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Recap / VeggieTales Episode 27 LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

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LarryBoy and the Bad Apple
Episode number: 27
Original release date: 7/29/06

Countertop Intro

On the Countertop, Bob greets the kids, while accompanied by Larry, who is dressed as Larry-Boy once again. When Bob asks Larry-Boy what's going on, Larry-Boy then uses his Super-Suction Ear to retrieve his faithful butler Alfred (played by Archibald Asparagus once again), who then says, "And we're here to answer your questions!" Bob becomes angry, telling Alfred, "That's my line!" before Larry-Boy tells him that they've got everything covered, before Bob asks Larry-Boy if he even knows what he's up to and if they even have a letter. Fortunately, Alfred says that they have a text message, which Bob is confused about, with Larry-Boy telling him that it's the latest thing, but Bob tells Larry-Boy and Alfred that they need to stick to the script. Of course Larry-Boy then tells him, "Please, sir, stand aside! We don't want innocent bystanders getting hurt!" before using his Super-Suction Ear to push Bob away. After Bob has been pushed away, Alfred then explains that the text message they got is from from Libby Forcucci from Stockbridge, Massachusetts. In the text, Libby explains that she really loves playing video games and that's all she ever thinks about sometimes, even when she's supposed to be doing her homework or cleaning up her room, and that when she looks over at the controller, she can't help but want to pick it up and play, so she wants to know what she should do. After reading the text, Larry-Boy is impressed that Libby is able to type out such a long message with tiny buttons on a cell phone, while Alfred recognizes that Libby has a real problem with Temptation, which Larry-Boy questions him about, before Alfred explains that Temptation is the desire to have or do something that you know that you should avoid, or the act of influencing by inciting hope, before Bob gives a short explanation that it means that you want to do something that you shouldn't do. Larry-Boy thanks Bob for the explanation, before Alfred explains that they have a story that addresses the problems with Temptation, before Bob then says, "Roll film!"


LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

It is once again another nice day in the illustrious town of Bumblyburg. At a local candy shop, Junior Asparagus and Annie Onion have bought a candy bar, without realizing that they are being watched by a pair of thugs on a motorcycle, before the thugs (played by Scallions # 2 and 3) drive by on their motorcycle and swipe the candy bar with one of the thugs laughing about it. Even when the police have to do something about it, Larry-Boy sees all the trouble going on, while the thugs still ride by on their motorcycle. Meanwhile, Mayor Blueberry (played by Madame Blueberry) is about to cut the ribbon to officially open the Bumblyburg Animal Shelter, when the thugs steal the ribbon as well. Reporter Petunia Rhubarb then sees a familiar figure swinging by before she follows after Larry-Boy who is swinging across the city. Petunia then says that they have received unconfirmed reports that they may see the return of Larry-Boy. One of the thugs then throws the ribbon aside that hits Larry-Boy in the face, which causes him to get all tangled up in his Super-Suction Ear, though Petunia is able to free him. The thugs then retreat into a nearby alley, when Larry-Boy's Super-Suction Ear then shoots forward and takes the chocolate back. The thugs are then arrested by Officer Scooter (played by Scooter Carrot) as a result. After returning the chocolate to Junior and Annie, Larry-Boy then tells them, "Remember, kid, with great chocolate comes great responsibility", before he swings off on his Super-Suction Ear once again.


In a garbage can in an alley, a worm then peeks out from the garbage can, surveying everything in the city. As the Larrymobile drives by in the city, the worm uses a slingshot to fire a homing device that attaches itself on the Larrymobile's tail fin. While driving in the Larrymobile, Larry-Boy is eating peanut butter cups while Alfred congratulates him for saving the day in Bumblyburg once again. However, when Alfred asks Larry-Boy what he's eating, Larry-Boy tells him, "Chocolate saved is chocolate earned", before Alfred corrects him that it's a penny saved, though Larry-Boy tells him that the box cost him 10 bucks but it's worth every penny. Alfred is concerned that Larry-Boy is eating too much chocolate but Larry-Boy tells him that it's not a big deal, which Alfred reluctantly agrees with, before Larry-Boy signs off after that, before driving off. On the TV screen in the middle of Bumblyburg, Petunia is playing a video game before being told by the cameraman (played by Jerry Gourd) that she's on. After managing to save the game, Petunia then says that she is reporting from Bumblyburg Park where preparations are underway for the city's Gala Tricentennial Celebration. Of course, Petunia explains that as the city is getting ready to celebrate its 300th birthday, something very odd has been discovered which has authorities concerned, saying that the statue of Bumblyburg's founder, Obadiah Bumbly, has been mysteriously wrapped in what looks like a giant spider web.


Petunia also says that one authority who is concerned is none other than their city's mayor, Mayor Blueberry. Mayor Blueberry doesn't believe that this recent vandalism will have any affect on the upcoming events when Petunia asks her about it, saying that everything is organized and well under control, also saying that she's not letting a few cobwebs get in the way of the city's 300th birthday. A carrot construction worker tries using a chainsaw on the spider web covering the statue before Mayor Blueberry tells him to try using something a little more delicate. A carrot fireman tries using a fire hose to wash the cobwebs off, but nothing happens, before a huge torrent of water suddenly blasts out, which causes the fireman to get thrown around in the air from the pressure of the fire hose. After Petunia signs off, the TV in a mysterious lair turns off, before we are introduced to the villain, an apple by the name of the Bad Apple, who has been watching everything, as she says that when's through with the people of Bumblyburg, she'll be in control, before the same worm from before, named Curly, shows up, with Bad Apple asking him to tell her what he's learned. Back at the Larry Manor, Alfred is watching a TV show called "Top Banana" which involves a banana who does wacky stunts such as falling down. Larry-Boy then returns to the Larry Manor once again, though he doesn't feel too well after eating too much chocolate, so he ends up falling over when he gets out of the Larrymobile, to which Alfred then shuts off the program and welcomes Larry-Boy back home. Alfred acknowledges that Larry-Boy looks a little pale, before Larry-Boy then makes his way to the washroom after that.

Back at the Bad Apple's lair, Curly turns on a TV, telling Bad Apple that he loves the world wide web thing she's got going, with Bad Apple telling him that for the moment, it's only her Bumblyburg-wide web, before telling Curly to be patient. Curly then asks Bad Apple what she's got, like paralyzer beams or magnetic webbing or even an army of little radioactive robot spiders, but Bad Apple tells him that that's not the way she operates, saying that she's Temptation and that she'll simply divide and conquer, as well as the fact that no one can stand up to her on their own. Bad Apple then asks Curly what he scouted out, wanting to know which pillars need to be removed, with Curly telling her that every town has three key elements. The first one is Organization, which is covered by Mayor Blueberry, her weakness being vanity, the second one is Communication, which is covered by Petunia Rhubarb, with her weakness being video games, and the third one is Protection, which is covered by Larry-Boy. When Bad Apple tells Curly that there's nothing there, Curly tells her that he's still working on that one, before Bad Apple tells Curly to work a little harder, while she goes to pay a visit to Mayor Blueberry. Back at the Larry Manor, Alfred tells Larry-Boy that he warned him about the consequences of his overindulgence of chocolate, with Larry-Boy telling him, "They give me energy!" before Alfred also tells him, "They also give you a bellyache and a sugar crash". When Alfred tells Larry-Boy about the danger in Bumblyburg, Larry-Boy comes out from the washroom, saying that he needs to lie down before he rests himself on the chair, still unaware of the homing device attached to the Larrymobile's tail fin.

Outside, Curly slithers up to the Larry Manor while tracking down where Larry-Boy is before he quickly hops down into a manhole after that. When Alfred asks Larry-Boy how much chocolate he ate, Larry-Boy answers "Too much", before burping as a result. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he needs to eschew chocolate. When Larry-Boy asks Alfred what 'eschew' means, Alfred tells him "Not much, what's eschew with you?" then laughs, with Larry-Boy sarcastically telling him, "You're hilarious". At the same time this happens, Curly then enters the Larry Cave by a wall faucet before setting a camera on a wall. Alfred then stops laughing before explaining to Larry-Boy that 'eschew' means to avoid, to renounce, to give up, with Larry-Boy telling him, "I can't give up chocolate, I love chocolate!" Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he'll help him, also telling him that he can't be the superhero God wants him to be if he continues this overindulgence of chocolate. Larry-Boy then agrees with Alfred, asking what they'll do, with Alfred telling him that they'll design an exercise regiment to help Larry-Boy stay in shape and to stay away from eating too much chocolate. Curly has gotten everything that he needed to know about Larry-Boy.

In Bumblyburg, Bad Apple is walking down the streets while singing about letting people open up the door to let her in because she's Temptation. Bad Apple then enters the City Hall, before approaching the desk where Mayor Blueberry's secretary, Jean-Claude Pea, is working on his computer. Inside Mayor Blueberry's office, Mayor Blueberry is putting on a powderpuff when she hears the door knock, before Bad Apple enters the office after having tied up Jean-Claude. When Mayor Blueberry sees Bad Apple, she wonders who let her in, before Bad Apple says, "I was hoping you would". Back at the Larry Manor, Larry-Boy's exercise regiment has begun, which starts with Larry-Boy going up a stairmaster while under direction from Alfred, but unfortunately, the stairmaster then speeds up, which causes Larry-Boy to get thrown back because he has no energy. Back at City Hall, despite Mayor Blueberry telling Bad Apple that she's very busy, Bad Apple then tells Mayor Blueberry that that's why she's here, to help Mayor Blueberry with her outfit for the occasion, lying that she's a seamstress. This catches Mayor Blueberry's attention as she compliments Bad Apple for the green cape that she is wearing, before Bad Apple tells Mayor Blueberry that with a little work, she could be a knockout. Mayor Blueberry tries to dissuade this by saying "I'm not one of those vain blueberries who only thinks of her appearance". Of course, Bad Apple then enters Mayor Blueberry's office before creating a spider web that creates a portal to a fantasy world in the form of a beauty shop. Because of this, Mayor Blueberry then falls to Bad Apple's Temptation before entering the spider web after that, as she takes a look at the beautiful dresses inside.

Back at the Larry Manor, the next step in Larry-Boy's exercise regiment is the bench press, with Larry-Boy struggling to lift the weight, while Alfred is watching Top Banana on TV. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he needs more umph, which Larry-Boy thinks that he needs more Umph! sports drink, before Alfred tells him to keep going. However, Larry-Boy is unable to lift the weight up any more so Alfred goes over to tell him to push more. Larry-Boy is able to push the weight up, but it ends up knocking Alfred over as a result. After exiting from City Hall, Bad Apple then sings the second verse of her song about still having people open up their door to let her in, before she approaches Bumblyburg Park then stands right next to Jerry Gourd. After that, Bad Apple then approaches Petunia's news van and knocks on the door, while it is revealed that Jerry had also gotten tied up by the Bad Apple, just like Jean-Claude. When Petunia comes out from the van while playing her video game, she notices Bad Apple, asking her if she can help her, before Bad Apple tells her that sometimes it's so hard to help yourself, which confuses Petunia, before Bad Apple tells her, "I have something you might be interested in". Petunia tries to tell Bad Apple that she's on a deadline because of a huge breaking story, but Bad Apple asks her if she ever relaxes, with Petunia saying that she does, playing her Handy Pod. Bad Apple then tells Petunia that she has the one and only test version of Handy Pod Advanced, which interests Petunia, before Bad Apple tells her, "Maybe I can come in and give you a demonstration?" Of course, Petunia still needs to find out what's going on with the statue, but when Bad Apple tells her, "With 'Laser Cycle 4000'", Petunia finally allows Bad Apple to enter the van. Bad Apple then creates a spider web that creates a portal to a life-size version of Laser Cycle 4000 (which is a nod to that of TRON), before Petunia then enters the portal after that then starts racing all over the track.

Meanwhile, Jim Gourdly (played by Jimmy Gourd) tells the weather man Cliff that he is really funny, almost as goofy as Bill on sports. Bill, who is a carrot sportscaster, repeatedly hits himself on the head with a tennis racket. Jim then goes live to Petunia with an update on the mysterious web around Obadiah Bumbly, but unfortunately, Petunia is nowhere to be seen, only Jerry who is still tied up by the Bad Apple's cobwebs. Because of this, Jim says that they must be having technical difficulties. After Bad Apple has returned to her lair during the news report, she says, "No news is good news", before turning to a portrait of her Great Uncle Ephraim, telling him that he would be so proud of her, saying that the only thing standing between her and Bumblyburg is Larry-Boy. Of course, Curly then shows up, telling Bad Apple that he got the goods on Larry-Boy and his butler, Alfred, saying, "Two words, bananas and chocolate", which Bad Apple is interested in hearing.

Back at the Larry Manor, Alfred tells Larry-Boy, who is now jump-roping, that the webs that are plaguing Bumblyburg are nothing new, and that they've been appearing before in the past. When Larry-Boy asks Alfred when and why, Alfred tells him that his computer does not contain such old information and that he'll have to make a trip to the Bumblyburg Historical Society to find out more. Bad Apple and Curly had been watching everything, with Bad Apple saying that she has to move fast before leaving. Alfred then gets into the Larrymobile and asks Larry-Boy not to give in to his temptation while he's gone, before Larry-Boy tells him, "Don't worry, Alfred! I'm stronger than Temptation! I'm a superhero!" before he trips on his jump rope and falls over. Alfred then leaves after that, revealing that he was actually riding on his motor scooter instead of in the Larrymobile. While riding in his motor scooter, Alfred nearly runs into the Bad Apple but he is able to swerve to avoid her, with Bad Apple angrily yelling, "Hey! I'm walking here!" Alfred then tells Bad Apple to use the sidewalk before driving off again. Back at the Larry Manor, Larry-Boy is still jump-roping when he hears the doorbell ring, so he goes to the monitor to see who it is. Bad Apple then appears on the screen, telling Larry-Boy that he needs some assistance, though Larry-Boy tells her that he's a superhero and that he doesn't need any help. Despite this, Bad Apple then decides to leave her card with Larry-Boy, just in case, saying that it's probably under the chocolate, which Larry-Boy is happy to hear, so because of this, he decides to let Bad Apple in.

Alfred then approaches Bumblyburg Park, where the carrot construction workers are lazing around doing nothing, wondering what they're supposed to be doing, yet they don't have a clue. Alfred is wondering where the Mayor and Petunia are, before hurrying on again. After arriving at the Historical Society, Alfred manages to find an old film explaining about the history of Bumblyburg, in which a valiant band of vegetables sail out on a ship called the Cauliflower to settle in unknown land, led by the fearless Obadiah Bumbly. They soon set an establishment in the new world, but it wasn't long before it become clear that something was rotten in the new settlement. The reason for this is because a playplace called Apply's Funhouse, run by Ephraim Apply, is drawing all of the settlers in. Back at the Larry Manor, Bad Apple tempts Larry-Boy with a chocolate bar, with Larry-Boy telling her that she has a thing for chocolate. Bad Apple then asks Larry-Boy if he would care for a bite, but Larry-Boy turns her down, saying that he's been eating too much of it lately and that he needs less chocolate and more exercise. Bad Apple then tells Larry-Boy that besides being delicious, chocolate is also very interesting, telling him that chocolate was invented by the Mayans thousands of years ago, made from the beans of the cocoa tree, just as Bad Apple then removes her cape, revealing that she has robotic spider-like legs, telling Larry-Boy that it would be fabulous if there was a museum of chocolate, before she then creates a spider web that creates a portal leading to a room that has nothing but chocolate (as a reference to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory). Because of this, Larry-Boy finds himself inside a room where everything is chocolate.

Back at the Historical Society, Alfred still continues watching the old film, in which it is further explained that because of Apply's Funhouse drawing in all of the settlers, all of the work in the settlement of Bumblyburg had come to a halt because of a single sinister citizen, which Alfred is shocked about. Back at the chocolate room, Bad Apple (now sporting a hat similar to the one worn by Willy Wonka) introduces Larry-Boy to the Chocolate Room, telling him that white chocolate contains no caffeine. Soon, Larry-Boy is tempting in taking a taste of the chocolate in the room, before Bad Apple then starts saying a crazy rant about eating chocolate. Larry-Boy then jumps into a river of chocolate after that. Back at the Historical Society, the film still continues, saying that the cause of all the chaos was Ephraim Apply, a bad apple whose plan was to enslave the entire population of Bumblyburg with nothing but play, particularly Checkers, so that he could take over the town himself. Of course, Obadiah then shows up and tells Ephraim that he is bringing the scourge upon the fair town of Bumblyburg, before telling the townsfolk to turn their backs on this rotten apple, saying that he has tried to lead them into Temptation. Because of this, Ephraim Apply has been forced to flee in defeat. After the film is over, Alfred is surprised at what he just learned, realizing that this apple is the cause of what's been going on.

After returning to the Larry Manor, Alfred is surprised to find that the entire room has now been turned into chocolate, realizing that Larry-Boy has fallen into a web of chocolate temptation. Bad Apple then approaches Alfred after that, with Alfred asking Bad Apple (who's name is revealed to be Apply) how she got into the Larry Manor, to which Apply then answers that Larry-Boy let her in. Alfred then tells Apply that he knows all about her, before Apply tells him that she knows about him too, revealing a TV set that starts playing an episode of Top Banana, which Alfred tries to avoid, but unfortunately, he ends up falling to the temptation as well, before Bad Apple then ties him up in her webs. Bad Apple then leaves after that, before meeting up with Curly, who has been waiting outside the Larry Manor. Back at Bumblyburg Park, Apply and Curly then prepare to put the final part of Apply's plan into action, which involves setting up a modernized version of Apply's Funhouse called Apply's Funhouse 2. Curly then starts calling out to the people of Bumblyburg to come into Apply's Funhouse 2 for non-stop fun. Back at the Larry Manor, the TV that Alfred was watching Top Banana on suddenly tunes in to Curly's broadcast about Apply's Funhouse 2, which Alfred is shocked to hear. Alfred then calls out to Larry-Boy that Bumblyburg is in terrible danger and that they are being led into Temptation, but Larry-Boy is still preoccupied with eating chocolate. When Alfred tells him, "Bumblyburg needs a hero!", Larry-Boy then says, "I! Am! That! Hero!", but when he tries to get out of the chocolate river, he is stuck. Because of this, Larry-Boy and Alfred realize that they need each other's help to get out of their Temptation. Larry-Boy then shoots his Super-Suction Ear, but it strikes the TV set, which causes the bottle of Umph! sports drink to fly into the air until the sports drink causes the cobwebs to dissolve, freeing Alfred from his entanglement. When Larry-Boy tries to get at more chocolate, Alfred tells him that he cannot be the superhero God wants him to be if all he ever thinks about is chocolate, which Larry-Boy says that he knows that now. Alfred is then able to pull Larry-Boy out of the chocolate river. Alfred then says that others are still in trouble and that if they're not saved, Bumblyburg will be doomed. Larry-Boy and Alfred then take off in the Larry Plane towards Bumblyburg after that.

After the duo arrive at Mayor Blueberry's office, they discover that she has made herself beautified far too much, so they are able to save her from her temptation web, which causes the web to disappear. The next stop for Larry-Boy and Alfred is Bumblyburg Park, where Curly is still drawing folks towards Apply's Funhouse 2, where Larry-Boy, Alfred, and Mayor Blueberry then approach Petunia's news van, where Petunia is still playing Laser Cycle 4000. Fortunately, Larry-Boy is able to save Petunia from the laser cycle, which then crashes, before the two then exit from her temptation web, also causing it to disappear as well. Once Petunia has been saved, the group then exits from the news van to discover that Apply and Curly are already leading people into Temptation, while the others try to free Jerry. When Larry-Boy sees Curly, he asks who this worm is, before Alfred tells him to apprehend him because he's working for Apply. Larry-Boy then shoots his Super-Suction Ear at Curly, before bringing him in to justice, to which Mayor Blueberry then tells Scooter to arrest Curly. While gazing up Apply's Funhouse 2, Larry-Boy states that none of them are strong enough to fight Temptation on their own. Before anything else can happen, Petunia is able to warn the townspeople not to be led astray by Temptation, which causes everyone to run away from Apply's Funhouse 2, which surprises Apply when she sees that her plan is failing.

Larry-Boy then tells the Bad Apple that the jig is up, before seeing her atop Apply's Funhouse 2. Apply then uses a cannon that shoots spider webs at Larry-Boy, but he is able to dodge each of the spider webs shot at him, before he falls. When Larry-Boy tries using his Super-Suction Ear to plug up Apply's web shooter, he instead hits her in the mouth, before he is suddenly swung around by Apply, who still keeps shooting spider webs at him. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he has to take down the giant apple, with Larry-Boy saying that he's working on a plan. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he should use Umph!, which Larry-Boy understands, before Alfred tosses him a bottle of Umph! sports drink, which Larry-Boy catches in his Super-Suction Ear before coming back down to the ground and using the Umph! to dissolve one of the webs holding the funhouse in place, as that web wraps around some of Apply's robotic legs. Larry-Boy had been thrown up into the air by the force but he is able to use his Super-Suction Ear to swing to safety. Mayor Blueberry then tells everyone that they need to use Umph! in order to dissolve the spider webs that Apply had created. Larry-Boy still continues swinging, with Apply still shooting spider webs at him, but he still dodges again and again. Soon, everyone then squirts the Umph! onto the spider webs, just as Larry-Boy has managed to destroy Apply's web shooter, with the Umph! causing the spider webs to dissolve before they then wrap around more of the Bad Apple's legs, with Apply trying to swear revenge. Of course, the funhouse then starts to roll away as everyone runs for their lives, but Larry-Boy uses his Super-Suction Ears to anchor himself in place, before the funhouse then rolls up against him, but thanks to Larry-Boy's Super-Suction Ears acting like a slingshot, both the funhouse and Apply both get catapulted away off in the distance.

After the Bad Apple has been defeated, everyone starts cheering for the victory of Larry-Boy. Soon, the 300th birthday celebration of Bumblyburg is underway as Mayor Blueberry tells everyone that they are gathered to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of Bumblyburg, before pulling away the blanket, revealing the statue of the city's founder, Obadiah Bumbly. Mayor Blueberry then says that they also have someone to thank for delivering their town from the terrible evil, which of course, is the city's greatest superhero, Larry-Boy. Larry-Boy thanks the mayor, before telling her that he can't take the credit because Temptation is too strong for anyone to handle alone and that we need God's help and the help of the people around us, which are our friends and our family. Mayor Blueberry then presents Larry-Boy with a multiple-layered chocolate cake, which Larry-Boy is not too happy about, but Alfred tells him that he'll save him a piece, a small one, with Larry-Boy telling everyone to go see Alfred about some cake, before he then swings off after that.

Countertop Outro

Back on the Countertop, Larry-Boy and Alfred are standing, with Larry-Boy telling Libby that he hoped she liked the show and that he hoped she learned something from it. At that moment, Bob then hops to Larry-Boy and Alfred while wearing a superhero outfit of his own, wanting to go by the name of The Red Wonder, or Bobbin, but decides to lean more towards Red Wonder. When Bob/Red Wonder says that he has a theme song, the "What Have We Learned" song then starts up, with Larry-Boy telling him that it's catchy, but Bob tells him that that's not it, before the song starts up again as both Larry-Boy and Alfred dance to it. After the song ends, Bob is frustrated, saying that he had it all worked out, before Alfred asks him if they should see if Qwerty has a verse for them. Qwerty then brings up the verse, which is, "Keep alert and pray. Otherwise temptation will overpower you. For though the spirit is willing enough, the body is weak. Matthew 26:41". Larry-Boy then tells Libby to ask God to help you with the things that keep you from being the kid God wants you to be, with Alfred adding that Larry-Boy had a weakness for chocolate, before Larry-Boy says that that's why he needed the help of the good friends God gave him to keep chocolate from getting the best of him. Alfred then says, "I fear video games might have a similar effect on out friend Libby", which Larry-Boy agrees with, before telling Libby that there's nothing wrong with playing video games once in a while, but when they keep you from doing your homework or from helping your mom and dad around the house, they're keeping you from being the kid God wants you to be. Alfred then also tells Libby that she might have to ask her parents with help on how to avoid the presence of the video controller or anything that tempts you. Soon, the trio then sign off after that, but not without the viewers being treated to a music video of a brand new Larry-Boy song played by the rock and roll corn band, Shux.


  • Big "NO!": The Bad Apple gives one when her cobwebs have been dissolved by the Umph! sports drink.
  • Bound and Gagged: The Bad Apple does this twice; first to Jean-Claude Pea when entering Mayor Blueberry's office and the second to Jerry Gourd when going to approach Petunia Rhubarb.
  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase
  • Continuity Cavalcade: The Creative Closing Credits sequence includes glimpses of items from Larryboy's past adventures. These include the plate that Junior broke in Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space and the sunglasses worn by the Rumor Weed in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed.
  • Disney Acid Sequence: Much like in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, we are treated to a psychadelic sequence in which after Larry-Boy is tempted into staying in the chocolate room and eating as much chocolate as he likes, the Bad Apple then starts reciting a crazy rant, much like Willy Wonka did.
  • Forbidden Fruit: A literal example appears in the form of the Bad Apple, as it is believed that the fruit that led to the fall of the Garden of Eden when the world was first created was the apple.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: "Bad Apple, you are rotten to the core!"
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": Bob gives off one of these after the "What Have We Learned" song plays, saying that he had it all worked out.
  • Sequel Episode: To "Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space" and "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed".
  • Shown Their Work: Bad Apple's line about chocolate being invented by the Mayans is true, as acknowledged by the creators of the episode.
  • Two Words: Added Emphasis: Curly's line, "Two words; bananas and chocolate".
  • Villain Song: "The Temptation Song"
  • Water Hose Rodeo: The carrot fireman ends up as the poor victim of this trope in an attempt to wash the cobwebs off the statue of the city's founder.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: It is later revealed that Umph! sports drink is the one thing that can dissolve the webs that were created by the Bad Apple.


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