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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Beer is usually referred to as "reeb". Reeb is actually a brand of beer in China.
  • Creator's Pest: It's rather clear Chris hates Bananasauros, a Patreon backer's pre-existing character. Chris wrote him out of the comic in the same episode he was introduced, and called the paid advertisement for the Bananasauros video game "out-of-context, outdated and juvenile" on the same page as the ad itself.
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  • Dear Negative Reader: In Issue 10, Marvey Blaziken non-subtly calls out those who complained about the lack of updates.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Due to the fact that all the details of Sonichu really only exist in the author's head and are always subject to her whims and fancies at the time, virtually everything is subject to changes that really only make sense to Chris. She seems to assume that the audience will automatically understand her intentions.
  • In Memoriam: Sonichu 12 had Chris dedicating the issue to her late father. Her tribute to her dog, Patti in issue 6 as well.
  • The Merch: Official Sonichu Merchandise, approved by Chris-Chan. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Organism for Autism Research.
  • Name's the Same: Crystal Weston Chandler and Crystal Weston Chandler, Chris-Chan's twin sister in the comic and future daughter respectively.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Simonla Rosechu was based on a fan-character called Simonchu.
  • Old Shame: Present-day Chris' feelings about how she handled the guys behind Asperchu and Alec Benson Leary, her over-the-top homophobia, and a few other things. However, some feel her contrition can also be more self-serving than genuine remorse (but it's better than nothing).
  • One-Book Author: The only webcomic by Christine Weston Chandler. Given that it's one of the most hated webcomics of all time, Chris herself is one of the most infamous members of the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom (if not the entire internet, to the extent people may know who she is even if they have only vaguely heard of the webcomic), and the numerous memes mocking Sonic, it's not surprising.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Although a lot of events and characters are inspired by Chris's real life, one notable incident would be when a troll bought ad server space on Chris's wiki and filled it with gay porn and offensive art in order to force Chris to kill off a character taken from their "fan" art and genderflipped without her permission.
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  • Reality Subtext: Around 2016, Chris started identifying as a lesbian (later bisexual) transgender woman. This lead to their Author Avatar becoming a female and Robee Rosee evolving into Roberta Rosechu.
  • Referenced by...: According to If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, Chris-Chan, of all people, is the Emperor of Mankind's guise in the Present Day.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Sonichu issue #11 was on a hiatus with little work completed for over six years. Financial motives and Chris finding new inspiration in the LGBTQ sector finally brought the series back.
  • Schedule Slip: Many issues took up to a year to be completed. The Christmas Special, featured in Sonichu #11, was completed eight years after it had been started (it was originally illustrated in 2009; after a sudden burst of motivation, Chris-Chan began work on the comic again in 2017).
  • She Also Did: It turned out that Chris had contributed an "animated" scene for the multi-creator project Shrek Retold. The scene in question was Lord Farquaad making a deal with Shrek to go on the quest in exchange for his swamp.
  • Streisand Effect: Much of the comic was fueled by Chris's attempts to fight back after 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica tried to troll her, creating an infinite loop where she would create new material, which would lead to more trolling, which would lead to more material...
  • Tribute to Fido: Patti-Chan is based on Chris's deceased dog, Patti.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: Many people didn't realize that the bizarre Cutaway Gag with Chris's fat(ter) lookalike "Sammy" in Issue #7 is a parody of Filmation's Ghostbusters' Transformation Sequence.
  • Writer Revolt: Simonla Rosechu was based on a fan character (who was originally male). Eventually, their creator grew dissatisfied with Chris-chan's treatment of their character and demanded that they be written out of the comic. When Chris refused to budge, trolls bought ad space on the site and filled it with gay porn (of which Chris was infamously not a fan) and demanded that she write Simonla out of the comic before they'd remove the offending ads. Chris dug in her heels for as long as she could, before eventually giving in and having Simonla blown up offscreen, immediately introducing her functionally identical daughter Sandy, writing her creator (and a few others who'd offended Chris) into the comic as Simonla's murderers, having them be sentenced to death by a Kangaroo Court and murdered in extremely violent fashion, before she would later resurrect Simonla anyway.
  • Write Who You Know: Most of the characters that aren’t Pokémon or hedgehogs are derived from people the writer has met or "known" in real life. The closest thing to a completely original character that Chris came up with would be Count Graduon (who's supposed to be based on her feelings towards her high school graduation).
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The Random Events Plot certainly owes to its creator doing everything on the fly, basically hearing the characters as they bump into her mind.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Silvana Rosechu's entire backstory was meant to be different. Silvana was to be a space-traveling Pikachu who crash landed on the moon, and was hit by the Rainbow created from the collision of Super Sonic and Pikachu, transforming her into a Rosechu with a Pikachu's tail. She would have created a spaceship out of the spare parts of her destroyed ship, and traveled to Earth to abduct all the Sonichus on the planet, to fill the gap of loneliness she holds while being on the moon for so long. Because of outside influences however, the author has scrapped this backstory and created the shapeshifting Silvana Rosechu we know today.
    • Chris' original plan for Issue 9 involved Punchy and Layla Flaaffy having sex in the handicapped stall of the women's bathroom at the McDonald's substitute CWCee Dees, and Reginald Sneasel walking in on them and slashing Punchy's tires.
    • As noted here, a Canadian YouTuber by the name of DStecks who had become rather popular due to reviewing Sonichu started to have mixed feelings on his reviews of all of Chris's Sonichu comics (somewhat bordering on Old Shame), so after reviewing issue 10, he singlehandedly financed the production of issue 11 - as he was the sole executive producer, he could not review issue 11 without violating personal ethics (only to do so a few months later as a part of reviewing the last thing he was not involved in the production of, the Sonichu Christmas Special). DStecks donated $1,000note , and as a result, Chris was obligated to create 100 pages, but failed to deliver on her end, only producing 16 pagesnote . Who knows what the end result for issue 11 would've been like had Chris actually drawn all 100 pages?
    • The 13th issue was going to have a crossover with Planet Dolan, but outward drama involving some of the castmates changes it to involve a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic instead.
  • Why the Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Chris stopped making Sonichu comics in February 2010 due to her (justifiable) belief that her fanbase consisted solely of trolls. She has stated that he feels the fanbase sabotaged her attempts to court a female acquaintance just so she can make more comics. note  While she drew and released some pages for the eleventh issue of the comic in September 2015, for a while it was unclear if it would continue. As of May 2017, Chris appeared to have start work and added more pages for the eleventh issue, and the cover for a twelfth comic was created. At the end of June, the 11th issue is finally completed after almost eight years.
    • Chris would stop writing again in 2018 thanks the influence of two trolls known as the "Idea Guys", who convinced Chris to include a lot offensive content in her work. Granted her "fandom" near universally hated the Idea Guys as soon as they found out about them and tried to get Chris to stop listening to them. The "fandom" later successfully doxed the Idea Guys and them to back off but the damage had been done.
  • The Wiki Rule:
    • The CWCki, while mostly focusing on the bizarre life of its creator, also has large sections devoted to her comic. Be warned though, it can be very negative, and (like the comic) is completely NSFW.
    • Chris also created her own official wiki called the CWCipedia. It's officially dead, with no known archives.


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