubt have a happier life. When Reagan learns the truth and prevents Bear-o from his master plan to leak Cognito's files, Bear-o simply changes tactics to murdering the staff of Cognito, easily tearing through its defenses and even defeating the Gang's last-ditch ally ROBOTUS, coming within a hairsbreadth of completing his goals to improve Reagan's work-life balance.
    • "Ghost Protocol": Dr. Skullfinger is Rafe Masters' hammy but Affably Evil nemesis, a criminal mastermind with a mind-control plan so good that Incognito Inc. sees him as a rival to be removed. When Incognito teams up with Rafe to arrest Skullfinger, Skullfinger reveals that he can break out of prison whenever he wants, engaging in a sincere conversation with Reagan Ridley that nevertheless ends with him successfully convincing her to essentially become a supervillain to break up with Rafe Masters. Skullfinger breaks out at the end and renews his rivalry with Rafe Masters, realizing for as suffocating as Rafe is, they're soulmates.
  • Inspector Gadget's Last Case (2002): Dr. Claw comes up with his most devious plan yet. Having his men create a transformation serum, he sells it to Metro City's criminals and enacts a crime spree, becoming rich in the process. Launching his true scheme, he uses one potion to disguise himself as superhero Devon Devonare, and stops the crime spree himself, becoming a beloved hero overnight, even recruiting a rejected Gadgetmobile as his vehicle. Tricking Gadget into accidentally causing a prison break and getting him fired, he has Gadgetmobile disposed of, nearly succeeding until the arrival of two cars Gadgetmobile befriended earlier. Even after being figured out and his men arrested, it's implied he either disguised himself as the Chief or had fled before they had arrived.
  • Invincible (2021):
    • Rudolph "Rudy" Connors, aka "Robot", is an incredibly intelligent deformed man who seeks a new body of his own. Choosing the best heroes he can find to replace the Guardians of the Globe, after Rudy takes notice of Monster Girl and sympathizes with her condition, he sets out to create a proper body for himself. Breaking the Mauler Twins out of prison to make them clone a new body for him, Rudy sneakily takes a blood sample from Rex to be used in the cloning process. Doing what he must to ensure Monster Girl's survival out of genuine affection, once his new body is finished, Rudy transfers his memories over to the clone, knowing that he will die afterwards. Delivering some parting words to his clone, Rudy's clone handily betrays the Mauler Twins by sending out his drones and letting them get imprisoned again, afterwards assisting the Guardians in attempting to stop Omni-Man.
    • Titan is a superhuman enforcer for the crime boss Machine Head. Being forced to serve his boss in order to protect his wife and daughter, Titan only kills those who he feels deserve it, at one point even giving a man money to rent an apartment after burning his old one down. Seeing Invincible as a way to break Machine Head's grip over the city, Titan coerces Invincible into helping him take down his boss with the assistance of the Guardians, even getting his lackey Isotope to abandon him in return for power. Despite everybody suffering major injuries after Machine Head sics his supervillains on them, Titan easily swoops in to take Machine Head's place once he's apprehended, promising to help clean up the city with Isotope and his family by his side.

     L - X 
  • The Little Prince (2010): The Snake, once the first being alive, travels the cosmos to corrupt planets so it may destroy them and bring back the darkness it loves. Using its charisma and intellect, the Snake convinces the worlds to embrace the worst sides of themselves to bring the worlds to ruin, constantly matching wits with the titular "Little Prince" and even using a disguise to lure the Prince to its own trap. After manipulating a civil war on the planet of the beautiful Rose, the Snake only relents to save the Prince when the Rose is threatened, even offering its own life to rescue the Rose as the one being it ever loved.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Cecil Turtle is a seemingly timid tortoise who has the unique distinction of being the only character to have defeated Bugs Bunny on a consistent basis. Having been challenged to a race on three separate occasions, Cecil was able to outsmart Bugs every single time. In Tortoise Beats Hare, Cecil recruits the help of his identical-looking cousins to fool Bugs into thinking that he was in the lead throughout the race. He managed to sneak past the finish line and forced Bugs to fork over the ten bucks he wagered on their match. In Tortoise Wins by a Hare, Bugs challenged Cecil to a rematch, and he convinced Bugs that his shell was the key to his superior speed. Bugs dresses up as a turtle in order to beat Cecil, but is targeted by the rabbit mob who bet all their money for the rabbit to win. Cecil disguises himself as a rabbit and tricks the mob into helping him win the race. In Rabbit Transit, Cecil uses a jet engine hidden beneath his shell to gain the lead during their race. Bugs manages to cross the finish line first, but Cecil gets him to admit that he was going over the speed limit and has him arrested for speeding. With a perfect track record, Cecil is Bugs' only foe who could beat him at his own game.
    • Bunny and Claude are a pair of infamous rabbit criminals who specialize in stealing carrots from stores. Often robbing multiple stores in a row with ease, the duo consistently outwit the persistent Sherrif, managing to thwart his attempts to catch them even on the odd occasion he corners them. In their second short, they manage to hijack the Carrot Train and successfully steals most of the carrots within, once again outwitting the Sherrif when he attempts to stop them.
    • Hare Brush: Elmer J. Fudd, reimagined here as an "eccentric Millionaire", seeks to avoid paying for his taxes. To this end, he fakes being insane by pretending to be a rabbit and gets sent to a sanitarium, where he tricks a nearby Bugs Bunny into taking his place while he escapes, leaving Bugs to be hypnotized into thinking he's Elmer. Upon being hunted by Bugs, Elmer manages to stay one step ahead of the hunter before Bugs is arrested for tax fraud, scoring one of the character's few victories against Bugs.
  • Mega Man franchise:
    • Ruby-Spears series' "Curse of the Lion Men": Tar is the leader of the Lion Men, former humans cursed to change others into lions with eye beams. When he's inadvertently freed by Dr. Wily, Tar seeks to continue his conquest of the world by turning the humans of Hawaii into lion creatures under his command. Seeing that his beams don't work on Mega Man and other robots, Tar forms an alliance with Wily before turning him and Dr. Light into lions and placing the Robot Masters and Roll under his control. Tar's plan to use aircrafts to spread the curse to the mainland is only narrowly foiled by an anti-curse device Light had built before being transformed, and he keeps Mega Man on the run for a majority of the episode.
    • Fully Charged: Chaotique is a Friendly Enemy rival of Mega Man who loves the next big thrill and getting one over on him. Introduced convincing Aki and Bert to slack off and have fun, she frames Bert for theft and is able to evade and defeat Mega Man in battle, having studied him beforehand, before confessing to her crimes and evading arrest. Her next appearance has her succeed in a prank to make the school fade away, again evading capture. Her third appearance has her learn of the Mega Key's existence and powers when it's used to repair her, and while she feigns remorse, she sells it out to Sgt. Night. The comic series shows Chaotique remains at large even after Night's defeat, and she's never defeated in combat.
  • Metalocalypse:
    • Charles Foster Offdensen is the manager of Dethklok and the man who singlehandedly keeps their multitrillion dollar enterprise operating and successful. Charles is a genius accountant who plans the band's ridiculously complex and expensive concert venues and the wide variety of mass market merchandising. Utterly professional, he also ensures the five manchildren that form the band are satisfied despite giving him no respect and proves a brilliant tactician and leader that commands the undyingly loyal Klokateers in protecting the band from threats like the Revengencers and the mysterious Tribunal. Beneath his calm exterior, Charles is also a ruthless businessman who has everyone from digital pirates to insulting media kidnapped and imprisoned for threatening the band's welfare. Secretly, Charles has been working with the Church of the Black Klok to ensure the culmination of the Metalocalypse Prophecy so that his cherished band can ascend to godhood and stave off the doomsday sought by the demonic Mr. Salacia.
    • Magnus Hammersmith was once the rhythm guitarist for Dethklok until a sudden bout of violent outbursts led him to being kicked out of the band. Magnus swore vengeance for the pain of his shattered brotherhood and for being left behind as the band became world renowned. Later joining the Masked Metal Assassin and his Revengencers, Magnus met his replacement Toki Wartooth incognito at a band camp and became his closest friend after saving his life from bullies. He uses this connection to set the band up for a surprise attack at their record head's funeral and kidnaps Toki to be used as bait. Psychologically tormenting Toki, he reveals his intent to imprison the band and have them fade into obscurity like everyone else they abandoned. Seeing the Assassin's brutality ultimately causes Magnus to turn against him and finally end his own life when he sees he was the true villain.
    • Ishnifus Meaddle is the High Holy Priest of the Church of the Black Klok and dedicates his life to ensuring the Metalocalypse Prophecy comes to fruition. Seeking to stave off Doomsday, Ishnifus has secretly kept Dethklok safe countless times while allowing their Curse to kill countless people during their concerts. He later resurrects Charles after his death and makes him invisible to the sight of Salacia in the process, all the while training Charles to take his place as the next High Priest. When Toki is kidnapped and Charles is unable to help, Ishnifus leads the band to the rescue and provides a distraction to allow them to escape. Staring down execution by the Masked Metal Assassin, he dies without fear knowing his life's work would soon reach its conclusion.
    • "Bluesklok": Mashed Potato Johnson sold his soul to the Devil to become a world famous Blues musician and becomes the mentor to Dethklok when depression prevents them from playing. Johnson puts the band through rigorous and cruel training methods to have them master the Blues before having them sell their souls to the Devil as well. Deciding a hippie music festival desperately needed the Blues, Johnson looks on in satisfaction as the band skillfully puts their lessons to the test and destroy the festival when their music summons storms and tornadoes.
    • "P.R. Klok": Liz Bane was once an infamous cult leader that led numerous massacres yet always used her dark charisma to evade convictions. She later uses her skills to create the most successful public relations firm in history and turns Pickles into the world's most famous celebrity. She then manipulates him and the band by proxy to gather a horde of mind controlled followers, and then tries to kill them all in a concert by colliding a meteor into them. Nearly escaping with all their wealth, she only meets her end when Salacia magically forces the comet to kill her instead.
    • "Dethsources": Melmord Fjordslorn is hired by Dethklok to be a perfect manager to hang out with and indulge their desires when Charles proves too stoic and distant. Melmord casually ingratiates himself with the band by taking drugs and alcohol and sleeping with groupies, all the while slowly turning them against Charles to have them sign over managerial powers to him alone. With the band in his hands, he ambushes Charles and challenges him to an extended rapier duel. Cornering his rival and on the cusp of victory, Melmord only loses and dies after a last skilled parry by Offdensen.
    • "Rehabklok": X2P1158 is a drumming robot put in the band to replace Pickles after a round of heavy drinking causes disaster and he is sent to rehab. X2 predictably gains sentience and wins over the band when his masterful drumming and quick adaptation to the rocker lifestyle overshadows the now sober Pickles. Proving more popular with fans than the other band members, a jealous Dethklok fires X2 and is kidnapped by the robot in vengeance. Imprisoning Pickles to stop his interference, X2 nearly blows up the band before a drunken rampaging Pickles destroys the bot even as it tries to take Pickles with it.
  • Monster Force: Dracula himself, a vicious but elegant pastiche of his Universal incarnation, stands as the Monster Force's most formidable adversary. Dracula constantly executes schemes to net himself more power at any cost, usually running rings around the Monster Force until it's almost too late to stop him, always operating with sadistic charm and rebounding from every defeat. Dracula makes pawns of his other vampire cohorts in a scheme meant to steal their energy so he can become a god, outsmarts Dr. Crawley in the guise of vampire hunter Bram Stoker and nearly drives him to despair, and even mounts a successful invasion of Monster Force's own base in the finale through guile.
  • Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm's "The Secret of Quan-Chi": Quan Chi himself is far less evil but just as cunning and manipulative as his canon counterpart. Quan Chi is a free-roaming sorcerer who wants to conquer Earthrealm. To do so, he waits for the heroes to be distracted by an Outworld attack, then gets the gem of Tetsurri, which is an artifact that brings out the worst traits of a person. Quan Chi disguises himself as an Outworld refugee to trick the heroes so he can secretly use the gem of Tetsurri on them, with his ultimate plan being to make the Earthrealm warriors fight each other, leaving their realm defensless and allowing Quan Chi to take over, a plan which nearly succeeds.
  • Ōban Star-Racers: Spirit is a silent, enigmatic racer from the shape-shifting species the "Fills", who casts a fearsome presence on the track with his razor wings and polymorphic abilities. Having failed to save Maya Wei on her fatal final race, Spirit competes years later in the Great Race of Oban on planet Alwas, and defeats Prince Aikka on their first match by slashing the legs of his Beetle Mount. Carving his way to the final stretch, Spirit is believed to be responsible for Maya's death by her daughter Eva. When Eva finally faces him on the course and attacks him in revenge, Spirit effortlessly outmaneuvers and disorients his opponent with his powers, eventually causing her racer to crash. Nonetheless a being of honor, Spirit telepathically discovers Eva's strife with him and reveals his side of the story, ultimately winning the race while shedding a Single Tear of sympathy for the girl's tragedy.
  • The Powerpuff Girls franchise:
    • Original show's "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey": The Gnome seeks to create a utopia revolving around himself. To this end, he manipulates the Powerpuff Girls into making a deal with him promising to get rid of the town's villains if they gave him their powers in return. Quickly asserting himself as the ruler of Townsville after vanquishing the other villains, the citizens of Townsville worship the Gnome and establish a cult dedicated to him. In his final moments, the Gnome realized the error of his ways, and willed himself to die, concluding that he couldn't exist in his perfect utopia.
    • 2016 series: Silico is a technological genius who has dedicated his life to destroying the Powerpuff Girls ever since their recklessness led to the destruction of his robot friends. Since successfully having the Amoeba Boys upload his consciousness to the Internet in his debut, Silico has used his know-how on robotics and hologram technology to act as a consistent thorn in the girls' side. His schemes include destroying the Powerpuff Girls' reputation through slanderous articles, tricking the Professor into building him a superpowered suit, taking control of and upgrading a 3D-copy of Bubbles, and disguising himself as Bliss to give away tech that brainwashes Townsville's citizens into trying to kill the girls. Always coming dangerously close to victory and bouncing back from nearly every setback, Silico has proven to be one of the most dangerous and clever foes the Powerpuff Girls have ever faced.
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Dr. Zin is the chief enemy of the Quest family and a genius scientist and criminal mastermind. Arranging for a military coup in a country developing a powerful satellite, Zin attempts to blackmail the world with it while simultaneously destroying the Quests. Later faking his death to test his twin daughters, Zin reveals his disappointment while sending in a robot double armed with a bomb to kill the Quests, later relying on a mind control device to trick Jonny and friends into a trap while he controls Dr. Bentham and Race into becoming his tools.
  • ReBoot: Megabyte, the Big Bad of the series, is a ruthless, yet charming Virus who intends to siege control of the entire system. Frequently coming up with genius schemes that come within a hairsbreadth of taking over Mainframe itself, Megabyte later allies with the hero Bob to prevent a Web invasion before betraying Bob and ejecting him into the Web, taking over Mainframe to remake it in his image. Eventually, Megabyte plots to simply abandon it to infect other systems before being overthrown. Later returning disguised as a second Bob, Megabyte organizes the complete takeover of Mainframe yet again. The most brilliant foe that Bob and his friends ever face, Megabyte is equal parts sophisticated and vicious, rarely at a loss and quick to recover, intending on bringing all he he can dream of under his control.
  • Regular Show:
    • Thomas is a seemingly average intern revealed to be a skilled Russian spy named Nikolai. Ingratiating himself into the gang's favor by helping fight off a hostile takeover by an army of past foes, Nikolai thwarts any attempt to sabotage his cover while playing the part of an unassuming Nice Guy, all the while covertly setting up machinery to transport the entire park landmass to Russia. Eventually subduing the entire crew, Nikolai discovers his Russian masters' true warmongering intentions and betrays them for his new friends, fighting off fellow spy Natalia and returning the Park to America, before going into hiding as a fugitive traitor.
    • "Temp Check": Doug "The Doppelganger" Shablowski is a shapeshifting Con Artist known for stealing the identities of people all across the country. Hired as a temp by Rigby, Doug wins over the other workers at the park with a friendly, hardworking attitude. While doing Rigby's work for him, Doug slowly mimics Rigby's appearance right in front of the others' eyes, eventually tricking the other workers into thinking he is Rigby and taking his paycheck for himself. When confronted, Doug proves to be an expert in mimicking Rigby when put through a series of tests to determine who's the imposter. After being exposed and arrested, Doug accepts defeat with dignity, and gives Rigby advice about being grateful for what he has.
  • Revolting Rhymes: The Wolf was a creature who lived in his woods with his two foolish nephews, Rolf and Rex. When the two of them failed to heed the Wolf's warnings and left the woods looking for food, they were both ultimately shot dead by Red Riding Hood. The Wolf, being far more intelligent, saw the danger and backed off when he came in contact with Red, and instead waited years for his opportunity for revenge. Waiting outside of a cafe for Red's babysitter to arrive, he sits down with the sitter and tells her his story, which enthralls her and causes her to let her guard down long enough for him to tie her up and steal her clothes. Posing as the babysitter, he then gains access to Red's home and makes a stew with the intention of eating both of Red's children. Telling another story to the children while they wait, he wins them over with his personality as well and eventually decides to spare them. When Red arrives home, he bids her farewell, leaving the normally unflappable woman utterly speechless and terrified before returning to his woods.
  • Rick and Morty: "Evil Morty" is a version of Morty Smith who grew tired of being Rick Sanchez's sidekick and planned to break free from his role by escaping the Central Finite Curve to enter a multiverse where Rick isn't the smartest man. Evil Morty mind controls one universe's Rick, proceeding to kill other Ricks and kidnapping Morties, torturing the Morties to make a force-field to prevent the the Citadel from finding them while framing Rick-C137 and his Morty for the crimes, luring them to their hideout where they scan Rick's mind. Making his brainwashed Rick his scapegoat, Evil Morty hides amongst the kidnapped Morties to go to the Citadel where he runs for president, using his charisma to get the majority to vote for him and killing anyone who could pose a threat to him. Using his position to modify the Citadel into a giant portal gun, Evil Morty invites Rick-C137 for dinner to complete scanning Rick's mind before having the Ricks and Morties killed to use their blood to activate the Citadel's portal gun for him to escape the Central Finite Curve. Matching Rick's intellect and even outwitting him, Evil Morty manages to succeed in escaping the Central Finite Curve and destroy it.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends: The ruthless General James Rinaker, secretly a Shadoen agent in disguise named Wraith, is the Alliance's cold, no-nonsense head and a mind more than worthy to lead the Alliance in keeping the masquerade steady. Rinaker's penchant for manipulation and subterfuge leads to countless successful missions with no fear about doing what has to be done in the process, with alliances made and broken at his own convenience and foes to his operation like Hanek swiftly disposed of through his agents. Even when he's ousted, Wraith nearly manages to wipe out everyone who knows his secret, and manipulates even the Shadoen commanders by convincing them humanity will be cowed through one show of force — a ploy that ends with the Shadoen high command wiped out by the ensuing retaliation, allowing Wraith to take over. At the end, it takes the unification of all the alien races Wraith meticulously turned against each other as Rinaker to finally topple the web of deceit he's fostered through decades of cool-headed treachery.
  • Samurai Jack: The Imakandi are a quartet of cat-like creatures known as "the greatest hunters in the universe", and they easily prove to be more than worthy of that title. After getting hired by Aku to hunt down the titular samurai warrior and bring Jack to him, they arrive on Earth, sniff out Jack's footprints, sneak up on and capture him with great ease. One of the hunters grabs onto Jack's sword in midair before Jack can swipe him, forcing Jack to run for his freedom, knowing he can't fight the hunters. The hunters pursue an extremely long chase, managing to keep up with Jack despite his attempts to shake them without breaking a sweat. When they finally capture him, they betray Aku and allow Jack to roam free due to him proving to be a Worthy Opponent thanks to their Code of Honour.
  • Scooby-Doo franchise:
    • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!'s "Hassle in the Castle": Bluestone the Great is an ex-magician criminal wanted in six states, and one of the gang's more affable foes. Seeking the treasure of Vasques hidden in his old castle, he disguises himself as "the Phantom" and uses his magic tricks to scare away visitors so that he could take the treasure for himself. When The Mystery Gang investigate, he easily fools the gang with his deceptions and traps, while also showing more theatrical flair than their average adversary. Eventually foiled thanks to Scooby, he takes his capture in stride, happily showcasing the one trick they couldn't figure out and allowing himself to be taken in.
    • Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!:
      • "The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty": Captain Cutler is a seasoned enemy of Mystery Incorporated who always manages to escape after his plans are foiled. Recognizing their aptitude for solving mysteries, Cutler decides to trick them into helping him uncover the lost treasure of Captain Half-Beard. Pretending to be reformed, Cutler has a fellow treasure hunter disguise herself as Half-Beard's ghost so he can entice the mistrustful Fred with a mystery, quickly proving himself an invaluable asset to the gang with his expertise of the area while he leaves copies of his treasure map disguised as restaurant placemats for Scooby and Shaggy to further investigate. Cutler makes his escape with the recovered treasure while the gang unmasks the ghost, writing a letter to Fred politely explaining his plan and expressing anticipation for their next encounter.
      • "Professor Huh?" two-part finale: The eponymous Professor Huh? is a criminal mastermind dedicated to the pursuit of utterly bizarre crimes. Acting as the doting father of Fred Jones in his civilian life, Huh? preserved his true identity by adopting completely nonsensical mannerisms in his capers, remaining an unpredictable and uncatchable menace for years until a happenstance discovery by Fred and his childhood friend Rose. Upon learning of Rose's intent to frame Fred for aiding in his father's crimes in the present, Huh? escapes prison with ease and lures Mystery Incorporated on a wild chase, effortlessly out-gambitting Scooby and Shaggy in their usual skit as he leaves the gang clues to Rose's plan. Offering to turn himself in after helping foil Rose, Huh? is instead remotely flown away in the Mystery Machine by a grateful Fred, and returns the van with a note reaffirming his love for his son.
  • The Secret Saturdays: Vincent Vladislav ("V.V.") Argost is a well-spoken, charming television show host who uses his status to mask his brilliant schemes in obtaining the power of Kur. Working with his loyal servant Munya, Argost concocts a variety of plans to steal the Kur Stone over the course of 11 years until he succeeds in totally outwitting the Secret Scientists organization, then duels consistently with the Saturday family to track down clues to Kur. Argost will fake defeat to throw his enemies off, manipulate entire civilizations into serving his goals, and uses Cryptid techniques to outpace opponents physically as well as mentally. Revealed to have once been a Himalayan Yeti that repurposed himself to integrate into humanity, Argost eventually convinces Zak Saturday himself into becoming his pupil, encouraging the boy to develop his powers of Kur, then betrays and successfully drains both Zak and his doppelganger's Kur energy to become master of all Cryptids, coming seconds away from completing his goal of destroying humanity and ruling the world.
  • The Simpsons: Springfield has many citizens and many villains – but despite so much competition the following still manage to leave their mark of devious charm:
    • "The Crepes of Wrath": Adil Hoxha is an Albanian spy working undercover as a foreign exchange student. After integrating himself into the Simpson family with his politeness and helpful attitude, he requests Homer to let him visit the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, collecting information and successfully sending it his home government. After being caught and outed as a spy by the FBI, he thanks the Simpsons for their hospitality and tells them not to let the experience sour their thoughts on the student exchange program.
    • "Homer the Vigilante": Molloy is a resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle who moonlights as the Springfield Cat Burglar. When Homer, head of the new Neighbourhood Watch, was interviewed by Kent Brockman, Molloy phoned in to taunt Homer that he would steal the Springfield Museum's Zirconia and succeeds despite Homer's efforts. When arrested, Molloy gracefully returns all his stolen goods before being put in jail, where he tells Homer and Chief Wiggum about where he hid all his stolen loot, leading to the whole town hunting for it. When the location Molloy described is found, all that is present is a note saying Molloy lied and used the time they spent searching to escape. An archetypical Gentleman Thief, Molloy remains memorable despite his only appearance and relatively humble goals.
    • "You Only Move Twice": Hank Scorpio is the president of the Globex Corporation whose passions include his employees' wellbeing, fun runs and world domination. Threatening the UN with a Doomsday Device, Scorpio holds the world ransom while at the same time becoming friends with new hire Homer Simpson, actually managing to make Homer productive. Executing the escaping Mr. Bont after Homer tackles the agent and successfully repelling an attack on his lair, Scorpio amiably parts with Homer when the latter decides to return to Springfield for the sake of his family. Conquering the East Coast, Scorpio gives Homer the Denver Broncos as a farewell gift and assures him they will always be friends. Emulating the best aspects of the classic Bond villains he parodies, Scorpio also cares just as much—if not more—about his employees' happiness than he does about conquering the world. The height of Affably Evil and perhaps the show's most successful villain, Hank Scorpio is a beloved character years after his single episode.
    • "The Wandering Juvie": Gina Vendetti is a troubled pre-teen, who got into a juvenile correctional facility by shoving Snow White off a building. She easily manipulates Bart by tricking him into going along with her by playing a Wounded Gazelle Gambit, using her wits to outsmart the Warden of the facility and escape using a disco ball connected to a rope and a blacksmith to remove their cuffs. Despite constantly hurting Bart both mentally and physically, she truly loves him, and has no family to speak of and when caught she confesses everything get Bart set free. Troubled, and intelligent with a Hidden Heart of Gold, Gina showed herself to be among the most clever of Bart's girlfriends.
    • "The Debarted": Donny is a troubled orphan from Shelbyville who quickly befriends Bart Simpson. Having been asked by Chalmers and Principal Skinner to infiltrate Bart's gang of friends, Donny takes the heat for one of Bart's pranks, tricks him into accusing Milhouse, and helps Skinner stay one step ahead of Bart at any given time. When Groundskeeper Willie sells Bart out, Donny has a Heel Realization and decides to stop Skinner and Chalmers. Troubled, calm, and a surprisingly good planner, Donny got the best of both Bart and Skinner.
    • "The Book Job": Neil Gaiman, the King of Fantasy Books, is a Con Man who regularly heists his way to the top. Overhearing the main crew coming up with their book idea, Gaiman decides to steal it for himself and integrates himself into the group. Pretending to be a fool, Gaiman secretly strikes a deal with Moe the Bartender. When the publishing company changes their book to be about vampires, Gaiman plays on their pride of authorship, costing them their millions, and convinces them to swap the company's flash drive with one holding their original book. While Lisa is successful in swapping the flash drives, it is revealed that Gaiman had replaced theirs with one that gave him the credit, before escaping to Shelbyville and double-crossing Moe by poisoning him. Hammy, snarky, and smarter than he at first appears, Neil Gaiman is able to heist his way onto the bestseller list once again, despite not even being able to read.
  • Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters: Jonathan Rook is the CEO of Rook Unlimited as well as the supervillain Stretch Monster. Rook would build up his company to be the most powerful in Charter City. When Rook saw the Flex Fighters, he realized that Flexarium could merge with humans without turning them into monsters. Rook would manipulate the Flex Fighters Into joining him and unleash tons of mutated villains to gather data about the Flex Fighters. Rook has laid out all his plans perfectly so that no matter what, he will win in some way. Rook manipulates the Flex Fighters into helping him to create his army of Flexarium monsters. Rook's plan is foiled, but Rook poisons the Flex Fighters through their snowcones and frames them for the attack when they uncover his identity. When Rook is thrown out of the building by the Tech Men, he teams up with the Flex Fighters to stop them. When the Tech Men are defeated, Rook reveals that he erased the confession that he was forced to record and rigged the device to spray a gas that knocks out Dr. C. Rook now has his company back and has managed to get away with everything.
  • Tales of Arcadia: Morgana, also known as the Pale Lady, Baba Yaga, and by many more names, was a young student of Merlin who despaired at her brother Arthur's persecution of magical beings. Falling to darkness when Arthur died, Morgana would manipulate legions over the ensuing centuries to advance her goals of world conquest, having the troll Angor Rot sell his soul to her to use him as her assassin. Upon returning to life in Wizards, Morgana later repents and joins the heroes to help defeat the evil Arcane Order and the resurrected Arthur, giving her life to destroy him when she realizes he is beyond saving while reconciling with her mentor Merlin and following him into the afterlife.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Agent John Bishop is the leader and founder of the Earth Protection Force, an anti-alien task force Bishop designed after undergoing trauma and experimentation at the hands of aliens. Believing that all aliens and mutations are enemies of humanity, Bishop keeps himself alive for centuries to secure humanity's "safety", creating an entire clone army under the U.S. government's nose and even successfully staging an alien invasion to gain more funding for the EPF. Bishop is as dangerous in combat as he is in strategy, as he dances around entire groups of trained combatants including the Turtles, Karai and Hun, always using nothing but his surroundings and quick-thinking to get the upper hand and keep up. By the year 2105, Bishop has come to see the error in his hatred of all aliens, and develops a peace treaty between several alien worlds and Earth, becoming the beloved President of the new galactic federation and keeping the peace with a gentle but firm hand.
  • The Tick:
    • Chairface Chippendale is a deviously diabolical genius out to pay back the world for rejecting his glorious furniture head. So respected and feared by the criminal community as one of the world's greatest villains that a massive gathering of crooks and ne'er-do-wells throw him a surprise party, Chairface takes the opportunity to trap the Tick and his partners while carving his name into the moon with a super laser, partially succeeding before being stopped. Undeterred by his initial defeat, Chairface goes on to concoct a brilliant plot to drive Dinosaur Neil into his mutated form once more by sabotaging the man's wedding, Chairface forming a Villain Team-Up to then take control of Neil. In his final scheme, Chairface uses his ally Professor Chromedome to obtain a body-swapping device, then transfers his mind into the form of the Tick, intending to destroy the machine to ensure its effects are never reversed. Wicked Cultured and always facing defeat with mere annoyance before continuing his ingenious ways, Chairface is the closest thing the Tick ever has to a true Arch-Enemy.
    • The Breadmaster is one of the few recurring villains in the series, and always presents a major threat with his culinary schemes. Thrown out of Baking College for using his unrivaled cooking skills for evil, the Breadmaster stages a series of "bread bombings" throughout the City, destroying bakeries that he chastises for falling short of cooking perfection. Tricking the City into supplying him with tons of baking materials, the Breadmaster nearly destroys the entire City with a giant, growing souffle. Later teaming up with Chairface and El Seed for a time to masterfully disrupt Dinosaur Neil's wedding, the Breadmaster then goes about sending killer gingerbread men to heroes throughout the City, his baking pride ensuring that the cookies taste delicious and go properly stale without artificial preservatives. The Breadmaster then uses a cookie tank to nearly destroy the City's new hero Eclair, having adapted it to deflect all manner of her powers.
    • "The Tick VS Reno, Nevada": The Fin was once a trained show fish named "Mr. Smartypants", run through hoops of fire and other humiliating, dangerous torments by his trainers Soren and Frederica. Escaping from his trainers by staging a "kidnapping" of himself, the Fin uses his cultist followers to pull off heists throughout Reno and bring him the necessary technology to construct a "fish magnet." Capturing Soren and Frederica, the Fin uses the magnet to rain down tons of fish into Reno, hoping to flood the whole city with his favorite snack. Dueling the Tick in a breath-holding contest for the fate of Reno, the Fin winds up back in Soren and Frederica's care, but with a decidedly more suitable role as an entertainer: to fling mocking taunts at his trainers and the audience for laughs.
  • Totally Spies!: Kyle Katz is a thief the WOOHP could never catch as he committed countless jewelry heists throughout the world. Targeting the Uzbekistan Pearl, Katz seduces the three spies with his gentlemanly charm and putting the Pearl in his grasp. As the spies enter the vault to stop Katz, he steals the pearl and locks them inside while he makes his escape. Although defeated and caught in the end, Katz never sheds his affability, even throwing the girls a rose. Despite only having one appearance, Katz remains one of the suavest antagonists faced by the spies.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender:
    • Prince Lotor is the handsome, charismatic son of Zarkon and Honerva. Returning when his father is incapacitated, Lotor uses his charisma to win the Galra to his side and proves a deadly enemy of Voltron with his brilliance. Even when Zarkon awakens, Lotor changes gears to ally with Voltron, eventually killing his father and becoming the new head of Galra. Manipulating the Paladins, it is eventually revealed Lotor has preserved the Altean race, albeit while harvesting some for their Quintessence, leading to a massive confrontation. Despite his evil actions, even Allura acknowledges Lotor's good intent in the end, and he remains one of Voltron's most utterly brilliant and capable adversaries.
    • Honerva, aka High Priestess Haggar, is Prince Lotor's mother and the ruthlessly capable force behind Zarkon's throne. Nearly eliminating Voltron and all of her opponents in one fell swoop during one gambit, upon regaining her memories, Honerva ends up manipulating the entire Altean colony founded by Lotor into her pawns by using their belief of Lotor as a savior. Using them to assist her in opening up the path to reality itself, Honerva intends to find a reality where she is happy with her husband and son, deciding the rest can burn, before realizing her errors and having a chance to fix it at cost of her life.
  • Wakfu:
    • Nox, the mad Xelor and keeper of the Eliacube who serves as the Big Bad of the first season, is an audacious and brilliant Time Master who devotes himself wholly to one thing: to turn back time two-hundred years, back to when his Eliacube-induced insanity resulted in the death of his family. Nox drains the wakfu from entire countries and leaves all around him in ruin to store the captured wakfu in the Eliacube, affording himself no setbacks and firmly convinced turning back time while simultaneously erase all of his own atrocities, allowing him and the World of Twelve a fresh start. With his ruthless, unfettered agenda leading to the defeat of everyone who tries to stand up against him—with Nox effortlessly tricking the entire Sadida military into wasting their soldiers on a diversion Nox sets up, and even defeating the ancient dragon Grougaloragran and Yugo himself — Nox's defeat only comes when it's revealed he never could have gotten enough wakfu to bring his family back, even his final defeat cast in an immensely sympathetic light.
    • Oropo is the remaining Eliotrope, a species created by Yugo's fight against Ogrest, and founder of The Siblings. Aiming to replace the gods, who ignored his people's extinction, Oropo weakened their standing by causing Ogrest's Chaos and Nox's Eliacube-induced insanity. Executing his plan to destroy the gods' realm with an Eliacube-bomb, Oropo stays one step ahead of the Brotherhood of Tofu, exploiting their fears and regrets, nearly swaying Amalia to his side and defeating Yugo by predicting his every move. Showing unexpected vulnerability and care towards the Brotherhood and Siblings alike, Oropo only loses when he gives up on his life-long goal to spare their lives, reconciliating with his partner Echo as they die together.
  • We Bare Bears' "Googs": Ari Curd is the founder of the Googs headquarters. Designing the virtual reality goggles, she throws a contest with the offer being a tour around the facility. When the bears win, she tricks them into being her test subjects and through her online avatar, she plays on Panda's frustration with his brothers to send him on a rocket to the moon and later, the sun while he's vulnerable. Ending the simulation Ari cheerfully greets the Bears and offers to give them the real tour, albeit oblivious to their trauma.
  • Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: Carmen Sandiego is a rogue ACME agent who became the world's most successful master thief just for the sake of the thrills. To this end, Carmen stole famous landmarks and objects across the world, leaving difficult-to-follow clues and patterns to challenge herself with cunning pursuers. Having a strict moral code, Carmen only steals her items for the thrill, later returning them, and despises violent measures. Treating her thievery hobby and escapades more like a mental game than anything else and remaining affable to her companions and her enemies alike, Carmen is one of the most worthy adversaries for the ACME agents and the players in the show.
  • The Wrong Trousers: Feathers McGraw is a penguin who imitates a chicken while committing robberies. Taking advantage of Wallace’s hospitality, Feathers drives Gromit out of the house by making him think he’s being replaced and then traps Wallace in the reprogrammed electronic trousers that Wallace gave Gromit as a birthday present and runs him wild through the town. Feathers then uses Wallace to steal a diamond from the museum and when confronted by Gromit with a rolling pin, pulls a gun on Gromit. Feathers then narrowly escapes during a harrowing pursuit on a train set while nearly outsmarting Gromit at every turn.
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Once the greatest hero to have ever lived, Chase Young was tempted into drinking the Lao Mang Lone soup which gave him eternal youth in exchange for corrupting his soul to the Heylin side. Betraying his benefactor, Chase spent 1500 years honing his own skills while maintaining his youthful appearance. Seeking world domination, Chase saw interest in Omi, whom he constantly helped deal with common threats earning the young monk's trust. Chase eventually tricked Omi into defecting to his side by trapping Master Fung into the Ying-Yang world, forcing Omi to use the Ying Yo-Yo to rescue him, unaware that his good chi will be left behind. Even after Omi reverts back to the Xiaolin side, Chase took advantage of Omi's adherence by showing him a vision of his Heylin self pledging his loyalty to him, causing Omi to reluctantly remain by his side. When the Xiaolin monks defeats him in a showdown, Chase accepts his loss and releases Omi from his grasp. A ruthless, self-serving yet charismatic and honorable Heylin warlord, Chase Young stood out as one of the Xiaolin's greatest foe, never being truly defeated in the end despite suffering numerous setbacks.