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YMMV / The Red Pill

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  • Don't Shoot the Message: While the Men's Rights Movement is more controversial than feminism, and the film's production values have been criticised, there are also grievances and double-standards for men.
  • Internet Backdraft: Some groups of radical feminists decried the existence of the film, calling it propaganda; conversely, other feminists (and, for example, MRA's) are unhappy with the film for not outright making a proper distinction between the legitimate Men's Rights Movements and the supposed men's rights activists who abuse the title in cover of misogyny.
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  • Overshadowed by Controversy: While sincere and even-handed, this is a very polarizing movie, especially among radical feminists who don't like it for giving a voice to their "opponents" and seeing Cassie Jaye as a Category Traitor since Jaye is a woman and was an active supporter of feminism until she researched this film. The released film strove to present an even-handed exploration of the Men's Rights Movement, yet it simply being released had quickly turned into a polemic debate over gender politics, freedom of speech, gender-based double standards, and the merits and flaws of both movements. The actual content of the film is less discussed than its motive and director, where it seems more controversy lies. Though, perhaps, provoking open discussion is exactly what the film should be trying to do.


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