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"I've killed the whole island."

"I told you the time limit was an hour...but that's just when the cage closes completely. There are injured people out there, and elderly folk who can't stand. Suckling little infants as well! Who will be the first to die? Within 30 minutes people will be sure to start dying somewhere! And within 40...we will be able to hear their screams from here! Within 50...this country will be stained red as a crushed tomato with their blood! And in an voices will be left to cry out!"
Donquixote Doflamingo, planning to kill everyone in Dressrosa

While many of the baddies from One Piece range from mere insensitive jerks to all-out line-crossing assholes, there are a few villains who put all others to shame. Characters are listed by the arcs where they have the most impact; they may have appeared earlier or appear later.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Kuro Arc: The titular Captain Kuro was once a feared pirate running from the existence of bounty hunters and marines. As a result, Kuro hatched a scheme by slaughtering every marine on a ship—save one—and has Jango hypnotize a crew member and the surviving marine to make them think they were Captain Kuro and his captor, leading to the execution of the fake Kuro. After fleeing to Sugar Island, he disguised himself as a butler of a kind and sickly girl named Kaya after her parents died. It was revealed that Kuro plotted to have his former crew arrive and slaughter the island while he'd have Kaya hypnotized to write him as the beneficiary of her will before he murdered her. After Kaya bought him a gift of new glasses, Kuro heartlessly crushed them and attempted to kill her other servant. When Kaya said she'd have just given him the money, he admitted he just wanted her dead for the sake of his ego. Kuro was also planning on killing his crew to complete his disappearance and when, fighting Luffy, used an attack that led to them being nearly massacred by him.
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  • Marineford Arc: Admiral Akainu, real name Sakazuki, makes his debut by ordering his subordinates to blow up a ship of evacuees that the Marines had promised to spare. Later on, he brutally murders anyone who tries to flee from the battle at Marineford. He also tried to murder Coby when the latter calls out everyone for their violence, despite the two supposedly being on the same side. He darkens the tone of the series by causing the first major present-day story death, that of Portgas D. Ace, who sacrifices himself to safe Luffy. To give an idea how bad he is, when Sengoku stepped down and Aokiji had to fight Akainu for the position, when Aokiji ultimately lost, he left the Marines rather than serve under him.
  • Fishman Island Arc: Hody Jones is a fishman with all of Arlong's hatred of humans but none of his care for his fellow people. Disgusted by the benevolent Queen Otohime's petition that intended to improve relations between humans and fishmen, Hody Jones hired a human to burn the signature box. Hody then assassinated Otohime and framed the human for it, proudly bragging about his crimes when they're discovered. When he takes over Fishman Island, he declares that all of the fishmen who had signed Queen Otohime's petition will be executed. When his ally Vander Decken uses his Devil Fruit power to send the giant ship Noah after Princess Shirahoshi, Hody severely wounds Vander Decken to cause the latter's powers to deactivate in an attempt to have Noah crash down on Fishman Island.
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  • Punk Hazard Arc: Caesar Clown has convinced people he's a kind master and scientist who just wants to help people. The truth is that Caesar is violently jealous of his former associate Dr. Vegapunk and once took that frustration out by blowing up an island. In the present, Caesar keeps multiple children in his lab with promises to cure them of their sickness, and gives them candy to help them. The "candy" is in truth an addictive drug to keep them enslaved to him, and his experiments will cause their deaths in five years. He shows no remorse, laughing that he can always get more children. Caesar also saved pirates and sailors from death, but uses them as test subjects as well and turns them against their captain who was just trying to save them from Caesar. When his back is against the wall, Caesar has no compunction killing these men with a poison gas he unleashes in an attempt to kill Luffy. Caesar has no loyalty to anyone but himself and his psychotic ego combines scientific drive with a sadist's streak a mile long.
  • Dressrosa Arc: Donquixote Doflamingo, the boss of Caesar Clown, is steadily revealed as the epitome of selfish egomania whose own brother describes as having been born an evil madman, despite his servants' Undying Loyalty towards him. In the guise of "Joker," Doflamingo is a mover and shaker in the criminal underworld where he participated in a slave trade for the pleasure of the corrupt Celestial Dragons. When conquering his old kingdom of Dressrosa, Doflamingo enslaved the people by turning many into toys and making their loved ones forget them, and framing the good-hearted King Riku Dold by forcing him to attack the people he loved so much to make Doflamingo a "hero" for removing him. It is also revealed he planned to brainwash Trafalgar Law into being his loyal slave who would gladly trade his life to bring Doflamingo immortality, executing his own brother Rosinante when Rosinante tried to save Law. In his crowning moment of evil, Doflamingo attempted to massacre everything in Dressrosa, his own men included, gleefully proclaiming he would just find a new country and "family." Even upon his defeat, all Doflamingo cares about is seeing the news so he can appreciate the chaos the world is thrown into by recent events.

Movies & Specials

  • Episode of Chopper:
    • Wapol is the former king of Drum Island. To control the citizens of Drum, Wapol forced 20 doctors into servitude and ordered the exile of all other doctors from the country. In an attempt to have Dr. Hiluluk executed, Wapol lies that all 20 doctors under his service are ill, leaving sick citizens to suffer, all to trick Hiluluk into coming to the castle. When Dalton insults Wapol for laughing at Hiluluk's suicide, Wapol has Dalton beaten to near death before imprisoning him. When Blackbeard attacks Drum Island, Wapol abandons the kingdom to its fate, taking the 20 doctors with him. Returning to Drum Island intending to continue his reign, Wapol decides that the citizens of Drum have became too insubordinate. As a result, he makes a plan to detonate his brother's spore bomb in an attempt to poison all of the citizens of Drum, with only those who beg getting an antidote. When Musshuru begs for Wapol's help after being defeated by Luffy, Wapol simply eats his brother to gain his powers and attempts to detonate the spore bomb, deciding to poison every citizen to death. A cruel and selfish tyrant, this interpretation of Wapol proves to be far more heinous than his canon counterpart.
    • Musshuru, Wapol's older brother, was exiled from Drum Kingdom at the age of 13 for detonating a spore bomb and killing countless innocents to kill his boredom. When Wapol frees him from his exile and brings him back to the country so they can regain control, Musshuru suggests that they cause an avalanche as a way to make their presence known. After arriving at a village destroyed by the avalanche, Musshuru is disappointed that only one village was destroyed. When Wapol suggests the two poison every citizen of the country to death, Musshuru gleefully agrees with the idea, stating that it would be fun to launch the bomb. During his fight with Luffy, he unapologetically poisons Chess and Kuromarimo with his spores when they get in the way of his attack.
  • Episode of Sky Island: Lacking the redeeming qualities he has in canon, Enel is the tyrannical ruler of Skypiea. After destroying his home island, Enel and his followers invaded Skypiea and overthrew the benevolent ruler, Gan Fall, before taking over. Under Enel's rule, all outsiders who enter Skypiea are ordered to be killed. Enel also forces all of Gan Fall's men to work on the flying ship, Ark Maxim, intending to have it take him to the moon. When Ark Maxim reaches completion, Enel kills them all, along with all of his followers who were at the shrine. During Enel's survival game, he eliminates enemy and ally alike before powering up Ark Maxim in an attempt to reach the moon. He then destroys a populated city as a show of power, before attempting to destroy all of Skypiea for his own amusement.


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