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Tropes relating to the cast of Sonichu. Beware of spoilers.

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    Christian/Christine Weston Chandler 

Christian Weston Chandler/Christine Weston Chandler/Chris-Chan Sonichu/Chrissy-Chan Rosechu

"I am Christian Weston Chandler, Sonichu's creator, and author of this comic. This is his story and nothing less!"

The TRUE and HONEST main character of the series. In the state of Virginia, Christian Weston Chandler was born and raised by his mother and father, Barbra and Robert "Bob" Chandler. It wasn't until the ripe age of 22 years that he brought forth a portal leading to his own fictional utopia of his design, CWCville. Upon entering the new world, CWCville's current Mayor -whom is an alternate version of Chris' Father- almost instantly relinquished all of his political power to his "Son", making Christian the new absolute authority over his own universe.

Chris is popular, good-looking, and surrounded by women. He also has the ability to change himself into Chris-Chan Sonichu and use all the powers of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon at will. Chris is very much the lovable loser type of character. He is noble, brave, intelligent, and surrounded by cartoon characters who fawn over him.

  • Action Initiative: As Chris-Chan Sonichu, Chris can access the "Mach Punch" attack, allowing a quick physical strike before the enemy can react.
  • Attack Reflector: As Chris-Chan Sonichu, is able to use Mirror Coat to reflect projectile attacks.
  • Author Avatar: Starts out as an Author Avatar character before steadily becoming more and more involved in his own series, moving on to Life Embellished as the author depicts himself fighting against people who antagonize him in Real Life, until he becomes a full-on God-Mode Sue and, in fact, the central focus of the entire series, with its title character Demoted to Extra.
  • Big Good: All of the heroes answer to him.
  • Big "NO!": Suffers quite a few of these, his most notable occurs after Hanna reveals to have tricked Chris with a fake date.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Chris-Chan's extreme sexism and homophobia are now easily explained by Chris-Chan struggling with coming out as a lesbian transwoman.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: "Electric Hedgehog Power!"
  • Camp Straight: Frequently accompanied by rainbows, incredibly flamboyant and generally very effeminate, but beyond some unintentional Ho Yay, he only shows attraction to women.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Carries a Megatron-styled pistol, and literally uses it in a knife fight against Ian Brandon Anderson in the special comics.
  • Combination Attack: The "Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance" and "Double Corkscrew Kick" with Crystal, and the "Team Blast: Blue Fireball Attack" with Wes and Sarah.
  • Conjoined Eyes: As Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Cosmic Plaything: A weird case. He's pretty much handed everything he wants with little effort, but he still seems to be kicked around by the universe just enough to Wangst about it.
  • Deflector Shields: As Chris-Chan Sonichu, able to use attacks like Protect and Barrier.
  • Groin Attack
  • In the Name of the Moon: He has a few of these, one example is from sub episode 7:
    Chris: The more you haze me, I will grow stronger! You all are mean and vicious, so in the name of my heart, soul and love quest, I shall punish you!
  • It's All About Me: Completely self centered and only does things to benefit himself. Due to running an entire city, this comes off as pretty childish.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: The "Curse-ye-ha-me-ha"/"Shin-ye-ha-me-ha" attack. To perform this technique, Christian funnels all of his anger into a form of energy while also performing erratic poses. He than releases the energy in a concentrated blast from the palms of his hand and towards the intended target. If the enemy is struck, they are cursed with unbearable misfortune, ranging from slipping on banana peels, to having their marriages ruined. Other times, it seems the blast can simply obliterate anyone or anything it comes in contact with.
  • Loyal Phlebotinum: Naturally, Chris' Sonichu Medallion will only respond to him using it.
  • Manchild: He has incredibly childish views on just about everything and seems more interested in getting laid than running a government.
  • Mr. Seahorse: After becoming a Lesbian Transwoman, Chris "shot her essence up herself" in the Sonichu form. Chris eventually gave birth to an egg that hatched into twin Electric Hedgehog Pokémon: Russel Sonee and Cynthia Rosey.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Thanks to Christian smashing Graduon's wand, he has unknowingly unleashed Graduon's spirit, who has now taken a new host, and created an army of undead Jerkops to take over the world. Great job, Chris.
  • The Mayor Who Doesn't Do Anything: Chris spends far more time loitering in malls and fighting security guards rather than actually spending any time running CWCVille.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Initially did not approve of homosexuality — up to using Magi-chan to enforce the ban — and it was later implied that he had taken away women's right to vote at some point during his mayorship. Later, the author began walking these traits back once he began to emerge from his parents' influence; in particular, becoming a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Power Copying: His innate ability named the "Electric Hedgehog Attack", which allows him to use any of the Chaotic Combo's attacks at his leisure.
  • Psychic Powers: One of Chris' go-to abilities that he borrows from Magi-Chan with the "Electric Hedgehog Attack". He has shown feats such as Telepathy, Telekinesis, seeing the future and Teleportation. Also, many of his attacks in the Chris-Chan Sonichu form are Psychic type.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: As Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Serial Romeo: He's quick to declare every single Girl of the Week to be his true love, but it never ends up working out.
  • Shock and Awe: As Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Sonichu is allegedly the main character, not him.
  • Super Speed: Gains this while in his Chris-Chan Sonichu form.
  • The Power of Hate: Uses this to fuel his Curse-ye-ha-me-ha attack.
  • Transformation Trinket: His Sonichu Medallion, which allows him to transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Ultimate Authority Mayor: Exaggerated; despite apparently being part of the United States, his laws and actions often run contrary to the American laws and constitution (especially apparent in the Kangaroo Court in the Sonichu #10) and according to Word of God, he inherited the position from his father. A city council is mentioned, but only seems to serve an advisory function.invoked
  • Weaksauce Weakness: If the white patch of fur on his Chris-Chan Sonichu form is touched, he instantly reverts back to his human self.
  • Wish Fulfillment: The comic version of Chris is what his creator wants to really be like.
  • You Are What You Hate: Chris-Chan spent most of his life hating being called a woman or homosexual, in an over-zealous attempt to prove his masculinity to trolls. He is now transitioning into a lesbian trans-woman.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has blue hair after gender transition.


    Sonichu and Family 


"I am a new Pokemon. I am no longer a Pikachu, so with inspiration, I am now... Sonichu!"

The main character of the franchise, at least early on. A yellow anthropomorphic Sonic the Hedgehog look alike with a Pikachu's tail who can run at unbelievable speeds. Sonichu was born a Pikachu and lived not too far away from Station Square. Soon a climactic battle took place between the Perfect Chaos Monster, and Super Sonic, and the curious Pikachu went to investigate. Sonic was smacked away by Perfect Chaos and collided with Pikachu, resulting in excess chaos energy to explode and form a massive rainbow. The chaos energy also effected the Pikachu, which physically transformed it into the Sonichu we know today. After Sonic and Sonichu defeat Perfect Chaos, Sonichu proclaims his new name and goes off to make history.

Sonichu soon meets and instantly falls in love with Rosechu, the female Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, and became CWCVille's hero after saving the city from the likes of Team Rocket and Mary Lee Walsh. He also becomes tightly knit friends with the Chaotic Combo and CWCVille's mayor, Christian Chandler, so much so that Sonichu refers to him as his "Father", and gains many benefits including city payed housing and other special necessities. Sonichu is described as Loyal and Hardworking, and puts his family first above all else. He also has a bit of a temper, which arises when confronted with personal attacks on Rosechu or himself.


"Spended[sic]! With our protest group growing, we will really hit those garbage sacks with our glorious womanhood!"

A feminine, pink Electric Hedgehog Pokémon who makes a striking resemblance to Amy Rose with a Raichu's tail. Rosechu was born a Pichu under the care of her trainer, Kel Felix. The two traveled the world, and soon the Pichu evolved into Pikachu and a Raichu after that. The Raichu would eventually be exposed to the Chaotic Rainbow that exploded from Station Square, and forces it to transform into Rosechu, instantly learning how to speak and walk up right. After lamenting on being the only one of her new species, Sonichu comes into her life, and it's love at first sight. Rosechu is left in the care of Christian Chandler, with Kel's permission, to be closer with Sonichu.

Instead of saving the world like her "Hubbybolt", Rosechu mostly spends her time in their Home, cooking meals, cleaning laundry and dishes, though she doesn't mind. She has a sweet, and caring personality, which is mostly directed to Sonichu. She is also a self proclaimed Woman's Rights activist, and stands against female oppression with the help of her other Rosechu friends. When push comes to shove, Rosechu can have a nasty temper along with Sonichu.

Cera Rosey/Rosechu

"Thank you for having me to help you. I had fun. I wuv you."

The eldest child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's trio of children. Cera is a pink Rosey (The baby form of a Rosechu), whose personality or traits were never explained upon. It is shown however that when Cera becomes Cera Rosechu, she would grow up to become a tomboy.

  • Baby Talk: When she's introduced. She is a baby at the time, after all.
  • Butch Lesbian: Becomes this after her evolution.
  • Captain Ersatz/Composite Character: Of Amy Rose, Pichu, and Chao.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: According to her Rosechu evolution's amiibo description, Cera had trained from lifting weights and punching sandbags, leading her the ability to lift up to 4000 pounds, and had been recorded of tossing a "one ton boulder a far distance of more than 20 miles away".
  • Interspecies Romance: Also in her amiibo description, Cera Rosechu is dating an Asian woman named "Risa Fitzgerald."
    • She also had a short relationship with Kevin the Jew.
  • Shock and Awe: She's an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Christine Rosey/Rosechu

"Oh yeah. And that's why I'm purple instead of pink, which is your color. 'Cause I'm a Shining Rosey."

The middle child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's children. Christine is a rare shiny Rosey/Rosechu varient, having purple fur instead of Rosechu's pink. She has a flare for the dramatic, and strives to be a famous actress.

In Sonichu #11, Christine evolves into a Rosechu during her school's Christmas play.

  • Baby Talk: When she's introduced. She is a baby at the time, after all.
  • Bi the Way: Becomes bisexual after her evolution.
  • Captain Ersatz: Again, of Amy Rose, Pichu, and Chao.
  • Narcissist: Christine is constantly seen holding a mirror in front of herself, implying heavily she's a budding narcissist.
  • Shock and Awe: She's an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Robbie "Roberta" Sonee/Sonichu

"One day, I'll be as fast as my daddy, even though I trip a lot."

The youngest child of Sonichu's and Rosechu's children. Robbie is a yellow Sonee (The baby form of a Sonichu), who wears blue shoes just like his father, whom Robbie idolizes and wishes to become when he grows up. Robbie in the future would apparently become a crossdresser.

    The Chaotic Combo 


A Team of Sonichus and Rosechus who were created at the same moment the original Sonichu and Rosechu were made. When the Chaotic Rainbow flew out of Sonic and Pikachu and hit the female Raichu, a flurry of eggs shot outwards from the rainbow, and landed in a variety of locations and time periods. Five of these eggs hatched into Sonees and Roseys in the current timeline, that were raised by nearby Pokémon and humans. The five Sonees and Roseys soon evolved into Sonichus and Rosechus, and came together by chance to form the Chaotic Combo.

The Combo serve as CWCVille's problem solving fighting force, each using their special powers to tackle new dangers and obstacles that plague the city. Like Sonichu and Rosechu, they take direct orders from Christian Chandler, and in return are lavished in a life of luxury with benefits, complements of the Mayor.

  • Captain Ersatz: Just like the majority of the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon; the Sonichu members are a mix of Sonic and Pikachu (The exception is Punchy, with Knuckles replacing Sonic), while the Rosechu members are a mix of Amy and Raichu. The Combo members also have more traits shared from Pokémon, Sonic or unrelated sources.
    • Wild Sonichu can use his leaf tail to run faster and fly like Tails, can turn invisible and stick to walls like Espio, and uses his vines to swing like Spider-Man.
    • Bubbles Rosechu's tail is taken from Marill, instead of the standard Raichu tail most Rosechus have.
    • Punchy Sonichu has both the punching and kicking ability of Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.
    • Angelica Rosechu is heavily based around Angels.
    • Magi-Chan Sonichu's character is built around Mewtwo.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Conjoined Eyes: All the members have them, except for Punchy.
  • Non-Indicative Name: They don't cause very much chaos.
  • Raised by Wolves: None of the Chaotic Combo were raised by their own species.
  • Shock and Awe: They all have this as their secondary element.

Wild Sonichu

"You think tha's something, I can use my leafy tail as a propeller, and I can run real quick. I also blend in with any tree to get my jump! I rule this jungle!"

The first Chaotic Combo member to be introduced, and the leader of the bunch. Wild's egg was catapulted into the deep forests, where it was found, hatched and parented by a male Scyther and a female Venusaur. Wild is courageous and outgoing. He has power over vines, which he often uses to swing from the trees.

  • Blush Sticker: He's a Sonic/Pikachu hybrid.
  • The Generic Guy: He has almost no real characterization.
  • Green Thumb: He's a grass type, so of course.
  • Informed Ability: Despite being The Leader of the Chaotic Combo, he rarely does much leading.
    • Wild has also claimed he can use his tail as a propeller like Tails, although this power is not seen anywhere in the comics.
  • Invisibility: He apparently learned how to use Conversion from a passing Porygon.
  • Nature Hero: At first. Later averted, as he spends most of his time after his first issue operating in CWCville.
  • Parents in Distress: In Sonichu 8, Wild abruptly brings up the fact his Scyther father was captured by Pokemon Poachers years ago, and was looking for him ever since. Funny enough, he doesn't bother finding the poachers or his father for the entire series.
  • Petal Power: Knows Razor Leaf.
  • The Power of the Sun: One of Wild's two Pokemon Abilities according to Word of God is Chlorophyll, boosting his Speed in the sunlight.
  • Tree Swing: Being an Expy of Spider-Man.
  • Turns Red: Wild's other Pokemon Ability is Overgrow, which boosts Grass-Type attacks when his health is low.
  • Wall Crawl: Crawls on the walls and ceiling while retreving a Sonichu Ball from the 4-Cent Garbage building.
  • Whip It Good: Can use vines this way.

Bubbles Rosechu

"My Momma Swampert was excited after I rescued her. Now I freely swim the ocean that is my backyard. I found many new friends in the future, but I'll never forget what Momma said, "Stay strong and true to your heart, and you will prevail." I'm so happy, I think i'll make a seashell necklace."

The second member of the Chaotic Combo to be introduced. Bubbles' egg was propelled into the ocean waters, and rescued by a female Swampert who becomes Bubbles' adoptive mother. Bubbles is optimistic and cheerful. She can create tidal waves.

Punchy Sonichu

"I am Punchy, Strike Ninja! I studied under the G.D.W Shinabe, and I became the greatest fighter since Goku! I also leaned[sic] to keep my temper down by watching TV comedies... Ha, Ha! They're so funny!"

The third member of the Chaotic Combo to be introduced. Punchy's egg was flung into a Dojo, hatched almost instantly after landing, and had his tail ripped off at birth by the Dojo student, Mypoe. After brutally slugging Mypoe out of the building, the Dojo's owner, Master Shinabe, than takes Punchy under his wing and trains him in various types of Martial Arts. Punchy's temper is calmed down by comedy movies.

Angelica Rosechu

"I am Angelica, humble servant to our Lo0rd[sic]. Having faith will reward you very well. So keep your head up hight[sic], and one day, you shall be blessed with good health, true love, and pure happiness. Spread your wings of hope and fly!"

The fourth member of the Chaotic Combo to be introduced. Angelica's egg was launched towards a Catholic Church and raised by a pair of nuns posing as surrogate parents. Angelica is a Technical Pacifist with a strong connection to God. Though she doesn't fight much, when she does she uses wing attacks and whirlwinds.

Magi-Chan Sonichu

"I predict success in my future, for I see other Hedgehog Pokémon and great adventures. My destiny is just a teleport away!"

The fifth and final member of the Chaotic Combo to be introduced. Magi-Chan's egg rocketed into the mountains, with nothing but a lone Mewtwo to raise him until his evolution. A serious Sonichu, who has Psychic Powers and often acts as a Deus ex Machina.

  • Ambiguously Gay: His apathy and even annoyance towards the perversion of his male companions, mixed with his own rather camp mannerisms made fans theorize that he was gay. After becoming aware of this, Chris paired him up with Silvana... who happens to be a former hermaphrodite.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: He apparently spies on everyone in CWCville in order to see if any gay activities are going on.
  • Camp Straight: Although the "camp" part was probably not intended.
  • Chaste Hero: Subverted for the majority of comic. Averted completely in Sonichu #11, when she makes out with Silvana in the mountains.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Which led to him becoming a fan favorite.
  • Deflector Shield: Can use Light Screen.
  • Defusing The Tykebomb: He tries this with Silvana, telling her that she doesn't need to serve Count Graduon. His pleas might have had more effect if he wasn't trying to get her to defect to what was would turn out to be arguably the more monstrous side.
  • Deus ex Machina: He often acts as one.
  • Immune to Flinching: One of Magi-Chan's two informed abilities is Inner Focus.
  • Mr. Exposition: Thanks to his psychic powers and insight accross CWCVille, he's prone to give a lot of these.
  • Non-Indicative Name: His name is a pun on "magician", but he's a psychic.
  • Psychic Powers: Is known to have telepathic and precognitive abilities.
  • Punny Name: His name is a play on "Magician".
  • Purple Is Powerful: Easily the most powerful of the Chaotic Combo.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Essentially omnipotent, though he rarely does anything more than teleport other characters to where they want to go and make snarky comments.
  • Synchronization: The other of the Magi-Chan's two informed abilities is actually called Synchronize, which afflicts opponents with Standard Status Effects that the user takes.
  • Time Travel: He can do this.

    Other Protagonists 

Black Sonichu/Blachu/Blake

"What information are these fools trying to brainwash into me? I'll do whatever I please! But i'll play along!"

An artificially-created Electric Hedgehog Pokémon made by the combined efforts of Doctor Eggman/Doctor Skysoar and Team Rocket's scientists. Black Sonichu was cloned by DNA strands of hair from Sonichu, which was promptly contaminated by a splash of Cherry Cola, this accident did nothing more but change his fur from yellow and brown to black and red. Black Sonichu was originally tasked to kidnap Rosechu and Sonichu for Team Rocket to use for their nefarious schemes, under Naitsirhc's supervision. Sonic and Sonichu worked together to free Rosechu and defeat Black Sonichu to thwart their plans. Over the course of the comic, Blake would attempt to steal the Master Sunstone, unintentionally bring together the Chaotic Combo, and work together with Naitsirhc to collect the seven Chaotic Crystals.

Black Sonichu's allegiance with Team Rocket waned and eventually severed from Naitsirhc's increasingly cruel behavior towards him, as a result from his transformation to Reldnahc. He quickly allies himself with Sonichu and the Chaotic Combo, and begins a hasty relationship with Combo member, Bubbles Rosechu.

Sonic the Hedgehog

"Eh... Where you expecting, maybe Bugs Bunny?"

The Sega mascot himself. Sonic makes a few appearances in the comic, most notably in the first issue, as he's partly responsible for Sonichu's existence, by accidentally crashing onto a Pikachu while fighting the Perfect Chaos Monster as Super Sonic, transforming the Pikachu into Sonichu. He also shows up to help Sonichu again in Sonichu #1, after Rosechu gets kidnapped. Again.

  • Always Accurate Attack: Knows the Homing Attack.
  • Combination Attack: The "Zap Cannonball" with Sonichu.
  • Conjoined Eyes: As is typical of Chris's art style.
  • Crash-Into Hello: How he formally meets with Sonichu in Sonichu #1.
    • In the retcon, it turns out that this formal meeting wasn't with Sonic at all, but with Silvana Rosechu disguised as Sonic, to gain information on Sonichu and Rosechu.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: Sonic still has access to his spinning attacks, like the Spin Dash, Spin Attack and Homing Attack.
  • Put on a Bus: After his two appearances in the comic, Sonic has never made an appearance since Chris took the helm as the main focus.
  • Super Mode: His Super Sonic form.
  • Super Speed: Well naturally, he's called "Sonic" for a reason.

Samurai Pizza Bots

Introduced in Sonichu #9, The Samurai Pizza bots are a cadre of Autobots who protect the city of CWCville from enemy attack. They do double duty as a Pizza Delivery service, maintain disguises as pizza delivery vehicles, complete with the ability to holographically project drivers who would deliver the pizza personally to customers. Their members are Son-Chu, Prower, Bumba-Lumba, Excelina, and Armoraxe.

  • Captain Ersatz: The entire team is a giant mesh of Transformers, and the Samurai Pizza Cats.
    • The entirety of the team are also recolored and tweaked versions of existing Transformers.
  • Cool Car: They're actually Humongous Mecha in disguise.
  • Humongous Mecha: Are explicitly said to be Autobots.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Son-Chu actually makes his first appearance in the very first comic of Sonichu, but he isn't brought into relevance until Sonichu #9.
  • Interspecies Friendship: They are in good relation to the citizens of CWCVille, especially towards Chris and the heroic Electric Hedgehog Pokemon.
  • Loud of War: Armoraxe was designed with this in mind, but Son-Chu actually displays this in Sonichu #9, by transforming into a giant concert stage and aiding Chris in demolishing the 4-Cent Garbage building.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Despite being heavily armed giants composed of huge durable metal, the Samurai Pizza Bots are all very swift and agile.
  • Projected Man: All the Pizza Bots are able to create a human hologram to give the illusion of a person driving their Vehicle Forms, and deliver pizza while still undercover.

    Minor Characters 

Kellie "Kel" Felix

"Wow, another hedgehog Pokemon, and a male, for Rosechu! Ahh! This must be fate!"

A Pokémon trainer and the previous owner of Rosechu, who she received as a Pichu at the beginning of her journey. She was the first to discover the Sonichu and Rosechu species, and had them examined by the Professor of CWCVille, and shortly after fought Christian Weston Chandler, whom is also a Gym Leader. Afterwords, Rosechu decided to stay with Sonichu, which Kel allowed her to do.

Sarah Hammer/Nicole Rammer/Saramah Rosechu

"Wow, this is too much! But I guess this is destiny!"

An acquaintance of Christian, and Ex-Girlfriend of Wes Iseli. Sarah was originally from the real world, before the "Anchuent Prophecy" dragged her into CWCVille. After an out of body experience with her Cherokee Queen ancestor, Sarah was given the "Lightning Bracelets" that allow her to transform into an Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, to spread serenity and peace.

Flame The Sunbird

"Man, it gets lonely here, and I could use pants."

A large, red male bird who lives on Rainbow Island, and is tasked with the protection of the Legendary Master Sunstone, an enormous orange gemstone that keeps the planet's growth and health under control, and holds great powers. He has connections to the Chaotic Combo, and considers them his trusted allies.

Darkbind Sonichu

"I am the savior who dashes in the night! I am the link who will save our beloved Princess Zelina Rosechu! I am Darkbind Sonichu!"

Another purple Sonichu who wields a sword, and lives within the realm of RuleCWC.

When Darkbind isn't helping his creator fend off mall security, he's on a quest to find the seven Chaotic Crystals so he can awaken his girlfriend.

Crystal Chandler/Crystalina Rosechu

"Well, fancy seeing you in the flesh, Christopher, my brother!"

Christian's twin sister who was created by his "Heart-Torch".

  • Artificial Human: Crystal was created from Christian's pixelblock Heart-Torch when given life from his Sonichu Medallion. It is unknown if the Heart-Torch became Crystal herself, or ceased to exist after accomplishing it's sole function.
  • Attack Reflector: As Crystalina Rosechu, she can use Reflect.
  • Combination Attack: The "Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance" and "Double Corkscrew Kick" with Chris.
  • Distaff Counterpart: She can transform into a female version of Chris-Chan Sonichu.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: To Chris.
  • Precision-Guided Boomerang: She throws her Tiara as part of her "Shocking Tiara Magic" attack.
  • Shock and Awe: As Crystalina Rosechu.
  • Transformation Trinket: Her Rosechu Medallion, which allows her to transform into Crystalina Rosechu.

Megan Schroeder/Meg-Chan/Sailor Megtune

"Terrorizing the weakened and threatening to destroy a masterpiece of the heart; I will not stand for that!"

A seemingly ordinary girl who somehow became a "Sailor Soldier", and watches over the City of CWCVille along with her sidekick Megagi La Skunk. Megan secretly harbors deep feelings for Christian Chandler, which he reciprocates, however none of them can act on these feelings due to mysterious "past events".

Megagi La Skunk

"This is not the time to oogle at my maternal creator!"

A purple and pink skunk, and partner of the Sailor Soldier "Sailor Megtune". She once was a resident and one of four protectors of Parodyse Island, and at some point of time left to join Sailor Megtune to be a vigilante of CWCVille. Partway through the comic, Megagi becomes a prominent member of Christian Chandler's inner circle of friends, starts dating Bionic the Hedgehog, and stops associating with Megan all together.

  • Big Damn Heroes: Twice with Megan, to Chris.
  • Bowdlerize: Her original name was "Spunky Skunk", but Chris changed this because the name reminded her of a nasty habit...
  • Chickification: Megagi used to be more of a Tomboy character. However, in Sonichu #9, her personality begins eroding. Later on in the comic she is further reduced to being Bionic's personal cheerleader.
  • Conjoined Eyes: Like most Sonic-based characters.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Has a pair of these.
  • Smelly Skunk: Is document being able to use a potent stench that acts as a form of tear gas, but she's not shown this ability in the comics.
  • "Super Sentai" Stance: Performs one with Megan.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Megtune's girly girl, before later issues changed Megagi's personality.

DJ Jamsta

"Y'll are rockin' and keepin' it real at Station KCWC with yours truly, Jamsta Sonichu! D.J. of every hour with da power!"

A Sonichu DJ, and a host on KCWC radio station. He along with Lolisa Rosechu were one of the many Sonichus and Rosechus that were fired out from the Rainbow of the original Sonichu's conception, and were thrown back in time, making the two Electric Hedgehog Pokémon the oldest of their species. Jamsta's origins after the Rainbow are unknown, only that he and Lolisa "hatched somewhere private", and managed to build CWCVille's media empire.

  • Captain Ersatz: To Sonic and Pikachu.
  • Multicolored Hair: Most of his fur is purple, but his ears are blue.
  • Non-Elemental: His element type shared with Lolisa, which is odd considering their species are Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. According to Chris, they "lost their electric abilities long ago" but "make up for it in their musicality."
  • Official Couple: With Lolisa Rosechu.
  • Surfer Dude: Chris clearly intended to portray him as this.


"I wish I could walk and talk like my master, so I could tell him in his language how I feel, thank him for his years of kindness, and let him know I love him."

A fictional character based on Chris's beloved dog Patti, who died in 2006. Patti used to be a regular Beagle/Spitz mix until she ate a four leaf clover in the middle of the night, the next morning when Chris came to check up on her, Patti had transformed into a humanoid version of herself, and gained the ability to speak. Chris then allowed Patti to live in CWCVille among the public and allowed her to take refuge in his Mayoral Office.

  • Bad with the Bone: Her main weapon. Doubles as a Magic Wand.
  • Barrier Warrior: She can create barriers ranging from the sizes of people, to the entire CWCVille Mall building.
  • Canine Companion: Not much in the later episodes, she usually hangs around the mayoral office while Chris and company are off doing other things.
  • Dog Stereotype: As a Beagle/Spitz, she's quite friendly.
  • Four-Leaf Clover: A four-leaf clover was the instigator of Patti-Chan's transformation. There are also four-leaf clovers decorated all over her Bone Wand.
  • Superhero Sobriquets: The Ace of Cloves.
  • Tractor Beam: Her wand can create beams of blue that can grab people and objects from a distance.
  • Tuckerization: Is named for Chris's deceased dog Patti.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: In the Universe Bible, Patti is capable of changing her own and other's luck with her powers. Two powers in particular include: Creating a Deflector Shield that doubles as a luck enhancer. The second power is an offensive attack called the "Luck Sphere", which deals damage to the enemy equal to half of Patti's "health", while also bringing extreme misfortune upon the enemy.

Allison Amber
"Sign that, deny this, approve that... I shouldn't have left Hollywood."

Chris's secretary in Sonichu. She was introduced in Sonichu #6, as a handwave of how few actual mayoral duties he performs.

Allison was a former movie star who retired early to work as a secretary for a prominent political figure.

  • Beleaguered Assistant: She's stuck performing all of Chris's paper work and legal proceedings while Chris is off beating up mall security and evil clones.
  • The Un-Reveal: She has a boyfriend, but we are never treated to the boyfriend's identity.

Bionic the Hedgehog

"Gotta appreciate the good cheers."

Sonic's brother. Shown to really enjoy Basketball.

  • Captain Ersatz: Of Sonic himself, one of the few Sonic characters that wasn't crammed with another Pokémon.
  • Conjoined Eyes: Again, Chris draws most of the hedgehog characters with these, and Bionic is no exception.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Uses a basketball as his main method of attack.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He's not actually a cyborg, despite the name. The name "Bionic" was picked because it starts with a "B" for basketball, and it rhymes with "Sonic".

Zelina Rosechu

"You did all that, and endured all that worry for me? Awww!"

The Princess of RuleCWC, and thrown in as Darkbind's girlfriend. As an egg, she landed in the audience of the present King and Queen of RuleCWC, and Zelina Rosey hatched out; they adopted her and dubbed her successor to the throne. After some time, she meets Darkbind Sonichu, instantly falling in love and living happy lives together. Until the evil Clawdorf unleashed the power of the Chaotic Crystals from an ancient tablet. In the process, Clawdorf cursed "eternal sleep over our princess", and also transmuting the wizard into stone. Eventually, Sonichu awakens her and she reunites with Darkbind.


"After this concert we will be superstars! We can have any man we want!"

A humanoid Jigglypuff songstress. She along with her manager Blanka travel to CWCville to put on a concert for Spring Break.

Lolisa Rosechu
"I personally know that Chris is cute, caring, and a good man who will put his closest friends first."

A yellow Rosechu who works as Jamsta's co-host on KCWC radio. She is also Jamsta's girlfriend.

Zapina Rosechu

"I just turned 14-years cute!"

A younger Rosechu with insect wings and a light-up abdomen. She aids Rosechu and the rest of the female cast for woman's rights, among other things.

Simonla Rosechu

"I hope this is the right place; I hate making that mistaken turn in the wrong place."

An orange Rosechu with the power to turn her arms into drills and dig underground. She eventually becomes Wild's girlfriend. Simonla presumably dies in Sonichu #10, via blown apart by a Voltorb explosion in the bathroom, however she revealed to have survived the explosion, and continues to live with her new family.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Her secondary element was this, however according to her amiibo description, it has been replaced by Electric.
  • Book Dumb: Described to be as smart as a cinder-block.
  • Captain Ersatz: To Amy Rose, Raichu, and Simon. A Retcon adds Comic Book/Wolverine to the mix ("adamantanium" is clearly a typo of "adamantium").
  • Cool Big Sis: Is close friends with Zapina, so much so Zapina refers to Simonla as her sister.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Her primary element.
  • Dumb Muscle: May be one of the strongest physical brawlers of the Rosechus, but her intelligence leaves much to be desired.
  • Fast Tunnelling: Naturally, Simonla can use Dig with the aid of her Drill Arms.
  • Gender Flip: The fan character Simonla was based on (Simonchu) was male.
  • Healing Factor: Simonla has revealed to have a bone structure composed of "Simitanium", which is told to be stronger than adamantanium, and grants Simonla the ability to regenerate lost organs and bones.
  • Immune to Flinching: Her implied Pokémon ability is "Inner Focus", giving her immunity to flinching.
  • Killed Off for Real: The trope itself became a huge component of the last book of the comic. After the author changed a fan character into a woman (Simonla Rosechu) and included her in the comic, he was demanded to remove her multiple times. Eventually the author was extorted into believing that he would be sued if he did not remove her and by that time the demand had been upgraded to killing her off on-panel. She is blown up by an exploding toilet.
    • Cosmic Retcon: During the Christmas Special, it is revealed Simonla had survived the Voltorb explosion. The author explains that the "death was Troll-Influenced, so therefore I have undone that mistake".
  • Light 'em Up: Can use Signal Beam.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Was created by a fan of Sonichu, and subsequently utilized by Chris, albeit with some changes.
  • Removable Shell: Can take part in the Strip for Women's Rights because, as she says, her shell is removable.
  • Shock and Awe: Her amiibo description now describes her secondary element as this, replacing her Bug typing.
  • Super Toughness: Simonla's "Simitanium" bone structure is fairly durable, allowing her to survive a Voltorb explosion.
  • This Is a Drill: Has drills for hands.

Yawning Squirtle


A simple Squirtle featured in Sonichu #9. He was apparently a childhood friend of Bubbles.

Reginald Sneasel
"I should have been the one paired up with that cute-Flaafy... Layla, I think was her name. You shall not win her heart!"

A light blue humanoid Sneasel who appears in Issue #9's Date Ed episode. He attempts to get paired up with Layla Flaaffy multiple times in the comic, but all of his efforts backfire in some way. Reginald does however find love with Angelica Rosechu. He evolved into a Weavile in Issue #11.

  • An Ice Pokemon
  • Author Avatar: Could very well be Chris' loophole to include himself in the series while Comic Chris was stuck in the Time Void, considering he has Chris's one blue and one green eye, and Chris said that he would name his son "Reginald".
  • Cats Are Mean: Sneasels and Weaviles are also partially based on cats.
  • Entitled to Have You: How he felt towards Layla at the beginning.
  • Martial Arts Headband: Wears a red one. He has since removed it after evolving into a Weavile.
  • Official Couple: He gets paired up with Angelica Rosechu. After evolving into a Weavile from Angelica's present, a Razor Claw, Reginald leaves Angelica because he is now "vicious and more dark than the night". Despite this claim, he has no issue with hooking up with the recently single Layla Flaaffy.
  • Wolverine Claws: Brandishes powerful claws, able to tear through robots with little effort.
  • Youkai: Being a Sneasel, he's also based off the kamaitachi, weasels that personified the bitterness of cold wind.

Layla Flaaffy

"Hello. Uh... I'm feeling baashful."

A blonde Flaaffy girl introduced in Sonichu #9. She serves as the newest object of affection for Punchy Sonichu, and the two eventually begin seeing each other.

  • Hair Decorations: She wears a purple bow over her head.
  • Informed Species: For a Flaaffy, she doesn't look a thing like one, other than having a similar haircut and palette.Justified, since she never was meant to be one. Layla was originally drawn and conceptualized to be a regular sheep named "Luckette".
  • Official Couple: With Punchy Sonichu, until she moved back in with her trainer in Issue #11 over Bananasauros. She is now in a relationship with Reginald Sneasel (Now a Weavile).
  • Shock and Awe: Naturally as a Flaaffy.

BlazeBob Sonichu

"Chloe, that bot just killed Sarah; we can do good for her by aiding the city and taking down that robot before other people suffer the same fate, like our master."

Another fire using Sonichu who only appears in a few pages in Sonichu #9 along with his friend Chloe Rosechu. He was previously under ownership of a trainer until a fire broke loose in their apartment, while the trainer freed BlazeBob and Chloe, the building exploded, killing the trainer off screen and leaving the two Electric Hedgehog Pokémon without a home. They mysteriously disappear after this incident.

Chloe Rosechu

"Sarah's panda-ear headband... she knew she couldn't escape, so she set us free so we wouldn't burn with... WAAHHH!!!!"

A purple Rosechu who only appears in a few pages in Sonichu #9 along with her friend BlazeBob Sonichu. She was previously under ownership of a trainer until a fire broke loose in their apartment, while the trainer freed BlazeBob and Chloe, the building exploded, killing the trainer off screen and leaving the two Electric Hedgehog Pokémon without a home. They mysteriously disappear after this incident.

  • Captain Ersatz: To Amy Rose and Raichu
  • Conjoined Eyes: She's a Rosechu.
  • Got Volunteered: She and BlazeBob were drafted to help CWCVille during a PVCC attack, under the impression they were Electric Hedgehogs under Christian's thumb. Chloe was hesitant, but BlazeBob talks her into saving the city in the name of their late trainer.
  • Shock and Awe: She's an Electric-type.
  • Spring Coil: She uses her tail as a spring coil to break her fall.

Sandy Samantha Rosechu

"Yay! This Soft Sand is fun, thank you, daddy."

The daughter of Wild Sonichu and Simonla Rosechu. Not long after hatching, Sandy evolved quickly under the influence of Soft Sand, and was soon brought with Wild to the Trial of the Asperpedia Four. There, Sandy along with her father are responsible of killing off one of the members, Evan in particular.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Like her mother, Sandy's secondary element was this, however because of Simonla's change from Bug to Electric, her element has changed to Electric as well.
  • Captain Ersatz: To Amy Rose and Raichu
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Like her mother.
  • Generation Xerox: Takes after her mother quite a bit.
  • Killer Rabbit: At less than a year old chronologically, she helped mutilate a man.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: She was forced to evolve quickly by being exposed to Soft Sand as a Rosey
  • Shock and Awe: Her new second typing, replacing her old Bug-Typing.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: For Simonla.
  • This Is a Drill: Like her Mother and Uncle, Sandy can also transform her arms into a pair of drills. She also has a drill at the end of her tail.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Before the Retcon, she eviscerated Evan using her drills with encouragement from her father. In Sonichu #11, Sandy breaks the fourth wall to threaten the reader not to call her by her middle name, or they will be drilled to death.


"My name's Inos... Wha' chu up to?... I am eclectic on this hedge... high on the hog... you wan' som' of this dige, mon?"

A human inhabitant of CWCVille, who happens to be a seventy-eight-year-old homeless, drug-pushing, "Jamaican Veteran" with filthy dreadlocks styled like a Sonichu's ears. He tries to offer Sonichu some dige, the hero recoils in disgust, lectures the half-dead man on his drug abuse, and has him arrested, cautioned and admitted against his will into one of CWCville's soup hotels.

Kevin the Jew

"...When a teammate, or a friend, acts rash without thought or concern of their team or friends, I'm afraid that is a court marshall for that person."

A classmate and former boyfriend of Cera Rosey who appeared in the Sonichu Christmas Special in Issue #11.

  • Expy: Kevin's design is heavily based off the Peanuts comic art. Specifically, he takes design cues from Peppermint Patty.
  • Informed Judaism: Despite the word "Jew" being part of the name, he was performing in a Nativity play.
  • Interspecies Romance: Had a short relationship with Cera Rosey until the C.O.D incident.
  • Jewish and Nerdy: He's Jewish and a hardcore video gamer.
  • Pint-Sized Kid: He's Cera's height, which based on comparison to Sonichu and Rosechu is about one foot.
  • Skintone Sclerae: His eyes are designed like this to further mimic the "Peanuts" art style.
  • Sore Loser: To the point of being Parodied. While playing Call of Duty with Cera, Kevin's avatar is killed. As a result, he bursts into tears and is traumatized to the point where even the image of a flame on a cookie gives him a panic attack. The event was so tragic that he breaks up with Cera over the whole debacle.


An Electric Hedgehog Pokémon previously in league with the Asperpedia Four, and Simonla Rosechu's brother. He was involved with the attempted murder of Simonla, and was caught by Magi-Chan before he could do anything. Simonchu was forced to be released from the Asperpedia Four's custody after their sentencing to the Amish Lifestyle.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Simonchu's secondary type, which had not changed unlike his sister's and niece's.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: His primary type.
  • Easily Forgiven: Despite being involved with almost murdering his own sister, Simonla is very forgiving of Simonchu's actions. She explains that it was the Asperpedia Four's influence that drove Simonchu to do what he did. After Simonla and Simonchu explain this to Wild and Sandy, they too also take pity on Simonchu and easily forgive him.
  • Fast Tunnelling: As it appears to run in the family, Simon can also dig quickly through the ground.
  • This Is a Drill: Simonchu's arms can transform into a pair of drills. He also has a drill bit on his tail.


"Gurgle-Burble Wham Bam Nipon."

A new species of Pokémon that was revived from a Fossil owned by Simonchu, and later given to Punchy. He speaks in a language that only Punchy can understand, comprising of gibberish and Gratuitous Japanese. Bananasaur was once a human High School student named David Rotgard who was on his way to play video games with his friends, until he was killed in a car crash, and reincarnated into the fossilized Bananasaur. Bananasaur soon evolves into "Bananasauros", and is taken home with Punchy to take care of.

    Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens 

Mary Lee Walsh/Slaweel Ryam

"Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and culdron[sic] bubble! I shatter hearts as I please! I hurt them hard with the greatest of ease! Ha, ha, ha!"

The leader of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, and literal witch, complete with a broomstick, sinister grin and pitchfork. She is motivated by a hatred for true love and people who seek it. As the "witch of hearts," Walsh's goal is to wage war against love itself.

  • Arch-Enemy: Has been written as this to Chris.
  • Big Bad: The most consistent villain in Chris's adventures.
  • Casting a Shadow: Has vaguely-defined dark powers, presumably from her deal with Count Graduon.
  • Compressed Hair: It comes and goes.
  • Cool Helmet: Wears a gold, red horned helmet. Readers have mistaken her helmet many times for a blonde bowl cut.
  • Evil Laugh: In several early battles, she would stand around laughing before being defeated by Chris and Sonichu.
  • Flying Broomstick: Mary's only source of transportation.
  • Freudian Excuse: Mary hates love because she's a social outcast who isn't loved herself.
  • Gag Boobs: Especially in the later issues, when Chris began exaggerating this to prove his straightness.
  • Most Common Super Power: Again, Mary is drawn fairly well-endowed.
  • Pick on Someone Your Own Size: She's obsessed with destroying Chris's dreams of finding true love... for some reason.
  • Prongs of Poseidon: She wields a long red pitchfork as her main weapon.
  • Standard Status Effects: Was given the paralysis status effect from Pokémon after being defeated.
  • Wicked Witch: In the comic, she's supposed to be a crusty old woman wearing a yellow viking helmet.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Even after her Freudian Excuse (having never been loved herself) is revealed to her adversary, he still beats her into a state of paralysis.

Count Graduon

"I hold the darkness and power from my destroyed heart in my wand, and in the depths of my soul!!!"

The prime mover behind the forces of evil in Sonichu. Count Graduon is an ancient spirit residing in the scepter of the evil witch Mary Lee Walsh. He was sealed away by the Cherokee and Wasabi clan leaders, and somehow sent up to the moon. Despite being a supernatural being of great power who threatened the ancient Native Americans, Graduon inexplicably holds the title of a low-ranking nobleman in European society.

In a Retcon, Graduon was fleshed out and redesigned as a wizard of medieval times. As a boy, Graduon was a recluse, resulted from harsh bulling he endured growing up. For a time, Graduon resorted to inventing imaginary friends to ease the pain of self-isolation he created. When that no longer satisfied him, Graduon turned to Black Magic, learning a variety of spells ranging from resurrecting and controlling the dead, the ability to empower himself and others, and instant armor creation. During his studies, Graduon had also tried to create a genuine love life, but he could not "experience the good" of it at all, no matter how many flings he went through, and gained a reputation as an unpleasant womanizer. While a master of witchcraft, people never really took him seriously, because of his short stature of 4'7'', and his evil master plans were constantly thwarted. After one too many failed attempts at obtaining the kingdom for himself, Graduon had been executed, his soul trapped in the sphere of a scepter and locked away for many years. Then Mary Lee Walsh uncovered it, and brought him back to the light of day.

  • Casting a Shadow: Graduon can create solid dark matter to attack his enemies, and can also create platforms of darkness to break one's fall.
  • The Corrupter: Has corrupted both the minds of Mary Lee Walsh and Silvana Rosechu, twisting them to do his bidding.
  • Demonic Possession: From the Jerkop amiibo's description, after Christian smashed Graduon's wand, he inadvertently freed Graduon's spirit, who than possessed a new body, and began to build an undead army, each zombie having a bit of his soul inside of them.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He may give Mary directions, but as he's trapped in a sphere, he can't exactly do much. No longer the case, as he has since been released.
  • I Am Legion: Graduon's new zombie Jerkops all have a piece of his soul inside of them, and refer to themselves collectively as Graduon.
  • Necromancer: Again according to the Jerkop amiibo, Graduon has begun to shamble together an army of zombies, regressing their ages and labeling them as his new Jerkop fighting force.
  • Power Floats: Even as a Scepter, Graduon has no problem being able to move on his own by floating. He even uses this as a mode of transport for a broom-less Mary.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Graduon - in both continuities - was sealed in a sphere perched on a scepter, only to be found by Mary. He was eventually released, by Christian of all people.
  • The Man Behind the Man: To Mary Lee Walsh, he drives Mary's desire to destroy true love to overlap with his own love-shattering conquest.
  • Really Gets Around: In his life, Graduon had his way with many women to try and find a genuine relationship, but found no such thing. Instead he gained a reputation of being a vile lady's man.
  • Ultimate Evil: He's initially positioned as this.

Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc/Naitsirhc Rodriguez

"The only one who will see the winter is you Christopher! I will make you join my dark side and way of life. Heh!"

A red-haired member of Team Rocket, and the adopted son of Giovanni. Naitsirhc made his first appearance in Sonichu #0, attacking CWCVille Mall and attempting to capture Rosechu, but was thwarted by Sonichu. Although Naitsirhc failed, he managed to escape with a bit of Sonichu's hair, used to create Black Sonichu. When Chris fell into the Dark Mirror Hole, his Medallion also entered the darkness, awakening a dormant evil within Naitsirhc, giving him a Black Sonichu Medallion, and transforming him into an evil version of Chris. Renaming himself Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, the new anti-Chris dedicated himself to world conquest, and the destruction of his "straight" twin.

Like Chris, Reldnahc has his own Sonichu Medallion, patterned after Black Sonichu, which he uses to transform into Reldnahc Ha-Taque. In Sonichu #10, Christian pins him down and forcibly injects him with the Gay Vaccine from the future, which destroys his medallion, makes him lose his powers and strips him of his evil.

  • Badass Gay: He's one of Christian's mightiest villains of his Rogue Gallery.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: While Naitsirhc gains his own Sonichu Medallion, he accesses his Sonichu form by screaming "Dark Shocker Power!"
  • Evil Counterpart: To Chris, serving as a physical representation of Chris' homophobia.
  • Expy: At least initially, he starts off as an expy of Gary Oak.
  • Kamehame Hadouken: His "Quee-Fee-Mae-Mo-Bo-Bo" attack.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: If one hadn't noticed, Naitsirhc's name is literally "Christian" backwards.
  • Shock and Awe: While in his Sonichu form.
  • Soul Power: While in his Sonichu form, he has access to Shadow Ball.
  • Stripperiffic: His second outfit is quite provocative.
  • Transformation Trinket: When Reldnahc gains his Black Sonichu Medallion, he is able to transform into his green hedgehog form which is named "Reldnahc Ha-Taque".

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik/Ren Skysoar

"Robotnik! Robotnik! I'm a mad geinus[sic]! Robotnik, Robotnik! I create chaos with my machines! I'm the darkest evil, and I'm mean! I have a monkey in my robot! Wait! The monkey is a robot! I turned the animal into a robot with a process I call robotization!!!"

Recurring villain of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. A mad genius with an IQ of 300, 'Dr. Eggman', as he is known, has tried to conquer the world multiple times, in an effort to build his own nation of robotic followers; Eggmanland. In Sonichu, however, he shows up to help Giovanni devise a trap for Sonichu and later helps to try and take over CWCville with the PVCC. Why he would ever bother with trivial things such as catching Pokémon, or why he has any kind of grudge against Chris of all people is a mystery.

Also of note is that in the games, Eggman has a fleet of thousands of battleships, billions of robots, including elite androids based on Shadow the Hedgehog and the nigh unstoppable E-Series robots, as well as gigantic controllable mechs, and of course Metal Sonic. Not only this, but he also has access to multiple doomsday weapons, not least of all Space Colony ARK and a huge satellite, (as seen in Sonic Unleashed) that could blow the fucking planet into pieces. Despite having this MASSIVE load of firepower, he has used NONE of it in his battle again Chris. Not even a single Egg Pawn.

  • Arch-Enemy: To Sonic, of course.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Doctor Ivo Robotnik
  • Badass Moustache: Sports an impressive 'stache, befitting his status as Sonic's Arch-Enemy.
  • Bald of Evil: There's no hair on this psycho's head.
  • Demoted to Dragon: He went from an intellectual genius in control of billions of robots and weaponry, to being a senior member of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens. To be fair, this isn't the first time Eggman allied himself with other villains for their cause.
  • Evil Genius: Is a master roboticist, and is quite evil.
  • Ret Gone: Thanks to Sonichu #1's retcon, Robotnik has been completely written out of the story, instead being replaced by Dr. Ren Skysoar.
  • Villain Song: The quote above is Eggman's little villain song he sings in the comic.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After PVCC's invasion on CWCVille in Sonichu #10, he just sort of vanishes and isn't mentioned afterwords.


"Whats more important to you (Sonichu), your city, or your sweetheart wife?"

The leader of Team Rocket and villain of the first generation Pokémon games, Giovanni is determined to capture Sonichu at any cost. He teamed up with Doctor Robotnik to devise the perfect trap for Sonichu. Their plot was foiled, however, as Sonichu unexpectedly got help in dealing with the kidnappers, rather than going in alone like a retard, as they expected him to do. However, he only got help from Sonic the Hedgehog because he bumped into him on his way to the base.

Later on, Giovanni seems to have reevaluated his goals, and now seeks to take over CWCville and kill Christian, as he joined forces with the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens and helped them out during their attack on the city in Sonichu #9. Surprisingly, he seemed to want his son Reldnahc to rule the city, rather than wanting it for himself. This shows that at least Giovanni thinks of others sometimes rather than himself, which is more than can be said for our heroes.

  • Demoted to Dragon: He went from an independent leader of Team Rocket, to being a senior member of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens.
  • Sadistic Choice: Giovanni kidnaps Rosechu with the aid of Robotnic and Naitsirhc, and forces Sonichu to either make Naitsirhc the new Mayor of CWCVille, or give up Rosechu.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After PVCC's invasion on CWCVille in Sonichu #10, he just sort of vanishes and isn't mentioned afterwords.

Metal Sonichu

A robotic duplicate of Sonichu, created by Doctor Eggman/Doctor Skysoar as a precaution in case Sonichu attempts to escape. Unfortunately, he was easily defeated by Sonic and Sonichu, and was thrown to the moon, where he is never seen again.

  • Arm Cannon: His right arm can shift into a cannon to fire lightning bolts.
  • Captain Ersatz: To Metal Sonic
  • Dumb Muscle: Literally crashes through Sonichu's tempered glass prison to chase down Sonic.
  • Evil Knockoff: To Sonichu.
  • Flight: Thanks to a jet engine on his back.
    • Flying Brick: One of his attack methods is practically running down the enemy as quickly as possible.
  • No Mouth: He doesn't need one.
  • Put on a Bus: After Metal Sonichu's defeat, the comic seems to just continue without even mentioning him. Word of God had stated a few times that Metal Sonichu would make a return.
    • The Bus Came Back: After twelve years of not making any appearances in the main comic, Metal Sonichu finally returns, albeit as a vessel for Count Graduon.
  • Ramming Always Works: One of his methods of attack.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Especially after Metal Sonichu's defeat when thrown to the moon, his red eyes glow from a crater that was created.
  • Robot Me: Once more to Sonichu.
  • Shock and Awe: Has electrical powers to combat Sonichu.
  • The Voiceless: Has no lines in the comic.

Wes Iseli/Walter Grisby/Wes-Li Sonichu
As Wes-Li Sonichu
"Alright, Chris, get ready for a barbeque[sic]!"

Sarah's ex-boyfriend, and a magician who has an unexplained lifelong grudge against Chris. Sarah breaks up with him halfway through Issue #2's Episode 8.

  • By the Power of Grayskull!: "Fire Burn-off!"
  • Combination Attack: The "Team Blast: Blue Fireball Attack" with Chris and Sarah.
  • Jerkass: Bullies Chris for no real reason, and is generally a pretty terrible boyfriend to Sarah.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: The real Wes Iseli had no real relationship with Chris whatsoever, Chris was simply jealous of him for dating Sarah. Compare the actual Wes, who was a magician who funded a charity drive, to the comic Wes, who is willing to murder Chris out of fear of losing his girlfriend to him.
  • Personality Powers: Is a Hot-Blooded pyrokinetic.
  • Playing with Fire: As Wes-Li Sonichu, everything about him, from his powerset to his ancestor's tribe's name, is based around fire.
  • The Rival: To Chris.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: His bloodthirsty hatred of Chris seems to be completely unjustified, even after it is revealed to date back to their ancient ancestors, it still seems to come out of nowhere.
  • Stealth Pun: He has "hot" powers and is the reincarnation of the leader of the Wasabi Clan.
  • Transformation Trinket: Can use his "Fireshock Pendant" to transform into Wes-Li Sonichu.

Silvana Rosechu
"Heh-Heh. Now this is trolling!"

A shape-shifting intersex Rosechu who first appeared in Sonichu's News Dash #7 and later played a major role in Sonichu #8. Silvana was created by the same rainbow that made the Chaotic Combo. Her egg somehow ended up on the Moon, where she was raised by the evil Count Graduon, and convinced to aid him rid the world of True Love. She was than retconned to appear in Sonichu #1, as she transformed into Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose to gather information on Sonichu and Rosechu to report to Count Graduon.

Aside from her shape-shifting powers, she also shows off some psychic ability, able to hold equal footing to the Dues Ex Machina himself, Magi-Chan.

  • Captain Ersatz: To Amy Rose, Raichu, Umbreon, and Astronema.
  • Casting a Shadow: Was once this element, until she was retconned to a Psychic type..
  • Dark Magical Girl: She's been raised by an abusive master who only wanted her for her power.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: In the retcon, she can use Sonic's trademark Spin Dash and Homing Attack flawlessly, as shown while she's transformed as him.
  • Hermaphrodite: A result of Count Graduon's magic. After Christian smashed Graduon's wand, Silvana lost her hermaphrodite status, averting this trope entirely.
  • Forced Sleep: Whenever Silvana performs intercourse, she releases a "Paralyzing Sleep Solution", which renders the partner into a deep sleep.
  • Psychic Powers: Her main element.
  • Shock and Awe: Subverted, she's classified as an "Electric Hedgehog Pokemon", however she cannot use any electric attacks.
  • Soul Power: Has access to Shadow Ball.
  • Super Speed: In the retcon, she had enough speed to convince Sonichu and others that she was Sonic the Hedgehog, which means this is a natural ability for her as well.
  • Tyke Bomb: Raised to fight Graduon's enemies.
  • The Vamp: In her debut, she seduces Blake.
  • Villainesses Want Heroes: To Magi-Chan.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: So far, Silvana has transformed into Bubbles Rosechu to trick Blake, Blake to trick Bubbles, and Megan Griffon to mess with Christian.
    • In the retcon, she also has transformed into Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.

CADD Chef/Keneru Meneth -CADD Chef-

"Hello there, chicos! Your mall design is *&#!; I have grade-F destruction for you!"

A giant human-like robot under the control of Mary Lee Walsh used in Sonichu #9. He babbles on about the CWCVille mall design being unsatisfactory and grades Chris an F, before being destroyed instantly by Megan.


"Must destroy yellow mouse."

A line of evil robots which work for the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens. Created by Mary Lee Walsh and her minions for use in battle, the Decepti-Clones come in three variants with different purposes, all based on actual Decepticons from the various Transformers animated series, movies and comics. There are three models of Decepti-Clones: S.A.V., Crackder, and Punislav.

  • Captain Ersatz: The entirety of the team are recolored and tweaked versions of existing Decepticon Transformers.
  • Cool Car: For S.A.V. and Punislav.
  • Cool Plane: Crackder.
  • Fun with Acronyms: S.A.V. stands for Scoundrels As Vessal.
  • Humongous Mecha: Are clearly based on Decepticons.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Crackder first appears in Sonichu #4, marking the first appearance of Decepti-Clones until Sonichu #9.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Despite being heavily armed giants composed of huge durable metal, the Decepti-Clones are all very swift and agile.
  • Mecha-Mook



The private army under the control of Mary Lee Walsh. They were originally average men and woman who were attending Walsh's college, and are silently infected by some brain washing powder spread along the campus, then are called upon when needed. The Jerkops then regain their consciousness after Sonichu preforms some Deus ex Machina.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Explained to be controlled with brainwashing powder in Issue 9. Presumably, this includes the Jerkops apparently slaughtered en masse in previous issues.
  • Groin Attack: A kick to the "sourdough region" is enough to take one down.
  • Mook: They're the disposable goons serving under Mary/Slaweel
    • Mecha-Mook: To the Mecha-Jerkops.
    • Night of the Living Mooks: According to the Jerkop amiibo description, Graduon began to create new Jerkops from corpses, and regressed their ages to look younger, implanting a bit of his soul into each and every new Jerkop he makes.
  • Police are Useless: Their name suggests that they're cops, but their main focus is on stopping Chris from getting a girlfriend for no adequately explained reason.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Again, Chris and company were beating up and possibly killing brainwashed people.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Explained in Sonichu #4, a kick to the crotch is enough to defeat any Jerkop/Janekop.
  • Zerg Rush: The Jerkop's/Janekop's main strategy of attack, it doesn't really work often.

"I'm so sick of your complaints and tears! On and on about how lonely you are, and how you need a girlfriend! You're nothing but a lowly liar, you solicitor!"

The leader of the Jerkops, second only to Mary.

  • Acrofatic: Considering his apparent weight, he's a surprisingly skilled combatant.
  • Extreme Omnivore: "My wooden badge was delicious!"
  • Fat Bastard: Is hugely overweight, and opposes Chris's efforts to find a girlfriend.
  • King Mook: A high-ranking Jerkop, although he is outranked by the Manajerks, not to mention Mary Lee Walsh.
  • Large and in Charge: Again, he's massive and leads the Jerkops.
  • Power Armor: Dons one when he fights Chris during Sub-Episode 1.
Crystal: How dare that jerk hit a lady like that!?


The Manajerk residing at the "Mal-Wart" region. He appears in Sonichu #3 and reused in #4, as he tries to ward off Chris from finding a girlfriend, as it was apparently illegal in Mal-Wart. Chris beats the snot out of the Manajerk, and would continue beating him easily from his later appearances. He also has a striking resemblance to the Jerkhief.

  • Bling of War: His entire armor is plated with gold, along with his axe.

Merried Seinor Comic

Merried Seinor Comic appeared for the first time in Sonichu #3, helping the B-Manajerk in his opposition of Chris's Love Quest. He is one half of the "McDuo" of the City of M-C-D-Ville of the Region of Mal-Wart. He has cybernetic arms and legs and is armed with a broadsword. In the comic, (no pun intended), Merried Seinor Comic was defeated in a sword fight by Darkbind Sonichu, whilst Chris defeated his partner.


"Have some fistfull fries!"

The ruler of the Mal-Wart region, W-M-Manajerk confronts Chris shortly after B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic are defeated. Like his henchmen, W-M is a cyborg, although he appears to be a head in a jar of life-sustaining fluid, affixed to an entirely robotic body. Far stronger than the other Manajerks, W-M easily overpowers Chris, until he combines his Medallion with the Heart Torch to summon his "dream sibling", Crystal Weston Chandler. Using their combined power, Chris and Crystal turn the tables against W-M, and send his disembodied head flying back to Mary Lee Walsh, who sent him to menace Chris in the first place.

  • Arm Cannon: Has a cannon that shoots lasers built into the robot body's right arm.
  • Brain in a Jar: A head, actually. Hooked up to a sturdy glass containment jar on top of the robot body W-M Manajerk pilots.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When W-M Manajerk's robotic body is struck by Chris-Chan Sonichu and Crystalina Rosechu's combined attack, his head ejects from the body in a last ditch effort to escape. It fails.


The only man on the planet to spell his first and last name without a space, and possibly the first manajerk Chris encountered. Scot came to hate love and in turn hate Chris' goal of such because of his mother's murder-suicide, which in turn lead to Scot blaming love itself.

Scot remained one of the only villains in the series to give any kind of reason for his actions. Despite being the most motivated, Scot has done nothing in the series to Chris personally.

  • Bishōnen: Was designed with this in mind, taking notes from the Anime Scot is based from.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Lord II Palazzo.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Came to hate love, and Chris in extension because of his mother's murder-suicide, which was said to be out of love.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Scot does nothing through out the comic. His only two appearances are his debute issue in Sonichu #4, and once again during a meeting of the PVCC.

Turdijerk & Trebor Capman

The last of the Manajerks to be introduced, the duo of Turdijerk and his accomplice Trebor Capman first appeared in Sub-Episode 7 in Sonichu #4, where they confronted Chris in the Get-Tar Region.

In their initial appearance, the two manajerks walk up to Chris at his table and tell him that he was loitering and had to get out, and Chris flatly ignores them. Upon noticing the Manajerks, Chris summons a whirlwind and blows the two away, which leads them to bring Marcus Bagget to take care of the mayor.

  • Harmless Villain: In the appearances these two were shown, they've done nothing to actively harm Chris directly.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Trebor's name seems to be "Robert" backwards.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: These guys aren't seen without eachother, in the limited time they've been shown.

Marcus Bagget/Dagget
"Here's a tatoo[sic] on the house!"

The "Jerkop of all Jerkops". Bagget was introduced in Sub-Episode 7 of the comic, in a dramatization of Chris's arrest at Target. He is portrayed as the "Jerkop Daitenzen", a sort of strange evil Power Ranger, and a reference to Excel Saga. Mary Lee Walsh seems to hold him in high regard, and at one point refers to him as "the strongest most evil villian[sic] ever."

  • Cool Helmet: Comes with the territory of Super Sentai outfits.
  • Cool Sword: Wields a blade as his main weapon, but it snaps in half against Chris-Chan Sonichu's own Sword of Lightning.
  • Elite Mook: The Jerkop's elite soldier, and is Mary's most competent Jerkop.
  • Expy: Of the Sentai genre. However, given that Christian wrote a song called "Revive Zordon", it's more likely that he's one of a Power Ranger note , although as his outfit is mainly brown, he isn't based off a particular rangernote .
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: He spins in the air while making his way to the battlefield.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Shows up at a meeting of the PVCC, and presumably takes part in the battle in CWC Ville, only to never be heard from again.

    4-Cent Garbage dot Com 

Jason Kendrick Howell
"I am a troll with no such beliefs, I know that we are born, then we die. I intend to make the most of my pitiful life by tormenting every person within my grasp until they die from the shame and distress of their existance[sic]. The page will stay up; this meeting is over!"

The founder and president of 4-Cent_Garbage dot Com, a business based in a large 72 floor office building in which several hundred employees work hard to slandering people for the sake of amusement.

Sonichu and Rosechu confront Jason and Kathleen Nicole Wallace over the images featured on the website of Rosechu's TRUE and HONEST genitalia, as well as a page featuring Christian that Jason himself had created. After refusing to take down the website following Sonichu's speech, Sonichu attempts to fight Jason, only to be defeated by Jason's "dark force" powers. Rosechu (as The Incredible Lioness) then nearly beats Jason to death but the "dark forces" keep him alive.

  • Black Cloak: Always seen wearing one. It also sports a hood that cloaks his entire face, except one eye.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Explicitly states he enjoys his job, and won't let anyone stand in his way to ruin everyone's lives for his company's enjoyment.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: What he's made out to be.
  • Eyepatch of Power: The reason he only shows one eye under his hood.
  • Healing Factor: Apparently the "Dark Force" powers grant him healing capabilities to withstand brutal assaults, like face-rape.
  • Karma Houdini: In the original version of Sonichu #10, he quits his trolling gig, and takes off with Kathleen to settle down and live life, without anything terrible happening to him.
    • Averted in the revised version of the issue. After escaping the 4-Cent_Garbage building, he breaks up with Kathleen after she cheated on him, and is killed in a hover car crash.
  • Killed Offscreen: In a revised version of Sonichu #10, Jason was mentioned to be killed when his hover car crashed on the side of a mountain.
  • Psychic Powers: The "Dark Force" powers are a combination of these two aspects. Jason can create a shield of darkness to defend himself from attacks, and also can levitate his enemies with a flick of his hand and hurl them across great distances.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When the 4-Cent_Garbage building is about to collapse, he leaves Beel, Jason and Clyde Cash to their own devices and takes off with Kathleen.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: When Sonichu gives Jason an earful in an attempt to have him take down Christian Chandler's 4-Cent_Garbage page, Jason retorts with this, and his above quote.
    Sonichu: Yes, sir, my loving, caring sweetheart and I have come to discuss the web page in question. We humbly request that it would be removed from the internet for good. For you are not just dragging Christian Weston Chandler's name in the mud, you also drag the American hopes and dreams and ideas of the majority of these great, humble United States of America along with him. You've had your laughs, but ask yourself, is it really worth it to continue on with these slanders that drags the names of these good people within this country that was founded with love and peace within it that those before us have fought valently[sic] to withhold, that I was born and raised under the old glory that is the red, white and blue. In my humble answer, I say nay! What is your answer, Mister Howell?
    Jason: I say that you are a sap!
  • Troll: He proclaims himself to be one.

Kathleen Nicole Wallace

Jason Kendrick Howell's "Woman Slave", and drawn with a strange BDSM costume. She never actually said or did anything in either issues, both times just standing by and watching the fights between Jason, Sonichu and Rosechu with general disinterest.

  • Bondage Is Bad: For some reason is obligated to be dressed in a BDSM outfit at all times in Jason's presence.
  • Descent into Addiction: In the revised edition of Sonichu #10. After her break up with Jason from cheating on him with his secretary, she spun into depression and turned to drugs to alleviate the pain. This leads to her arrest and sharing a cell with Mary Lee Walsh.
  • Excessive Evil Eyeshadow: Wears a purple Eye shadow as part of her outfit, which at times almost appears like she's crying tears of blood.
  • Stripperiffic: In her bondage outfit.
  • The Voiceless: Played straight through the original strips, but Averted in the revised edition of Sonichu #10 while catching Mary Lee Walsh up on what happened with her and Jason.


The lobby receptionist for the Building prior to its destruction in Sonichu #10. He is a red humanoid with devil horns and wings. Whether or not he is supposed to be the Devil/Satan, some minor demon/devil, or simply a man who looks like a devil is uncertain.

    Other Antagonists 

Perfect Chaos Monster


The final form of Chaos, a villain introduced in the Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic Adventure. Composed of a liquid substance, Chaos assumes multiple shapes as it acquires the seven Chaos Emeralds, absorbing their negative energy to increase its power. Upon obtaining all seven, Chaos becomes Perfect Chaos, a serpentine creature of massive size, and proceeds to destroy the city of Station Square. Sonic defeats Perfect Chaos by utilizing the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds, which transforms him into Super Sonic.

In Sonichu, Chaos reprises his role in the first issue, battling Super Sonic in Station Square, referred as the "Perfect Chaos Monster". This time around, Chaos inadvertently leads Super Sonic towards an onlooking Pikachu, causing the two to collide and create Sonichu from the Pikachu that was struck. Together, Super Sonic and Sonichu defeat Perfect Chaos and save Station Square from destruction. Perfect Chaos has not been seen since.


The arch-nemesis of Darkbind Sonichu, who unleashed the power of the Chaotic Crystals from an ancient tablet. By doing so, Clawdorf cursed "eternal sleep over our princess" (Darkbind's fair love Zelina Rosechu), but it backfired on him, transmuting the wizard into stone. He is revived when Sonichu transforms into Ultra Sonichu.

Clyde Cash (Cly)

A villain who used to work for Mary Lee Walsh. He dies along with Jack in the building.

Ian Brandon Anderson/IBAChandler/Liquid Chris

A minor villain appearing in several of the comics for a total of two appearances, and of course being defeated in both. Like Christian, Ian had the ability to transform into a Sonichu form of his own with the help of his own Paper Sonichu Medallion.

  • Dishing Out Dirt: As IBAChandler, his primary element is Rock.
  • Knife Nut: Ian's main weapon in his base form.
  • Shock and Awe: As IBAChandler, his secondary element is Electric.
  • Transformation Trinket: His Paper Sonichu Medallion, which allows him to transform into IBAChandler.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Like Chris-Chan Sonichu, If the red patch of fur on his IBAChandler form is touched, he instantly reverts back to his human self.

Jack (Thaddeus)

A throw-in villain who appears in Sonichu #10 in the building with Cly, who both die together as the building collapses.

Asperpedia Four

A group of four who run the "Asperpedia" website that hosts "Asperchu", a comic series that was accused of slandering the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon of CWCVille and Christian himself. The group consists of Alec, Mao, Sean and Evan.

  • Elite Four: It's in the name.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: All four of them met a grisly end, despite being a supposed kid series. Ranging from a firing squad, to frying on the electric chair, to disembowelment, and finally having your limbs torn off telepathically. Their fates have been changed in a retcon however.
  • Heel–Face Brainwashing: Originally, they were brutally executed after a Kangaroo Court. But a retcon changed their fates to exile in an Amish community in a peaceful existence after being brainwashed.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: By a very loose definition of "celebrity", averted: Alec, Evan, and Sean are based on writers of Sonichu parody webcomics, and Mao on Alec's webmaster.


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