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Tear Jerker / Devilman

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  • When Akira is visited by his cheeky little friend Sachiko from his old neighborhood. In an almost Elfen Lied-like inversion to all the horror, they playfully flirt almost to the point of disturbance (heavily hitting that old cultural barrier), with maybe-tweener Sachiko taunting Miki that she and Akira are "almost lovers", and it gets Miki's dander up. But all is innocent, and he sees her off to the train station. Then all goes to hell, like anything really could. Aboard the train, Sachiko and the other passengers are set upon by demons, with the train tunnel itself being the mouth or orifice of something nasty. Akira then receives a phone call telling him that his "little friend tasted wonderful". Akira kills the demon Jinmen responsible, but not before seeing the faces of the monster's dead victims on the back of its tortoise-like shell, wailing about the horror of their fate. Sachiko is among them, painfully and tearfully describing her horrific death, and all she has lost as a result. At her urging, Akira recognizes their fate and sees past the demon's taunts and plunges his hand through Sachiko's face, enabling him to tear off Jinmen's shell, leaving him vulnerable. As a final reminder of Akira's loss, the shell hardens with the faces still on it, including Sachiko's smashed visage. And for all this, it is only a light prelude or foreshadowing of horrors to come...
  • The final battle of Siren, when Kaim comes to her aid, is both touching and heart tearing. She may be the villain of the arc out to kill the hero, but she and Kaim are shown sympathetically. This is cemented when Kaim sees Selene's mortal injury and suggests they merge. Selene says she can't because if she leads the change, they'll die and if he leads the change, he only has a 50/50 chance of survival, not including the fight. Kaim can't bear to live in a world without her and offers his life for one last blaze of glory. To ensure she does this and doesn't run away, he rips off his own head. It makes one question the very nature of the demons being faced.
  • Pictured above: anyone knows that everything has gone to hell when Akira gets out of the Makimura's wrecked and burned house after killing the mob who brutally murdered and dismembered his Action Girlfriend Miki Makimura (who desperately fought for her life until the last moment) in his Devilman form, weeping softly as he returns to his human state and hugs Miki's severed head against his chest. It's said that CLAMP got their ideas for Kotori's death in X1999 from this scene, and it's easy to see why.
    "Now...I have....nothing left....No hope, no joy...My life has no meaning anymore....I have no one left to protect...."
  • Ryo (or actually, Satan) starts crying, because he doesn't want to become Akira's enemy and fight him, but he's also painfully aware that after his actions indirectly killed Miki, Akira now sees him as an enemy.
  • The Downer Ending, with Ryo/Satan having a My God, What Have I Done? moment as he cries next to Akira's mutilated corpse.
     1972 Anime 
  • The Monster of the Week in the episode Farewell, the Monster Drango was a friend of Devilman from before he abandoned the Demon Tribe, unwillingly to kill his old friend and leave humanity at Zenon’s mercy Drango spent most of the fight at the climax demanding that Devilman kill him. To drive the point home, rather than the usual instrumental of the opening theme we’re treated to a low tempo instrumental of the ending theme.
  • In the penultimate episode, Dremoon, the Moon Is Hell, the titular Dremoon appears to have all but won, and as the Earth and Moon begin to get closer and closer, humanity begins to become resigned to their fate, engaging in fatalistic discussion and intending to wrap up their lives before the planet is torn apart.
     Neo Devilman 
  • It's revealed what happened during the final fight between Akira and Ryo/Satan. After everything else has been vanquished from the planet, Akira in his Devilman form prepares to deal the last blow to Satan but is torn in half by one of Satan's stray attacks. Meaning that not only Akira's death was completely accidental, it was Ryo/Satan who caused it. The last thing Akira sees as he lies dying is Ryo/Satan tearful face. Also, we get to hear Akira's dying words.
    "Ryo...What is it? Why are you crying, Ryo...?"

     2004 live-action 
  • When young Akira and Ryo make a sandcastle and protect it from the rain with their bodies, as they wish to be best friends forever. This can literally bring tears to your eyes knowing how strained they became thanks to Ryo becoming Satan and being responsible for Miki's death.
  • The film follows the Downer Ending of the manga, but with a little twist. As Ryo/Satan is crying next to Akira's mutilated corpse, he suffers an Incurable Cough of Death completed with Blood from the Mouth. Ryo/Satan realizes that he is about to die, so Akira won't be without him for too long. As he says that, Akira smiles, having heard those words.
    Ryo/Satan: You're smiling...(chuckles slightly) You're smiling. (Starts laughing and crying)
  • God, the soundtrack in the scene is pure orchestral magic, in the saddest way possible.

     Amon: The dark side of Devilman 
  • The deaths of two devilmen, male and female, who are burned alive by demon hunters and to the very end try to prove they're not demons. Finally, they embrace each other and kiss before dying.
  • A fellow sirene, Sheena, is depressed after having lost her wings in an accident. She hears the rumors that if she were able to defeat the sealed Amon, she might gain power and her wings as well. After countless hardships, she manages to reach Amon and fights against him, but the battle is not shown. When the demon who eventually managed to defeat Amon finds her, Sheena asks him if she managed to defeat Amon. Actually, Sheena was defeated, turned into stone and is slowly dying. The demon decides to let her die happy and makes her believe she did manage to defeat Amon.
  • Sirene's Undying Loyalty towards Satan, when he couldn't care less about her and just sees her as a pawn in his plans to fight against God.
  • Asura tries to merge with Sirene in order to steal her white wings, but is killed by Amon. Unfortunately, Sirene is mortally wounded. Knowing that her end is coming soon and realizing that Satan never cared about her, she goes with Kaim to the cave where her mother died. She gives birth and dies after reuniting with the spirit of her mother. Then, the offspring breaks the egg, revealed to be the Sirene shown in Devilman.
  • Aside from being horrifying, the deaths of Miki and her family at the hands of an angry mob of humans is more than worth mentioning. That their heads, severed limbs and torso's all end up on pikes when Devilman finds them after resolving to protect them as his reason for continuing on—just makes it worse.
  • The reason why Ryo/Satan choose to broadcast the video about the devilmen and betraying Akira in the process: he realized that Miki was more important at Akira's life than him. When Dosu-Roku finds out, he calls Satan for this, saying that he basically doomed the humankind for a Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Also, Ryo/Satan is horribly aware that his Mad Love for Akira will result in the doom of both humankind and demonkind. He's too far gone to stop, to the point of deluding himself that if he wipes humankind, Akira will belong to him only.
    "Do you love anyone so much that you would destroy the world for them?"
  • Dosu-Roku's futile "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight battle against Akira, after willingly becoming a Devilman to save Akira from his Despair Event Horizon. Just when Akira finally reacts to Dosu-Roku's words and returns to his senses, Dosu-Roku is unceremoniously decapitated by Zenon.
    • And poor Miko is forced to watch as he dies. The final nail in the coffin was that Dosu-Roku had declared his love for her hours ago, saying that she was still beautiful even after being fused and horribly scared by the demon Tollg.
  • The final chapter confirms that Satan is trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine and the world ending and being recreated over and over again, is a way by God to punish him, by Satan watching Akira's suffering repeat itself.

     Amon: Strange Days 
  • Death of Roku, followed by Saki's death, with his dead body in her arms and pretty much everything after that from 5th chapter.

     Devilman Saga 
  • Ryo finally confesses his love to Akira (now called Yuuki Fudou in this new timeline), also revealing in the process that he's a hermaphrodite, and kisses him, but Yuuki is shocked by the kiss and grossed out by Ryo's body, insisting that they're both men and that he doesn't see Ryo that way. Ryo backs off by claiming it was actually a sick joke and Yuuki believes it, but it's sad to see Yuuki reject him.
    • Even sadder, Ryo and Yuuki share a friendly hug immediately after this, and unbeknownst to Yuuki, Ryo starts to cry, making it very clear that it was no joke at all.