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Fanscription is a Channel Awesome show, created by Walter Banasiak and Rob Walker of The Nostalgia Critic fame. It's essentially a Fix Fic show, taking movies that they care about but feel have problems, and making them better. Then they have a post-episode sit and talk, discussing behind the scenes. It's a monthly show, and they alternate the episodes.

Tropes Include:

  • Breather Episode: The Snyder Infinity War was far jokier than other episodes, and Rob admitted concern even though he thought it was really funny.
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  • Dark Fic: A lot of the retellings can be a lot darker than the originals, like Rob has Luke die in Return of the Jedi, Walter has Scar raising Simba in The Lion King and Doug’s version of Mary Poppins Returns has far more grief details.
  • Fanboy: The subjects of the episodes tend to be franchises both Rob and Walter grew up with and adore, which makes sense as it’s a Fix Fic show and you want to fix stuff you care about.
  • Fan Disservice: In a discussed example, Rob and Walter talk about Slave Leia, and even though they and Jim are "guy's guys", thought it was more weird and gross than fetish fuel.
  • First World Problems: Knowing full well how… passionate Star Wars fans can be, Walter and Rob point out on the “What If Luke Died In Return Of The Jedi” podcast that it's just fun media and don't yell at each other about it.
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  • Franchise Original Sin: In-universe. A bit with his own bias because he’s firmly believing the 2016 reboot is just So Okay, It's Average, but Rob tries to point out with GB 2 that the guys who think it’s “SJW worst thing ever trash” are missing the point, and it’s just a symptom of Hollywood trying to make everything post first movie accessible to kids.
  • Give Geeks a Chance: In “Ghostbusters 2”, Rob’s annoyed that they changed Janine’s character to super dork to match her with Lewis.
  • It's Been Done: They’re adamant about not doing the Star Wars prequels, as they wouldn’t know where to start for one, and for another you can find plenty of videos on fixing them.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: Walter changes Rocky IV because he feels Apollo’s death was cheap motivation for Rocky and that’s all it was.
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  • Take That!: In the Rocky 5 Fanscription podcast, Rob joins the people who dislike CinemaSins, using them as shorthand for needless nitpicking.
  • Too Soon: In-universe. On the Infinity War fanscription podcast, Walter said he stopped doing the Snyder character for a while because personal tragedy in the director’s life, and only came back after the “Batman should kill people” rant.
  • Values Dissonance: In-universe. While they’re both frustrated with how little Ernie Hudson is used in the Ghostbusters movies, Rob who grew up with the first one gives it a pass but younger Walter isn’t so sure.
  • Vocal Minority: Rob and Walter joke in-universe that Rob does the franchises where fandoms rip into each other (Star Wars, Ghostbusters etc) and Walter’s fandoms are much more chill.

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