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Ho Yay / No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

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  • One sided. Tomoko has it for Yuu. This page and this other one are blatant evidence.
  • Chapter 21 is basically 20 pages of Tomoko trying to get Yuu to hug her (for a chance to touch Yuu's butt) any way possible and wondering whether she's being gay. The fans know the answer in their hearts. Also, a What If? omake set immediately after the events of this chapter has the Student Council President Megumi hug Tomoko, only for Tomoko to take this opportunity to grope Megumi instead of Yuu.
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  • Chapter 29 reveals that she's been regularly sending weird texts to her friend. "Yuu-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing right now?" indeed.note 
  • The ending of the first chapter of the spin-off series reveals that Tomoko's lust for Yuu dates back to the very day the two met. That same chapter also has a present-day Tomoko wondering if she can get away with groping Yuu while riding behind her on a bike. While drooling. In the second chapter she gets jealous when Yuu reveals that she befriended Kotomi while Tomoko was staying home sick.
  • Chapter 7 of the spin-off. Now it is a les perverts triangle.
  • In the volume 4 omake, Tomoko channels her Yuu-lust into an otome heroine who looks like her.
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  • Chapter 51 is all about Tomoko mistaking simple kindness from girls as lesbianism. She also reveals that she is constantly harassing Yuu, but "that's just normal".
  • In the second Christmas special Tomoko convinces herself that Yuu had sex with her boyfriend... and then tries to reenact with a plushie what she thinks Yuu did with her boyfriend. While calling the plushie "Yuu" throughout the act, at that.
  • In chapter 54, Tomoko apparently thinks she and Yuu are in a relationship; when Yuu and Komiyama get to talking, Tomoko interprets it as Yuu flirting with Komiyama, and gets pissed off with Yuu.
  • In Chapter 59, Tomoko decides she would rather gawk at sexy people than watch the baseball game. To that end, she follows various groups of people around so that she can stare at the cheerleaders, a tall hot guy, and a woman with large breasts, among other things. Out of all the people seen, Tomoko enjoyed leering at the cheerleaders' panties the most, but was thoroughly unimpressed by the tall man.
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  • Chapter 65: Tomoko pervs over Yuu in a bathing outfit, much to Yuu's consternation. Later, on the way home, she enjoys the smell of Yuu mixed with the smell of the sea.
  • Student Council President Megumi thinks Tomoko is "cute" and likes to "keep an eye on her".
  • Some people are into Foe Yay Shipping. Guess which is the pair?
  • Chapter 73 opens with Tomoko greatly enjoying the opportunity to stare at her female classmates at a communal bath during the school trip to Kyoto.
  • In Chapter 74 Tomoko gropes Yoshida, her delinquent looking roommate, after being asked to wake her up, and she ends up getting smacked.
  • In Chapter 77 Yuri, one of Tomoko's group members, and her friend definitely give off a suspicious vibe.
  • In chapter 78, it turns out Tomoko tried to molest Yuu during their middle school field trip, but got the wrong girl.
  • Chapter 80. All of it. Tomoko peeks in on Ucchi while the latter is naked in the shower, inadvertently steals the emoji girl's panties and fails to hide the crime, and stares at her while she thinks she's asleep to see what kind of faces she makes in her slumber. It all combines to make Ucchi so paranoid about Tomoko that the mojyo ends up being the only thing she can think about on the way home. And thus a Running Gag is born!
  • In chapter 82 Tomoko once again accidentally gropes Yoshida; this time it really is an accident as she wasn't looking as she reached for a door handle that was crotch high. Oh, and she has a couple of run-ins with Ucchi, who's convinced Tomoko is out to molest her both times.
  • In chapter 84, Hina, Tomoko's twintailed classmate, asks Tomoko to scratch her back, telling her to put her hand under her sweater. Cut to Tomoko sitting down afterwards looking blissed out, saying "Yeah..."
  • Chapter 87 has Tomoko trying to look up cheerleaders' skirts during a sports competition. Ucchi at first is creeped out because she thinks Tomoko is after her, but then she gets rather pissed when she sees Tomoko ogling everyone.
  • In chapter 98: "You fuckin' liar! You're the one who pinched my nipples!"
  • In chapter 15 of the spin-off Tomoko and Kotomi sniff each other to check out whether they stink or not, with Tomoko getting a bit too close for Kotomi's liking. Tomoko then offers to check whether Yuu stinks, sniffs her braid and invites Kotomi to join in and sniff Yuu's other braid, much to Yuu's confusion.
  • In Chapter 99, when Ucchi catches Mako staring curiously at Tomoko, she warns her about what a pervert Tomoko is, and then starts bragging about being the supposed subject of her lust in the past.
  • Chapter 100 sees Tomoko fantasising about what she'd do if she were dating Yuu, including groping her butt and inviting her to a love hotel or over to Tomoko's place, then telling the real-life Yuu she wants to sexually harrass the hell out of her.
  • In Chapter 103 Tomoko has a dream about being chased by Kii-chan at the base of Mt. Fuji, who was armed with egg plants and a hawk. The dream ends with Tomoko yelling "That doesn't go in there".
  • In chapter 104 Tomoko asks Kii whether there's anyone Kii has a crush on, and if not, what her type is. Kii replies that someone like Tomoko would be her type and claims that Tomoko makes her heart skip a bit.
  • In Chapter 109, Asuka offers to do Tomoko's nails, which Tomoko interprets as very intimate behavior unsuitable for a virgin like her. In an omake taking place the morning after this chapter, Asuka then goes to ask Tomoko if she'd like her to paint the rest of her nails...while Ucchi watches on. Jealousy intensifies.
  • In chapter 112 Ucchi leaves the Valentine's Day chocolates in Tomoko's locker. In chapter 114, as Tomoko returns the favor, it turns out that Ucchi is secretly watching her from behind the locker; later Ucchi is shown enjoying the chocolates, wondering why Tomoko didn't give them to her in person and thinking of Tomoko as a creep... while smiling and blushing.
    • The Les Yay is even lampshaded in the chapter's descriptor:
      "A Valentine's Day filled with nothing but girls!"
  • In chapter 115 Ucchi watches from a distance as a graduating upperclassman pats Tomoko's head, angrily gritting her teeth. She grits them even harder when in 116 Tomoko gets a hug from Megumi as the two say good-bye. She is pissed that Tomoko is hitting on yet another girl.
  • In chapter 117 Ucchi finds out that Tomoko was standing next to her friend in a crowded train and kept clinging to her. She immediately demands her friend tell her what station that happened on, and tries to take a ride to that very station the next day. Later in that chapter she openly admits in front of Hina, Okada and Kiyota that she finds Tomoko's creepiness strangely charming.
  • Chapter 120 shows Ucchi putting a lot of effort into cooking meat, which she then gives to Tomoko, much to her friends' astonishment. Later in the chapter Tomoko gets angry at her classmate who asks her to introduce him to Yuu.
  • In chapter 124, Yuri gets jealous over Tomoko hanging out with other friends. She actively barges in on her talking to Yuu and Komi, gets jealous over how pretty Yuu is, and tried to assert dominance by telling inside stories.
  • During the trip to Disneyland in chapter 125 Ucchi forces her way into Tomoko's group, then wedges herself between Tomoko and Yuri. She spends the rest of the chapter right next to Tomoko, seemingly unable to take her eyes off her. To top it off, she thinks the group is Tomoko's harem, and isn't happy about it in the least - though whether that's because she thinks Tomoko's a Harem Seeker, or she's jealous of the other girls, is anyone's guess.
  • All of chapter 126. All of it. Let us count the ways.
    • As the girls get ready to board a roller coaster, Ucchi asks Tomoko if roller coasters scare her. Tomoko is flabbergasted that she's actually talking to her, but Ucchi is acting uncharacteristically shy to her.
    • Tomoko and Ucchi pair up on a roller coaster. In her fright, Tomoko grabs Ucchi's hand, and her hair flies in the emoji's face, implicitly blissing her out. Ucchi all out demands they ride it again, but finds it left wanting when she doesn't get to ride with Tomoko the second time.
    • When hopping on a log flume ride, Hina manipulates events in a way that allows her to ride with Tomoko (visibly annoying Ucchi again), going so far as to say it would suck if they didn't ride together at least once. During the ride, they start talking to each other, with Tomoko accidentally calling Hina "Nemo." Recognizing it as a nickname, Hina demands Tomoko start calling her that from now on, and dubs her "Kuro" in return.
    • As the above is unfolding, Ucchi and Yuri are jealously glaring daggers at them, with the former even ranting at how disgusting it is that Tomoko and Hina are flirting in public and the latter venting her frustration by giving Ucchi a painful pinch in the arm.
  • Chapter 127 has another minor moment that's easy to miss, care of Ucchi again: when asked by the mascot at the kiddie attraction whether she could be his girlfriend, Ucchi flatly turns the mascot down, and mentions that she's already got someone she likes. Two guesses as to who that is.
  • Chapter 128 then has Ucchi gives an Exact Words excuse to explain why she's sticking with Tomoko to her friends when she replied to them on LINE, and then forces one of the park's bear mascots to hug her tighter (much to the person in the suit's discomfort) just so that she can get nearer to Tomoko.
  • Chapter 129 gives us quite a lot between Hina Nemoto and her friend Akane Okada. It was shown a couple times during the Disney Land arc that the two were having a fight; turns out Akane was mad because Nemo hadn't told her about her dream of voice acting but had told Tomoko. After finding out from Tomoko that Nemo would probably have to do eroge, erotic games, Akane freaks out, but after they have a talk about it, and Nemo promises to never do eroge, the two of them make up. Nemo then thinks to herself about how if she ever did do an eroge, or even a hentai, she would tell Akane first, just to see her reaction.
  • The promo piece of artwork included in Volume 12. It's innocent on its own, featuring Tomoko eating while Yuri sits beside her smiling, but as it's one of the most popular ships, well...
  • Chapter 130 continues with more multiple instances of Les Yay.
    • With their group cut down to just Tomoko and Yuri, the former decides to lighten the mood by deliberately invoking Les Yay between them jokingly, saying they have plenty of time to spend between the two of them. It takes Yuri a moment to realize this wasn't just casual small talk, but an attempt to be funny, to which she finally responds with "Now no one will get between us." Only to immediately turn away with an embarrassed blush when she realizes what she said.
    • While shopping for souvenirs, Tomoko gets a set of cow keychains, one of which she gives to Yuri. Yuri is very moved by this.
    • As they exit the park, Asuka pops a surprise treat directly into Tomoko's mouth. Tomoko being Tomoko, she immediately likens it to a sex act, and is so absolutely smitten that she gives the girl another one of her keychains on the spot. While hearts float around her.
    Tomoko: I think I understand why some guys dump all their money into idols and cabaret clubs now.
    • While the above is happening, Yuri starts once again glaring jealously at them.
    • Witnessing the above, Hina pesters Tomoko for a keychain as well, pointing out how she's been spoonfeeding Tomoko all day.
    • Ucchi splits off from her friends just so she can watch the fireworks with Tomoko. As they're going off, she describes the scene as beautiful, but her sentence is worded in such a way that implies she's actually calling Tomoko beautiful. note 
  • Chapter 131 has Ucchi in a state of bliss after Tomoko gives her a keychain; Ucchi confuses her friends by openly talking about her and someone else's hearts being connected no matter where they are, without specifying who she's talking about. Unfortunately, she ends up going through a Heroic BSoD when she finds out that Tomoko gave three such keychains to Asuka. In addition, Ucchi's friends confirm that Ucchi usually runs off somewhere during break, implicitly to stalk Tomoko. That chapter also has Tomoko pretty much smitten with Asuka, as well as Hina reacting to this with a Thousand-Yard Stare and The Un-Smile.
  • In chapter 132 Ucchi can be seen hiding behind a tree, watching Tomoko. Other than that, Shizuku Hirasawa gets a Chilly Reception (which she compares to how her girl classmates reacted to her popularity with boys) from Yuri and Hina when they find out that she tries to befriend Tomoko. Which is still better than her first meeting with Ucchi, who intimidates her.
  • In Chapter 134, Tomoko's mind literally goes blank the moment Asuka comes into the picture. Also, the group shot in the final panel says it all.
  • In Chapter 135, Hina lends Tomoko her hoodie. Right after putting it on, Tomoko starts smelling it. She thinks it smells nice, and when Hina asks her about it, tells Hina that if she were a guy, she would definitely have a boner.
  • Chapter 137 in almost its entirety. Tomoko acts incredibly bashful around Asuka, blushing furiously and stuttering every time she speaks to her, which both Yuri and Hina are quick to pick up on. Then, after getting roped into looking into different colleges by all three girls, Tomoko asks Yuri and Hina if they'd like to help her go shopping for new clothes...for her outing with Asuka. Both of them very bluntly turn her down in ways that imply jealousy.
  • In 138, Tomoko decides to use Yuri as a model while shopping for clothes. Upon seeing how sexy she looks in a cold shoulder top, Tomoko gets excited by the prospect of sexually harassing Yuri the same way she does to Yuu, and immediately pulls out an even more skimpy dress for Yuri to wear.
  • Chapter 140 might as well be called "I'm Not Popular, So There Will Be Unresolved Sexual Tension" thanks to Tomoko touring Aoyama University with both Asuka and Ucchi in what looks like the early stages of a Love Triangle.
    • As usual, Tomoko acts like a Smitten Teenage Girl due to her crush on Asuka, and Ucchi is in full Green-Eyed Monster mode due to her crush on Tomoko.
    • Tomoko is uncomfortable being so close to Asuka, but finds staring at Ucchi's simpler face calming.
    • A sudden bout of coughing prompts both Asuka and Ucchi to offer Tomoko a bottle of water to drink. Tomoko takes Ucchi's because she's insecure about the prospect of having an Indirect Kiss with Asuka, but not with Ucchi. Asuka is put off by this, while Ucchi looks more pleasantly surprised.
    • Asuka tells Tomoko she would really like to go to college with her, but wonders why Tomoko doesn't appear to return the feeling.
    • Feeling guilty for the above, Tomoko decides to admit to Asuka that she's not nearly as nice or wholesome as she appears, but is a huge pervert who consumes a lot of porny games and sexually harasses her friends. Asuka is not put off by this at all; if anything, she's more interested in hearing the specifics on how Tomoko harasses her friends.
    • And just to cap things off, Ucchi finally gets her wish to cling to Tomoko on the train by sleeping on her shoulder.
  • In Chapter 143, Tomoko tells Yuu that Yoshida "just doesn't like it when I sexually harass her . . . unlike you, Yuu-chan."
  • Chapter 144.1. When Akane sends Tomoko to wake Hina up while the latter is fake-sleeping on the grass, Tomoko instead takes a moment to look up her skirt and examine her panties. When Hina yells at her for this, Tomoko insists that not looking would have been rude since Hina was the one putting herself on display.
    • In the omake, Tomoko goes into extra detail in how Hina's panties looked, pointing out how they rode really hard and even mentioning offhand how she knows the other girl keeps her bush well-trimmed (calling back to the time she looked at it in chapter 73). When she thinks that might have made her mad, Tomoko decides to try and smooth things saying how her labia was a pretty shade of pink. Hina smacks her hard for that one, only to, unlike everyone else who's ever hit Tomoko, apologize immediately afterward.
  • Asuka continues to dote on Tomoko in chapter 146, culminating in offering to let the latter sleep on her lap again when she notices her getting tired. Tomoko, of course, gets really excited by the experience. Especially since she uses it as an opportunity to look up both Yuri and Mako's skirts.
  • Chapter 149. Tomoko is playing ping-pong with her new kouhai, Shizuku, who has a certain annoying trait, but Tomoko doesn't care because Shizuku looks so hot running around. At the end of the chapter, after Shizuku has been enviously ridiculed by some other girls, Tomoko tries to emulate Megumi's kindness to her by hugging Shizuku and comforting her. When she does so, Tomoko is horrified that she may look like a predatory pervert trying to take advantage of a girl's moment of weakness.
  • Chapter 150. During their break at the Sports Festival, Nemo teaches Tomoko how to make flower crowns with Yuri helping to gather the needed flowers for it. Once Tomoko finishes her crown, Nemo is excited to take a picture of it but Tomoko decides instead to gift the crown to Asuka for no apparent reason. Asuka is utterly delighted at the gift and wastes no time at taking a selfie with it, much to Tomoko's satisfaction. Tomoko then returns to Nemo and Yuri who not so subtly decide to ignore her out of jealousy.
  • In an omake for Volume 14, Asuka applies make-up to Tomoko's eyes and Tomoko COMES complete with ahegao and double peace signs. Ucchi notices and is not pleased.
  • Chapter 152. A confused and painful set of encounters between Tomoko and Ucchi featuring Ucchi's friends let them to understand, and accept, the possibly lesbian nature of Ucchi's infatuation.
  • Chapter 155. During a study session, Tomoko blurts out that she wants to grope some tits. In response, Asuka offers to let Tomoko grope her breasts, and even says she wants to help Tomoko feel better. Tomoko ultimately refuses, but notes that Asuka looked sad afterwards.
  • Chapter 156 has quite a bit. Tomoko comes across Rena on the train to school and Rena pretty nonchalantly asks Tomoko if the rumors about her giving Yoshida oral sex were true. Tomoko then arrives at school and is greeted normally by Asuka, the whole "grope me" incident forgotten, Tomoko wistfully watches Asuka thinking about how she could compensate her and suddenly blurts out that since she couldn't touch her boobs, maybe she could touch Asuka's hair instead. Thanks to Tomoko's poor phrasing, Asuka thinks that Tomoko wants to touch her pubic hair but instead of getting upset she gets flustered (while hearts appear on the background!) and laughs it off once things are cleared off; much to Tomoko's delight who finds the whole exchange even pervier that simply groping her. Meanwhile, Ucchi continues to be depressed about 152 events catching the eye of Minami, who shows her a picture of Tomoko wearing Asuka's makeup job with the intention of getting Ucchi to bad mouth her together. Ucchi asks Minami for a copy of the picture and once she gets it, she tells Minami off, clearly upset about her badmouthing Tomoko. And to cap the chapter, Miyazaki is mumbling to herself about how weird she finds Tomoko after watching interact with different girls over time. Unfortunately, she's overheard by Ucchi who takes the mumbling as Miyazaki becoming interested in Tomoko.
  • Chapter 157 shows the main cast reactions' to Tomoko's suspension and such, it includes a few gems. Yuri's first act after hearing the news is trying to contact Tomoko, despite being explicitly forbidden from doing it. Asuka spends her lunch sitting in silence simply drinking a cup of tea, looking devasted at the lack of Tomoko. Ucchi's similarly upset but unlike Asuka, she goes hysterical, running to the Counseling Room screaming Tomoko's name.
  • More in Chapter 162. Shizuku ditches a group of boys to hand out with Tomoko instead, getting particularly excited about the prospect of writing Tanabata wishes together. She herself wishes to get closer to her senpai, to the point where Tomoko will even call her by name. She practically squees in delight when Tomoko obliges her, calling her "Shizuku" without attaching any honorifics. Tomoko for her part gets rather turned on by her kouhai's giddiness and starts fantasizing about being a guy and cuckolding Shizuku's boyfriend.
    • Ucchi of course sees this happening, and gets so ballistically pissed off that in a rage of jealousy, she writes and hangs up a rant about "disgusting creeps [becoming] more disgusting on Tanabata."
  • While studying together with Yuri over LINE in 167, Tomoko notes how lewd it feels, and jokingly asks Yuri what kind of bra she's wearing and if she can show off some shoulder. Later when Yuri leaves for a moment, Tomoko considers surprising her by jumping out in front of the camera completely naked.
  • Chapter 170: Asuka comes to Tomoko's house, along with Yuu. Tomoko, in keeping with her Smitten Teenage Girl attitude towards Asuka, hastily cleans her room and changes her clothes in preparation for the latter's arrival, and outright admits to finding the idea of having two beautiful girls in her room to be arousing. Both of them later dye her hair, which Tomoko...shows a bit of excitement towards, and when they're done, she jokingly offers to pay for their services. Yuu is nonplussed by this. Asuka is amused.
    • On the other hand, Asuka also pretties herself up, wearing a very sexy dress (that curiously, is the exact same dress Komiyama fantasized herself wearing to impress Tomoki in a previous chapter) and goes upstairs ahead of Tomoko not worrying about the possibility of giving the latter a full view of her underwear.

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