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"Steve Rogers. Your comrades have fallen by the wayside. You stand alone, the only bastion preventing me from slaughtering your comrades inside and obtaining the Time Stone from them. Your efforts are valiant, but they will prove futile. It is as this universe's version of me said to that pest of a trickster god. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives all the same. You have my respect, Captain. Surrender, and you will have my mercy."

Fan creators have produced many witty, unscrupulous masterminds, be they versions of canon characters or their own original inventions.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

The following have their own pages:

Individual works:

Anime & Manga

  • Death Note Fanfic Liability: Misa Amane, once given her memories back via the Death Note, decides to take the chess match between Light Yagami and L Lawliet and "flip the board over". To that end, she begins by forcing Mikami to call the Task Force and confess to being Kira before committing suicide, simultaneously subjecting Light and Takada to death by fire so that they can take the Death Note with them. Immediately afterwards, she relinquishes her ownership and hence memories of the Death Note, ensuring that she can't incriminate herself as the 2nd Kira. With Soichiro forces to save his wife and daughter from a house fire, L investigates Mikami's death and finds two notes: one supposedly written by Mikami confessing to all of Light's crimes, and another for L's eyes only in which Misa details her plan, not identifying herself but warning L that going after her won't end well for him. With the power of Kira gone from Earth and herself left blissfully unaware, Misa retires with L to Wammy's House.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Webcomic Dragon Ball Multiverse:
      • Captain Ginyu of Universe 8 was once the esteemed leader of the Ginyu Force, punished by Frieza for a past failure. Using his "Body Change" technique to fake his death, Ginyu goes into hiding and plots revenge against his former master. Taking over King Cold's body and usurping his place as leader of the Frost Demon empire, he keeps up the masquerade for decades and trains himself to control Cold's great power, even managing to unlock two new transformations in secret. In his battle against Bra of Universe 16 during the tournament, Ginyu takes advantage of the Saiyan girl's pride and arrogance to give himself an advantage in the fight, only losing due to Bra fighting dirty herself. Ginyu uses his Body Change technique to swap bodies with Bra and leaves her trapped in his old crippled body, only narrowly thwarted by virtue of Vegito's sheer strength. Even as Babidi's thrall, Ginyu is no less competent a fighter, making unorthodox use of his Body Change technique to make his enemies mutilate themselves before swapping them into one another's dying bodies.
      • Bardock of Universe 3 shows himself to be more than a low-class Saiyan thug. After foreseeing Frieza's genocide of the Saiyan race, Bardock successfully rallied the Saiyans to rebel against Frieza by overthrowing King Vegeta. The Saiyans under Bardock's new leadership then seized control of Frieza's empire, with Bardock using his precognitive powers to devise long-term plans to eliminate any competitors. To avoid any power struggles that would undo his work, Bardock willingly stepped down as king, instead becoming one of the empire's chief advisors to continue running affairs from behind the scenes, all the while adapting his plans to whichever Saiyan ascends to the throne.
      • Hanasia, Queen of the Saiyans: Snower is the second son of Emperor Blizzard of the Frost Demon Empire. Snower acts as the Empire's administrator to appoint his followers to important positions, while his efficiency makes him a trusted figure even as he secretly plots to seize total control in the future. When his brothers leave to seek revenge on Hanasia for the death of their brother Chilled, Snower takes advantage of their absence to enact his long-awaited coup. Snower covertly aids a group of rebels seeking to break free from the Empire, assassinating his father and older brother as well as Hanasia. Victorious, he offers the rebels a chance to join his ranks, or return home with their newly earned independence only to withhold any assistance to the independent planets unless they let themselves be annexed by his new empire.
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    • Web Video Dragon Ball Z Abridged: After being stabbed and Left for Dead along with his son Broly by King Vegeta out of fear for the latter's power, Paragus desires revenge through the King's son. To do this, he recruits the Shamosians to build an infrastructure on a planet on a collision course with a comet before arriving on Earth and offering Prince Vegeta a planet to rule over, purposely taking advantage of his egotistical personality. When his plans are inevitably exposed, Paragus does not descend into a Villainous Breakdown but rather confesses his plans and backstory to the Z-Fighters. Even though he did not intend to trigger Broly's transformation — due to previously having wiped out the South Galaxy before — Paragus nevertheless showed pride in his son while letting him kill the Z-Fighters for him. Lacking the worst traits of his original counterpart, Paragus attempts to eliminate Vegeta not through brute strength but by knowledge and manipulations of the arrogant Prince.
    • Web Video Masako X - Dragon Ball What-If Zamasu Did Nothing Wrong?: Zamasu in this fanwork still harbors some resentment for mortals but chooses a far different path upon being brought to Barbari by Gowasu. Instead of believing that mortals are universally irredeemable, he instead decides to prove his own worth as well as his belief that the gods should have a hands-on approach with mortals by civilizing them himself to his own standards. Using cunning and trickery, he's able to convince the Barbarians that he's an omnipotent being who created their world, all the while remaining hidden except from his chosen prophet. Through his guidance and teachings, the Barbarians' civilization grows considerably in only a few centuries. When the Barbarians split into two warring factions, Zamasu finds a new prophet in a ki-possessing Barbarian named Decraf, and together they are able to build an army strong enough to defeat the current prophet and unify the Barbarians. In the present day, Zamasu finds that his plan has worked and Barbari has become a space-age marvel. Deciding to replace the stubborn Rumsshi with Decraf, Zamasu manages to restore the latter's youth and convince Rumsshi to train him. In the end, having a new appreciation for mortals, Zamasu sacrifices himself in exchange for repairing the damage caused by his main timeline counterparts.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Web Video Hellsing Ultimate Abridged: Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is the ruthless and iron-willed head of the Hellsing Organization, having taken command by killing her traitorous uncle at a young age. Commanding the fearsome Alucard through sheer respect and never hesitating to unleash him on her foes, Integra proves clever and brutal, convincing her financiers to continue funding her organization through intimidation, trapping and killing the vampiric invader Jan Valentine, devising a method to attack an inaccessible ship via stealing resources from the British government, and keeping up with the schemes of both her rivals the Iscariot Organization and the secret organization Millennium, never lacking a dry quip or a display of valor, even foiling a coup with utter nonchalance. Able to constantly improvise and devise tactics to outplay her opponents, Integra personally confronts and executes Millenium's leader The Major despite Alucard temporarily dying, and goes on to rule the Hellsing Organization for years to come.
  • My Hero Academia Fanfic Mastermind: Strategist for Hire: Izuku Midoriya, aka Mastermind, was once a Quirkless teenager with dreams of becoming a Pro Hero but a combination of his dreams being crushed by All Might and discrimination against the Quirkless preventing him from getting a legitimate job ultimately drive him to become the title character, selling plans to other villains to make a living. His excellent analytical abilities and the high-quality plans he provides to villains via said abilities quickly make him into The Dreaded within months, becoming responsible for the deaths of hundreds, including more than a dozen Pro Heroes. He takes full advantage of his public life to throw off the police, letting him evade capture for more than two years. On top of that, he made plans in the event he does end up captured and incarcerated in Tartarus.
  • Naruto Fanfic Echoes: In a fanfiction full of characters and universes, these characters have distinguished themselves through their morally dubious, but brilliant feats:
    • Sasori, eclipsing his canon counterpart, is "The Puppet Master" in more ways than one. Promoted to chunin as a child after single-handedly killing 50 enemies by poisoning their water supplies, Sasori, in adulthood, joined the Arashi clan with his student Chibaku and his subordinate Kabuto. Sasori proved to be valuable; in Kitsune's world, he effortlessly blackmailed the Hokage into handing the Kyuubi-possessed Naruto over to him. Through quick thinking, he forces Tsukiyomi to reveal more of his techniques even though he was losing, which proved to be useful when fighting Amaterasu, who has similar abilities, in the Wave-Verse, briefly crippling him. When most of the Arashi clan was imprisoned in a nigh-inescapable prison in the Cloud-Verse, he and Chibaku successfully broke out the entire group from the prison with their plan. He discovered most of the truth about the Dystopia-Verse by spying on an ANBU and had the perfect seal to defeat its dictator. When the Third Kazekage tries to use Sasori's body against Chibaku, Sasori self-destructed to save Chibaku. Called a Magnificent Bastard by Chibaku, Sasori has more than lived up to the name.
    • Amaterasu, AKA Kitsune's world's Madara Uchiha, promised to his dying little brother he would remain a samurai and follow the Bushido code to his last breath. Desiring to get back at his clan for "betraying" their former virtues and becoming ninjas, to destroy Konoha for "betraying" him and to throw the world in a state of perpetual warfare to supposedly help mankind improve, Amaterasu orchestrated the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha. Despite the attack's failure, Amaterasu manipulated Fugaku and Mikoto, counting on their coup attempt in Konoha to fulfill his objectives throughout the ensuing chaos. When he discovers Shisui spying on them, Amaterasu gives him a Breaking Lecture, leading Shisui to foil the coup by killing the clan, but still giving a victory to Amaterasu. Recruited by his counterparts Susanoo and Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu formed with them the Madara Trio. In the trio's attempts to harness Kazama's power, Amaterasu shined through his sheer strength, honor, adaptability and contingency plans, killing the Wave-Verse Kyuubi and knowing which one of his 100 weapons he had to use to adapt to his enemies' techniques. When finally defeated, he congratulated his killers, acknowledged his mistakes and peacefully passed on.
    • Tsukiyomi, AKA Kazama's world's Madara Uchiha, deserves his name of "The Deceiver". Wanting to harness Kazama's power and to destroy Konoha for "betraying" him, Tsukiyomi formed the Madara Trio and successfully destroyed Kazama's devotion to Konoha through Half Truths, also implanting Amatsu-Mikaboshi inside Kazama to further corrupt him. When Kazama was separated from his friends and ended up in the Ame-Verse alongside Susanoo and Tsukiyomi, the latter pulled an Enemy Mine with Kazama and both trained and manipulated him, resulting in both Kazama taking over Ame and finally snapping and destroying Konoha, thus fulfilling Tsukiyomi's life-long objective. Having grown to sincerely care for Kazama, he followed him in the "Road to Ninja" world and sacrificed himself to help Kazama overcome Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Willing to negotiate, affable, polite and ruthless, Tsukiyomi was the most successful villain in the entire fanfiction.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Fanfic Agents of Light: Professor Lyman Banner is even more cunning and devious than in canon. Seeking the power of the Sacred Beasts to create the Philosopher's Stone, Banner teams up with Kagemaru. Hiding his allegiance with the Shadow Riders from Duel Academy, Banner orchestrates the disappearance of several students, including Atticus. Needing Jaden for his strong duel energy, Banner foils every attempt the protagonists make to get him expelled. Manipulating a group of students into reviving Jinzo into the human world, he makes a deal with Jinzo to kill the protagonists. Banner lures Ghassan into a cave and holds his soul hostage to blackmail Scott and Damian into dueling Zane. Anticipating that one of them would come after him, Banner fakes his death at Jinzo's hands and leaves Jinzo behind to kill Damian. Being defeated by Zane, Banner reveals that Camula has been watching them the whole time, revealing the true method of reviving the Sacred Beasts to her, Banner calmly blackmails all of them before gracefully accepting his death.

Comic Books

  • Batman audio series Arkham Patient Sessions: Dr. Hugo Strange watched his wife be shot by a supervillain, and came to blame Batman for the resurgence of costumed madmen. Convincing the US government to pull some strings, Strange becomes director of Arkham Asylum, and begins gathering information on Batman from his Rogues Gallery. When The Riddler figures out something's up, Strange keeps him quiet by first threatening to diagnose him with paranoid delusions and later by agreeing to destroy a file containing embarrassing information. After managing to make genuine progress with several patients, Strange deduces that Batman is Bruce Wayne and has the government commit him. Banking on the Justice League of America being unwilling to break the law to free their comrade, Strange exposes Bruce's Secret Identity to the world before genuinely committing to curing his perceived madness.
  • Civil War Fanfic Not a Typical Civil War: Doctor Doom is the mastermind behind the Superhero Registration Act and the resulting Civil War. Seeking to turn the world's heroes against each other, Doom hired Nitro to fight the New Warriors in Stamford, leading to the deaths of over eight-hundred civilians and causing the public to turn against the superhero community, with Doom working with Maria Hill to escalate tensions between the pro and anti-Registration sides. With the info gathered from the Registration Act, Doom learned all of the heroes' secret identities and the locations of their loved ones. Doom eventually trapped both sides of the conflict in the Negative Zone and released the supervillains from Prison 42 to kill them. He then sent The Sentry to attack New York City, planning on killing him so he could be hailed as a savior and be given control of the Earth. Focused solely on his dream of world conquest, Doctor Doom nearly rid himself of the world's superheroes by turning their own ideals against them.
  • DC Comics and Marvel Comics Web Video I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Lex Luthor is the mastermind behind "After Hours" and one of the craftiest supervillains in the series. After creating Lance to spy on the heroes over at Stan's Place, Luthor kidnapped Stan Lee and replaced him with an Life Model Decoy. He intended on using Doctor Doom's time machine to fix all the mistakes the studios had made with the other villains' films. However, Luthor was surprised when they all refused to risk losing what little they had. Believing the heroes of the Marvel universe had created a culture content with remaining unambitious, Lex sought to travel back in time and prevent Stan Lee from creating Marvel Comics. After his plan was foiled by Superman, Luthor learned that the Joker had initiated "Plan Q"; a plan he had previously scrapped that led to Darkseid learning he was a fictional character. Believing Lance was the key to stopping him, Luthor recruited the Green Goblin to retrieve his head back from the heroes. Thanks to the warnings from his future self, Lex teamed up with the heroes to repair Lance and help them stop Darkseid's forces. Managing to persevere no matter the odds, Lex Luthor proves he still is the most ambitious criminal mind among both Marvel and DC.

Animated Film

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame Fanfic What REALLY Happened: Clopin Trouillefou is the leader of the Romani population of Paris who seeks revenge on Claude Frollo, France's Minister of Justice, and also wishes to end gypsy persecution. To this end, he makes an arrangement with an old rival of Frollo's named Jean-Michel du Champs who wants to be Minister of Justice. The night after the Feast of Fools, Clopin imprisons Frollo in his own dungeons and replaces him with a disguised Jean-Michel, who begins sullying Frollo's name by persecuting many Parisans. Learning of Jean-Michel's plans to betray him, Clopin outplays him by subtly getting Quasimodo and Phoebus on his side, resulting in Jean-Michel's death. Even after being paralyzed in a violent incident at the Court of Miracles, Clopin still refuses to give up and is soon working on new plans. Only failing due to things he had no reasonable way of knowing about, Clopin proves a genuinely cunning and compelling antagonist.

Live-Action Film

  • Avengers: Endgame Fanfic Avengers: Endgame (Dragonis Prime): Thanos-842667 maintains the guile of his canon counterpart in this alternate telling of the film. After wiping out half of all life in the universe, Thanos retired to the Garden in peace. When the Avengers arrive seeking revenge, Thanos destroys all but the Reality Stone to prevent them from undoing his work. After he's killed by Thor, the Thanos of an alternate timeline learns about the history of his counterpart and sets about to assemble his Infinity Gauntlet more efficiently. He helps start Ragnarok to kill Thor, and murders Eitri before he could forge a weapon that could kill him. Thanos fails to collect the Time Stone and spends the next few years balancing worlds one at a time while crushing the rebellion led by the surviving Avengers. Realizing the main timeline would have the Time Stone he needs, Thanos travels to the Avengers Compound and tries to recruit Steve Rogers to his side. When that fails, he strips Carol Danvers of her powers and has Ebony Maw destroy his home dimension to keep him focused on his new goal of wiping out half of all life across the entire multiverse.
  • Fanscription: "What if The Joker Was in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?" two-parter: Bane and Talia Al-Ghul, the children of Ra's Al-Ghul, take over the League of Shadows following his death. Together they seek to destroy Gotham and get revenge on Bruce Wayne for their father's death. Bane attacks a stock exchange and costs Bruce his fortune by using his finger prints. Meanwhile Talia takes the identity of Miranda Tate in order to gain access to Bruce's fusion reactor and control of his company. Having Selina Kyle lead Bruce into a trap, Bane easily bests him in a fight, breaking his back and imprisoning him in the Pit, before taking over Gotham and cutting it off from the rest of the world. When The Joker is released, Bane engages him in a gang war, managing to keep him contained to the Narrows. Though ultimately defeated, Talia informs the heroes that she flooded the reactor room to prevent them from defusing the bomb. Proving worthy successors to their father, Bane and Talia come with in a hair's breadth of winning.

Video Games

  • Bloodborne Fan Webcomic Lady Maria and the Old Hunters: Alice of Cainhurst is the childhood friend of Maria. Left behind in the hellish domain of Cainhurst, Alice becomes a Hunter for the monstrous Queen Annalise and relies on her old friendship with Maria to gain access to Byrgenwerth. Playing the part of a sweet and kind, curious girl, Alice steals the blood of Queen Yharnam for Queen Annalise and sets up a duel with Maria while intending to force Maria to liberate her through death. Using the lives of innocents as leverage to pressure Maria into using her true power, Alice secures her duty to the Queen and achieves her freedom, dying with a final kiss and proclamation of love to Maria, saying she will never be far from her heart.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game POPGOES: Simon is a intelligent robot made by Jeremy "Fritz" Fitzgerald to revive his brother, only to be locked away by fear, causing Simon to hatch an escape plan to take revenge and gain freedom. Practicing his skills by setting up puzzles for the robotic night guard Strings, he tricks Fritz into connecting him to the mainframe by promising to bring back his daughter that Fritz accidentally killed, using it to rebuild The Blackrabbit, killing him and freeing Simon. He then makes his escape, but not before thanking Strings for his help, shutting down the guard in the process.
  • Half-Life Fan Game Hunt Down the Freeman: The G-Man is portrayed as a powerful trickster. During Black Mesa incident he has Adam beat Mitchell up with a crowbar and frame Gordon Freeman for this. Afterwards he makes a deal with a gravely wounded Mitchell, promising him authority, power and time in exchange for killing Gordon. During the Seven Hour War the G-Man indirectly kills anyone with a rank higher than Mitchell's. Twenty years later, he coerces Mitchell into starting the hunt and joining the Combine. Later on, the G-Man orders Adam to kill Sasha and frame Mitchell up. When confronted, the G-Man reveals that since Mitchell is wanted by the Combine, Gordon Freeman will have much less trouble to deal with in City 17 and leaves Mitchell to his fate. Always keeping his charm, the G-Man manages to intertwine the deals he made with others to get the outcome he and his employers wanted.
  • Hearts of Iron Game Mods:
    • Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg:
      • Emperor Pedro III is the emperor of Brazil, ascending to power after the way was cleared for his ascent to the throne by the Brazilian Integralists. Upon taking power he launches a massive purge of the Syndicalists and establishes the paramilitary Imperial Green Guards to suppress the far left and enforce religious fundamentalism, while indoctrinating the population through the distribution of Integralist propaganda and the creation of youth movements to indoctrinate the youth. Despite these measures however, Pedro III stands out as one of the more benevolent National Populist dictators in the setting, using his powers to weaken the powers of local governors and oligarchs in order to give the population as much individual rights and freedoms as possible; ruling through charisma and . Emperor Pedro is also noteworthy for his anti-racist policies, as he institutes laws protecting indigenous tribes and Afro-Brazilians from racial discrimination within Brazil in order to create a new cosmopolitian culture blending both Portuguese and Afro-Brazilian traditions.
      • Huey Long—also known as The Kingfish—is a populist from Louisiana who despises syndicalists while also desiring to save the American economy with his "Share the Wealth" program, which he perceives as America's only defense against Syndicalism. Popular in the American South due to his bombastic style, Long allies with the far right Silver Legion and the War Powers Committee in order to create a anti-syndicalist power bloc in the form of the America First Party despite his relatively tolerant views for his time, being so charismatic that his death would mean its dissolution. When the Second American Civil War starts, as either due to him either using Reed's assassination to his advantage, rebelling against either a social democratic Progressive government or a Reed presidency, or due to Douglas MacArthur's military coup against him in office, Long serves as the face of the American Union State. If the AUS wins, Long declares himself President for Life and purges his more despicable allies, while allowing his Minutemen to harass Syndicalists. Despite being a dictator struggling between his own altruism and his growing authoritarianism, Long's charisma and relative benevolence made him stand out from most dictators.
      • John "Jack" Reed is the candidate of the American Socialist Party in the 1936 presidential elections. In the leadup to the elections, Reed takes advantage of the political chaos in the US to consolidate his own support; effectively flipping the state of Minnesota to the Socialist side if the Progressives collapse. Assuming Reed wins the 1936 elections, he either tries to enact his policies via court packing and executive orders or he tries to suppress the American First movement via the use of the national guard before he's ousted by a military coup. If he loses the election however, Reed continues to agitate against the US government; taking advantage of Huey Long's assassination assuming it occurs to turn public opinion against the US government and launch an uprising. Once the Second American Civil War begins, Reed can enact measures such as War Syndicalism as well as enact ruthless means to deal with political opponents in order to bolster the war effort of the Combined Syndicates of America. If the Combined Syndiates are victorious, Reed steps down in favor of the next generation of socialists, content with leading the revolution to victory and letting new leadership decide the future of the a Socialist America.
  • Pokémon Fan Works:
    • Fanfic Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Sabrina is a ruthless Psychic Heart Bloodliner who operates as Saffron City's Gym Leader. As a child, she came to the conclusion that humanity was in desperate need of some kind of incentive for improvement, so she terrorized her hometown to test her theory. Considering her ideas vindicated when a young bug catcher finally stands up to her, she spends the next several years embarking on various schemes to improve or eliminate various people, all for her eventual goal to build a truly meritocratic world. She eventually kidnaps Ash and forces him to fight his way through her gym to get a Marsh Badge and/or his Primeape, with the intention of forcing him to shed his reluctance to go all-out. During this fight, she proves an extremely capable opponent, adjusting to virtually every new development and constantly keeping Ash on his toes. Very persuasive when she wants to be and balancing her villainy with genuine moral standards, Sabrina proves to be one of the most brilliant and dangerous adversaries Ash has to deal with on his second journey.
    • Pokémon Red and Blue Fan Game Pokemon Kanto Origins: Giovanni is the Boss of the Team Rocket and leader of the Viridian City Gym. Part of the Ancient Conspiracy of the Elite Four to control the region, Giovanni wishes to restore Kanto's former glory by any means. Creating Mewtwo as the first step of a series of experiments to create stronger Pokemon, Giovanni manipulates the Player Character to be his beta-tester while slowly becoming fond of him. Intending to overthrow the Elite Four, Giovanni invades the Indigo Plateau with his most loyal followers, dedicated to slowing the player as much as possible. A Graceful Loser as in the original games, Giovanni is partially aware of the fictional nature of the Protagonist and congratulates him for his victory against him, allowing the player character to defy the ultimate being, the Kanto Spirit.
  • Shin Megami Tensei Fanfic Megami no Hanabira: Cypher is the mysterious guide of the heroines, helping Demon Tamers by unlocking new functions of the Demon Summoning Program to help them to survive the demon outbreak in the city of Kazamino, while also causing the Flock's controlled outbreak to become uncontrollable. Guiding the protagonists to the server hosting the Demon Summoning Program, Cypher later contacts with the protagonist disguised as Sister Danica, telling them about the real nature of the Flock. Actually Lucifer, he also summons the Fiends (apocalyptic demons) and unleashes them in Kazamino, hoping to find Tamers strong enough to defeat them. Revealing the real nature of the Flock to the world with the heroines, Danica tests them to give them the power to defeat The Flock. Saving the heroines from Sister Collete after they defeat Father Phillips, Danica breaks her remaining convictions in a speech before closing the server and revealing herself as Lucifer to the heroines, offering them the privilege of being his Godslayers and fighting God's Servants throughout the many worlds. After they refuse, Lucifer accepts their choice, leaving their world and taking pleasure in the fact that—at least in that world—God has lost.

Web Animation

  • RWBY Fanfics:
    • Children of Remnant: Cinder Fall is Queen Salem's chief strategist, put in charge of ensuring her war with humanity begins. To that end, she manipulates the Claimed to earn their trust, whispering in Jaune's ear to attempt to trick him into war. Behind the scenes, she hires Dr. Merlot to trick the Schnees and Belladonnas into attempting to assassinate Jaune, utilizing her spies to ensure they go through with the plan; simultaneously, she raises public tensions against the Claimed by assassinating anti-Grimm speakers and advocating for war. When her plan ultimately fails and she learns of how she was manipulated by Salem, she turns against her former master and tells Jaune the truth of their "mother", ultimately dying while defeating Tyrian and taking the identity of the Summer Maiden to the grave.
    • Null: General James Ironwood may have originally been too idealistic for his post, but once he makes his deal with Jaune Arc, he proves just how much of a strategic genius he really is. After learning that Ozpin has Amber Arc hostage, he responds by informing Blake Belladonna of the situation, causing her to ally with Jaune and kill Matthew Fields, just as he intended for her to do. Meanwhile, predicting a betrayal from his own forces, he has Clover empty out his own airship's weaponry, preventing the Council from framing him for mass murder and allowing him to blackmail them for his investigative powers back. To deal with Ozpin, he strikes a deal with Qrow and Glynda to lead Jaune straight to him and his sister; the resulting battle kills Ozpin and Cinder, ridding Ironwood of his two biggest enemies, and following the battle, he helps Jaune fake his death so that he, Jaune, and Neopolitan can continue killing anyone who tries to resurrect the conspiracy, as well as giving him a permanent method of balancing his idealistic self with his ruthless Semblance.

Web Videos

  • Mystery Skulls Animated Fan Animatic Revenge Creates More Revenge: ??? is a mysterious, malevolent ghost with unknown ties to Mystery and Shiromori, the latter of whom he wants his hands on. Seeing an opportunity when the Mystery Skulls explore a cave he's taken residence in, ??? possesses Arthur and pushes Lewis to his death, knowing Mystery would unleash his full power to save him and unintentionally draw Shiromori out. After a forceful exorcism, ??? covertly tails the gang, waiting for either Shiromori to find them or for Lewis' ghost to come and kill Arthur, believing he could again prove useful as a spirit. Upon Arthur's death, ??? offers to join with him to take revenge against Lewis, reminding him of the many sleepless nights he spent searching for his supposed "best friend", then telling him Lewis left Vivi to die when Arthur falters. Arthur snaps and vows to tear Lewis apart, too angry to care when ??? tells him they'll be going for his own target afterward, ??? gladly waiting a little longer for what he wants now that he has a powerful wraith at his side.

Western Animation

  • Code Lyoko Fanfics:
    • Bataille pour l'espoir : Andrew Streep was originally one of many young graduates hired by the French government to work in Project Carthage on quantum mechanics. When Youbakou Senja took over the project for his nefarious purposes and attempted to kill Streep, the latter found help within the French government who protected him in exchange for total cooperation, leading to Streep becoming the General Alexandre Hussinger. Hussinger then engaged in multiple schemes to stop Senja, such as killing the Prime Minister and staging a coup to take over France and use it's resources against Carthage and save the captured Lyoko-warriors, faking his death, send Léopold to rescue the Lyoko-warriors and using the Lyoko-warrior Jérémie as The Mole to kill Senja — a near success —, and figuring out how the Grande Arche works and telling his subordinate Kiichi how to breach it. Even when mortally wounded by Senja, Hussinger remained unshakable and determined to stop Carthage at all costs, successfully killing Senja and ordering the Eiffel Tower's destruction, aware it could cause a city-wide blackout disorienting Carthage's planes now unable to see their targets.
    • The Games of Moriarty:
      • Jérémie The Eternal and Omnipotent is the result of Moriarty's mind-rape of Jérémie in the first chapter and Jérémie being kicked out of the group for releasing XANA from William's mind. Becoming obsessed with destroying Moriarty at all costs, Jérémie creates the "Holmes" program to do so. When he realizes Holmes is also damaging the entire Internet (thus causing bugs and damaging the nations' relations with each other), he reasons that he must become humanity's guide/god/master to ensure that they stop fighting each other. As such, when Holmes is on the brink of starting a nuclear war, Jérémie plans to virtualize himself in the Network, destroy Holmes, Moriarty and Odd (Moriarty's unwilling minion), and then conquer the world as he would be seen as humanity's savior, all of this while remaining under the radar. When his former teammates discover his evil plan, Jérémie uses the power he previously gave himself to easily defeat them, despite them having Moriarty's help. His failure was only caused by errors he made dues to his insanity. As smart as he was unstoppable, Jérémie's short villainous moments left a permanent mark on his teammates, the entire world and Moriarty's plans.
      • XANA, the main villain of the original series, was not only created by Franz Hopper to destroy Carthage, but also Moriarty. Long after Season 4, after barely escaping death by hiding inside William, XANA is still obsessed with destroying Moriarty. Manipulating William and Jérémie into freeing it from the former's body, XANA easily defeated the Lyoko-warriors and Moriarty, and would've killed them if it wasn't for William Fighting from the Inside. Despite being depowered and stuck inside William, it made an alliance with William, and proved to be a valuable, if evil, ally, giving him pixelized human powers to take on Moriarty on Earth, and often saving him from death through sheer power or quick thinking, such as when it noticed a high-voltage metal box that was used to kill Dark Yumi, who was about to kill a depowered William. Defeating the Dark Lyoko-warriors with William, XANA played an important role in Moriarty's defeat. Ruthless, brutal, unfettered and above all, efficient, XANA was the most competent character of the entire fanfiction.
    • Trente Degrés: Aelita Schäffer, after losing her fellow Lyoko-warriors Jérémie, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi to the XANA-possessed William, decides to destroy any remnant of XANA by killing William. When she learns he's in Melbourne, Australia, she goes there and befriends him once again. When she realizes he's amnesiac, she decides to jog his memory by committing two murders in front of him, before fleeing with him to her place, where she leaves him alone, since she kept all of the Lyoko-warriors' belongings, allowing William to remember what happened by inspecting them. Luring him to a beach, she revealed the truth to him before shooting him dead, killing XANA at the same occasion. Upon succeeding in her mission, Aelita commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill.
  • The Legend of Korra Fanfic Varium Fortune: Asami Sato is the seductive daughter of Hiroshi Sato, and is reimagined here as a Femme Fatale. Desiring to destroy the Triads after witnessing her mother's murder years ago, Asami tricks Korra into tracking down the murderer and kills him using Korra's gun. Travelling to Ba Sing Se, Asami tries to get the Earth Queen to lend her some Dai Li to train an army that she plans to have Korra lead. Recruiting Mako and Bolin, Asami plans to blow up a bank in Gaoling and frame the brothers for it. Even when Korra has her at gunpoint, Asami manages to calmly make peace with her and kills the Dai Li agents spying on them. Seeking to unite Republic City, Ba Sing Se and Gaoling for an impending war with the Fire Nation, Asami and Korra agree to help Suyin Beifong reconnect with her sister Lin. Every bit as smart as her canon counterpart, Asami ends the story managing to get Korra to agree to lead her revolution.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fanfic The Captain Goodking Saga: The silly-seeming Sacanas manages to be Captain Goodking's most competent adversary. Swaying his future apprentice to his side after tricking the apprentice's father into being turned to stone, Sacanas later uses time magic to evade guards keeping the spells he wanted to teach Sanies. Though eventually betrayed and murdered by Sanies, Sacanas returns to life with style: leading an alien invasion to act as a diversion while he traps the heroes in dream worlds catering to their greatest desires and convinces Stygian to once again become the Pony of Shadows to become Sacanas' personal attack dog. Though eventually defeated, Sacanas shows remorse for his actions and gracefully accepts being sent back to the time of his death, even laughing as he goes.
  • South Park Fanfic Girls Game: Bebe Stevens is the leader of the girls, uniting them all against the boys. Bebe assisted the child mobster Loogie in his efforts to gain more baby teeth so Bebe can obtain Loogie's loyalty. Bebe also exposed Stan Marsh's disguise by giving him a Groin Attack before ripping out his wig. Gathering everyone to the school gym, Bebe reveals her plan to use a magical fortune telling device to rid her enemies while reshaping reality and time in her own image, which she nearly succeeds until a sudden intervention of Dr. Mephesto's latest creation. The boys then decide to forgive Bebe and invite Bebe and her friends to hang out with them, because they were impressed that she pulled off such an elaborate plan.
  • Total Drama Fanfic Despair Island: Justin, the "Eye Candy", is significantly more cunning than in canon. A model born into the Serbian mafia, Justin aims to win Total Drama Island and reunite with his family by any means necessary. To that end, he cultivates the image of a dumb pretty boy obsessed with his looks to make the others underestimate him, charms several female contestants into doing what he wants, and manipulates events to get several contestants eliminated. Proceeding to lay low and slip beneath suspicion, Justin beats fellow manipulator Alejandro, forms friendships with other campers for his benefit, and eventually manages to win the competition. Despite this, he feels regret for his heinous deeds and forms genuine bonds with his allies, especially Geoff whom he apologizes to. When the Canadian military saves the remaining campers, Justin amiably parts with Geoff and the others and goes on the run from the Serbian mafia, remaining untouchable to the end.


  • Child of the Stormnote : Doctor Stephen Strange aka Taliesin is the Sorcerer Supreme whose Purpose-Driven Immortality is based on defeating Thanos and will take any means necessary to save as many people as he possibly can. Carefully crafting a "reputation for omniscience" over millennia, he uses his inability to lie, abilities a Seer, and careful word choice to ensure people will react as he intends, Strange plays heroes and villains alike, even breaking Lucius Malfoy, a dangerous mastermind who had brought the world to its knees, in a single speech. Setting up his pieces perfectly, Strange has the world organized exactly as he needs for his plans and even tricks Chthon into taking the worst possible host, purging him from the universe. In the sequel, Strange adapts to the temporary loss of his seer powers and manages to destroy various threats to himself and the world, while making amends and earning a happy ending for Maddie Pryor, whom he believes he failed more than anyone else. Regretful of his own necessary evil but resolved to defeat Thanos no matter what it takes, Strange showcases remarkable ingenuity and charm through all his appearances.
  • Kim Possible/Bram Stoker's Dracula fanfiction Drakigo: Once the leader of the Transylvanian knights, Shego Dracula forsakes god and willingly becomes a vampire after her beloved Elizabeta kills herself. Years after killing the vampire that turned her, Shego tricks Ronald Stoppable into selling her a house. Turning him over to her brides, Shego journeys to London and runs into Stoppable's fiance, Kimberly. Determined to woo Kimberly, Shego takes her on dates and eventually turns her friend Monique into a vampire after feeding on her. Upon being betrayed and wounded, Shego is prepared to fight to the death. Snarky and clever, Shego manages to live the rest of her life with her beloved.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/No More Heroes Fanfic No More Turnabout: The polite and playful Henry Cooldown is the true murderer behind the crime that his twin brother, Travis Touchdown, finds himself framed for. Worried that Travis's relationship with Henry's ex-wife, Sylvia Christel, will lead Travis down to ruin, Henry formulates a plan to make Travis believe Sylvia was the one who framed him for the murder, and lead to the end of their relationship. Henry hires renowned assassin, Shelly de Killer, to attack Diane Heifer at the cemetery and make it seem as if the true crime scene occurred there before having him bring her body to the video store for Henry to murder. Henry then poses as an assistant and bodyguard to Phoenix Wright after saving his life from hitmen who Henry himself hired, and subtly leads Phoenix and Maya to misleading pieces of evidence. Henry successfully manages to put Sylvia under suspicion by having de Killer fake a slip-up about his client's identity. Even after Phoenix discovers that Henry is the murderer, Henry nearly gets away with his crimes by presenting proof of an alibi at the time the murder was thought to occur at the cemetery. When finally defeated, Henry accepts defeat with dignity and openly admits to being wrong when he finds out that Sylvia truly cares for his brother.


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