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Recap / The Backyardigans S 2 E 10 International Super Spy

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Music genre: Jazz

All characters are present.

(Part One)

We open with Pablo introducing him himself as "Secret, Agent Secret", complete with a song ("International Super Spy"). He is called to his secret base, where his boss, Miss T. (Tasha) explains his mission to him.

There are three secret containers that Agent Secret must collect. However, the villainous Lady in Pink (Uniqua) is after them as well. Agent Secret must obtain the secret containers before the Lady in Pink does. His first stop is in London, where he is to meet his secret contact.


Meanwhile, the Lady in Pink is in her evil lair (which is located inside Big Ben, for some reason), explaining her evil plot to her minion, Henchman Tyrone ("Lady in Pink").

We go back to Agent Secret, who has arrived at a pub, and has met his secret contact (Austin). However, due to some not-so-secret shouting and a fake banana split, the Lady in Pink, who is nearby in a disguise, learns the location of the first container.

Agent Secret and the Lady in Pink both head to the glass tower to obtain the first container. After a dance battle, Agent Secret collects the first container. He and the Lady in Pink fight over it for a bit ("Good and Bad Don't Mix"), but Agent Secret remains prosperous.

Agent Secret heads to Switzerland to meet another secret contact (Austin again), but makes the same mistake as last time (this time with a fake hotdog). He is instructed to go to Dare-Dairy Farm. He (and the Lady in Pink, little eavesdropper) go there, have another dance battle, and fight over the second container while riding down a slope ("Good and Bad Don't Mix" reprise). Henchman Tyrone gets the Lady in Pink's attention by telling her they're about to go off a cliff.


(Part Two)

Agent Secret lets go of the container. Fear not, audience, for he gets it back after Henchman Tyrone and the Lady in Pink crash into a snowbank.

Agent Secret's last stop is in the Caribbean. He meets the third secret contact (still Austin), and still hasn't learned his lesson from the last two stops.

Agent Secret dives in as he heads to Tiki Island. Once he gets there, he faces off with the Lady in Pink once more. Once again, Agent Secret has the upper hand and goes back to home base with all three containers.

When Agent Secret returns, Miss T. has vanished. As it turns out, the Lady in Pink is holding her hostage. If Agent Secret doesn't give up the containers, Miss T. will get it ("it" meaning getting tickled).

Agent Secret goes to the evil lair. The Lady in Pink strikes a deal: Agent Secret hands over the containers, and Henchman Tyrone will give him the remote to free Miss T. But it was a trick; Henchman Tyrone instead gives the remote to the Lady in Pink, and they put Agent Secret in a Tickle Torture device and gloat about their victory ("A Recipe For Disaster").


Just before the Lady can open all three containers (she opened the first two, which contained a glass and some milk), the doorbell rings. It's a pizza guy! However, the Lady in Pink sees right through pizza guy Austin's disguise. She gets mad and puts him in a Tickle Torture machine as well; meanwhile Henchman Tyrone is just miffed about the lack of pizza.

However, Agent Secret still has one ace left up his sleeve: he's not ticklish. He escapes and fights the Lady in Pink for the containers. They take their fight outside and the Lady in Pink almost falls off the building. Agent Secret saves her, so she and Henchman Tyrone decide to become super spies as well ("International Super Spy" reprise).

As for the containers? Turns out they contained a recipe for chocolate milk.

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