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Never Live It Down / Star Wars

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Star Wars characters have had a lot of unfairly exaggerated moments:

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    Prequel Trilogy 

  • Whether one believes it or not, the existence of the Trade Federation's Neimoidian race gets a lot of heat thrown in its direction for being racial stereotypes towards Asians, for being poorly motivated in general, and for generally seeming underdeveloped as antagonists for the Clone Wars.

The Phantom Menace

  • Jar Jar is featured prominently in only one theatrical film, yet everybody obsesses about him ruining the franchise. He's not even as prominent as many believe him to be and most of the anger is directed at him as a successor of the Ewoks (who had become unpopular in the interim), and for being the first fully CGI character rendered for the big screen, which also angered those who preferred the analog puppetry of the original. As such Jar-Jar Binks, and actor Ahmed Best, is never given the status of pioneering mo-cap and CGI accorded to Gollum and Andy Serkis, even if he came first.

Attack of the Clones

  • Anakin hates sand and loves Padmé because she's not sand. He only says that once, but that's used to mock how poorly executed the romance was. Some fans also ridiculed Anakin's Skewed Priorities mentality near the climax when he intended to save Padmé instead of chasing Count Dooku after she fell to the Geonosis desert... which makes her being covered with sand. It's even gotten to the point where fans brought cans of sand for Hayden Christensen to sign during his guest appearance in SWCO 2017.
  • Obi-Wan is usually labeled as a Hypocrite in this film due to the scene where he decides to jump out of a high-story window to grab hold of a flying robot, yet he will go about criticizing Anakin for pulling similar life-threatening stunts.

Revenge of the Sith

  • Due to Hayden's terrible acting for Anakin and his rather whiny delivery (see a pattern here?) upon learning that he will be on the Jedi Council but he isn't granted the rank of Master, some fans believe that this is the main (if not only) reason for him betraying the Jedi and dooming the entire galaxy for decades as if he was the pettiest example of Psychopathic Manchild. Even without watching The Clone Wars where it's very clear that Anakin already had plenty other reasons to distrust the Jedi, this theatrical film makes it pretty clear that it's a case of Love Makes You Evil. But due to Padmé's unfavourable Badass Decay and Chickification, fans tend to forget this (and sometimes even forget she exists in this theatrical film at all) and believe that Anakin betrayed the Jedi and doomed the galaxy because he isn't granted the rank of Master. Hell, there's a reason why "Anakin's not becoming a Master" has become a meme on its own which usually involves someone poking fun at Anakin for not being a Jedi Master. This gets to the point that fans also jokingly state that Luke has achieved one thing his father cannot: Becoming a Jedi Master.
  • Darth Vader will forever be known as that guy who screamed "NOOOOOOOOO!" It's even the trope image.
  • The end of the Obi-Wan vs. Anakin duel gets jacked on a lot for it coming down to the "high ground" moment.
  • Fans have not let it slide when it comes to the questionable portrayal of General Grievous in this film compared to the version from the non-canon Clone Wars micro-series. It seems no one can mention him without someone bringing up his "less than dignified" ending when Obi-Wan shoots him a couple times with a blaster and bursting into flames. He's also more remembered for the amount of times he tries to run away rather than him doing anything awesome, to say nothing of spending half his screen time coughing like he's about to hack up his equivalent of a lung.
  • Master Ki-Adi Mundi is mostly remembered for asking about the droid attack on the Wookiees.
  • Padmé died of sadness. After spending two theatrical and a canonical Interquel-type installment surviving many assassination attempts all over the place, she died of sadness without even trying to survive to take care of her newborn babies. You can imagine Nute Gunray laughing from beyond the grave if he knew that his hated enemy died of sadness. Even after the non-canon EU explained that her throat is crushed by Vader's Force-Choke, fans will never forget that this theatrical film wanted them to believe that Padmé died of sadness.
    • It should be said, however, that people have indeed died of a broken heart in other films before this one, and even in real life as well! A small amount of research says it's called cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, better known as "Broken Heart Syndrome". You have your spouse crush your throat while pregnant with his baby, someone you've been married to for years and thought he loved you deeply, as well as learning that he has killed God-knows how many children. It's not all that ridiculous.
  • Palpatine only declared himself "the Senate" exactly once, yet he will always be remembered with the Fan Nickname "The Senate".
  • Anakin/Darth Vader is known quite well for the fact that he lost 3 of his limbs (his left arm and both legs) during his duel with Obi-wan. As a result, if people in other films and such end up losing a limb or two, they will almost always get compared to Anakin.

    Original Trilogy 

  • The Stormtroopers. Only four humans, one Wookiee, and two droids are shown to survive more than one firefight with the Stormtroopers, yet the fandom continuously depicts them as unable to hit the broad side of the Death Star. Return of the Jedi is the most responsible for this happening due to portraying the Imperial Stormtroopers as incompetent as possible when they faced off against the Ewoks.
  • The Original Trilogy as a whole is subject to many incest jokes due to how the Luke and Leia relationship played out over the course of the three theatrical films. Mostly due to the fact that the writers didn't know that Luke and Leia were supposed to be brother and sister by the time of the third theatrical film Return of the Jedi.
    • At first, Luke's "attraction" to Leia is confined mostly to A New Hope, and Splinter of the Mind's Eye in the Expanded Universe. It never goes anywhere, but in the eye of popular culture he will always be the butt of jokes related to incest. It's not helped by the fact that, in the theatrical film as shot, they aren't supposed to be related.
    • Leia kissed Luke precisely twice, once on the cheek for luck and once on the lips specifically to make a point to Han. There is nothing particularly sexual between them, but some people seem to genuinely believe they were screwing like incestuous bunnies before Return of the Jedi. Wishful thinking? Squick! The other thing that people conveniently forget is that neither Luke nor Leia learned they were brother and sister until this theatrical film. Although, it's not helped by Leia telling Han in Return of the Jedi that "somehow, [she] always knew" that Luke was her brother via the Force.
  • Parodies of Star Wars, and even some EU material, often depict Darth Vader as strangling his subordinates at the drop of a hat, often for extremely trivial reasons. In the movies, he only ever executes two officers like this, and while it's still pretty Disproportionate Retribution, the people he strangled actually did fail him in pretty big ways (and in one case, it's implied that Admiral Ozzel made a habit off making such mistakes and generally not following orders right).

A New Hope

  • While Darth Vader has done a lot of awful things, he had only a peripheral role at most in the destruction of Alderaan; that was all on Tarkin.
  • Because Luke didn't immediately jump at the call and had a particularly whiny delivery of "But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!", he sometimes gets characterized by fans as being forever whiny. Those fans miss out on the awesome development Luke undergoes all through the original trilogy.
  • Post-editing, people went from thinking of Greedo as simply a random bounty hunter that Han got the drop on to a Butt-Monkey to so incompetent that he couldn't hit someone literally just across the table from him. Even a card game gave him the special ability to attack first, where he dies instantly if it fails - his card is the only one in the game that can kill itself like that.
  • Chewbacca never receiving a medal is a sore spot for many of his fans who feel that he was just as important as Han when it came to helping the Rebels with the destruction of the Death Star.

The Empire Strikes Back

  • Lando is perpetually known for betraying Han and the others in Cloud City despite the fact that he did so to protect the city from the Empire, orchestrated their escape from the city when the Empire "altered" the deal, hid in Jabba's palace undercover to rescue a frozen Han, and piloted the Millennium Falcon into the reconstructed Death Star at the Battle of Endor. Lampshaded on an episode of Robot Chicken, where Billy Dee Williams is approached about the subject and quickly gets into a shouting match explaining Lando's actions and that his character didn't end at "betrayed Han", even coming up to say more in The Stinger. Various sources claim that Billy Dee Williams really will defend Lando's actions at length, in the very same way that he does in the sketch. Spaced referenced this as well with the phrase "You Lando!" being Tim's euphemism for traitor.
  • Lando has never lived down the incident with the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive, either, simply because he was under the impression that his mechanics would fix it rather than the Imperials sabotaging it further. Every further appearance of Lando in the old Expanded Universe showed that nothing he attempted to pilot would work as intended, with "It's not my fault!" turning from an Ironic Echo into Lando's catchphrase. Somehow, Han doesn't get any flak for the fact that the Falcon was acting up like this for the entire movie.

Return of the Jedi

  • Many modern days fans commonly agree and go about criticizing that the Ewoks defeated the more technologically advanced Empire with just sticks and stones. Despite many other persons and events at work, fans and viewers make it sound as if the Ewoks single-handedly handed the Empire their ass. In addition, they tend to ignore that some Ewoks had rather graphic death scenes courtesy of AT-ST.
    • In fact a common complaint back when the movie was released was that more time was spent focusing on Ewok death scenes than the Emperor's defeat or the Death Star's destruction. People tend to forget that the Ewoks spend the first half of that battle being massacred, and they don't turn it around until Chewbacca commandeers an AT-ST and starts evening up the odds.
  • Boba Fett, for all his badassery and awesome attire, will never live down a blind Han accidentally defeating him with a stick.
  • Don't forget about Admiral Ackbar, who can detect TRAPS!. It's made worse by the fact that people tend to forget that Lando was the one who figured out it was a trap and Ackbar just labeled it so.

    Sequel Trilogy 

  • Captain Phasma has had it rough so far as the new Boba Fett of the sequel franchise due to lack of screen-time, and doing almost nothing of note that would be deemed badass. She was already having trouble living down her failure to live up to the pre-release The Force Awakens hype that was generated for the character where the result is her easily getting captured by Finn, Han and Chewie to force her to turn off the shields for Starkiller Base. Then Last Jedi comes around, and she's only around for one sequence where she puts up a fight against Finn, but ends up getting ousted by a sneak attack at the last second that causes her to fall into an abyss of ship explosions. At the very least, fans that follow the Expanded Universe may see her as Rescued from the Scrappy Heap after reading the Phasma novel, as it turns out she doesn't care about the First Order, she just wants to survive and doesn't care who she has to walk all over to achieve her goals.

The Force Awakens

  • In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is best known for three things: throwing violent temper tantrums, praying to Vader and venerating his remains (which leads to a lot of Fridge Logic regarding the suspicious absence of Anakin's Force Spirit) and killing his father, Han Solo in a heavily telegraphed and thus anticlimactic manner. People will also never let Kylo Ren live down his lightsaber duel loss to Rey since he's supposedly the more trained in the Force between the two, some going as far to say that this removes all tension any future confrontations might have had, since the heroine already beat the villain in their first movie, making for a(n even more) Foregone Conclusion. His injuries taken before they fought and Rey's fighting capabilities acquired during her harsh life on Jakku (albeit with a completely different weapon, a staff) often go completely ignored since people believe that he should have still been able to kick Rey's ass despite them (in particular, pain and anger are supposed to fuel the Dark Side and make its users stronger - which is apparently supported by the film itself as he repeatedly hits his own injuries during the fight, yet he loses).

The Last Jedi

  • Snoke ultimately being a Disc-One Final Boss cemented his reputation as nothing more than a walking, talking Diabolus ex Machina for the Original Trilogy and made him a Memetic Loser in the fandom for being so easily deceived and killed by Kylo Ren.
  • A lot of criticism gets thrown in Vice Admiral Holdo's direction for refusing to tell her plan to Poe. The Plan being to hold out against their First Order pursuers until what's left of the rebel fleet is able to make it to their hidden base on the planet, Crait. Holdo's main justification for not telling is that she believes Poe needs to be brought down a peg after his reckless actions put everyone at risk in the film's opening battle against the First Order Dreadnought. However, fans point out that that's not enough to justify Holdo keeping everyone else in the dark, and had she locked up or punish Poe, then he wouldn't have been able to mutiny against her. In the end, it leaves fans feeling that all the drama surrounding the Holdo/Poe conflict could've been entirely avoided had she just took a moment to tell the people around her what's going on or at least keep everyone in line.
  • Leia catches a lot of flack from Poe's fans for demoting him for getting so many fighters destroyed in the attack on the Fulminatrix, when if he hadn't destroyed the dreadnought, it would have quickly wiped out the Resistance fleet after they were tracked through hyperspace. Leaving aside the fact that both parties were arguably at fault for the loss of so many fighters — Leia for not recalling them under her own authority, and Poe for having them fly in a formation that caused most of them to be taken out by a freak accident — this ignores the fact that as soon as the First Order fleet emerges from hyperspace, Leia authorizes Poe to go out and attack them without a second thought. It's actually Holdo who insists on enforcing Poe's demotion after Leia is incapacitated, leaving the question open as to whether or not Leia would have recanted on her decision had she not been injured.
  • Hux will forever be remembered as the guy who was on the receiving end of a Prank Call.

The Rise of Skywalker

    Anthology Films 

Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • Han is forever remembered for having his Solo surname given to him by an Imperial Navy recruitment officer. It's mostly poked fun at by fans for how odd it is that the film felt it was necessary to tell the story of how Han got his last name.


Star Wars: Rebels

    Expanded Universe 
  • Kyp Durron will never live down blowing up a star.
  • Tahiri Veila for trying to seduce Ben in Invincible.
  • The Darksaber... a Death Star-wannabe made by a Hutt that didn't need rebel intervention (which had resulted in the death of General Madine from Return of the Jedi) because it was basically the Death Star without its defense shell and it got destroyed from the asteroid belt in was placed in.
  • Irek Ismaren's armor. It's armor with spikes on the arms, except the spikes are lightsaber blades. It looks rather impractical and ridiculous.
  • Jaxxon, who is essentially Bugs Bunny except as a smuggler in Star Wars.
  • Luuke Skywalker was a very minor character with an admittedly silly name but you'd swear he was the Big Bad from how much people bring him up.
  • Skippy the Jedi Droid. He was a non-canon joke character but is frequently brought up by EU detractors.
  • The Sun Crusher is widely known for being the most stupidly overpowered ship in the entire EU.


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