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    About Ace and Sabo 
  • We know that Sabo was kept out of the story all this time by his amnesia plot, but at the same time got a bounty on his head and became the 2nd in command of the revolutionary army without an alias or hiding his name...
  • I can understand Luffy being unaware of anything that isn't the current adventure or Food-related
  • And Garp by sheer force of absent-mindedness kept away info about Dragon from the Marines so it's very easy for him to "forget" about Sabo too...
  • But even if Ace shares these "family traits" to some extent, it's really credible that "Destiny" was enough to keep these two from meeting? Or for him to stumble on Sabo's wanted poster that circulated worldwide in the news during his hunts for Blackbeard? Any guesses? Only asking because even the Ace spin-off didn't mention anything about it...

    Nami stronger than Usopp? 
  • How is Nami stronger than Usopp? Sure her weapon is certainly better, but it seems that Usopp is obviously stronger.
    • When discussing the crew's strength, it's important to remember that strength=/=combat prowess. Usopp is weaker than Chopper, but did a lot better in his fight against Luffy than Chopper likely would have through skill and tactics. Nami is mainly stronger than Usopp because he's a wuss, even post Time Skip. Usopp is still, and likely always will be, the Straw Hat most likely to panic at a given threat.
    • Also, most of his attacks are only good at long distances. It's all mostly stuff exploding all over, and if he targets someone too close to himself he can hurt himself too. Nami can just whack you on the head with the clima tact if the situation needs it. It's a long metal pipe after all.
    • I meant physical strength
      • When we discuss who is the weakest among the crew, it's not an evaluation of who can bench press more. Usopp probably has more physical strength than Nami, but the overall "value" of his personality, weapon, and skills is less than hers. Frankly, going by combat prowess alone Usopp is probably somewhere in the middle of the crew, but his rampant cowardliness makes him weaker overall.
      • Doylist Reason: Eiichiro Oda wanted Usopp to be The Everyman, no matter who joins the crew, Usopp is going to represent the reader.
    • Nami seems to largely be a Glass Cannon in relation to the other crew members, even Usopp. Especially Usopp. Her weapon's actually pretty nasty when you think about it (whistling up thunderbolts on command? The last guy who could do that pretty much owned everyone in the crew not made of rubber), but her physical stats are probably closer to a real-world human than Usopp's are.
    • Here's a good reason: Oda needs a well-balanced character. All of the other Straw Hats specialize in a certain area in terms of combat. Usopp himself specializes in sniping but when he isn't doing that, he's a tactical technique fighter who always has a few tricks up his sleeves. While those are Sanji, Robin, and Franky's fields respectively, Usopp is the only one who's nearby when people need help. Nowadays, he's only technically the weakest because he doesn't really focus on one field, (aside from sniping), but now he's more on the Jack of All Trades, Lacking in None instead of Master of None. In reality, he is a crucial member of the crew.
      • Besides, how the hell else do you explain him having Haki?

    Why did Law go to Sabaody 
  • Why did Law go to Sabaody? He was in a submarine, it probably was stronger than the Strawhat's sub and didn't need coating, as they said they went to the bottom to avoid Kizaru's light attack at Marineford (though this may have just been in the anime).
    • He probably wanted to get a good look at his competition.
    • Recruitment. He went specifically to see if there was anyone on sale at the human auction house worth getting his hands on.
    • Restock on supplies. Food, water, medical, submarine fuel, etc.

    The Lines and their Real World Equivalents 
  • A few things that I have wanted to know since Oda explained how the seas, grand line, red line, etc were positioned are "Exactly how does the planet orbit the sun?" and "Where is the planet's axis positioned?". It would be most logical if it was the same as the earth, but then I want to know at what angle we are viewing the planet whenever it's displayed. Is the middle of North Blue and South Blue where the axis is positioned? Any ideas?
    • I always assume that the Red Line is like the Greenwich Meridian, and the Grand Line is like the Equator, with the axis passing through the Red Line in the middle.
      • Close. The Grand Line and the Red Line are diagonal. The poles are in the middle of the North Sea and the South Sea.

    Phoenix Tears to revive the Dead 
  • Another Marineford entry for this page. Why didn't Marco use his Devil Fruit powers to bring Ace and Whitebeard back to life? It is said that a phoenix's tears can bring people back to life, and Marco's Devil Fruit powers turn him into a phoenix.
    • This is not Harry Potter. Marco's phoenix abilities are limited to flight, talon-kicks, and regeneration via fire. It's never stated that he can cure other people, and I'm pretty sure he can't, otherwise he would have done it.
    • Also, I'm pretty sure even if he could heal others, he wouldn't have been able to do it to either of them. Ace had a giant hole burned through his body (Jimbei too, but he's bigger than Ace and Law was there), and Whitebeard had half his friggin' face melted off.
    • A more recent chapter revealed that Marco can use his abilities to heal others, but there's no indication that he (or anyone else) can outright revive the dead. Also, even in Harry Potter phoenix tears only heal, they don't revive the dead.

    Celsius measurement in an alternate world 
  • In episode 80, temperatures are measured in Celsius. Since it is an alternate world, how do they know what a Celsius is? Also, considering the time period, would Celsius even be alive then?
    • They also have the concept of miles/kilometers, four cardinal directions, the characters are familiar with Greek myths, etc. It's a literary convention to make it so the readers will be able to understand.

    What do they have to fear from falling? 
  • Why were Luffy and his merry band afraid of the fall in Marine Ford, screaming they were going to die? Luffy had been thrown away from farther away (the bird that almost swallowed him) by an explosion, Crocodile was punched through half a mile of freaking rock, Ivankov propulsed himself with 5 times more force than that when he escaped from Impel Down and both Buggy and Mr. 3 were punched by a two-ton superstrong beast... with a gigantic iron spiked club. How is a normal fall from 2 miles tall (which means they would only fall at a certain speed) or the very fights against Marine Ford would be more harmful than that?
    • Rule of Funny, and falling from that height means anything you hit will be like hitting concrete at the fastest possible speed. The Minotaur isn't that strong and Ivankov can't push with that much force. It was deadly for the non-Logia, non-rubber people in the group, or at least should have been even when hitting the water. But, again, Rule of Funny is in full swing here.
    • The minotaur can punch hard enough to kill Sea Kings with ease, pulverize reinforced rock (or whatever is Impel Down made of), and with Iron spiked clubs. How a fall to ice would be deadlier? I mean, if they were normal humans, sure that would be deadly. But a normal human being hit with Luffy's chapter 1 punch would be splatted at the best-case scenario. Hell, just punching a guy through a cement wall would be enough to destroy every single bone and pierce their internal organs. So I guess it's Rule of Funny with Reality Is Unrealistic, probably the same reason why bullets still are deadly in people who can be blown up and/or kicked with enough force to level mountains without killing them, instead of annoying mosquito bites.
    • A terminal velocity fall is very very fast, way harder than the minotaur or anything else in this universe could ever hit. And ice isn't some spongy surface. It's solid ice. You might as well be hitting concrete if you impact water. A solid surface is even worse.
      • People in One Piece have been punched with the speed of light into very hard surfaces. Pretty sure terminal velocity is no biggie in the OP world.
      • Kicked by the speed of light my dear boy, kicked.
      • No they haven't, if Kizaru was moving anywhere near the speed of light anyone hit by his attacks would be obliterated, and he would leave nuclear-sized craters in his wake.
      • Fiction, in general, tends to play pretty fast and loose with the physics of moving at faster-than-light speeds. Kizaru's Devil Fruit turns him into light, he claims he can move at light-speed, there is, so far, no reason to doubt his word. For the comments regarding Terminal Velocity, that's been slow as molasses since East Blue. Zoro alone was pulling off hypersonic speed feats in East Blue (remember when he was fighting Baroque Works, and moving so fast he appeared to be teleporting?) to say nothing of Luffy collapsing a multi-story building with a single kick back at Arlong Park. Hell, Garp is able to lift and throw a cannonball weighing billions of tons. One Piece characters are a heck of a lot stronger and faster than you're giving them credit for.

     Why didn't Rayleigh act during the Marineford War? 
  • Why Rayleigh didn't act during the Marineford War? I mean, Ace was Gol D. Roger's son, which would be an extremely big deal for somebody like him, with equal or beyond the importance of that of Whitebeard. Instead, he was only drinking Sake and remembering the Good Old Days while Ace croaked. I mean, the guy literally swam through a Sea King-infested sea to find and train Luffy and he couldn't do the same for Ace? And how he didn't know Ace was Gol's son. Shouldn't the legendary "Dark King" be aware of something so important?. What, only Garp was deemed "trusting" enough to find out?.
    • Rayleigh had trouble against Kizaru alone. He's not the pirate he once was. He might have been able to help a little, but it probably wouldn't have changed anything.
    • Most likely, Roger just never managed to tell Rayleigh. Keep in mind that Roger's crew had already disbanded way before Roger died. When Roger was caught, the only one he could trust with his son was Garp. Also, keep in mind that Rayleigh was still a highly notorious criminal, which would make him very hard to find, and maybe even unsuitable for raising children what with all the people after him.
    • Also also, Rayleigh didn't do anything when Roger turned himself in. Roger had his pride. If Rayleigh knew about Ace, he'd likely assume that Ace had his pride too.
      • Roger's days were numbered at that point anyway, intervening wouldn't have done any good. Also, Roger probably wanted his son to have a normal, peaceful life, which is why he entrusted his kid to a legendary and well-trusted marine hero as opposed to a notorious pirate that would be constantly on the run. Plus, Roger's shipmates would be a rather obvious place for the marines to look anyway, who would suspect Garp of harboring the son of the world's most feared pirate?

     Luffy's low bounty upgrade 
  • Why did Luffy's bounty get such a low upgrade, I mean his bounty was 300 mil. before Moria's arc and now it's 400?
    • 100 mil is not a small amount. Most pirates are considered serious business if they can get up to just 100 mil.
    • Yes but it's lower than when he declared war on the World Government in Enies Lobby (in a way), he got from 100,000,000 to 300,000,000. This time he defeated Gecko Moria, a Warlord of the Sea, attacked a World Noble, destroyed a Pacifista (with Zoro and Sanji), caused a breakout from Impel Down, participated in the Whitebeard War, freed Ace (failed to save but freed) and he intruded Marine Headquarters a second time and ringed the Ox-Bell 16 times (which was taken as a declaration of war, this time public worldwide). Oh, and it was revealed that he was "Revolutionary" Dragon's son and the sworn step-son of Gold Roger (kind of, he's Ace's sworn brother and Ace's father is Roger). Quite a list... So... why so low upgrade?
      • Because he's already done it before. There's quite a big discrepancy between a nobody declaring war on the world and a known formidable enemy doing what you expect them to do. It's also possible that the Marines didn't want to make people panic too much, so they're like "Ok, you did all those pesky things but that's just 100 mil in our book." These are the guys that are ignoring Impel Down's Level Six Criminals.
      • remember that the world government also keeps quite a few of those exploits secret, like his fight with moria, his breaking in and out of Impel Down, and the complete existence of the Pacifistas.
    • Bear in mind this is also the highest bounty we've seen so far.
    • Crimes and whatnot don't "stack" in the same manner an RPG character gains experience and levels. Defeating a Warlord of the Sea gave Luffy a 100 million bounty, while declaring war against the entire world is enough to bump him to 300 mil. Simply beating another Warlord of the Sea isn't more heinous than that, and being someone's son hardly qualifies for an upgrade. The only major stunts he pulled were freeing ID prisoners and taking part in the WB war (but even then, he was a relatively minor player.)
      • "Being someone's son" is clearly something that does matter to the World Government, though. The whole reason why they considered it so important to kill Ace is that he was Gol D. Roger's son. The fact that Luffy is the son of Dragon, the world's most wanted criminal, would be a huge deal to them. And was treated as such by Sengoku when he revealed it to the world. Also, publicly assaulting a World Noble should by all rights be seen as an even bigger deal than simply defying the World Government, given how colossally egotistical the World Nobles are and how much influence they hold. And then there's the fact that Luffy defeated the legendary Marine hero Garp in battle. Granted, Garp took a dive but that's something they'll never admit because that'd be even more embarrassing than the idea of Luffy being strong enough to one-shot Garp.
    • Well I think that the higher the bounty the less they add up each time, money doesn't grow on trees you know, he defeated Buggy, Kreig, and Arlong and got 30 million, he defeated a Shikibukai and got raised to 70, he defeated member of the CP9 and caused all that ruckus and got raised 200, now he hit a noble, damaged a Pacifista, defeated Moria, escaped Impel Down plus got other inmates (including 2 of level 6) out, declared war on the government, fought on the Marine ford battle and was a great force in said battle and only got raised 100 million, the people already got the idea that he's very wanted and powerful, they're starting to take many more offenses into account before raising a substantial amount because after all they have a bounty on a lot of pirates, and like I said money doesn't grow on trees.
    • Luffy got the upgrade because he punched a World Noble and invaded Marineford (twice!). They didn't acknowledge Moira. As for why it's a minimal upgrade, you want a bounty that a) signifies threat and b) doesn't scare away hunters. If Luffy were bounced up to 5 or 6 hundred million, no one would think of attacking him.
    • Jimbei explains this post-Time Skip. Basically, 300 Million is a sort of "soft cap" as far as bounties go. Once you get that high, it starts taking some serious, unprecedented-level s*** to get any higher. The fact that Luffy got bumped up a full 100 million so soon after reaching 300 million really says something about the feats he pulled.
      • And going from 400 to 500 is yet another example of crazy s*** he does such as Curbstomping Doflamingo after using Gear 4th and getting a 7 division fleet of 5,640 pirates, plenty of them strong enough to easily beat Doflamingo's top members, to join him.
    • Bounties are algorithmic, not linear.
    • Don't forget, Luffy LOST. He lost in the war, he lost against Kuma and he lost against Magellan. The 400 million was probably set on the basis that his full potential (pre-timeskip) was now known and that it wasn't enough. ):
    • Ok, Moria, that was quickly covered up in order to not make anyone panic and because they felt they needed all seven warlords to confront Whitebeard so that wasn't a reason for the raise. His father, like was said earlier, that wasn't important, and as Garp said Luffy had gained enough infamy that the revelation was weightless so that wasn't a reason either. Punching out a world noble and leading a successful break-in and break out of the most famous prison? That got him the bounty raise.
    • Bounties really aren't a reflection of what crimes you've committed. The standard wanted poster format says "Wanted dead or alive" so being wanted for any sum already puts you on death row. Bounties are more of an indicator of how dangerous the individual is, which is the reason that those who use them as fast and loose Power Levels get stomped a lot. Consider, Foxy had less than half of Bellamy's bounty but was much tougher because he spent all of his time on a nearly uninhabited island picking off chumps. Kidd's bounty was higher than Luffy's because he is a murderous psychopath. As for Luffy, going from 100 to 300 was because he had just proven to be entirely willing to throw down with the WG as a whole and is strong enough for them to need their heavy hitters to take him down. The move from 300 to 400 is a reflection of how, in the WG's eyes, Luffy is now also cunning enough to sneak into Impel Down and is enough of a Magnetic Hero to get an Emperor's crew to back him up.
      • 400 to 500 is a sign that he is capable of easily taking down the Warlords AND the fact that he leads a 7 division fleet of 5640 pirates strong enough to fight a Warlord crew.

     Why didn't the Whitebeard pirates go Impel Down instead of Marineford? 
  • Honestly. Why didn't the Whitebeard pirates just pay a visit to Impel Down instead of Marineford? It's public knowledge where he's being held. Sure, they have a ton of patrolling battleships, but those are no match for Whitebeard. And neither are Shiryuu and Magellan. Teach nearly destroys the place by himself later (although he did need to use his Warlord of the Sea credentials to get in).
    • My own guess is that it's because he wanted to punish the Marines for what they did to Ace. If Whitebeard had gone to Impel Down, he wouldn't have been able to convince his New World allies to join him in the fight, so a massive showdown at Marineford wouldn't have been possible.
    • Don't forget that Impel Down is in the sea-kings-infested Calm Belt, and only marines have seastone layered ships to hide from them.
      • Then why couldn't they steal one of the dozen-or-so Marine ships sent out to keep an eye on him? Maybe only a small number of ships meant specifically for travel in the Calm Belt is layered with seastone?
    • Personally, I think it had more to do with the fact that the vast majority of Impel Down is underwater, and Whitebeard's power is really only good for mass-scale devastation. If he starts tossing around earthquakes in Impel Down, he'll bring the whole prison down, making rescuing Ace a moot point.
      • That's assuming he would need to. Sure, Magellan and Shiryuu are tough b***s, but I doubt that the entirety of Whitebeard's crew, and possibly also allied crews, would not be enough to get through Impel Down. Literally, every other guard in the entire prison would be curb-stomped. Can I call this a Plot Hole yet?
      • And you don't think that Impel Down would be able to get a call for help off, or that Marine HQ wouldn't do something about an assault? Remember that the reason they had to deal with Luffy's jailbreak on their own was that Marine HQ was bracing for an assault from Whitebeard. If Whitebeard shows up at Impel Down, that frees up Marine HQ's forces, and those forces include the Admirals, at least one of which (Kizaru) could make it to Impel Down in very short order. The Impel Down Guards might not be enough to stop Whitebeard and company, but Impel Down is a big place, and they could slow them down enough to allow the Admirals to arrive, and a fight between them and the Whitebeard Pirates in Impel Down would not bode well for the structure. It's just too risky for Whitebeard to try to attack Impel Down.
      • It would still take them quite a while to arrive. And I'm not sure if Kizaru can just fly there despite being light since when he had to go to Shabondy he was seen traveling by ship. Even if he could, he alone can't take on the Whitebeard Pirates. I mean, sure, the Navy would respond in full force but you have to keep in mind that they prepared for the attack with 100,000 soldiers and practically every elite they had as well as a whole range of PXes. There's no way they could have moved everybody all the way to Impel Down so quickly. Aside from giving Whitebeard the advantage in time, it probably would have worked out in his favor since his force was vastly outnumbered, to begin with. But even if they'd sink all of Impel Down as soon as he shows up there, it still doesn't really explain why he didn't try to attack the escort ship. That would have been easy.
      • Consider this: It took Luffy almost five days to arrive on Impel Down with Boa Hancock on a Marine ship. The Whitebeard Pirates, in particular, the Moby Dick was in the New World, most likely pretty far in the New World when it received the news of Ace's execution, which is the same day Boa Hancock and Luffy headed off to Impel. In response to the news, 23 Marine ships were instantly destroyed, before the Moby Dick started to move. If Whitebeard headed for Impel Down, he would've likely easily annihilated the marine fleet awaiting the transfer of Portgas D. Ace. There's also the point that despite not knowing exactly where Ace is held, given time, it's possible that any of the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, let alone Whitebeard would locate Ace and escape with him. So, what was the problem? Well, as I stated earlier, Luffy and Hancock went off to Impel Down with six days left until the date of Ace's execution. This journey took nearly five days from Amazon Lily, which is in the Calm Belt. Considering it took that long to get to Impel Down from Amazon Lily in a Marine ship, which is a relatively close distance, imagine how long it would take for Whitebeard and his crew to get from the New World, likely the farther parts of the New World to Impel Down. The journey would be pointless became Ace would've been transferred to Marineford already, with the execution already underway. And also, from the New World, via Fishman Island the first location would be Marineford anyway. Not to mention, the key to the success of Luffy's, and later Blackbeard's break-in of Impel Down was they took a Marine ship, thus catching the element of surprise. Even with the power of the Whitebeard Pirates means nothing with the Gates of Justice aren't opened for incoming pirates to Impel Down, effectively trapping them in the Tarai Current. Although, Sengoku seemed to think that this factor was somewhat irrelevant when he ordered the Marines to be on high alert around the Impel Down post. Possibly for good reason as Whitebeard is a quake-man. Maybe if they attack Impel Down, not only would they be expecting them, but it may be enough time for the most powerful Marine forces to battle them there. I mean, even the distance between Marineford and Impel Down took nearly two hours on a Marine ship. The entire incident with Luffy breaking in and releasing 241 prisoners took place in a total of 29 hours, due to, of course, the might of the Impel Down staff, in particular Magellan. As strong as the Whitebeard Pirates are, I seriously doubt they can even so much as break-in Impel Down without a Marine ship, let alone go inside Impel Down and locate Ace, and break him out within two hours, perhaps less, until the higher-tier Marines, especially the Admirals arrive there, maybe on better Marine warships; and something of a war already takes place there, as opposed to Marineford. While I said that they could find Ace with time earlier, time is exactly what they don't have. In summary: 1. The journey takes too long and would be pointless. 2. They would get immediately noticed by the Marines (they destroyed all the Marine ships they could've hijacked, remember), and possibly stuck in the Tarai Current. 3. They wouldn't be able to find Ace and escape less than two hours, even if they manage to defeat all of the Impel Down staff, without a mini-war taking place there as the powerful Marine soldiers would soon arrive on the scene. Even Luffy's mission in Impel Down was a partial failure. That's why the war took place in Marineford instead.
      • Consider this from the WB pirate perspective... if the Whitebeards attempted to take Impel Down, not only would they have to deal with the Marine reprisal from the outside, which would include basically... their most potent combatants possible, but Magellan as well. Magellan's Venom Demon represented a lethal threat to all of the key members of the WB pirates except... Marco (presumably) and Whitebeard (assuming he could keep his distance and not accidentally destroy the place). Faced with the Whitebeards, Magellan wouldn't hold back. He'd wait for them to get just deep enough, then Venom Demon his way through their forces until two or three Admirals showed up. Magellan is normally restricted to Impel Down but is easily a world-class combatant, equivalent, if not equal, to the Admirals. Why invite that disaster on yourself?
      • At Marineford, Ace was basically on display. A lot easier to rescue than tucked away in a dungeon. Plus, if Ace comes into contact with water while the WBs are breaking the walls of Impel Down — especially with those shackles on — he's boned. And then there's the factor of all the ridiculously powerful pirates locked up in the same level as Ace that hate WB's guts.
      • And then there is the possiblity that the marines simply decide to blow impel down up when the WB pirates enter and cannot be stopped. Do you seriously think they never thought of rigging that place with explosives? Not that it would be neccesary if Marco, Jozu, Ace, Whitebeard, Vista, etc. with all their troops fight their way down. No matter how careful, sooner or later somebody is going to break something, and everyone inside dies, devil fruit or not.
      • Something that needs to be considered is the public aspect as well. When Ace is at Marineford, he's out in the open and exposed to the world. News crews are filming and broadcasting the whole event. If Whitebeard tries to storm Impel Down, one of the guards can just slit Ace's throat under the pretext of preventing an escape. It's not like they could hold back the World's Strongest Man and Ace is a criminal on death row anyway so who cares if it wasn't done properly? But at Marineford, Ace is surrounded by the Marines' elites, their cream of the crop. If they kill Ace ahead of schedule in that situation, they are admitting to the world their greatest forces aren't enough to stop Whitebeard. In essence, they would be declaring a pirate to be stronger than the World Government. So, with the idea that they have to play by the rules, if you will, at Marineford, Whitebeard attacks there rather than risk Ace just getting offed by someone when he goes to save him. What he didn't expect was Sengoku forcibly deactivating the cameras at Marineford and stepping up the execution time. Remember Sengoku declaring that the Marines will tell the world only that they won after the fact? And how furious he was when Buggy kept another camera running? He didn't want the public to know anything about what happened during the war because the Marines are, in a sense, cheating.
    • Consider this. You attack Impel Down. Not only do you have to contend with all the staff from the prison, but by the time you get to the bottom, it's very likely a huge marine force has arrived from headquarters and you've got to fight all the way back up to get to the single exit. You probably can't free prisoners like Luffy did, since many of them probably have grudges against Whitebeard, and trying to escape through the single exit while against the full force of the navy is like shooting fish in a barrel for them.
    • I think another problem of going to Impel Down are the pirates. WB pirates are powerful people, and powerful people make lots of enemies. Getting down to Ace means having to not only fight all the marines and guards, but also every freaking pirate that has a grudge against WB. At level six that is practically more frightening than the entire marine forces. An entire army of people who are roughly lower Warlord level. Luffy didn't even qualify to go down to the sixth level with his power, and he "beat" Moria. The monsters on level six would be reason enough not to attack Impel Down.

     Arlong's ransom 
  • Nami's backstory drives me crazy. So, okay, everyone has to pay a Arlong a ransom. 100,000 a month for each adult, 50,000 a month for each kid. And Nami can buy the whole island for 100,000,000. Fine. So, judging from the attack on Arlong Park, there are about 100 adults in Nami's village. Let's ignore kids. 100 x 100,000 = 10,000,000 A MONTH. 120,000,000 A YEAR. Doesn't seem like a very good deal for Arlong, does it? Putting aside the obvious question of how a stranded village can afford these taxes (because we have no idea about the value of money in the One Piece world—Fan Wank suggests that it's similar to the Yen, but that just raises more questions than it answers), it took Nami eight years to gather what her village can routinely pay in only ten months. In those eight years, this one, tiny little village paid 960,000,000 B to Arlong! Kinda makes Luffy's little bounty seem like a joke. And don't say, "Oh, Arlong was never planning on going along with it," etc. etc. The one thing Nami knows best is money. Word Of God states that she's one of the smartest people in the East Blue. She wouldn't be able to tell that this is a ridiculous deal? I don't buy it.
    • And there's more! What about Bellemere's death? Oh, everyone in the village loves Bellemere, they love Nami, they love Nojiko, it's so good to see those kids grow up, blah blah blah. But would any of them just slip Bellemere the money that she needed to SURVIVE? No. Even before Arlong's invasion, it seemed to be common knowledge that Bellemere's family was having a hard time staying afloat, but there's no charity—just endless dinners made entirely out of tangerines. Worst. Villagers. Ever.
      • Ummm, no. Everyone in the village gave all the money they had and distributed it equally, it just happened they were 100,000B short. If they could pay for her, they would've.
      • Wait, so, you're saying that the entire life savings of every person in the village is equivalent to the amount that they had to pay every month thereafter? The Arlong Landing Tax and the Monthly Living Tax were both the same: 100k for adults, 50k for kids. So every single beri that every person in the village could contribute when Arlong landed just happens to be the same as what they could pay EVERY MONTH, and that wasn't enough for Bellemere and the kids.
      • And, anyway, you're wrong! That "equal distribution" thing you mention never happens. Genzo even asks Bellemere if she has the money, and she says that she only has 100,000B. He did NOT say, "Hey, we pooled all our money together, and it just so happens that we don't have enough for you and your kids—what've you got?" Maybe you got confused when you saw Arlong with all the money together, but he was just counting the total. That scene wasn't showing that they all gathered their cash to pay for everyone in the village. And even if your theory WAS true, Bellemere still pointlessly admits she has kids, without even knowing that they're around to see her empty gesture (they were hiding and they don't cry out until after it's clear that Bellemere is about to be shot). Nami's backstory is full of stuff like that—nonsensical actions that utterly fail to disguise paper-thin faux-tragedies.
      • One possibility is that Bellemere wasn't the only person who couldn't pay, but had the potential advantage of being outside the village, and thus any spare money had to cover the ones who were in town. Genzo most likely hoped the fishmen wouldn't notice her house, but this was thwarted when the fishmen spotted the smoke. As for Nojiko and Nami, there were only three choices for them; 1)Send them out to sea (which failed because the boats had been sunk), 2)Leave them on the island and let them possibly get killed for not paying or 3)Pay for them at the expense of Bellemere's own fee. Bellemere clearly can't accept 2), but it's unclear whether she knew about 1) or that it wasn't an option.
      • Kuroobi counts the money, and gets roughly 25 million Berries on the first collection, which would indicate at least 250 people lived in the village. It's hard to imagine how the villagers would pay that amount of money each month, much less eight years, especially considering that it's flowing out of the village economy.
      • Nami's hometown, never mind the entire island, isn't exactly a gold-mine town, just from the looks of it. The residents would certainly have enough of an economy to take care of their basic daily needs and transact regular business and all that, but all that got shot to hell once Arlong and his gang arrived. And Arlong KNEW from the outset that it would be hard as nails for the villagers to come up with the monthly stipulated amount. He was just being a real b*** about it.
      • Which causes one to wonder if there were any extended families, i.e. families with more than two children at the most, plus grandparents and other relatives, as well as relatives who might have been unable to work to pay that total amount per month, and just what might have happened to them if they were unable to pay...Arlong DID say the money was rent for them to keep their lives, after all...
    • The deal wasn't for money really. It was so Nami would have a reason to willingly serve Arlong and in that regard it succeded marvelously right up until Nami's former crew members showed up.
      • There's also a certain level of diminishing returns Arlong would have to deal with because there is only so much money people can make in a month. Unless Nami paid the difference over time (which she likely would not do without hope anyways) the population would either be rapidly dropping or he did not get the 120,000,000 a year and simply let some people get away with not paying their full taxes because something is better than nothing, and honestly the villagers would be a lot less cooropertive without the deal anyways which would mean a faster diminishing returns.
    • The thing with Bellemere's death is that Arlong is really big on people needing money to be important. He declares that those without money will die when he takes over the village. It's not much of a stretch to assume he wouldn't allow "parasites" to live, so the villagers might not have been able to cover for Bellemere even if they wanted to.
    • When Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp arrive, there were houses literally turned upside down, and entire neighborhoods had large trenches dug through the middle of the street where homes used to be. This implies that Arlong and co. did in fact kill people on a regular basis.
      • OTOH, it's implied that that particular town (Gosa) was an outlier; when Usopp attacks Arlong and Arlong starts tearing Cocoyashi apart to get at him, some of his own men dogpile him and drag him back to Arlong Park because they don't want to lose another town's worth of taxes.

     What if a devil fruit is submerged in water? 
  • This is a minor one that I don't even think we can answer yet based on the manga, but what would happen to a Devil's Fruit if it were submerged in water? I ask because I saw the "fish eating the Hito Hito no Mi" and wondered how the fruit would even reach a fish.
    • Nothing relevant to the fruit's power happens when it is adrift. In fact I recall that the Yami Yami no Mi (Blackbeard's fruit) was found while a crewmate - both then on Whitebeard's boat - fished it out of the ocean.
      • Seawater prevents fruit users for using their powers, and drains their strength. as fruit does not have powers or strength, this is a bit of a non-issue.

     Why doesn't Smoker use smoke more lethally? 
  • Why doesn't Smoker use smoke more lethally? Just push it into someone and they will suffocate. Very quickly. One breath of smoke that thick could leave permanent lung damage and easily take someone out.
    • Probably for the same reason why the other Logia users like Crocodile and Ace don't; because it would make them grossly overpowered and boring to boot.
    • He probably could do something like Gedatsu's swamp attack, but why would he? Smoker's not the type to kill someone who he could restrain, and the only people he can't restrain are logia and haki users, who probably wouldn't be vulnerable to a suffocation attack anyway.
      • And for Logias, he's got his seastone jitte, and his crew has seastone nets, so he's got ways to restrain them as well. And even most haki users are probably not the equal of the likes Hancock and her Warlord of the Sea-class fighting power and King's haki, so he could probably restrain them as well. Besides, he's had all of what, 4(?) fights in the series, and they were all interrupted by Dragon, Ace, Crocodile's seastone cage and Hancock before he could do too much more than catch up to and grab Luffy.
    • With the appearance of Caesar Clown (who did precisely that), we have an answer: Smoker can only control smoke, not oxygen. Smoke suffocates because in reality smoke almost always accompany a reduce in oxygen, but Smoker's DF ability is to generate smoke without reducing the oxygen in the air, thus it is likely that Smoker cannot suffocate people this way.
      • Eeeer... Cause of death from smoke inhalation is not lack of oxygen (well it would be but by the time it becomes a factor you are already dead) but poisoning from combustion gases like carbon monoxide combined with thermal damage to respiratory system caused by those gases being hot.
    • He should still be able to fill his enemy's lungs with smoke, not letting room for oxygen.
    • It's Smoker. He's tough, but he's not a murderer. He'd likely only resort to lethal force as an absolute last ditch effort to protect an innocent, otherwise he'll do his best to bring them in alive to face justice.
    • Actually, he was perfectly happy to let the Buggy Pirates and the Strawhats butcher each other and then send his men in to arrest the survivors; that's a level of Unscrupulous Hero you usually wouldn't see even from the likes of Judge Dredd or Dirty Harry unless they were genuinely outgunned, which Smoker definitely wasn't (in Chapter 100 he basically captures the entire Buggy crew by himself).

     Boa not hiding her allegiance to Luffy 
  • Boa's behavior bugs me right now. At first, her love for Luffy was extremely cute and endearing and a good direction for her character, IMO. Right now, she's practically advertising to a bunch of people that she's protecting Luffy. That's right, Boa. Just tell all those marine members that you're fighting against them. This TOTALLY doesn't put your position as a warlord in danger, and it's TOTALLY not going to jeopardize the security the island full of innocent people who worship the ground you walk on you happen to have responsibility for. What. The. F***.
    • This would be the same Boa Hancock who is introduced turning Vice-Admiral Momonga's entire crew to stone and stealing all their treasure for attempting to summon her to Marineford, right? Because in all honesty, Boa has never been loyal to the Marines and in fact has good cause to not be loyal to them. Plus, no matter what the final outcome of the battle is, the marines will be stretched so thin that they won't have anywhere near the manpower needed to take Amazon Lily.
    • Point there. Okay, I feel better now.
    • Don't worry, she will always be forgiven. Why? Because she is beautiful.
    • Beauty jokes aside, the real reason Boa wasn't arrested for what she did was because the World Government had way too many things on their hands to really be concerned with what one Warlord was doing. As notorious as the Warlords normally are, they are not Whitebeard or Marco, so at that point, for once, The World Government just didn't care.

     What if a devil fruit user ate Brook's fruit? feat What if two people split a devil fruit? 
  • What happens if a devil fruit user eats the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Brook's Fruit)?
    • Any DF user that eats another DF will die because the two fruits will react against one another and destroy the DF user.
    • The question is probably if the Yomi Yomi no Mi would bring the DF user back and if he would still have his old powers after that. The answer is probably "no", but I guess only Oda knows. Or not even him, if he haven't thought on that.
      • The user's body would probably be destroyed, leaving the soul no place to return. Brook died from being poisoned, so his body was still intact (albeit a skeleton). If he had been dismembered or incinerated, he most likely wouldn't have been able to move his body, and if he'd fallen into the ocean, he would have drowned as soon as he returned
      • Rather related to this: does one need to eat the devil fruit whole to get its power? What happens if 2 people find some Whatever Whatever no Mi and decided to split it between them 50:50?
      • Oda addressed this: Whoever eats first gets the power alone. And a single bite of the fruit is enough.
      • But what if they both eat it at the exact same time?
      • Then whoever managed to disgest it ever so slightly faster would have it.

     How did Ace get Luffy's wanted poster? 
  • Blackbeard killed Thatch and defected from the Whitebeard Pirates several months before the events of OP, prompting Ace to go after him. So how did Ace get Luffy's wanted poster to proudly show Whitebeard since Luffy got his first bounty about a month (to be generous) before he went to Drum? The Blackbeard pirates had by then already sacked Drum, which meant that by that time Blackbeard had already left the Whitebeard pirates and Ace had gone after him and had already visited Drum a few weeks before Luffy and his crew arrived.
    • Travel time between islands seems to be vague. The time they spend sailing between any of the islands could easily be months. And do we have a definite time for when Blackbeard sacked Drum Kingdom? It seemed to be fairly recently before Luffy arrived there, considering that King Whats-his-name was still hiding outside his kingdom. And there's no indication that Blackbeard defected in the months before One Piece started. He could have easily done that sometime between the Arlong arc and the point where they arrived at Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line.
    • It's probably since I haven't re-read the older chapters recently but when did Ace show Whitebeard Luffy's wanted poster? I don't remember that...
    • Ace was searching for Blackbeard. Let's say he was last spotted in the New World, Ace is searching around. Whitebeard hears that Ace is near the island, goes to visit. Ace shares the bounty, gets word Teach attacked Drum Island, heads off there.

     Why is the World Government stupid enough to go to war with Whitebeard? 
  • Why is the World Government stupid enough to go to war with Whitebeard? An all out war of that scale will have massive casualties for both sides and with three out of Four Emperors remaining, the Marines can't possibly take another fight if they manage to defeat Whitebeard.
    • Because Ace is the son of the former pirate king, Gol. D. Roger, and thus the apparent heir to the pirate king. Thus, he can be seen as a symbol of the future of the pirate era which was established by the dying words of Gol. D. Roger, and which the World Government is desperately trying to destroy. However, if they simply quickly execute Ace, than Whitebeard will come in and go into an all out war in order to destroy the World government. However, by announcing it, they basically make a public announcement about it, so in as to draw in Whitebeard. Thus, instead of Whitebeard going to war and trying to destroy the Marines, it is instead a rescue mission to save Ace. At this point, when Whitebeard shows up, he has to hold back a bit in order to not kill Ace as well, as rescue missions are generally a lot more difficult than simply destroy missions. Thus, this is probably the best chance the Marines have of killing two birds with one stone. If they succeed, they will have essentially destroyed a great deal of the pirate era's current strength (whitebeard), and future potential strength (Ace).
      • Whitebeard could have destroyed Marineford with a massive tidal wave, just like he tried at the start of the battle. But they also announced it so they'd know when he would come. Can't just have 100,000 men standing around there day and night waiting for an attack.
    • Also, by handing over Ace, Blackbeard essentially forced their hand. If Blackbeard handed him over publicly enough (which he probably did), they would be forced to choose between executing Ace (thus starting a war with Whitebeard) or letting Ace go (which would have caused a massive blow to the world government's reputation — and we know how much the WG cares about their reputation). The plan they went with gave them a shot at the best possible outcome for that scenario, from their perspective.
    • Also, they wanted to get rid of Whitebeard anyway, and that would be easier on their terms (i.e., on their stronghold)
    • It wasn't a good idea. The fallout from the war is proof of that. The WG believed that killing Gold Rogers living son would be a big enough blow to cripple the age of pirates. Bringing down Whitebeard would be the last nail in the coffin and end the pirate's age. But then Whitebeard got his Thanatos on, his turf practically exploded when he died, and Blackbeard played everyone for chumps.

     How did Blackbeard identify the Yami Yami no mi? 
  • Usopp says in the Thriller Bark Arc that no two Devil's Fruits that grant the same power, yet Blackbeard said he knew that the Yami Yami no Mi was the Devil's Fruit he'd been searching for because he saw it's illustration and description in a book full of Devil's Fruit illustrations and descriptions. How is that possible?
    • That was actually brought up in an SBS. Oda said to read that as "A Devil Fruit's power cannot be possessed by two people at the same time." Oda implied that Vegapunk will explain everything in due time, but for now the fanbase generally assumes that once the Fruit user dies or such, a new Devil Fruit is grown somewhere.
      • It is most likely that once the user of a fruit dies, another grows/appears in its place to be eaten by someone else. They have to have been used before; Sanji mentions reading a book about them and their effects, which was how he knew about the Suke Suke no Mi (Absalom's Devil Fruit).
      • This was confirmed in a recent chapter, in which Smiley died and its Devil Fruit regenerated in a nearby apple. So presumably once the fruit user dies the demon/whatever is in it inhabits the closest fruit at hand.

     What is Sanji going to train himself towards? 
  • Exactly what is Sanji going to train himself towards? Luffy wants to surpass Shanks and be the Pirate King, Zoro wants to surpass Mihawk and be the best swordsman, Sanji...wants to find a sea with a bunch of fish in it? It bugs me because Sanji is repeatedly put in the same league as Luffy and Zoro, yet he doesn't seem to really have a benchmark for his strength.
    • Of course he does. It's Zoro. Which is why he is slightly weaker than him, since Zoro is training for Mihawk and Sanji is training to keep up with Zoro.
    • Because to get to that sea, Sanji needs to travel through the most dangerous sea in the world, which is inhabited by the most powerful people in the world.
      • He still doesn't have a benchmark like Luffy and Zoro.
    • How else is he going catch the monster giant fish? The fish with which a fishing rod probably won't be able to do much good.
    • He might not have a specific, active fighter to use as a benchmark, but his goal isn't simple strength. Neither he, nor Luffy have mere strength as a goal: Sanji's a chef, and Luffy wants to be the Pirate King not necessacarily the strongest man on earth. He's still the second-strongest member of the absurdly powerful Straw Hat crew and is able to go toe to to with both of the ones above him.
    • You honestly believe that Sanji isn't training himself for something? Forshame. Remember, Sanji is a chef - an ass-kicking badass normal pirate chef - but a chef none the less. And what do all chefs do? They cook of course! He has a reason for wanting to find the Great Blue and catch all those fish: to cook them up in any dish his imagination can create. So anytime he's cooking away in the kitchens, he's essentially continuing to improve his skills as a chef. And with a captain that as a Bottomless Pit of an appetite like Luffy, he's never short on practice. Sure, it doesn't emphasise on physical strength, but why does he need to aspire for something that requires muscle when he has an actual talent at something productive? It fits well into his character as being someone who "loves to cook" and avoids getting his hands dirty (I only mean literately; he has no problem in doing the dirty work himself metaphorical) in any sense.

    How did Luffy have Shanks's hat already when he was dumped off by Garp? 
  • How did Luffy have Shanks's hat already when he was dumped off by Garp?
    • You mean in the latest chapter? Garp dumped Luffy with Ace and Dandan after he'd met Shanks, eaten the Gum Gum Fruit, and received Shanks' hat. So Luffy and Ace originally met when Luffy was 7 and Ace was 10.

     How did Dragon's identity stay hidden so long? 
  • How on earth did Dragon's identity stay hidden so long? Garp very casually revealed it in front of his entire brigade and Luffy's friends, and then only absently realized that he probably shouldn't have revealed that fact in front of so many people! Seriously, does Dragon employ Amnesia Dust or is he just incredibly lucky?
    • You know how Luffy never even mentioned he had a brother until he showed up? I feel like that's the way Garp handled talking about his family with his subordinates. Garp and Luffy have really similar personalities. I think Dragon is more responsible than that though. Iva seemed relatively close to the guy after all, and even questioned him about where he came from, and he still didn't mention having kids.
    • Everybody knows who Dragon is. They don't know that Luffy is Dragon's son.
      • One of Garp's mooks mentioned that this was the first time he heard Dragon's full name, Monkey D. Dragon. And Garp's men are equally shocked that Dragon is the son of their superior. In fact, even Dragon's men don't seem to know his true identity as Dragon passes over Luffy's bounty poster and his subordinate begins to give him Luffy's profile, evidently unaware that Dragon already knew him.
      • Or more like, knew OF him. As not even Luffy knew his father's identity, it's rather obvious that they haven't met, at least not when Luffy was old enough to remember. It's quite a bit like Usopp and Yasopp, except Banchina didn't hide Yasopp's identity.

     Marine rankings in Marine HQ? 
  • So didn't they once say that anyone in Marine HQ is about the equivalent of someone three ranks higher anywhere else? Wouldn't this mean that Coby and Helmeppo, both coming from HQ, are in reality around lieutenant rank?
    • The titles that they were given in the manga were "Sergeant Major" and "Sergeant" which is below Lieutenant rank but above the average Mook.
      • I am aware of this. But since they are from the HQ, this is their ranks by HQ standards, which is three ranks lower than they would have everywhere else.
      • They said that strength, skills etc. are as if they're three ranks higher.

     If you go south from Roguetown, through the calm belt wouldn't you get straight to Raftel? 
  • If you go south from Roguetown, through the calm belt (which at least the Marine has the ability to easily do), wouldn't you get straight to Raftel?
    • You can't sail in the Calm Belt because there's no wind, in addition there's Sea Kings in the Calm Belt. You have to go the long way. Marines have some degree of advantage because of upgrades to their ships. Boa Hancock likewise has a ship driven by Yuda, creatures even the Sea Kings are scared of.
      • There must be something that prevents you from getting to Raftel, then.
      • Chapter 818 goes into it a bit more there are four poneglyph that together reveal the location of Raftel. Three of the known poneglyphs are in the possession of the Minks, Kaido and Big Mom;the forth having been lost to the ages
      • I think they call that something "a s***load of pirates". and half the Four Emperors themselves.
      • Don't the maps show a ring of land along the "prime meridian" equivalent? The hemisphere we've seen has Reverse Mountain blocking the sea route from Rogue Town.
      • That and they can't find islands like that in One Piece. Remember on Jaya Island they had to get a 'bird' that always faces south since regular compasses don't work in the grand line, and without the log pose guiding you from one island to the next, you'll end up completely lost. Of course there are Eternal poses that always point to specific islands, but those are normally made by the World Government after they've discovered an island. Guess which one isn't on the list.
      • Also, we don't really know anything about Raftel. All we know is that it's SUPPOSED to be the last island on the Grand Line, which means it PROBABLY is where the undefined treasure is located. We don't know how big the ocean is, or how far apart islands are. And, about the Marine ships, though they can travel through the Calm Belt, that's a big secret (remember the phony newspaper article that showed Helmeppo and Coby crying as they supposedly went down Reverse Mountain?). I get the feeling that Raftel is really just a fake island, or maybe even the true Marine Headquarters/Vegapunk's hideout.
    • Rogers had offered to tell Whitebeard "the way" to Raftel, implying there's some trick you have to know to get there.
    • First, finding a small island in the calm sea without knowing its exact location is already no easy task. In OP world, you may use people with flying or scrying abilities, but still. Second - and more important - there seem to exist some nasty "metric tricks" on the Grand Line (think about it: normal compass is essentially an eternal pose pointing to North pole; any eternal pose could be used as a replacement, solving navigation problems...).
    • Given that the Strawhats' journey has taken them to islands that move (Thiller Bark, Zou), islands in the sky, and islands that are deep underwater, it's a very real possibility that Raftel isn't simply a regular unmoving island on the surface of the sea.

     Why is everyone gigantic? 
  • Why are so many characters in One Piece gigantic? Whitebeard, Blackbeard and his crew, Gekko Moriah, Aokiji/Kuzan, Jerry, Kumadori, Fukorou, The Destroyers, Donquixote Doflamingo. These guys have been eating their greens.
    • Largely I think it's just Oda's sense of design, but if you want to look for an in-canon excuse, the best I could give you is that they've somehow got giant genes somewhere in thir historyy since there are, y'know, actual GIANTS in the series.
      • Oh man.
      • NO WORRIES! Because there's no romance in One Piece, that means sex doesn't exist in this universe!
      • Oh, I'm pretty sure it does; otherwise, what are Sanji and Brook always getting so excited about when the girlies are half naked. XP
      • Sex and romance are two different things. Sex is the act of sexual reproduction. Romance is a lot more complicated than that.
      • Wait, then what did Shakky mean when she said Raleigh was 'looking for women'?
      • Word Of God says there's no romance for the Straw Hat Pirates.
      • Wait, including Donquixote? I thought he was cynical...
    • Luffy lampshades this in the Jaya arc by wondering why everyone on that island is so big. It may just be the norm for Grand Line inhabinants. Laboon was once a normal sized baby whale before he became the biggest whale ever, Franky, Brook, and even Chopper's human form and pretty tall, Amazon Lily isn't helping at ALL, Little Garden even LESS, giants are in huge abundance, heck, even Robin is one of the taller females in the series, and she wasn't even born in the Grand Line. And let's not even get started on Luffy. Gear Third.
    • Training could also explain it. These guys are all tough characters to fight, so it stands to reason that they've trained for years to become some of the most dangerous pirates around. Of course training for so long would get you pumped in size, however as this is manga, the size must be exaggerated just to show how really strong these guys are just by looking at them. Even in real life, body builders tend to be large and built, just not to the extremes as what the manga (any manga in fact) shows.
      • Body builders aren't 3 times as tall as the average person. No matter how much you lift, there's only so mch that you can change about your skeletal structure.
      • First of all the trooper above clearly said that it was an exaggeration, not that hard to miss, and second, your bone structure changes and adapts to your body depending on the situations, true someone in his 30s have to follow your rule, but someone that started training at a young age can affect their growth, that's why people that play sports, specially basketball will almost always be very tall.
    • To make the Straw Hats look smaller, and therefore more badass if they beat someone perhaps. After all, most of the Straw Hats look fairly harmless.
    • They suffer from gigantism. No, seriously.
    • People in the real world vary widely in height. Oda just exaggerated this fact, just like everything else in the series.

     Is it more than a coincidence that the Blackbeard Pirates are eerily similar to the Strawhat Pirates? 
  • Is it more than a coincidence that the Blackbeard Pirates are eerily similar to the Strawhat Pirates?
    • I don't think think so. I remember specifically hearing that Blackbeard (along with many of the D's) is sort of an analog to Luffy, and more or less his "evil counterpart".
      • What about the other BB Pirates?
      • They're all evil counterparts to some of the Strawhat Pirates. Probably it's just the case that Blackbeard is still in an intermediate stage of forming his nakama. Check the WMG entry for more info.

     What's the deal with Lafitte of the Blackbeard Pirates? 
  • What's the deal with Lafitte of the Blackbeard Pirates? Judging by the Ace VS Blackbeard fight Lafitte seems to have Soru or at least some form of super-speed.And how did he sneak into Mariejora without Mihawk,Doflamingo,Sengoku, and the others noticing?

     Is Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates weak or is he just lazy? 
  • Is Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates weak or is he just lazy?
    • I wouldn't say "weak", but most likely that his body doesn't work right. In the sense that he couldn't do extraordinary things, but his body doesn't work well for day-to-day living.
      • He's faking. I recall him rowing the crew's boat and keeping up with Burgess on the other oar, who's enormous and can lift a hotel. Not to mention him carrying what appears to be some sort of very large weapon on his back...
      • Confirmed in Chapter 577. The weapon is a Sinister Scythe.
      • I figure it's likely the result of some kind of medicine or medical technique that gives him temporary superhuman abilities at the cost of being sickly and weak the rest of the time. It would probably also give Chopper a reason to come into conflict with him, since I imagine that he wouldn't be too thrilled with something like that.

     What was meant by if the " 3 World Powers were to collapse the world would descend into Chaos"? 
  • What did the Gorusei mean when they said that if the "3 World Powers were to collapse the world would descend into Chaos"? I think having all of the Pirates dead would give order rather than chaos.
    • Well, those 3 powers includes the Marines, but not all of the pirates. In other words, there'd be a huge power vacuum, followed by a huge power struggle.
      • The Three World Powers are the Marines, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and the Four Emperors (the four most powerful pirates in the world, including Whitebeard and Shanks, as well as two other unknowns). Right now it's an uneasy tension, but if something went wrong—the Warlords collapsed or were wiped out, for example—it could devolve into a massive war. Hell, the Four Emperors are equal enough that they barely keep each other in check, and an all-out war between them could cause mass devastation. Remember that Shanks is powerful enough to make people pass out just by being near him.
      • No, I remember an early episode saying that the Marines were the third world power, long before the Four Emperors were created. But regarding the original question, I thought it was possible that the World Government just overestimates their importance. Given what huge b***s they are, how could they not?
    • Keep in mind that the Four Emperors are apparently equivalent to actual empires with the amount of territory and allied crews that they command, in addition to the absurd strength that their primary crews possess. The World Government is almost like a super-nation composed of other smaller nations, with the Four Emperors being the only other alternatives. The "Three Powers" are essentially the "Three Deterrents".
    • Actually, the three powers are the World Government (including the Marines, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and all of the national armies, though the third one seems pretty useless), the Rebels lead by Monkey D. Dragon, and the Four Emperors. All three powers are in opposition to each other, as the Four Emperors and Rebels consider each other 'rivals', and the World Government wants to wipe both of them out. Currently, they are in stalemate, but with Whitebeard and Ace dying/dead... the balance will change.
      • No, it's stated in the story that the three powers are Marine HQ, the Seven Seas, and the Four Emperors.
      • Presumably, the three powers not only balance each other out but also keep any pirates or other forces not affiliated with them from gaining strength; Whitebeard's territory becomes vulnerable to attack from pirates like Brownbeard after his death.
    • The 3 Powers maintain order not by enforcing a cold war style situation with each other but by being the dominant forces in their respective regions. In the first half of the Grand Line, the Marines by and large rule the seas and can quickly stomp out any major pirate activity. In the New World, the Four Emperors rule their respective territories with iron fists. The Warlords are also powerful pirates who can crush most enemies and in at least five cases (Hancock, Jimbei, Moria, Doflamingo, and seemingly Crocodile) have established turf that they protect from attackers. The last two Warlords are a WG weapon and a guy who preys on lesser pirates to kill time. Anyone who intends to upset the status quo must fight and defeat one of these forces. If some of the Three Powers fall, then portions of the Grand Line become vulnerable to attack and are decimated by weaker pirates. That's part of the reason the Marines don't tango with the Four Emperors much, it would only make things worse for the civilians in their territory. That they were willing to risk bringing down Whitebeard just to kill Ace shows how badly they are scared of Rogers' spectre.

     What would happen if someone were to eat two Devil Fruits? 
  • What would happen if someone were to eat two Devil Fruits?
    • They'd die, I believe it was stated.
      • Ayup. It was stated in the Enies Lobby arc that whoever eats two Devil Fruits is blown up by their combined effect.
      • That is, however, just rumor. Only Vegapunk really knows a thing or two about Devil Fruit, and Rob Lucci (or some other CP9) even mocked Jyabura for believing such rumors.
      • Wrong. The rumor he was mocked for believing was that he would blow up by just being near a devil fruit as a person who ate one. Eating a second one would still cause an explosion- [1]

     Why did the world government annihilate Ohara rather than taking its resources for themselves? 
  • Why did the World Government flat out annihilate Ohara and it's various treasures rather than take it's resources for themselves?
    • Duh. It's because they're dickwads. Also, the level of intelligence we're dealing with here is that which shares genes with Spandam. Logic need not apply.
    • It was because the scholars knew how to read poneglyphs which among other things contain information regarding the blank century and the Pluton/Poseidon blueprints and the four pieces of a map to Raftel. As for the resources, it's anyone's guess.
      • Given the way the Government acts, the speeches from most of their subordinates about Justice and the sole existence of something like the "Buster Call", I suppose they simply think it's better to sacrifice any resource from Ohara instead of letting it fall on the right (or wrong?) hands, in case it contained a clue to the Poneglyphs or anything illegal that they couldn't detect. After all, they did explode a ship full of innocent people during the Buster Call at Ohara, didn't they?
      • That was just Akainu not the Marines as a whole see here for their reactions- [2]
      • Speculation among some leads to the theory that the World Government was the prevailing side of the war that took place during the blank century. History is written by the winners, so normally the atrocities and horrible acts comitted by the winning side are shrugged off and suppressed. However, the poneglyphs were written by the losing side, and detail things that might undermine the entire World Government. The Government, unable to eradicate these accounts history, simply chose to wipe out anyone who might read that history. The Pluton theory doesn't hold in my opinion, simply because the World Government has shown that they'd rather obtain the blueprints than destroy them.
      • They could have acted thinking that they were destroying leads to what happened in the blank century, and it's only afterwards, reading some surviving documents or something, that they learn that there's more than just history on the poneglyphs, there's weapon blueprints, too.
      • The part that gets me is this. The World Government didn't have to wipe Ohara off the map. They could had gathered up all the scholars, like they did in the manga/anime, and had them summary executed by shooting each in the head once they had verified the crime. That way there wouldn't be any need for an ax crazy marine like Akainu to blow up the escape ship, which killed hundreds of people that had nothing to do with the poneglyph. Instead of doing things simple and quick, however, the World Government felt the need to wipe the entire island off the map and destroying everything. Including hundred of years worth of knowledge that the World Government most likely benefited from given that Spandam was actually reading one of the books saved by one of the scholars that they marked as devils. It wasn't like they could had destroyed the poneglyph on the island anyway so the entire Ohara incident was a waste of both manpower, resources, and life. Then again, the World Government seems to think it is more important to set an example instead of using common sense.
      • I thought that was because of the utter paranoia the WG seems to have when it come to the poneglyphs. Killing everyone makes sure there are no other people like Robin out there on the island, who are not really researchers but still seek answers and study that part of the forbidden history.
      • The World Government only authorized the murder of the Scholars the civilians were to be safely evacuated until Akainu blew them up any way. Which is what motivated Kuzan to allow Robin to escape despite being ordered to specifically kill her.
    • Destroying the books means that none of their men being there could accidentally read something. Extreme? Sure. But they seem to really be afraid of anyone finding out what happened. If you look closely at least one of the books thrown into the water by the scholars has been shown being read in the current timeline.
    • Saul actually brought this up, asking why, if the research into poneglyphs was so dangerous, the government just didn't help the scholars instead of killing them. Sengoku told him to shut up and follow orders, thus he defected.
      • It's indicated that the poneglyphs contain three topics. Those are information on the ancient weapons, whatever happened during the Void Century and pieces of the map to Raftel.. It's presumed that the WG, or at least the Elder Stars already know what happened during the Void Century and decidedly do not want anyone else to know about it. That they are willing to wipe islands off the map is a sign of how big a secret they are hiding. Until recently they were also willing to give up the power the ancient weapons would give them to keep that secret. It was only eight years ago that they decided to not just bury the ponegylph information and try to exploit Robin and the Water 7 blueprints to get the firepower they need to end the age of pirates.

     Why is Van Auger of the Blackbeard Pirates the only gun user who has a scope? 
  • Why is Van Auger of the Blackbeard Pirates the only gun user who has a scope?
    • Maybe his gun's the only one with enough range and accuracy to make a scope reliable.
      • Indeed, probably only his gun and Sogeking's Kabuto. Of course, the Kabuto maybe isn't able to hit a seagull soaring several miles away from coast, but then again a simple scope wouldn't help much anyway...
      • For the record, Usopp's goggles are his scopes.
      • As is his nose.
      • That's technically mere speculation; Yasopp is said to be just as good as his son, if not better, and he doesn't have the nose; it came from Banchina. That isn't to say that it's not an amusing speculation...
      • Keep in mind: Yasopp is a sharpshooter with a pistol. it's not shown that he can do it at range as well.
    • In the real world flintlock pistols and experimental scopes both appeared in the early 17th century (at least according to The Other Wiki) but telescopic scopes as we know them didn't appear until around 2 centuries later. So if anything, Van Auger is ahead of the curve.

     Who were the 3 Marine Admirals prior to Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru? 
  • Who were the 3 Marine Admirals prior to Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru?
    • Sengoku and two unknowns.
      • Sengoku, Z and an unknown.
      • He is non-canon. It's Sengoku and two unknowns.
      • Z is canon. Is the movie's plot that's not-canon.

     Why hasn't Whitebeard or one of the other Top tier Pirates found One Piece yet? 
  • Why hasn't Whitebeard or one of the other Top tier Pirates found One Piece yet?
    • Dunno. Whitebeard's said to be close, though.
    • Big Mom and Kaido each have 1/4 th of the Road poneglyphs needed to find Raftel. Kaido's crew has attacked both Wano (who made all of them) and Zou (who's in possession of a third) to find out where Raftel is.
    • Because if Whitebeard made a deliberate move for One Piece, all the other three Emperors would form an Enemy Mine alliance and stop him. Whitebeard may be the single strongest man alive, but he can't beat the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strongest together.
    • According to Sengoku's theory, Whitebeard doesn't want to find One Piece. He wants Ace to find it.
      • Whitebeard isn't interested in it. Said so himself.
    • Plus another one of the Emperors, Shanks, probably already knows what/where One Piece is as he was on Gold Roger's ship when he conquered the Grand Line.
      • But was he really on the ship at the time that they conquered the Grand Line, or did he come later? I have a horrible memory, so perhaps Shanks specified that he was, but maybe he wasn't. Buggy's attitude seems to reflect that they have no idea if One Piece exists or is on Raftel, for sure.
      • I think they came after, Roger probably just had a small but powerful crew first that could withstand the New World, and after he started accepting more weaker members like shanks and buggy (who were kids then).
      • No, Chapter Zero shows that Buggy and Shanks were members of Roger's Crew for at least the end of his pirate career. More likely, Buggy never went after One Piece because he wanted to lay low, and Shanks wants Luffy to be the one to get it.
      • Shanks wants to see if Luffy can surpass him, but I don't believe he actively wishes for him to gain One Piece over him. Also, regarding Whitebeard, he never said anything about not wanting One Piece. In fact, Ace states that he wishes for Whitebeard to get One Piece and that's his goal (at least it was before he died and expressed his true desire to see his brother succeed). Most likely, the answer is that obtaining One Piece is even difficult for top-tiers. That's how insane it is.
      • Following the fan theories that One Piece is something sentimental to Rogers, Shanks wouldn't have much interest in braving some deadly sea to get one of his old boss' knick-knacks.
    • In their last meeting together, Rogers offered to tell Whitebeard the way to get to Raftel and Whitebeard turned him down due to lack of interest. The fact that there exists some special way to get there explains why only someone who could hear "the voice of all things" could get there and why no one else has gotten there since. And if we're willing to dip into WMG territory, Luffy is implied to have the same ability, which would be how the Straw Hats get there themselves.
    • Here's a thought: Maybe the One Piece is really, really, REALLY hard to find. None of that sentimental stuff, and certainly not just something symbolic. Anyone who wants the One Piece has to really look for it. Nobody said the journey would be easy.

     If Gold Roger was so powerful than how did the Marines capture him? 
  • If Gold Roger was so powerful than how did the Marines capture him?
    • Bad luck, perhaps?
      • Most likely, he turned himself in, having, from his viewpoint, done everything in life.
      • He had aids.
      • Almost, but yeah, he turned himself because he knew he was dying, and he wanted to start the New Age or something alike.
      • He turned himself in for a number of reasons, but even so the Marines went and said he was captured (Garp and Sengoku were possibly the only Marines strong enough to give him a challenge then and neither of them did it)

     Why doesn't anybody know who the Blackbeard Pirates are when they sacked an entire country? 
  • Why doesn't anybody know who the Blackbeard Pirates are? They did sack an entire country...
    • Wapol kept his mouth shut. He's a big enough egotist that he couldn't stand the thought of the rest of the World Government knowing that he got chased off his island by like five guys.

     What exactly is the punishment for a country to harbor pirates? 
  • What exactly is the punishment for a country to harbor pirates?
    • It's never stated outright. Considering the World Government's warm, tender, caring nature, it could range from being cast out of the WG (and left to defend itself against every empire-builder pirate that comes along) or outright annihilation (which they HAVE done in the past when they felt like it.)
      • Consider that it's canon (ep. 524) that when a country refuses to enter the WG, its whole population is send to slave labor at "Tequila Wolf" to build a bridge that makes the Great Wall a backyard fence.

     What makes the World Government think it can control the Seven Warlords? 
  • What makes the World Government think it can control the Seven Warlords of the Sea? Crocodile rebelled; what makes the Marines think that they can keep the other super-powerful pirates they're sheltering from trying to take over their half of the Grand Line?
    • Because if they did they would not only have to fend off the Marines but also maybe the Four Emperors as well. Secondly Crocodile was searching for the Ancient Weapon Pluton which I wouldn't be surprised if he needed it to fend off the Marines as well as other groups.Thirdly I get the impression that the SB's are Pirates who were too strong for the MS or the YK's to defeat individually but too weak to fight both groups at once. Also I seriously doubt the WG really expects the SB to follow every single rule they make.
      • The Seven Warlords are basically privateers. They're not powerful enough to take out the World Government (and smart enough to know that outright challenging the World Government is a real good way to destabilize everything and get killed by the Four Emperors). They were made Warlords of the Sea because the World Government considered them a greater threat to other pirates than to the WG, and I'm ASSUMING that they just don't target Government-affiliated things. It's really a sweet deal-legal immunity and license to kill. Not to mention the Seven Warlords of the Sea being far too fractured and independent to band together as a force on any topic short of outright annihilation.
      • In case you haven't noticed, the WG doesn't really control the Warlords that well. Crocodile starts rebellion to try and takeover the world with the ancient, Moriah creates a zombie army to try and become pirate king, Mihawk runs around picking of pirates trying to enter the Grand Line, Kuma lets the Strawhats escape, and Doflamingo is plotting something involving the New Age and war with Whitebeard. They don't all come to meetings when called, and some consort with wanted pirates (Mihawk going to meet Shanks when the Strawhats first enter the Grand Line) Plus Kuma states in chapter 513 the Warlords have no obligation to the Marines except where the government is involved. They really are loose cannons, but since the Warlords aren't figured into the 3 Powers, it's most likely that they aren't strong enough to deal with the upper level marines and the Four Emperors.
      • The Three Great Powers are the Marines, the Four Emperors, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea so they are most likely strong enough to take on the Marines or the Four Emperors but obviously not both.
      • I use to think it was a matter that it would take several Warlords to defeat an Emperor (as in Emperor and their main fleets) or that the 3 admirals together would be able to, but in the war, we see that the Four Emperors are very powerful but that their underlings aren't that far behind, several Warlords and the admirals not to mention countless soldiers and all of the Blackbeard pirates fought Whitebeard and it still was not an easy task to kill him. So the balance is mostly maintained by the fact that neither the Warlords or the Emperors are a joined group unlike the World Government and it's pretty obvious how without the Warlords the WG would fall to the/a Emperors while without the WG the Four Emperors would probably divide the world among themselves and without the Four Emperors the WG would get rid of all the pirates it could find (eventually the SB would fall too) so it's a pretty fit power, maybe that's why the rebels (who would be a 4th power) is such a big threat to the WG if Dragon decided to attack them.
      • Didn't Kuma say that he was ordered to warn Moriah, but wasn't ordered to capture the Straw Hats, since they didn't know they would be there.
      • The only reason is because he was made into a cyborg by the WG, and thus under their control to an extent. Possibly even moreso now than before.
      • Don't forget Boa Hancock, who seems to get her kicks by turning entire marine platoons to stone and smuggling notorious high-bounty criminals into top-security prisons.
      • It is better to have the Seven Warlords of the Sea secretly plotting against you than to have them rampaging across the Grand Line. The World Government still doesn't trust them much. That's why, despite theoretically having two of the three great powers under its command, the World Government hadn't moved against the Four Emperors.
      • You want to know the answer? THEY CAN'T. As shown by the latest chapter, in a conversation between a high-ranking Marine and Donquixote Doflamingo-
    Doflamingo: Hey, you'd better not get too cocky here...since when did you become my boss? No matter how much power you may hold within the government, I'm a it doesn't mean s*** to me...!! Once dealings with you become boring, I can quit the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Anytime I'd better not forget that!!
    • IMO, it's a moot point. In a way, the Government must know that the seven warlords haven't got what it takes to be threats akin to the Four Emperors. The basic idea about the Warlords? They are loosers. They became pirates, faced Grand Line and were broken by it. Each of them. Crocodile became a pirate with big dreams, wanting to be the next king and lost against Whitebeard. The guy became a jaded warlord and dealt with his weakness focusing on military power (probably because of his supposed association with the revolutionaries which would explain his knowledge of ponegryphs). Notice his talk about "rookies" when he faced Luffy... It's quite revealing. Moria lost against Kaidou and lost his crew. His way to deal with the idea? Zombies. Doflamingo's new pirate era is also probably a way to deal with the lost of his dreams. Jimbei, Hancock and Kuma's deals reflects this idea too. Anyway, they don't have the will to really be big threats. Sure they can still be a pain to deal with from time to time but keeping this idea in mind their usefulness way outclass the danger they represent. They lost their dreams, their will... so they lost their power in a way.
      • That doesn't explain Law, one of the New Warlords. He seemed not to have lost any of his ambition, although we still know little about him and his plans. I also wouldn't call Moria broken since he haven't given up his dream as it took a twisted new turn that probably made him even more dangerous. Doflamingo is still a big question mark and we don't know if he ever had a dream besides being more of a stereotypical pirate. Kuma was a double agent for the Revolutionaries and Jimbei and Hancock become Warlords for the benefit of those around them than given up a goal or a dream. Hawk Eye seemed to became a Warlord out of boredom than being broken by anything. The only person among the Warlords who 'gave up' was Crocodile and he arguably became more danger since he wanted a weapon that could destroy an entire island, which is more of a threat than the Four Emperors. To me, becoming a Warlord in most pirate's eyes is a way to get the government off your back while you make other plans.
      • One thing that I would like to point out from the above mentions about the Warlords' strength... Have you all forgotten that Mihawk used to duel Shanks in battles that made the GRAND LINE shake? That even Whitebeard's ears were still ringing from it? The only reason Mihawk stopped fighting Shanks was because he lost his arm. Not to mention Hancock can freakin' knock out Pacifistas with her kicks! So physical strength isn't really an issue. They probably COULD handle most of the Marines, but who wants that on their backs?
      • Why would the World Government recruit loser pirates? The Marines, consisting of the entire planet's military force, need backup from the Warlords just to even out the balance of power. Besides, even "losers" by the New World standards are still tremendous threats anywhere else. They may not actually obey the government, but they're still useful, as trying to hold on to their Warlord titles reduces their activity somewhat. Not to mention Mihawk has shown he can travel anywhere in the world on a mere raft, and Doflamingo is active in the New World, so it's not like it's the norm for the Warlords to fail in the New World.
      • Also remember that the "broken" pirates were broken by THE FOUR EMPERORS, a.k.a. people where one of them necessitated the marines and the seven warlords to band together and a second one showing up outright STOPPED the war. The seven warlords are deterrents to other pirates and they have 7 massively powerful people off their back for now.

     Why don't the Gorosei order a buster call on Raftel? 
  • Given that the Gorosei most likely know that One Piece is on Raftel, and possibly that the Rio Poneglyph is on Raftel, and assuming that the Marines do indeed have an Eternal Pose to every island on the Grand Line, why don't they just Buster Call the hell out of Raftel?
    • Why indeed? To find it they need the 4 map pieces, half of which are in possession of the Four Emperors themselves.
      • Seriously, though. The idea is that the farther along the Grand Line an island is, the harder it is for anyone to get to, even the Navy. Especially when you consider that the Four Emperors rule that half of the Grand Line, and those four pirates together are a match for the entire planet's military force.
      • Not the entire planet. Just the Seven Warlords and the Marine HQ.
      • Right, and those two groups compose the military force of the entire planet. It's not just the marine HQ, it's ALL the Marines.
      • No it's just the HQ.
      • And the HQ commands the rest of the Marines.
      • Yeah, but the rest of the Marines don't matter. As far as battles between the HQ and the Four Emperors are concerned, they'd be not so much a combat force as a shield of ablative meat.
      • If they tried, it would probably get out, and they'd have the Four Emperors, the Seven Warlords, the Eleven Supernovas and a hell of a lot of pissed off pirates baring down on them. Either that, or maybe they know that somebody on Raftel is sittin' on one of those weapons like Pluton or Poseidon. Would sure as hell be enough to keep me away.
      • Also, wouldn't it be kind of pointless anyway? A buster call wouldn't destroy a treasure of gold and jewels (damage and scatter perhaps, but not completely destroy) and it would be unable to damage the Rio Poneglyph at all. It would be a worthless gesture and furthermore the smoke rising from the island would be a navigational aid making it that much easier for anyone else to get to it and find the undamaged Rio Poneglyph among the rubble and ashes.
    • For the same reason none of the Four Emperors reached Raftel. Doing so is supposed to be ridiculously hard you need to read four poneglyphs that together make a map to Raftel. Two are in the Emperor's possession, ones constantly moving on the back of 1,000 year old elephant and the fourth hasn't been seen in centuries.
    • Gold Roger was the first man in centuries who set foot on Raftel.
      • Yeah, I mean the Emperors are even closer than the WG why haven't they gone for it? There has to be stuff between them and Raftel which makes even Whitebeard and Shanks worried.
      • A recent flashback suggests that there is some trick to getting to Raftel. Rogers was going to tell Whitebeard but Whitebeard didn't care.
    • Who said the Gorosei knew? The One Piece is probably just that hard to find. Besides, even if they did know, which I doubt, it's not like the Buster Call would work, because at that point, vice admirals would be cannon fodder.

     What if Brook was submerged in water? 
  • What happens to Brook if he's submerged to water? I mean, since he's technically a dead guy, he doesn't need to breathe, right? So, while any other Devil Fruit user would just die, wouldn't Brook's fate be kinda a lot worse than death?
    • Presumably it might happen at a later date. Worse yet, since the Devil's Fruit is explicitly the reason why he's NOT dead, would water/Seastone just cause him to die again (possibly temporarily)?
      • One needs to to consider his Devil Fruit power, which is to come back from death, so supposebly if he is killed while underwater or touching a seastone, he's Killed Off for Real. This raised the question, how do you kill off a skeleton?
      • But wasn't it stated that he can come back to life only once?
      • You know, I've looked into that. The fandom seems to accept the "once" figure, but I'm unsure how accurate it is. I'm sure we'll find out, though.
      • I own the Japanese tankobon. His ability is, translated as literally as possible, a "promise of a second life". The actual Japanese, for those more knowledgeable that me that want to confirm it, is ”二度の人生を約束される”. From this, I judge that he can only come back once.
    • Brook was submerged in water recently, after he and Chopper leapt in to save a drowning Luffy. He was fine.
      • If by "fine" you mean collapsed and coughing. He didn't die from having his DF suppressed though, it's true. Also to the person that asked the initial question: pay closer attention, Brook DOES breathe and get tired and eat and all sorts of stuff that living people do that makes no sense for a skeleton. So yes, he'd die.
      • Brook wouldn't die, he lived on an abandoned ship with no food for years, my personal theory on Brook is that it is not that he has to breathe/eat it's that he prefers too.
      • Most likely he eats, sleeps, breathes,and poops all through the power of the yomi yomi no mi making his body act like it is alive, despite not being truly alive. It is shown his soul simply went back to his corpse, and he has been shown to leave the skeleton in spirit form, so it's technically only animating a skeleton that can simulate life. Also, if I turned into a living skeleton, I'd do anything to convince myself I am still a properly living human, and doing mundane and very human things would certainly help that.
    • It's been shown in the fight against Arlong that devil fruit powers are still active while the person is submerged, one just can't do anything. So presumably, as long as someone was able to fish him out, Brook would be okay. Eventually.
      • More precisely, as far as I can tell water/etc fails to suppress innate abilities that come from some Paramecia powers. A submerged Logia user is probably boned, and we've seen that a submerged Zoan user reverts to a base form (as seen when they dunked Monster Chopper during the CP9 arc). I figure that certain Paramecia powers are impossible to outright suppress, though, with ones that require activation (like Robin's or Whitebeard's) being disabled entirely, but ones that cause a permanent change, like Luffy's rubber body, being unsuppressed but them being paralyzed. It's one explanation for why Luffy was pretty much paralyzed by contact with the seastone bars of Crocodile's cage during Arabasta arc but Robin was able to move and act while wearing seastone cuffs... the other explanation being that Seastone just has different forms that affect people differently.
      • Well, Aokiji can FREEZE the ocean, which always bugged me because I was of the thinking that the sea would supress DF powers. But then you mentioned that Luffy's still worked, so perhaps it's the same for certain Logia, even.
      • The sea does not supress Devil Fruit powers. What it does is rob the user of the energy needed to activate those powers. Aokiji can freeze the sea because his power is the ability to freeze objects. Water behaves the same as any other object. If he were submerged he couldn't do so, but as long as he's above-water it's fine.
      • But isn't Luffy a Logia user, even though it's a fairly weak one? think about it: Crocodile is made of sand, Ace is made of fire, Aokiji is made of ice, etc., and Luffy is made of rubber. The Paramecia users aren't made of their power—they have the ability to use it. The Logia users are made out of their element.
      • A common misunderstanding about logias. For a DF to be of a logia type, it has to meet all three basic requirements: 1. Turns the user into an element. 2. Allows the user to generate and control a limitless amount of that element. 3. The element is a force of nature. (Luffy is a paramecia because he only meet the first requirement, Magellan and Mr. 3 only meet the second requirement. Blackbeard, though being an odd one out, is a logia because he meets all three requirements.)
    • Would it really matter whether he died outright or not? He would eventually sink low enough that the pressure would destroy his bones, as it's been shown that his body is completely subject to natural decay. And it was also shown that his soul could live on, but he needed to a body to be "alive." So basically, if he fell in the ocean and sank, he would either outright die or would become a soul again eventually and float around aimlessly.

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     Why is Buggy so weak after the childhood he went through? 
  • Buggy was a contemporary of Shanks, and his rival at an early age. He has a devil fruit that makes him invulnerable to swords. He sailed with Gold Frickin' Roger!! Why is he so weak?
    • Shanks went to the Grand Line and became a Four Emperors. Buggy hung around in the East Blue, maybe because he assumed it'd be an easy mark? Whatever the reason he stayed there, it seems like he just let himself stagnate.
      • It's the Grand Line that does it. None of the Straw Hats, even Luffy, was particularly impressive before going there, but afterwards they all started to gain power in great speeds. Similarly, when Buggy limited himself to the East Blue, he started to get weaker: Now that he's returned to the Grand Line, my bet would be that he's started to regain his old strength. Hell, he even has a nice chance of becoming a major villain.
      • Even more than that, he didn't even fight other pirates. When we met him, he was beating up on townspeople. There's no way for your skills to not become rusty if you never use them for anything more than that. Compare to Luffy's crew, who started by fighting pirates and have now moved to fighting the people who spend their time fight pirates.
      • Maybe it's not really the Grand Line that does it... it's having a dream. Each of the Straw Hat crew has a dream, and they've become more powerful for it. Now that Buggy and crew have the dream of catching Luffy, they'll probably be improving enough to be a decent threat.
      • I doubt it's just having a dream that does it. I think it's having a will to do something. Buggy's probably going to give up on 'catching' Strawhat Luffy now that Luffy sprung him from jail. Buggy is a coward who never risked anything to get stronger. I think you're supposed to look at him and Shanks and ask 'what's the difference?'
      • Another part is training. Shanks has been traveling the grand line, seeking greater and greater challenges, and trained accordingly. Meanwhile, buggy has been sitting on his arse in east blue, with his only opponents beeing around the level of kuro or don krieg (and he would have possibly avoided them, anyway), so he didn't have a reason to become stronger.
      • It also doesn't help that Buggy is both a coward and an idiot. As seen for Impel Down and Marineford, Buggy prefers other people to do the fighting for him while he stays more in the background and take the glory. Also, although Buggy has a very good Devil Fruit, he doesn't use it all that well. He's probably one of the best examples of people who merely possess a Devil Fruit, but never bothered to master it. He is also the only Devil Fruit user that we have seen that shows contempt with his powers since he can't swim anymore, which is probably why he never bothered to master it. Overall, Buggy is lazy and prefer to do things easy which is why he never really grown.
    • Take Usopp. Get rid of the Pop Greens, the Kabuto, and his willingness to man up when his friends need him. In fact, drop him having good friends at all. Then stick him in a position where the only enemies he fights are ones he chooses to. What's left is someone who, though he was in an incredible crew and has great potential, is little more than a cowardly wimp. Buggy is the same. He never had the development he needs to reach the heights he's truly capable of, and his personality makes him try hard to avoid situations where he could get it.

     When did the CP9 members become such good friends? 
  • When the hell did the CP9 become such good friends with each other (to the point where they were willing to do street performances to get Rob's medical expenses)? I was under the impression that since they were all just assassins, they didn't have that great of an attachment to one another.
    • I think it happened the moment they were cast to the wolves with only each other to depend on. Oda showed even Lucci was capable of affection when Hatori came back.
    • I kinda assumed they had some sort of dark version of true companions relationship, or something to that effect.
    • We see very little of CP9 when they aren't at work. But they seemed to be on good terms with each other, even despite Jyabura's rivalry with Lucci and other quarrels. The only time Lucci ever seemed relaxed and the only time he ever smiled outside of battle was while being alone with other CP9 members (the scene when Kaku and Kalifa ate their Devil Fruits). Also, Spandam framed CP9 for defeat of Enies Lobby, and taking pains to save your strongest fighter and leader, when you are on the run from the World Government, is just a display of common sense.
    • All CP9 members were brought up together by World Government. They are more like childhood friends than a band of professional assassins hired by World Government.

     What are Luffy and Zoro's power in Dourikis? 
  • What are Luffy and Zoro's power in Dourikis?
    • We never get the exact number, but... we can assume that Luffy's is over 4000 and the same for Zoro's since he's stated to be his equal, but at least way over 2300.
      • Fool! It is surely OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!
      • Actually, I think that Luffy and Zoro (and Sanji's legs) are somewhere along 4000 when not using Super Mode. Remember, where Luffy was matching an untransformed Lucci in strength, Zoro and Sanji were fighting Kaku and Jyubura, who were using their powers (Jyabura explicitly stated during the "power level thingy" that his Demon Fruit boosted his power a lot).
      • I think that, based on their fights, Zoro and Sanji's douriki probably matched their opponent's transformed forms so probably around 3450-3500 (without using their best moves) but for Luffy I get the impression that his douriki was actually around 3500 while in gear second it shots up to 4000+, maybe around 4500. In his fight against Lucci he's constantly outclassed and thrown around against both human and leopard forms with ease and in while in gear second that gets reversed. That said, dourikis are very vague and probably not very reliable. I mean, how the hell does Luffy manages to have any sort of trouble against Blueno earlier who has around 800 and then be able to hold up against Lucci later even without gear second? They seem to be as reliable as bounties for reading someone's toughness and battle prowess.
    • Before the timeskip, luffy was probably around 4000 (remember, he didn't win that fight on strength, he won on stamina) and Zoro and sanji around 4000-3500 (Sanji's only slightly behind Luffy and Zoro). After the timeskip, that probably doubled. At least. Just ask those Pacifistas they trashed).

     Didn't Sanji, and Zeff, find All Blue already? 
  • Didn't Sanji, and Zeff, find All Blue already? I mean, the way to the Grand Line is through the Reverse Mountain, to which water comes from all four Blues...
    • No, occasionally fish just get caught in the waters and end up in other seas. The area around reverse Mountain isn't All Blue, it just (in Sanji's mind) is proof All Blue can exist. And Zeff stated that even though he did sail through the Grand Line for a year, he never did actually find All Blue.
      • My hypothesis is that All Blue is actually at the bottom of the ocean, or even further down than that, in another ocean BELOW the bottom of the ocean, an "underground ocean." The only way for pirates to get to the second half of the Grand Line is by traveling underwater to Fishman Island, which is beneath Mariejois (the World Government capital). Fishman Island is located on a "hole" in the Red Line, a passageway between one ocean and the other. It would make sense that All Blue is somewhere around this area; there's probably some way to get to Fishman Island from each of the other four oceans, like how it is on the opposite side of the world, on Reverse Mountain. Logically, if all four oceans have access to this one other area in the sea, that place would be All Blue. Also, finding All Blue AND the home of the Mermaids (Sanji's two biggest goals) in the same place would be the ultimate dream of the Strawhat Pirates' perverted cook. If this hypothesis is correct, finding All Blue/Mermaid city would be one epic moment.
      • Except, then Sanji's dream would have concluded halfway through the manga. My wild guess is that Raftel is located on All Blue.
      • It might happen at Fishman Island, at which point he could say something like "I'd stick around for all eternity for Nami-san and Robin-chan!" while inwardly thinking about his bond with his True Companions. The crew's goals require them to go to the Grand Line, not necessarily Raftel (although that is Luffy, Robin and Franky's final destination, and Brook's is on the other side of Reverse Mountain),
    • This is not my theory, but one of my friends suggested that All Blue may be UNDER Reverse Mountain, which would make sense due to the currents pouring in from each Blue, as well as its connection to the Calm Belts and the Grand Line. In a fic, she also had Zoro suggest that they could smash Reverse Moutain apart, forcing the seas to meet. MY theory is that All Blue lies directly BEYOND Raftel, in the X number of miles between the island and the Red Line.
    • My guess is that All Blue is the waters around Raftel, in which the island recides, and it has something to do with the "trick" of getting there.

     How do pirates leave the Grand line? 
  • Yet so far, it's been implied that the only way into the Grand Line is up the mountain. But that route only goes one way. So how are pirates (like Gold Roger and Zeff) expected to leave the Grand Line when they're done? Do they just brave the Calm Belts or something?
    • Explained in the recent chapters that they coat their ships at an archipelago at the Red Line and go down to Fishman Island, crossing into the New World, and sailing around, it can be assumed that in Zeff's case it's likely that he snuck aboard a ship to get to East Blue. The ships are probably coated with seastone, considering that pirates don't necessarily turn back; for Don Krieg he probably braved the Calm Belt seeing as he had so many ships he might have lost a few there, but mostly pirates generally travel through and eventually die, or become so powerful the sea monsters look at them (like Shanks) and go 'F*** that I wanna live.'
    • Actually, the Red Line bisects the world and the Grand Line runs perpendicular to it. The two split the world into the four oceans. That means, the Red Line and Grand Line intersect twice. The first time being Reverse Mountain, which spits out people on one side of the Red Line, where Laboon was. The second time being at Fishmen Island. Therefore, it makes sense that after hitting Raftel, the water from the Grand Line would also flow up Reverse Mountain. Which, in the anime anyways, showed current going up AND down into the ocean. Alternatively, you could just be stuck XD

     Does Crocodile seem weak compared to the warlords, or is it just me? 
  • Related to Buggy up above, is it just me or was Crocodile ridiculously weak compared to the other Warlords of the Sea? Perhaps it's just his readily available elemental weakness, but he didn't seem anywhere near Kuma or Mihawk.
    • Personally, I think one of the things Oda is best at is not putting characters up to these indisputable 'levels of power' that a lot of other animes have. He does it to a lesser extent, but your level isn't absolute. It also depends on circumstances. It's sorta like in real life, how the Red Sox might be s***loads better than the Yankees (hypothetical situation, but you know it's true) but that doesn't mean they'll win every game. Croc isn't weak, he just ran into the unstoppable force that is Luffy trying to protect his true companions. In recent chapters he's just as kickass as Jimbei. (Raise your hands if you're waiting for the inevitable Jimbei-Croc smackdown that will occur the moment the 'escape impel down' truce is over). I mean, look at Mr. 3 for an example. He's the third most powerful guy in an arc that took place like six power ups ago, and he somehow manages to significantly delay the Big Bad of Impel down, who Luffy AND Iva couldn't take down.
    • He definitely looks weaker than Kuma, but I think he was still about the same level as Moriah. It makes sense that there are some Warlords who are stronger than others.
      • He really wasn't all that weak; He owned Luffy's ass 2 times out of 3. Plus, he spends his time in Alabasta, which is in the "weaker" part of the Grand Line (compared to Kuma, who probably spends most of his time in the "stronger" New World.)
      • He also has poison that can dissolve rock and what is essentially a 1HKO move.
      • I think someone more or less stated that Crocodile was basically the little b*** of the Warlords, but I guess he was powerful enough to merit a membership anyway.
      • I chuck it up to the water weakness. If Luffy didn't think it up or use blood as an alt, Crocodile could have won. The same thing happened to Enel.
      • I chalk it up to being the first to appear. It doesn't matter how badass or high-ranking you are if you're the boss of level 6 out of 100. :(
      • Since he was able to manipulate a whole country to the brink of civil war while remaining a hero in the public eye himself, I think that his power was more in the way of planning, strategy and social engineering rather than raw fighting power.
      • Yes he is. Being far too weak by the Grand Line standards (easily-exploited water weakness, cannot fully utilize his abilities at sea, isn't that strong physically, the only maimed Warlord of the Sea) and being incredibly bitter about it practically defines his character. Remember that Croc's dream is to become the Pirate King. He lost all hope of defeating other contenders without some sort of cheat, like Pluton, and is eager to humiliate those weaker than himself, precisely because of his own lack of real strength.
      • Luffy suggests that he stole Alabasta's rain partly in order to guard against his weakness, which also suggests that he's strongest in his native terrain (when he fights Luffy in the desert, he can manipulate the sand in the ground in addition to becoming sand, making him stonger). He's presumably much less powerful at sea, and may have used his planning skills to get his Warlord title.
      • He's the Radditz of their group! But seriously, we're talking about a guy who can manipulate land-based weather on a large scale and instantly dehydrate people. He may be weak for a Logia user, but his power is still pretty earth-shattering when you think of how many things he was able to do.
      • Also, it's just a matter of finding the right combination to defeat them. Magellan of Impel Down seemed impossible to defeat head on due to his poison powers but Mr. 3 (one of the weaker former members of Baroque Works) had a Devil's Fruit power that could neutralize the poison. It must be quite annoying for a chief jailer to know that his powers can be stopped by wax.
      • Are you guys serious? Crocodile is a Magnificent Bastard and he's most definitely one of the strongest characters out there. He is not weak as a logia. He has obtained such mastery over his powers that he can turn people into dry husks by touching them. Did anyone else see how he's fought Mihawk, Doflamingo, Jozu, AND Akainu in the latest arc? And did he lose to any of those mentioned? No, he didn't. He did nothing but kick ass during the Marine Ford arc and he was most certainly not the little b*** of the Seven Warlords. Someone said his bitterness about his weakness was a defining part of his character. Wrong. Sounds nice but it's not true. Crocodile was disillusioned by his time in the Grand Line. Power levels in OP are not set in stone. Why does no one remember him curbstomping Luffy two times! And let me say again he's been fighting Akainu! The man made of lava. Crocodile is as bad ass and powerful as they come.
      • Oh, and, as an aside, we're talking about the top 0.00001% of the world here. Is Crocodile relatively weaker than the other top 0.00001%? Maybe, but he's still indisputably in that range. I mean, as a Logia-type, Crocodile already instantly owns 100% of all non-Devil Fruits, and 99% of all Devil Fruit users. It's like living with God Mode on.
      • The best way to describe Crocodile in terms of Warlord strength is as Weak, but Skilled. He may not have Blackbeard's raw physical strength, Jimbei's martial art skills, or Hancock's knowledge of Haki (or maybe he does), but he has his intelligence, his experience and a complete mastery of his powers, which is still a Logia-type. Why he lost to Luffy is because he suffered a Villainous Breakdown and did not use his powers like in Rounds 1 & 2 and forgot to Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight, especially against someone like Luffy.
      • I think it needs to be pointed out that it has been heavily implied (if not outright stated) that the guy that stopped Crocodile's rise to the top was WHITEBEARD HIMSELF. I think that kinda says a little about Crocodile's abilities. Just to clarify, though, being vulnerable to water may be a serious Weaksauce Weakness in the One Piece world, but remember that Crocodile is capable of eliminating moisture with his powers. After all, Crocodile still Curbstomped Luffy even after the latter found out about that weakness and started exploiting it; it wasn't until Luffy started using his own blood that Crocodile started losing his edge, and I wouldn't be surprised if Luffy was the first person to ever try that on him. To all the people claiming that Crocodile is physically weak, he stopped an attack from Mihawk, 'nuff said; he may not be the strongest out there, but combined with his powers and intellect, he's definitely strong enough to at least competently take on pretty much anyone. And as someone mentioned above, Crocodile's loss to Luffy way back in Alabasta could probably be more chalked up to Croc getting sloppy and not bothering to use his powers rather than Croc simply being weak; after all, he did curbstomp Luffy twice, and when Luffy finally won, it took all the effort he could possibly muster just to knock Crocodile unconscious.
    • Another theory is this: The Seven Warlords of the Sea may be like pirate bounties: It's not always how strong you are, such as how much of a threat you could become that can get you the title. This is evident in that they tried to recruit Ace back when he was still relatively green, because they feared what he could become. It also explains Blackbeard getting the title when he was a total unknown: Any total unknown that could bring in Ace could be a major threat in the future. Also, the most recent chapter has Buggy receiving a letter from the World Government, possibly to become a Warlord of the Sea, which makes sense when you think about it. Buggy's not all that strong, but his crew has just been buffed up with Impel Down escapees, he was on the ship of the Pirate King, is (supposedly) friends with one of the Four Emperors, and survived the Whitebeard War. This all makes him a very credible threat in the future, so it's best to get him on your side now. Considering all this, the Government probably wanted to control Crocodile before he became a major problem, not that it did them much good.
      • How about this, it took luffy THREE FULL BATTLES to beat Crocodile! all of the other villains will have at most two. And then consider this, Croc guarded his Weak Sauce Weakness VERY tightly, for several years, so pbviously in his second fight he would have been very suprised, but then using your own blood must have been the icing on the cake, because would you really expect something like that, even if you had Crocodile's brains? Plus, Luffy only managed to survive through an incredible mountain of luck (first battle:Robin appears out of the blue to save his ass, second battle: one of the water bubbles Luffy fired just happened to float down onto his face, third battle: Luffy decides to save Robin who just happened to have an antidote to Crocodile's poison). Oh and this man also considers WHITEBEARD his Worthy Opponent
      • Actually, I kind of thought Moriah was the weakest of them, really. I mean, at least Crocodile and the others actually were out regulary fighting people and other dirty deeds. Moriah just sat on his ass getting fat, weak and lazy by relying on his zombies for 10 years. Probably why Jimbei one-shotted him back at Marineford.
      • Moriah was not so much weak but lazy. He had the chance to wipe out the entire Strawhat crew several times before they knew what was happening and was easily able to capture the top fighters. He, with the combination of Oars, would had finished off the remaining Strawhats if Luffy hadn't absorb 100 shadows and even then he got back up for one last battle. If Moriah had any sense at the end, he would never had taken on 1000 shadows and should had kept the number down between 50 or 100. That way he would had been ungodly powerful without being on the brink of unconsciousness, but Moriah allowed his pride to defeat him in the end more than anything Luffy did himself. Crocodile is, as another troper said, weak but skilled given that his combat skills are rather mediocre, but he knows how to use his powers to maximum effect along with his battle experience and his intellects. Also, being a logia is broken in the One Piece world if you don't know their weakness or know Haki.
      • actually, crocodile may be one of the more dangerous warlords. Yes, he doesn't have the pure physical strength of Kuma or Jimbei (meaning that he is just ridiculously strong), but he has a very powerfull DF (remember, he can drain water on touch, counterign his own weakness) that he has precise control over, a grand arsenal of dirty tricks, massive amounts of intelligence and charisma, and and of course a massive attitude (illustrated by him attacking WHITEBEARD, and when that fails, joining him and luffy in the rescue operation, taking on opponents like Mihawk and akainu in the process, and getting anway scot-free without a scratch in the end. And since it has been foreshadowed that we will see him again, a rematch against luffy would be very interesting indeed.
      • One of the things that One Piece really doesn't have is absolute "can't touch this" power levels. Crocodile may have lost to Luffy back at Alabasta, but he held his own at Marinford. Moriah was toying with Luffy without much effort and only lost because he fought the entire Strawhat Crew (And Nightmare Luffy) with Oars, yet he lost to Jimbei fairly quickly. The Warlords of the Sea are all cunning and powerful, and while a few of them may have an advantage over the others, it is nowhere near a sure thing that one Warlord will beat another.
      • Essentially One Piece is Plot Tailored to the Party: The Manga. Eneru is a god until he runs into Luffy. The only person who can withstand ghosts that eliminate your self-confidence is the weakling crew member who has no self-confidence. Wax beats poison. Splitting beats swordmastery. Crocodile lost when an entire pirate crew, a royal family, a country's militia, a revolutionary force and his own aide de camp were all against him. During the free-for-all at Marineford he's able to put up a far better performance.
      • Crocodile, when relying only on his physical combat abilities, lost to a rookie. Yes, Luffy is insanely strong by the standards of where he came from, but compare his holding his own against Crocodile to having to vastly increase his strength and speed to do the same with Lucci, and being pretty much powerless against the Vice Admirals. In terms of physical ability, he's invincible in the Four Blues, tough on the Grand Line, but a whipping boy in the New World. It's his Devil Fruit that makes him truly formidable, but in the New World he'd be going up against much stronger opponents with Color of Armaments, plus equally broken Devil Fruits. Being immune to physical attacks doesn't matter when nearly every major opponent can bypass that immunity while being a better physical fighter.
    • Crocodile is far from weak. True he got beaten by Luffy in Alabasta, but his powers would have made him difficult opponent even to Luffy just before timeskip. Luffy at the time of Alabasta arc just barely defeated more due to luck and Crocodile's own mistakes (not finishing Luffy off for good when he had a chance being the most prominent). By the time of the timeskip two of them were pretty much equal in terms of power and skill Luffy being capable of fighting Crocodile into standstill without getting lucky break and vice versa. In comparison with other warlord he is pretty much average in terms of the fighting skill and when you bring his planning and organizational skill into equation he is above average with Doffy taking the first place (Mihawk probably being strongest in sheer fighting skill).
    • Much like Buggy, Crocdile was hanging out in a "weak" area of the world, and wasn't really training himself at all (it's worth noting that when he's challenged by a group of temporarily-empowered soldiers that he still could have easily obliterated he simply flew out of the way to avoid them), letting his minions do all the heavy lifting. Thanks to his Logia auto-defense he'd been letting his physical combat abilites slide. Luffy in comparison doesn't have any fancy tricks but has been doing nothing but training for physical battles his whole life. All of the other Warlords (aside from the curious example of Moriah) also use physical fighting styles, so they're more of a direct match for Luffy.

     Is being unable to swim really a big deal compared to the benefits? 
  • Is being unable to swim really that big a deal when you have infinitely stretchy limbs that can grab on to the nearest floating object or push you up from the ocean floor like giant stilts?
    • When a Devil Fruit User falls underwater, they lose the strength to use their power. In Luffy's case, he can use his power, just that he cannot move underwater. Outside sources can still make him stretch, but he loses all strength to even use his power. The problem with grabbing a floating object to push you up from the ocean floor like Giant Stilts is that the Ocean floor reaches many levels of Depths meaning you'll have to get stilts above 1,000,000 miles just to walk over the ocean. There are also Sea Kings in the ocean.
      • Are oceans in One Piece really that deep? That's insane. For reference, the deepest ocean trench on Earth is less than 7 miles. The world of One Piece is significantly bigger than our sun.
      • The only definitive comment about how deep the oceans get is in reference to Fishman Island, at 10,000 meters. No idea where that 1 million miles thing came from.
    • He doesn't have "infinite stretchy limbs." In at least one author interview, the author stated that devil fruit powers like the gum-gum and chop-chop fruit powers have a limit on how far from the person they can actually work (I think Luffy's may have been a distance of some 32-36 gum-gum fruit, and Buggy had trained for a lot longer and could therefore control his limbs up to 100 chop-chop fruit lengths away). It is probablye, given the reappearance of Buggy, sans body, that it is a limit on control rather than a limit on the power not working at all.
      • Oda is notorious for giving nonsensical answers to that sort of thing, which I entirely understand since it keeps him from Word Of God-ing himself into a corner. The implication was that there was a physical limit to the range but that he wasn't going to share the specs.
    • That's not how Luffy's powers work. He's not like Mr. Fantastic - he doesn't just stretch on command. He literally works like rubber. He's not going to stretch unless there's some force behind it, and it snaps back as soon as possible.
      • Luffy doesn't work like Mr. Fantastic...except for the times that he does. The vast majority of the time he has impart momentum to his body parts to make them stretch. But there have also been instances of him, for example, stretching out his neck and looping it around to look over Nami's shoulder.
      • It might be that Luffy cannot put any force behind his Mr. Fantastic-like stretching. He has only used it after the timeskip, and has never used it for combat, or to distort his actual body shape. He can manipulate his muscles to extend his rubber slowly. (think octopus tentacles, no punching, no speed, but can move it out there)

     Didn't Luffy have money when he crashes into Zeff's restaurant? 
  • When Luffy crashes into Zeff's restaurant, he tries to apologize and tells him that he doesn't have any money to pay him back. He says this even though he has treasure he got from Buggy. What's the deal with that? Granted, Nami wouldn't be too happy about it, but Luffy tends to do what he feels like regardless of whether his true companions approve.
    • At the time, Nami was saving money for her villages liberation from Arlong's clutches. Besides, she said she keeps all the treasure and Luffy, at the time when he crashed into Zeff's place didn't have money in his pockets.
      • Even so, Luffy didn't know what Nami needed money for.
      • Nami actually told him that she wanted to buy back a certain village with the money. Even if he didn't know that, though, Nami most likely wouldn't let him pay.
      • Been awhile since I read the Buggy/Baratie arcs, but didn't Nami say at some point that she was keeping the treasure, and Luffy said that he didn't care? So technically, it was NAMI'S treasure, because Nami was not then an official Strawhat pirate, and despite being a pirate himself, Luffy isn't much inclined to stealing (unless it's meat).
    • Or maybe Zeff just didn't want to piss off the Marines, seeing how he's a former pirate.
      • I always thought that the reason Luffy had not paid Zeff for the damage was because of the fact that he left all the treasure back at the village Buggy took over so they could rebuild and stuff. Nami wasn't too happy about that....

     What if a fish ate the Human Devil Fruit? 
  • If a fish would have eaten the Human Devil Fruit, would he turn into a fishman? And if so, would he not be able to swim?
    • Technically, yes. If a fish were to eat a hito hito fruit, then they would be able to turn into a fish, a "mer-fishman" (Top half like a human, bottom half like a fish) and a fishman (with a humanoid body). Also, they would probably gain the ability to breath on land since they ate the Hito Hito Fruit and yes, they wouldn't be able to swim. As Shanks said, "no matter how good you are at swimming, after you eat a devil fruit, you won't be able to swim anymore".
    • With all this, it stands to reason that a fish who eats the Hito Hito no Mi would be less powerful than even a human who eats it, and all that happens to thee human is that they are "enlightened".
    • Relating: what were to happen, if Chopper didn't have the Hito Hito Fruit, if a human were to eat said fruit? Just the regular, normal Hito Hito Fruit. Does that mean a human were to gain additional forms or just be stuck as a regular human being with no additional powers?
      • Word Of God says that if a human or animal eats a Devil Fruit of their own species they will become enlightened.

     Why seven warlords of the sea? 
  • Any particular reason why there has to be Seven Warlords of the Sea?
    • Because the number seven is in the name? Shichi from the Japanese "Shichibukai" means seven after all. C'mon, that's like asking why there has to be four Emperors, man.
    • Maybe because more than that would upset the balance of power too much.
    • Um, because pirates sail on the SEVEN SEAS? So you obviously need Seven Warlords for the Seven Seas.
      • I was thinking more or less, but I read that the Seven Warlords of the Sea are stated to be equal to the Four Emperors and Marines in terms of power, so maybe they need 7 for it to stay equal.
    • It's a Shout-Out to Seven Samurai.
    • As for why there are seven in terms of story aesthetics, it's because 7 in many cultures and religions is a symbolic number for divinity, so there's some sort of symbolism/allusion going on here. As to why there have to be seven in regards to the world of the story, it's just what the WG set down (like how there are only three Admirals).
    • If I remember correctly, the literal translation for "shichibukai" is something like "seven armed seas," so it's probably referring to the real-world seven seas.
    • Probably way back in the day when they were founded there were only seven for whatever reason (that's how many they could get/control, some in-universe significance to the number seven, etc.) By now they maintain seven because that's how many Shichibukai there are and they don't want to change.

     Why didn't Aokiji suffer the effects of putting his hands in the water? 
  • Why didn't Aokiji suffer the effects of putting his hands in the water when he froze part of the ocean for stranded people to cross? He clearly dipped both his hands into the sea, which should at least dizzy out a Devil Fruit user.
    • That only comes into effect when the user is almost or completely submerged. There have been times when Luffy and others have been in knee-deep water and they've been fine.
    • During the fight with Kalifa, Nami stated that a Devil Fruit weakness starts kicking in when their body is 50% submerged. So Luffy can still use his powers if he's ankle-deep in shallow seawater, for instance.

     Why World Government think that that Very Good could take CP9 back into custody 
  • What in the world made the World Government think that that Very Good could take CP9 back into custody? He was a mere part of a horde of Superpowered Mooks who lost to the Straw Hats, who also beat CP9. The odds were not good.
    • Captain Very Good was leading the whole capture raid. Apparently, I think the World Government thought he would be a good leader because of his devil fruit advantage. I guess the World Government underestimated CP9 and their skills.
    • Maybe they thought that CP9 suffered some permanent damage at Enies Lobby, as all members were mauled really badly. Maybe that's just another display of incompetence.

     How can Luffy be seventeen with that voice? 
  • With that voice, how can Luffy possibly be seventeen? And no, I've never seen any of the dubs.
    • Every time his balls dropped, they bounced right back up. Poor guy can't go through puberty.
    • Keep in mind that the voice of a character really doesn't matter in anime because the manga is the original version anyway, and it's not like the character literally talks when you read a manga. Perhaps Luffy canonically sounds different. Either way, it doesn't really matter.

     How is Nami going to draw a map of the world? 
  • Nami's goal is to draw a map of the world, right? How exactly is she going to do that? Part of the problem with the Grand Line is that the individual magnetic fields of the islands override the world's magnetic field. That means the only time she can be certain of which direction she's going is at sunrise and sunset and quite possibly at night if One Piece world has the equivalent of a North Star. What navigational instruments does she have? How can she keep track of which direction each island is from each other? And how far, since Grand Line currents can spin you in a completely different direction unless you're paying attention? From what we've seen, the South Bird (and North Bird and their two birdie children, West and East) are the closest you're going to get to a real compass on the Grand Line, but that flew away at the end of the Skypiea arc.
    • Seafarers during the Renaissance (and before then) never relied solely on a compass to determine a location (which, obviously, is what you want to know if you'll make a map). They used a Davis quadrant (and then the sextant) to determine longitude and an astrolabe (a mariner's astrolabe, to be exact) to determine latitude. We have seen Nami holding a sextant in the past, and if she has one, she most certainly has an astrolabe too as it wouldn't make sense to have one without the other. In addition, many of the islands the Straw Hats have reached have civilizations on them, who might know of their exact location in latitude and longitude. And while no such devices in One Piece are known to exist, the fact that the directional birds exist implies that there IS a way to determine your exact orientation.

     Why did Sengoku think Jinbei would fight whitebeard? 
  • Ok. Whitebeard has been protecting Jimbei's homeland and fellow fishmen from slavers. Jimbei is highly grateful to him because of this. So why the hell did Sengoku think that out of all the Shichibukai, he'd be the one MOST willing to fight against Whitebeard? Surely he at least TALKED to the guy before having him sent to Impel Down?
    • I don't remember Sengoku stating that, even so, it doesn't seem unlikely he would think that. Jimbei is the most controllable Shichibukai (except for Kuma) because he honors the agreement to work for the WG and is less unruly.
      • In chapter 523, Sengoku says "And to think, I had expected him to be the most cooperative of [the Shichibukai] in this matter." after being told about Jimbei's refusal to fight.
    • My guess is Jimbei was one of the most willing Warlord to follow WG orders when dealing with pirates. Sengoku just didn't take his friendship with Whitebeard into account.
    • I'd say that Sengoku simply believed that Jimbei was the most cordial/cooperative/mellow of the Shichibukai based on personality (not counting zombified Kuma), and he didn't expect him out of all of them to rebel. Maybe Doflamingo or Crocodile, but not Jimbei.

     regeneration of Yomi Yomi no mi 
  • So it's recently been confirmed that Devil Fruits do indeed regenerate when the eater dies. What happens to the Yomi Yomi Fruit? When you die, you're brought back to life. Does the fruit regenerate or is its power bound to the eater until they die again?
    • Seeing as its power is still active and only works once, it'll probably reincarnate once Brook dies (if he still can).
    • Probably will only regenerate if Brook dies in the Ocean. Or trapped in kairouseki (seastone, right?).

     could Mr. 2 copy all of Choppers forms? 
  • I wanna throw in a what-if. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei touched Chopper's face. So can he/she turn into all of Chopper's forms now? Can his/her Devil Fruit copy all Zoan fruits? Because if so, that would be freaking amazing.
    • Can Bentham copy animals' faces? Chopper is still a deer that ate a zoan fruit. I don't think he could actually use another fruit's power, because one can only have the power of one devil fruit in one body, with the exception of Blackbeard of course.
    • On a similar note, he showed (with Nami) that he was capable of changing his body to that of the people he copies. Well, Brook's BODY is made of bones. Luffy's BODY is made of rubber. Blackbeard's BODY is capable of sustaining multiple Devil Fruits. Can Bon copy those aspects as well when he changes into them?
      • I would guess that Bon can't duplicate Devil Fruit powers. So he can't become rubber and if he tried to become bones, he would die as the Yomi Yomi no Mi wouldn't keep him alive.
    • It's not a permanent change and the change may be superficial. He can copy the appearance and physical attributes (muscles and such-like), but not things like allergies, blood-type, Blackbeard's two Devil Fruits thing. He wouldn't have any reason to copy Chopper anyway, because his fighting style is largely kick-based and his own body is the most ideal for that, whereas Chopper generally uses his arms for combat.

     Celestial dragons and Inbreeding 
  • How on earth did the Celestial Dragons / World Nobles survive and not die out thanks to inbreeding? We know the World Nobles claim direct heritage from the 20 kings who founded the WG 800 years ago. Even if there were 10 people in every family, that would equal only 200 World Nobles. To maintain enough genetic diversity, nearly 500 people would be needed. It is possible to think that the World Nobles use some of their slaves for sexual purposes, but I doubt they would accept a child from a slave as a true World Noble.
    • While the Celestial Dragons wouldn't accept slaveborn heirs, they might accept lesser nobles like the ones from the Goa Kingdom.
      • Who's to say that they don't reproduce with just anybody they like? In the episode/chapter (forgot which one) he's introduced Charloss says that he wants a random woman on the street to become his wife and she wouldn't be the first one. That should easily answer your question I guess.
    • Any child of the World Nobles would by definition be a World Noble him or herself. It stands to reason that even if the mother/father is just a regular person the Nobles could just designate the kid as a Noble and send the other parent packing. Possibly some sort of Un-person would be involved depending on how much they buy into the idea that they aren't human.

     Zoro's logic for making Usopp apologize 
  • I'm a bit confused by Zoro's logic for making Usopp apologize. While I certainly felt both Usopp and Luffy had to own up to their flaws, Zoro seemed to be saying "Make Usopp apologize or it makes you look weak. And I'll leave the crew." Isn't that kind of contradicting himself? If Luffy is the captain it's ultimately up to him if he should forgive Usopp. I'm all for Usopp apologizing for his actions, but shouldn't it be more because "he was wrong", not "he disagreed with you"?
    • In this context "he was wrong" and "he disagreed with you" are both kinda the same. In this case, Zoro was talking about Luffy's authority. While Luffy doesn't really act like a captain, he still is, so when Usopp disobeyed him and left the crew (not to mention the way he did it) he went against Luffy's authority and Zoro felt that he couldn't be taken back into the crew without apologising/admitting that it is up to Luffy to take Usopp back. You could also see this from Zoro's point of view. To Zoro strength is everything (or at least it means a lot) so for someone like Zoro it is important that whoever he follows needs to be stronger than him, so if Luffy took Usopp back, Zoro would be like "F*** this s***, I ain't following no doormat"
      • Forcing Usopp to apologize is more about him than Luffy. Usopp abandoned the crew and chose to go his own way. If the others invite him back, or he returns without acknowledging what he did was wrong, then that in Zoro's eyes makes ditching the crew entirely acceptable.
      • Adding to the above answer, letting Usopp back in without an apology would set a bad precedent for any of the Straw Hats to simply ditch the crew the instant Luffy made a decision they didn't like, then hop right back in when and if they got over it. This is a crew dedicated to traversing the most dangerous areas in the world, the last thing they need are fair-weather friends.
    • There might be a hint of Sink or Swim Mentor here, as being unable to own up to things is one of Usopp's major character flaws (such as calling Cricket a liar out of fear, or hiding behind the Sogeking mask). Perhaps Zoro decided it was time for Usopp to man up enough to tell a difficult truth or be left behind. Look at his smile when Usopp finally apologizes for proof that he wasn't really happy with leaving him behind.

     Why do all the fruits have their names said twice? 
  • Why do all the fruits have their names said twice? Like, why not instead of the Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit), just say Mera no Mi (Flame Fruit)?
    • It all started with the Gum-Gum mi, Oda wanted to call it Gomu no Mi (the rubber fruit), but that name already existed, so he just named it Gum-Gum mi.
    • Adding on to this, as far as I'm aware, they're based off of Japanese onomatopoeia examples.

     Why doesn't Luffy wear his afro more often? 
  • Why doesn't Luffy wear his afro more often? Surely with an afro, he would be able to defeat all his opponents single-handedly?
    • Because it was a one-time gag for a funny arc.
    • Also, Luffy got it (and his boxing gloves) from the dressing room on Foxy's ship. It was probably on loan only, so he would have returned it (or the Foxy Pirates would take it back) after the fight.
    • Plus, just after the fight with the Foxy Pirates, the next place they went was Water Seven and Enies Lobby. Due to the need to rescue Robin immediately, combined with the fact that the fights with Galley-la and the Franky Family were very unexpected, there's no way Luffy could have gotten an afro on with such short notice. And immediately after that arc was Thriller Bark. Starting in Thriller Bark, Brook (who has his own afro) joined the crew. Luffy would no longer have any need to wear a fake afro because from then on he would always have an afro in his heart.

     Why didn't Tom or Iceburg just immediately destroy Plutons blueprints? 
  • If Pluton was so dangerous, why didn't Tom or Iceburg just destroy the blueprints so it could never be rebuilt/awakened?
    • Because IIRC Robin became notorious during that time, and because she could read the Poneglyphs, she could, in theory, create another superweapon that could rival Pluton. So Tom/Iceburg didn't want to destroy the blueprints in case they would need to build Pluton later.
      • That's exactly what Tom tells Iceburg when he gives him the blueprint. I think it's also repeated when Iceburg hands them to Franky, then again when Franky destroys them at Enies Lobby, where he says he's betting on the Straw Hat rescuing Nico Robin so she won't be forced to restore one of the ancient superweapon and Pluton isn't needed anymore.

     How did Otohime birth Shirahoshi? 
  • (Cough Cough) Okay, the less thought about just HOW Queen Otohime was able to conceive her four children with the monstrously-huge Neptune in the first place, the better. (Cringe) But it REALLY begs the question; just HOW the heck was she able to carry SHIRAHOSHI (who is 5 times her size at birth) to term without re-enacting the Chest Burster scene from Alien? (1979) (Shiver)
    • Well, that's actually easily explainable using real-life evidence with fish. If we assume that Mermaids/Mermen are capable of reproducing the same way as fish in real life do (which, until proven otherwise, can be assumed because MERMAIDS DO NOT POOP!) then they're conceived without any actual penetration involved. Queen Otohime probably just dropped eggs for the king to inseminate, and one of those eggs probably grew bigger to become Shirahoshi.
    • Well either Shirahoshi rapidly expanded after leaving her mother OR Otohime's heart was just bigger (Probable Oda answer). She couldn't have hatched from an egg since Merfolk are born and not laid.
    • There is already a trope about how these four children were conceived. It's Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action.

     Why is the effect of Kairu Seki (Seastone) on DF users so inconsistent? 
  • Why is the effect of Kairu Seki (Seastone) on DF users so inconsistent? For example, if Luffy touches Seastone, he is unable to even move. But Nico Robin and Boa Hancock were perfectly able to walk around normally even with Seastone Cuffs on. These three powers are all classified as Paramecia.
    • I believe it was once stated to depend on the concentration of Sea Stone in the objects. A high concentration, or pure Sea Stone, would rob them of all their energy instantly, making them collapse, while a low concentration would make them unable to use their powers, but still able to walk (which is an easier state of making someone follow you).
    • Another theory is that the seastone only comes into effect when people use their powers, so people like Luffy, whose powers involve a full-on physical change, would be affected all the time by seastone, whereas people like Robin, who have to trigger their powers manually, would only be affected when they try to use them.
    • That, and (my personal headcanon) Luffy probably exaggerates its effects on him because he likes being dramatic/likes the attention. Several times during the Fishman Island Saga he punches someone/something underwater (through a bubble) and, while apparently weaker than his normal attacks, they still do a significant amount of damage, which implies that when the chips are down, he can still function in contact with the ocean and/or sea-stone (which are basically equivalent to devil-fruit users), it just takes him more effort and he still can't do quite everything he can normally

     Why did Luffy cheer for Bellamy in the tournament? 
  • Why did Luffy cheer for Bellamy in the tournament? As far as any of us knows, he visited Skypiea, stole the pillar of gold, and hinted that he hurt or killed the friends of Straw Hats there.
    • He has a good feeling about him? Let's be honest here, Luffy is not the type to hold any effective grudge for too long.
      • He is a great judge of character, yes, and wouldn't hold a grudge about the whole thing that happened with Cricket, but I'm not sure it'd be enough to deal with the fact that many of his friends on the Skypiea may be dead. He held a grudge with Crocodile for a while, too, for doing something similar.
      • Yes, but the difference is that Crocodile was unrepentant, while he told him he changed his ways. Luffy may be hopelessly naive, but he is the best judge of character in the crew (compared to, say, a paranoid Nami, a psychopathic Sanji, and an overly naive Chopper). Besides, he is not smart enough to suspect from his words that he killed his friends not that he did have many there (do not confuse "named characters "or "citizens" with friends, for all we know, prior to the party he had only three) and it is quite impossible, considering that the two of them are non-combat unassuming citizens and the other a very powerful governor, to kill them, and that is assuming he went to a murderous rampage, which is something I am pretty sure he did not. All that assumes the logical process of an in-story character, however, thanks to the cover arcs we are pretty sure no one was hurt in any way. Also, do not forget that from the Skypeians' point of view, the golden pillar that made Bellamy rich was a useless slightly decorative item, with which they would easily part (and that they would give to anyone who said that he knows Luffy, or Usopp, and would otherwise not care much about it being taken/stolen). Lastly, Bellamy did not hint at anything, he merely said something along the lines of "I went to Skypeia and I took that pillar" when took could mean "taken by force" (unlikely), "stole", "took it with me because it was in plain view but nobody cared, even though I would seriously hurt anyone who stopped me" or "was given (...because I told them I knew you)".
      • Luffy doesn't generally hold a grudge against someone that antagonized him, and him alone. He thinks that beating up Bellamy, taking the treasure back to Cricket, and Bellamy acknowledging that Cricket was right (perhaps even being forgiven by Cricket because who else could teach Bellamy how to get to Skypiea), is enough. Further, he was willing to outright abandon Hachi in a cage because of Hachi's actions under Arlong, until Nami forgave him because Nami was the one most antagonized by Hachi's actions. The reason he absolutely won't forgive Crocodile? Crocodile ruthlessly brutalized Vivi, and there's no way in hell Vivi can or will forgive him, not to mention that Crocodile himself is completely unrepentant and acts like he thinks he did nothing wrong, he's merely "no longer interested."

     How exactly will the rest of the One Piece universe find out who actually discovers One Piece? 
  • Excluding the Straw Hats of course, how exactly will the rest of the One Piece universe find out who actually discovers the treasure, One Piece?
    • Den Den Mushi? Word of mouth? At that point it doesn't matter how they do it, nobody is gonna dispute them seeing as nobody but an ultimate badass (crew) can get to Raftel.

     Why was Crocodile able to use his power at all? Wouldn't he be constantly wet from sweat due to the heat of Alabasta? 
  • Why was Crocodile able to use his power at all? As far as I understood it, he can't transform into sand if he is wet. However, he tried to take over a desert kingdom. Wouldn't he be constantly wet from sweat?
    • Pretty sure body water does not count, even for the most sensitive to water Devil Fruit user, or else nobody could eat Devil Fruits at all since, you know, the majority of the human body is water. Even if that does not hold true for Crocodile (who is much more sensitive to water than any other Devil User) he is too cool to excrete sweat (yes, you can laugh from the pun and ridiculous explanation, but I have seen more ridiculous at SBS, so this might even be canon)
    • I have a couple more unfortunately boring explanations. First, I believe a Devil Fruit user must be at least 50% submerged, and sweating doesn't cover enough of your body for that. Second, Crocodile didn't even raise an eyebrow at being dunked in boiling water, so it's possible he's just resistant to temperature extremes, thus preventing sweating, to begin with.

     How come nobody recognizes Luffy in the tournament? 
  • How come nobody recognizes Luffy in the tournament? Did they not notice the stretchy limbs? Even after the old guy and Cavendish started attacking him (And people heard them shouting his name) nobody thought twice about it? Am I just looking too far into this?
    • Luffy had, prior to the most recent chapter (Lucy and Ucy) yet to actually show any stretching. He befriended the bull and rode it while it rampaged. Presumably, he did a few non-stretching punches and kicks while he ran around, but otherwise let the bull do the work. At the end of the chapter he did use Gear 2 to knock out the giant, but its speed might make it impossible for most people to see. With only higher-level fighters being able to keep track. Keep in mind, Doflamingo's group already knows he's participating, Cavendish and Bartolomeo know who he is, and the whole reason they needed to hide his identity has basically become moot by this point.
    • It doesn't seem to be widely known that Luffy has Devil Fruit powers or if that's known, just what those powers are. Even in the general cases of pirates who are known to have Devil Fruit, the nature of their powers is usually not known to outsiders until seen firsthand. Plus Luffy's reputation has grown to the point that people who hear about Luffy but aren't familiar with him were expecting a giant of a man.

     Just how extreme is Z? 
  • Just how extreme is Z? This guy makes Akainu seem reasonable in comparison.
    • Is this a headscratcher or a statement? Anyway, as Oda would (probably) answer 7,000 funky extreme-extremes.
      • Akainu is merciless when it comes to chasing down pirates, and he was willing to go back on a promise to spare some individuals just to ensure Robin didn't get out alive, but I doubt that even he was willing to destroy half the world just to get revenge.

     Why did Rob Lucci and the rest of CP9 put up with Spandam? 
  • Why did Rob Lucci and the rest of CP9 put up with Spandam at all? We see that Lucci is willing to kill others, as we see him kill Nero. Why did he not just kill Spandam and write it off as an accident?
    • Spandam is too connected. Nero was just some rookie and the other people he kills are either because he's under orders or because it's in the WG's best interest.
    • In addition, Rob Lucci seems to be the sort who would follow a superior's orders without question. He was willing to take out Nero because Nero ranks beneath him. He doesn't get second thoughts until Spandam ditches him horribly injured.
    • Nero was Lucci's subordinate, it was within his rights to kill him for failing CP9's agenda and putting the rest of the team at risk, however small it actually was. If nothing else, he was going to kill Cutty Flam, who they were supposed to bring in for questioning. If Nero got away or kept himself from being killed, then he'd probably just write it off. Spandam is his boss, and he's going to follow orders because he has the authority to do so. That's just Dark Justice.

     Why didn't Moria capture the people he stole shadows from? 
  • This one has always bothered me a lot. In the Thriller Bark arc, Brook states that once Moria steals someone's shadow and implants it on a zombie, he puts them back into their boat and sends them to the sea, instead of killing them, because killing them would also remove the shadow from the zombie. But... wouldn't it be easier to imprison those people and MAKE SURE they don't die, instead of just sending them off into the sea and hoping they never enter contact with sunlight or die in any of the other myriads of ways one can die? I mean, he even planned to do that to LUFFY, who just gave him the shadow for his most important and powerful zombie, the one he'd REALLY want to keep alive.
    • No matter how big the Thriller Bark is, at some point Moria would run out of spaaace and food. The zombies may not need any food, but the crew itself needs food. Also, if he would keep more and more prisoners on his island/ship, one day they could stage a revolt against him. No matter how strong Moria is, at some point even he would run out of endurance.

     How can these be the names of Brook's former crewmates? 
  • ...How can these be the names of Brook's former crewmates?
    • Those look Finnish.
      • As a Finn, they definitely aren't.
      • There's clearly the occasional Japanese name in there. Likely it's the names of the animation staff or something, and the parts that are initials or numbers are probably nicknames. In-story, it's possibly some kind of code or in-joke the crew had.

     Kizaru and the speed of light 
  • If one takes into account the "What If" section of XKCD and the article named "Relativistic Baseball", sending an object near the speed of light should trigger a nuclear explosion as the objects' atoms collide with the atoms floating in the air. That being said, this troper doesn't understand how Kizaru's power works. If he can indeed strike at the speed of light, that should make him way too overpowered. On one hand, he is undodgeable except maybe with sensor Haki, on the other ... his attacks should be even more devastating !!
    • Overpowered Devil Fruit means nothing in One Piece. Technically, Wapol's and Foxy's are overpowered too, while Luffy's and Smoker's are underpowered (Smoker's relative to the other Logias) and so are most Zoan. Has this stopped anyone, especially the Haki users, from beating the ones with overpowered fruit? Or has this ever stopped powerful people with underpowered fruits from becoming strong? Mr OP, know that nothing is OP in OP (I have been waiting for a chance for this pun)
      • Kizaru turns into light to go at the speed of light. He's always performing lunging strikes, except for when he uses his light sword. It's not 'him' accelerating at the speed of light from the get-go, it's a mass of light that, upon reverting to his human form, leaves him with a hell of a lot of momentum.
      • It's also possible that he has yet to actually strike someone at the literal speed of light. One would think that a kick with infinite mass that was moving as fast as anything that can move would do a bit more than sending a guy through a few buildings.
      • Honestly, let's cut the unnecessary explanations and just call it what it is; Acceptable Breaks from Reality. One Piece is a work of fiction. Therefore, it doesn't need to be 100% scientifically accurate all the time. If it were, then every time Blackbeard created a black hole, the entire planet should be sucked in and crushed immediately. So yeah. Stylistically, Kizaru is more so doing a very advanced Flash Step rather than actually moving at the speed of light because then nobody would ever be able to beat him. That's all there is to it. When he says he's "moving at the speed of light", that's just for Rule of Cool.
      • There actually is a plausible explanation for both of those. Kizaru turns into light to travel at the speed of light. Light has no mass, so him moving doesn't cause any damage until he re-forms himself, as mentioned before. When Blackbeard turns into a black hole, his mass is too small to swallow up the planet, as Hawking radiation would destroy himself faster than he can absorb matter. Physicists create miniature black holes in particle accelerators all the time, and they haven't destroyed the planet. (The "black holes" Blackbeard produces are more like portals into another dimension than actual black holes though.)

     What's the role of Wapol's family in regards to the twenty kings and the World Government? 
  • So what's the role of Wapol's family in regards to the twenty kings and the World Government? If they were amongst the original twenty families, why didn't they go live in Mariejois, nor were mentioned by Doflamingo as another family that refused (like the Nefertari family)? But if they weren't, and were instead elected by the kingdom after the original royalty left, then why was Wapol in a meeting with the other families, Nefertari included?
    • Other countries have been included in the WG since its foundation.
    • Wapol's family seems to be one of the "new" royals, either that or they were too small to be considered for the WG. They were included in the meeting with Nefertari because they're on the same level as Nefertari. They're both Royalty. Heck, the Drum Kingdom might not have existed 800 years ago seeing as the only old building is the castle and it doesn't look as ancient as the Nefertari palace.
    • Said meeting was Reverie, which is not limited to World Nobles. Remember how Otohime got permission to join Reverie if she had sufficient signatures?

     How come Brook is perfectly capable of talking and interacting with people after 50 years of solitude? 
  • How come Brook is perfectly capable of talking and interacting with people after 50 years of solitude? Was he talking to himself all the time? Was he constantly thinking about his lost comrades?
    • Yes.
      • Aaaaand...Fridge Tearjerker.

    Did Brook have a supply of tea that lasted for fifty years when the Strawhats found him or...? 
  • Did Brook have a supply of tea that lasted for fifty years when the Strawhats found him or...?
    • "Or" is correct. According to the One Piece wiki, Brook doesn't actually need to eat or even breathe; his Devil Fruit will automatically keep his life force sustained. Presumably, he can still feel hungry and he can taste food, but the only things that will actually kill him are his body being totally destroyed or his second life eventually "running out".

     Ships and the "Go" suffix 
  • Why do the ship names have a "Go" suffix (Going Merry Go, Thousand Sunny Go, etc.)? I thought it was an honorific, but it seems to be not, and it doesn't look like a Japanese ship-naming convention either. Any reference which explains this naming convention?
    • ...Engrish?
    • Adding "-go" as a suffix actually is a Japanese naming convention when it comes to ships and the like. Think of it like "S.S."

     How can Kuma have a bible? 
  • How can Kuma have a bible? Please don't tell me that Jesus of all characters is real in OP world.
    • It's a reference to the pirate he was named after, Black Bart.
    • There's also Jesus Burgess, but that's a different matter, I suppose.
    • Christianity's been referenced quite a few times in the series. Zoro was attacked by a bounty hunter disguised as a nun at Whiskey Peak, and Chopper & Usopp were carrying around crosses for a good portion of Thriller Bark. I think the wiki even has a page on real-life religions depicted in the series.
    • A "bible" in the general sense of the word is a book that contains lots of information about something, like a "world bible" used by the producers of a TV show to keep track of their fictional universe. Note that when Kuma is going to send someone away, he sometimes consults the book first. The main fan guess is that it's more like an almanac of interesting places, or a log book of places he's been, so he knows the exact coordinates to whack someone to with his power. Of course it's also a reference to Black Bart, as another troper pointed out, who is rumored to have been a very religious pirate.

     Can Sugar sleep? 
  • If Sugar's power is dispelled after she's knocked out, does that mean she can't sleep? EVER?
    • Maybe natural sleep isn't disruptive enough to break her power. The plan is to scare her till she passes out, so they might be trying to jar her badly enough that it all comes undone.
    • We've seen it in the past before. Falling asleep is different than being knocked out, physiologically. Shiki slept, but he still managed to keep his island/ship in the air. Hancock sleeps, but people stay stone. Vander Decken's power let him keep a lock on Shirahoshi despite sleeping, but when he's knocked out his powers stop working, letting Noah fall to the island.
    • This causes a severe consistency problem with Law's power, however: during the Punk Hazard and Dressrosa arcs he's been knocked out violently a few times, yet no signs of the effects of his power (namely, the extracted hearts) stopping while he was unconscious. Maybe if one has a strong will not even a sudden loss of consciousness can dispell his/her powers, but that would be stretching it thin...
      • A stretch, maybe, but it does have precedent. IIRC, Buggy got KO'ed a few times while he was missing the middle parts of his body, but his breathing and circulation went on just fine.

     What stops everyone from having the "Will of D"? 
  • So what stops everyone from having the "Will of D"? I mean, you could simply name your child XX D. XXX, and then does he have the "Will Of D" immediately?
    • Based on Whitebeard's comments to Teach about him not being who Rogers was waiting for in addition to how Teach is a Dirty Coward unlike the rest of the D.s and how Whitebeard then mentions that Ace's and Rogers's will has been passed down, it seems that the "Will of D" is certain personality traits that appear in members of families with the D. initial. Obviously, Teach doesn't have the Will and there are likely other D.s who didn't either. Possibly, those with D. are connected to the mystery nation of the Void Century, but that is speculation.
    • Don't be surprised if we later find out someone isn't really a D, despite having the name.
      • It's worth noting that every D whose parentage we know of had at least one parent who was D too, so it may be that whatever the Will of D is it's literally hereditary. Presumably just giving your kid a D name doesn't count as you don't have whatever is being passed down.
    • I think the D. might actually be a part their last name rather than just a given middle initial. Which brings up more questions, but, you know.

     Why didn't Usopp use a sleep star on Sugar? 
  • So Sugar, apparently, is unable to fall unconscious in any way, or she risks losing her control over the toys and their memories. Usopp is right there, and neither Sugar nor Trébol had noticed him. Why doesn't he shoot a Sleep Star into the room and be done with it right then and there? Sugar being too quick is no excuse, as he could've done so when the Tontattas were trying to fight her. (Unless it ties into the WMG above, where they have to be knocked out with concussive force.)
    • Simple: It would have given their location away. Remember how ridiculously fast, powerful and precise Trébol is? It's not unlikely he would have noticed Usopp peeking out to prepare his shot before he could actually pull it off. Plus, there's the risk that the Sleep Star would have worked only on Sugar, and not on Trébol. If I were Usopp in this situation, I wouldn't have taken any chances, and waited for Trébol to leave.
    • From what we've seen, no Devil Fruit power in the series has ever deactivated just because the person fell asleep. They have to be knocked unconscious.

     Ace and the Whitebeard pirates on who's fault going after Blackbeard was 
  • Ok, so the Whitebeard Pirates show up at Marineford to save Ace, and Ace tells them all to go, saying that it's his own fault he's in his predicament because of his decision to ignore their advice and go after Blackbeard. So why do the Whitebeard Pirates suddenly start going "No it's not! We told you to go after Blackbeard!"? It's not like it would have reduced Ace's guilt, since he knew what really happened, and he'd just taken responsibility for causing the current series of events.
    • I believe Whitebeard said he told Ace to go after Blackbeard because he instilled the firm sense of family amongst the crew and Ace. Whitebeard 'told' him to go because Ace went due to the values Whitebeard had given him.
    • I believe that Whitebeard and the others publicly lied in order to cover the fact that Ace disobeyed his Captains' orders by persuing Blackbeard. Ace was willing to risk his life to protect Whitebeards' honor, so Whitebeard protected Aces' honor by publicly taking responsibility for what happened.

     How did Fukuro determine his own power level? 
  • Something that's been puzzling me for a while: Fukuro's Te Awase ability allows him to measure the power level of others by having them hit him. So how the hell does he now his own power level?
    • There might be someone else within CP9 or the World Government's forces with that ability. Alternatively, Fukoru might just hit himself.

     If Luffy's Gear Second increases his blood flow, why don't his wounds gush blood when he is injured? 
  • Another one: If Luffy's Gear Second increases his blood flow, why don't his wounds gush blood when he is injured?
    • This is an utter Ass Pull, but I always figured that his rubber physiology allows his veins and arteries to act somewhat in the manner of the self-sealing fuel systems found on combat aircraft.
      • Perhaps not as much of an Ass Pull as you'd think. Notice that despite all the cuts and slashes Luffy has received during his voyages he only has two scars: the one under his eye (which he got before his rubber powers) and the X-shaped scar on his chest (which was given to him by Akainu's lava). Therefore, it's entirely possible that Luffy really does have self-sealing wounds.

     how can Luffy chew things? 
  • How is Luffy able chew things. If his entire body is made of rubber including his bones and organs how is he capable of biting through steel when his teeth should be rubber as well.
    • It's been shown that Luffy's bones are pretty hard despite being rubber (e.g. Gear Third). It's entirely possible that his teeth are hard enough to chew and bite.
    • Luffy's body is not literally made of rubber, guys. If it was, he would have rubber skin and he would be all freaky looking. Rather, the Gum-Gum mi gave his body the properties of rubber, meaning his flesh and blood stretches and otherwise acts like rubber, but is still just flesh. His bones are hard like normal bones, but they can stretch, basically.

     Why was Franky affected by Robin's Groin Attack? 
  • Why was Franky affected by Robin's Groin Attack? Doesn't he have literal Balls of Steel?
    • Squick: Do we know that Franky has Balls of Steel?
    • Well for one thing it's never been confirmed that he had actually modified his balls, and for another thing, even if he had it's likely that Robin is stronger than you think she is. Keep in mind this woman can do a diving suplex on a 10 foot tall Fishman.

     Reactions to Block B 
  • The audience's reactions to the Block B results baffle me. Elizabello nearly destroys a quarter of the Colosseum, along with all the people sitting there, and everybody cheers. And then when Bartolomeo creates a barrier, saving all of those people (despite probably not doing it deliberately) everybody in the colosseum boos him, including the people whose lives he just saved.
    • It's shown that the fights in the colosseum used to not be like this, that the audience used to prefer civilized, gentlemanly fights, and Doflamingo did something to turn it into a Blood Sport. My guess is that the sheer quantity of people turned into toys caused so many memory gaps that the people of Dressrosa eventually just stopped caring for each other. The other thing to remember is that people don't die in One Piece unless proven otherwise, and property damage seems to be enjoyed in the colosseum. As for Bartolomeo, he established himself as a heel pretty early on, so the audience, by and large, was rooting against him. They wanted to see him lose at any cost.

     Is the Red Line habitable? 
  • Is the Red Line habitable? I am aware that the World Government capital of Mariejois lies at the top of it, but I'm not sure if it was already inhabited prior to the rise of the World Government, or if it was built from scratch after the creation, in a motion of good ol' political dick-waving. Has Oda ever mentioned any other possible settlements upon the Red Line, off the shores of the four Blues? I ask this mostly because the Red Line contains the majority of the planet's landmass, and quite honestly, the concept of such a continent being nigh-uninhabited unnerves me more than anything else in this series.
    • I recall some people casually mentioning about people from the Red Line without them mentioning Mariejois specifically, so I'm sure much of the Red Line IS inhabited. However, I'd bet that you don't hear much from the Red Line because the Red Line countries by and large don't participate in ocean-going activities.

     Why weren't the other cover stories animated? 
  • I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but why isn't the rest of the cover stories animated? Surely it would help reduce the need for fillers and padding?
    • Toei tried with the Coby and Helmeppo story and the Buggy and Alvida story. They got pretty low ratings, so Toei is too fearful to ever try it again.
    • The low ratings thing is a myth, at least if you go by the stats available online. But personally, I think it's because the cover arcs' disjointed format makes them a lot tougher to adapt than they look. Typically, they hopscotch between a ton of vital scenes with minimum dialogue or connecting tissue; and if Toei tries to fill in those blanks, there's the constant danger of Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole (recall how the Copy-Meppo episodes showed them crossing Reverse Mountain, only for the manga to later make it a plot-point that Marine ships don't need to do that).

     Why do CP 0 wear masks? 
  • Wait a second, why are the members of CP0 wearing masks again? Sure, it made sense when CP9 did it because people usually wear strange masks there, but why CP0? Isn't wearing masks just drawing more attention to yourself?
    • They're Highly-Visible Ninja (minus the ninja part, of course). And this is One Piece. Luffy managed to disguise himself with a helmet and a fake beard. Is it that hard to believe some secret agents can hide whilst wearing masks?
    • It because they WANT to be recognized, CP9 are assassins so they look the part, CP0 is different. They're probably a heck of a lot stronger, just look at Robin and Laws reactions to them, they try to duck out sight. At the time Law was still a Warlord and neither he nor Robin has shown the slightest hesitation in ticking off the likes of Doflamingo or one of the Four Emperors. The Revolutionaries and Sabo have to leave quickly at the end of the arc because CP0 was coming back.
    • It's like some animals are brightly colored because they're poisonous. They probably do dress normal when they're undercover.

     Has Jet Gattling slowed down? 

     What's up with Nami's waist? 
  • I stopped reading One Piece a LOOOOOONG time ago, with every intent to come back to the series later. And in the early chapters Nami's waist line was pretty normal, but skip ahead to these days. Her breasts have gotten way bigger, which I know is fanservice... But her waist? She looks like the only thing keeping her from becoming any more slender in that area is the fact that she has a spine. That seems more like Fetish Retardant to me. And apparently it is the norm for the attractive female characters in the series now. Why such freakishly small waists?
    • In regards to Nami in particular, the running theory is that Oda was changing her design to match his wife, who played Nami on stage shows.
    • It seems to be genuinely what Oda finds attractive. He seems to really like that Jessica Rabbit wasp shape.

     Luffy riding the flying Nimbus? 
  • Hmm...the Dragon Ball crossover reveals that Luffy can ride the flying Nimbus since only those who are pure at heart can do so. Hmmmm. Can I be the first one to call bulls*** on that one? If they mean that purists can ride on the flying Nimbus if they're asexual/sexually innocent then that's an incredibly lame reason. There's way more to having a pure heart than just being chaste. Yeah, counter arguments could be "oh, but he's compassionate, fair and all-loving!" Oh yeah, I could get behind that. Because beating the s*** out of people instead of talking it out with them, stealing, being selfishly motivated (most of the time), and cussing doesn't count. Heck he is a pirate! Despite him also being a fighter, I could get behind Goku being considered pure-hearted because he lived isolated from people, barring his grandpa, for 12 years and the fact that he isn't a pirate. But Luffy? Gimme a break! He definitely isn't pure at heart when he does all those things. If that is considered "purity" in the One Piece world then I'm glad I'm not living in it.
    • Well, considering how Vegeta was able to ride the Nimbus because his heart was pure evil, perhaps one could argue that Luffy is pure Determinator, or something of that nature. Besides, the arguments you gave for Goku being morally superior are not exactly accurate; Luffy is a pirate for the sake of adventure, and being a pirate in this series does not make you evil. The only thing Luffy ever stole was the gold from Skypeia, which they were perfectly willing to give him. And let's not forget that Goku was certainly selfishly motivated when he healed Cell before his fight with Gohan...
    • Before I defend myself, I'll just say you do have a point about the stealing part and Goku's own flaws, however, I don't consider it enough of an argument. Also I admit my explanation was clumsily handled. Regarding Goku, I've always thought the whole purity thing about him is bulls*** as well, for some of the reasons you said. However, it's the way it's conveyed I have an issue with. Consider this: Toriyama had a huge advantage when he wrote Goku's childhood. As I said above, he lived in solitude for 12 years of his life and that means he had lack of social contacts and common knowledge, shown from how he met Bulma (he is baffled that girls don't have testicles). This means that his pureness could be excused, and so could some of his actions, even as an adult as that time affected him. However, from the looks of Luffy's flashback he had a rather normal childhood socially in contrast. Which means he would have a better knowledge about the outside world rather than Goku from a young age. We are also shown far more often how caring and all-loving Goku is; this side of Luffy is merely shown during crucial moments, otherwise he's pretty rude and selfish (now, keep in mind I don't hate Luffy in any way, I just notice his immorality more often than Goku's). There's also the fact that Luffy himself don't consider himself on neither side of Good and Evil (said in one of the One Piece games and during the Fishman Island Arc), while Goku has said that he fights for the goodness of the world. That's why I bought Goku being morally superior and able to ride the Flying Nimbus rather than Luffy. However, I've realized this whole question can only be answered based on oneself's personal moral values, so I guess we'll leave this issue be.
      • Perhaps Luffy's purity is more akin to sincerity and purity of intent. He doesn't lie, doesn't pretend to be anything he isn't, and will never compromise who he is as a person. He's Monkey D. Luffy, the one who will be pirate king. No matter what

     Why Violet didn't do anything about children on Punk Hazard? 
  • Why Violet didn't do anything about children on Punk Hazard? Her powers have insane range, Punk Hazard is (seems to be) only one day away from Dressrosa, Punk Hazard is regularly mentioned (and SAD does arrive on schedule) and Violet knows Monet, so there is no good reason she couldn't look there for last couple of years. Also, she didn't inform Doflamingo about Straw Hats appearing (mentioned by Gladius) - before meeting Sanji. But if she knew about children being held there... was she watched that closely?
    • I think her powers range is limited to Dressrosa.
      • Her range is explicitly stated to be ~4000 km. This is 1/10 of Earth circumference, no land patch except for Red Line is that big in OP world. Also, she were expected to spot Straw Hats ship early (i.e. before their landing) and it's said she watched over tontattas, who were on Green Bit most of the time.
      • Being able to see 4000 km in any direction does not mean being aware of everything happening within that range. She can probably only focus on a particular point at the time.

     Luffy drowning instantly in seawater? 
  • Whenever Luffy falls into seawater, he seems to instantly start drowning. Why? Even if it drains his strength, shouldn't he be able to hold his breath?
    • Rule of Funny, no? He was capable of holding his breath when things were serious (example: Arlong Park).
    • It's possible he simply panics during those times, also, as already mentioned, Rule of Funny.

     Why do people who hit Bartolomeo's [[Barrier Warrior barriers 
get hurt so badly?]]
  • Why do people who hit Bartolomeo's barriers get hurt so badly? Hack broke his hand so badly he couldn't fight anymore, Dellinger's foot started bleeding after a few kicks, and Bellamy was almost knocked unconscious after two attempts.
    • Because hitting an invisible, immovable wall is just the same as colliding with an object of equal hardness, mass and speed head-on with no chance to prepare yourself, which is the more dangerous the stronger/faster you are (and if said wall is moving towards you, damage increases proportionally to the product of speeds of barrier and your fist, at least per our world physics). Bellamy is a bit weird case, because his springs could've absorb unexpected shock. Then again, this would decrease power of his own strike, so he probably "hardens" his springs before impact.
    • That explains Bellamy (who was flying at it), but not Hack and Dellinger
    • It's a similar experience to slamming your foot down on the ground because you thought there were more stairs than there were. Hack didn't realise the wall was there and just wasn't prepared to stop himself from punching it full force.

     The amount of devil fruits. 
  • Although I'm usually the one answering questions, it's time I asked one: What the hell is up with the devil fruits? I mean, at the very beginning of the series, Devil Fruits and Devil Fruit users were myths, and now apparently Kaido has 500 of them in his crew. Granted, he's an Emperor, but the point still stands that every other person in the New World has these powers, along with haki. What, are there Devil Fruit trees, Devil Fruit bushes, anything? And yes I'm aware of synthetic Devil Fruits, but if that's the case, then there shouldn't be nearly as many fruit users on Kaido's crew. I don't honestly know.
    • To explain this, you have to understand a few things:
      • 1. The strawhats began sailing in the East Blue, the sea which is regarded to be the weakest of the four. Therefore, of course devil fruits would be known as mythical there, since anyone who had a fruit would be vastly more powerful than their fellows.
      • 2. The New World doesn't give people powers like devil fruits or haki: instead, people with those abilities usually happen to end up there. Or, if you were born near or in the New World, you would have to grow up tough or die, necessitating the development of Haki, or the acquiring of a devil fruit.
      • 3. You mentioned this before, but Kaido is an Emperor . Therefore, it stands to reason that he would be able to attract so many devil fruit users.
    • I already knew about the East Blue thing, but it just boggles the mind to think how crazy the New World is. Maybe I'm over analyzing things. This is One Piece after all. Oh... yeah that pretty much explains everything I need to know. Thanks.
    • And, to add: somewhere around the end of the Caesar Clown saga it was revealed that Doflamingo has been providing Kaido with *artificial* devil fruit to enhance his troops with (and, if I'm not mistaken, they're all Zoan types). We can assume Doffy is not the only one who's figured out a way to do that.
      • If that's the case, then it's only natural that we would have so many Devil Fruit users in the New World. Fair enough.

     What does this line in chap 784 mean? 
  • Chapter 784: What is Doflamingo saying "even though he's hardened by Armament Haki, [Luffy]'s still rubbery" supposed to mean? I mean, he has used Armament in conjunction with his rubber powers before. Maybe a translation error?
    • You have to remember what Armament Haki does: it makes what ever it coats extremely hard like steel (along with letting you hit devil fruit users). While Luffy has used Haki and rubber together before, he never actually stretched some Haki-imbued. This is what makes Gear Fourth unique.
      • unless if it's a wording error, I don't know what you mean by "never actually stretched some haki-imbued". I mean look @ Elephant Gun or Grizzly Magnum, or heck, the Gear 4 itself...
      • If you notice, after Luffy's limbs expand from Gear 3, the haki hardens just the expanded portion, and everything else stretches. Also with Gear 4, that's the point, Doffy didn't expect it because it kind of runs counter to how we know both abilities to work.
    • So if I get you correctly, you mean that Luffy first turns the fist big, then imbues it with Haki, and then launches it away with the rest of his arm still being normal? That sounds like it makes sense, at least. Gotta check whether the stretched arm is black or not... But in any case, that means what he did in Gear 4 was something new indeed.

     What would happen if a logia user who couldn't control their powers got pregnant? 
  • What would happened if some logia users who can't control their powers - pregnant? On that note, what would happen if a pregnant mother accidentally eat mera-mera for example?
    • Not enough information in the series (and I doubt it will ever touch the subject). My guess is that if Oda were to touch this problem, fetus would be considered part of mother body, the same as it is with clothing now (and for the same reason - that other alternatives would affect style of the story in an undesired way).

     Devil fruit awakenings. 
  • I'm guessing we'll have more clarification later, but does Devil Fruit Awakening mean they can grant their surroundings the properties their bodies have? I can see Luffy being able to turn things bouncy and stretchy around him, but can Doflamingo turn other people into strings? How would it work for people like Gladius and Shiki, whose powers are solely about imbuing other things with specific properties? If Kaku was able to Awaken, does this mean he can turn other people into giraffes?
    • I believe "awakened" devil fruits work differently from each other. Awakened Zoans in Impel Down for one are more beastly and mindless than other Zoan users.
      • Oh yeah, I forgot about the ones in Impel Down.

     What makes Franky a pervert? 
  • This one has always confused me: Just WHAT does make Franky a pervert? It obviously is different from the western term. He doesn't have any "reactions" towards women (especially not the same as Sanji or Brook). He wears a speedo all the time, but besides that what makes him a "pervert"?
    • He's called "hentai", which has meaning "weird", "indecent" - not necessary in sexual tone. I think you can agree that "Franky" and "decency" (especially for Japanese culture) are pretty much opposites.
    • In the localizations, I recall the implication that everyone else was misunderstanding him based on his wardrobe.
    • He's considered such because he runs around in a microspeedo. One can see why people think he's some kinda perv.

     Why did no one go underground to escape the birdcage? 
  • In the late Dressorosa Arc while Donflamingo is using a "birdcage" to cut through everything in the country, why not just dig a hole or go into sewers? The cage isn't extending vertically its scraping the ground at around the same vertical length, and there are plenty powerful fighters around who could shift tons of earth from the coliseum. Shouldn't someone have at least considered it?
    • Who said the Birdcage stops at ground level? Its strings could very well extend deep underground. And even if they don't, the fighters are too busy fighting the Donquixote Family to consider digging a hole. And finally, if they did dig a hole to hide from the shrinking Birdcage, that would mean gathering them all in one spot; in other words, they'd be sitting ducks for Doflamingo to finish off anyway.
    • But Zoro cut a massive amount of haki-imbued stone in an instant against Pica and is currently just leaning against the cage to slightly slow it down. He could cut a trench deeper than Pica's stone form and wide enough for dozens to pass through at a time within 5 seconds. He wouldn't be in more danger of being sneaked up on by Donflamingo or doing less to fight the Donquixote Family directly.
      • Zoro can slice stone, not evaporate it (what you would need to dig a hole). Also, birdcage seems to move on the surface, so when reaching a simple hole it may just go down to the bottom (and nobody here knows how exactly it works to safely bet otherwise). Basically, people need to find countermeasure against a killing move with unknown restrictions - so, as long as they have a chance to knock out Doflamingo, it is the best course of actions. And, in addition to all that, One Piece is not about tricky plans and smart evasion moves.
    • As a move developed to completely trap and eliminate threats in a large scale I always imagine the birdcage is spherical in form, the part you see is just the part above ground so anyone can't just dig a way out beneath it. As for some people suggesting why not just cut the strings with haki, well first of all the strings are quite tough and haki coated as they can slice someone like Smoker, what is more important is that as long as mingo is still conscious he could easily mend broken ones or create more. The greatest risk in Fujitora or Sabo's involvement in the fight is that when mingo is fighting some nobody (in his opinion) like Luffy, his pride will prevent him from lashing out against the civilians causing untold level of casualties and/or worst yet make a break for it to Kaido's side, which he might just resort to if an Marine Admiral or the right hand of Dragon is to join the fray.

     Which sea is the most dangerous? 
  • We all know how the East blue sea is stated to be the weakest of the four blue seas, but how are the North, South, and West blue seas ranked? Is one of them the most dangerous?
    • We can only assume, but unfortunately, this hasn't been elaborated on. Quick! Someone write to SBS!
    • At the very least, we can piece together that the North Blue is probably the strongest ocean outside of the Grand Line. Montblanc Noland, Hawkins, X Drake, most of the Donquixote pirates, Law, and the Vinsmoke family all originated there- not to mention Doflamingo himself primarily learned to fight there too.
    • I'd say that after North Blue the South Blue is right behind it in strength. I mean three of the "Worst Generation" are from there Jewelery Bonney, Kidd, his first mate Killer, and most of both their crews. Plus South Blue is the birthplace of Gol D Roger's son Portgas D. Ace and the Strawhats shipwright Franky.

     Didn't Luffy combine Gear 2 and 3 already when he attacked Oars on Thriller Bark with Gum-Gum Giant Jet Shell? 
  • About Gear Fourth... Didn't Luffy combine Gear 2 and 3 already when he attacked Oars on Thriller Bark with Gum-Gum Giant Jet Shell?
    • There's a difference between using two tricks hand in hand and mixing them to create an all new trick. Plus, a major thing about Gear Fourth was not necessarily the fact he was a 'Giant-Jet' attacker, but he was a Haki imbued Lightning Bruiser and was able to maintain it for prolonged periods of time, compared to the apparant one-shot deal of Gear Third.
    • Another difference is that all Luffy can do when he combines them is to ram into his opponents, and both of them wear off immediately after the attack hits. Then, Luffy has to suffer the aftereffects of both Gear Second and Gear Third at the same time. Gear Fourth is something he can sustain over a long enough period of time, and has enough mobility in doing so, to actually attack.
    • Also, lastly, the major difference is that Gear Fourth inflates the muscles while Gear Third inflates the bones, so the Jet Shell was fundamentally different from Gear Fourth.

     Why do the Gorosei tolerate the World Nobles? 
  • Why exactly do the Gorosei tolerate the World Nobles? Their heinous behavior tarnishes the reputation they value so much (more than anything else does too, I think), they waste billions of berries individually, they seem to frequently be a headache with their stupid requests, and most importantly, they don't even do anything useful. It seems to me the Gorosei have more political presence and physical power than the Nobles, so why don't they just get rid of them? Not even the marines who protect them like them and not a single one of them is strong; all it would take is to send Kizaru alone to massacre them, and bam! You just saved possibly trillions of berries and you've got the public safely on your side now, allowing you to do more corrupt things unnoticed.
    • Likely answer: because it is a tradition. World Nobles are sacred and that can't be reconsidered (or rather, nobody is pragmatic enough to do so). Source of authority in One Piece world seems to be not the people (with Drum Island being a rare exception), not an agreement of powerful individuals, not a blessing of a religion, it is some sort of abstract "right" taken unconditionally, and World Nobles being untouchable is part of that "right". Basically, if Gorosei were pragmatic enough to order Kizaru kill World Nobles, Kizaru could be in turn pragmatic enough to ignore Gorosei whenever he feel like it.
      • And if your question is "why is it tradition?", if I recall correctly it's hinted that past generations of World Nobles were far less degenerate. Being raised from birth with the kind of privilege they have is probably what warped a lot of them.
      • Chapter 793 seems to state the the Celestial Dragons are higher up the food chain than the Gorosei. Here's the quote
    Akainu: "CP eh...So long story short, they went straight over your heads altogether, didn't they? You got passed up did ya, by the puppets of the Tenryuubito!" seen here-[3]
    • Op here. Well, I mean, that's what I'm saying; the Dragons are only technically higher up than the Gorosei due to their dumb traditions; The Gorosei basically allow the nobles to have more power than them. But in practice, the Elders could easily ignore the pecking order and destroy the nobles. It's not like anybody would willingly defend them, and they d*** sure can't defend themselves either. But, yeah, I guess the Elders just bought into the whole "natural right" thing and are too stupid to consider such an option.
    • Also, Kizaru ignoring the Gorosei is different from the Gorosei ordering him to kill the Nobles. Kizaru ignoring the Gorosei would not be pragmatic because there would be serious consequences for him; there are people on the Gorosei's side- the other Marines - who could legitimately defeat and arrest him because they're strong. But the Gorosei getting rid of the World Nobles is pragmatic because, from what we've been given by Oda so far, there's not many consequences to doing this. In that scenario, the Nobles are so dickish that they'll have nobody on their side to punish the Elders, and then in turn the Elders could take all their personal wealth and secrets for themselves without any fear of somebody objecting to it.
      • I'm going to guess that the Nobles used to take a much more proactive role in government than did the Gorse, and have sort of symbolic status as heads of state, much like how there have been some pretty nasty Kings/Queens of England but the Crown still commands big status as a symbol of national pride even as they've lost government power; maybe the Nobles would serve that way too, especially for people who don't live near Shabaody and don't know how depraved they are. Maybe the Gorosei don't want to risk the possibility of their more patriotic soldiers deciding to side with the nobles in case of open conflict.
    • It could have been something dictated by Im-Sama. As for why they ultimately let the World Nobles do whatever they want, I remember Tekking 101 from YouTube once saying that it could be because the Nobles serve as both a reminder of what the WG can do to people and a symbol that the Government is still the Twenty Kings' government in spirit.

     Alternate way to navigate the Grand Line. 
  • Nami and Navigation: I'm going to assume there is some reason why ships can't steer by the sun and stars; that seems to be a given within the rules of the universe. In the Grand Line, you have to use Log or Eternal Poses, which appear to be as accurate as an 18th-century compass. But if Nami is supposed to be an expert navigator, why hasn't she (or anyone else) picked up on the obvious way to travel the Grand Line? What you need is TWO Poses, ideally Eternal but any two will do, as long as you don't allow Log Poses to record a new island. (Say, by leaving quickly, or putting the Poses in a boat which you leave anchored offshore.) When the crew leaves Little Garden, they have an Eternal Pose locked on Alabasta, and a Log Pose registered to Whisky Peak (because it takes a year to record Little Garden). Basic triangulation will tell you your position accurately (by age of sail standards), without need of a clock like you'd need for star sightings.
    • No explanation was given by the author (that I'm aware of). However, there is one possibility that seems logical (and would explain their experience on the way to Whisky Peak). Imagine that poses show direction which is up to, say, 50 degrees off from actual direction to the island. This way, as long as you don't stray more than 35 degrees from the needle, you will arrive to your target in limited time - but it will be impossible to navigate anywhere else. On another note, triangulation on a sphere may get tricky. Imagine compasses which point to North Pole and some point on equator. Where are you when angle between needles is exactly 90 degrees? Answer: anywhere on equator or anywhere on meridian which crosses equator 90 degrees from second compass target point.
    • Fair enough, but the dual-Pose system is an analog to a real-world system called LORAN (Long-Range Navigation) which was developed during WWII and expanded into the mid-sixties, and remained in use until GPS became widespread. LORAN used radio beacons with a range of about 1500 miles, which allowed the user to plot their position to within two dozen miles or so. Now, there will be islands are more suited to serving as beacons. Probably the best way to do it would be two Eternal Poses, one locked on the furthest north and furthest south departure point along the Red Line. (This would only get you halfway around, though). The 90-degree problem isn't so bad in the Grand Line, because latitude is restricted by the Calm Belts. If you got into a perfect situation where your bearings are at right angles, there is a very small area where you can possibly be. You can be along two possible line segments forming an X between the Belts. But, you've been using a log and line to measure your speed. You have two estimates of your distance traveled, which limits your position to a donut shape around the last island you left. The only possible positions are where that donut intersects the X. Also, you're going to be moving. At some point, the Poses are going to shift out of perfect right angles, and you'll be able to get a decent estimate (by age of sail standards) of your position. Remember, you only need to get close enough that you could then see your destination from a crow's nest.
      • Somewhere, all of this troper's math teachers are laughing their asses off!
    • Something to consider is that two Eternal Poses could theoretically allow you to determine your location, but you also need to know the location of where you're going, and the problem is that very few people have access to a map of the world. Nami's life goal seems to be to make a map of the world—while that's been done, very few of them exist. The only known ones are the globe in Ohara (which has been destroyed) and Buggy's map he got from Gold Roger (which he's not going to show to the Straw Hat Pirates any time soon). So you can triangulate your position, but it'd only be useful for returning to islands you've already visited, or at least have obtained records of their locations. Since everyone seems to use Log Poses to travel everywhere, such records may be difficult to obtain.
    • Early on when they enter the Grand Line, they set off to travel straight towards the next island, but find that, despite not having actually changed the course or anything, they have somehow done 180 degrees turn. Currents and weather of the Grand Line make any navigation that is not "head directly towards known location that is being pointed to you" practically impossible, as currents can, without any warning, throw you wildly off course. Equally, using stars you can only check the course on night with clear sky. During the day you can once again be throw wildly off course.

     Why did the Celestial Dragons force-feed the Boa sisters Devil Fruits? 
  • I know this is going to be a question better left unanswered, but why did the Celestial Dragons force-feed the Boa sisters Devil Fruit? Wouldn't giving Hancock the power to turn lustful people to stone be a good way for her to take out the Celestial Dragons holding her in slavery?
    • Most of the time you don't know what a Devil Fruit does until you eat it, exceptions are just that - exceptions. As for idea to take out their master - for that slaves should have more hate than fear. Broken as they were, they probably couldn't carry an elaborate plan. And, of course, Celestial Dragons didn't consider their slaves to be a significant threat (or anything else but their toys, for that matter).
    • I question what the appeal of force feeding them the fruits was. What sort of entertainment would that have been to them?
      • The same reason why some people give their poodle a fancy haircut, probably. For having a unique slave, or watching someone learning to control Devil Fruit, or watching a zoan changing forms... exact reasoning have died with their master, but it most likely was something along these lines.
    • Simple answer? The Celestial Dragons are complete and utter morons. Mjosgard somehow thought traveling all the way into hostile territory, mouthing off to those who had every reason to hate him, all without an actual powerhouse to back him up, was a great idea.

     How could Akainu and Aokiji fight each other on Punk Hazard when there was so much poisonous gas? 
  • How could Akainu and Aokiji fight each other on Punk Hazard when there was so much poisonous gas?
    • There wasn't so much poisonous gas at the time of their duel (stated by Smoker).

     Zoro hunting in little garden. 
  • In the Dinosaur Island arc with the two giants (Little Garden), while Zoro is hunting for meat and disputing with Sanji who would hunt the biggest animal he steps on a small dino baby and then kills its mother. So he killed a mother dinosaur that was just rescuing her baby and left said hatchling to die alone in the jungle? That's was awfully cruel and out of character...

     Meaning behind the numbers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. 
  • When the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is formed, each of the groups have a number: #1 is Cavendish, #2 is Bartolomeo, #3 is Sai, #4 is Ideo, #5 is Leo, #6 is Hajrudin, and #7 is Orlumbus. Do each of these groups' numbering have a hidden meaning to it on why they were given these specific numbers?
    • In-universe, it was random. If there is a narrative reason for it, it's not yet been revealed.

     How does Jack find Zou? 
  • How does Jack find Zou? Isn't it exceedingly difficult to reach without a Mink to sense the way or a Vivre Card to point there?
    • You're right, but this is something that's been pointed out in the story and simply hasn't been revealed yet. Dogstorm directly says it's strange that Jack could find Zou, so presumably we'll be finding out how he did it eventually. But, yes, he would've needed a Vivre Card to get there most likely.
    • It turns out that Kanjuro was a spy the entire time.

     Why is Moriah considered the weakest Warlord? 
  • Why is Moriah considered the weakest Warlord? Didn't he tank what was at the time Luffy's strongest attack (Jet Shell, a combination of both Gear Second and Third) right into his chest, and even after that it took numerous Jet Bazookas to finally take him out? And wouldn't had Luffy's been defeated if Moriah had been thinking rationally and instead of using a powerful blunt strike (strong enough to put a crack in his colossal ship, but irrelevant to a rubber-man) if he had instead used his giant sword scissors on a trapped Luffy? I know that last question is a hypothetical, but I am conflicted about what light I should view Moriah in, as I prefer to view all One Piece characters in a fair manner, and would prefer some insight on the matter.
    • Did anyone explicitly refer to him as the weakest Warlord? If you mean his status being revoked, he lost to a Rookie Pirate, AND pretty much got trashed at Marineford, so he wasn't looking good in the eyes of the World Government. Also, the details you described are things the Government is not privy to, he lost, and that's all they need to know. No one ever said the World Government was reasonable or fair.
    • Part of it could be that the World Government only counts raw destructive power I mean look at the original 7 Warlords; Hawkeye devastated an entire fleet (granted a weak one but still the ships huge),cut up the glacier and is the strongest swordsman in the world. Doflamingo almost utterly destroyed an entire country and it took another Warlord and the man who beat two to take him down. Crocodile was only beaten by Whitebeard and was later able to fight Akainu without getting injured. Hancock destroyed multiple Pacifista with kicks and got out of Marineford without a scratch (doesn't hurt that she has the rare Conquerors' Haki. Kuma's powers are downright scary and he's (was) a high ranking revolutionary, and Jimbei is also pretty strong and beat Moriah in seconds (doesn't hurt that he can throw the ocean at you). So compared to that lot Moriah is rather lacking in that department.
    • We don't know how soon after entering the New World Crocodile ran into Whitebeard, it could have been a Krieg Pirates vs Mihawk situation. Also, destroying the Pacifistas wasn't impressive on Hancock's part, as she was turning them to stone (Sanji could destroy concrete UNDERWATER before entering the Grand Line) and they were programmed not to fight her, as she's a Warlord.
    • The fact that the Straw Hats beat Moriah at all indicates that he's probably not on the level of the others. Look at every other contact they had with a Warlord pre-timeskip: Zolo vs. Mihawk? Curb-stomp and he wasn't even trying. Entire crew vs. Kuma? Curb-stomp and he wasn't even trying. And it's confirmed Hancock would trounce Luffy. Maybe before Moriah went to seed he was more physically impressive but he's the first Warlord the Straw Hats even stood a chance of beating in a straight confrontation.
      • What about Luffy defeating Crocodile?
      • Crocodile curbstomped Luffy twice, and lost the third time because he kinda lost his grip after the Straw Hats wrecked his plan and Robin betrayed him. He very easily could've won the third round too if he was a bit more strategic like he had been before, but he was pretty much on his last legs at that point.

     Why was the sun rising in Thriller Bark such a ticking clock? 
  • Maybe there's some easy explanation I don't know about, but why was the sun rising in Thriller Bark such a ticking clock? Brooke already established that being in the shade protects you from death if you don't have a shadow, so why doesn't everyone start making plans to do that? It might have made sense at one point, as Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji were probably the only ones who could beat Oars and Moriah, but even they should have been able to at least stay alive until another time. I mean, at the VERY least, they could have attacked again at night. What's the deal?
    • My guess, it would give Moriah time to escape or make a new plan. There's also certainly nothing stopping Moriah from just smashing all their cover to prevent them from having shade in the first place. Plus, they were just plain sick and tired of running away, and were willing to put their lives on the line for their freedom.
    • That was the Straw Hats' last chance to defeat Moriah and get off Thriller Bark. Luffy only got as far as he did fighting Moriah due to the collective efforts of Lola's group, who were in hiding collecting shadows, and their success hinged mostly on Moriah not knowing of her organization. By that point, their identities had become known to Moriah, and they would've been decimated by the following night.

     What do you mean that women wouldn't ever be interested with robot and docking? 
  • Wait, what do you mean that women wouldn't ever be interested with robot and docking? I am a woman, and even I found Franky's transformation cool! Oda, you're sexist!
    • He never said WOMEN wouldn't be interested. He said Robin wasn't interested. Just because somebody says something about a particular person doesn't mean he holds that opinion over the entire gender. Learn to differentiate between sexism and personality traits. Not everything is a conspiracy.
      • Actually, in an SBS someone asked something like would Robin and Nami ever be impressed by any of Franky's robo-stuff, and Oda answered that women are just not interested in robots, and don't understand what makes them appealing to men. He compared it to how no man could understand what women find so great about cute things and said it was major difference between the sexes. So, yeah, he can be kind of sexist.
      • Well, If he said it, then it must be true.
      • The anime takes it up a notch. At the end of the Punk Hazard arc, all the boy children were awe-struck by Franky's robot stuff while all the girls couldn't care less, at best.

     Why didn't Sanji use Blue walk earlier during punk hazard? 
  • During Punk Hazard, when Sanji was rescuing Kin'emon's torso from the poison lake, why didn't he use blue walk sooner? He had already shown it off earlier, on the way to fishman island, so why not use it when time was of the essence? I know he was in Nami's body at the time, but surely he picked up SOME form of knowledge on how to adapt his techniques to a more feminine body after spending two years in the Kamabaka Kingdom!
    • You answered your own question. He was in Nami's body at the time, so not only did he not know if he could even pull it off, but he also probably didn't want to risk over-taxing her body. So, he only tried using it when there were no other options.

     Which is Whitebeards first name? Edward or Newgate? 
  • Is "Edward" Whitebeard's surname and "Newgate" his first name?
    • No, Edward is his first name. Not every character in One Piece follows the Japanese naming format; some of them are written in the English style. For example, the Funk Brothers (who are Kelly Funk and Bobby Funk, not Funk Kelly and Funk Bobby), Eustass Kid, Jesus Burgess, Caesar Clown, Basil Hawkins, Marshall D. Teach... this is mostly because all of these characters' names were based on real, English pirates or otherwise non-Japanese people. As for an in-series explanation, presumably some parts of the World just happen to use the English naming style.
    • Indeed, "Edward" is the surname and "Newgate" is the given name. There is a man named Edward Weevil who claims to be Whitebeard's son. There ARE cases where the names are in western order, but they're rare enough that it's a safe assumption the names are in Japanese order unless confirmed otherwise.

     Shouldn't the Marines know Bepo is a Mink? 
  • The Marines apparently mistook Bepo for a normal bear, which is why his bounty is only 500 berries. Which is fair on first glance because it's said the Minks have lived in isolation from other humans for 1000 years... But, shouldn't the Mink tribe's existence be common knowledge to the Marines at least? I mean, they (The Marines) have their hands in most world affairs and some of the Minks are very famous, like Pedro (with a bounty close to 400,000,000 berries) or Dogstorm and Cat Viper, who were on Gold Roger's crew.
    • There is no doubt the Marines know about the Minks. I'll bet there's at least one Mink among the Marines too. But Bepo looks pretty close to a normal polar bear, just one who's always on its hind legs. If they never hear him talking, they'd have no reason to suspect he is a Mink. Pedro, Pekoms, Dogstorm, and Cat Viper cannot be mistaken for normal animals the way Bepo could.

     The loose criteria of the paramecia class. 
  • The paramecia class of devil fruits annoys the hell out of me, zoans and logias have certain specific rules and criteria that make them what they are, but the only criteria for paramecia seem to be "Not Zoan or Logia". It's like it's a dumping ground. It's way too big. It should at least have subcategories. He could have given paramecia a little more thought.
    • Actually, while Oda's never bothered to specifically categorize them, the One Piece wiki went ahead and explained the general pattern for them. To put what they noted here; "... it appears that the effects of this Devil Fruit type can be categorized into two basic groups: those which are based on a characteristic (such as elasticity or slowness) or an object (bombs, doors, etc.). Paramecia types are also distinguishable in the manner in which their powers manifest. They can either alter the user's current physical state (Luffy and Bon Kurei), directly affect their immediate environment and/or living things within proximity (Eustass Kid, Blueno or Whitebeard), or affect both of these conditions (Jewelry Bonney, Trafalgar Law and Emporio Ivankov)".
    • But there are also the substance producer fruits (Magellan, Doflamingo, Trebol, Mr. 2). Seriously, paramecia groups way too many different kind of powers and they don't have a common relationship among them.
      • Paramecia is essentially the miscellaneous category. Categorically, it really IS just any Devil Fruit that's neither Zoan nor Logia.

     Why didn't the Boa sisters alter their slave marks? 
  • If they're so terrified of the rest of the Kuja seeing the slave marks on their backs, why don't the Boa sisters have them altered to resemble something else? Like an eyeball? To make matters worse, Hancock specifically mentions how the Sun Pirates did exactly that.
    • People would likely assume that any kind of scar or mark placed on the back covering a similar or bigger area was placed there to cover a slave mark.
      • That's the thing though: The Sun Pirates were able to hide their markings as their pirate emblems, and they got away for decades unidentified as former slaves. My guess is that the Kuja Pirates approached the markings differently than the Sun Pirates. The Sun Pirates wandered around out in public and in broad daylight and disguised their brands to avoid suspicion. The Kuja Pirates, on the other hand, mostly keep to Amazon Lily and attack anyone who approaches the island who isn't partof the Marines.

     Busoshoku Haki being different in it's first appearance. 
  • When it's introduced for the first time Busoshoku Haki was shown to be used to form shockwaves from the hands to the point expert users were even able to counteract an earthquake, but after the time skip this form of using haki is totally erased and instead replaced by a black hardened coating. And even when it can be implied it's a more advanced way of using it. Why no one used that form at all during the Marineford war? Whitebeard, his top henchmen and the admirals should've been able to use such power quite easily. And why the shockwave form of haki wasn't used ever again? It could have been useful since it has a bigger range of attack than the hardened version.
    • Not to spoil too much, but all of that is being explored in the latest chapters of the manga (936 onwards), in a way that makes one appreciate Oda's love for all tropes Chekhov's. Spoiler alert: It has been revealed in the latest chapters that the shockwave form of Bushoshoku Haki is an advanced tire of usage, just like an advanced tire of kenbunshoku usage had been explored in the arc prior.

     How is it that Sanji was the first person ever to find Pudding's third eye beautiful 
  • How is it that Sanji was the first person ever to find Pudding's third eye beautiful? This is One Piece; much freakier things are pretty routine in this world. And given how many Gonks the Charlotte family contains, Pudding is almost certainly the prettiest member yet everyone always thought she was hideous?
    • First: There's a difference in being a Gonk and being a whole other sub-species all together (Subspecies are beautiful, gonks are not.). Second: Big Mom was the one who started it by calling the girl hideous. Big Mom's word is law, so everyone else in Totland instantly followed her lead and called Pudding hideous as well. Even if there were people who disagreed about this, they would be far too terrified to speak up against the word of Big Mom and joined in on the mob to save themselves. In short, this poor girl ended up as a victim to mob mentality and group pressure, all invoked by her own mother.
    • Also, keep in mind that lots of humans in the One Piece world are openly racist against races like the Fishmen, so it's likely that plenty of other human-subspecies like the three-eyed tribe are discriminated against- regardless of how attractive one member might be individually. Also, pre-pubescent kids like the ones who bullied Pudding probably don't really care about how "attractive" another kid is; all they see is the third eye, so they freak out. As for Big Mom, she's just a Jerkass, so that's explanation enough for why she mocked Pudding as well.
    • I disagree that everyone else also finds her attractive. Their treatment of her was unfair, but in real life, most people would find such a mutation an instant turn-off even if they weren't actively discriminating. Sanji is an exception because he's just the type of guy to find beauty in unorthodox features, like how he was also attracted to the Minks.

     What is Prometheus supposed to be? 
  • So, what the heck is Prometheus supposed to be? I mean, it's not like Big Mom could have taken a sample of the actual Sun to make him, so... is he a fireball that she gave life to or something? If that's the case (which it probably is), why does he look like a miniature sun most of the time?
    • It's shown that the previous user of Big Mom's Devil Fruit, Mother Carmel, created a similar miniature sun by converting a massive fire and compressing it into a small, sun-like form.

     Why didn't Shanks use Haki to knock out the bandits? 
  • Way back at the beginning of the series, Shanks can use Haki even before Haki was introduced in the story. So why didn't he just use Haki to knock out all those bandits?
    • Well, he was mad at them for hurting Luffy, so maybe he just wanted to take his time and have his crew beat them up and kill them? He berates himself for screwing around when Higuma manages to get away with Luffy, so that might imply that he realized he should've just used his Haki to start with.

     Where are people seeing that Charlotte Linlin ate Mother Carmel and the other orphans? 
  • Where are people seeing that Charlotte Linlin ate Mother Carmel and the other orphans? I mean, it would make sense within her own flashback, and I believe it, but looking over the manga again, I can't find exactly where that was confirmed. Just that something horrific happened, Linlin was unaware of it, and that a giant and Streusen witnessed it.
    • Well... because it's just obvious that that's what happened. Clearly, the only reason it wasn't outright shown or confirmed is because Oda doesn't want to visually depict a 6-year-old eating people alive- to see THAT on screen would be a little too dark and disturbing. But everything we were given (the screams of the kids, her eating almost all of the table, the scraps of clothes among the table pieces, Strussen and the giant's reaction, and her mysteriously gaining Carmel's powers on the spot without eating her Devil Fruit) makes it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that she ate them.
    • On the other hand, it certainly would be Oda's style to have another big reveal about this scene for future reference. This is a series were just about everything is a Chekhovs Gun one way or the other, so it's possible we will see what really happened sometime in the future. That said, what do know is that whatever happened, Mother Carmal died without question since her Devil Fruit went back into circulation. Big Mom wouldn't nesscessairly need to eat Mother Carmal herself. She would just need to eat the nearby Devil Fruit when it respawned. In any case, whatever did happen was in someway Big Mom's own doing, since the giant who saw it reported back to Elbaf who hated Big Mom even more and Streusen who decided to take Big Mom in for his own selfish reasons. While the scene is ambiguous to an extent, if we look at these facts, there really seems to be only one answer.

     If Brulee's power is all about mirror images, shouldn't the Sanji copy she made have had inverted hair and eyebrows? 
  • If Brulee's power is all about mirror images, shouldn't the Sanji copy she made have had inverted hair and eyebrows?
    • A mirror image of a mirror image would be 100% accurate, tho.

     How did Oden inscribe Roger's message in the Skypeian poneglyph, without Roger backtracking? 
  • As per Kinemon and Law's info, Wano is in the middle part of the New World. Skypeia is in the first half of the Grand Line. It is actually stated that Oden (Momo's father) was the true brains behind Roger Pirates's poneglyphs. How did Oden inscribe Roger's message in the Skypeian poneglyph, without Roger backtracking, as Wano (obviously) comes after Skypeia, and hence Oden will have been recruited after the inscription?
    • There are a number of things that don't add up if we are to assume the Roger Pirates traveled across the globe in the same way that the Straw Hat Pirates are going. It was pointed out in the One Piece Podcast, however, that everything adds up if we assume, instead, the Roger Pirates circumnavigated the world twice, to do stuff like write onto the Skypeian Ponyglyph and to drop off the crewmembers back where they formerly lived.

     Why doesn't one of the Straw Hats give Twin Peaks a ring up on the next Transponder Snail they come to, and let Crocus know Brook is still alive and plans to come back? 
  • So... why doesn't one of the Straw Hats give Twin Peaks a ring up on the next Transponder Snail they come to, and let Crocus know Brook is still alive and plans to come back? Let him talk over the snail so that Laboon can hear? Is the answer "Twin Peaks has no Snail", and if so, let me follow up with "Why not?" It's pretty isolated and it would need some way of contacting other islands in case of emergency, or have some contact for resources.
    • Did the Straw Hats have any reason to suspect that they were going to run into one of the members of the crew that left Laboon at Twin Peaks back then? Alternatively, they might have just forgotten to ask for his transponder snail number.

     What's stopping Kong from just starting a coup? 
  • Kong's title is Commander-in-Chief, which according to The Other Wiki denotes his command of both the Marines and the World Government's intelligence in Cipher Pol. If we take the "in chief" bit literally that means there's no higher authority as far as military command... not even the Gorosei? Sounds like a pretty unbalanced way to run the government. What's stopping him from just starting a coup?
    • He's a old man who has risen through the ranks by proving his loyalty and pragmatism over decades. If he didn't defy the World Government when he was Fleet Admiral, why would he now? Besides that, they're not magically forced to obey. Indeed Marines, especially high ranking Marines, defy each other all the time. If Kong ordered Akainu to betray the world government, Akainu would call him a traitor and kill him. Kong has never been shown to command any exceptional loyalty from anyone beyond the privilege his rank gives him.

     Sentomaru's role in the Marines. 
  • More on the structure of the Marines... Sentomaru is called head of the Marine Science Unit in his first appearance, and he doesn't appear to be on the science side of things (later confirmed his main detail is as Vegapunk's bodyguard). But two years later he claims he's only now become a Marine... how does that work? Huh? How were you not a marine before?
    • Different chains of command. An US Army guy and a US Marine guy can both get off a boat to shoot people, but they're not the same.

     How did Doflamingo manage to keep people from noticing the forgotten people of Dressrosa for ten years?! 
  • How did Doflamingo manage to keep people from noticing the forgotten people of Dressrosa for ten years?! Sure, the people turned into toys are erased from people's memory, but physical evidence is completely unaffected, as demonstrated by the statue of Kyros in the Colosseum. That means things like photographs, clothes, personal possessions, are still lying all over the place. Milo's wife, for example, probably had wedding photos, a wedding ring, a double bed, a man's clothes in her closet, and other things clearly indicating that she has a husband, but can't remember him! And yet her attitude is "That's not so strange, is it?!" Yes it is! It's VERY strange! This woman should think she's losing her mind! And that's just ONE person! Everyone in Dressrosa should have evidence of people they can't remember despite closely interacting with them! Not only that, but the mystery of the missing people coincides pretty closely with Doflamingo's takeover of Dressrosa and the appearance of the living toys. Surely they must at least suspect that there's something suspicious about all that! It gets even more ridiculous when you consider that the people turned into toys includes high-profile figures such as New World pirates, Marine officers, and even foreign dignitaries! These are people who hav made headlines worldwide and roles which they served in an official, documented capacity, and now nobody remembers anything about them?! This should not only raise suspicion, it should raise suspicion among people with the power and authority to launch thorough investigations! And you can't just explain it away with "all the investigators got turned into toys and forgotten" because that just means there's physical evidence of investigators who vanished and were forgotten while investigating the mystery of people who vanished and were forgotten in Dressrosa! That should only arouse even more suspicion! Sure, Doflamingo has connections, but in order to pull off a coverup on this scale, he would need agents working around the world covering up evidence and silencing people 24/7, with little to no margin for error, never truly being sure they've covered up all the evidence, and doing it all in secret, FOR TEN YEARS. BULL. This coverup shouldn't even have lasted half that time before it collapsed under its own weight. Herding cats would be child's play by comparison.
    • Let's start from the bottom: lots of commoners live their lives with evidence that someone once existed but then don't. It is very strange, but the idea that someone is "disappearing" people into toys sounds very much like a conspiracy theory. There are other more plausible explanations such as "yes, I had a husband but he probably died someday and I just prefer not to think about it." It's weird but workable, and referring back to Kyros, it seems people will believe a convincing enough story that explains the disappearances. Now, to the top: investigations will surely come across evidence and eventually trace it all up to the Doflamingo family. Again, that crosses into conspiracy territory, and if you prod too close to the higher ups, chances are you might be able to make a choice: you either take something for your silence, or you'll just be silenced. Consider how corrupt the nobles in One Piece are, and it's not really hard to believe there's a whole safety net of corruption around Doflamingo's scheme.
    • They're memories are almost certainly altered in such a way that makes everything like that natural.

     How did the Straw Hats manage to reunite? 
  • If the Straw Hats were scattered to the four corners of the world, how did they manage to reunite? Never mind two years, it would have taken any of them longer than that to get back to Sabaody.
    • They were scattered around the world. It doesn't say how far. And they met friends who could provide adequate transportation.
    • About that . . . I don’t know about the others, but surely someone could have reported Robin to the Marines whether or not the Revolutionaries had come to her.

     The weakness of devil fruits 
  • Okay. Okay. So you guys are telling me that the most powerful warriors and fighters in the series can be beatten and killed by tripping in water deeper than one's body has depth?
    • Depends on who that "most powerful warrior/fighter" is. Mihawk, Zoro, Sanji and Jimbei for example, don't use Devil Fruits so they're pretty safe. Other DF users like Aokiji or Crocodile can use their power to get rid of the water. Otherwise.... yes?

     If Kaido wants to die, why doesn't he just eat a second devil fruit? 
  • Ok, so Kaido wants to die, but nothing seems to work on him. So why doesn't he use a Devil Fruit? I mean, if he eats one then walks into the Ocean, he's good and dead. Or, just eat two and die. If death is the end goal, why hasn't he tried using the one thing that can pretty much instantly kill him?
    • Because death isn't the end goal. Death itself is not the point of his many attempts at suicide. His body is so insurmountably, inhumanly, unbelievably tough that he subjects himself to physical trauma in an effort to find anything capable of harming him out of sheer boredom. He doesn't want to die, he's so bored with his strength that he wants to find something that makes him feel alive. Anybody that doesn't have fishman or merman heritage will drown, and everybody (except apparently Blackbeard) will explode with two devil fruits, but he isn't looking for a surefire 100% death answer. He's looking for something that is strong enough physically to hurt him.

     How exactly can Mr. 3 whistle up a key for all those seastone cuffs in Impel Down and Marineford? 
  • How exactly can Mr. 3 whistle up a key for all those seastone cuffs in Impel Down and Marineford? I get how he'd be able to do it with normal cuffs, but seastone cuffs explicitly drain Devil fruit powers, and he needs his powers to shape his wax to the contours of the locks. (It's even worse in the anime, I think, where he always generates the full key before he so much as even looks at the lock.)
    • Seastone doesn’t drain devil fruit powers themselves, they drain the devil fruit ‘’user’’ Of their energy and ability to use those powers. This is based on two factors: how purely refined the Seastone is, and how much body contact you have with it. We’ve seen fruit users utilize their powers to overcome the weakness before (such as Kuzan freezing the ocean by touching it with one hand, so it becomes a solid surface). For Mr. 3 this is simple. Coat the tip of your finger in wax so you aren’t actually touching the Seastone manacles, then produce more wax to fill in the keyhole. Voila.

     Who sent Chopper the note telling him not to help Law and the rest on Punk Hazard? 
  • Who sent Chopper the note telling him not to help Law and the rest on Punk Hazard? Law doesn't make sense because he was stuck in the cage with Caeser watching him, he didn't have a Room up, and the note was thrown. Monet doesn't make sense because she's loyal to Doflamingo, and she wouldn't do anything to endanger him or his Smile production, not to mention she would have to know about Law's plan to throw him that note. I'm sure it doesn't need to be said why Caeser didn't throw it. So who threw the note?
    • Law didn't have a Room we could see. Given that his chains were never kairoseki, and he's later shown making Rooms so large they can't be spotted, why can't he have thrown it? Besides, it seems to pop into existence right above Chopper; which is, again, a Law thing.
      • Actually, if you look at the chapter, the note was very much thrown in Chopper's direction as though tossed. If Law made a Room, then why would he not just put it above his head? Why would he make it look like it was thrown? Also, how would he have the time to write a note to Chopper without Chopper, Caeser, or Monet noticing?

     If the fourth road poneglyph has been lost for centuries, how the heck did Roger ever reach Raftel? 
  • If the fourth road poneglyph has been lost for centuries, how the heck did Roger ever reach Raftel?
    • Obviously Roger found it but didn't tell anyone.
    • Also, you literally don't NEED 4 of them to find the location; you realistically only need 3. 2 opposite ones to tell the stopping point, then 1 to trace the middle point from the 3rd poneglyph to the line drawn by the first 2.
    • You'd still need all 4. If you only have three, you have a triangle and don't know which two are proper opposites, since there's nothing to say the lines formed are of equal length or perpendicular to each other. (Barring a mundane solution like sailing the entire triangle until you find it, which may be either impossible or improbable depending on location of the points.)

     Why do the members of the Donquixote Family such as Baby 5 or Buffalo call Doflamingo "young master", when he's by far older than them? 
  • Why do the members of the Donquixote Family such as Baby 5 or Buffalo call Doflamingo "Waka-sama", which would translate to "young master", when he's by far older than them?
    • Learned habit from everyone else calling him that? Kids that young learn a lot by example.

    What was Doflamingo planning to do after the birdcage? 
  • What was Doflamingo planning to do after the birdcage? He did it to prevent people from learning about his misdeeds in Dressrosa, but surely the World Government would've hunted him down for massacring an entire island anyway, right? Even if he's a warlord that seems like a pretty steep offense for them to just look the other way. Sure, he cut off all outside communication during the birdcage but people still would've eventually figured it out anyway, right? ...Right?
    • Will they really? Mingo has dirt on the World Nobles, if they tried to attack him he will use those as leverage to blackmail them to stop, its not like the WG won't destroy one or two islands for their own benefits anyway. As for people finding out, the only ones remaining on Dressrosa after Mingo's purge will be his own crew and allies, which will for sure blame the destruction on other causes such as pirates attacking or a natural disaster, this is the new world after all, the most dangerous sea and the place where the WG's grip is the weakest in the world.

     Did Blackbeard need to kill Thatch? 
  • Was Blackbeard’s killing Thatch really necessary to get the Dark-Dark Fruit? Couldn’t Teach simply just ask him if he can simply be the one who eats it? I understand why Blackbeard is a part of Newgate’s crew in the first place and intends to jump ship the moment he gets his desired fruit, not to mention his status as a Dirty Coward, but there could’ve been more ideal way to do that, right?
    • Because Whitebeard crew law is that the first person to find the Devil Fruit gets to eat it, it's probably forbidden to ask for it. Also Blackbeard is a bastard who saw value in doing something that would get a high-ranking Whitebeard crew member to chase him.

     Is SWORD part of the World Government? 
  • I heard someone say that SWORD is like a sepreate branch that works with the government but is not under their control, or at the very least not fully, is this true or not?
    • Yes and no. SWORD is the Secret Special Force of the Marine HQ. So yes, since the Marines work for the WG they are part of the WG, but they take orders from the Marine HQ and, for example, aren't informed of the Cipher Pol's activities and intentions.

     Luffy swimming? 
  • This goes all the way back to the first chapter of One Piece: Higuma (the leader of the mountain bandits) kidnaps Luffy, throws him off of a row boat into the ocean, and Luffy starts panicking and treading water AFTER he's already eaten the Gomu Gomu no mi. HOW?
    • From Doylist perspective it is because Oda didn't yet establish effects of ocean on devil fruit users in detail. From Watsonian perspective it may be because he had just eaten the DF and the effects of the ocean were not as strong as later in the series when Luffy actively used DF powers.
      • Main reason why DF users can't swim is mainly energy drain when submerged and I suspect either neutral or slightly negative buoyancy. I think there was a scene of Luffy swimming in Skypeia so he presumably did learn the movements needed to swim and he is presumably able to keep himself above water up to the moment energy drain paralyzes him.
      • Also treading water is kinda instinctive reaction of even a non-swimmer and they are capable of doing it for quite some time in calm water, but most of them don't do it effectively and efficiently due to panicking and sooner or later they tire out and/or breathe in too much water and go under. This is often not helped by the fact that they usually are not in proper swimwear so the clothing prevents them from moving freely (long wool skirt will kill you no matter how skilled of a swimmer you are) and very often tips their buoyancy into negatives so they have to actively prevent sinking and when they tire out they sink. So Luffy wasn't swimming, he was in early stages of drowning.
    • If I remember correctly, Mr. 2 was also flailing and treading water when he first met the Strawhats. Maybe it's meant to illustrate the difference between users who were skilled swimmers beforehand (e.g. Buggy) and users who never learned?

    World’s Strongest Swordsman 
  • How is Mihawk considered the world’s strongest swordsman? It can’t be because he’s the strongest person who wields a sword, because that’s Big Mom. Is he the most skilled with a sword? If so, how do you quantify that?
    • Swordsmanship is it's own category. Big Mom is strong but that doesn't mean she needs a sword or that she has any real skill with it. Zoro is certainlty strong without his swords and he is strong with just one sword. But he's only ever at his best when he has three swords the same way Usopp is at his best with his slingshot.
    • World's strongest swordsman means being the most skilled with swords. Big Mom wasn't skilled with a sword, in fact, she used Napoleon more like a baseball bat than like a sword.

    The WG says Smoker defeated Crocodile, yet they raised Luffy's bounty? 
  • In Alabasta, the WG wanted to save face over what happened by saying that Smoker and Tashigi defeated Crocodile as opposed to the Straw Hat pirates. Yet, they also raised Luffy's bounty to 100 million Beli due to his defeat of Crocodile. So, how can Smoker be given credit for the win over Crocodile, when they raise Luffy's bounty for doing that very thing too? Wouldn't it actully make more sense to not increase Luffy's bounty so he can't be associated to that specific event? How can Luffy be credting for these defeats when the WG wants to keep them quiet at the same time?
    • Two reasons: One, the World Government still wants their guys to realize how dangerous Luffy is. While it's bad for Luffy to be associated with a WG failure, it's worse if they completely ignore it and some stupid marine goes after Luffy unprepared. Two, there's witnesses who saw Luffy go after Crocodile and Baroque Works. If they tell a total lie and say Luffy was uninvolved, people are who live in Alabasta are gonna say something. If, on the other hand, they say that Luffy was involved, just downplaying his efforts, it will be far more believable.
    • The WG recognized that Luffy was involved in Arabasta's civil war. The thing they never going to recognize is specifically Luffy defeating Crocodile.

    Saving Ohara's Books 
  • As the library's burning down, the scholars throw the books out the window... into the nearby lake. I get that it's to save the books from the fire, but wouldn't being soaked in water ruin the books?
    • People don't think straight when in a panic, but perhaps they thought that someone could be on a boat outside and could collect them, or fish them out of the water before damage was fatal. The fire was certain destruction, while the outside still held some hope.

    Did Doflamingo ever attend Reverie? 
  • He was at odds with the Tenryuubito and had been expelled from Mariejois twice, but still he was the king of Dressrosa for a decade... It seems unlikely he ever went himself (not without trying to burn the place down or at least causing some newsworthy trouble), but maybe he sent an ambassador of sorts? Or he didn't even bother?
    • Considering Doflamingo's character, I'd say he didn't even show up or sent someone else to represent Dressrosa. I guess the Celestial Dragons aren't too fond of the idea of having him around.

    Usopp can leave the crew, but not Nami, Robin or Sanji? 
  • Luffy allows Usopp to leave the crew and won't take him back without an apology. Fair enough, but what about when Nami tries to leave and go back to Arlong? Or when Robin leaves with Cp 9? Or when Sanji leaves with Big Mom? Luffy goes to hell and back to get his crew mates to return. Even when he and Sanji fight, Luffy says he will give up on being Pirate King if he doesn't come back. Yet, Luffy doesn't do anything to stop Usopp from leaving. Why is Usopp given the shaft compared to everyone else?
    • Luffy is shown from the very beginning of the story to be a good judge of character (and with the reveal of Observation Haki it’s partially justified). He could tell Nami, Robin, and Sanji weren’t leaving of their own volition, since in all three of those situations blackmail was involved. Usopp, meanwhile, chose to leave the crew because he disagreed with Luffy’s orders, even challenging him to a duel for ownership of the Going Merry. He regretted it afterwards (especially once he realized that the Merry really couldn’t be fixed), but Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji felt that Usopp had to apologize and recognize Luffy’s authority before he could come back. TLDR; Nami, Robin, and Sanji didn’t want to leave the crew but felt like they had to, while Usopp wanted to leave and changed his mind later.

    Who ordered Moria to be Killed? 
  • Doflamingo said it was someone "higher-up". Who was it?
    • The only ones higher up than Sengoku at the time were the Five Elders or Im, so likely one of them. Possibly the Celestial Dragons might have the authority, but that's presuming any of them cared.

    Why not assassinate Luffy? 
  • I get that slapping an extremely high bounty on him would be sus, but killing him wouldn't. They had every chance in the world to do so, but instead they waited until the last second to try it. Even if there's a real Gum-Gum Fruit, it's well within their character to kill anyone with those powers. And if they didn't think he'd be able to awaken it, why try to capture it for themselves in the first place?
    • Who says they haven't been trying? Every marine not named Garp or Kobi has actively tried to kill or at least capture Luffy when they find him, but either haven't been strong enough or been interrupted by someone else.

    Can the World Government un-person a kingdom? 
  • In Chapter 1060, Imu personally oversees the annihilation of Lulusia Kingdom so that Sabo and the Revolutionaries won't learn of him, while ordering the Marines to stop contacting the island. Can the World Government truly pull this off, even with allied nations suddenly seeing a friendly nation vanish (not to mention the revolutionaries?