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For trivia specifically pertaining to Crybaby, go here.

  • Actor Allusion: In The Birth, it isn't the first time the voice actor for Professor Asuka, Mikio Terashima, voiced a character who commits suicide.
  • All There in the Script: There are approximately 300 demons in the entirety of the Devilman Franchise, 250 of them have names, most of which are given in concept art and artistic renderings.
  • Crossdressing Voices:
    • Psycho Jenny is voiced by Yuji Mitsuya in CB Chara Go Nagai World, and by Yasuhiro Takato in Crybaby.
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    • Satan is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the Amon OVA, though this is subverted in that Satan is a hermaphrodite.
  • Executive Meddling: The whole series is a positive example. Toei approached Go Nagai about adapting his horror manga Mao Dante into an anime, but wanted a more human-looking main character. Thus Devilman was born.
  • Fake American: Nearly all the voice actors in the English dub of Devilman: The Birth and Devilman: The Demon Bird are all, in fact, British people putting on American accents, with Akira and Ryo's dub actors being the very few non-British involved in the dub.
  • Late Export for You: For several decades, the original manga series had no complete release in English outside of a bilingual Japanese/Engish edition from Kodansha exclusive to Japan. Other attempts at an English release, such as a localization of Shin Devilman from Glenn Danzig’s Verotik comic book company and an extremely rare translation of the first volume from Go Nagai’s own Dynamic Productions, were aborted partway through. This would change in 2018, when Seven Seas Entertainment finally released the complete manga series in English to capitalize on DEVILMAN crybaby’s release.
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  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Reportedly, Nagai was quite surprised that Mazinger Z, whose anime was running at the same time as Devilman, became way more popular, because he only created Mazinger to blow off steam and wasn't taking it super seriously, while Devilman was an ambitious story that he worked very hard on. This ended up being a Downplayed example, however, since the Devilman anime still did very well in the ratings throughout its run, and the manga would go on to become highly influential in its own right and today is considered one of Nagai's best works.
  • Name's the Same: Voice actress Sumie Sakai shares hers with a Japanese professional wrestler.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: We have what appears to be a cast reunion from another Dynamic Pro-related series, Mazinkaiser SKL, as the three leads there play the three leads here for the Crossover with Cyborg 009. Case in point:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Go Nagai revealed he didn't have a particular plan on what to do with Ryo when making the manga, so much that he didn't even remembered him until later in the series. He originally intended to have Ryo dying at Akira's hands while Akira survived before changing and expanding his role into the Big Bad as Satan.
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    • Similarly, the producers of the anime were interested in introducing Ryo Asuka at some point, but they never found the chance to work him into the series's plot before the series ended. Considering how different was the anime in history and characters, one cannot help but wonder how would they have used Ryo, in many ways the most important character of the manga, in this new setting.
    • The demon who would become known as God in the anime was originally planned to be the fourth demon general after Lacock, but the cancellation of the series lead to him being made into the final Monster of the Week.
    • The manga was originally supposed to end with the Angels coming down to earth and Satan willingly turning himself over to answer for his crimes. However, due to time constraints, it ended right after Satan mourned the loss of Akira. Go Nagai considered this a good move in hindsight because it kept the final ending open.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Devilman Wiki.
  • The original manga ends up being included in Super Robot Wars debuting in DD, which is a surprise to many because you would expect Devilman to appear in a Shonen crossover (he did once), not a giant robot crossover. Then again, considering how influential Go Nagai and his main mecha show that has been a stalwart to the series are, Devilman gets a special passAlthough . Amongst many voice actors that voiced Devilman in the past, Show Hayami is the one providing his voice there.


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