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Did they, or did they not? Use your imagination.

One Piece is equal game for Ho Yay as well as Het due the general No Hugging, No Kissing rule.

Ho Yay

  • Some consider Zoro's Heroic Sacrifice and unquestioned loyalty for his captain (and stopping Sanji from making his own Heroic Sacrifice) prime shipping fuel.
  • Zoro picks up a steel cage that Luffy is trapped in and carries him to safety. Whilst wounded profusely and casually losing a few litres of blood.
  • The Mihawk fight. Concluding with a blubbery pledge to his captain.
    • Luffy had tears in his eyes while watching Zoro lose.
  • Zoro didn't want to go into Thriller Bark at first because it was "obviously a trap", but when Luffy says he will share his lunch with Zoro, Zoro said it can't be helped and decided to go along with the rest of the crew.
  • The Thriller Bark incident with Zoro saying he'd die in Luffy's place. When they first met, Zoro said to Luffy that if he were to ever stand in the way of his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman he'd kill him. But on Thriller Bark, he'd give away his life so Luffy can have his dream.
    • And Zoro noted that his swords and his life are the most important things to him but ends up leaving them to die for Luffy. fwips tumblr
  • When Zoro heard from Mihawk that he saw Luffy, Zoro kept asking Mihawk how he is. Then when Mihawk told him Ace died, Zoro was ready to cry.
  • In Chapter 659, to cross a lake, Robin imagines Zoro and Usopp carrying her and Luffy and specifically, Luffy is riding Zoro. Shipper on Deck?
  • Luffy has placed full trust in Zoro countless times.
    • He actually trusted Zoro right when they met. Luffy is usually the one to defeat each member of the crew's enemy during their arc but Luffy let Zoro defeat Axehand Morgan. zorobae tumblr
  • In one chapter, Luffy praises Sanji saying he is worth a thousand men and they need to get him back. A few frames later, Zoro says, "J-just so we're clear, I'm worth two thousand. Got it?" sounding like he's jealous Sanji got praise from Luffy.
  • When they reunited in Wano, Luffy glomped Zoro the exact same way he glomped Hancock in Marineford.

  • Many fans' fantasies of Law and Luffy as a polar opposite couple have only been fueled by Luffy refusing to let Law leave their alliance and then carrying Law along with him.
    • Prior to this, in the arrangement of the alliance itself many Straw Hats cautioned Luffy against it, citing that many pirates are backstabbing by nature and also Law's dark reputation. Luffy's response to his friends is close-minded insistence that the one who saved his life after Marineford two years ago is definitely a good person. Mind, we still have no idea if Law had deeper reasons for doing this for him, and claimed it was on a whim. But either way Luffy is extremely grateful and is very jolly in Law's company.
    • After witnessing Doflamingo brutally shoot down an already incapacitated Law, Luffy reacts with outrage and immediately sends Zoro and Kin'emon to help him. Unfortunately, interference from Fujitora hinders them and allows Doffy an opportunity to kidnap him, and Luffy readily abandons obtaining the Mera-Mera Fruit and the gladiator tournament in order to go rescue Law. Bartolomeo even asks what he will do about Ace's Devil Fruit, to which he replies that it's loss can't be helped, because Law needs him right now.
    • No matter how Law protested he and Luffy's alliance was over, Luffy was determined to save him from Doflamingo. The rescue proceeded to have hijinks in which Law may not have been handled as delicately as he probably should have, but even in the end after his cuffs are removed he says that maybe getting carried by Luffy was a good thing, as he was able to conserve his strength. Never mind all the stress he suffered and all his protests to get him un-cuffed, huh?
    • Law confesses to Luffy that he's set off the war against Doflamingo for killing Donquixote "Coraźon" Rocinante 13 years ago and that he very much wants to hurt him directly for it. Luffy is currently the only ally aware of this vulnerable side of him, and briefly fights Bellamy and Trebol to give him that opportunity.
    • Then there's how he wants to die with Luffy should his ally fall in the final fight against Doflamingo. Together in Death, anyone?
    • Law's Image Song "Lost in Shinsekai" has a pretty shippy vibe to it, as the lyrics are about Law wandering around a city, searching for Luffy.
    A TV somewhere going "Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora!note 
    Calling out to me

  • Usopp and Luffy are always touching and dancing together, constantly in each other's company and whenever they are apart Usopp tends to talk about his captain an awful lot...
    • Though usually only seen in filler, whenever you see the crew sleep, Usopp and Luffy are always next to each other, add to that "next to" oftentimes ending up as on top of/entwined.
    • Also, Luffy being tempted into looking at the bathing Nami was apparently because Usopp is a "bad influence" on him. Sure straight males of late adolescence perve on women together, but Luffy is basically sexless. Usopp is capable of getting Luffy to express sexual interest, nothing more needs to be said. (Though that scene was also prime Luffy/Nami bait).
  • The Tottoland Arc has plenty of potential subtext for Sanji x Luffy; the pure hell Luffy goes through to get Sanji back — while not surprising or unexpected at all — basically follows the classic story archetype of a prince coming to rescue the Damsel in Distress. Furthermore, Luffy's dedication makes Sanji cry and have fond memories of his time with him (and the crew) several times throughout the arc, which is practically 100% pure fuel for the shipping community.
    • It helps that, after Sanji beat the ever-living hell out of Luffy in order to protect him and the rest of his loved ones, Luffy nonetheless vowed to not eat a single bite of food or drink from someone other than Sanji. If that isn't Ho Yay fuel, nothing is.
    • The finale of the Whole Cake Island arc has Sanji clutching Luffy in his arms and protecting him from all harm.
  • Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri, which was cemented in Chapter 893 after Katakuri became infuriated with his little sister Flampe for interfering with their duel. Having come to see Luffy as a Worthy Opponent, his newfound rival inspired him to finally break out of his Slave to PR mindset and fight for himself for once. This leads to Katakuri willingly and permanently discarding his "perfect" image by revealing his "pelican eel" to Flampe and her subordinates after they start insulting Luffy, telling them that if they're going to laugh at his opponent, they should laugh at him as well. That's right — Katakuri essentially gave up his carefully cultivated reputation to defend one of his crew's enemies and have the fight of his life. It's as manly as it is potentially romantic.
    • He's also happy to hear that Luffy and his crew made it away safely, smiling at the news.
  • Bartolomeo is obsessed with Luffy. This is the guy who blushes and stutters more than lovesick Hancock! Are we really supposed to believe that Bartolomeo's feelings for Luffy are entirely platonic?
    • In fact, Barto and Hancock have a special intro in One Piece: Burning Blood, where they both gush over Luffy and say they'll do anything for him!
    • Then there's when they meet during Episode 658. LOTS of sparkles, Bartolomeo is acting like a lovesick schoolgirl, and we're treated to him seeing a bishounen Luffy. You can't NOT see the fodder here!
    • Luffy is not the only recipient of Bartolomeo's... attentions. After witnessing Zoro defeating Pica, he becomes borderline catatonic, complete with outrageous blubbering, foaming of the mouth, and brokenly chanting over and over to himself about how cool Zoro is.

  • The Reveal that Law wants revenge against Doflamingo for killing “the most cherished person” in Law's life, Coraźon, and the extent to which he has gone for this vengeance, sometimes makes it seem as if Law's going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge over a broken heart.
    • Law's obsession with Coraźon in general. His last thoughts before succumbing to the gunshot wounds inflicted on him by Doflamingo weren't about his plan or the agonizing pain, but were instead of Coraźon. Law, who was always presented as an ambitious man, is perfectly happy to throw away his life and dreams if it means fulfilling Coraźon's stated goals. In addition, he named his crew after Coraźon, designed his jolly roger in reference to Coraźon, wears a jacket with Coraźon's name emblazoned on the back, and tattoos references to Coraźon all over his body. He even outright stated in Chapter 725 that the only reason he decided to survive to the current point was to avenge Coraźon.
    • Law outright declares that Coraźon is his most cherished person and he later declared that he was perfectly happy to destroy the entire world as long as it was for Coraźon's sake.
    • The way Law talks about him borders on infatuation. When speaking with Sengoku, he tells him of their plan to run away together and openly proclaims that he owes Coraźon his heart and his life and that he is his savior. When he briefly talks about him to Luffy, Law refers to him as "someone that I loved". When fighting Doflamingo, he declares that he is the person he is today thanks to his influence and even shows fear that he may not have grown into the type of D. Coraźon would be proud of. His loyalty runs so deep that despite being tormented for years by the inkling of doubt that the person he's devoted his entire existence to only sacrificed himself because he's a D., his life's purpose remained fulfilling Coraźon's goal of stopping Doflamingo and his madness.
    • As a child, Law never referred to him by his biological name or his full executive name when talking or thinking about him. However, because it made him very happy the very first time Law called him "Cora-san", Law has continued addressing him as such, even 13 years after his death.
  • Law shares a hefty dose of tension with the other Donquixote brother. While It's Personal for both of them, it's more like the two are stuck in The Masochism Tango. With some of Doflamingo's actions, it seems as he's insanely bad with rejection and jealous of anyone who Law's close to.
    • Doflamingo's offers for drinks with Law. After Law states once Caesar is handed off, everything will be done and over with, Doflamingo remarks how it's a shame since he wished they could've had drinks together. Later on Doflamingo says he'd love to tell Law about his life before they'd met over some drinks, but time constraints don't allow it.
    • Nothing seems to piss Doffy off more than Law's dedication to his deceased brother or whenever Law mentions Luffy. Law's been on the end of a few Curb-Stomp Battle, gunshots, and has even lost an arm for pressing those Berserk Buttons.
    • Doflamingo still seems intent on having Law as his right hand (mostly due to his Devil Fruit), and quick to blame others for Law's betrayal or why he's kicking the utter crap out of the guy. Throughout Dressrosa, Doflamingo continually tries to convince Law he should be blaming his allies for why Doflamingo is beating him up.
    • Doflamingo kept the Heart Seat, where he intended Law to sit, open for 13 years. Even though Law had run off after eating the Op-Op Fruit, he was welcomed to return at any point. Then he chains an unconscious Law to the seat with Sea stone cuffs so he can't escape. Symbolic? You tell me.
    • After seeing the "Coraźon" on the back of Law's coat, he flips out about that and the name of Law's crew, realizing the the naming wasn't because of Law's position on the Heart Seat (which we learn he is still very pissed about when he shoots Law in the gut) but rather dedication to his brother. He starts pumping Law's back full of lead bullets specifically to destroy the letters. Considering Doflamingo's mentioned before if it hadn't been for his brother being a major Spanner in the Works then Law would've been his new right hand, him shouting skyward that "Your curse has been broken now!!" after he thinks he's killed Law and calling the manga chapter "The Heart's Curse" makes him sound more like the Man Scorned in their triangle.
    • Doflamingo's fixation towards Law nears Yandere territory towards the end of the Dressrosa Arc. He was very willing to play along with bargaining for Caesar, claiming he didn't want Law to eat the Op-Op Fruit because he was too precious a subordinate to have to eventually die to give Doffy immortality via the Fruit's ultimate technique, and lamenting that Coraźon's influence has ruined him, as if trying to convince him to return to his side. Everything goes straight out the window the moment Law reveals that he is a D. Doflamingo becomes extremely aggressive, his killing intent skyrockets, and he is briefly regretful that he now has to kill Law and restart his hunt for the Op-Op Fruit. Considering the earlier revelation that the D. bloodline (Law) is the born enemy of the Celestial Dragons (Doflamingo), Doflamingo appears to take the news as the last betrayal he can bear and a case of "if I can't have you, no one will", as he proceeds to tear his right arm off, empty his gun into him before attempting to crush his head underfoot. Luffy's interference to save Law from death, the fact him being a fellow D. rather than due to their alliance, is what appears to fuel Doflamingo's wrath further.

  • The Buggy Ring arc. Sanji figuring out what Zoro had planned without a word spoken, then a flawless team combo to take out the giant.
  • When Sanji was on the Puffing Tom on his own and contacting the others via a Denden Mushi, Zoro told him to wait for them and not take on the CP guys alone.
    Sanji: "Is Marimo-kun actually worried about me?"
    Zoro: "Like hell I am!"
  • During Thriller Bark, Zoro knocks Sanji unconscious to stop him from committing a Heroic Sacrifice, sacrificing himself in Sanji's stead. In essence, while he could have let Sanji sacrifice himself for Luffy, he instead was willing to die so that Sanji could have his own dream.
  • The anime goes above and beyond to shove Zoro and Sanji kicking and screaming into as many homoerotic situations as possible. The Almost Kiss has happened twice though both are accidental.
    • First example in the post Alabasta anime, when the male crewmates are all sleeping and Nami yells at to wake up, Sanji still half asleep thinks Nami is sleeping besides him when it's actually Zoro and puckers up to kiss. Zoro wakes up first and makes a glorious facial expression of shock, Sanji wakes up too and is mortified. The pair immediately attack each other demanding to know what the other is playing at. (It's worth noting that they somehow fell asleep with Sanji using Zoro's arm as a pillow, and were totally comfortable with that right up until the Almost Kiss moment.)
    • Once wasn't enough for Toei apparently and in second return of Foxy, the recurring villain shoots his beam that puts anyone in slow motion. Zoro shoulders Nami over so she can avoid it, but Sanji angry that Zoro is treating Nami roughly charges at him but then they are both hit by the slow-slow beam. Unfortunately Sanji's face is falling directly onto Zoro's face and the pair are helpless to the situation (pictured above) just before any contact happens it cuts away to Chopper who shudders leading to Robin asking him what is sensing. The camera cuts back to Zoro and Sanji panting, heads together and trying to make it clear what ever happened or nearly happened was nothing while Death Glare(ing) each other.
      Sanji: "That was a close call and nothing more!"
      Zoro: "No argument here."
    • See both hilarious moments here.
  • Sanji spent two years training under Ivankov and the New Kama, without a pretty young lady to be seen, to the point of basically going insane from lust when he returned to Sabaody. Ivankov had a full set of the Straw Hats' wanted posters, so Sanji could have kept Nami or Robin's to tide him over ...but instead he took Zoro's. And carried it around in his jacket pocket. Paging Kate Beaton...
  • On Punk Hazard when Sanji switched bodies with Nami. Sanji slips on the snow, Zoro grabs his hand to keep him from falling, upon which Brook comments it looks romantic. Zoro immediately makes a face, throws Sanji to the ground and states "I don't care what happens to you!". Total tsundere moment.
  • Also on Punk Hazard, Sanji and Zoro are having a fight, and Sanji complains about how he "can't even share my happiness with you!" Which sounds a lot like a) Zoro is gay, b) Sanji knows Zoro is gay, and c) Sanji really wants an excuse to have sex with Zoro and have it still be "straight."
  • In the Zou Arc, Zoro frequently inquires about Sanji's whereabouts and safety almost as much as Nami does. But when questioned Zoro claims he couldn't give a rat's ass about the Cook and still bad mouths him, the Tsundere levels are high with this one.
  • Then, in Chapter 815, Luffy outright teases Zoro about how worried he is for Sanji. Just add blush to his cheeks and it's complete.
  • In Punk Hazard, Sanji reassured the G-5 Marines that Zoro was a trustworthy guy, stating that "[Zoro] might seem tough, but underneath it all, he's a big softie."
    • Mirrored in the Zou Arc, when Zoro expressed no worry for the Curly Hat Pirates, expressing his trust in Sanji to keep them safe.
  • Zoro and Sanji reunite in the Wano arc and both protect Toko from danger in Papa Wolf manner, the fandom immediately started joking it's like Toko has two dads.
  • When Sanji is facing off against Queen in Wano, he starts to worry that he's losing his empathy and might become a cold killer like his siblings, he calls someone and asks that they put them down in case that happens. Naturally, he asks Zoro, showing that he has complete trust in Zoro's ability to honor his wish.

  • Shiki and Roger, although it seems to be one-sided on Shiki's part. Shiki is first seen in his introductory scene offering Roger a chance to join forces to take over the world. Of course, Roger refuses despite being outnumbered a 100-1 and the huge battle that ensues leaves Shiki's forces devestated and with Shiki having a wheel stuck through his head. Later, when Roger is supposedly captured by the Marines and sentenced to death, Shiki invades Marineford to rescue him, refusing to believe that someone as strong as Roger was so easily captured. He's stopped by Garp and Sengoku, the most powerful men in the Marines (at the time at least), who inform him that Roger's execution is being held at Loguetown in East Blue and that they would not allow Shiki to invade the East Blue to stop the execution. The battle that ensued took out half of Marineford, but ultimately ended in Shiki being sent to Impel Down where he managed to escape by cutting off his own legs and replacing them with swords, ultimately planning to take over the world and devestate it with his own devices. On the whole, he comes off as something of a Yandere when it comes to Roger!
  • Emperor Ivankov of Kamabakka Island is very loyal to Dragon. So much so that he was willing to wait for Dragon's signal while stuck in Impel Down, and even though he lives in a secret area that the prison doesn't know about, surrounded by people who worship him and live in the lap of luxury, he's willing to drop everything and stage a break-out as soon as he finds out that Luffy is Dragon's son. He then makes protecting Luffy his top priority, even stating that he wouldn't be able to face Dragon if he allowed his son to die in battle. It probably doesn't help that Ivankov can change his/her gender at will...
  • Several of the interactions between Buggy and Mr. 3 in Impel Down could count, but the best example is when they decide to rub against each other to keep warm in the freezing Level 5. While they eventually stopped because they got weirded out, they seemed to get rather passionate.
  • It's not hard to picture Chaka and Pell as being partners in more than one sense of the word.
    Chaka: I still... can't accept your death. I can't even shed tears. Why is this, Pell?
  • Brook and Yorki had an awful lot of smiling and touching going on, especially in the anime. Which just makes that flashback even more depressing when you get to all the inevitable tragedy.
  • Coby and Helmeppo skirt the edge between very good friends and boyfriends. The filler doesn't really help. Taking Coby's fanboyish adoration of Luffy into account, an argument could also be made for a Helmeppo-Coby-Luffy triangle.
  • Calgara and Norland from the Skypeia Arc flashbacks. The entire arc hinged around their tragic separation and the suffering both of their descendants endured as a result.
    • The Danish translator apparently ships them, as one of Noland's crew members' lines is translated from "Look at how friendly they are with each other now" to "From the look of it, you would think they were lovers".
  • Doflamingo and Crocodile are considered by many to have a suspicious dynamic due to the former's flamboyant attitude and rumors surrounding the latter's true gender.
    • In Marineford, Crocodile blasts through the battlefield with relative ease until he is stopped by Jozu, a Haki user. Doflamingo stops Jozu from attacking Crocodile, despite the two being enemies on the field, and asks him to team up. When Crocodile refuses, Doflamingo laughs at how Crocodile "hasn't learned his lesson", and Crocodile mocks him back before before before blasting him away with sandstorm. The whole scene comes off as murderous yet flirtatious.
    • After rejecting Doflamingo's invitation, Crocodile goes on to aid Whitebeard by saving Ace. This prompts Doflamingo to jokingly cut off Crocodile's neck — without Haki, so the latter is completely unharmed — saying he is jealous. The two then engages in combat with Crocodile later emerging unharmed. Some fans speculate that by engaging him in combat, Doflamingo is actually trying to protect Crocodile from the Haki users such as Jozu for attacking Whitebeard, and the three Admirals for saving Ace.
    • The two seem to have a history, and whether as allies or rivals, Doflamingo recognizes his strength. When he heard Crocodile was "defeated by Smoker", he instantly knew that was not the case and the government must be hiding something. At the end of Punk Hazard, he beat up Smoker — mainly for Baby 5 and Buffalo — but is that all there is to it? In the middle of his fight against Luffy, he realized Luffy was the one who beat Crocodile, and then he proceeds to attack Luffy a little more aggressively.
    • Crocodile was the main villain of Alabasta and Doflamingo of Dressrosa, and those two arcs perfectly mirror each other. Both are about a kingdom being overtaken by an evil Warlord, who frames the king and destroys the heart of the people from the inside. Both feature a princess in distress, who is working for said Warlord with a reason. Both feature a war where people have to kill their loved ones. And most importantly, their defeats: Crocodile was defeated by multiple punches sending him into the sky, dispelling the drought and bring back the rain for Alabasta. While Doflamingo was defeated by a single punch sending him to the ground, dispelling the birdcage and bring back the clear sky for Dressrosa.
    • A fan requested Oda to draw Crocodile and Doflamingo team up. However, on his own, Oda added a flamingo wearing the Queen's crown and a crocodile wearing the King's crown.
  • Sanji and Usopp has quite a few moments as well:
  • Doflamingo calling Caesar his cute/indispensable subordinate, Caesar responds in joy and tries to run to him while surrounded by hearts!
  • A rather... interestingly-worded line in the anime when Blackbeard and Shanks confront each other at Marineford is Teach noting it's good to see Shanks' "good-looking face again".
    • However, this may be simple mockery, as Blackbeard was the one to give Shanks his trademark facial scars.
  • "Oh, thank you so much, Pedro-san!"
  • Crocodile and Mr. 1/Daz Bonez, with Daz seeming to be the only person (aside from possibly Mihawk) toward whom Crocodile shows respect and affection, and Daz in turn showing loyalty to Crocodile that endures past his time as a Baroque Works agent.
    • When given the chance to escape prison with the rest of the Baroque Works agents, Crocodile declines and, for unknown reasons, Daz does as well. It's possible he wanted to stay with Crocodile, and he goes with him to Impel Down.
    • During the breakout from Impel Down, Crocodile personally frees Daz and asks him to come with him. Daz agrees. He later follows Crocodile to the New World, again because Crocodile asks him to.
    • At Marineford, Crocodile fights off Mihawk to protect Daz (while Daz is trying to protect Luffy on his orders). On top of that, rather than showing anger or derision towards Daz for being so easily wounded by Mihawk, in the anime, Crocodile gently teases Daz about sleeping too much. It's a fairly remarkable moment given how harshly Crocodile has reacted to the failures of his other subordinates.
    • Although Baroque Works no longer exists, Crocodile continues to address Daz as 'Mr. 1,' in a way that comes across as an affectionate nod to Daz's continued loyalty.

Les Yay

  • The Kalifa/Nami fight was equal parts fanservice and Les Yay. Is it really necessary to practically 'spoon' with your opponent to use Kalifa's Devil Fruit power?
    • Kalifa basically gropes Nami to make her slippery. Please note that Nami is shown to be slippery everywhere visible.
    • Plus, Kalifa gets this reaction from Nami before their fight in Enies Lobby:
      Nami: "Wah! She's so sexy! If she were my secretary, I'd be happy! Wait, I'm not a guy!"
      • Worth noting is that, until the moment while fighting Kalifa, Nami's shown zero attraction to anyone. But even she gets Distracted by the Sexy when it comes to Kalifa.
  • Don't forget the way Nami smiled at Vivi in the Alabasta bath scene...heck, Nami and Vivi's close buddy-buddy relationship in general.
  • Nami towards Robin, especially post Enies Lobby. Robin is the only character that Nami says that she loves on a regular basis and is far more touchy-feely with her than the other crewmates, and it's also revealed that the women's quarters on the Thousand Sunny has only one bed in it.
  • During the end of Punk Hazard, the way Nami talks about Tashigi raised some eyebrows.
  • The Mink Tribe, being animal people, enjoy licking others as they talk to them. Wanda does it to Nami and she is the only one shown to enjoy it.
    • Wanda is also the one who offered to give Nami this sexy evening gown and she also helped her lace it up. Makes you wonder...

  • When Alvida arrives in Logue Town, almost everyone in the area falls in love with her at first sight, males and females.
  • Boa Hancock, a woman whose primary power (and negotiating tactic) is to make everyone fall in love with her. Everyone.
  • There are possible Depraved Lesbian implications from Charlotte Smoothie. "Juicing" people evidently gives the victim a pleasurable sensation while also allowing the user to "drink" that person's "essence" — which is definitely ambiguously erotic — and Smoothie seems to prefer to use her powers on other women; she chooses a beautiful woman as her personal day-snack, serves another woman to the guests of the tea party (while appearing to be directly gazing at her butt), and licks her lips with a predatory expression on her face when she gets a hold of Nami. In fact, shortly after that, she does this again to Reiju — and this time, it's quite clear that she specifically chose to grab her over Luffy or Sanji.
  • Sanjida (who's supposedly a female Sanji in the Obahan Time special, though she's still voiced by Sanji's voice actor) likes to touch other females.
  • Chapter 1108's cover features Reiju getting a little too up close and personal with Tashigi. Fans were quick to catch that.