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"Each one represents an ETERNITY OF SUFFERING AND MISERY! I LOVE to hear them suffering...even if you do it slowly, don't ya think?"
"When i was in the elementary school, i gouged out the eye of that bully Kuriyama and killed him!! It felt wonderful!!... That pig-woman who called me "disgusting"!! I raped her, then cut her up and ate her!! She repented too late!! The fool!!... I'm always just killing people!! I am an existence above humanity!!"
Cadney, Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman

Even in the Crapsack World of Devilman, a world full of man-eating demons, mass murderers and rapists, where nearly all sides hold some evil within, a select few stand out.

Works are listed by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Multiple Continuities
  • Throughout various works, Jinmen has stood out among demons for his sadistic M.O.:
    • Original manga; Devilman Lady; Shin Violence Jack; Devilman Saga: Jinmen makes his first appearance by using the form of a train guard to trap a whole train full of people, among whom was a young girl, in the middle of nowhere and joyfully slaughter them all alongside a fellow demon. Keeping all of his victims alive in his shell in a state of eternal pain, Jinmen challenges Akira into a fight, using his victims as human shields, while gloating about planning to add Akira himself to his "collection". After being killed, Jinmen drags all of his victims to Hell along with him, torturing them more and adding countless more people to his shell. Later on, Jinmen merges with the leader of the New Shu Army and begins eating people within said army, while also becoming one of the chief subordinates of the Skull King, helping to expand his kingdom of rape and torture. In the distant future, Jinmen possesses Professor Kamei through his own Demon Armor and influences him to murder people and trap their souls in his back.
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    • The Birth & The Demon Bird OVAs: Jinmen, just as vile as his manga counterpart, upon awakening from suspended animation, slaughters and eats the archaeologist group, which includes Akira Fudo's parents, with Akira's mother being dismembered and bisected. Trapping all of their souls within his shell in a state of constant pain, Jinmen calls Akira to his lair solely to show them off to torment Akira, who he then tries to kill as well. When Akira is distressed by the sight of his mother's suffering, Jinmen exploits his weakness to discourage him from transforming into Devilman and severely beats him, while he was still in human form.
    • Strange Days: The unnamed expy of Jinmen in this story is a similar turtle-like demon with a love of causing as much pain and suffering as he can. Having killed and eaten dozens of innocent people, he traps them in a state of neverending agony. Chasing down a little girl whose family he recently devoured, the turtle demon attacks Kira Udoa and Kasuka Ryuu, who came to defend the child. Intending to eat them as well, the turtle demon tries to kill them before they are forced to burn him to put all his victims to rest.
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    • Devilman vs. Hades: In this non-canon continuation of the original Devilman manga, Jinmen is even more vile. Desiring revenge on Akira for killing him, Jinmen makes a deal with Hades, offering his services in exchange for chance of killing Akira. Eventually devouring the souls of Akira's entire hometown, Jinmen traps them in his shell in his own version of the city, where they can never die. Luring Akira there and tormenting him with the sight of Miki's severed head, Jinmen begins to destroy parts of the town in hopes of killing Akira, torturing all its residents, while proudly intending to keep them as his own playthings to torture for all eternity.
    • Grimoire: Jinmen the Reptilian only appears briefly, but in that short time is as cruel and sadistic as ever. Willing to eat human and demon alike, this incarnation of Jinmen also rapes his victims while eating them, while the still-alive faces are Forced to Watch on Jinmen's shell. Jinmen also cruelly taunts the demoness Aleda about how one of her friends is his victim, fighting Aleda and almost killing her before she kills him.

1972 anime & Mitsuru Hiruta's manga based on the anime

  • Anime: Demon King Zen(n)on is the leader of the Demon Tribe who desires to exterminate humanity and all life on Earth, solely so he could Take Over the World himself. Ordering the titular Devilman to possess the body of Akira Fudo and cause chaos and destruction among the human population, Zennon became furious when Devilman, who grew to care for humanity and his new adoptive family, abandoned this goal. Creating many plans to kill Devilman and cause destruction all over the world, Zennon causes the deaths of thousands as he orders his Demon Generals to kill as many people as they can. In the final episodes, Zennon leads his demons to cause volcanoes to erupt near the populated city, causing countless deaths—including that of the rogue demoness Lala—then has a demon control the moon's gravity in hopes of killing off all life on Earth with it, and has his final demon, God, cause catastrophes around the planet.
  • Manga: The winged demon Kentos, creating countless beautiful necklaces through his feathers and sending them around the world, uses them to transport the heads of all humans who wear them to his realm of darkness, leaving their bodies still alive and moving but unable to remove the necklaces. As the still living heads of recently arrived humans panic, Kentos gloats to them that soon all humanity will be transported to his realm like this, as he intends to torture them forever by mutilating their heads however he sees fit.

Neo Devilman

  • "Damned", by Shinichi Hiromoto: Genbu is a demon from the North, who, along three other demons, was fused with the Devilman Monk, when he sealed off the "hero" of Demonkind, Damubo. Trapped inside the body of that Monk, Genbu was imprisoned in a tomb, until Psycho Jenny awakened Damubo, leading to Genbu assisting other demons to convince him to fuse with them and blow up an entire temple full of monks. Upon being freed, Genbu travels to Japan, where he attacks and slaughters dozens of people in the local store, devouring them and trapping them in his shell, where they rot to the bones and remain in the state of a constant agony, unable to die.

Devilman Lady anime

  • Lan Asuka, unlike in the manga, is revealed to have been manipulating protagonist Jun Fudo the whole time. First awakening Jun's powers as a monstrous Devil Beast by letting another attack and try to rape and eat Jun, Asuka forms a lust towards Jun's alter-ego of Devilman Lady and constantly toys with her and her friends. Asuka manipulates conflicts throughout the series between humans and the mostly peaceful Devil Beasts, resulting in camps formed to hold and exterminate all the Devil Beasts. Asuka lures Jun to her and reveals her true intent: Despising the world and all in it, Asuka, who had been born both male and female, wants to use Jun to become a new God of the world. Asuka paralyzes Jun and then, demanding Jun "prove" her love for Asuka, rapes a traumatized and terrified Jun before informing her Jun had been born solely for her and would now die for her before disposing of her. When Jun returns, the newly deified Asuka mocks her, saying being perfect was too good for a "hideous creature" like Jun before trying to destroy her in their final battle. Valuing her own ego above all else, Asuka is a manipulative and cruel embodiment of lust and selfishness.
  • Satoru, the seemingly young leader of the militant Devil Beasts, is an absolute sadist who believes in the genocide of humankind. Devoting himself to the supremacy of Devil Beasts, Satoru inspires the awakening of them as feral beasts who slaughter those around them while masterminding a series of brutal terrorist activities that claim many lives. With no patience for Devil Beasts who fail to embrace his fanaticism, Satoru sees them as enemies to be annihilated, especially Jun Fudo, who Satoru dedicates himself to destroying mentally. Satoru, at one point, abducts and brutally murders Jun's friend/Love Interest Kazumi while mocking her over the death of "one human", before attempting to finally kill Jun himself. Sinister, cruel and monstrous, Satoru shows that he and Asuka are simply two sides of a dark coin.

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman

  • Cadney is a secretary of Professor Rainuma who sees himself as existing above humanity. In truth one of the attendants of the party where Akira became Devilman, Cadney doesn't notice that part of Amon merged with him and considers himself special for not being possessed by the demon. Killing, cannibalizing, and raping people in the past for the slightest offense—even before the party—Cadney in the present leads demon hunting squads in killing countless innocent people and kidnapping numerous humans and demons for him to torture by experimenting on them, having his underlings mutilate them and forcing the demons to fight to the death. Leading Professor Rainuma in revealing his own theory of humans, who through negative emotions transform into demons, Cadney starts a series of widespread "witch hunts", causing the deaths of thousands—including Akira's Love Interest Miki Makimura—as people grow more and more paranoid and kill each other out of fear of demons. When Akira absorbs him back into his Amon form, Cadney tries to destroy Akira from within by creating a body of Miki, cutting her apart while laughing about her death. Despite being human, Cadney proves himself to be as vile as the worst demons in the series.

AMON: The Apocalypse of Devilman OVA

  • Amon himself is an ancient demon who was merged with Akira. Hating his existence of being forced to help humanity, Amon tormented Akira with nightmares before he was able to break free, due to Akira suffering after seeing Miki die. Destroying the Devilmans' base and sadistically slaughtering most of the demon group that attacked him, Amon picks up the pre-teen Devilman girl and waits for her to wake up before he starts eating her, solely so she could feel all the pain. Horrifying even the other demons with such cruelty, Amon prepares to tear off the head of a teenage Devilman girl before the demons flee in panic, causing Amon to chase them and murder them all. Painfully killing their leader, Amon tries to enact revenge on Satan for forcing him to fuse with a "pathetic human", before he is forced to battle with Akira for control of the body. Tormenting Akira with sights of Miki's death, Amon uses every opportunity he has to prolong his suffering during their battle.


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