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Recap / VeggieTales Episode 8 Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space

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Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space!
Episode number: 8
Original release date: April 1997

Countertop Intro

Bob and Larry greet the kids once again while on the Countertop, before Bob asks who has a question. Larry then remembers that he got an e-mail from a kid named Ezzio Vietti from Hackensack, New Jersey. Bob is confused about the concept of e-mail (because at the time this video was released, e-mail was still a fairly new thing on the web, as was the internet), which Larry tries to explain to him. Bob then states that he got cable last month, before Larry replies rather condescendingly, "You are so early-90's", which offends Bob. Larry then explains that Ezzio said that he just did something that he knew that he wasn't supposed to do, so his friends are telling him to lie about it so that he won't get in trouble, and wants to know what he should do. Bob then notes that a lie can be a very dangerous thing, before asking if they have any stories about that. Larry has it covered, stating that the same thing happened to Junior Asparagus once, before telling Ezzio to grab his popcorn and turn down the lights so that he can get ready for "Larry-Boy And The Fib From Outer Space". Larry then yells "Roll film!" before the lights go dim after that, leaving Bob in the dark.


Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space

In the illustrious town of Bumblyburg, the camera zooms in on the town before closing in on a movie theater, which several citizens are exiting. Among the citizens exiting the theater are Percy Pea and his younger brother, Li'l Pea, who express how much they enjoyed the movie, which was about a bunch of aliens that stole a herd of cows and switched brains with the cows in order to infiltrate society unnoticed. Before the two pea brothers can head for home, they look up in the sky to see what looks like a piece of space debris falling towards Earth, wondering what it is. At the Bumblyburg Science Lab, employees Jimmy and Jerry Gourd have been instructed to survey the skies for any unusual activity. Jimmy thinks that the job is boring because he and Jerry haven't been able to see any signs of life on the screen, while Jerry is able to spot the space debris on the screen, which terrifies him very greatly. At first, Jimmy is confused at what Jerry is scared of, before he also becomes terrified at what is seen on the screen. Because of that, the two Gourd brothers then press the button that turns on the Larry Signal, to alert Larry-Boy.


Inside the mansion of Larry-Boy, Larry-Boy's butler Alfred (played by Archibald Asparagus) notices the Larry Signal before he goes to inform Larry-Boy about it. When Larry-Boy sees the signal in the sky, he then takes off in the Larrymobile, towards the source of where the space debris is coming from. The space debris continues falling until it hits the ground as it bounces a few times before stopping, once it lands in a neighborhood. The space debris is revealed to be a small blue-skinned ball-shaped alien, who then hops off after that. The next morning, Junior Asparagus is having a tea party with his friend Laura Carrot, but they need one more plate for Junior's teddy bear, Mr. Snuggly. Of course, Junior solves this problem by using his Dad's bowling plate, which has a picture of the greatest bowler, Art Bigotti. Laura isn't so sure about that, but Junior claims that Mr. Snuggly is a very special bear and that he needs a very special plate. However, while Junior climbs up the shelf, it starts to tilt forward, but Junior pushes it forward to stop it from tilting. Unfortunately, this causes some books on the top shelf to fall over and knock the plate off its stand, before the plate then falls off the top shelf and breaks into pieces when it hits the floor. Junior is shocked when he sees the aftermath of this incident, while Laura excuses herself and leaves.


Junior is now left all alone, when he hears a strange voice tell him that he's in trouble and that he can help. Junior thinks that Mr. Snuggly can talk, but the source of the voice is actually the small alien from the previous night, who then introduces himself as "Fibrilious Minimus" (Fib for short). Junior is confused about how Fib can help him, with Fib explaining to him that the only way to get out of getting in trouble with his dad is for him to tell a lie about how someone else broke the plate instead of him. Junior then hears Dad Asparagus come home, while Fib hides behind the couch. When Dad Asparagus enters the room to ask Junior how his day was, he becomes shocked when he sees that his Art Bigotti bowling plate got broken and asks Junior what happened to it. With some urging from Fib, Junior then sings "It's Laura's Fault", telling Dad about how Laura broke the plate when demonstrating her apple chopper. After Junior finishes this song, Dad is surprised that Laura would do something like that and that he'll have to call her father about what happened. After Dad Asparagus leaves, Fib then comes out from the behind the couch, while looking slightly bigger, congratulating Junior for getting out of trouble. Once Junior realizes that his troubles are over, he and Fib then leave the house before they both start hopping down the sidewalk together happily.

Meanwhile, Alfred asks Larry-Boy if he's seen any strange activity, to which Larry-Boy replies that he didn't see anything strange, other than a boy with green hair and a dog that can whistle. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy to keep looking because the fate of Bumblyburg lies in his plungers. Larry-Boy then says hello to Junior and Fib, not even giving a second thought to Fib. After Larry-Boy passes by, Percy then approaches Junior, while Fib hides in the alley. When Percy explains to Junior about how Laura got in trouble for breaking his Dad's bowling plate, when it was actually Junior who did it, Junior then explains to Percy that it was actually Laura's brother, Lenny, who broke the plate instead. Junior then starts singing about how Lenny gave the plate to "a crocodile who chewed it up for quite a while". After Junior finishes singing, Percy is surprised that Lenny is capable of that kind of violence, and the fact that he has a crocodile, before leaving. After Percy leaves, Junior is happy that it worked again, before noticing that Fib is now even more bigger, which Fib tries to pass off as having put on a few pounds. Junior also notices that Fib has legs, before Fib once again praises Junior for having potential. Larry-Boy drives by again, insisting to Alfred that he couldn't find anything in Bumblyburg, saying "I'm tired, I'm hungry, I've got to go to the bathroom. This suit is very constricting. I'm coming home now".

After Larry-Boy drives away, Junior is confronted by Laura, Lenny, and Percy, while Fib hides again. When Junior's friends admonish Junior for lying and for unfairly blaming them for something they didn't do, Junior then claims that it was actually a bunch of space aliens who came down and grabbed these cows and switched brains with the cows, and that the cows with brains of the space aliens broke the plate. Percy then says that he saw the same thing happen in a movie "Invasion Of The Cow Snatchers", before saying that it's another lie. However, the ground then starts shaking, before everyone looks up in surprise, while Junior is surprised to see that Fib is now the size of a skyscraper, before he leans over and picks up Junior, before he starts wreaking havoc in Bumblyburg. Officer Scooter is driving along, when he notices the giant Fib causing trouble, and quickly runs out from his police car, just as Fib then steps on it. Officer Scooter then calls out, "Larry-Boy, where could he be?!?" Back at the mansion, Larry is playing a game of Candyland with Alfred, before he turns around notices all the commotion going on in Bumblyburg. Larry then says, "Alfred, I've got work to do. Consider our game.. postponed".

Back in Bumblyburg, Fib still continues wreaking havoc, while Junior asks Fib why he's doing this and that he thought he was his friend. Fib then explains that Fibs grow and that now that he's big, it's his turn to call the shots, and that Junior now belongs to him. However, Larry-Boy then calls out to Fib, telling him to "Drop the asparagus!" Fib taunts Larry-Boy with "Why don't you come and make me, Little Purple Man?" Fib then walks towards the Bumblyburg Water Tower, before Larry-Boy then drives towards it, with Alfred telling him that once he gets close to the water tower, to press the red button, before correcting himself and saying to press the blue button. Larry-Boy retorts that he's going to run out of road and wants to know which button to press. Alfred says the blue button, which Larry-Boy presses, but that only turns on the windshield wipers. When Alfred says the green button, Larry-Boy presses it, which plays "The Dukes of Hazzard" theme song. Larry-Boy then yells out that he's going to die, with Alfred telling him to stop yelling, before telling Larry-Boy to press the yellow button. When Larry-Boy presses the yellow button, that causes the Larrymobile's wheels to shoot off, before a pair of wings sprout out from the sides, turning it into the Larry-Plane, which then soars into the sky.

Up in the sky, Larry-Boy is now talking with Alfred, who explains that he discovered that the monster is a lie. When Larry-Boy asks Alfred how they can stop it, Alfred replies that he doesn't know yet. Meanwhile, a large crowd of citizens of Bumblyburg (the Grape family, the Peach, Dad Pea, Mr. Nezzer, Frankencelery, the Scallions, Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, and Officer Scooter) are looking up at the Fib who has Junior. Mom and Dad Asparagus then hop up next to Officer Scooter who tells them not to look because it's not a pretty sight. Of course, when Dad Asparagus looks up, he sees that Fib is holding Junior, which causes him to faint in fright. Back up in the sky, when Larry-Boy asks Alfred what kind of weapons systems they have, Alfred explains that he's come up with a lot of ideas, but hasn't had enough time to name them yet. Because of this, Larry-Boy then decides to go with his Last Resort move, "Super Suction Ears away!" Larry-Boy then ejects out from the Larry-Plane, which then descends to the ground below Fib. Fib then looks up to see Larry-Boy falling down towards him, but he is able to catch Larry-Boy and squeezes him so hard that it causes one of his plungers to pop out and land on the ground in front of Dad Asparagus, who then faints once again.

While in Fib's grasp, Larry-Boy then tells Alfred that he's ready to know how to stop the lie. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he is to do nothing, to which Larry-Boy then angrily yells, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE I JUMPED ON HIS HEAD?!?!?" Fib then tells Junior that even a little fib can get really big really fast, and that a big fib can just swallow you up, before he starts laughing triumphantly. Alfred then tells Larry-Boy that he cannot stop the lie, but someone else can. Larry-Boy asks who, but Alfred says that he does not know, before Fib then tries to decide whether to eat Junior or Larry-Boy first. Fib then prepares to put Larry-Boy into his mouth, while Alfred says that the computer is booting up. Unfortunately, he accidentally unplugs the computer, turning it off, but he unplugs it back in before yelling, "BOOT, YOU TRANSISTORIZED TORMENTOR! BOOT!" Fib is dangerously close to putting Larry-Boy in his mouth, before Alfred then sees that the computer has brought up an image of Junior, concluding that Junior can be able to stop the lie, while Fib now has Larry-Boy partway in his mouth. After Junior hears these words, he then yells to everyone that he broke the plate, which causes Fib to spit out Larry-Boy. Junior then admits even further that he lied about Laura and Lenny breaking the plate, before saying that it was all his fault, which causes the Fib to shrink even further until he shrinks into nothingness. Now that Fib has been defeated, Junior now wants to know how to get down from the water tower, which Larry-Boy is able to solve effortlessly, using his Super-Suction Ear to lower Junior safely back down his parents again.

When Junior apologizes to Dad about the bowling plate, Dad tells him that he could have just told him, which Junior replies that he thought he would be really mad. Dad then tells Junior that he's much more important to him than any old bowling plate. When Junior asks if he's going to get punished, Mom tells him that what he's been through was punishment enough, before Dad then adds that from now on they should get the true story the first time, before Junior then happily hugs his dad afterwards. Officer Scooter then notices that Larry-Boy has left, at the same time that the Asparagus family then starts to head for home. Larry-Boy is now seen watching over Bumblyburg while standing right in front of the Larry Signal. However, another piece of space debris falls into the neighborhood, revealing another small fib, this time colored red, before this fib then hops off as well.

Countertop Outro

Back on the Countertop, Bob congratulates Larry, now in his Larry-Boy costume, for doing a good job. Larry thanks Bob before saying that he has a meeting with the action figure people in 10 minutes. When Bob questions this, Larry says that "Larry-Boy mania is sweeping the nation. If you're not on board, you're gonna miss the train". Bob then says that they're over by Qwerty to talk about what they've learned today, before Qwerty once again plays the "What Have We Learned" song. Bob hops off to turn it off, but Larry uses his Super-Suction Ear to pull Bob back. After the song ends, after Larry retracts his Super-Suction Ear again, Bob then explains that Junior thought that the best way to get out of trouble was to tell a lie. Larry then adds that Junior had to keep telling more and more lies until he was trapped, "A slave to his lies". Qwerty then brings up the verse, which is "The truth will set you free. John 8:32b", before Bob then explains to Ezzio that the only way to truly be free is to tell the truth; while you might still get punished for what you did, facing your parents and confessing the truth is a lot less painful than getting stuck in a big lie. Larry then agrees before telling Bob that they need to clear the stage because it's time for the premiere of his new music video. We are then treated to a music video of The Larry-Boy Theme Song.

Character Introductions: Art Bigotti (picture only)


  • Aliens Steal Cattle: The movie "Invasion Of The Cow Snatchers", which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: The Fib is a very literal personification of a lie that is kept going. He starts off small, but physically grows along with the lie, until he's got control of Junior very much the same way the lie has.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: In the climax of the episode, Fib ends up growing to the height of a skyscraper and starts terrorizing Bumblyburg, with Junior now in his grasp.
  • Blatant Lies: Although the episode is all about lying, most cases in it don't count, save for Junior's third case which is so far fetched that even Laura and Lenny don't buy it. The one exception is whenever Junior asks Fib if he's grown, which he denies both times despite how obvious it is. Particularly silly when he goes from being a little sphere about the size of Junior to a fifty-foot tall pear shaped creature that Junior now has to look up to talk to (and has legs to boot!), where he still denies having gotten any bigger.
  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase
  • Evil Sounds Deep: When Fib grows to be several feet tall, his voice sounds very deep compared to the other times he was with Junior.
  • Fainting: Dad Asparagus does this twice; the first time when he sees Junior trapped by Fib, and the second time when one of Larry-Boy's plungers lands in front of him on the ground.
  • "Fawlty Towers" Plot: The whole plot is driven by Junior lying, which gives Fib his power.
  • Insistent Terminology: Fib insists that he isn't suggesting Junior to "lie," just to give a "little fib."
  • It Was with You All Along: Archibald figures out that Junior is the only one who can be able to stop Fib.
  • "King Kong" Climb: Fib climbs up a water tower while carrying Junior in his grasp.
  • Miracle-Gro Monster: Every time Junior tells a lie, Fib grows even bigger, until he is now the size of a large building.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Happens twice, when Larry-Boy fails to see that Junior has a strange alien next to him, as well as missing where Junior and the now-slightly bigger Fib are now coming out from the alley that Fib was hiding in.
  • Never Say "Die": Averted rather harshly, when Larry-Boy yells out "I! Am! Going! To die!"
  • Only I Can Kill Him: Since Junior told the lie that started the conflict, he is the only one who can stop it, which naturally makes him the only one able to stop the Fib.
  • The Punishment Is the Crime: After everything is resolved, Junior asks if he's going to be punished for lying. His parents decide that the whole alien fiasco he went through was punishment enough.
  • Something Completely Different: This is the first episode to not have a Silly Song between acts, nor an intermission of any kind.
  • Surveillance Station Slacker: Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, as seen in this episode.
  • Tempting Fate: Jimmy laments that they have been spending two years monitoring their security station for potential space life only to have never found anything. Guess what their station picks up as he's ranting about this?
    • Also, while Larry-Boy and Alfred are at home playing Candy Land, Larry, having been stuck in the molasses swamp for 38 turns, says that he hopes the other people of Bumblyburg are having a better day than he is, immediately followed by the Larry-Boy signal blinking and the sound of sirens and people screaming outside the window.


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